i always wanted to do this kind of graphic


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

You know those cutesy embroidery-looking graphics with, like, a butterfly saying “Be a bitch” or “Never Apologize” in cursive letters? (and the butterflies and flowers with faces and pastel colors are supposed to show that these are messages for women, only somehow that isn’t sexist)? They show up a lot on certain pop feminist blogs and they’ve always bugged me.

Anyway, I kind of want to do a series of opposite graphics. Like, a really metal looking t-rex saying in spiky, blood-dripping letters “Be polite to all you interact with” or a flaming shark saying “err on the side of apologizing if you think you may have hurt someone.” Fuck the “cutesy aggression” aesthetic. I want snarling, badass, compassionate etiquette.


ZAYN EDIT CHALLENGE: Favorite Quote [3/4]

The studio is kind of like what i always envisioned my bedroom to be as a child but couldn’t quite even afford to do anything to the extent that it is now. So it’s kinda like my childhood aspirations to one day build a studio and it’s all kinda planned out with that in mind. It’s just all my favorite things and they are around in cool places, you know what i mean. And all just little bits of me. Just bits of me that i wanted to put in there basically. - ZAYN x Vogue

not at all sorry but if you haven’t survived sexual abuse, assault, rape, CSA, or forced incest, you do not have the right to make graphic/explicit art or literature of it. you do not have the right to co-opt people’s trauma like that. it is not your place to make works like that- you don’t help heal anybody because you have no clue what you’re talking about, you have no clue what it’s like to experience it. you don’t get to speak over ACTUAL victims and survivors, you don’t get to speak FOR us. especially not when your intent for that work is to be sexually gratifying. i do not care if you have “friends who are survivors” so you can’t POSSIBLY be being disrespectful- sorry, that’s literally just a different version of “i have disabled friends i can’t be ableist” “i have nonwhite friends so i can’t be racist”. Stop trying to defend incestuous and pedophilic ships. i know it’s “just fandom” but for gods sake a fanbase should be a safe place for everybody who is a fan, and you literally will not be harmed by not writing or drawing graphic violent content like that. whereas it is VERY upsetting for a LOT of survivors to see that kind of content! and it doesn’t always get tagged! it is not harmless!!!! stop writing graphic rape/CSA if you aren’t a survivor and honestly even if you are, please think about why you are doing that and sharing it.
for anybody who wants to explore dark themes and trauma- understand that you don’t ever need to show the trauma actively happening in order to show how it affects your characters. you don’t. do your research, learn the aftereffects and the psychological, emotional, mental harm, and write about that. don’t make excuses and say “i want to help survivors heal really” bc writing graphic rape porn does not do that.


Who’s That Vans Girl?: @alyssapangione

Alyssa may look familiar, and if she does, it’s probably because you saw this photo of her that we found while lurking through the depths of Instagram. Since then, we’ve been eyeing her rad style on social media and just had to learn more about the stylish fashion student.

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Mina’s Monday Recs

Wow, what a week! There has been so much loveliness coming out of the fandom creatively in the last seven days. And since I’ve become sick of adulting, I decided to this a bit earlier instead :) (Of course, this rec list is – as it always is – based on my shipping preferences, and lately, as will soon become obvious, I’ve been on a bit of a Nyssa kick. Not to mention I have needed smut like I need air, which is also reflected in my choices for this week.)

Do you Take This Man? (NSFW) by yespleasehawkeye (Olicity) – AHHHH. So much smutty goodness in this fic, seriously. One thing I can never get enough of is the physicality between Oliver and Felicity when they’re established – I just think that their interactions have a different kind of sensuality to them when they’re kind of familiar with each other physically. (Like when Oliver is just casually touching Felicity under the table while they’re eating, lol.) And, of course, the fact that it’s set during Thea and Roy’s wedding (two of my OTPs for the price of one! :D) just makes this even more enjoyable. I love the lazy feel to this fic, and the way they keep going back to the dance floor again and again. Definitely one I will be rereading. :)

Carpe Diem by agentsofmariahill (Nyssara and hints of Black Assassin) – whoa. I will preface this by saying that there really isn’t nearly enough femmeslash fic out there, and there is nowhere near enough Nyssa fic either. So the fact that this is both is a bonus, for me. I love the way the author explored the different facets of Nyssa’s character – the way her father trained her, the way she slowly started questioning her sexuality, her beautiful relationship with Sara and her budding friendship with Laurel. Even if you’ve never read a Nyssa-centric fic before, I urge you to check this one out. It’s amazing.

Tantric (NSFW) by lostolicityscenes (Olicity) – HOT DAMN. I am a sucker for road trip smut, and this was gorgeous. I love the poetic style and the way Oliver and Felicity kind of find each other, physically and mentally. I love that kind of discovery between them and how the physicality between them, while losing its novelty, never loses its thrill. And what gets me is that this fic doesn’t have a word of dialogue in it, but it doesn’t need to. In fact, the silence is kind of what makes this story so sexy. <3

It is not in the Stars (NSFW) by kaleidoscopes-and-carousels (Nyssara) – GIVE ME ALL THE NYSSARA SEXYTIMES PLEASE. Wow. What an amazing homage to one of my OTPs, set during the end of season 2 when Sara returns to Nyssa and asks for the League’s help. I think this fic sums up perfectly, for me, Sara’s mindset when she decided to break things off with Oliver – that this was never about not wanting to be with Nyssa and was far more about unwilling to face the darkness inside herself.

Strange Birds by darhkfelicity (Olicity with Laulicity friendship) – I will never, ever, ever get enough of the Laulicity friendship, and this fic is such a lovely homage to what has become one of my favourite ever girl-power!friendships on Arrow. I love how their early interactions in canon are addressed here, the way Sim dips into both my darlings’ minds and shows how they slowly become friends. And I adore the way this extends beyond the Olicity road trip while also working in details of some of the new spoilers we’ve been getting for season 4.

Sensations of Survival (NSFW) by arrow-through-my-writers-block (Olicity) – ahhh, I am such a sucker for smangst, and this is a wonderful one. Set the night that Oliver defeated Ra’s (I think?), it has some of my favourite things in it, including SHOWER SEX and apologies and pain and did I mention shower sex? :D There is something almost cathartic about reading this that I adore, and there is such a gorgeous introspective and quiet feel to it that is also ridiculously hot and something that I just can’t get enough of. Definitely my favourite by this author.

So, I found this waterfall by thevegantargaryen (Nyssara) – I love Nyssara fics that are set during the flashback years, and this is an excellent one. There is so much emotion and hotness packed into what is actually quite a short piece, but it doesn’t seem to be from how beautifully it is written. Both Nyssa and Sara talk about their dreams, about leaving, exploring the world, and the way that is inexplicably linked with their exploration of each other sinceriously tugs at my heartstrings and makes me ache for these two. <3

Wanderers by susannahmccormick (Olicity) – yayyyy, more road trip fic! :) Sus does such a great job with this series, and I am loving in particular the section about Oliver and Felicity’s mountain hike. AND THE PUPPIES. Oh God. I really like the domesticity about them – not only does it perfectly fit into what Stephen and Emily have been saying lately about how Oliver and Felicity have changed while on their road trip, but there is something so ridiculously endearing about Oliver thinking about holding a barbecue and wanting to do up the house and all sorts.

And then I found this delightful tag fic (picture is NSFW) by effie214 which kind of speculates on what Oliver and Felicity would be like their first night back in Starling. And as always, Effie’s way with words leaves me speechless, because I can totally feel Felicity’s conflicting emotions about being back, and about wanting to hold onto the comfortable oblivion of their road trip. And THE PANCAKES. I love it when Oliver cooks breakfast for Felicity. For obvious reasons. :D

I also came across this gorgeous Olicity graphic by waschal – I LOVE the angel wings on Oliver (I can’t help but interpret that to be a reference to the fact that the Arrow is Starling’s guardian angel <3) and the pretty colouring and the infinity sign around the arrow. I could probably write an essay about how much I love the symbolism of this, but I’ll stop there, lol.

Then there’s this beauty by captainolicitysbedroom, which was made for supersillyanddorky06’s fic, The Firebird (which I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but Matty is an excellent writer and I know, having read several of her other fics, that this one is as good as anything she writes). Plus, I love any art that feature’s Al-Saheem, because of reasons. ;)

I may have shrieked a little when I saw this lovely Laurel Lance graphic by blackprettybird, too. WOW. What a gorgeous homage to my pretty bird. I love the monochrome and the way the city is reflected – I think some people forget that when Oliver was off in Nanda Parbat, Laurel had to look after Starling on her own, with only Nyssa by her side. This is a wonderful reminder of that. <3

And my graphic rec list would be incomplete without this absolutely heartbreaking Nyssara edit by cherrychapssstick, which made me feel SO MANY EMOTIONS. I love the shattered glass effect and how it reflects the fragmented nature of Nyssa and Sara’s relationship. So dark and achingly beautiful. AH.

And then, because I love Black Assassin both platonically and romantically, here are a couple of lovely videos that are dedicated to the wonderful pairing that is Laurel and Nyssa. There’s this one by wondertwinc, which goes ever so slightly AU in that they’re actually together. And wow, do they have great chemistry! I will forever love the milkshake scene, and the scene in 3x16 where Laurel agrees to let Nyssa train her, and the part where Nyssa said the last few weeks with Laurel had brought her happiness. Nothing makes me happier than two badass ladies supporting the hell out of each other, saving each other and having a beautiful friendship (and, in this video, something more). This video is certainly one I will rewatch. Again and again.

The second video is by vigilantelawyers, which I also adore and which made me fall in love with the pairing even more. What an apt song choice, and with a lovely selection of clips from the show, too. I think we see here how Nyssa has mentored Laurel in training her, but also how protective Laurel is of Nyssa – to the point that she says she doesn’t want to lose her after everyone else she’s lost. Also, I don’t know if there’s a technical name for this, but I love how at one point there is two of Nyssa and then later there is two of Laurel. It looks super cool and just makes this video even more gorgeous. :D

That’s it from me! I know this week has been Nyssa-heavy, but hey, she’s a cool character and I love her to pieces. You know the drill – if you liked anything on this list, be sure to let the creators of these wonderful fanworks know. Reblog their work. Give kudos. Leave comments. Leave a lovely message in their askbox telling them how much their fic/edit/video made your day.

In other words, spread positivity so all the hardworking people who give so much to the fandom get something back. Thanks, and see you next week! :)

(And graphic artists, I’ve linked to your works, but if you want me to take down the actual images, I am happy to do so. Just shoot me an ask. :))

Recs from last week

My fics

toastedtoast15  asked:

On this whole shipping discourse, I kind of have a middle-ground opinion. This opinion is: you can ship whichever fictional characters you want, but only producing/consuming nsfw of your ships is kind of shallow, because romantic relationships are more than just sex. Also, make sure both characters are depicted as adults in all nsfw works, because you could get into serious trouble legally. And, above all, tag your nsfw.

(part 2) And about the whole “other people’s mental health isn’t your responsibility” thing: It kind of is. If someone asks you to tag something that triggers them, it is your responsibility to tag it. If I ask someone to tag nsfw, a reasonable person would say “ok sure” and tag it from then on. Same with gore. See? It’s easy. It literally takes 10 seconds to tag something. But you can still ship whatever you want, though.            

I agree that tagging can do a lot to make fandom more pleasant for everyone. People should definitely always follow tagging/warning rules of the place you’re posting to. So on AO3, for example, warn for graphic violence, character death, rape/non-con, underage OR tag your work with choose not to warn. Be considerate when posting in tumblr tags. Yeah, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to tag for the big things like nsfw or gore there.

If we’re talking reblogs on your own blog, I would say tagging is more of a courtesy than a requirement, especially for more specific warnings (considering anything and anyone can be a trigger to someone). If you state in your description that your tumblr is nsfw or that you generally don’t warn/tag, people can choose not to follow you.

I’m really not qualified to comment on the legality of works with underage characters. Firstly, I’m no lawyer. Secondly, it’s a complicated mess. Where in the world is the artist? What are the laws there? What is “an adult” in that context? What qualifies as nsfw? Does the law make a distinction between e.g. visual or written depictions? And so on. People should research their own local laws and then use their own judgement. And, again, definitely follow the rules of the site or archive they plan on posting to.

On the topic of only producing/consuming nsfw: Fandom is a hobby. Sure, it’s an important part of life for many of us. I’ve found the occasional fanwork or conversation or friendship personally meaningful, too. Life-changing in some respects. But in the end it’s a hobby and if a fan is only in it for the porn (and why is pure porn more shallow than e.g. pure fluff?)… so what? Why should anyone else get to judge that?

More importantly, I think it’s a mistake to think “This is what they write about/like for a ship, so this is what they think relationships are all about”. (Or even worse: “They ship it, so they must think this would be a healthy relationship for these characters.” In fact, I though I had reblogged (but I haven’t) an interesting post recently that talked about how some of the more moderate anti-shipping seems to be based on clashing understandings of shipping: “This is would be a good, healthy relationship” vs. a neutral “This is interesting to me”. As someone who has been in fandom for… a while, the former definition is pretty new and, frankly, baffling to me.) 

tl;dr: People ship for a variety of reasons and want different things out of fandom. And while it is a good idea to make it easier to navigate fandom, ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to avoid what they don’t want to see and to seek out the content they want to see.

my TRC faceclaims masterpost

ok so i’ve been getting asks recently asking me who i used in such and such graphic and i’ve been meaning to post a real list of all the people i use [or plan on using in the future] so here is an attempt at that. 

also i always like to point people to princeabernathy’s raven gang and dream pack fc lists bc they’re very good and comprehensive. also sobforsirius has one here. and avernos​ has one for the dream pack here.

also if anyone has fcs for male!skov that aren’t skinny white boys with brown hair who are almost indistinguishable from ash/diego/cole that would be great bc i need some diversity in my dream pack casting which is why i always do girl!skov lol

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I absolutely adore all of your little smuts, they always make my day 😈💕 Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start writing this kind of literature? Lots of looove ❤

Hrm – well – the best you can do, is read a lot of it, get different styles and as you write, find what works for you. Do you want to write explicitly graphic? Do you want to emotionally charge it with a brief mentioning? Find what works for you. 

KEEP writing! You never get better if you don’t practice!!! With anything you do - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!! 

Get other writers to help - find a group that will hold your hand, help you when you get stuck, talk you through it - you have no idea how many times Ive wanted to walk away or trash it all. 

Find what works for you and just GO FOR IT! Maybe drabble a few things - short 500-1,000 words… see what you best flow is. Jumping into a huge multi-fic with 100K words is overwhelming and discouraging. Try one shots and drabbles and take it from there!


anonymous asked:

you are seriously such a sweet and kind person, and i hope everything goes well for you! also your graphics are beautiful and i can always see the effort you put into them! so much talent~ ily <3 - from a mutual

oh goodness you’re so sweet aaaaa thank you so much!! I’m happy you like my graphics, I don’t edit too much anymore but everytime I do something I spend hours on each piece so I’m happy people recognize it!! truly your ask made me feel so special and please I want to find out who you are wheeeee reveal yourself mi amigo

thank you very much, I hope everything goes well for you too!!!

anonymous asked:

i'm so glad you liked the instagram thing!! i was nervous to send it in because i didn't want it to seem like i was impeding on the verse, but god, jenny is so cute. i work graphic design and got bored and that was my brain child. so very pink 💕💕💕

omg, we l o v e d it. we always welcome any kind of creative visual thing (art/edits/manips/photos) or playlists or photos that remind you of our dirty children. we only ask that people don’t write them because… well. that’s what we’re doing and what we’re here for, after all. <3

send us those beautiful insta creations, or anything else, any time. you’re incredibly talented. <333

- dollylux

i was tagged by @dickfites​ sorry its late but ty for tagging me!!

five things in my bag: stim toy bag, hand sanitizers, a stuffed animal, an umbrella for sun, and my 3DSs!

five things in my room: Xbox one/360/og, gamecube, PC, horde of stuffed animals, large gathering of knives

five things I’ve always wanted to do: own a hotel!, build my own comp (just did it omg!!), be able to dance again, hit my goal weight again, be a positive influence to someone

five things that make me happy: animatronics!! all kinds im love them, old horror games! gotta love vaguely spooky low poly classics, my lovely husband Illidan!!!! he is the best e v e r, video games in general lol, graphic novels of all kinds! (bonus: drawing badly lolol)

five things I’m currently into: hmm uh the forest! rlly cool game thats somehow still in alpha?? idk i love it. diablo 3 again, i just bought it for the 3rd time…… watching brutalmoose actually, i love him and im so glad i found him. im always into pokemon colosseum but im replaying that for the 30th time in my life. got reinterested in Spawn again recently!! <3

five things on my to-do list: lol ntn cause i never do anything :) but rlly just do laundry, try to fix my life is strange install,

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals

  1. American Horror Story: Hotel Soundtrack | 4. She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
  2. Hair Lockets - Nicole Dollanganger
  3. Lorde - Liability
  4. Crywank - Leech Boy
  5. Mother Mother - Little Pistol
  6. New Perspective - Panic! at the Disco
  7.  CBMC - not your pretty boy (ruin my body) [Lyrics]
  8. The Front Bottoms - Swimming Pool
  9.  Keaton Henson - Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us
  10. The Neighborhood - Afraid

now to tag 10 people… If i tag you you don’t have to do it, or you can just do part, whatever makes you happy :D
@auk-blogs @irl-zer0 @firedrake @nonbinaryterezi2  @that-one-kaworu @kiwiturilli @sombra-arg @inconsistent–content @punklwolf @daydreamingdaemon (if i didnt tag u and u wanted me to u can send an ask and ill add u to it lol sorry)

since soriku week was such a success last year, i thought it might be fun to have a data soriku week! itll be from march 15-21 and the prompts are as followed

day 1: favorite scene
day 2: fondness
day 3: lyrics
day 4: light and darkness
day 5: support
day 6: crossover
day 7: free for all

as always the prompts are just suggestions and completely optional. any and all kind of edits, gifs, graphics, art, fic, etc etc are welcome! the point of this is to have fun and spread the love for everyones fav data dorks so dont stress and do as many or as little days as you want! please reblog this to spread the word and dont forget to tag your posts as #data soriku week so everyone can find them!


Rob/Star Week Day 4: Jealousy 

I kind of adore how their “jealousy” in these two instances stems more from a genuine concern for each other’s emotional well-being.  Robin is vehemently opposed to Starfire marrying someone she doesn’t have any feelings for (under dubious circumstances set up by master manipulator Blackfire to boot) and Starfire’s super-protectiveness over him makes a scary amount of sense when you remember the last supervillain to blackmail Robin and force him to do something he didn’t want to do was… you know… Slade.

My babies always protecting each other. <3

Art School Assignments: yay or nay?

I’m guessing that many of you, like me, opted out of art school to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. However, many people that choose to take the risks and attend art school are right here on tumblr. More often than not, they post their completed class assignments.

I am writing in order to gauge how interested you would be in seeing these assignments featured on this blog.  Most of the ones I’ve seen cover character/prop design, but I’ve also encountered layout design, color scripts/concepts, storyboards, etc. (Because most of the blogs I follow are blogs of animation students, the assignments feature mostly animation art. I apologize to the illustrators and graphic designers out there, but please remember we always consider your submissions!)

Adding assignments tags would allow you to take a stab at the kind of work expected at premiere art schools. You can look at these assignments and ask yourself, “What did their professor ask them to do? What techniques did they use to achieve that? How can I use these techniques to do something similar, while maintaining my own style?” Please note that this does NOT mean we want anyone copying their designs/animations line for line, detail for detail.

Would YOU benefit from an “Art School Assignments” tag on help-me-draw?

Preeti Chhibber: How I Got into Publishing

Senior Editorial Manager for the Teens & BookBeat Scholastic Reading Clubs

I didn’t realize publishing was an actual career until I was a few years into college. Growing up, my mom had been clear that I was the one who would be a doctor (with my brother the lawyer and my sister the accountant*). It should be noted that I’m not good at math or science.

Unfortunately for my mother, when I was fourteen, she gave me a copy of The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone. It’s a heavily romanticized version of Michelangelo’s life. Beyond that, it’s about loving your work, and being passionate about what you do. He sacrificed everything to able to create and carve. Agony became a book that I read once a year. (I think we can agree that what comes next is pretty much my mom’s fault.)

Two things happened after my freshman year of college. I’d floundered through one year of pre-med and hadn’t done well (remember? Not good at math or science). Not long after grades were released, I had a conversation with my older brother. He had just met someone who worked at Tor and immediately thought of his nerdy sister who read all the time. He suggested I talk with her. I thought of Agony. I thought about books. I knew that in my life, reading was the thing that excited me most. This was the lead-in to the Big Change: I became an English major.

It’s not carving marble, but telling your Indian parents that you’re not going to be the doctor they spent 19 years expecting to have? Terrifying.

They took solace in the fact that maybe I could still be a lawyer. Ha! It’s a difficult thing, breaking up with your parent’s idea of the future for something new and different.

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