i always wanted to be your friend omg


“ can you believe they posted that status about me? who do they think they are? ”
“ can you believe she/he has the nerve to throw a party and not invite me? ”
“ i don’t care, i’m having a party and only cool people can come. ”
“ um, you’ve been excluded from this conversation, see your way out. ”
“ i don’t have the time to worry about this nonsense. ”
“ it wasn’t to indirect because you caught onto it, so. ”
“ if you’re going to post a status about me, use the @ symbol next time. ”
“ i hate her/him so much, i want to destroy them. ”
“ i will go down in history for ruining them if it’s the last thing i do. ”
“ people get on my nerves so much. this is why i’m antisocial. ”
“ i hate social media sometimes, always ruins my mood. ”
“ i hate logging in to stuff because i get the ultra mega mood drop. ”
“ excuse me? want to run that by me one more time? ”
“ if you got something to say, speak up. ”
“ i’m sorry what was that? can’t hear you when you’re whispering. ”
“ don’t whisper about me when i’m in the room. ”
“ yeah, i’m right here and can hear you. ”
“ please, don’t talk to me. i’m not in the mood today. ”
“ i’m going to either stab someone or break down and cry today. ”
“ i’m so done with this drama. you’re all fake. ”
“ stop making call out posts about me, you have my number and address. ”
“ i can’t believe all this drama always finds me. ”
“ i didn’t post that stupid status! i told you i was hacked! ”
“ omg, please go away already. ”
“ all these flavors and you chose to be salty. ”
“ want some grease to go with all that salt? ”
“ my fries could use some of your salt. ”
“ why buy salt, when i have you? ”
“ if you could stop being so salty, that’d be great. ”
“ the salt is strong with this one. ”
“ oh i’m sorry you’re so salty about it. ”
“ what could you possibly do with all that salt? ”
“ you have enough salt for the both of us. ”
“ you stay salty, my friend. ”
“ forever salty, is what you are. ”
“ you must like your popcorn like you like yourself; salty. ”
“ will you ever not be salty, one could only wish. ”
“ you have more salt than the pacific ocean right now. ”
“ do yourself a favor and go wash all that salt off. ”
“ you’re saltier than most foods i consume. ”
“ when is there a day that you aren’t feeling salty? ”
“ you’re always so salty. ”
“ stop being so salty. ”

BTS as Roommates


  • ”hey, Third Guy From The Left, pass the remote”
  • cleans up after you, cooks for you, nags a lot; he’s basically your second mom
  • your friends coming over to hit on him
  • which he’s totally down with; “I’m worldwide handsome, what do you expect?”
  • your parents wishing you two would get together
  • you two cuddle sometimes and it’s fine, it’s nothing romantic. just two friends chilling in each others arms,, move along ppl, nothing to see here
  • you’re his taste tester
  • so he often makes you stand by while he cooks, so he can spoon boiling hot sauce from the pot into your mouth to ask if he needs more salt
  • buys you BTS merch
  • “I better be your ultimate bias” “look at me, I’m everyone’s bias and bias wrecker” “the real visual of BTS taehyung better back off”

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  • you joke that he’s basically a ghost
  • he’s usually not there, since he’s at the studio or doing promotions, concerts, etc. and when he is there, he’s sleeping
  • whenever he’s there and actually awake you’re like “who are you? I didn’t know you lived here” “shut up and tell me what there is to eat in this house. are there any lamb skewers?”
  • like I said, he’s mostly not there but when he is, he wants to spend some time hanging with you. the boys are fine but he’s so Tired of their antics that time with you is like a breath of fresh air
  • you don’t do much, just watch tv and order take out but it suites you both just fine. he usually shit talks other celebs during that time, so you know all the inside gossip
  • “wait, he’s cheating on her with the model??” you gasp
  • “yeah, I caught them fucking backstage”
  • “well, damn :( he was my bias”

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  • so f*cking loud omg u wonder why you still live with him
  • he’s energetic and loud (I can’t stress the loud part) for the most part, even waking you up with pans banging or singing in your ear
  • insists on “roommate bonding time” which is just an excuse to go out, get drunk & bring back f*ck buddies
  • has the LOUDEST sex
  • and walls are thin
  • but he apologizes w pizza so,, there’s perks to that
  • walks around half naked
  • flirts w your hot friends/family members but always asks you if it’s okay to make a serious move on any of them. he doesn’t want to cross any lines that would leave tension between you two
  • keeps trynna hook you up with one of the boys “except Joonie he’s gross” “he’s exactly like you” “exactly”
  • always texts & snaps you, sometimes about roommate stuff (”did I leave the stove on?” “which brand of popcorn should I pick up?” “did I leave my keys in the apartment?”) and sometimes just to chat
  • he likes to send you updates about BTS
  • he facetimed you at the BBMAS and does so just in general, so you get to see what idol life is really like … lots of sitting backstage, tired but running on adreneline, being hungry, etc

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Rap Monster:

  • your place is the hangout spot. the guys always come over whether it’s to chill or hold house parties where you’re like “let’s not get twisted and ruin the furniture” but uh,, let’s just say you two aren’t getting your deposits back
  • refuses to let the guys even hit on you; “you’re too good for them. I’d rather hook you up with someone better. do you like Jackson? wait, nvm he’s worse than us”
  • totally cool w you bringing back one night stands
  • hell, he slips you protection too if you need it
  • is also very aware of you when you’re both out, that no one tries to slip you something or take advantage of you
  • takes you home if you’re too drunk
  • nurses you as you throw up but gives you hell for it the next day
  • he’s basically more like your chill cousin than a roommate

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  • proTECT PROTECT Protect at ALL Costs
  • he denies this but he loves having you dote on him
  • it’s a nice feeling, to come back after a long day to your food, a warm home and just chill on the couch with you
  • he feels comfortable around you, talking about his worries or about his day
  • turns into Big Brother mode if you’re going to a party or if you start dating. no guy/gal even sets foot into that apartment unless they’re 100% Jimin approved
  • you’re both protective of each other, like siblings, so living together is a joy

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  • super touchy,, everyone thinks you’re dating but nah man it’s just friends kissing friends, how’s that not normal?
  • will crawl into your bed quite often
  • brings home food
  • insists on late night “adventures” to the convenience store, where you just buy junk food and movies on sale
  • jungkook practically lives there
  • you keep “joking” that he needs to pay rent but it’s not a joke anymore like seriously u use up all our hot water give us money
  • he loves having ppl over, not just jungkook lol, but your friends and his other friends,, your place is usually busy and always a warm environment
  • buys you matching “friendship” outfits and bracelets that legit are just friendship stuff, no dating
  • he tells you about his crushes (even before jungkook but don’t tell him)
  • and you two stay up some nights, stalking yours and his crushes, on their social media accounts, having panic attacks when you accidentally like shit from 38 weeks ago

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  • watching anime 25/8
  • offering him protection when jimin stays over; “but we’re just friends” “yeah right sure. just hmu if you need them”
  • it took him a whole year to warm up to you though
  • he was so awkward and shy, often keeping his distance
  • he walked in on you pooping once and it took two months for him to walk back into the apartment (he’d been sleeping on jin’s couch lol)
  • now he farts around you
  • you two rank the fart based on sound, funniness and smell
  • *choking* *tearing up* “good one (y/n) that’s a solid 11/10″
  • will blush himself to death if you bring home someone
  • doesn’t really bring anyone over himself. he’s too uncomfortable w the fact that you’re there to try anything.
  • doing childish shit like pranks and eating each others sweets
  • “kook did u eat my green sweets?”
  • jk, with green tongue: “no, how could u accuse me??”

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Leave Me Breathless

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “68 & 73 with Zach Dempsey?? If just one number than just 68 :,) <3.”


68. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.”
73. “Where did you get that hickey?”

Word count: 1.695

Posted: 09th of May 2017

A/N: This is the first request that I got for my personal prompt list and I must say that I had fun on writing this. These prompts helped me to write these requests faster. In fact, I already have another two drafts from my prompt requests. I am so excited to write them all and there are still some numbers left, so don’t hesitate to request. Thank you for this request and for the others that I received.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I have more than 50 prompts to write. I am so sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: slightly swearing, betraying

“Hey (Y/N)!” Your best friend Zach softly greeted you as he entered the school library. He put his backpack on the large desk in front of him and took the seat beside you.

“Wow, Zachary Dempsey in the library!” You mocked while you were poking him with your pen. “Tell me, you need to meet your girlfriend here, right?”

“Uhm,” He scratched his head with a wide I’m-in-a-trouble smile. “yup.”

“I noticed.” You smiled at him, but quickly looked away as you continued writing for your Science test for the next hour.

“Did you skip History class to study?” He asked, even though he was just stating the obvious. Zach knew your timetable, although the only class you had together was Peer Communications.

“I thought it was already obvious.” You flashed him your judging face and he rolled his eyes in response. You giggled softly and Zach just huffed.

You’ve always liked Zach, but you never had the guts to tell him the truth. You were so insecure of yourself and you were afraid that he would never love you back. In fact, it broke your heart when he announced you that he started to date Meghan, one of the cheerleaders at Liberty High.

You were thankful though, because your relationship with Zach didn’t change, not even a tittle, or maybe some little things changed.

You’ve always had that more than best friends but less than lovers relationship with Zach and you were both okay with that. In fact, it never bothered you to kiss him during one of your friends’ house parties. Sometimes he would even tell you some sexual jokes, but you never pushed further than a passionate and deep French kiss. Of course, this thing has changed, because he was already dating someone and it wasn’t the right thing to cheat on his girlfriend.

“Hey, are you okay?” Zach called for your attention by waving his hand in front of you and you harshly shook your head to forget your thoughts about your best friend. You felt your cheeks burning at the thought of kissing Zach and you knew that he noticed your bright red face.

“Oh, yup.” You flashed him a sweet smile, but then you decided to stand up and head to the shelves, where Science books were located, to hide your blushing cheeks. You looked for a book that might be handy during your test and you freely released your tensed sensation.

You looked for some books while you wished that Zach didn’t follow you so you could calm yourself down.

“What the fuck!?” You loudly exclaimed as you held your chest for the shock. You saw Zach standing behind the shelves, leaning on the candid and cold wall of the library as he observed you.

“Shush!” You heard someone shouting from afar and you assumed that it was the old librarian, who sat on her computer desk near the entrance of the library.

“Sorry.” You and Zach said in unison and you slapped him using a thick textbook that you had in your hand.

“I didn’t mean to, sorry.” Zach whispered and you rolled your eyes as you stopped hitting him with the book.

“Fine.” You softly said and you decided to walk back to your place, but Zach stopped you as he held your forearm firmly. “What?”

“I miss you.” He sincerely said as you looked at your forearm, wrapped with Zach’s big hand. You knew what he meant and you obviously felt the same.

“Zach,” You pulled your forearm back and his hand fell in his side. You put the book back to the shelf as you tried to clear things with Zach. “you know that we can’t do those things, anymore.”

“I know, but I miss your lips. I miss your kisses.” He sadly confessed. He didn’t want to be a treacherous boyfriend, but the feeling was stronger than he was. He missed you a lot and the weight he had in his chest surely didn’t help him to forget your kisses. “I miss you, (Y/N).”

“Zach, I don’t want to betray people.” You looked at him and you read what his brown eyes tried to tell you. He was surely sad and he had this feeling that he was about to lose you because of the presence of his actual girlfriend. “She doesn’t deserve this.”

“I know, no one deserves this,” He unleashed a long deep sigh and he pulled you closer to him. “but I love you, (Y/N). I love you and not Meg.”

“Zach, this is so wrong. I love you too, but this is about lacking respect for someone.” You insisted, but Zach didn’t listen to you. You confessed your feelings and you were shocked for what he has just said to you, but that wasn’t the most important thing during that moment. You were about to betray someone and you couldn’t stand that feeling.

You were about to open your mouth to say something else, to start a debate between you and Zach but you suddenly felt his soft red lips on yours.

You were shocked at first, but you could never lie to yourself. You missed Zach’s kisses too and you longed for his lips every time you would see him with his girlfriend. You would always wish that he was your boyfriend.

The kiss became passionate when you responded back to his movements. He gently pushed you against the wall, behind some book shelves so people wouldn’t have the chance to see you. He held your hips tightly and you wrapped your arms around his neck, slightly tiptoeing because of your height difference.

The kiss wasn’t just a normal kiss. It was one of those breathtaking kisses, those kisses that could leave you breathless.

“Zach!” You shouted whispering as you broke the kiss. The reality sank in your mind and you felt disgusting, realizing what you were doing. You slowly unwrapped your arms from his neck as you panted for the deep kiss that you just had. “Your girlfriend would hate me even more.

“She will never know, (Y/N).” He leant in once again and he started to kiss your forehead, your temples, your cheeks and he went down to kiss your neck. He left some wet kisses on it and you wanted him to stop, but something suddenly took your voice away. Instead of barricading him, you pushed him closer to your neck and pulled his soft black hair.

You let him do what he had in his mind and you encouraged him to keep on doing it as you felt him sucking your neck hardly. You slightly let out a soft moan, it was so soft that only Zach could hear it.

It felt great, breathless just like the kiss before, but it was a little bit pungent and painful too. He bit your neck and continued marking your neck as if it was his own territory.

“Zach?” Your eyes shot open as you heard Meghan’s voice and you slightly pushed Zach away. The tranquil paradise that you were imagining has been changed by the loud and deafening shouts of hell.

Zach rolled his eyes and huffed against your skin. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine and you smiled at him. He caressed the love bite that he has just left and he smirked at you.

“Idiot.” You shook your head and you tiptoed to give him a quick peck on his lips. He was shocked, but then smiled at you. You liked what you did, although you felt horrible. You really felt horrible.

“Naughty.” He whispered and you winked at him. You made your way back through the shelves and grabbed the book that you were holding before the things between you and Zach happened.

“Hey Meg!” You cheerfully greeted as you saw her walking on the same aisle you were in. “What’s up?”

“Hey (Y/N)!” She pulled a fake smile as she greeted you. She has always hated you since she discovered that you were Zach’s best friend. It was great, wasn’t it? “Did you see Zach? His things were on the table.”

“Yeah, he was searching for something before but then I lost him.” You raised your shoulders as you lied through your teeth. You felt bad, of course, but you would never want Zach to be in a great trouble with her.

“OMG,” Her eyes grew wide as she didn’t mind your answer and you noticed that her gaze fell on your neck. “Where did you get that hickey?

“Oh, this?” You pretended that you didn’t know what she was talking about at first, but then you pointed at the love bite that you had on your neck. Your eyes grew wide as you peeked at it and it revealed you the reddish purple colour of it, almost scarlet.

“Yes!” She smirked at you, obviously not knowing from who it was, you honestly felt sorry for the innocent girl during that moment. You saw Zach walk near the two of you, leaving a little bit of space between him and Meghan.

“Just a weekend fling, nothing much.” You sugarcoated your lies with a sweet smile and you turned your head to Zach. “Oh, look. He’s here.”

“Oh, I noticed.” She nodded and smiled at you. Zach didn’t seem so excited to see his girlfriend, but it wasn’t one of your businesses.

“See you around guys!” You looked at Zach and you flashed him a naughty smirk. You noticed that he giggled a little bit and you winked at him, Meghan obliviously stood few steps away from Zach, thinking that you were teasing Zach with her.

“See you, (Y/N)!” They softly said in unison and you started to walk back to your place, packing up your things and you headed to the librarian to borrow the book that you needed.

You smiled at the thought of the kiss that you shared with Zach, but a knot was built in your stomach as soon as the thought of betraying his girlfriend sank in your mind.

How was the kiss? It was incredibly great. What might happen after? It would be plausibly terrible.

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Hi!! I came to your blog for the art and stayed for both the art AND your personality. You seem like such an amazing person!! Would it be invasive to PM you? I'm sorry if it sounds selfish and/or creepy. I kinda want to be friends with you :D

You should definitively pm me!! Anyone who reads this and feels like having a chat, actually! :’)

Makeup Voiceover;Johnny

Request: Hiii I loved your Jaehyun voiceover scenario, can you please make one for Johnny if you haven’t already? Thanks! :) ♡

  • i actually love writing this series oh my
  • but in reality i dont know a single thing about makeup
  • so sorry if it gets really boring and repetitive for each member ;-;
  • google’s my best friend, if not i wouldn’t even know a single brand yes
  • okay let’s start with chicago monster let’s go

  • so many of your subscribers wanted him to do the makeup voiceover challenge

  • firstly because he has his own youtube channel too, and both of you are like the power youtube couple
  • and he’s always mentioning about you, so are you
  • but mainly because
  • in your vlog once you caught him on tape once using your eyeliner as a pen
  • “oh my god johnny what are you doing”
  • “i’ve never seen a pen like this before?? omg it’s so watery”
  • “are you serious omg HAHAHA GUYS look at my boyfriend”
  • “what????”
  • “it’s an eyeliner johnny”
  • “a what- OH NO WONDER HAHAHA”
  • “this is what i have to deal with everyday guys- a clueless giant, unlike on his channel where you all only see his cool side”
  • which is why tons of comments started to come in after that vlog
  • saying that it’d be hilarious to see johnny doing it
  • so after talking to johnny about it he agreed
  • because he was confident in himself
  • so one day you push him out of your room so you can film the video
  • and every 5 minutes you’d hear him screaming
  • after 45 minutes you let him in
  • and he has this cheeky smile on his face
  • and you can tell he’s very excited
  • “okay start now!!”
  • so he plays the video and starts recording
  • “hello everyone, it’s johnny seo here and im finally here to do the makeup voiceover”
  • “apparently because you guys are excited to laugh at me over that eyeliner incident”
  • “okay enough talking let’s start”
  • “just look at bare faced Y/N, so pretty”
  • “so first off, foundation”
  • “she’s using the l'oreal paris brand one”
  • “oh she’s taking her beauty blender- SEE GUYS I KNOW WHAT IT IS’
  • “yeah it’s because i told you after you endlessly referred it to an egg months ago”
  • “you all didn’t hear that-”
  • “squeeze a little out on the blender and dab it on your face”
  • “blend and make sure there aren’t any patches”
  • “i honestly dont see any difference?? but oh well you look good nonetheless”
  • “okay moving on”
  • “she’s doing her eyes”
  • “she always talks about this- her favourite palette, the Lorac Pro? is that the name- eyeshadow palette!!”
  • “today she’s using the light pink shade”
  • “with a little bit of nude”
  • “she looks like she’d winking- at me of course HAHA”
  • “oh she’s done!”
  • hears his own shout in the background of the video
  • “wait was that me?”
  • “yes it was”
  • “sorry guys, i was too excited”
  • “over with that,”
  • “oh it’s that pen! oh wait eyeliner-”
  • “why is she laughing”
  • “wait babe why aren’t you putting it on”
  • “just wanted to bring it in for some laughs, didn’t use it for this look hehe”
  • “justice for johnny guys, save me from this evil girlfriend”
  • “but damn she looks so cute laughing though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down- her face’s still red though aw”
  • pinches your cheek
  • “she taking out another stick”
  • “the uh nyc wonder stick that is”
  • “woah wait what it has two ends to it HOW COOL”
  • “baby’s using the lighter end”
  • “drawing lines on her upper cheek”
  • “oh she’s turning to the darker end”
  • “and drawing lines again?”
  • “what is this for- oh she’s blending it”
  • “oH i think it’s called contouring and highlighting?”
  • “you’re right babe”
  • “h a h”
  • “oh look her shining”
  • “god so gorgeous”
  • “my heart’s beating too quickly i can’t do this anymore do we still have a long way to go?”
  • “stop it omg. almost there, babe”
  • “why is she laughing again-”
  • “i think i just heard another shout from outside….”
  • “sorry guys”
  • “okay she’s done again, and applying blush right now”
  • “just look at her rosy cheeks!!!”
  • “did i mention the brand?”
  • “i didn’t catch it oh no i got distracted im so sorry”
  • “but it’s er-”
  • “i’ll just insert a caption don’t worry about it”
  • “my babe’s the best”
  • “oh i think this is the last one- lipstick!!!”
  • “look at those plump lips-”
  • “she’s using the Neutrogena one-”
  • “it looks like a crayon?? IS THIS A CRAYON?”
  • “wow i learn new things everyday”
  • “okay but just look at this cutie pouting her lips”
  • “and…. she’s done!!!”
  • “wow, im in love with a goddess”
  • “this is my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “this video ended too quickly???”
  • “aw anyways thank you for watching and please do continue supporting Y/N!!”
  • “and if you didn’t know, we come in a package so do check my channel out too- kidding”
  • “do subscribe, like and comment, this has been Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend, johnny!”
  • after he’s done he has the most satisfied smile on his face
  • and he attacks you with a hug for no reason
  • and your heart just melts because, he’s the funniest yet sweetest person ever??
  • “babe i think i should delete my own channel and join yours instead”
BTS Reaction - You change the password on your phone

~anon: Can you do a reaction to you dating them and they know your phone password and everything but one day you change it for some reason and they don’t know why…~


You woke up next to Jin and of course took unflattering pictures of his sleeping face to use as blackmail later. You already sent one to Rap Monster when Jin left but Jin was in the room with Rap Monster when you sent it. Next time you were together he tried to get into your phone and delete any other pictures of him that he didn’t like but he couldn’t.

“Aish, that girl. I’ll just have to get ugly pictures of her later.”

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Suga wouldn’t really care that you changed your phone password since he knew it was private. You were spending the night together and when you left to go to the kitchen your phone suddenly blew up with notifications. Suga was annoyed by the constant pinging so he tried to silence the notifications but when he saw J-Hope’s name he was confused. He tried to open your phone to see why he was texting you so late but he couldn’t get in. When you came back he told you about the string of messages that came in when you left.

“You were texting J-Hope about your dogs?! Did you mention Holly?”

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Your friend told you to be careful of your boyfriend knowing your password in case he saw something he shouldn’t. You were anxious about him seeing your baby pictures and goofy selfies you saved on your phone. J-Hope would ask if your password changed since he couldn’t get in and when you explained why he started laughing.

“Aw omg you have selfies of you I’ve never seen before? I want to see them! You always look so cute!”

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Rap Monster:

Last night Rap Monster and you sent some pretty…..inappropriate texts to each other. He had immediately deleted them when he woke up in case one of the boys looked through his phone. He was nervous that you hadn’t deleted them but he didn’t want to bring it up around the other members so when you left the room he quickly tried to get to your texts from last night. He couldn’t get in and became relieved, if he couldn’t get into your phone than the other members couldn’t either. 

“Y/n you are so smart for changing your password. I swear you are the best girlfriend. But I still wouldn’t leave your phone alone with them, just to be safe.”

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You were hanging out at the dorm on your phone with Jimin waiting until the boys came up with something to do. Jimin was bored looking through his phone and became a little annoyed that you were spending more time on your phone and ignoring him. Jin called you into the kitchen so you left your phone on the couch. Jimin grabbed your phone to see what was so interesting but he couldn’t unlock it. You came back to see him trying to guess your password and you yelled, scaring him enough that he almost dropped your phone.

“Oh, uh y/n..you’re back. I wasn’t snooping around I swear! But just out of curiosity, what is your password?”

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His phone was dead and he really wanted to take a picture of a dog in a panda costume. He would think that he forgot your password so he would ask you to put it in. 

“I was going to take a picture but I can’t get in. Help me?”

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He would try to get into your phone because his was charging and after multiple tries to get in he ended up locking your phone for the whole day. For a second he would think it was because you didn’t like him using your phone but when you explained it was because someone used your phone without permission and you wanted to be safer he would sigh in relief.

“Can you get me in? I need to check some emails.”

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  • brendon urie: allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do
  • brendon urie: break involuntary ties, a secret so the spies could never find us out
  • brendon urie: fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
  • brendon urie: i'm not complaining that it's raining, i'm just saying that i like it a lot, more than you'd think if the sun would come out and sing with me
  • brendon urie: there's never air to breathe, there's never in-betweens, these nightmares always hang on past the dreams
  • brendon urie: there's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for
  • brendon urie: in love i've always been a mercenary but i never leave my post when the cash runs out. i want to make you quiver, make your backbone shiver
  • brendon urie: i'll take my chances with the devil tonight but i'm running out of time, if this is wrong i don't want to be right, let the fantasy die
  • brendon urie: you remind me of a few of my famous friends, well that all depends on what you qualify as friends
  • brendon urie: there's no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes
  • y'all: omg brendon is suuuuuuch a bad lyricist "im not as think as you drunk i am" lmaooo he SUX!!!!xD xD
friends to lovers ❁ jae

anon askedCan I please request that friends to lovers AU with Jae of Day6?

this won’t be too long since i need to sleep before work. i hope this is good enough for you (i think i got lazy somewhere in the middle im really sorry”

  • u both first met in 1st grade
  • he had moved from argentina
  • jae was kind of a tiny kid??
  • or scrawny if u’d like that more
  • he was quite outgoing
  • always !!!!!!!!!!
  • loved singing along when ur teachers played music
  • u became friends with him a few months after he joined ur class
  • u kind of tried to approach him before but u were too shy
  • he was a rlly nice boy but !! awks
  • he becomes ur best friend??
  • or at least claims to be
  • “ok im ur best friend now!!!!”
  • “?? okay sure thank u!”
  • ur parents LOVE HIM
  • they always invite the boy over to ur house
  • he’s basically living with u
  • his parents love u too
  • they always made an extra lunch for jae 2 give 2 u at school
  • of course you ate them
  • their lunches were always made with love <3
  • as you got older, jae started to learn how to play the guitar by himself
  • he always practiced when you were hanging out at his house
  • he just wanted 2 know if u thought his playing was good
  • “jae, you’re really good, be more confident!!”
  • “i just wanted to make sure, i value ur opinion”
  • you had lots of sleepovers at his house once you were at that stage where you thought it wasn’t too bad to be away from home
  • your parents were okay with it; always welcomed you home if you suddenly felt nervous being alone
  • jae loved having u over!!!
  • always shared his snacks with u
  • usually slept on the floor and let u sleep on his bed
  • or made a fort whenever u two felt like it
  • both of you were seriously inseparable
  • once high school started
  • there was always rumors of you two dating
  • “can opposite genders not be friends anymore or??”
  • but u two started to care less
  • as long as you two were comfortable with the other, everything would be fine
  • jae joined the school band
  • and u supported him!! 100%
  • student council let the band play for fundraisers so jae enjoyed it very much
  • you also joined an after school club
  • so u two always walked home together bc ur clubs ended at the same time
  • he ALWAYS chose you as his partner for projects
  • u didnt mind. u knew he was a productive person
  • (he just wanted to hang out with u more)
  • jae slowly began to realize that he had a crush on you
  • panicked abt it and asked his parents for advice
  • “MOM what do i do!!!?”
  • “son follow ur heart”
  • had heart eyes 4 u
  • ur other friends noticed how his demeanor changed
  • they noticed how he started to hug you and pat your head, squeeze your hand, etc
  • always smiled whenever u said smth
  • srsly looked like he was wrapped around ur finger
  • ur friends were like “omg, we need to tell them”
  • “lol no way. he doesn’t like me???”
  • “bITCH ye s he DOES”
  • ur eyes have been OPENED
  • jae’s parents let u into his house (without him knowing) one day
  • which jae responds with a !!?!?!?!?! sound
  • “im concerned , why’d u run in like that”
  • “kiss me”
  • “ok”
  • so now .. ur together
  • everyone saw it coming lol
  • it’s a bit awkward for the first few days
  • like do we just do the usual??
  • but gradually, the chemistry between you two goes back to normal
  • jae kisses you whenever he can
  • when you pass by him in the hallway he grabs your hand to stop you and kiss u on the cheek
  • u blush for the rest of the class
  • your head somehow always finds itself resting in his lap
  • his parents lvoe ur relationship
  • omg so cute
  • he is extra fond of u
  • whenever you sleep over he plays the guitar and sings until you fall asleep in his lap
  • always sleeps in the most uncomfortable position when he does this
  • but its ok ur his bb
  • loves petting your hair
  • lots of kisses to ur temple
  • u share clothes sometimes
  • even ur teachers ship it
  • always has an arm around your shoulder!!
  • lets u steal his jacket (sometimes)
  • or he hugs u from behind and wraps you in his jacket
  • doesn’t hook his chin on top of ur head, but likes resting on ur shoulder
  • or he leans his head against yours
  • makes kissy noises by ur ears when he’s bored
  • enjoys it when u hug him from behind
  • screams with u whenevr something exciting happens!!!
  • ur both loved by every1 no one can hate u two
  • 2 precious
  • pretends its ur birthday whenever u two go out to eat
  • so that you two can actually eat smth
  • ur two are too poor to buy food lol
  • feeds u the cake the staff gave u
  • while u feed him breadsticks
  • eventually u get kicked out by this one place bc they cauGHT ON TO WHAT U TWO WERE DOING
  • end up eating @  parent’s house for dates rip
  • just a sweet couple
  • jae srsly loves u so much
  • won’t let u go lol gOOD LUCK
  • <3

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as it is valentine’s day, and i am a sucker for everything regarding love & showering people in my life with love, i wanted to make a special follow forever for everyone i adore on this site. i’ve met so many incredible people and have grown to love and cherish you as i would anyone in my real life, because you’ve all always been there for me and have shown me so much support when i needed it. i can’t thank you enough for that and i don’t think any of you will ever really know how much that’s gotten me through my dark moments. therefore, that’s why it’s so important to let each and every one of you know how special and wonderful you are! i’ve written a little something for those who have truly touched my heart and i’ve also included everyone who i love, even if we’ve never spoken, i still think the absolute world of you hope that life is treating you well. to everyone reading this, i love you i love you i love you and you deserve everything beautiful and wonderful in this world. if you ever need me, i’m right here for you, and my heart is sending you lots of love and affection today (did u guys kno how sappy i am)(well now u do)(feel free to drag me for this okay i’m a ball of mush) 🌹

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Mr. Clumsy

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1201

Masterlist | ↠ Request

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“I’m starting to regret it, Jungkook!”

Looking at your phone screen, you glared at him.

“Noona, please~” 

Sitting on your couch, you reached out for your tea and took a little sip of it. “No, Jungkook. You can’t.”

Pouting a little bit more, he started kicking the air. “Ahh, why? I want to say it to him.”

“Kookie, no!” 

Looking sadly at you trough the screen, he huffed. “Why are you telling me something that I’m not allowed to tell someone else? You know that I can’t keep it to myself!”

You rolled your eyes. “That’s why I’m regretting it, you idiot.”

Suddenly, he started smirking. “Do you want to talk to him? I can give him my phone so you can FaceTime with him too.”, Wiggling his eyebrows, he stood up and started walking. “I’m sure you missed him.”

Panicking, you tried to stop him. “Yah! Jungkook, don’t! Yah, yah I’m not ready to talk to hi-”

Not listening to you, he shouted. “Hyung, Y/N noona wants to talk to you!”

Without warning, he turned his phone toward Namjoon and voilà, you saw your best friend smiling widely at the screen while reaching out for the phone.

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Little did he know that your heart was melting right know because of those dimples. 

Ugh, god, help! 

“H-Hey, Namjoon.”

Beautiful! Well done, Y/N! You stuttered! 

Showing his beautiful pearly whites, he greeted you back. “Hi, beautiful. How are you?”

Stop calling me beautiful, please. My heart is going to explode!

“I-I’m fine, thanks and you?”

Wow, very nice! Now you can’t even talk properly!

“I’m just a little bit exhausted because of the concert but besides that, everything is fine.”

“Oh, should I hang up? Do you want to sleep?”

Smiling cutely at you, he shook his head. “No, I want to talk to you.”

Breath, Y/N! Breath!

“O-Okay then..”

“So, what have you been doing lately while I was gone?”

Taking a deep breath, you started talking about your problems, your school life, basically everything and anything that you could remember. This was one of your favorite things in your friendship. Even though he was far away, stressed and exhausted, he would make sure to listen to your problems without complaining. Thats what you loved about him. Thats why you loved him.

While you were talking, you didn’t realize that he stared at you with a little smile while leaning his chin on his hand.

You looked up at your screen and saw that he was staring. Getting a little bit flustered, you stopped talking. “W-What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing, I just realized how much I missed you.”

I-I think I’m dying. R.I.P Y/N..

Looking away shyly, you fiddled with your fingers and whispered. “I missed you too..”

Suddenly, you heard Jimin shouting. “Hyung, we need to go! You can talk to your girlfriend when we’re at the hotel.”

“Yah, I’m not his girlfriend!”

“Yah, I’m not her boyfriend!”

Realizing what just happened, both of you started laughing. 

Again, you heard Jimin shouting. “I think so too!”

Rolling your eyes, you smiled at Namjoon. “Take care of yourself and don’t break anything!”

Copying your movements, he answered while standing up. “I not that clums-”

Suddenly, the only thing you could see was black. “Ugh, not again.. You dropped the phone, right?”

Picking up the phone, he turned the screen toward himself. “Oops..”

You giggled while shaking your head. This time, you heard Jungkook shouting. “Hyung? That was not my one and only precious phone, right?”

“No, I would never drop your phone, are you stupid.”

Laughing at their conversation and Namjoon’s alarmed face, your prepared yourself to say goodbye.

“Bye, Mr. Clumsy.”

“Bye, Beautiful. I’ll see you in two days.” he said while waving back.

And finally, the time had come. The boys were arriving today. 

Wearing your favorite summer dress, you went to the park where you decided to meet up with the guys.

Sitting on a bench, you started waiting. After five minutes you heard seven familiar voices. Looking up, you saw the boys walking toward you. You smiled widely, stood up and started taking little steps toward them.

Smiling with that beautiful smile and those beautiful dimples, Namjoon started walking a little bit faster toward you than the boys.

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Opening his arms, he waited for you to run into his arms. Not waiting a minute longer, you started running toward him and jumped into his arms. He started spinning around, nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and left a little kiss there. Standing there in that position for a while, you hugged him tight. 

Breathing in your scent, he placed you on the ground and looked at you. “I missed you so much, Beautiful.”

Smiling at him, you pinched his cheek. “I missed you too, Mr. Clumsy.” 

Looking over his shoulder, you saw the guys standing a little bit further away from you while staring at you. You called them over to you but they started shaking their head. 

Confused, you looked at them. Right when you wanted to walk toward them, they started counting. “3, 2, 1! Hyung/Namjoon, Y/N likes you!”

Frozen, you stood there. Eyes wide open, you looked at Namjoon. He too, was looking at you with his eyes wide open.

Jungkook, I’m going to kill you! I told you that you’re not allowed to say that to anybody!

All of a sudden, Namjoon started smiling. 

Wait, why was he even smiling? Oh no, no please! Don’t smile! I don’t want to see your dimples please.. I can’t endure it anymore!

Standing on your tiptoes, you put your hands on his shoulder and kissed his dimple.

“Ugh, finally! I always wanted to kiss that.”

Realizing that you said that out loud, you covered your mouth with your hand while looking at him with wide eyes.

His smile grew wide and he opened his mouth to say something but you started rambling to yourself. “Omg, I’m so sorry, Namjoon! Omg, how can you do something like that, you stupid girl! Are you insane?! Your best friend is here after two months and the first thing you do is something like this! He things you’re insane! Thats it! Thats it with your friendshi-”

Suddenly, you felt something soft on your lips. At first you didn’t realize what it was but when he started moving his lips, did you realize what was going on. 

Before you could do something, he leaned back and smiled at you while saying. “Ugh, finally! I always wanted to kiss that.”

Wait, wait, wait.. WHAT?!

Again, before you could react, you heard the guys shouting, laughing and running toward you two. Engulfing you both in a hug while hitting Namjoon’s back, they shouted. “Finally, you two confessed your feelings to each other!”

Okay, I think I’m in heaven right know..

ha sungwoon first meeting! AU

summary: in which you are a pro video gamer and decide to meet a fellow video gamer that you admire

length: 1.1k

a/n: thank you for 84 notes on my daehwi one!! i hope you guys will show some love to sungwoon’s one tHIS BOY IS SO UNDERRATED AND NEEDS MORE LOVE HEHEH this story is supposed to be about video games but i know nothing about it but i hope this story somehow worked??? let me know your thoughts by popping a message in my inbox! 

Originally posted by sungwhoon

  • so you’re really into video games
  • and its right at the start of the semester break so you have all the time in the world to play your fave video game
  • i have  0 clue about video games so pls bear with me as i make up a lot of stuff lmao this is for the sake of the story
  • and what ppl around you don’t know is yes you play a lot of video games but they don’t know that you actually make money out of it 
  • and ppl sponsor you to play for them and stuff 
  • so tbh in this video game you are actually quite famous under your hidden id name which is flowerbloom
  • and its really amusing bc at uni you hear guys talk about video games and they’re like “i admire flowerbloom so much” or “i wonder if flowerbloom is a guy or a girl” 
  • and you just slightly smirk to yourself lmao
  • a part of you wants people to know that you are flowerbloom as u were considered quite average at uni and in your course 
  • but then you didn’t want it to be a fuss and for people to treat you differently 
  • so you decided to keep it to yourself and so you basically had two identities which is pretty exciting 
  • anyways in this video game there were quite a few users that were quite popular one of them whose id name was WANNAbetheONE 
  • you played against them and you started to admiring for how fast their reflexes were and how skilled they were 
  • after playing against him a coupe of times 
  • you decided to message him through the video game chatting app
  • idk is that even a thing lmao 
  • and you just wanted to let them know that you admire their skills
  • and tbh on this video game chatting app you get quite a few fan messages 
  • and you try your best to reply to them when you can 
  • so you think “WANNAbetheONE probably gets a million per day they won’t see mine” HAHAH r u kidding yourself girl
  • but u message them anyways 
  • hello WANNAbetheONE, this is flowerbloom user whom you’ve played against a few times. i just wanted to let you know that i had fun playing with you and i really admire your skills. i am your fan and i hope you see this message 
  • you thought your message was super cheesy but hey they weren’t gonna see it 
  • you pressed “send” and went to  bed 
  • when you woke up the next day you opened your phone and saw that you got a reply from WANNAbetheONE and they had replied within a minute of you sending the message last night 
  • the message said: hey flowerbloom! i’m so happy that you messaged me cos i’m your fan! let’s be friends! 
  • you dropped your phone in shock and embarrassment 
  • shock because they actually replied to your message when they probably got millions of messages??
  • embarrassment because you regretted writing what you wrote especially about being a fan 
  • you came back to your senses and tried to come up with a cool reply 
  • but then your phone buzzed indicating that WANNAbetheONE had sent you another message 
  • it says you read my message why aren’t you replying to me haha don’t seenzone me
  • you gasped and quickly typed a reply 
  • haha omg sorry i only just woke up! thanks for replying to me i appreciate it 
  • no worries i’ve always wanted to message you too ^^ how old are you btw?
  • i’m 19
  • really??? me too we are friends then :)))) 
  • that’s awesome!!
  • what’s your real name?
  • my name is y/n….i’m actually a girl haha
  • that’s awesome you are the coolest girl ever, my name is ha sungwoon
  • and from that day on you found out that WANNbetheONE was a guy called ha sungwoon who studied IT at the uni near you 
  • you guys got along super well and chatted pretty much every day 
  • and you guys would stay up late chatting about everything and anything 
  • about school and life and friends and family 
  • it felt like he was your soulmate and you guys connected so well 
  • a part of you were really curious as to what ha sungwoon was like in real life 
  • was he this chatty and outgoing in real life? or was he more awkward? what did he look like?
  • you even tried to find his facebook except none of the ha sungwoons you came across seemed to match the one you were talking to 
  • you really wanted to meet him but you didn’t want to take the initiative 
  • until one day he messaged you asking if it was okay to meet 
  • hey y/n, we’ve been talking for a week now and i promise i’m not a creep, but i was wondering if you’d like to meet in person?
  • yes ofc!!!!! that would be great
  • and so you guys agreed to meet at a cafe shop that was between your universities 
  • you were super nervous and worried about what to wear
  • but you opted for a casual look: a denim jacket, black ripped jeans and sneakers
  • you weren’t really into dresses and heels so you decided to just be yourself and wear what was comfortable 
  • you arrived at the said coffee shop with 3 minutes to spare and immediately a good looking guy caught your eye 
  • his hair was tousled and a lighter shade of brown, his features were sharp and he had high cheekbones
  • you lowkey hoped that the good looking guy was ha sungwoon 
  • but you thought ha sungwoon sounded more of a nerdy name and that it was probably someone who looked like an average uni student 
  • so you ignored him and ordered a Frappuccino  
  • while waiting you sent ha sungwoon a message 
  • hey i’m there, are you here yet?
  • yeah i am!! where are you? :) 
  • you looked up from your phone and noticed that the good looking guy’s eyes were scanning the cafe 
  • you stared at him unsure what to think 
  • until his eyes made eye contact with you 
  • he gave you the brightest and most beautiful smile and walked over to you 
  • you realised he was only a little bit taller than you but he was really cute and handsome 
  • “hey you’re y/n right?” says sungwoon happily still smiling at you
  • “yes” you reply nodding shyly 
  • “i’m so glad it’s so nice to finally meet you!” says sungwoon 
  • as he pulls you into a big hug 
  • and you feel your heart rate go up 
  • and you hoped that he didn’t feel it lmao 
  • he let go and patted you head “you’re so cute y/n” 
  • he waited with you and helped you take your drink to back where he had a spot by the window
  • it was kinda awkward at first since you guys both knew a lot about each other already 
  • and the fact that you found sungwoon good looking didn’t help much either 
  • it was pretty much silent for the first 5 minutes
  • and sungwoon couldn’t stand the awkwardness so he just said anything
  • “did you know that there’s a competition to giveaway the next version of the video game next month?”
  • you put your drink down excitedly
  • “really how do you know????” you asked happy and surprised at this news 
  • “it’s actually super lowkey right now, but i know because my friend, taehyun’s brother works at a video shop in hongdae!” 
  • and thats how the silence was broken and you guys talked just as much as you guys did online 
  • after a few hours you guys decided to grab dinner together at a nearby japanese place
  • at the end of the dinner when you were fishing for your wallet to pay for your portion 
  • sungwoon gives the girl at the counter his card “i’ll pay”
  • “ok - i can pay you back in cash now!” 
  • “nah it’s fine y/n, since this is our first date right?” says sungwoon smiling at you 
  • your heart starts beating super fast and you repeat the words in his head and he meant exactly what you thought he meant 
  • *cue waitress swooning over you two*
  • this was going to be the best semester break ever 

omg sorry i suck at endings  but let me know what you think of this series so far!!!!! also send me a message of which member you want next for this series!!!! 

other wanna one members: daehwi (x)

My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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Backstage Kisses

Surprising Taeyong always gave good results.

Anon said: Heyyya omg I love you and your blog!! Can I get a taeyong short imagine to you surprising him  backstage at one of his shows and all of a sudden his emotions overwhelm him and he gets all turned on and is kissing you and blah heheheh hope this makes sense and your able to do it thankyouuuuuu❤️

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Dallas Winston~OMG

Request: heyyy ☺️😘 i absolutely love the way you write! if you can would you possible do an imagine where your the sister of the Curtis’s maybe like 13 and you have like a huge crush on someone from the gang so you stay like locked up in your room and your brothers think your sick or something’s wrong but your just embarrassed or to nervous to see the one your crushing on. sorry this sounds super complicated 🙈 you don’t have to do this if you’re to busy i just love the way you write 💗💗 thanks!! 💗

A/n: I’m so sorry this took long and OMG thank you so much

You never really left your room, it was just something you couldn’t get yourself to do unless completely necessary. I mean, who would want to be around a bunch of hot guys that just so happened to be best friends with your brothers and spent every breathing moment in your house? You wanted to, but Dallas was just so overwhelmingly gorgeous.

“(Y/n)? Are you alright in there?”

“Why don’t you come out of your room?”

“Are you sure you feel fine?”

They always asked you these kind of things, but it was only because they cared. You knew that Darry thought there was something wrong with you, he had only tried to send you to therapy around a dozen times this past week.

You sighed and looked up from your homework at the calendar you had on your wall.

March 14
7:00 Therapy appointment

The fire burned inside of you when you read that. You had told Darry multiple times that you didn’t need to see a therapist because there’s nothing wrong with you.

You ripped the calendar off the wall and practically kicked down your door. “God damnit Darry! How many times I gotta tell ya I don’t need therapy! There’s nothing wrong with me! You can’t fix something that isn’t broken!” You screamed slamming your calendar down on the table.

To say he looked angry was an understatement, he was just about ready to murder you with the whisk that he currently held in his hand.

“If you’re not depressed and hurting then what do you do the whole time your locked up in your room! Why don’t you ever come out, we never see you!”

It was a screaming war between the two of you. Back and forth, back and forth. You ran to storm out of the house but was stopped by Dallas. He shoved you into your bedroom closing the door behind you guys.

“Didn’t know I effected you that much Doll.” He teased sitting down next to you.

What you hadn’t realized is that in the middle of the fight you had screamed that you were embarrassed to be around Dally.

“Oh my god, this is even more embarrassing.” You mumbled with your head in your hands.

“Hey, look in the bright side. It could be Two-Bit.” He joked, but you didn’t laugh.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you ain’t got nothing to be embarrassed about.” He said patting your shoulder before leaving the room.

You sighed dreamily and lied back down on your bed. Dallas Winston had just TOUCHED your shoulder.


request:  Omg 24, 30, and 42 sounds interesting lol love you 😘  & could u do 24 and 46

hello loves! i’m coming at you with more friend Harry. honestly, this one i had a hard time coming up with ideas for, so bare with me. send in those requests from this writing list, or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Being a chef had some many perks. First, obviously, was that you knew how to cook. Second, you got to do what you loved. It wasn’t always a practical job that your family wanted for you, but in the end, you did what you wanted for yourself, and didn’t care so much about what others thought. Finally, your friends got gourmet cooking. That was more of a perk for your friends, but you liked doing what you loved for the people that you loved. Your roommate, Harry got the most benefits, mainly saving money on food, not that he really needed to.

You and Harry had been best friends since primary school. Your families were friends since they had been in Uni, so naturally you guys became close friends as well. After Harry’s hiatus, he came to stay with you for a while, just wanting to be back in London with his family and you. He had been with you for about a month before you guys decided just to move in together. You knew that once writing began again for him, he wouldn’t be around as much, so you were happy that he was with you while he could be. There was just one issue with Harry living with you.

That man did not know how to cook.

But he still tried to at least once a week. So that meant once a week, you were under so much stress simply from Harry cooking. You tried telling him every single time that he just didn’t know how to cook, but of course he would say, “I used to be a baker, love. It’s not that different.” Usually on nights when he would cook, you would call a pizza shop telling them to send over a cheese pizza in 30 minutes. Harry took offense to this, but you were always right. You didn’t know the severity of his awful cooking until one night after getting home from your restaurant around eight. You walked into your flat and were met with a putrid smell. Harry was in the living room, eating pizza.

“Harry, why does it smell like smoke? Why do you smell like smoke?” you said while giving him a kiss on the cheek hello.

“Well, you see, I saw this recipe for a spinach quinoa that I wanted to try, and I may have left it on the stove for too long,” he explained, timidly.

“How long is to long?” you asked.

“20 minutes,” he mumbled, knowing that you were going to be frustrated.

“Harry!” you scolded.

“I know, I know. But there’s more.”

“Oh god, what?” you asked, not exactly wanted to know the answer.

“There may have been a small fire.”

Your mouth fell agape, not actually believing that his cooking was that bad.

This isn’t just one of your little jokes, right?” you asked, walking into the kitchen.

“I wish it was,” he said following.

You screeched when you saw the damage. There was a fire mark on top of the ceiling above the stove. It wasn’t awful, but it was your kitchen. Your home. And you were mad.

“Dammit Harry! What were you doing in those 20 minutes?!” you yelled.

“Well, I had an idea for a song, and went to write it down in my journal, but then I thought of lyrics, and it all flowed together. Sorry, Y/n.”

You were still mad, but didn’t like fighting with Harry, so you changed subjects.

“Can I at least hear the song?”

And that was the last time you let Harry cook for a month. Then he tried again, with you in the house, but your knowledge of his cooking adventure was unknown to you. You were upstairs, reading, when you smelled smoke. You sat there for a minute, waiting to see if anything would happen. Then you heard Harry.


Then you ran downstairs, to a very smoky area. Harry was in the kitchen with a fire extinguisher that you bought after Harry’s first accident. He was putting out a very large fire that started to spread to the counter. Luckily, Harry got the source of the fire out before it spread any further, then moved onto the counters, which didn’t take long to get out. He put down the fire extinguisher and slowly turned to you, knowing he was in deep shit.

“Before you say anything, I already ordered the pizza.”

“Harry! This isn’t funny! This is your second fire! You put us both in danger!” you shouted.

“I know. I’m really, really sorry. Truly!” he said.

I’m begging you, STOP COOKING! I’m literally a fucking chef! I’ll cook!” you said.

“But I like cooking. It’s fun,” he said, a tad bit whiny.

“Then I’ll teach you! Just don’t cook alone until I’ve taught you everything,” you reasoned.

“Okay. I’m sorry!” he said one last time.

“I know. C’mon, let’s go get stuff to redo the wall that you destroyed.”


Heya it’s Ri! This is the one I wrote by mistakenly reading an ask… RFA reacting to MC who says that her turnoff feature is her narcissism… humor ensues lolol

Hope you like it~! <3</p>



Seven: Hmmm.. I pick YOOSUNG!! Lololol dare or dare?!

Yoosung: Stop picking on meee!! I’ve already had to do 6 dares

Yoosung: -angry sticker-

Zen: Why don’t you ask MC? She hasn’t had a turn yet

Yoosung: What?! Now you want to bully MC too? I won’t let you! It’s okay, MC, I’ll take the dare for you…! >__<

Seven: lololol

Seven: if it’s MC, then she can choose truth ^0^

Yoosung: WHAT?! That’s so unfair!!!

Yoosung: -angry sticker-

Jaehee: It’s not good to keep getting angry at such a young age, Yoosung.

Jaehee: It is already a blessing that you have avoided working for Mr. Han. I do hope you have a lively youth, rather than an angry one.

Zen: Hah? What the heck is an angry youth?

Seven: you.


Jaehee: … I apologize. I must be tired from work. I must excuse myself at once.

Jaehee has left the chatroom.

Yoosung: -crying sticker- I feel bad for Jaehee… She has to work so much!

You: I agree… :(

Seven: TRUTH~ OR~ DARE~ MC?!

You: Oh. I thought I managed to avoid that…

Seven: lololol NOPE! So, what will it be?

You: Well, I don’t want to take any videos of myself screaming at strangers like Yoosung had to, or prank call Jumin’s (intimidating) dad to seduce him… so, truth?

Yoosung: OOH I have a question, can I ask?! What would you say is your least desirable feature? The biggest turnoff about you?

You: Haha, probably my narcissism

Yoosung: ?!

You: Yeah, my friends are constantly irritated by how I’m always looking at myself in glass reflections or mirrors instead of listening to what they say. Not my fault that I’m so much more appealing than their conversation topics, though, seriously!

Zen: OMG! I’m not the only one who does that??

You: And I somehow always end up late for things because I end up looking at myself in the mirror for too long…

Seven: PFFT! Seriously? wtf

Yoosung: …. So, next question?

You: Oh! But you can’t blame me! I just happen to look beautiful. And it’s much better to love yourself anyway, right?? Haha

Yoosung: MC… next question…?

Zen: I totally agree with you, MC!

Yoosung: -crying sticker- Next questionnnnn??!



  • He is CRYING.
  • He just wants to move on with the topic already
  • I bet you all he’s secretly masochistic and wants to be bullied some more in Truth or Dare lololol


  • “This girl totally gets me!!”
  • Agrees with what you say completely (but he’s actually talking about himself)
  • You guys text each other all the time about how others are just really jealous of your looks.
  • He loves how you understand him so well (even though you’re talking about yourself)


  • Shocked to read your rant about yourself when she returns
  • ???!
  • “Since when was MC this kind of person?!”
  • Probably spat out her coffee in Jumin’s face.


  • N/A
  • Sorry, his face just got spat on.
  • Jaehee SHRIEKS!!

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2.07: Second Citadel - Knight of the Crown, Lord of the Swamp (Part 2)

Thoughts from Bethan: (spoilers)

- holy shit Sir Damien is a scaley
- Also, he monologues so so so much. It’s practically a soliloquy
- “just a rivalry” yeah sure,,,,
- Noah Simes voice is just amazing, he is unbelievably talented
- “”“honeysuckle”“”
- also Damien keeps calling him friend-lizard, couples who use nicknames are so cute
- the giant rat of the swamp reminds me of the Princess Bride which is the best kind of high fantasy to reflect.
- Lord Arum sounds very very worried about Sir Damien actually getting hurt in one of his traps, he needs to work on
- Damien is so adorable and smart, I’m very fond of him already. I love my anxious, tranquil son
- correction: selfless, anxious son
- the trap got me good, I’ve got to be honest, I went completely anti-Arum until the final few seconds
- “I love to make you panic, honeysuckle” sounds wayyyy too seductive, especially when Damien is “pinned beneath his claws”
- “you are… very close to me” Arum, that ain’t panic making his heart pound (well it obviously is a bit, the poor man’s going through a confusing time)
- “so… so I am”
- this is wayyy to innuendo-laden a conversation to have started with Arum saying his stomach was growling cause he wants to eat sir Damien.
- I emphasise the slightly weird core connotations of their instant attraction but I’m gonna ignore it and move swiftly onwards
- Lord Arum you aren’t subtle, real worried about your “”“"reputation”“”“”
- And now he’s jealous. Spitting out “your Rilla” as if it’s an insult.
- aww, Damien trying to let them both live. But Arum’s got a point. Real Montague-Capulet situation here.
- “and I yours” - I’m losing it.
- Nervous Damien is honestly hilarious: “CLOTH! Yes, I always carry purple!” And “I just started bleeding??!! It happens?!?!”
- this is making me like Rilla a lot and now I feel conflicted
- her voice is beautiful
- she’s also a wonderful voice of reason. I can see her being good friends with Sir Caroline
- now I want sir Caroline back. I miss her
- Sir Angelo!!! I’m glad he’s back!!
- oh, Damien. Wonderful metaphors
- “affairs of the intestine” omg
- Best rivals = best buddies
- Damien is very angsty. So so angsty.
- “When Sir Angelo is your second, Bravado is what you’ll get! Ha,ha,ha!” Protect his cheerfulness.
- their friendship is adorable, I love it. “Rivals push each other to be stronger” that’s so healthy and cute
- I just did an exam on Hamlet and this soliloquy-ing about indecision is hitting too close to home.
- (it’s still more enjoyable than Hamlet though)
- literally, I feel like I could dig out my copy of hamlet and draw parallels; should I?-shouldn’t I? issues of killing, Questioning of all relationships and their meanings, excessive meaning, forsaken by a deity. Send me a message if you think I should procrastinate my last exam revision by analysing the similarities between sir Damien and Shakespearean soliloquies (I’m gonna do it)
- holy shit, 3 minutes left and Rilla has been kidnapped???

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do a Jaehwan scenario based on the lyrics of this song youtube(.)com/watch?v=vc23rwTiak4 ? Jaehwan and his lack of scenarios are wrecking me. HAAA ;c It's okay if you can't. I like your Seongwoo bullet scenario, BTW, it's so cute!! ;A;

thanks for the compliment!! ahhh i was wondering what this video was going to be and i almost didn’t want to do it but then i saw sewoon so :^)))))))))))))))))))))) u GO anon u know what i like and live for

  • when jaehwan first started to know you he was more of the shy kind and didn’t have the guts to be v direct and always played his feelings off as mere kindness
  • “are you hungry? want my chips? haha it’s fine we’re….friends right :’))”
  • somehow thinks he’s not good enough for you and wants to get rid of his feelings to avoid rejection but his heart flutters every time you compliment his singing
  • you: omg jaehwan you literally sound like a mix of the chimes in heaven and sirens like i’ll gladly get lured by your singing and die by your hands LMAO
  • him: I Hate These Feelings
  • he consulted seongwoo about it and after teasing him for catching these feelings for 5 hours seongwoo told him that if he keeps acting like a tsundere you might feel like he dislikes you
  • and jaehwan thought about it for six days and six nights and on the seventh day he thought that he should gather his courage and…at least tell you how he feels 
  • he texted you asking if you could meet up but you told him that you were rly sick with a fever and couldn’t make it with 5 crying emojis :^(
  • him: oh…too bad then lolol
  • you: is it something important?
  • him: no lol it’s fine!!
  • but inside he was…u know, sad
  • meanwhile you were still at your house sleeping when your mom came in and was like “hey let me give you some medicine” and u were like ok and then frowned bc didn’t you guys run out of tylenol like last week
  • your mom was like “a cute boy came by and dropped off some packs of tylenol lol was that your boyfriend”
  • cute boy?? you racked thru ur head for all the boys ur mom may think of as cute 
  • ong?? minhyun??? 
  • your mom suddenly left for a phone call and you grabbed the little baggy with the tylenol and inside was a note that read “haha just happened to have some of these left at my house :) get well soon!!”
  • and from that you knew exactly who it was and you couldn’t help but smile and sigh bc….what a WIMP man
  • later that night when jaehwan got a text from you saying “hey thanks for the medicine!! i feel better already :) do you want to have lunch tomorrow? just the two of us hehe” he freaked oUT and fell off his bed rip

Originally posted by wooijn

  • plot twist he broke his foot from falling off the bed so it was your turn to nurse him LOLOLOL

anonymous asked:

scenario where Kenma likes this person so much that everyone knows his feelings except THAT ONE PERSON(fem! please)? i want to see this baby kat stand on the verge of shyness and manning up omg that butterflies in the stomach need to be widely known

Kenma’s heart raced every time his eyes laid on the girl a few feet away, talking and always smiling. She was everything he wanted that he never knew he needed.

“Kenma, if you’re going to stare at her that hard, just go talk to her,” Kuroo says teasingly as he walks up to his lovestruck friend. Kenma narrowed his eyes at Kuroo before he relaxed when seeing your face again, “I can’t..”

“Sure you can! Just watch me!” Kuroo walks forwards towards you and Kenma’s eyes widen as he shoots out a hand towards him, “Kuroo wait!-”

“Hey there! I don’t mean to butt in, but could I speak with her please?” Kuroo asks cheerfully as they nod and walk away, Kenma cringing at the scene in front of him.

“(Name), I’m too busy right now to help Kenma go to the gymnasium. Could you take him there for me?” Your smile grows and you nod, “Of course!”

“Thank you (Name); see you later Kenma!” Kuroo chuckles behind you as he walks away, leaving him alone with you. “Hey there Kenma! Shall we get going?” You ask cheerfully as Kenma nods.

“Sorry, Kuroo is kinda weird.” Kenma apologizes as you shake your head with a smile, “That’s alright, I don’t mind walking with you at all.” You respond and his heart flutters by your words.

“Volleyball huh? Is it fun Kenma?” Kenma looks over at you, his eyes looking over your cute features before he shrugs, “I guess so.”

Kenma opens the gym doors for you and the two of you step in, the team holding back their snickers and smiles as you walk in with the setter. “I’d love to see you in a game one day! Let me know when so I can come watch you! I-I mean the team! Watch the team!” You say with an awkward chuckle and the team is holding back from yelling at the two of you to confess.

“Oh, we have a game tomorrow afternoon if you’d like to come,” Kenma says quietly and you nod happily at him. “Really? I’ll be there then!” You turn around to leave but Kenma quickly stops you, “(Name)?”

The team silently gasp as they watched in suspense, this is it! He’s going to confess! You turn around with a smile and a small blush, “Yeah?”

“The games going to be right after school, just letting you know.” You nod at him before continuing to walk away, “Great! Thanks!”

As soon as you close the door, the team is screaming and yelling because Kenma hadn’t confessed yet. “Come on Kenma! That was your chance!” Some yell as you see bodies rolling around on the gym floor.

Kenma sighed, he missed his chance.

The next day came quickly and he found himself on the court looking around in the audience for you. “Looking for (Name)?” Kuroo asks and Kenma jumps at the sudden voice. Chuckling, he points over towards you, “Right there.”

“Go away Kuroo,” Kenma says and Kuroo walks away laughing at his struggling friend. How did he even know you were there? Looking back at you, the two of you made eye contact and you gave him a big wave, “Kenma! Good luck!”

Blushing, he nods and turns around to face his team who go straight to making fun of him. Thanks to you though, the game ended quickly because Kenma wanted to show you how he played and because he actually tried, the skill level of the team went up.

After the match was over you found Kenma and ran over to him, congratulating him before he pulled you aside to an isolated area, “(Name), there’s something I want to tell you.”

“Yes? What is it?” You expected him to reply right away but he looked like he was holding his breath in. He wasn’t looking at you, but at the floor and it looked like he was struggling with his words.

“I-I’ve liked you for a while now and I’ve finally mustered the courage to tell you,” Kenma confesses, playing with the hem of his jersey. Your eyes widen and blush spreads across your face.

“Really? I would never have thought that you’d like me!” you respond honestly, scratching the back of your head, “That’s good though because I like you back.”

Looking up at you, you give Kenma a sweet but shy smile and he feels himself freezing up from your confession as well. The team listening around the corner is in tears from their boy Kenma finally confessing.