i always wanted to be your friend omg

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For your Priest AU a friend & I started an RP based around it where Gabriel is the new head of this particularly old cathedral & Jack is the stranger who watches from the hill (like a total creeper). Thing is Jack is supernatural & a guardian of the church (so old he actually helped build it!). Wanted to share & say thank you for giving us such amazing inspiration to create a story! :D

;___________________________________; aaaaahhhhhhhhhh omg you guys should make it into a fic!!! that’d be awESOME.

i’m just happy it inspired you guys!! you’re always welcome Q v Q <33333 

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everyone is always saying how much they love arthur and maya (and of course i love them too!!!) but man BLUE IS SO F*CKING AWESOME I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I WANT TO HUG HIM AND LET HIM BE ANGRY AT ME CAUSE I LOVE HIM I SIMPLY LOVE HIM SO MUCH *sighs* thank u so much for sharing your characters with us! (your shy anon)

omg my shy anon baby friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u made me smile :’-))!!!!!!!!! i love blue too,, i hope….yall like him bc……i have….so many…..posts….comin…….up….w/…..teen blue……..***sweating****…..anyway….ur so sweet ;_; its my pleasure 2 share my lil friends w u omg im emotional now

Happy Birthday, Kat and Peter! This is part one of your gift from me today~ Sorry I don’t have part two yet it’s a little more difficult than I thought, but I will prevail!

On a more serious note, Kat, I want you to know that you are a really great friend to me and you always know how to make me laugh or smile and I’m so much better for knowing you. And Peter, I may not know you, or even know much about you, but I would like to thank you for being there for Kat and an amazing brother and inspiration for her. From what I can tell you bring each other happiness and I think that’s just so wonderful and important. Thank you both for being such amazing people.

Happy Birthday you guys.


Gray (aka tinytinyrobot)

“You always in such a good mood in the mornings?” you tease, holding the back of his head as he mouths at your neck.

He looks up briefly, touching his forehead gently to yours when he speaks. “Only when I wake up with you.”


I just wanted to write about Niall. 

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i just wanted to say thank you for always being so kind to your supporters. i've seen many simblrs become less grateful of their followers over time but you're always so respectful and kind. thank u for that xx

;____; thank you for this message, tbh <3. I can somewhat understand why people get antsy after awhile (same questions being asked and all) but, ultimately I’m here to hang out with people with common interests (aka sims). I see everyone here as friends rather than just an audience if that makes sense. & if a fellow simmer needs help, I’m always down to help. 

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wow 3 years is a long time! I was brought up to believe the opposite! My dad and a lot of my teachers (I'm doing history btw lmao) always had an romantic idea of doing what you love and etc so even tho a lot of ppl told me i wouldnt make a lot of money I just applied for a thing im passionate about. But nobody know the future so yea I think the people in ur life matter more than your future job or anything like that. OMG YULECHKA IS THE CUTEST NICKNAME I LOVE IT I ACTUALLY BLUSHED

aaaaaa kat u r so cool I hope we can actually be friends and everything lmao <3333 - yulechka

i wanted to study languages but i was told i’m not going to make a lot of money and it discouraged me lmao i regret listening to anyone now so it’s good that you didn’t let anyone affect your decision

a cute nickname for an equally cute person

Happy HeartSeekers/Valentines Day!!

UGH, sorry for the text spam guys!! But I really appreciate every single one of you flooding my box today, it means an absolute LOT, so I wanted to respond to each of you this time since I can’t always do that.

I hope your day is WONDERFUL, and because I have so many of you that I’d want to wish a happy day, I would get yelled at by Tumblr’s filter way too quickly.. so HERE IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU ALL.

Every single one of you reading this. Mutual or not.

I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day/HeartSeeker’s Day! 

Thank you for making my years wonderful here. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me a chance, for having fun with me, for being understanding when I can’t respond or draw. Thank you so much for everything that you are. I read all of your messages, even if I don’t respond, I love each of your ideas and roleplays, even if I can’t react to it. You all are so talented and amazing. You are not alone today, either!

Let’s celebrate today being together as friends! 

Love you!!!!!

can i just!!!!!!!!!! wish @minhyshadowjutsu a happy birthday?!?!?! minh omg. you’re one of THEEEEEEEE sweetest people i’ve EVER met!!!! you were actually the first person i’ve met and talked to on here, and omg i love every single second i talk to you, from our headcanons (remember the beansprouts 0:) ) to our food talks (i wanna go to cali sooo bad bc of all the cafes you’ve told me about omg)!!! you’re just such an awesome person and i’m so happy to know that i have a friend like you :’)) you’re also so, so, SO talented and i love seeing your art on my dash!!! i still find it absolutely amazing how fast your art improves, i wish i could be like that! but anyway, i also wanted to thank you for being one of the best friends i have on here and for always being there for me <33 you deserve to be surrounded by love and happiness always. happy 19th, i hope you’re having a great birthday! <3333

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ONE MARK'S ADORABLE. TWO. AHH. Okay, so how do you feel when you get so many notes are yer edits and posts and whatnot? I got like 250 on a post about Signe and Seán being hella cute but Mark was over there like have you ever gotten so hype you just started tearing up? Lmao he's so weird, I'll never understand him. Anyways this was super random lmao, have a lovely day! Smooches! -A

mark is absolutely adorable! many people have compared him to a puppy, and i can 100% see that omg.

and i honestly feel like i wanna cry every time i see someone reblog my posts. like it’s so heartwarming knowing that someone out there saw my edit and wanted to reblog it onto their blog. i can’t get over that. like without you guys and your positive feedback, i probably wouldn’t even have this blog in the first place. dude but congrats on all the notes! i always get so excited for my friends when stuff like that happens!

it’s so funny that both communities are like in complete opposites. like jack’s is like love everywhere. and mark’s is just chaos. but i hope you have a terrific day as well, sweetheart! 💙

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tbh I've always wanted to be friends with u your blog makes me happy but I suck lololol

Omg stop??? You’re so cute! I’m sure you’re great! Just come off anon and talk to me!

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I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND ME GOING ON YOUR BBLOG AND ASKING U TINGS while im at the hospital i havent told any of my school friends because i dont want them to think im weird...ANYWAY the nurses here are so mean to me and always misgender me im actually going to write up a complaint because being misgendered is what made me attempt in the first place LMAOOOO anyway i hope i dont ruin your day and i love your new title cat boys club that's good shit right there

it’s okay.. and omg yes you need to write a complaint about that, no one should misgender you especially workers in such a place!!! hey i’m wishing you the best for recovery… i love you okay please get better!!! 💞💞💞

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Can you maybe, if you want to, write a Roman smut where your family+friends would come and visit yours and Romans new house, but your guy best friend tries to flirt with you (as always). Roman sees it and gets jealous af. Later when everyone is gone and the friend is sitting downstairs, Roman makes sure he knows he's the only one for you with lots of dirty talk omg😩 I love your writing sm btw❤

Thank you so much! You are too sweet!

I actually already wrote this. Sort of, lol. It’s not the exact story but it’s very similar - minus the dirty talk. See below:


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you made a tag for me omg!! that makes me so happy ☺️ and trust me i wish my crush an i were dating too, he's amazing and i love him so much it's ridiculous. But i'm happy being his friend too!! We made an emojipedia a few days ago where we defined what certain emojis mean so we can use them like code, and he makes my heart so happy and he calls me his best friend and he said "I love you and i always want to be in your life" and idk he's just such an important person to me!!! -gift exchange anon

Of course I’d make a tag for you??? You’re part of the family!! Also please ask this kid out, for the LOVE OF GOD I THINK HE IS FLIRTING WITH YOU!!! I love this. You guys are so cute. It’s inevitable. I bet you guys will date 😌

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My friend's Buff Orpington (a golden/yellow chicken breed) just hatched her first chick ever and I convinced her to name it Carisi and little does she know that I named it after a law and order character lmao

!!! Your friend has chickens!!?!??!!? OMG is it / are they just the cutest stinkin things in the whole wide world?!?! I’ve always wanted chickens but it’s been a ‘Hell No’ from all the powers-that-be in my life!! haha. All the chicks need to be named after Law & Order people… they’d handle the especially FOWL cases…… *pa dum, tss*

He Was Crazy

Originally posted by sugutie

REQUESTED BY ANON: Can I request a JIMIN smut where u guys are hanging out and u both wanna go swimming but it’s really late so u guys decide to break into the neighborhood pool but it turns into pool sex and then someone almost catches you Lmao sorry if that doesn’t make senseXD I trust your writing skills so anything u interpret will be 👌🏻💯


GENRE: Fluff + Smut

okay, this is probably the LONGEST scenario i’ve ever written. it was freaking 6 pages long man. omg. haha. i really hope you’ll like this anon! enjoy!! ^^ 

He was crazy, always doing things outside of the box. You were crazy to follow along with him, but that’s because he was your best friend and long time crush. Park Jimin was crazy. He was crazy because he wanted to go swimming when it was already 1 in the morning.

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i wonder if you could recommend me some haehyuk fanfics? :3 maybe... if you know some where they are themselves i mean.. part of sj etc and hyuk is still a virgin? omg i'm sorry it's so embarrassing xD

LOL why virgin? :) It’s weird i wanted to recommend a fic which i finished to read at one sitting today before i read your message. It’s ‘Pray That You Always Understand Me’ by hitsugaya15. It’s psychological / drama fic. I love these kind of fics and i’m really addicted to angst, don’t know why :) 

So.. I will recommend you some nice non-AU fics since you wanted to read the fics “where they are themselves” ^^ It’s bad ‘Best friends…right?’ was deleted by the author. It was the best non-AU Haehyuk fanfic ever! But anyway~ Here some non-AU Haehyuk fics for you~ ^^

Disproved Refusal by hellokyu 

is there a limit to love? by Huilen 

You Lied by shadowsplayinthedark 

> Neorago Series by ifallelsefails 

Neorago Season 1: Neorago (It’s You)
Neorago Season 2: NO OTHER
Neorago Season 3: I Wanna Love You

the last two fics below Eunhae fanfics not Haehyuk but since they are non-AU and well-written i am putting them here as well…

Running Blind With Eyes Wide Open by catskilt

Courage  |  Euphoria  |  Joy (three of them are parts of the trilogy) by Caande 

and a small eunhae/haehyuk fanfic recommendation~^^ [* bold ones my personal favorites] 

                                          HAEHYUK — 

My Sweet Obsession ♥  |  The Cabin by SLHusky 
Match Me If You Can  |  Love Thy Neighbour by BabyHae27 
Speedy Speed Boy by slicksilver
Equilateral by poisonpickles 
Drawn on Me by Zythra 
~Uncontrollable Desire~ by Jessie_G_ 
Tutor Me Teacher by Korarin 
Goodbye  |  The Eye of the Hurricane (prequel of Goodbye) by Leet19 
Behind Every Mask by kimssi
Silver Mine Cafe by aikinoamigo 
His White Audi by AngelaMiina 
The Stray Dog by shanacats 
Two As One |  Love Me, Just Once More by emii_vipelf
Hateful Love by kittsym 
The Wrong Move by myallisinyou 
My Lover is a ….?! by hyurie 
Frenemies by robin1030 
One chance by 1inAmillion 
Secretly In Love With You by FangirlEunYoo 
In Love With a Mobster by bluestee 
When Destiny Calls  |  Faceless by NutellaCookie  
Love in Disguise  |  Pray That You Always Understand Me by hitsugaya15 
The Golden Cage by xx69rabbit69xx 
encore une fois, my face remains by predictator 
Your Lies by silversymphony 

                                            — EUNHAE —    

Two souls stay together on the Wheel by haepants 
Inked  |  Anti-Romantic  |  stumbling down a winding road  by donghaeyah 
Flying Mile High and a Mile Far by donghaeyah and inkedblack 
Facebook Statuses and Public Secrets  |  Romanstagram by BlueEscrima 
My Best Friend by FirstAnothersujufan 
The Bet by Eunhaeluv 
Dream Catcher by miyah16 
Looking At You From Afar  |  When You Looked At Me (sequel to LAYFA)  |  The Letters from That Boy  |  Eighteen by ThanhXuan 
SM Boarding School by ChickashixD 
Heaven and Hell by joueRED 
The Guy I Met on the Bus by AngelaMiina 
No Ordinary Love by allrisehyukhae 
Engraved Destiny by crime-tsumi 
Dangerous Waves  |  Taming of the monkey  |  Play with me… by RC_Lillie

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Send ⁇⁇ and my muse will blurt out any and all questions they’ve always wanted to ask yours.

“Where have you been?! Are you alright? Are you back now? Fight any bears while I was gone? Do you want to meet some of my new friends? How’s the staff arm doing? Hit anyone recently? Can I have a big bear hug? Did you miss me? Are you going to stay awhile? What did you see while you were away? How long has it been since last we saw one another? Do you know how worried I was about you?”

“Can we talk about Mamae? Will you help me with some of the spells in her book? Will you come see me so we can catch up because I have a thousand things to tell you? Elu, what do you know of Tranquility?” 


I think it’s the time to post my entire life drawing horses. I like horses since I have memory and I think them are the most beautiful creatures in Earth. I’m 19 years old (For silly people: of course that in all these years I’ve been drawing other things like people, dogs, food (yes, food), but horses for me always have something special)

Well, let’s go with an analysis of the photos:

First picture: me with 4-5-6 years old. omg that horse is scary (and not to mention the typical yellow sun in the corner hahaha) 

Second picture: me with 6-8 years old. Look at that sassy horse. It’s seems like that typical preppy blonde girl in your high school.

Third photo: me with 8-11? years old. I loved Spirit and I wanted to do my version of him haha.

Fourth and Fifth picture: When I was 12-16 years old I just drawing with pencil. I think I was three or five years drawing with pencil. FINALLY here is the beginning to horses with level!

Sixth and Seventh picture: My first time with watercolors. It was hard put aside the pencil because I had spent much time drawing only on grayscale and start with color really bothered me. But with patience and effort (and a few horses thrown in the trash) I managed to get to the Eighth and Ninth picture. 

The only advice I can give you is if you want to dedicate to this you need patience. A LOT. How you see, this takes years of experience and development. My horses have evolved because I have not lost confidence in myself. I think this is a clear example that if you want something strongly, finally it’s get amazing results. I hope you liked it! ♥


Seeing your cats @neodiji & @women-books-coffie makes me want to touch them /(-/////-)/ they are so cute omg
And I just remembered there was once a cat who likes me so much(or not, I don’t know bcs cats usually hate me) it’s my friend’s cat, his name is Mochi :D
He acted like king and always stepped on me and order me to touch him. He is not a bad kid bcs he just wanted my attention -/////-. He is super fluffy and really fat. Maybe you can use him as a pillow(or not because he is the one who will use you as a pillow. He is king, after all *cough*)
Okay. Sorry for disturb you guys.
I miss him so badly because we live far away. :“(
(The photo was taken in 2013. The last time I saw him he became really, really fat :))

Dog sitter - Zelo (Junhong)

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a request from lee-mickey from a while ago. I tried my best to make it super cute and fluffy. Hope you will like it~ So here is the request: 

“Hiii can you please do a super fluffy Zelo scenario when you start off as dogsitter to Mochii and after a few months Zelo confesses that he thinks you’re cute and that he wants you to hang out with him instead of Mochii sometimes?? hihi”

You had a fight with your mother about money. She told you to get a part-time job, but the only thing you were good at was watching dogs from your family and friends. You took a walk around your house and suddenly a flyer catches your attention.

You: “Oh! They are searching for a dog sitter for a dog named Mochi. OMG, he looks so cute!! I’ve had always wanted a dog but my parents were against it. Let me try to call this number first.”

You called this number and a guy picked up.

?: “Hello with Zelo!”

You: “Hi Zelo, I’m (y/n)-ah nice to meet you. I saw a flyer saying that you were searching for a dog sitter and I would like to take this part-time job.”

Zelo: “Ah you want to be our Mochi’s dog sitter. That’s great. Are you free tomorrow? Let’s have our meeting at a cafe around two o'clock in the afternoon.”

You: “Sounds good to me. See you tomorrow! Bye~”

Zelo: “Bye bye~”

The next day you went to this cafe waiting for Zelo Mochi’s owner. You were nervous because this was your first solicitation. At that moment a tall guy with a dog entered the cafe.

You: “Oh! You are Zelo, right? Because that dog is Mochi.”

Zelo: “Oh (y/n)-ah! You’re here already.”

You: “Ah yeah nice to meet you!”

You bowed to him instead of giving him a hand. He imitates you and bowed back to you.

Mochi: “Wowoow!”

You: “Aww so you are Mochi. You’re so cute!!! Omg, can I pat his head?”

Zelo: “Yeah, of course, you can. I’m glad that Mochi seems to like you.”

You patted his head and Mochi was wagging his tail happily.

You played with Mochi for a few minutes and Zelo came back with some hot chocolate milk.

Zelo: “I brought you some hot chocolate milk. Is that okay with you?”

You: “Yes I really like chocolate milk a lot! Thank you very much!”

You smiled at him. You stared at him for a second and realised that he looks pretty handsome. He has big eyes and pale skin like Snow White. He blinks his eyes and you quickly look at Mochi who wants to play with you.

You: “Aww Mochi you want to play with me?”

Mochi: “Wowoow!”

You: “Luckily I’ve brought some dog toys with me today. So let’s play with this.”

You played around with Mochi. Zelo was staring at you. Later he joins the two of you by playing along. When you took a seat again Zelo smiled at you.

Zelo: “I have good news for you. You’re hired!”

You: “I’m hired? But we haven’t really talked jet.”

Zelo: “Huh what are you talking about? We talked about Mochi all the time. I’m sure that you like Mochi a lot and that he likes you back.”

You: “Really? So I’m officially hired as Mochi’s dog sitter?”

Zelo: “Yes you are officially hired as Mochi’s dog sitter.”

You: “Cool! I’m hired! Woohoo! This is actually my first part time job in my whole life.”

JH: “I’m glad to have you as our dog sitter. You can start from tomorrow on. I always do the walks with Mochi in the morning and in the evening so we need someone to take care of Mochi if I’m not at home. Here is my address come here at 11 o'clock I will give you some instructions and then you can watch Mochi for me.”

You: “Great! I will be there on time for sure! See you tomorrow then!”

JH: “See ya! Bye~”

Zelo left with Mochi. You felt really happy to get this job. The most important part was that your boss Zelo is really nice and handsome. You wouldn’t mind to babysit him too. You picked your best casual clothing together and you did your best to do your make up.

You: “Yes! Now I’m ready to go!”

You went to Zelo’s house and rings his bell. He opens the door smiling happily at you.

JH: “Hey (y/n)-ah!”

You: “Hi Zelo! Oh hey, Mochi! Are you happy to see me?”

Mochi was jumping around happily. You knelt down and hugged Mochi tightly. Zelo smiles at your cuteness.

Zelo: “I’m off to work see you soon!”

You: “Okay see you soon!”

A few months has passed and you were almost daily at his home. The moment he comes home you would stand in front of the door with Mochi greeting Zelo every day. Zelo feels really happy to see you both at home. Sometimes you would stay longer to eat dinner with Zelo. You like to be with Zelo and you enjoyed every moment with him. You feel relaxed and that you can talk about everything with him. You two were like best friends. However, you could feel your heart beat faster these days. For example when you and Mochi are playing and Zelo leans closer to you to kiss Mochi. You would blush and get shy at those moments.

Zelo: “(y/n)-ah.”

You: “Ah yes?”

Zelo: “I eh…”

You: “Is there something wrong?”

Zelo: “No it’s nothing.”

He was blushing when you leant closer to him. Hmm, he is acting weird today. You played with Mochi. When Mochi jumped on top of you, you laid down on the ground.

You: “Hahaha it tickles stop licking me Mochi! Kyaaah~”

You heard Zelo laughing in the background.

Zelo: “Haha why are you guys so cute together~”

You: “I’m not cute, it’s Mochi who is cute.”

Zelo: “I think that you are really cute too.”

You: “Eh?”

Zelo: “To be honest I would like to spend more time together with you. Can you hang out more with me instead of Mochi?”

You: “Wait what did you say?”

Zelo: “I like you! Can you please go out with me?”

You: “I-”

Zelo: “You don’t need to answer me now. You can give me an answer after you have to think about it. I’m going to grab something to drink.”

You couldn’t look him in his eyes. You were too flustered by his sudden confession. At the same time, you felt really happy to hear his honest thoughts about you. You feel the same way as him. Zelo came back with two cans of soda.

Zelo: “Would you like some too?”

You: “Yes please.”

Zelo: “Here you go.”

You: “Thanks, Zelo!”

Zelo: “You’re welcome.”

You: “About the thing we were talking about a minute ago. I’m not quite sure about my feelings jet, but I do like you too. Maybe we should hang out more often.”

Zelo: “Really? I would love to hang out with you!”

You: “Me too!”

Mochi: “Wowoow!”

Zelo: “Mochi you can’t come with us on our date. I will let you stay with my brother then.”

You laughed at Zelo’s words.

You: “I think that Mochi is jealous right now. She is biting her Pikachu blanket with frustration.”

Zelo laughs and cuddles with Mochi.

Zelo: “We can date altogether if only not all your attention goes to Mochi instead of me. I will feel jealous.”

You: “Fine~ I will give you both equally of attention from now on.”

You cuddled with Mochi and smiled at Zelo. 

The End!