i always wanted to be her omg

Gift for @kabuki-akuma! :3

I swear I’m lowkey addicted to her Moontoffee art/AUs (and her art in general), it’s always been SO AMAZINGGG~ >w< (and it still is)

I’ve wanted to draw Moontoffee/Monster!Star for quite a while, so… here we go! This was LOADS of fun to draw. (toffee was kinda hard to draw tho tbh ;-; proportions.png. BUT STAR’S EYES OMG THE COLORS hfdsigfiodk)

Hope you like, keep up the amazing work, and Merry Christmas!~



  • Garnet wants Steven to get a wish, too. So sweet.
  • The best thing about Ruby’s scream as she enters the atmosphere is that it’s not even a cartoony, or comical scream. It’s just straight up, genuine, terror. I love it.
  • Garnet blushing about her love story with Sapphire, hehehe
  • I love how Pumpkin always looks 100% checked out of every situation
  • Lapis does have a point. But of course, Peridot talks her into it. I hope this goes well for them.
  • I wonder if Lapis can actually control the weather… maybe atleast rain clouds.
  • Wet hair Peridot, yes please.Where did she get the alien umbrella.
  • “This is our Gem Cave. Lapis hates it when I call it that, so I don’t” They’re so f*cking married
  • Peridot teasing Lapis about snoring is amazing, honestly.
  • Lapis is 100% done with Ruby.
  • How can anyone hate Pumpkin? Pumpkin is so pure.
  • Steven and Peridot just saying “fuck it” and rolling in the dirt, too. Friendship goals.
  • “WHY DON’T YOU GET MAD?!” a bit of projecting there, Lapis.
  • Peridot using the trashcan to fly. <3
  • “No one said there’s a rush”. Peridot loves her so much, Jesus Christ.
  • I love how Steven and Peridot don’t really have an answer to Lapis asking why it’s taking her so long to get use to Earth. Not every question really has an answer, and that’s ok.
  • “Hit that button behind you” Oh, here it comes. She’s fucking with them.
  • Wow, she turned quite mean there.
  • Peridot not being able to hear the evil, oh bless her.
  • Garnet popping the balloon was classic


Lauren Jauregui-Interview(Part II)

-This or That-
I: Jocks or nerds ?
L: Nerds.
I: Truth or Dare ?
L: Truth. I always want the truth.Truth is good, it hurts, but it feels good.
I: Dress up or dress down ?
L: Dress Down.
I: Cake or pie ?
L: Pie. (Fav. pie: Apple Pie)
I: Love or money ?
L: Love. Absolutely.. Materials are just materials.
I: Kisses or hugs ?
L: I love hugs, but I love kisses. I love love. I like to acknowledge my fellow humans.. (I want so much a hug from her, omg)😭
I: Weird or normal ?
L: I like weird people. I love eccentric people. I love people who are unafraid to be themselves.❤
I: Weekday or weekend ?
L: For me all the day’s blur together so..days off.

Love u Lauren. :)

They asked me, “do you love her?” and I replied, “no, I can’t I have never loved someone that quickly before, but I love her smile, I love the way she says my name, I love the way she looks at me, I love it when she smiles because of me, and  I love it when she holds my hand and I feel like no force could ever break us apart.” They smiled at me and I knew I have loved you ever since I came to know you exist.-Hafia H.

Anonymous asked: could you write an imagine where rami is accidental friends with benefits with the reader bc they keep sleeping with each other but the reader always tells him off afterwards bc she lives in england and thinks she’s too fucked up for such a pure cinnamon roll and isn’t sure she can give rami what he might want in the near future (family and certainty and shit) eventually rami confronts her, they (SMUT) end up in bed together and idk u can make up an ending? SORRY ITS SO LONG AND DETAILED OMG

A/N: This ended up being way longer than I intended but I liked the concept so here you go! Smut warning around ¾ of the way through as well as slight angst. 

‘We can’t keep doing this.’ You panted, trying to catch your breath as Rami slowly rolled off of you.

‘Why?’ He sounded exasperated as he turned his head to look at you. You kept your eyes fixed on the ceiling.

‘I’m going home like, next week.’ You rolled out of bed, trying to ignore his eyes on you as you wrapped a towel around yourself.

‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ He was propped up on his elbows now, the slight glow of sweat on his torso causing you to avert your eyes.

‘Well I’ll be gone then, won’t I?’ Rami didn’t say anything to that and you could feel the silence filling up the room like smog. You needed to escape before it escalated any further.

‘I need to shower.’ You mumbled and left the room.

You felt sick as you ran your hands through the suds in your wet hair. The look on Rami’s face broke your heart when you told him you were going. But you’d only come to the US to see the sights, not wind up in bed with a major celebrity.

You’re fucking amazing.

Admittedly, he had been inside you when he’d said that but it still made you palpitate a little when you recalled the words. You knew that you had fallen for him. Hard. But it could never work – long distance never did.  

You dried off still deep in thought and exited the bathroom. Rami was pulling his shirt back on, his expression stony as you watched him from the other side of the room.

‘You’re never going to let me in are you?’

The sudden question from him startled you.

‘What do you mean?’

Rami merely shook his head, his eyes on the floor as he pulled his shoes on.

‘See you later Y/N.’ He was out the door of your apartment before you knew it, the hood of his jacket pulled up over his head on the off chance he might be spotted.

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All at Once

Anonymous said to thelovelyspencerreid: Omg please please please do number 8! ❤️ “8. Does he know about the baby?”

So this probably isn’t exactly what you wanted, sorry about that but I kinda liked this plot line so here you go. Hope you still like it.

“There’s been an accident.” Those four words and your whole world crashed down. Your Fiance Spencer was away on a case so you were already on high alert, but when you got a call from Garcia’s phone at her work you knew something was wrong. She always called you on her cell.

“What kind of accident?” You said tentatively.

“Spencer was shot by the unsub when nobody else was around. JJ found him but the hospital declared him dead on arrival.” Your whole world was spinning and then black.

You woke up to bright white and the smell of cleaner. You looked around and knew instantly that it was a hospital. “Oh my god. You’re awake finally. Don’t ever scare me like that again.” You heard a perky voice you knew instantly to be Garcia say.

“Spencer.” You said remembering why you were here. “He’s really dead. Isn’t he.” Garcia just looked at you sadly. Then the floodgates opened. Garcia held you while you cried for what felt like hours but in reality was probably only twenty minuets.

“Ms. Y/L/N. You are finally awake. You gave us quite a scare with everything going on. If you don’t mind we need to ask your friend to leave so we can talk to you in private.” When he said this Garcia gave you one final hug goodby and excused herself. “Now we have some pretty important news. Your one month pregnant.”

You just looked at him blankly. Pregnant, no way you always used protection and you took the pill every day like clockwork. This had to be a mistake. You could not be pregnant and definitely not now after just loosing the father.

“Do you know who the father is?” The doctor asked gently. You nodded your head yes. “OK good. We would like to keep you here over night just to monitor the baby to make sure nothing happened in the stress you went through earlier today.” You nodded once again. “Do you need anything or need us to contact the father.” You shook your head no this time, letting the tears escape your eyes. “Ok. Let the nurse know if you need anything.” He said exiting the room.

“Hey girlie how are you?” Garcia said softly. “I’m pregnant.” You muttered under your breath. “Pardon me” She said confused.

“I’m pregnant.” You said a little more forcefully this time. “I loose Spencer but get another person to take care of all by myself. On a teacher’s salary no less. You know as long as they don’t fire me for being single and pregnant.” You yelled.

“Oh sweetheart. I can’t tell you it will be okay and I wish I could but I can tell you that you will make this work. If you need to stay somewhere I know that anyone at the BAU will let you in with open arms. Just know that we all love you as much as we loved Spencer.” She said holding you as you cried into her chest again. You don’t know when exactly you fell asleep but when you woke up Garcia was gone. You could faintly hear her voice but what you heard made no sense and you were not sure it was real.

“No Hotch you don’t understand she is pregnant. I don’t care there has to be something that we can do. Talk to him.” But you fell asleep again before she hung up the phone.

It had been five months since you found out you were pregnant and while you thankfully had not lost your job it was not enough to take care of yourself and a baby. Hotch had given you a secondary job as a personal secretary to him, even though you didn’t have a degree just so you had a little more money.

You were now six months along and had grown to love this baby that you had not been quite looking forward to at the beginning. You wished Spencer was hear to see this. You knew from the first date that he loved children and wanted a few of his own. It seemed ironic in a sick, twisted way that he was gone when you finally have a child even though you were the one who kept putting it off.

You were bringing Hotch his coffee just like you did when you got to work every afternoon but unlike every other day his office was closed. You waited outside his door but couldn’t help but overhear his conversation. The voice in there sounded suspiciously of JJ. “Sir I think now is as good a time as any. We have caught the major people and the others are minor and most likely won tmak ea move without their leader. Also we don’t even have suspects or know how many accomplices their are. We might as well bring him back now. If you don’t do it for him do it for his family. It is time Spencer comes back to the land of the living Hotch.” She said. They were talking about Spencer and it sounded like he wasn’t dead.

You walked into Hotch’s office. Any other time you wouldn’t have dared but this  time was to important. “He’s alive?” You asked. “Y/N what are you doing hear you are early.” Hotch said.

“Spencer. Is he alive or not. You were just talking about how he needed to come back. Is he alive?” You demanded.

“Yes he is.” Hotch sighed in defeat. “There were a group of people targeting Spencer and we thought it best if he disappeared for a little while so we could round them up. We didn’t tell you because we didn’t know if you would be able to keep his secret or if you could handle the fact that he was alive but you couldn’t contact him and that he could potentially in danger.” You nodded.

“Does he know about the baby?” You asked placing a hand on your stomach.

“No. We knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away if he knew you were pregnant.”  You nodded again. “He should be back in about five hours do you want to wait here or you can go home and will call you.”

“I’ll wait here.” You said. JJ went to make the phone call to Spencer. You walked out of Hotch’s office to your desk and completely lost it. You lashed out at Garcia also when she tried to comfort you.

“You knew this time. You were there the whole time. You were the one i would call crying on bad days and you knew. Go away. I don’t want to talk to you.”

“I know you are upset so I am not going to be offended but just know it was for the best and I wanted to tell you.” She said before going to back to her cave. The hours between seemed to drag on as you tried to busy yourself with mindless tasks.

“Y/N” You hard from behind you. You hadn’t heard that voice in five months but you would no it anywhere. You turned around running into his waiting arms, well as much as you six month pregnant belly would allow. “Oh my god. Look at you.” He said placing his hand on your stomach. “How far along are you?” He asked his eyes shinning with tears.

“Just over twenty four weeks.” You said. “I don’t know the gender yet I was waiting for something and now i know what it was.” He pulled you into a kiss that made you weak in the knees. “Oh Y/N. I love you so much. You have no idea.” He said. “And i haven’t met you yet but I know i love you just as much.” He said placing a light kiss on your stomach.

The Lying Detective killed me...

I just, this Sherlock episode, I can’t…

Mrs. Hudson is a fucking Queen, such a BAMF and cleverer than Mycroft Holmes himself, OMFG

Mary, just, Mary’s memory that works like John’s own version of a mind palace and showing how clever he can be! (Kind of reminds of Twelve and his Mind Palace!Clara which was so cute and helped him figure out stuff as well as keep going after her death)

John actually fixing stuff and confessing his sins!

Mycroft and Lady Smallwood… I mean, I kinda saw hints of it last episode, but still, omg, and damn it because I wanted it to be Mythea 

John, don’t make Sherlock go for Irene when Molly is right freaking there and is the most perfect human being! (And I mean, Irene is into Sherlock, but the only woman that truly loves Sherlock and is utterly dedicated to him is Molly!)

Speaking of Molly, poor girl deserves so much, tho, she is so sweet and supportive of everyone, always there for them, and she is suffering so much for it! 

That John & Sherlock hug, tho! 

Fucking Sherlock and Mycroft having a sister! So, either Sherrinford is a girl (and where does that name come from tho, if her name is Eurus) or there are 4 Holmes siblings… (I kind of want to lean for this latter theory given that as many have pointed and Sherlock himself said: “people always give up after 3″)

Just, this whole episode ended me, ok…

PS. I forgot, and can’t belive I did so, but omg, official Big Brother joke! Love those!

Roman Reigns

Requested by @m-a-t-91 :OMG yay could I ask one about Roman Reigns like something where Roman flirts a lot with X Reader everytime he sees her she’s shy and very quiet but likes it and she blushes a lot n u can add smut if u want please?

You were sitting backstage at catering staring at the one and only Roman Reigns. You never really talked to the big Samoan mainly because everything he was around, you always got shy.

You’ve asked yourself the questions, Why? Why do you get so shy around Roman? All you want to do is talk to him one time without blushing but you can’t because the man loves to flirt with you.

You have no idea why he chose to flirt with you out of all people, all you know is that you like it way too much.

“Do you like what you see Y/N?” You hear a familiar voice ask. You look up to see Roman staring down at you chuckling. “Um-um..” You try to say something but can’t because you don’t know what to say.

“You’re really cute when you stutter Y/N.” He says making you blush. “I love how you blush at a tiny compliment, maybe I should continue to compliment you just to see how red your face can get.” He says smiling.

You’re about to say something until a production man runs by saying you had to be in the gorilla. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll see you later.” Roman says kissing you on the head. He starts walking away but says, “You might want to stop blushing before you get out to the ring, you know how Mark gets when no one looks their best on tv.”

You let out a laugh and head towards the gorilla.


Over the next month, Roman continues to flirt with you whenever he has the chance but you still can’t get over your shyness.

“Hey, there’s the beautiful Y/N in her wonderful wrestling gear.” Roman says when you walk backstage after your match. You send him a smile and head towards your locker room.

You open the door and Roman says, “When are you ever going to get over your shyness Y/N? Because I actually want to hear your beautiful voice sometimes. I feel like I talk too much around you.”

You turn around and look at him smiling. “Maybe one day.” You say. “Ah, there’s that voice I’ve been waiting to hear all day.” He says poking your sides. You start laughing and he pulls you close to him so you can’t run away.

When he stops poking you, you look up at him and see that he’s staring at you. “You know, I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are up close.” He says. You blush and look at the ground.

He grabs your chin making you look up at him. “Don’t hide your face Y/N.” He says leaning down. His lips touch yours and you grab his head pulling him closer.

“Do you share a locker room?” He asks pulling away. “No.” You say grabbing his shirt and pulling him inside. You take his shirt off and lead him over to the couch sitting in the middle of the room.

He pushes you down gently and takes your gear off. “Who knew you had and amazing set under your gear? They’re so beautiful Y/N.” Roman says lowering his mouth down to your nipple.

You let out a moan when you feel his hand squeezing your nipple while his mouth is sucking on the other one. “Ah, Roman.” You moan when he switches sides.

You feel his member poking your crotch so you start grinding against him. He lets out a throaty growl and you feel yourself getting really wet down there.

“You keep on doing that Y/N and I won’t last much longer.” He says moving his hands down to your bottoms taking them off.

Your hands go to his pants and you take his belt and pants off. His member pops out and your eyes widen because of how big he is.

“Like what you see babygirl?” He asks smiling. You smile back at him while lowering your mouth onto his cock. “Holy shit Y/N.” Roman lets out while trying to put your hair in his hands.

You bob your head up and down while listening to Roman let out small moans. He pulls out suddenly saying, “As great as your mouth is, I don’t want to cum just yet. I want to cum inside that tight wet pussy of yours.”

He adjusts your body so you’re laying down and he lowers himself near your area. His mouth lands on it and starts sucking on your clit while slipping two fingers inside you.

Your hands run through his hair while letting out moans and curse words. “Roman, I-I’m getting c-close.” You say. “Let it go babygirl, I want to taste you.” He says taking his fingers out and sticking his tongue in you.

You can’t hold your release in anymore and you release all in Roman’s mouth. Once you’re finished he sits up and says, “Just so you know, you taste fucking amazing.”

Before you can respond he slips his dick inside you. He lets you adjust to his size before he starts fucking you. You grab ahold of his bicep letting out all kinds of sounds and he just smiles and starts rubbing your clit.

“That’s right babygirl, let everybody hear how good I’m making you feel. Let them know that I’m the only one who can touch your beautiful body and I’m the one who makes you cum.” He says.

You can’t handle all this so you release all over his dick and his breathing starts getting faster. “Babygirl I’m so close.” He says thrusting into you a couple more times before releasing inside you.

You both come down from your highs and he says laughing, “Looks like you got over your shyness.”

anonymous asked:

Hi this is a tricky request but I wanted to send it in anyway because I love love love what you write, and I’m sure you would make it so good. Do you think you can write a scenario for Gaara confessing to a girl that has known him since childhood and was nice to him. She’s seen him grow from a child to Kazekage and she’s always supported him and loved him, but she thought he never felt anything for her? Thanks, love you lots!

This turned out really long I don’t like how long this turned out omg I’m sorry I hope this isn’t bad. love you too <3


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  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *makes it her quest to hunt down and kill her step daughter*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *kills her father*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *sends Captain Hook to kill her mother*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *traps her loyal admirer who murders her husband for her for ever in a mirror*
  • Regina/The Evil Queen: *spreads terror everywhere in her realm*
  • Regina: OMG why does everyone hate me? Can we drop the E-word already?? I was always just the Queen, YOU put the "Evil" in my name.
  • The Evil Queen: I want you to share my pain... the pain of being alone.

Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

“OMG it’s so weird how you’re trying so hard to be cool. No offence but it’s just weird ”

That was the last text message I received from a girl I used to hang out with in primary school. She was one of the more popular girls in school and I was a nerd. I wasn’t really surprised when I read what she’d written in that message. Maybe somehow subconsciously I always knew that she didn’t care about me. But I wanted so desperately to be in her clique, I just kept ignoring the signs.

Quite recently I saw her again. We were coincidentally traveling on the same train and even in the same compartment. Our eyes met for a second and she didn’t seem to recognise me. I thought of saying something to her but in the end decided not to. Some things are better left in the past, where they belong.

I’ll be your Rock.

This is for the anon who wanted a fic for Mark and a FEM!Reader supporting them through the 6 and 8 million subscriber videos: 

Anon request: 

“If you still write for Markiplier, can I request a Markiplier x Fem.Reader, where she comforts him after his 6 mil and 8 mil subscriber videos, and is always really strong and his rock and stuff, and then something really sad or upsetting happens to her, and he’s there for her and fluff?”

OMG! So I had to rewatch the 6 and 8 mil videos again, and my god I cried like a little baby! 
It reminds me just how supportive and loving Mark’s community is. So, a reminder that I love all of you!! 

Warnings: fluff

I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by fansofmarkimoo

6 Million: 

It hadn’t been a shock to you when Mark announced the 6 million milestone. You knew he’d go far on his Youtube channel. 
What had taken you by surprise was the tears that started rolling down his face. 
“All those people,” He had sobbed. “I-I can’t believe it.” 
You ran to him, wrapping him in your arms and allowing him to cry on your shoulder. “I’m so proud of you, Mark.” You said soothingly as you squeezed him. “You’ve come so far.” 
You pressed a kiss to his temple and he pulled away. Enough to look at your face.
He was smiling a bright smile that made his face light up. 
“I wouldn’t be able to do this without you,” He said, sniffling. “You’ve supported me all the way to this point. Keeping me on track, making sure I get those videos out.” 
You smiled and kissed his lips. They were wet with tears, salty but sweet. 
“You’re the goofball they love, Mark. I’m just the side attraction with the whip.” 
He laughed, his sobs quieting. “Still, you’ve been my motivation and I’m so grateful you’re here with me.”
You blushed and rewarded him with the smile. 

The 6 million video was heart-wrenching. You watched it while Mark was recording. He had asked for you to be there with him. For support, perhaps? But you refused. 
This was his milestone. The subscribers created the video for him and you didn’t want to take even a sliver of Mark’s attention away from the screen.
You waited for Mark to finish recording. Patiently standing outside the door, and when he exited the room, you wrapped him in a tight hug. 
His eyes were red and puffy. His breaths quiet sniffles even when he chuckled at the sight of your tear stained face. 
“I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone with my reaction,” He said into your shirt.
“You mean everything to your community,” You told him, “Just watching the video is enough for them.” 
He hugged you closer, crushing you against his chest. “Thank you.”

8 Million Video: 

8 million. 
You were so proud of him.
Mark had stared at the number for over an hour. He was a little more prepared for this milestone. But you knew it would still be an emotional ride for the two of you.
This time was different though. He dragged you into the recording room, sat you beside him and started the video before you could even protest. 
“So, I’ll be reacting to the milestone video with my lovely girlfriend, (Y/N). Who has been beside me through everything. She kept me afloat during the bad times, and made the good times so much better.” 
He smiled at you, kissing your cheek and chuckling at the tears that were already forming in your eyes. 
“You’ve done most of the hard-labor though,” You reminded him. Playfully poking his side. 
“You’re just the side attraction with the whip.” He winked. 

It was an amazing experience, seeing the fans. The people who watch, support and grow with Mark. That sit on the other side of the screen and laugh with him, cry with him. 
You were so proud of Mark. So proud of what he created, what he inspires in people.
You looked at him throughout the video. His eyes were puffy again, red and tears formed rivers down his face. You threw your arms around him, holding him as you both watched his community react. 
“No, don’t cry!” Mark sniffled at the people on the screen. “I’ll cry enough for all of you!” 
You laughed. “I wanna hug everybody!” 
“Hugs for all of you amazing people!” Mark said, pulling you into his lap and squeezing. 
You kissed his cheek. “I’m so proud of you.” 
He smiled and nuzzled your neck, “You’ve kept me centered. My anchor that kept me from floating away. Thank you, (Y/N).” 

You hugged yourself. Tears were already spilling down your face and you couldn’t stop the sobs escaping your chest. 
Why did it go so wrong? I don’t understand, what happened?
You retreated to your bed. Collapsing amongst the blankets and wiped away the tears. 
“Babe?” You heard Mark enter the room. “(Y/N) whats wrong?” 
You shook your head, unable to form words through your whimpering. 
He approached you, kneeling in front of you and pulling your hands away from your face. He held them gently, searching your teary eyes for an answer. 
“I-It’s just family stuff,” You managed to blubber out. That was all he needed. 
Mark scooped you into his arms. Cradling you like a child against his chest as the flood-works broke. 
His hands drew circles on your back. And he whispered sweet words into your ear as lightly pecked your cheek and lips.
“You’re amazing, (Y/N).” He told you. “You’re an inspiration to me. The way you carry so much on your shoulders. You’re so compassionate and loving. You’ve helped me through so much…I can’t even begin to thank you.”
You sniffled into his shirt, clinging to him like a life-raft.
“Whatever is happening right now, I’m here to help you.” He assured you. “I promise things will get better soon. And no matter what, I’ll stay with you.” 
You nodded, still sobbing softly, and leaned up to kiss him. 

So, I have no idea if we’ll be going canon anytime soon, or, if ever, but what are all your hopes and dreams for the canon kiss? Is it Carol initiated? Daryl initiated? Both?

I always wanted a Daryl initiated kiss, but my DREAM compromise scenario is if he goes for the kiss first, and Carol is so completely shocked and stunned that she sorta cant do anything for the minute cos she’s internally screaming “OMG WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ARE WE DOING THIS? HE’S KISSING ME? WUT?”, and Daryl quickly catches onto this, and, being the precious lil’ bean that he is, mistakes this for her rejecting him, immediately prompting him to pull back and start stuttering out an apology cos he thinks he’s completely ruined everything between them and yadda yadda yadda precious petal is precious.

Soon enough, Carol’s brain catches up to the moment and she’s like “OKAY DIS GOOD THO” so in a wonderfully “Caryl” fashion she whispers “Stop” (yeah but it’s like when Daryl always said it, right!!!), looks at him in  the most gentle way ever, and kisses him back.

So in that way, it’s sort of BOTH of them initiating the first kiss? 

AND THEN DA SMUSHY KISSY KISSY -NESS ENSUES with awkward nose bumps and giggling and aaaaal of that and then maybe thats it for their first kiss and it takes a while for them to talk things out, and skirt around each other awkwardly for a few days before the HAWT kissing starts.

What are all your headcanons? I wanna know! 



  • Stay at home dad.
  • Packs the kids lunches, cuts the crusts of their sandwiches, leaves cute little ‘i love you.’ Notes written on their napkin.
  • Kisses their boo boo’s.
  • Plays dress up, dolls, tea party, and hair salon just to please his children.
  • Plays with race cars,legos, and of course mario games.
  • Likes superheros.
  • Teaches the kids to cook.
  • Always bakes cookies.
  • Blocks ‘Adults’ channels.
  • “Oh, your mother said no? So sorry, I can’t do anything about it.”
  • Helps the kids with homework.
  • Reads them bedtime stories.
  • “OMG this song has curses in it!”
  • Does his daughters hair and picks out her in the morning.
  • Holds the kids hands while crossing the street.
  • “i love you, don’t forget that.”
  • Cuddles.


  • Very hard working.
  • Even though he’s tired, he gets up to feed, change and check on the children at night because he wants you to rest.
  • When on one is home he plays tea party with his child and lets them put a fluffy pink boa around his neck and a big pink bow in his hair.
  • Plays video games with his boys and gets really competitive.
  • Ruffling their hair.
  • Would probably beat you up if you insult one of his kids.
  • Doesn’t show too much public affection but, is truly very loving.
  • Gives all his kids a big hug and a kiss before going off to work.
  • Teaches them how to play piano.
  • Cradles the kids in his arms while lying on the couch causing the both of them to fall asleep.
  • Him asking for specific days off just to be able to go to any of his children’s events even if it’s just for a little bit.
  • Supports them 300%.
  • Pretty chill as long as they don’t cause too much trouble.
  • Secretly loves tickling them.
  • After a long day at work seeing all of them peacefully sleeping their beds brings a smile to his face,
  • Lets his children sleep in his bed for any tiny excuse.


  • Very energetic.
  • Loves taking the kids out to do anything really.
  • I feel like he can handle many but not much kids.
  • Jokes around with the kids to make them laugh.
  • “Mom said no but i say yes.”
  • Such a soccer dad.
  • Celebrates everything.
  • Likes to color with the kids.
  • Dances to any type of music.
  • Sometimes embarrasses his oldest.
  • Lots of kisses.
  • Feeds the kids using the airplane method.
  • “If you eat your vegetables, I’ll give you icecream!”
  • Plays pretends.
  • Super protective.
  • Be his kids best friends.
  • Would make play dates with the rest of the Bangtan babies.
  • Holds all of their hands while crossing the street.
  • Watches cartoons with his kids and laughs at them.
  • “You want McDonald’s? Then i’ll get you McDonald’s.”
  • Spoils his children.
  • “You mess with my children you mess with me.”