i always wanted red hair

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You have red/red-brown hair???? That's so cool, I've always wanted red hair.

It looks a lot brighter in that photo than it is in real life, a. because of the lighting and b. because of the filter, but I do have it dyed red at the moment (it’s fading so I’m probably going to re-dye it this summer).

Every single autumn I always want my hair to be a shade of red. I have this obsessive thing where I must match the leaves and the colours of autumn in one way or another lol. Last year I had burgundy hair and years before I’ve had black to red ombre, red hair, and orange hair. Since my hair is purple right now and will be faded in time for autumn, I’m thinking about for this autumn I mix one part purple to two parts red and create this merlot wine shade. What do you think? I’m really liking this idea!

B.A.P comeback with all the members blonde again but with contact lenses with the matoki colors!!

You know,like, all them blonde again but:

Yongguk: with red contact lenses 

Himchan: pink 

Daehyun: grey 

Jae: yellow 

Uppie: green

 zelo: Blue


i remember when i was 10, i dyed my hair red. i’d always wanted to dye my hair, and still do, and like every 10-year-old, i was very edgy and thought red would make me look totally punk rock and intimidating. about a year later, i realized that it wasn’t me. red isn’t me. i’m not a red person. i’m not an angry person. have you ever seen me angry? i think not.

so i went back to brunette. i tried streaks of a few other colors when i was 12/13, like blue and green, but they weren’t really me. so again, i stopped dying my hair. but i still felt a need to dye my hair, to express myself physically, because i’m not a very verbal person.

then i discovered gooddyeyoung. they had colors that were bright and bold and fun and they were me.

i can already imagine how i’ll react when i finally dye my hair – staring into the mirror once it’s dry and finished, crying, and whispering, “i’m me. i’m me. i’m me.

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go,to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*

Aah! Thank you! 😘

1. I’m named after Samantha from Bewitched!

2. I’ve never broken a bone (except maybe my toe but it might have been sprained IDK)

3. I graduated High School at 16!

4. I have always wanted red hair, it runs in my family but I am blonde like my dad.

5. I’m 5'6" (because I could think of anything else interesting to say!!)

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dumbledore, snape, hagrid and tonks :))

Thanks for asking, dude! :)

Dumbledore: “Do you have many secrets?”

Now that’s a secret in and of itself, friend. (ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ)

Snape: “If you could read anyone’s mind for a day, who would it be?”

Ask me this during finals next semester, and you’ll get a more indepth response.

hagrid:  “If you could have any creature as a pet (regardless of the law), which would you choose?

A fennec! They’re illegal in my state, unfortunately. 

tonks:  “If you could change your hair to any unnatural colour without damage, cost or regrowth, which colour would you choose?”

Either purple or a deep wine red! I’ve always wanted purple hair, but I’m too much of a weenie to dye it. :p

My hair typically goes quite blonde in the summer, but I though this year was more extreme than usual…until I examined my hair up close and realized I just got a lot more grays this year…

I’ve been going gray since I was in high school, so I’m not super bothered (and my summer hair is pretty light, so it’s not crazy noticeable) but I’m thinking it might be fun to totally bleach it platinum blonde when I get home, because a fair chunk of it is white anyways. I’ve also always wanted to try properly red hair (I’ve had some fake looking reds before, but never proper red-head red). Any thoughts? Suggestions?? I’m so excited to no longer have restrictions on how I look once this job is finished :)

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hey, someone just asked you about how your Hisana would work in the KHR verse, and that made me wonder.... How would you fit her character into the Naruto universe? Like, what clan would you have chosen/what character would you have picked to have Christina reborn as? How would she have effected that universe, do you think?

Hmm…difficult question. The way I see it, there are two ways I could play this. 

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Thanks so much! <3

You could definitely be a Weasley!! Your face looks quite like Molly/Victoire’s but then with blue eyes and red hair you sound theoretically like you could be Rose. I think one of Bill’s children, though, so a redheaded Victoire c: You’re gorgeous and you have thick hair and perfect eyebrows (I just noticed and I am now jealous), and a very Victoire look about you as a whole! Also a Victoire with glasses is the coolest thing ever and I shall now have this as a headcanon, but yes definitely Victoire!