i always thought this was really cute idk

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sorry to bother but in response to your "date a boy that hates dancing" my dad is the least likely person to dance in his life and my mom is the opposite and she always wants to do dancing stuff and for her birthday he took like 3 months of weekly dancing classes with her bc she's always wanted to do that and idk i thought i'd share bc i think it's really cute and i've never even see him dance bc he's not like that but he did for her...

That is actually so cute????


You Have A Huge Crush On Yoongi But You’re Afraid He Won’t Like You Back Because You’re Taller Than Him & The Boys Teases You

Requested! | “Hi! Could do please do a text series or idk a scenario where you really like yoongi (and the guys keep teasing you about it) but you won’t say anything bc you think he might get uncomfortable being around you bc if your height (u taller than him) and you don’t want to be a burden to him? But when the boys tells him whats happening he’s just ”???? Wtf you cute you would never make me uncomfortable and actually I really like you and I just haven’t said anything because I thought you didn’t" | Requests are always open! Thank you!

okay listen I have, like, rly cold hands 24/7 bc my circulation is bad or something, right? so my hands are ALWAYS cold and almost always very red (or sometimes purple), so pretty regularly people are like “girl what is up with your hands” and I explain. and usually they’re like oh okay, whatever. but every once in a while I run into someone whose first response to “yeah they’re always cold” is to immediately start holding my hands in an ineffective but nevertheless endearing attempt to warm up my icicle fingers and tbh it warms my heart (and also my hands. temporarily.) 

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Sometimes I get the feeling that ym is bit one-sided, like yoongi seems so much more invested in jimin than the opposite.... idk we don't see smitten jimin as often :/

really?? jimin shows his affection for yoongi all the time though, i mean

  • he’s always teasing him/singling him out on twitter
  • he’s ‘always wanted to work with yoongi-hyung’ and was so worried about trying to impress him with his tony montana lyrics that he went to namjoon for help (and actually kept it a secret until namjoon exposed him)
  • he thought yoongi was so cute with holly that he just had to mention it when it came up during ask in a box
  • mama 2016
  • he was the one who made sure to show off the yoongi stand/fan when yoongi was absent even though he told yoongi he wouldn’t carry the stand (and it wasn’t even his)
  • he was so clingy and very obviously happy to have yoongi back when ot7 went to the first schedule after yoongi’s break
  • he could not get over yoongi as yoonji and spent the whole episode blushing + flustered + complimenting him and barely got any screentime because of it
  • he saw yoongi in the ch+ chat and just had to come and flirt with him
  • 민윤지😍
  • he adores him

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What do you think about bi girls?? Ive seen alot of hate toward them on my dash and it honestly makes me feel ashamed of being bi but i know im not a lesbian cause i like guys. I feel like a lot of lesbians in the community think being bi is wrong and forced and idk if they are right. Im just so confused. I just hope you guys are accepting of bi peeps cause i need some positivity in my life rn. 💖

as a lesbian? bi girls are amazing and bright and always have really cute hair for some reason. biphobes need to shut the up

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fun fact about your blog? (like a weird ask that someone sent or something?)

OK SO I HAVE ONE, it’s actually very funny and cute at the same time idk, and I think its happened 1 month ago? Smt like that?

Basically someone sent me a private message, smt like “can I talk to Suga” and I was like ??? So I answered saying that if they wanted to “”””talk”””” to him they can always send something on my inbox. They sent me a second private message saying that they really needed to talk to Yoong in person.

Then I realized that they thought that it was a REAL ask bts and that I had to break their dreams. So I explained to them that it was just for fun etc. They asked me “what is their official tumblr blog”.

 At this moment I imagined what would be the world if BTS had a tumblr account. 

SOO i re explained that they don’t have a tumblr accound and also that they have a twitter account but u cant talk to them for obvious reasons.Then they told me that they heard about my blog on Twitter and  they created a tumblr account to talk to him. 


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tsukki, terushima and kuroo lil drabble where their stubborn s/o is really really artsy like she paints and draws and everything and once she starts she can't stop until she's finished so shes always owrking at like 5pm-4am just painting and painting and one day the boys are staying over at her house and shes painting yet again but they can tell shes really tired and stuff and try to drag her to bed? idk i thought it was a cute idea hahah


Kei was Bored, with a capital B. He didn’t want to be rude and put on his headphones and listen to music. Nor did he want to turn on the TV because, frankly, nothing good was on Tuesday nights. But it was eleven at night and you were still painting. When inspiration hit you after dinner, Kei said it was alright for you to paint, thinking you’d be done in an hour—two tops. But here he was, three hours later.

Eventually he fell asleep watching you paint from where he lounged on the couch. It was only a nap, really, and he woke up at three in the morning. He expected to find you in your room, snoozing away on your bed, or perhaps in the chair next to him, but instead all he saw a soft light glowing in the corner and you perched on a stool, paintbrush in hand.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he observed you closer and noticed the bags forming dark circles under your eyes. You took a sip out of a mug labeled Tea and set it down next to the mug labeled Not Tea. Despite the caffeine, you still yawned widely, rubbing a hand across your face, smearing yellow across your cheekbone.

Cute, Kei thought, but highly unhealthy. He stood from the couch, stretching his long limbs in the process and moved to where you were painting. He looked at the canvas and was in awe with what you were working on; it was a painting of him laughing and the way you painted him, frankly, it made him feel beautiful. But, there was a limit on how much one person could blend a background color.

Willing to risk getting yelled at, Kei scooped you up in his arms and starting walking you to the bedroom. He didn’t get reaction he was expecting: thrashing, resistance, a few choice words. Instead when he looked at you, he saw your eyes ease shut and a soft smile on your lips. He placed you softly on the bed and crawled in after you.


Yuuji liked to watch you paint—he loved the passion, the spark, he saw whenever you had that brush in your hands. The only problem here was that it’s been six hours since you said “Yuuji, please let me just get this idea started before I lost it.” So, he expected you to work for just half an hour or so, just enough to sketch an outline. But now it was six hours later, and he just wanted to get you to bed.

You were exhausted, he could tell. It was two in the morning and he just wanted to sleep, but he wanted to sleep next to you. He wanted to cuddle—but he couldn’t do that if you were sitting there painting.

He tried to talk to you, but it went a little something like this:

Yuuji: Hey, ­_____, maybe you should take a little break.

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: What are you even planning on painting, _____?

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: I never told you this, _____, but I’m actually a forty-seven-year-old woman.

You: Mhmm.

So now, he finally decided to take things into his own hands, but how? Should he carry your thrashing body into bed and force you down with his cuddles? Or should he mix some melatonin into a cup of water? Or would that be illegal?

Instead, he tried a different approach. He waited for you to start mixing some new color and carefully grabbed the canvas and set it down (paint side up, obviously) on the table behind the easel. That obviously caught your attention and he awaited your criticism.

Instead he heard, “Yuuji, how long have I been painting?”

“Six hours,” he answered truthfully and you had no choice but glare at him.

“Why didn’t you stop me earlier? God, Yuu, I’m so sorry for ignoring you.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay,” you said, standing up and placed a quick kiss to his cheek.


Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him. You pressured him into going to different science museum exhibits and asking questions, and he pressured you into buying new paintbrushes—it was a balanced relationship. But just as you knew he should limit himself, he knew you should do the same.

You started painting when he started his homework, which took him three hours. He finished that two hours ago and you were still painting. It didn’t seem anything special to him yet, just a flash of colors all over. Must be an abstract, he reasoned.

He was tired and he knew that if he went to bed without you, you’d stay up all night unless you finished your painting, and that was quite unlikely. A painting on a canvas that size usually took you a total of fifteen hours to complete.

Testurou analyzed the situation and found only one way to distract you from painting long enough to get you to bed.

Taking a breath, he uttered, “_____, I think I’m going to change my major. Chemistry is just too difficult.”

He knew it was successful when he saw you slowly clean your paintbrush and place it in your paintbrush cup. When you turned to him and saw his sly smile, you huffed out a breath.

“It’s been that long, huh?”

“Yeah, _____. It’s time for bed.” He held out a hand and you took it, willingly being led to the bedroom.

Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him, but you both knew there were limits.

Fancasts :)


James Potter- Aaron Taylor Johnson

Ive always gone along with the crowd with this one ATJ is THE perfect James no doubt about it like look at him 

Sirius Black- Ben Barnes

Again another crowd pleaser but seriously (lol) look at him he is the physical  embodiment of Sirius.. the smirk the hair everything hes perfect 

Remus Lupin- Andrew Garfield 

This is undisputed for me because Andrew has that nerdish vibe, yet still gives off the essences of a laid back, chill guy and idk that is Remus for me

Severus Snape- Louis Garrel 

This was hard cause Louis Garrel is so hot and I hate Snape so much but he has the features and the hair and it just works and i hate it 

Peter Pettigrew- Jamie Bell

Again another hatred for a character but love for an actor.. Jamie Bell afain just works his got smaller pointier features like Peter would have but like i still hate pettigrew 

Lily Evans- Karen Gillian 

Karen has always been Lily for me because she gives of the hot headed nerdish girl and there are some edits out there of her and ATJ that have driven me to tears with how perfect it is so yes she is Lily

Regulus Black- Dane DeHaan 

Dane is one of my favorite actors and Regulus is one of my favorite characters even though he isnt mentioned much until the end hes a fallen hero of sorts and Dane portrays the cool yet serious and loyal guy that Regulus would be.. hed be the fallen hero and i love it

Marlene Mckinnon- Natalie Dormer 

NATALIE DORMER IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS OF ALL TIME AND SHES SO HOT IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER……. anyway… Marlene had to have been like the most attractive badass human being to get Sirius Black to fall n love with her and Natalie is the definition of hot and badass like that smirk and those eyes and my god i love her 

Next Generation: 

Teddy Lupin- Hunter Parrish 

I had Luke Newberry before but i was scrolling through some things and Hunter Parrish just like was perfect like it all just clicked.. Teddy i feel would just be adorable yet so hot that all the girls would fawn over him yet hed be so blind to how attractive he really is

James Sirius Potter- Robbie Sheehan

Ive seen so many people fancasted as James Sirius and the only one whose ever stuck with me is Robbie… Robbie is sarcastic and gives off a snarky “i dont give a fuck” attitude and that is James.. His smile is what sold me tho.. its a smile that just hints at charming and troublemaking and i love it

Albus Rubeus Potter- Logan Lerman 

I fought myself for so long putting Logan here but he really is perfect.. i saw an edit somewhere that had ATJ, Dan Radcliffe, and him all next to each other and it just worked so well that i couldnt refuse 

Lily Luna Potter- Jane Levy

Jane Levy fits the bill for me because she has Harry’s eyes and Ginny hairs so its a perfect combo in my eyes and i love it she has the attitude of someone whose has to deal with James Sirius and Albus for brothers too so lol

Hugo Weasley- PJ Ligouri

PJ is just so cute and adorable and sweet and i think Hugo would be the exact same like for this its more personality than face but i feel PJ also has a ron like build being tall and lanky and his eyes with Hermiones hair and sharp features ugh i love it 

Rose Weasley- Sophie Turner

SOPHIE IS BAE AH she has Rons hair obviously and his eyes.. again this is more personality cause i picture Rose as fiery and adventurous and snarky and bubbly and that is what Sophie is 

Scorpius Malfoy- Bertie Gilbert

This is a bit obvious but like Bertie is so sweet yet so hot and also i thought hed look good with Sophie (oops im scorose trash) 

Victoire Weasley- Elizabeth Olsen 

I typed in Victoire Weasley Actress in google cause i wanted to see and get ideas and i scrolled fown really far till i saw Lizzie and i was like YASSS shes just perfect shes so gorgeous and gives off a veela vibe but she also has a little werewolf in her so shes tough and idk i think its perfect plus her and hunter would be SO CUTE 

Dominique Weasley- Britt Robertson

I always felt Dominique would be a lot like Bill personality wise, yet look more like Fleur with her hair and her softer features and i love it ah

Louis Weasley- Daniel Sharman 

Hes just so hot and such a charmer with i feel a shyer side and that it Louis to me 

Molly Weasley- Chloe Grace Moretz

Clhoe just has softer features and is so adorable and I feel like Percy’s kids would be precious and so sweet and thats just what Chloe gives off

Lucy Weasley- Georgie Henley 

This is the same as Chloe like Georgie looks so kind and sweet and i love it 

Fred Weasley II- Jacob Artist 

Seeing as Fred is half black half white, i wanted someone who could definitely embody both and Jacob just fit that.. he has a mix of sharper features and softer features which i think works for George and Angelina 

Roxanne Weasley- Zoe Kravitz 

Zoe is just such a badass and so punk rock and hard and i always thought Roxanne would be the same.. she gives off a punky vibe to me and i love this 

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander- Jack and Finn Harries 

i think Jack and Finn are the perfect combo of crazy and weird and off in their own world and yet still quite hot and i mean Luna’s kids had to be stunning so 

Id like some feedback guys i love all these people theyre all so attractive and idk they all work in my opinion

btw none of the gifs are mine :)

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Hello~ Dropping into your ask box to say I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SOOOO MUCH~ I love how you draw the eyes, though. Those little hearts in them always get me. So cute~. I never knew I had a thing for piercings until I saw that artwork of Yoosung. I love how you draw him, btw. I especially love bad boy yoosung! I've been wondering tho, does bad boy yoosung's (dirty) interests similar to what's in the game? (I'm getting thoughts~ many thoughts~) I hope you day/night is going well~! :D

!!! Thank you so much! haha Drawing hearts as the pupils became pretty addictive tbh– it’s hard to stop aha and don’t worry, I love it when guys have piercings! Idk the look of it is really cool. I hope you have a great day too!

But Yoosung’s dirty interest? Like how he’s a masochist?? Then yes, bad boy Yoosung (LMAO) definitely has the same interests. Whenever he accidentally hurts himself, he REALLY likes the attention he gets from the MC. There are times he intentionally hurts himself (like not full out bleeding), but for example, he made hot coffee or instant noodles, and rather than waiting for it to cool down a bit, he would burn his tongue. When that happens, he calls MC over because it’s an emergency and she rushes to him, asking if he’s alright. He does a fake pout and tells her that he burnt his tongue, and basically asks her to do this:

Despite his inexperience with relationships, you’d be surprised how bold he becomes the longer you go out with him. You realize that he’s the type of person that really… and I mean REALLY likes getting physical. He just likes touching you at all times, even if you guys aren’t doing anything sexual, he likes holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, giving quick pecks on your cheeks while you’re sleeping, etc. He’s like a cute lil bunny at first, and then transforms into a sneaky fox.

Anxiety Dinner [a Barry Allen AU] (Part 19)

Request(s): ‘for the powerless au, maybe a part where barry feels better about leaving the house and asks reader to go on a date? idk it could be cute since they’re always inside cuddling ajsdijsi’ + ‘Hey dude. I’m digging the powerless fanfic and I thought of a thing that’d be really cute and like. It’s just a suggestion and all but like. What if Barry worked REALLY hard without telling the reader on trying to say “i love you” without stuttering. And he just surprises her with it one day and just. Idk. It’d be cute.’

a/n: the fluff is strong with this one PLEASE RETWEET MY VIDEO!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 |

Dates are something all couples do. Barry wanted to take you on a date. He even called and made a reservation (with Eddie’s help)! When he told you that you were going out tonight, he didn’t expect you to burst into tears. But you did; they were happy tears, you reassured him.

So, he looks in the mirror at himself, fixing his dark gray blazer. The white crisp button down fits to his torso perfectly, not really leaving anything to to the imagination. With a shaky hand, he cups his lips, stubble scraping the pads of his fingers. He didn’t want to shave; he knows that you like his scruff.

Turning to the side, he peers at his form fitting pair of blue jeans, content with how they look. Gives him the illusion of an ass. He still has his notorious black and white converse on; they go good with everything. “Well, don’t you look handsome, handsome?” you snicker, adjusting your cherry red dress on your thighs, stepping into your flats.

Barry’s mouth goes dry. His green eyes trails down your body, cheeks heating up like a furnace. Reaching behind his neck, he shakes his head. “I-I’m no-not… Yo-you’re s-so bea-beautiful…” he mutters, swallowing hard. Wow, is he always this awkward?

Grabbing his hands, you stretch up to kiss him, leaving a faint color of your lipstick. A giggle comes from you and you lead him towards the door. “I can’t believe we’re doing this! I’m so excited!” you squeak, removing the car keys from their hook before exiting.

Calm down. He bites his lip, nodding as he gets into the car, watching you put it in reverse. As you drive, his legs bounce, fingers linked in yours, twitching. His elbow is propped on the car’s window, fists curled in front of his lips. It’s a quiet ride; neither of you talk, yet it isn’t awkward.

The moment you pull into the parking lot, his jaw tenses subtly, face stoic. When you park the car, he climbs out, racing around to your side to open your door. You smile wide, letting him lead you inside the fancy restaurant; palm resting on your lower back.

He gulps, approaching the host. “A-Allen?” he stutters. Luckily, the man nods, picking up a set of menus; the both of you follow him to a table. The lightning is dimly lit, setting a nice, quiet mood. A few minutes pass and he peeks around the menu, “An-any idea wh-what you wa-want, b-babe?” he asks, drawing his lower lip in between his teeth, hair moving on his cheeks with the motion.

Humming, you tell him what you’re thinking before the waiter comes for your drinks. When they leave, he grabs your hand from across the table, gray blazer scrunching at the crease of his elbow. You grin from ear to ear, “This means so much to me, Barry.” you gush, leaning forward, brushing your hair from your face.

“I-I’m gl-glad.” he whispers as the waiter returns, putting your drinks down. His chest tightens and his heart beats fast but he manages to order chicken broccoli alfredo. After that, you guys talk about random stuff, waiting for the food to show up. Barry loves hearing you talk.

Ten minutes later, your entrees exit the kitchen and appear in front of you. Grinning, you pick up your utensil, digging in. Barry peers around, hunching his shoulders while he reaches for his fork, curling his fingers. He stabs the slippery pasta, attempting to raise it to his lips; it wobbles because of his unsteady hand, dropping to the tablecloth. Frowning, he feels eyes watching him. “Try a spoon, love.” you beam, holding a spoon out.

He grins at you, replacing the fork with a spoon. This time the pasta makes it into his mouth. Nodding, you go back to your dish. “Um, Y/N…” he swallows, taking a breath. Before he can continue, you wipe the sauce from his scruff; his eyes watch you slowly, fluttering to your face. “I…” Focus. “I love you.” he declares, not stuttering any of the words.

He grows anxious when you stare at him, mouth ajar. Blinking, you try not to cry, swallowing loudly. “I love you too, Barry.” you pout, grabbing his lanky hand, “I love you so much. I… This is the best night.” you babble, at a loss for words. He blushes, glancing down. “You’re the best.” you whisper, tilting his chin up, fingers underneath his dark scruff.

“N-no, yo-you a-are.” he argues, leaning forward, pecking your lips. That feels like a weight is lifted and suddenly…it doesn’t matter what other people think about him.

Digger Harkness x Reader - Problems

Movie & Character: Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang
Prompt: “Oh look, it’s my interest in your problems! Right here! See? It doesn’t exist!”
Word Count: 829
Rating: PG
Warning: language, guns, knives, a stupid pick up line

Originally posted by willparry

Today was one of the most confusing days of your life. Life at Belle Reve had a vague routine to it, and being stuffed into a bag first thing in the morning was not exactly part of the routine. There was no point in fighting the guards; sure, you could probably take them out considering that you were the best fighter in the city, but there was no point. You could hear voices all around you, not the normal ones in your head.

“Un-zip ‘em!” A man’s voice shouted. The bag was flooded with light as the zipper was pulled down. You sat up slowly and made your way out, watching as the man next to you punched the guard. He was quickly apprehended and you spotted his face. Captain fucking Boomerang. Most villains respected one another, but he never did. The amount of times you had fought him was too many to count.

“Boomerang.” You called as the guards released him from their grip. He scoffed as a grin formed on his face. Casually, he made his way over to you.

“Good to see you, (Y/N).” Digger chuckled.

“That’s not my name. It’s Diablesse. I don’t know how many times I have to explain that to you.” You said. Digger rolled his eyes, pushing past you to walk towards the main group area. You followed behind him, glaring at the few guards who looked your way. After a very crappy pep talk from Flag, boxes were shoved towards each of you.

“Fuck yes!” You laughed, opening up your box. Every item that you owned had been confiscated. All your guns, knives, nunchucks, swords; everything. You pulled out your outfit and smiled. It was good to have all your stuff back. You glanced over at Digger as he threw on his Captain sweatshirt. There was still a hole in it from the time you stabbed him.

“Jesus Christ, I wanted you on top of me, but not like this!” Digger snickered. You straddled him with a knife to his throat. He was scared, you could tell; that was the part you liked. When people who acted so strong became so weak. Watching the fear in their eyes as you decided which weapon to use.

“It’s sad to see you go out like this, Boomerang. I always thought you were handsome. It’s a shame you had to rob the same place as me and then try and take me out. I need this money to pay back someone who is not exactly happy with my work. So give me the money or you die.” You said. Digger gulped, feeling the cool metal of the knife against his skin.

“Listen, not gonna lie, you’re hot too. But- oh what’s that? Oh, look! It’s my interest in your problems!” Digger said, holding up his empty hand. You looked at his hand for a moment before turning back to him.

Right here! See? It doesn’t exist! I’ve got the money, sweetheart and if you have a problem with that do-” You cut him off by jamming your knife into his chest. Digger froze and you watched as his eyes closed for the last time. You sighed, climbing off of him and pulling out your knife. It was always sad to see a good villain go. Suddenly, there was a noise from behind you. You whirled around, watching as Digger ran away.

“Hey, asshole!” You yelled, running after him. Digger turned around and removed the money from under his jacket. You had stabbed the cash and not him. You cursed under your breath, watching as he got away from you.

That was when it all fell to shit. The Flash decided to show up and take you to right where you were now, Belle Reve. He was looking for Boomerang and that was why Digger Harkness was the bane of your existence.

“Stop staring, sweetheart. It’s not very nice.” Digger smirked, shooting you a wink. You flipped him off and turned back to your box, a bit embarrassed that you had been staring. Digger smiled as he watched you pull out guns, knives, and swords from your box. You looked up at him and shot him a sickeningly sweet smile.

“Digger, don’t you know staring isn’t very nice?” You asked. Digger chuckled and walked towards, watching as you threw on your outfit.

“Pretty badass outfit, minus the few blood stains. Looks hot on you.” Digger smiled, winking at you. You took your guns, knives and swords and placed them all in their proper holsters.

“Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever missed something this much.” You smiled. Digger couldn’t stand how happy it made him seeing you smile. You had no interest in him; at least that’s what he thought.

“You’re cute when you smile.” Digger complimented you. Your smile dropped away, a scowl replacing it.

“I am never cute, Digger Harkness.” You spat.

“That’s where you’re wrong, sweetheart. You are always mind-blowlingly adorable.”

this was really bad?? idk i just dont like it haha, but i hope you guys did! let me know please! requests are closed.

Seventeen Reaction to Their s/o Making Tall Jokes

Request: seventeen’s reaction when their s/o is smaller them and always tease them like “how’s the weather there?” or calling them giraffe or giant, something like this

A/N: I literally always do this, probably because I’m salty about being short (5′2 squad in the building), but that’s not the matter right now. I hope you enjoy!

Seungcheol would just awkwardly laugh, not knowing if you really meant it or not, but trying not to take it to heart either way. If he felt one day that you did take it too far, he would pull you aside and ask you to lessen up a bit.

“Heh, yeah, I’m such a giraffe.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Jeonghan would find it to be really cute tbh. He’d find your teasing to be adorable, it might even boost his ego a bit - especially when you had to ask him to grab a cup for you.

“Yes, it’s quite nice being able to reach my own cups.”

Originally posted by seungheol

Joshua probably wouldn’t even be phased by it. He would laugh at some of the funnier ones, but would find it to just be a cute little thing you two had. Similar to Seungcheol, though, if one did end up hurting his feelings, he would ask you to stop.

“The weather is actually really nice up here.”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Junhui would become an actual grease ball. He would take your teasing as an opportunity to tease you back - mixing in some flirting with said teasing.

“You know, it’s good that I’m taller than you. You don’t have to bend down as far to suck my d-”


Originally posted by ftwonwoo

i swear every gif i use of him for a reaction is fucking massive

Soonyoung would find your teasing to be a normal thing in your relationship. He would for sure be the most chill about it; even making some short jokes to you along the way.

“The weather is nice up here, probably because I’m farther away from hell.”

Originally posted by hvung

Wonwoo would be the most silent about it. It wouldn’t hurt his feelings or anything, he just wouldn’t make that big of a deal out of it. If you did manage to make a joke that was on the funnier side, though, he wouldn’t be able to help the silent giggles that left him.

“Okay, that was a good one…”

Originally posted by manner-makes-a-man

Jihoon would be fucking ecstatic about this. Literally all of the jokes he has ever heard about his height are about him being short, so you making jokes about him being tall??? They would be compliments to him!

“Y-you really think I’m tall!? I mean uhh *cough* yeah yeah, being a giant is great.”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

Seokmin is another person who would love the jokes. Teasing and pushing each other’s buttons would definitely be a part of being his partner, so you making these kinds of jokes, as well as him making short jokes, would be quite normal.

“Ahh yes, I’m a giraffe, but I’m the giraffe to your armadillo.” idk I was trying to think of a small animal and that’s what I thought of give me a break

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu already knows he is a giant, so someone pointing it out wouldn’t be something new to him. He would consider your teasing to be cute, if not adorable, because it always managed to make him laugh.

“How’s the weather? Let me show you!” *picks you up and kisses you*

Originally posted by mountean

Minghao would turn into an awkward little bean, not really sure if your teasing was a joke, or if it was supposed to be mean. Of course, after you cleared it up to him, he would laugh and even joke along.

“If you think I’m tall then you must be pretty tiny!”

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Seungkwan would turn into diva boo in 0.3 seconds. He would instantly turn this into a sass-off, which would quickly turn into a rap battle, which would soon lead to the both of you being out of breath and panting on the floor.

“Do not mess with Boo Seungkwan of Jeju.”

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Vernon would be torn between happy and offended. He would take the compliment of you calling him tall, yet you calling him a giraffe was an interesting way of putting it.

“Y-yeah, lets just focus on the part where you said I’m tall.”

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Chan would turn into an actual ball of squish. No matter how much of a tease you could be, the fact that his partner just called him tall would be the only part he had remembered.

“You just called me tall~ I’m so tall~ just the tallest~” (basically imagine Rudolph when Claire called him cute.)

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“Ted Kord had no powers, kid. He was always "overpowered.” But he always won. I saw him mop the floor with guys who ate stars. Because he was smarter. He was smarter than Bats, although nobody ever noticed.”
- Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle (2006) #14

One of the things i love so much about superhero comics is the contrast between how people perceive all the heroes and how they really are. I mean, pre-flashpoint, Jaime practically worshipped Ted Kord. All the other heroes kept telling him he died valiantly, and that he was one of the most brilliant and bravest men on earth despite not having powers and Jaime was doing his best to live up to the legacy. However, Jaime never met Ted and as Booster Gold once pointed out, the other heroes weren’t very objective and honest on the matter. In fact, most of them thought he was joke and were just feeling guilty about his death. So Jaime imagined Ted as this guy who always had the perfect solution when, let’s face it, he was partially responsible for 30% of the shit the JLI went through.

And then, in Rebirth, Jaime sounds like he just really wants to give Ted - who he admired so much in another lifetime - a punch in the face.

Anywho, idk why but i find this kinda hilarious. And cute. Ted is just one of these characters whose death almost had more impact on the DCU than his life and whose reputation has always been very exaggerated either negatively or positively. It’s nice to have Jaime meet the actual guy instead of building a mental shrine in his memory. Talk about fantasies smashed to pieces xD

(From Blue Beetle (2006) #35, 36, Justigue League: Generation Lost #3, 19, 24 and Blue Beetle: Rebirth)

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i could never be disappointed in you???? you're always so sweet to me and getting to know you can really only make me happier bc thats something ive been wanting to do for a long time! and like, your flaws are part of the reason i started crushing on you? and now ive kinda reached the point where whenever you do something my thoughts are just "WELL IF THAT ISNT CUTE THEN IDK WHAT IS" lol im sorry abt all the asks i should chill - the anon that is 110% crushing on you (i lied my last ask whoops)

I am SOO sorry I only reply today. (I didn’t have the energy to answer any ask to be honest..) But this is so sweet ;;w;; I really… want to know who you are???? (c’mon srsly I still don’t have a clue??) 

this one sentence about my flaws made me so happy, you have no idea ///// (squeaks into my pillow) 

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Idk if you believe in spirit guides but I remember reading your story about your grandpa & maybe your grandpa is your spirit guide! 😊 just a thought cause dead relatives can def be our guides if we're born after they pass. I just thought it was a cute idea

Hmmm, I’m not really sure whether I believe in spirit guides or not, but hey, that could be a good idea! I do always feel like there’s someone always telling me to keep on moving in life, even when I don’t want to

I Need You | Jungkook

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Summary: You’re older than Jungkook but have always captured his heart. You constantly refuse to go on a date with him until one day and, before you know it, you find yourself in a relationship with him. But then you begin to worry about his life with you and how he’d most likely be better off without you. 

Word Count: 6,626

A/N: I hope this was angsty and fluffy like you requested, anon cause idk man tHIS IS REALLY LONG but I couldn’t stop myself from writing more

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Imagine karkat and dave going into each others rooms when they can’t sleep, because they will always be open to cuddling to help the other one sleep. And pretty often they don’t actually really need it but they’ll both use this as an excuse. At first they were shy about it but now they’ll just crawl into the others bed. At one point they even got up at the same time and found each other on the way