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Yay Shredder's finally gone! It's seems weird that he won't be around anymore. You still have other bad guys to face so the fight isn't completely over yet. How far away is your farmhouse from the city and how often do you think you'll visit there since Splinter's buried there? I think it's nice everyone came to say goodbye to Splinter. I wish I could have been there too. ~Courtney.

I feel like the fight will never be over. But you know what? That’s okay. As long as we are here to help, as long as we are here to protect the innocent, it doesn’t matter that the fight may never be over for good. We’ll always be here for the people who need us.

The farmhouse is roughly a two hour drive away from New York. We will probably visit quite often to keep his grave neat and pretty. We always wanted to take him to the farmhouse so we thought he’d like to be buried there.

when i was younger i used swapnote with 2 people that i didnt know at all. one of them was another kid and one was this, like, 30 year old dude.

he wasnt creepy at all he was really transparent about who he was. he had a job and a wife and i was always so enchanted by his swapnote messages because they always had his little bear character and they were so neat and tidy. it was really cool.

one thing that really bugs me is the stereotype that all people with ocd are organized and have perfectly clean houses 

like while that may be true in some cases, it can be quite the opposite for other people. 

like for example, hoarding is connected with ocd. but a lot of people brush off hoarders as being lazy or gross because they dont fit that clean freak stereotype everyone associates with ocd 

and when my ocd was really severe, i would avoid cleaning as much as possible because i didn’t want to deal with being triggered. cleaning meant touching contaminated things, touching contaminated things meant intrusive thoughts, and so on. honestly even today when my ocd is less focused on contamination, i still dread changing the litter box or taking out the garbage for those exact reasons 

and then there’s people with ocd who don’t have any worries about contamination whatsoever. im willing to bet a lot of these people go undiagnosed or aren’t always taken seriously 

basically the whole stereotype that ocd = neat freak is extremely harmful. yes, some of us fit that stereotype, but it does not define ocd, and that idea is actively hurting people 

I have to say I love everything we’ve seen so far about the new A Series of Unfortunate Events tv show - it looks so, so great. My only issue is a little bit weird, and it’s basically: you know the actor playing Lemony Snicket? I can’t quite picture him as Lemony, mostly because I never picture Lemony as having that much of his shit together. I always picture Lemony as a kind of walking disaster held together by a good suit and a constant need to escape the room. And the number of times he mentions breaking down…

Not that the actor in question can’t necessarily convey that, I just can’t picture it at the moment so it’s throwing me off a bit.

Also, I know there’s some thought that they might be actually having him pause the action, appear in it, speak over it, etc, which would be AMAZING and PERFECT in adaptation terms. But also, can you imagine how neat it would be if it turns out the reason tv!Lemony is showing his face on screen (which the real Lemony would never do) is because he’s an actor?

In other words: “You will of course be aware that none of this is really happening. All these children are actors. Even I am an actor, though I hope I am conveying to you accurately my impression of Mr Snicket, whose whereabouts remain uncertain.” Like, I would absolutely die of happiness if they highlight the medium of the show (“this is a tv show depicting the real events in the lives of the real Baudelaire orphans”), but also - imagine if they acknowledge the existance of the books. It would be the perfect way to maintain the Lemony Snicket pseudonym. Though I’m not sure what it would do to the “my dear sister” parts, as it would mean that tv!lemony is already aware of her death by the start of the show. Idk. 

I just want ridiculous layers of meta. And to see how they can deal with a visible, interrupting Lemony during a certain death in The Vile Village. And a certain taxi driver in The Penultimate Peril. And The End.

This show is either going to really annoy me or it’s gonna completely break my heart. 

Lain, from Serial Experiments Lain wearing that neat hat. Thought I’d get a doodle in before bed. 

Lain always reminds me of an old friend, some days I wonder whatever happened to em and if there’s something that reminds them of me, in the same way. Probably not though.

random headcanon time

boi ive been thinkin about this shit for the past couple days 

So, like, what if the Red lion was a total fact nerd? Everybody knows that one person who always knows some weird factoid that makes you go “huh, cool,” right?

Red is that person.

Keith thought it was interesting and neat at first when a random fact popped into his head. At first.

brown eyes are blue underneath”

“Altea had ants that breathed fire”

“A bolt of lightning is six times hotter than the sun“ 

“Cat kidneys are so efficient they can rehydrate by drinking seawater” 

“theres a planet name Zve that has two-headed humanoid beings”

But its like, constant. And eventually keith starts getting annoyed “beCAUSE JFC RED IM TRYING TO PEE I DONT NEED TO KNOW LEMONS ARE MORE ACIDIC THAN VINEGAR”

And the others just kinda laugh when Keith storms down the halls towards his hangar to apprehend his nerd of a lion. Lance thinks it the the best thing since sliced bread.

So, everyone is fully aware of this, and teases Keith about it. Sometimes asking for a random fact to just grate on his nerves.

He drags them into his hell.

Whenever Red is particularly enthusiastic about delivering these wonderful bursts of info, the angry child will recite them aloud as he receives them to whoever is closest.  

Hey, Lance. Did you know you can start a fire with ice?”

“Pidge, shrimp can only swim backwards”

“Fish can drown” “Keith plz” “Fish can drown, Hunk”

It gets even worse when hes angry or happy. The others have tried apologizing to get him to stop. 

But its too late.

And they have no idea that sometimes he pulls things out of his ass when Red is silent for once.

pelicans can’t look up”

“theres a planet ten galaxies over named HellFire- no Lance I already asked Allura we cant go there”

Red is very proud.

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Hello lovely, I hope you've been doing well! I wanted to ask you for how the RFA + v & saeran would react to going with MC to get a tattoo? I'm currently at a tattoo convention, so that's what made me think of it! xP

Tattoo convention? Woah~ that sounds neat! Tattoos are really cool, but I feel like I’m too indecisive and bad with needles to get one. Thanks for requesting!
I kind of wrote this thinking the tattoo on either your arm or your wrist? I hope that’s okay?

-Yoosung’s always thought you were the coolest person he’s ever met
-The cooliest
-And now you’re getting a tattoo so you’ll be ever cooler!!
-Of course he’s gonna come with you when you get your tattoo!!
-He’s excited for you!!
-Until you get there…
-and you’re in pain…
-He’s worried? Like he knows that it’s normal for it to hurt, but he’s really concerned??
-You tell him you’re okay but he’s still kind of panicking
-When its finished though
-Ho boy
-He thinks it’s so pretty
-He likes to trace over it when you cuddle together

-He’s not really allowed to get tattoos even if he wanted to
-It’s obvious that Zen appreciates art, so lucky you, he was extremely supportive of you getting a tattoo
-But when you get to your appointment to get it done
-He remembers that tattoos can hurt
-He doesn’t like seeing you in pain
-He stays right next to you but makes sure he’s not in the artist’s way
-You actually handle the pain well, but he is so dramatic about it
-“Don’t worry, darling. I know it must hurt, but it’ll be over soon. Your prince is here~”
-You’re embarrassing me in front of the tattoo artist pls
-Zen falls in love with what you picked out for the tattoo also, because like I said he appreciates art, and your tattoo obviously has a meaning behind it
-He thinks you’re so cool with your badass tattoo, plus how you handled the pain like a pro
-He’s melting

-She, of course, has never gotten a tattoo for business reasons
-Even if she had gotten one, she would have to hide it to work at C&R because of the strict dress code Jumin enforced
-But she doesn’t work there anymore
-She gets super excited to hear you want a tattoo
-She had forgotten that she had wanted one a few years ago, but now she can actually get one
-Jaehee suggests getting matching tattoos too
-If you agree to it, she’d like a cute, simple tattoo
-Something like this:

-If you don’t want to, she’s completely okay with that too
-Tattoos are permanent things, so she doesn’t want to force you to get a matching tattoo
-Even if you don’t get matching tattoos, she still gets a tattoo with you
-She loves your tattoo, it suits you very well
-She also loves your couple tattoos, if you end up getting it
-She looks at it if she ever gets sad or lonely

-Tattoos are pretty unprofessional sadly
-But he doesn’t care about that stuff when it comes to you
-He is super supportive of you expressing yourself in any way you see fit
-So he will gladly accompany you to your tattoo appointment
-He kisses your temple a lot while your getting your tattoo done as a way of comforting you, if you’re in pain
-Surprise surprise Jumin loves your tattoo
-He thinks it’s charming, even if the people he associates with would disagree
-He likes to kiss it (unless it’s in a naughty place you pervs)

-Wow~ 606 is so cool~
-He’s never thought about getting a tattoo himself but…
-…now he’s kind of up for it?
-Like Saeyoung is down for getting couple tattoos
-(Leave evidence that he existed on you)
-So, if it’s okay with you…

-He would really love to have this with you
-If you don’t want to that’s also completely fine!!
-He’ll hold your hand while you get a tattoo
-He’s heard it can be painful, so he wants to be with you
-Tons of praise because your tattoo fits you so well
-And if you get matching tattoos, he will cherish it forever
-He loves being able to look down at his wrist and remember how much you love each other~

-V is artistic and he can appreciate all forms of art
-He’s happy to go with you to your appointment to get a tattoo
-(If he had the surgery:) V would adore your tattoo and would ask about the meaning behind it
-Like Yoosung, he would trace it a lot, with your consent
-(If he doesn’t get surgery:) He would ask for you to describe the design, as well as the meaning behind it
-He can picture it in his mind, and it may or may not be the same as what it actually looks like, no one will ever know
-He still says it’s beautiful, even if he can’t see it
-Everything about you is beautiful and something that means this much to you must be equally as pretty, right?

-He has a tattoo but let’s not talk about that
-He at least understands it hurts to get a tattoo
-He would be.. hesitant to let you get a tattoo because he doesn’t want you to be in pain
-But you’re an independent adult and you make your own decisions, and he realizes that and doesn’t argue with you
-Instead he is there with you when you get the tattoo to comfort you if needed
-He might glare at the tattoo artist if you’re in a bit too much pain
-The tattoo artist sees his glare and is all “okay let’s take a break” because they need to still their shaking hands
-After it’s done though, Saeran loves it
-He stares at it a lot

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Ok so I have always thought that calicos, torbies and cats like that were really rare???? Because I ADORE those types of pelts and when I look for them at my local shelter I only see black cats and brown tabbys????

omg no calicos/torties/torbies are actually pretty common. it may be because the cats you get are from the local population, which are all interbred (obv) 

red is a neat trait because males only need 1 parent (their mom) to be red, while females need both parents to be red. if a female has 1 red and 1 black parent, she will be a tortie/torbie, and she can pass on her red genes to her own son in return. red can be kinda infectious that way haha. also torbies can sometimes be hard to identify because the colors can mottle and mix really well or they may only have a small patch of red somewhere

Call for Artists!

Hey everyone! As those who already follow the blog know, we’ve been hard at work designing, writing and coding a Persona 4 fangame/visual novel called Persona 4: Your Affection (if you’re just hearing about it now, you can read more about it here!). But the reason I’m posting today is…

We’ve decided to commission several artists to draw CGs for the game! We estimate that we will need about 8 to 12 original images, and we thought it would be neat to have them come from all different artists (plus, as the resident visuals person, it would mean a lot less work for me!). And yes, when I say “commission,” I mean that we will be paying our artists!

So if you are interested in working with us (or know someone else who is), please let us know! (And signal boosts are always appreciated too!) We’d like to hire people who are already familiar with Persona 4, who can work on a deadline, and who have existing samples of artwork (especially P4-related work). We look forward to hearing from you! :D

I think this would be fun

I saw @sugarintheraw post this and thought it would be a neat idea. I love learning what other sugar babies use and am always looking for new makeup to try. So thanks @sugarintheraw.

A Sugar Baby’s Makeup Essentials 💕

Some of mine include:

Brows: I’ve only ever used Anastasia Dipbrow
Eyeliner: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex or Ciate Triple Shot Mascara
Lip: I have SOOO many liquid lipsticks that I use. Here are a few of my “go-to” ones:

Kylie Cosmetics - Dolce K, Posie K, and True Brown K. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Sarafine and American Doll (THE best reds ever)

Beauty Bakerie - Mon Cherie, Cranberry Stiletto, Versailles,  She’s Just Jelly, and Tres Jolie. (These will last through anything. Honestly the best long lasting ones I’ve used so far)

Makeup Monsters - Bite Me, Flutter, and Blackened Heart (Long lasting too)

Jeffree Star - Doll Parts (I have a few others but this formula isn’t my favorite, I just love this color so much.)

Dose of Colors - Berry Me, Sand, Truffle, Mood and Scarlet Lace 

Foundation: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel in Beige Ivory, Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation in Ivory

I LOVE makeup obviously and have pretty much tried everything, so if anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask. :)  

Pet peeve. As you know I clean at the hospital. One of my tasks is taking the garbage and putting in new bags into the waste bins. I swear to fucking God it feels like cleaning up after my kids. For some reason NO ONE knows how to aim for the bin. Fuck sakes, I thought doctors and nurses were supposed to be all neat. But, no, I find bloody bandages laying on the floor next to the bin ALL THE TIME. It’s almost always the same rooms too.The shocking part is that 99% of the time the waste bin in the waiting rooms are a lot cleaner than the ones in the offices and exam rooms. Those are the ones exposed to non medical personal the most so one would think that would be the nastiest of them all. Nope. The worst I’ve seen from those was one diaper and at least it WAS IN THE BIN AND NOT THE FLOOR.

Then the kicker is these bins smell like they’ve been sitting out in the sun for months with rotten food in them. That’s because they don’t care if the bag falls inside the bin. They just keep throwing things on top of the bag instead of readjusting it, so the nasty ass food they throw in there is getting crumbs and juices all over the inside of the bin. Tonight I had to mop up coffee grounds from the inside of one of the tall trash cans in a break room because of this and it’s the one that smells worst of all(even worse than the pediatric office that usually has a mountain of diapers in each bin). Obviously someone down there realizes how bad it is because there is always the scent of a candle in the air. Props to that person though because it’s probably the best part of my night til I get to that trash can.

This certainly has given me a new view on hospitals… Not as clean as I would have thought before. It’s bad enough that there should be a cleaning crew on the clock 24/7 instead of after closing hours. Jesus Christ. Seriously, guys, don’t touch anything and wash your hands if it’s near the end of the day. At least during morning appointments the efforts of the cleaning staff haven’t gone to waste for too long. We’re thorough but we’re not there til 5 the next day and by then there is grossness everywhere.

FYI, I call the place I work at the hospital, but the portion I work in is technically the clinic side. But, yeah, I still feel like a stay at home mom but more like the lady who lived in a shoe with so many kids she didn’t know what to do.

Another FYI, I realize other clinics and hospitals may be different, so I mean no offense. But you never know which ones are like the one I clean. We are thorough as fuck but every night it’s frustrating to see just how bad it can get in a 24 hour period.


Magical Girl AU sketch duuump b/c I loooove iiiit so muuuch. I thought it’d be neat to think of some special moves the girls could have (along with cheesy names for said moves). The top pic is some sisterly bonding between Timberly and Helga (and belly rubs for kitty!arnold of course). As always, AU and designs are the amazing @farkledagain ‘s creation.

Day four! Ruto!

I always thought the Zoras were really neat :3

And real quick, a general idea of what I’ll be uploading: daily Zelda doodles until Breath of the Wild is released. Weekends are when I’ll have time for other things so if you’re here for Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, or OFF stuff don’t worry! I still have a shit load of projects lined up that I want to work on

You know what would be great? To have some sort of a special tag for simblr-storytellers. I track “ts3, ts4, ts2 and simblr” tags and scroll through recent results when I have the time to spare, but since I’m always looking for story-character driven blogs to follow, I find it hard to fish them out in the sea of other things. And there’s lots of great new stories out there…
Something like #simblrstories or #simblrstorytelling or something of that kind would be so neat! Especially for people who love stories done with any version of the game…

Theory on Toffee and Marco

What if Toffee and Eclispa, were friends, just like Marco and Star? What if they’re relationship were similar to that of Star and Marco?

I noticed something when I was watching the “storm the castle” episodes, Toffee is very neat and orderly, (you can see his adjust a plate towards the center) just like Marco with his safety stuff, he obviously knows how to fight and out wit his enemies.

When he is talking to Marco, he is called “boring” and you can see a distinct look of pain in his face as if he thought he wasn’t always “boring”.

And is Eclispa really evil? Sure she has dark spells but is she truly, truly evil. In season 2 when the wand is split in two, we can see that is has dark and light. But together it can be used by the wilder, into anything they want. I’m not entirely sure if Eclispa was always evil but I’m thinking that maybe she was just like Star, and when she met toffee, I bet he was entirely different than who he is now.

What if Toffee is doing whatever he is doing, to help bring his friend/ lover back?

Modding Tutorials

So in the past plenty have asked me to do tutorials and I said that maybe one day I would start a series of  modding tuts and tips, and I have been giving it some real thoughts now…

If anyone is still interested, I might start a channel on youtube with various tips and tricks and how I do my stuff. Since streaming will be a bit more complicated for me to do in my current situation (having a toddler and such, so the streaming will be interrupted greatly amount of times), creating videos offline on the other hand, is do-able.I mean, sure, we got nightasy, which is really great to start off with, but there are plenty of other awesome neat little tricks that hasn’t been addressed, plus people were always interested for me to stream, so it’s a win win.

If anyone is still interested for modding tuts and see me doing shit, please leave a comment, reblog, ask or like behind on this post!



Day 120. That’s 4 months down, only 116 to go. Today we have a sketch of Yuuka, who is always fun to draw for me. Also I was thinking of later on making a post where I lay down what will be happening in the future and my 2017 goals for this blog, i’m not much for New Years resolutions but since it will be documented it will be harder to forget or lose sight of my goals, I don’t know if anyone cares about that sort of thing but I thought it would be neat to do.