i always thought this ship was super cute

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Will you do some comics to haikyuu again? Its so cute and awesome.... So gay ಥ⌣ಥ i miss them (♥ω♥*) pleeeeaaase (with lev would be cool....)

Uh, sure? I mean, I posted one just yesterday, I’m not sure what’s giving you the impression that I’ve stopped haha

Anon said:  I think I’m obsessed with the matsu.hana thing

Ohhhhh I’m glad you liked it!!!!! *O* 

Anon said: Aah matsu.hana.. that pair of memeing dweebs never let us down.. ♡

Haha I know right? Whenever I draw them I always feel better right after, they’re such a chill pair~

Anon said: Hi! I noticed you posted some tana.noya a little while back and honestly I almost died of happiness. So thanks. But I was wondering what your thoughts are on tana.hina.noya? Because honestly they are so cute and work so well together and I love them all so much.

Love it!!! Not my fave ot3 with Tanaka and Noya tbqh, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m weak to every and each Hinata ship, and Tana.Hina and Noya.Hina make me really super weak, like, top-5-Hinata-ships weak, so yeh! They’re adorable and I love them!

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character breakdown: Johnny Cade??

How I feel about this character


I love him so much, he is my favorite & he’ll always be. I want to physically fight his parents. He is so selfless and caring and it hurts my lil heart that he was severely depressed and wanted to end it. Like, no no, shhh, I’m here and I’m gonna take care of you, Johnny bby. He is so cute literally 24/7, the way he says “cut it oUT, DAL” and his big, brown eyes- i caNNOT EVEN DESCRIBE, JUST KNOW I LOVE HIM SM. very very much.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

The first person was Ponyboy, I thought they were super duper cute when he laid his head on his shoulder and when they cuddled for warmth, but they’d definitely be the bickering couple who gets in an argument before making up and hugging 24/7

He’s also cute with Dal, he’d be the best housewife.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Still Ponyboy, their friendship is absolutely precious and I have a lot of headcanons for them as well. They’re willing to stay together, keep each other sane, cuddle to keep warm, and help each other when jumped. I love them sm.

SAME THING WITH DAL, LIKE- Dallas is always looking out for him and he’ll get Johnny anything he needs or wants and like omg, they’re always looking out for eachother and it’s so precious bc Johnny looks up to him and- *goes on for a full 30 minutes*

My unpopular opinion about this character

The scar on his cheeks makes me rlly sad everytime I see it and I prefer his hair in it’s natural state bc it makes him look even more cute. I have plenty of other opinions but they’re all pretty popular so???

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

:’’) how about surviving WITHOUT being crippled and not being abused by his ratchet ass parents and being a happy boy w/ a bright future *sOBS*

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thoughts on Sonny/Pete and Carla/Daniela?

i love sonny/pete! they’re two of my favourites and together they’re also my favourites and its just so good! seeing them in london where theyre both so small and cute and fun and dance together a lot kind of sealed the deal for me with those two 

i dont ship carla/daniela though, but i have read some stuff with that ship in and its always super cute but in my own head i never see their dynamic going that way,,, right now i have this one headcanon where carla has a crush on one the part time girls at the salon and is struck by the eternal wlw curse of having her compliments not coming across gay enough


So, I end up writing a Foggy/Ward coffeeshop AU. Read Cafe Delight here if you want. It’s super plotless, and I always thought I’d write that universe realistic, but I didn’t. Oh well! Maybe next time. For this ship. Or another one. We’ll see. 

Compare to all of the very interesting ships in my askbox (I’m having fun playing around with them) this is definitely not that weird. It isn’t exactly my ship, but then do I really have a ship except for Bucky/Tony? I don’t know.

Fans ship you with Haschwalth. What is your reaction?

As requested by anon. :)


Rukia: …really?

Ukitake: W-well, I know he’s evil ‘n’ all, but I think the “silky hair” ship is really cute!

Ukitake: Not that I’ve been looking up fan art or anything…

Bazz-B: I don’t ship Haschwalth with myself! I ship him with BEING HIS MAJESTY’S HEIR!

Liltotto: I thought we had decided we don’t like Yhwach anymore.

Bazz-B: I still want Haschwalth to be happy.

Bazz-B: He’s always been cool. 

Cang Du: Can’t say I’m super into the guy who murdered me.

BG9: Word.

Tosen: I feel that Haschwalth and I have a connection. Loyal, good at our jobs, ultimately ignored for someone who is SO OBVIOUSLY a traitor. 

Nanao: Of course I *don’t* want to date a man who is trying to bring down Soul Society and also the world.

Kyoraku: Well, Haschwalth owes me at least one date!

Kyoraku: We never did have tea together.

Nanao: Head captain!

Kyoraku: I can’t take back my tea invitation, Nanao-chan!

Yhwach: I do not view my subordinates a dating pool.

Yamamoto: Too busy seeing them as pawns?

Yhwach: Your words, not mine.

Ishida: I took his job. Seems like it might be awkward.

Askin: Awkward? Or…..full of sexual tension?

Ishida: What

Askin: Just saying I’m pretty sure I’ve felt some sexual tension.


Askin: He pinned you to a wall, dude.

Ishida: …

Ishida: Platonically?

Haschwalth: Not so much, no.

Ishida: OH MY GOD

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Also, same anon that asked about pairings, but I just read your reply to another ask and I find it your nicknames for the Chrobin and SuzuKamui families absolutely adorable! I ship both a lot, so now I want to call them blueberry and greenbean familes too, hehe. Such cute names. ^^ (P.S. one last thing, I loved reading your thoughts on Maribelle. You have her character spot on, and since I love her so much, it was a super fun read :D As always, thanks for sharing!)

ahhh thank you, anon! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

have blueberry and green bean family to enjoy! <3

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Omg Peter and reader for the shipping questionnaire?? (Hope you're doing well today~!)

Today was okay, I’ve had worse lol, there were super fun and sorry they took long, I was watching a movie while doing them.

  • How did they meet?

You and Peter met after the school incident

    • What were their first impressions of each other?

You were a little over whelmed by Peter and all his, well self, but thought he was cute. Ngl Peter swore god was real when he saw you.

  • How did they interact before they got together?

Like best friends, always talking, hanging out just enjoying each others company

    • Were they close friends, coworkers, etc? Were they the type to affectionately swear at each other or were they formal and polite towards each other?

Definitely close friends, Peter is so easy to talk to, and you both are kinda inseparable, many mistake you for a couple, just two loud mouths watching movies and stuff.

  • How long did it take before they started having feelings for each other?

Not long, like I said, Peter fell almost the second he saw you.

    • Who started having feelings first? 

Totally Peter, boy falls faster then Warren from the plane ripp me bad joke I hate myself 

    • How did they respond to those feelings? (Flirting a lot more, “conceal, don’t feel,” etc.?)

Peter became the most awkward piece of shit to exists, his causally flirting totally stopped and he avoided you for a while.

  • Who confessed first? 

Peter does, completely accidentally

    • What was the confession like?

“God I really want to kiss you, wait oh shit I didn’t mean that I mean unless you did but if you don’t its fine I get it…”

    • Were their feelings returned or were they rejected?

Bro you just straight up grabbed his face, kissed him to shut him up, Peter smiled for a week.

  • When they get together, how do they show affection?

Peter shows affection anyway possible

    • Verbal affection: compliments, nicknames, etc

Peter loves nicknames, all from ‘babe’ to dumb ones of objects he sees in the moment ‘pumpkin armchair tv remote bug’

    • Physical affection: hugs, kisses, holding hands, etc. 

Peter is soooooooooooooo touchy, how? why? but you aren’t complaining. Holding hands, kissing everywhere, just one hand on you at all times

    • PDA: Yes or no? What displays of affection are they okay with?

Peter will kiss you in front of anyone, and will playfully slap your butt, or your slap his. He don’t mind.

  • Who said “I love you” first?

Peter rambled on for about five minutes before Scott shouted, “He loves you!”

    • Was the first “I love you” immediately returned or did the other person(s) need time to say it back?

You laughed at Peter for a bit, only because he’s so fucking adorable, but then you saw he got worried that you don’t love him and immediately said it back.

    • How frequently do they say it? (Do they think it’s more meaningful when it isn’t said frequently, or do they prefer to constantly remind the other of their feelings?)

Peter says is 24/7, he’s worried to lose you, but wont ever admit it so he just says I love you randomly. You like hearing it so often, makes you feel special too.

  • How compatible are their personalities?

Peter is so easy to get along with, he’s a little much, but amazing.

    • What traits do they have that are complementary?
    • What traits do they have that clash or cause conflict?
      (Not gonna answer those, don’t wanna assume anything)

  • What are their favorite activities to do together?

Being lazy, in anyway, just being in bed or relaxing.

    • What is their favorite date night activity?

Late night walks, Peter loves just being outside with you, or he likes going to the mall, or retro diners.

    • What is their favorite at-home activity?

Watching movies, or laying in bed. Sometimes you’ll read to Peter if he’s had a long day, just lay his head on your, fingers running through his hair.

  • What are their fights usually like?

Not to serious, kinda in the moment fights, usually forgotten.

    • What do they fight over?

Peter stealing things, either yours or others, you don’t want him to land in jail.

    • How long does it take for them to make up?

Peter is mad for three seconds, but acts mad longer, which in turns makes you madder, and your usually mad at him longer, but Peter is too cute to be mad at.

    • Who apologizes first?

Peter, even if it isn’t his fault, he says sorry, to worried to lose you.

    • How do they make up after the fight?

Sex! Cuddles, sometimes crying and cuddles.

  • Have they ever broken up?

NONONONO OTP FOR LIFE!!! But let’s just say you do.

    • What caused the breakup? 

Peter thinking he isn’t good enough for you, he’s always worried your going to leave, I mean everyone leaves him right?

    • Did they have a “rebound?”

No, Peter just kinda wallows in his loneliness regretting it all.

    • Did they get back together?

YES OTP FOR LIFE!! It happened with lots of crying and Peter keeps apologizing, and you keep telling him you love him and Peter promises never to leave, because he never wanted to be like his father, leaving the person he loves.

Wow the got angsty ripp me.

~ MacKenzie


So I know that Sousuke/Momo is a very unpopular ship (understandably, honestly), but lately I’ve come to seriously love it and really want to see it have more support throughout the fandom. So here are some reasons I, personally, think they make a precious ship!

  • Sousuke’s wiki says he “never gets irritated by anything,” and Momo is, well, irritating, so their personalities would balance out really well
  • Sousuke is “overprotective of Rin” and Momo seems to have some sort of crush on Rin (he admires him, at least). They could bond over their mutual fondness of him
  • Also referring to how Sousuke is overprotective of Rin- if they got close enough, he could also become overprotective of Momo, who needs protection with his troublesome personality
  • I headcanon Momo as being bi-curious, and Sousuke being gay but quiet about it (not in the closet or anything; he’s just never had a reason to tell anyone he’s gay). So it would be really cute if Sousuke helped Momo confirm his bisexuality
  • (I may be wrong about this one; I myself even thought that Rin said this quote until I saw a post saying otherwise) In one episode, Sousuke said “Swim or talk; pick one” when Momo hit his head in the pool, so he has potential to care about him
  • Kohai/senpai relationships are ALWAYS super cute
  • They’re both new characters so they wouldn’t tear apart any original ships from season 1 
  • Just imagine Sousuke being super protective of that little rascal and every time he does something dangerous or stupid Sousuke just gives him this LOOK and Momo chills out

Idk I know they don’t really have much interaction and they don’t necessarily make much sense, but I think they’re REALLY CUTE and everyone should give them a chance X3


I did ship Narusaku until this happened. 👆 Sakura’s confession. For a minute I thought she was telling the truth about loving him….and you guys know how I feel when it comes to Naruto, he’s my favorite character and he always will be. So this scene in the Manga made me think back to when Sakura confessed to Naruto and it just completely broke my heart because Sakura told Naruto a HUGE LIE. She said to Naruto that she is over Sasuke and that she wants to be with him…..Now you know why I don’t ship Narusaku. Then I grew to like Naruhina and now I ship them! They are super cute! Now Naruto is happy with Hinata.😊 All I ever wanted really was for Naruto to be HAPPY. 😊😊😊

Don’t ask me where this came from, I remembered that I wanted to make a follow forever, did a gif in 2 seconds and here we go. As you’ve guessed there really isn’t a reason for this whatsoever. Although, after more than three years after creating my blog I have followed people whom I want to follow for the rest of my life (birdy reference -ish, I’m addicted oh well). Really though, random humour aside, I wanted to thank you all for following me and sticking with me for such a long time, no matter if I’ve followed you recently or just AGES ago, I wanted you to know that you really mean a lot to me

I won’t be making a list of people who are the closest to me simply because if you’re close to me and I love you, then you’ll know by the way I talk to you or reply to your messages, I don’t like being fake and am quite myself on every single message or text post. Omg, I’m drifting. So, yes, if you’re in this list, no matter if I talk to you every single day (*cough* zayra *cough*), or if we talk through 2k words rants twice a month because we take 24 years to reply to a freaking message (*cough* aria *cough*), or if me and you are temperamental and end up talking every day on a week and then don’t talk for a week straight (*cough* jocey *cough*), or if we message each other once a month, have a huge convo and then don’t talk for a while but we know there’s love there (*cough* jackie *cough*), or whenever there’s drama in the fandom I message you to make sure our friendship is intact and just really respect each other (*cough* olivia *cough*), or we have a dashboard (via replies) relationship and strangely both of you love katherine the most which i love you for it and i love you two ladies so damn much, you have no idea (*cough* ania  and ludovica *cough*), or if you send me links of animals and super depressing delena videos and we share 9999 interests (*cough* steph *cough*), or if we shared whatsapps and love pokemon and digimon and I forget to reply 99% of the time (*cough* natalie *cough*), or if you’re a little shit that hasn’t been on skype for 60 years but we used to talk every single day and it will always mean so much to me (*cough* emily *cough*), or if you’re my one true nagle and I will always love you for it (*cough* chia *cough*), or if we’ve shared a few conversations on tinychat and ended up creating super weird nicknames that people will think are cute af but actually mean something completely different because autocorrect while sex-ting (*cough* morgane *cough*), or if we’ve once called each other girlfriends and made reblog sprees with boobrevas (*cough* sabrina *cough*), or if you have made me reblog gifsets from a ship I never thought I would aka stelena (and dislike Ian as much as I do) because your gifs are the prettiest thing ever and the one thing that i am thankful that dailydelenagifs allowed me to was to get to meet you (*cough* ellie *cough*), if you are an a freaking talented idiot that deleted my blog whom I’d love to get to know better (*cough* brittany *cough*), if you’re my kitten and we’ve written essays about how much we love each other but haven’t talked for a while (*cough* scarlett *cough*), if you have a super weird obsession with this voldemort gif but honestly i love you for it and we’ve messaged each other a few times but should do it way more (*cough* alexa *cough*), if you’re someone that i deeply love and talk mostly on replies but occasionally on asks whenever there’s something serious to talk about and you know about my true obsessions (*cough* laura *cough*), if we’ve been talking for a while and i secretly think i’ve passed my theme changing obsession to you (*cough* jodi *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve discussed about a hp vs tvd crossover and died while doing it (*cough* alyssa *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve unfollowed and then followed again before (the other way around i think) but we got over it , though you probs dont even remember, my memory is freaky, but i love you and your gifs (*cough* avah *cough*), if i’ve seen your blog changed dramatically (i swear it has) and we’ve known each other for so long and love how you’ve “grown” on this social network (*cough* molly *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve continue following even though you’ve completely turned your blog upside down and it only shows how much i love you (*cough* sierra, morgan and rachel *cough*), if you’re the first person that i followed back when my blog was not even a tvd blog and you still continued following me and i will always call a sister (*cough* nimisha *cough*), if you’re someone that i’ve recently discovered that loves fanfiction as much as i do and now we only talk about that (and other things that we mutually dislike ;)) (*cough* elena *cough*), if you’re someone whom i still have a skype chat convo with even though it hasnt been used in 84 years where we talked in portinglish (*cough* denise and rossana *cough*), if we share a name that is the same and so i treat you as a cousin even though we haven’t talked in a while (*cough* justine *cough*), if you are the only person that i know that actually dislikes dogs and has a strange obsession with lizards and we’ve been following each other for a LONG time (*cough* lissy *cough*), if you’re literally the only doctor who blog whom i’ve shared a full blown convo about periods about 99 years ago that you probably dont remember but i’ll never forget and will always love you for it (*cough* liz *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve just discovered loves charmed and is incredibly talented (*cough* jess *cough*), if you’re someone whom i’ve been following for so long and honestly always considered to fab to be talking to me but i love you and your selfies (*cough* april *cough*)

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to make something like that, but hey, my mind had another idea. I am forgetting some people, there are people whom i’ve been following for so long and that are so freakingly talented that they make me jealous af: ewa, antonia, sara, amanda, nastya.

I’d honestly loved to have add all of you there, and be specific, but honestly, I think I’m about to exceed the word limit for a text post. So here’s a sum up of everyone added and some other people that I haven’t mentioned that I either LOVE a lot or generally respect.

#: -damons​, 1864damon

a-d: alwaysbellamyblake​; alwaysurvive​; bellamys-blakes​; betweenbourbonandlove​; bisexualelena​; bigbadvampire​; caveofclaeya; clacing​; comeonpouty;  damonspain​; delenah; doppelutiful​; delenashome​; dalarenzo​; dykecindy​; delena-no-matter-what​; daylightring​; delenasbourbon​; damonsurvives​; delenaroadtrip​; deelena​; damonshappiness​; domesticdelena​; dexualthoughts​; damonflames​; drspencreid

e-h: elenaspj​; emmastruelove; elenashomeerinslindselenasbelovedelenasgillberts; elenasherofeistybellarke​; fightinginalovewar; elenastuarts

i-l: iwaspromisedhedonism​; iriswehstinelenasheartjamiesfraser; jacksparrowzkaththequeen; kelenas; ledelenadiaries

m-r: mylovewithdamonmysteriousdamonmeredlthswiftmgaywatsonodairannies; ohdamonelenaoctaviabhlake; octaviahblake pauleski; phoebehallliwellpsychopierce; petercapaldj; piperhalliwell queerbanshee​; queensbeklena​; reyesraeven rememberelena; rlchardgecko; redmayine; ravenrehys

s-z: s-sdensi simplydelena; saviourlikedamon​; sammysnipples; sassy-damonshadesofdamonsarahslance; salvachester; salvatoresdamon; typicaldamon; valaryamorghulis, wattsons, zacsfron


if you weren’t on the list with that huge junk of text please do NOT be mad at me, I would honestly add everyone if I could and it really does not meant that i love you any less or don’t care about you, please do not see it that way, one of the things that I hate the most on follow forever’s are when people feel like they don’t mean enough to be or i just simply forget to put you here because it slipped, i follow 140 blogs, trust me it happens.

either way, if we’re mutuals then it means I love you, really, I only follow the people that I love.

rita :)