i always thought he looked like one tbh

tbh the best thing about chris pine isn’t his looks (which are excellent) but his personality. like he’s this nice quiet guy who thinks too much and likes to make friends and look good. his responses to interview questions are always so thoughtful and eloquent and his small stories about his friends and coworkers are just so insightful. it seems like he really takes the time to not only get to know but also appreciate the people he’s around and that says a lot about what kind of person he is

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What are your thoughts on Anti or Dark having tattoos? I always imagined that Dark wears long sleeved shirts to cover up this insane-looking sleeve tattoo that he has on his arm, and often it glows when his temper gets riled up

i think it’s a cool concept tbh!!

going off of yours, i’d say that’s why dark wears a lot of suits, so he can hide them easily. anti, on the other hand, i feel like he doesn’t have all that many! piercings are more his speed. but perhaps he has one that goes up his side? 

What RFA, Unknown, and V do when they find  MC is an actor!

✪ ohh boi i just thought of this earlier today…. Enjoy! Requests are open! ✪


  • One day ya’ll are just chillin’ on the couch watching some TV
  • And it’s commercial time so you walk to the kitchen to get some more snacks
  • SUDDENLY you hear a scream and you rush back
  • “Yoosung! Yoosung! Is everything alright?!”
  • *cue generic moment of Yoosung looking back and forth from you and the commercial*
  • “What? You? On TV?”
  • A mess tbh
  • “Oh? I thought you would have least seen one of them by now….yeah I’m an actress!”
  • “Like movies and stuff?”
  • “Yeah! That one LOLOL character….what’s her face….that’s my voice!”
  • And Yoosung always chose that character from then on
  • And watched all your movies
  • Sometimes he gets jealous because you’re so popular in the LOLOL community
  • Then he remembers that you’re his


  • He’s a big fan of your work
  • “Amnesia? What are you doing here? This isn’t the best time….I’m expecting someone….”
  • “Oh? Who?” You ask, knowing full well that it’s you he’s expecting
  • He scratches the back of his head and blushes
  • “Silly Zen–”
  • “You know who I am?!”
  • “‘Course you’re Zen, musical actor and RFA member! In other words, Hyun Ryu! I’m MC….but everyone knows me as Amnesia!”
  • He squealed and shut the door in your face
  • RAN around his apartment taking down posters, pictures, and any other evidence
  • Held a little figurine of you and put it in the top drawer.
  • Opened the door, panting and flustered.
  • Took off his jacket because it was “getting hot in here”
  • Was wearing a shirt with you on it
  • You just laugh and hug him
  • Many movie marathons


  • Happened to find one of your old movies on Netflix
  • “MC? Who’s that with you?”
  • “Haha, I didn’t think you’d be able to recognize me”
  • Watches your movies more than ZEN’s musicals
  • But don’t tell him that
  • You’re a big voice and model for the LGBTQA+ community, so you star in lots of movies centered around self acceptance and loving who you love
  • Sometimes she’ll feel like she’s not enough bc you’re always acting with a love interest
  • You ALWAYS make sure and run over a romance plot with her to make sure she’s comfortable
  • If not, you just won’t take it
  • “But I still want you to….”
  • “Shhh, Jaehee, your comfort comes first”
  • But the public doesn’t know you’re dating someone
  • One day Jaehee stopped sweeping up the café to glance up at the TV
  • “So is there a special someone in your life, hmm, Amnesia?” asks the host
  • “Actually yes…. I have the cutest girlfriend in the world”
  • *shows a picture of Jaehee on phone*
  • “She always used to call us partners, but I’m happy to say we’re girlfriends!!”
  • “Sorry ladies, looks like Amnesia is taken!!” the host coos
  • Your fans, memories as they’re called, TOTALLY ship you guys
  • The ship name is called Jaehmesia


  • He knew from the beginning too
  • Not very well, but sometimes your interviews would pop up or a movie would flash up
  • He wouldn’t change the channel tho
  • He thought you were pretty
  • Not as pretty as Elizabeth 3rd
  • But still
  • “Assistant Kang, is that MC up there? What on earth is she wearing?”
  • “She’s wearing a Mecy’s dress and Coral Blue No. 2 Semi-gloss Lipstick”
  • “Actually it’s number 5” sighs Jumin
  • Calls you during your interview
  • And expects you to pick up
  • You know that would be rude, and call him back after
  • “Hello, love. Now tell me, why didn’t you tell me you were that famous actor? I could have gotten you much better dresses…”
  • “What? I happen to like this dress!” you huff
  • “I’m getting you new ones whether you like it or not”
  • Comes to your first screenings even though it’s usually in a commoner’s place


  • Hmmmm….you look really familiar… but from where?
  • He’d keep staring at you through the camera
  • And you’ll start singing one of your recent songs in the movie Forgotten
  • It all c l i c k s  t o g e t h e r
  • He screams and calls you
  • “You didn’t figure it out until now?” you fake-sniffle
  • You look up at the camera and shed a tear
  • True actors can cry without the use of eyedrops
  • He’ll hack into the movie theatres and sets to watch you
  • He’s amazed
  • Brings you a truckload of roses at each of your first screenings
  • Thank u Saeyoung
  • You cry a lot 


  • He is a blind boi
  • But he enjoys listening to your voice
  • He’ll picture himself the one you’re sweet-talking to
  • When he could see, he always liked watching your movies
  • Sometimes Rika would make him turn them off :(
  • He didn’t really know it was you
  • Your hair was really different a couple years ago.
  • But as soon as he heard your voice in person
  • “Amnesia is here?”
  • “I suppose, and Amnesia’s name is MC!”
  • V happy to support you


  • Amnesia who?
  • Sorry, I’ve been a part of Mint Eye and betrayal all my life
  • Gets jealous when you have intimate scenes with others
  • Tries to get you to not play roles in those
  • “But Saeraaaaannn! You’re the only tomatohead for me!!”
  • Huffs but agrees to chill a bit
  • But he does like to watch you act
  • If he’s behind the romantic interest, you’ll look at Saeran
  • It feels like you’re confessing to him over and over again
  • Is a blushy mess when the crew stops filming for a minute
  • You come over and kiss him


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maggie: ever since you got here, you haven’t said a word to me. would you look at me? please? daryl…

daryl: i’m sorry… i’m sorry…

maggie: it wasn’t your fault.

daryl, crying: it was.

maggie: no, it wasn’t. you’re one of the good things in this world. thats’ what glenn thought, and he would know ‘cause he was one of the good things, too. i wanted to kill that guy, too. i wanted to strangle him, i wanted to watch him die. but we have to win. ( maggie hugs daryl. ) help me win.

( daryl nods. )

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ooooh question! is your url like you're the one adoring jensen, or the concept of jensen adoring someone else (like the look he gets on his face)? or both? [i'm sorry, this is so random lol. but i love you and your blog!]

awwhh this is such a cute question!! I’ve always kinda thought of it as like me adoring jensen and that’s kinda the whole concept of my blog. but it can definitely be like adoring!jensen as in jensen getting that look of adoration on his face when he looks at a loved one (bc holy frick frack that is aDORABLE). u can look at it any way u want tbh :))

i love the curious questions!! don’t ever apologize for that :) thanks so much anon, lots of love to ya! xx


Vampire Yuu has been a thing recently, so I thought I’d hop on the train. What better way to do it than shamelessly copy the scene from episode 22? Yuu looks so submissive wtf??

And no, I didn’t draw the backgrounds. I’m a lazy shit.