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Do You Know What Happens When You Tease A Guy Like Me? daryl x reader

Summary: (Y/n) is always teasing Daryl which turns him on, what happens when can’t hold himself back?

Note: I tried so hard to make this good but i dont know how i feel about it, ENJOY!!!

Warning: language, smut, rough smut

You’d taken a liking to Daryl ever since you first met at the prison but you could never let your feelings be known until now. You were safe behind the walls of Alexandria and you left Daryl subtle hints that you liked him. Actually, they weren’t subtle at all. You often watched him when he was working on his bike in the hot sun, his muscles glistening with sweat. When he’d catch you looking you wouldn’t turn away, you’d just wink and carry on having a stare off until one of you looked away. Or other times you would purposely go around without any panties on, making sure to ‘drop’ something and bend all the way down to get it while Daryl was behind you. You’d catch him looking but as soon as his eyes met yours he’d look away, not awkwardly but more like he wouldn’t be able to resist you if he carried on looking.  

Deanna held a small party to welcome your group and everyone was there. You were on the opposite side of the room to Daryl but you would always see him staring at you out the corner of your eye. Both of you were talking to a different group of people and that’s how you knew he was drunk, he was actually socialising. You looked over to him and found him already looking at you. Half of you was getting intimidated but the other half wanted to be in control. He broke eye contact with you and went to sit down and a perfect idea popped into your mind. You excused yourself from the conversation you were in and you grabbed your drink from the table.

“Hey Dixon” you smirked, walking over to him.

“Ya alright?” he asked, nodding his head at you and shifting in his seat as his eyes fell on your curve hugging dress.  

“I think I should be asking you that” you laughed, pointing at the drink in his hand.

“Don’t worry about me sunshine” he grinned at you.

You giggled and went to sit in the chair next to him but you ‘accidentally’ tripped and fell onto his lap. You held onto his shoulders pretending to balance yourself and you apologised all while still staying on him. He let out a muffled groan as you moved to get up, making sure to grind your ass against him before you did. He grabbed your arm and stood up, quickly leading you out of the party. Everyone was a little too tipsy to notice. As soon as you got out the house Daryl led you down the stairs and then pushed you up against the side wall, his fingers creeping around your neck. He pinned you against the wall with his body, grinding his obvious bulge into you. Daryl moved his head down to yours and his lips hovered above yours as you waited impatiently for him to kiss you. You moved your head forward but he tightened his grip around your throat and shook his head.

“Do you know what happens when you tease a guy like me?” he growled, his breath warm on your skin and the sweet scent of alcohol filling your nose. You had to stop yourself from moaning.

“What?” you asked innocently, biting your lip and batting your eyelids at him.

He let out a chuckle and looked down to the floor then back at you. “You make them hard and they fuck the shit out of you” he said bluntly, his dirty words making you wet.

“Is that what you’re gonna do to me?”

He grinned at you before pushing his lips against yours, the force surprising you but you went with it. He opened your mouth with his and thrusted his tongue in, immediately taking over and not giving you a chance to fight for dominance. His hands roughly tugged at your dress as he groaned in your ear to take it off.

“What if someone sees us?” you asked, hesitating as Daryl stopped to look at you.

“You shouldn’t have teased me baby” he chuckled low before lifting the dress up to your waist, the thought of someone catching you made you and Daryl more excited. You fumbled with his belt, the rough bites Daryl was leaving along your neck made you forget everything. In the end, you got his jeans down and he pulled your panties aside with his fingers, making sure to brush them against your sensitive clit.

“You ready?” he growled.

You didn’t even get a chance to answer before Daryl grabbed himself and thrusted his full length into you, stretching you out and making you feel every inch of him.

“Fuck!” you shouted out as he left you no chance to adjust, thrusting into you mercilessly.

“That’s right (y/n), take me all in!” Daryl choked out as your walls squeezed tightly around him.

With every thrust your back rubbed up the wall, mixing pain with pleasure and making your knees shake. Daryl lifted up your leg as he fucked you at a different angle, making him grunt into the crook of your neck at how good you felt. Daryl’s hands made their way back to your throat as he wrapped his fingers around it and squeezed lightly. You let out a moan and he let out a low laugh.

“You like that?” he said, his voice husky from arousal.

You opened your mouth to reply but a strangled moan was the only sound that came out. His ego was filled and he continued to slam into you until both of you were close to your releases. He felt your walls tighten around him and you dug your nails into his back, dragging them down as pleasure was taking over your body. The heat built up to its maximum and soon exploded through your body, the sounds of you and Daryl’s moans merging into one. He came soon after you and sloppily thrusted into you a few more times to finish inside of you.

Daryl let your leg drop and you leaned on his shoulder for balance since your legs were weak. Daryl breathed heavily while he quickly shrugged his jeans back on and you pulled your dress down.

“That was intense” you panted, laughing a little at how dishevelled his hair was. You reached your hand up to fix it and he let you, dropping his head a little so you could reach. “I should tease you more often” you laughed.

“Try it, I won’t be so easy on you next time” he said, walking back to the house with you.

That was easy? You thought. You couldn’t imagine what him being rough was like but you couldn’t wait to find out.

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Always the Bad Guy

A/N It had to be done at some point, okay? (Set after the ‘Becoming a Cartoon’ video.)

Genre: angst

Pairing: neutral

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: self-hate, anger, destruction of property??


Anxiety wishes he could be seen as more than the villain, but he knows it isn’t possible. So he does the one thing he knows best - bottle up his feelings until he’s alone.

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 1: The Idea

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. Part: The set-up.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1442

Author’s Note: Ok, lots of things:

  1. Aaaah I’m going to try something totally new and try a lot of 1st person Bucky POV in this series! This first part is just testing the waters a bit, feedback is much much appreciated.
  2. Changing my mind, this isn’t going to be a drabble series. I just couldn’t cut the parts up that short. It will be a short series though, 7 or 8 parts I think, definitely less than 10.
  3. I am currently road tripping myself and will make a Series Masterlist page once I get to my final destination tonight.
  4. I don’t have photoshop on this computer (waaah!) so if anyone wants to make me a banner for this series… I wouldn’t hate it. Otherwise I’ll try to piece one together with Gimp or some other free crap

Okay enough chatter!

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“Alright, my turn,” Natasha smirks, taking her stance and firing an impeccably placed dart into the board. Damn it. Why did I agree to play her? She must play Clint all the time. She’s going to beat me.

“Best city for a night out.” She must have known Steve would give a less than satisfactory answer because she raises a finger towards him and specifies, “I mean, pick up a girl, one night stand, kind of night out.” I can’t help but snort thinking about Steve trying to talk himself into leaving after a one night stand. He’s so damn chivalrous.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing about, Buck,” Steve fires at me, “you’ve been on fewer dates than me in the last decade!”

That shut me up. He’s right, I haven’t really gotten back into the swing of it yet, haven’t really tried. I scowl at Steve before picking up my set of darts and flicking one into the target. “New York,” I answer, willfully ignoring Steve’s taunting.

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Gentle Touch

Bucky x OFC (Jules) /  Bucky’s POV

Summary: Where Bucky is so used to harsh, rough touches he never expected one to be so kind and loving. Realizing he’s been craving this kind of touch for years.

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: Mention of abuse, touch deprived, language

A/N: I’m back!!!! I took a longer break than I originally planned, but school took up a bunch of my time and me taking on more projects I could handle. I also hit several walls the past few months, that left me lost, broken and down in the dumps. It’s been a struggle to get back on my feet and get my head in the game, but I’m here, I’m back and I’m doing so much better than I previously was! 

I’m gonna try to get back in the groove of posting fics regularly, so I hope you’re ready! Help Me and Motionless Series are STILL going! And tags are ALWAYS open! :D Thank you for being patient with me these past few months, hopefully, I won’t go that long without posting something again. So enjoy this one and let me know what you think!! :) 

Touch, it’s amazing how much can be said and shown through the power of touch. But it can be hard to forget how much pain, anger, and torment can be expressed by the power of touch. No touch for me was ever gentle. There was no love, compassion or care in the physical touches I experienced throughout my lifetime. Not once has anyone touched me unless pain followed, which it always did.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #144 - Coraline

Spoilers below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) Director Henry Selick is probably best known for his work as director on The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I personally think (and this may be considered blasphemy) that Coraline is his magnum opus. More on that coming up.

2) In both horror and animation, a well done score can boost the tone of the film remarkably. And composer Bruno Coulais is able to turn in a score notable for its subtlety and tone boosting. It is able to be ominous, child like, fantastical, and creepy all at the same time. That is actually a perfect way of describing this film.

3) Animation fans with eagle eyes will notice that the movers in the beginning in the film are the “Ranft Brothers”. Joe Ranft was a legendary animator, known mostly for his work at Pixar until his tragic death. His brother is a noteworthy animator too, Jerome Ranft. The movers are animated in the likenesses of the brothers (you even get a glance at a name tag reading “Jerome”), with Joe being the mover who gets the crummy tip and Jerome Ranft voicing his counterpart.

4) Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones.

Originally posted by black-rabbit-in-winter

Coraline is not your typical animated heroine, which is exactly why she is such an amazing character. She’s a bit of a snot actually. She’s bratty, shown to be mean, overdramatic, sarcastic, winey, and it is all amazing! Because she’s not ONLY those things! She’s also fun, intelligent, clever, imaginative and adventurous. For most of the film she is at odds with her parents but she risks her film for them because, well, they’re her parents! The best way to describe Coraline is as a kid. An honest portrayal of a kid! Not totally one thing or another and not nearly as oblivious as some people may expect. Dakota Fanning (who was attached to the role when the film was meant to be live action even) is perfect in the part, able to portray all of Coraline’s qualities with wonderful ease while totally losing herself in the role. Coraline is the title character which means we - as the audience - NEED to be invested in her for this film to be any good. And the filmmakers did an excellent job making sure we were just that: invested.


Coraline [after seeing The Cat]: “Not talking, huh?”

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

6) This film is a little more adult than your typical animated fare, something which is established pretty early when Coraline refers to Wybie as her stalker. It is a decision in tone and content which works wonderfully for the film.

7) Wybie.

Originally posted by bluebomb29

We don’t get to see much of Wybie in the film. Well, that’s not entirely true. We don’t get to see much of Wybie compared to CORALINE, who is the lead and is therefore in every scene except for the one that plays during the opening credits. But in the time we see him it is very clear that this is the neighborhood weird kid. And it’s done accurately too! He’s not the butt of any joke, he’s not someone who’s supposed to be a creep or a plot device. Just like Coraline, he’s an honest representation of the kids out in the world who are sort of strange.

8) Dang, Coraline can be mean!

Coraline [after someone calls for Wyborne ‘Wybie’s’ name]: “Oh I definitely heard someone, Why Were You Born.”

Like, sure the dude is sorta weird, but he’s been pretty nice so far. But that’s part of Coraline’s character, and we see that side of her go on a bit of a transformation throughout the film.

9) Film is first and foremost a visual way of storytelling and animation can do that better than live action can if done right. Through animation you are able to portray the character of things (not just your characters but places and items) through design. Through your visuals. Take this film for example: the real world is marked by a more subdued color palette and look. Everything - including Coraline’s parents - look grey, tired, and worn down. Something which creates an immediate visual conflict through Coraline, who from the very start gives off these incredible vibrant and lively colors. It is a visual conflict which is reflective of a textual one that works wonders for the film.

Originally posted by rippedheartsandbrokendreams

10) It would have been easy to make Coraline a total brat and her parents good parents who try their hardest, but Mom and Dad aren’t perfect either. Mom particularly shows us where Coraline got her attitude, sarcasm, and occasional brattiness from (and I know “brat” has negative connotations to it but I love Coraline so when I call her a “brat” I’m doing so with love because that trait is something I think is a great writing decision for her character). It also gets to the idea that a friend of mine told me once: parents are just kids who have kids. Parents don’t know what they’re doing when they have kids, they’re making it up as they go along. Which means they’re not perfect. They can get tired and impatient and mean too, and showing that in this film continues its honesty streak. That honesty - in relationships in characters - is what helps make it so great.

11) I can’t IMAGINE what animating the tunnel sequence was like.

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

I mean stop motion animation is moving something a tiny bit, then taking a picture. And you repeat that process over and over again with puppets until you have a moving image like this one. So the tunnel on its own - with the lighting and the fabric - must have been a pain to animate. But then Coraline walking through it? And jostling it around, but the animators have to make sure that jostling is perfect in every frame? I do NOT have the patience for stop motion animation, I tell you. Or the fingers. I don’t have delicate fingers.

12) The Other World.

Originally posted by disneyskellington

Going with the idea of visual conflict, there is immediately more of a peace between Coraline’s vibrant colors and the creative rainbow like Other World she finds herself in. This resolves most of the visual conflict ON THE SURFACE, but everywhere there are these black buttons. These little dark specs that just liter the world in hard to see places, things which can easily get lost in the magic of it all but are always there. Hiding in plain sight.

The Other World - both in its dream and nightmare phases - show off Selick’s wild imagination. The best animation directors have a penchant for imaginative visuals, using the medium to do things live action couldn’t (something I observed in my The Book of Life post back in November). Selick as not only animator but production designer on this film is able to create some wonderful and memorable images of dream like fantasy which makes the transition to nightmarish scenes in the back half of the film all the more powerful. It is truly wonderful.

13) According to IMDb:

The band They Might Be Giants wrote 10 songs for the movie, but a change in tone from a musical to a darker production meant that all but one was cut; a scene in which Coraline’s other father sings along with a piano features John Linnell’s voice. The band has said they will release the other songs created for the movie in other projects, including albums.

Originally posted by captainestablishment-blog-blog

14) It is worth noting that the initial dinner Coraline has with her Other Parents is more of a Norman Rockwell, classic/idyllic image than her dinner at home (in both the food served and the look of the place). This relates to the film’s almost critique (I say almost because I do not know if it was intended, but it very well could have been) on expectations vs reality. How we have let certain fantasies shape our expectations in the real world and if we find something that fits those expectations perfectly it’s probably a lie.

15) Teri Hatcher shines in this film, particularly as Other Mother. There are three sort of phases to her performance as Other Mother which I will discuss individually as they occur. The first of these is the initial encounter with Other Mother. The sweet sing-song tones filled with love and warmth which can trick someone into thinking its honesty but when you listen there is DEFINITELY something false about it. A faux kindness which can catch you off guard. No one is really that kind, that nice. That’s the face you put on for company when it’s over and not one you can sustain forever.

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16) Ian McShane as Mr. Bobinsky.

I observed in my recap for the Selick directed The Nightmare Before Christmas that the film was able to create unique characterizations within seconds of introducing us to said characters which lasted consistently throughout the rest of the film. In this film - especially with Coraline’s neighbors - the same holds true. We are able to get a sense of what kind of fun weirdo Mr. Bobinsky is within seconds of meeting him, someone who’s a bit of a nut but also a generally nice guy, and that lasts through the end of the film. Ian McShane does a wonderful job as Bobinsky and out of the three neighbors (Bobinksy and the two actresses), Bobinsky is my personal favorite.

It is also worth observing Bobinsky’s character design here. As I said before, animation tells you a lot through its visuals about a character. Small elements in Bobinsky’s design make him a bit more human than say your average Prince Charming or seven dwarfs. The ratty shirt, the unkempt body hair, the big gut. All of it gives Bobinsky not only a sense of character but a sense of realism, as life is not always as pretty as we expect. This plays DIRECTLY into Other Bobinsky’s appearances, notably how he is better dressed AND his torso is upside down. Instead of having a large stomach, he has a large chest suggesting strength. THAT is your fairytale version of Bobinsky right there and - like everything else in the Other World - it’s a lie.

Originally posted by fuckyesanimatedgifs

17) Similarly, the two actress neighbors of Miriam Forcible and April Spink are established as weird but lovable dog ladies as soon as we meet them.

I mentioned before how this film plays with the ideas of expectations vs reality, and that becomes pretty clear after we meet Coraline’s neighbors. This is not some fairytale for Coraline. In a fairytale Mr. Bobinsky would run an incredible jumping mouse circus, not be a vaguely crazy man trying to create a jumping mouse circus (I say with love). And the pair of Miriam and April would be elegant world famous actresses, not two washed up has-beens (I say with love). But you know what? This is EXACTLY what they are in the Other World! The fairytale versions of themselves that is meant to be exactly what Coraline wants. And just like the change in design for Bobinsky in the Other World, Miriam and April get similar beautifications.

Originally posted by hrmphfft

Now they’re as pretty as any fairytale princess with a waistline to match, because that’s the “better” version of this isn’t it? Except it’s not real. It’s a lie, meant to entrap you and keep you from having a good REAL life. I sort of love that about this film.


Coraline [after Other Mother asks her to get her father]: “You mean my other father?”

Other Mother: “You’re better father, dear.”

Originally posted by gif-007

Red flag! Red flag! That’s a creepy thing to say Other Mother! (It is also here when we start noticing the fakeness of Other Mother’s nice voice.)

19) I keep mentioning how you can detect a slight hint of fakeness in Other Mother’s face. The hint is not so slight in Other Father’s voice. There’s nothing real there, nothing honest. Just fake honey that’s meant to entice Coraline. And I think that’s because Other Mother is the mastermind and she’s making Other Father BE like that. It’s a nice choice on the part of the filmmakers and actor John Hodgman I think.


Other Mother [about Other ‘Silent’ Wybie]: “I thought you’d like him more if he spoke a little less. So I fixed him.”

Originally posted by gif-007

If anyone says they “fixed” a person, turn around and run like crazy away. That’s creepy.

21) Hmm, wonder which of her parents Coraline takes after…

Mom: “I did not call [Mr. Bobinsky] crazy, Coraline. He’s drunk.”

22) The. Freaking. CAT!!!!

Originally posted by aditlovesosweet

Can I just say first and foremost: I love Keith David. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney villain of all time in no small part because of Keith David’s voice over work as the character. And his role as The Cat is just as good. I love The Cat, which is saying a lot because I’m a dog person. David is able to work with the writing and make the character both wise and mischievous but in a unique, dark, sarcastic way. He’s also the first hint of trouble and the only character other than Coraline to travel between worlds. The animators do an excellent job making sure The Cat’s characterization is clear and consistent, even when he can’t speak in the real world. He’s an excellent addition to the film and a wonderful companion to our hero.

23) Everything gets real freaky real fast.

Originally posted by somethingstirringonhalloween

Originally posted by heckyescoraline-blog

Right after Other Mother asks to put buttons in Coraline’s eyes (or, more accurately, REPLACE her eyes with buttons) this film turns into a horror film. Full on Stephen King, Poltergeist, “Stranger Things” horror! (Not that I’ve seen or read any of those things because I scare too easily.) And it is born not from jump scares or gore but from tone. The atmosphere becomes notably chilly and ominous and everything just becomes so FREAKY. THAT is why I think this is Henry Selick’s magnum opus. Because he can be as scary as he want to be!

24) For me, one of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Coraline walks around Other World.

Originally posted by filmvisionary

The simple decision to have her walk through a white abyss then find herself back in the Other World the Other Mother created just really works for me. It’s a simple yet elegant concept.

25) Other Mother’s truer form (her true form comes later).

Originally posted by disneyskellington

This is when Teri Hatcher and Other Mother start really shining as villains. There is still an attempt to be motherly, to be warm, but the creepy factor is turned up. There’s a sick playfulness there at times as well as terrifying anger. But this form is most marked by the cold reservedness. The chilling tones the Other Mother uses when taking to Coraline about the game they’re going to play. It’s crazy freaky and I love it for that!

26) There is no scene quite as haunting or quite as sad as when Coraline talks with the ghost kids.

Through its use of haunting visuals, eerie sound design, excellent writing, and top notch voice acting from the child actors, this one scene tells you perfectly what exactly the stakes are for this film. What exactly will happen to Coraline if she can’t succeed. And it’s terrifying.

27) I did not remember this line from before and the way Coraline describes the ghost kids to Wybie had me laughing my butt off.

Coraline [about the doll]: “It used to look like this pioneer girl, then Huck Finn Junior, then this ‘Little Rascals’ chick with hair ribbons…”

I don’t know why, but something about hearing her call the kid, “Huck Finn Junior,” is just wildly funny to me.

28) The entire idea of the eyes of the dead children being hidden in the “three wonders” Other Mother crafted for Coraline is not only an excellent way of juxtaposing some of the dream like imagery from earlier with its now nightmarish quality, but it also gives plot relevance to scenes which could have easily just been entertaining and excellent eye candy (Bobinsky’s circus, the garden, and the theater scene). It helps push the writing of this film from good to great.

29) So Coraline thinks she has lost her game with Other Mother and she’s going to end up like the ghost children, when a dead rat with the last eye falls in front of her and The Cat shows up.

The Cat: “I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t like rats at the best of times.”

Coraline: “You may have mentioned it.”

I love these guys.

30) Can we just take a second to appreciate how incredibly frightening Other Mother’s true form is?

Originally posted by callerofthecrows

Teri Hatcher gets to totally let lose as an actress with this final form of the Other Mother. There’s no more fake niceness, no more hiding, no more tricks. Just sheer, terrifying villainy in all its glory. It’s so creepy and evil and I love it!

Originally posted by frankensteinsbrides

31) If you’re ever in a jam with a homicidal maniac, just do what Coraline did:

Throw a cat at the homicidal maniac.

Originally posted by halloweenmagick

32) I find the web that Coraline falls into with Other Mother perhaps the most frightening visual of the whole film. I love it.

Originally posted by horsesaround

But the way Other Mother shouts after Coraline makes her way through the door is almost equally as terrifying to me. Just the desperation and madness in her voice gives me chills.

Other Mother: “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I’ll die without you!”

33) It is a classic rule of suspense, an almost Hitchcockian rule (although I don’t think he invented it), that the story is never over when you think it is.

Originally posted by un-cadaver-en-el-armario

The entire final “battle” with Other Mother’s disembodied hand, how it drags Coraline away, how Wybie has to come and save the day but it still keeps going, is all a great final horror movie moment. Just the creeping crawly uncatchable-ness of a spider and how you have to work really hard to squash it. I love that.

34) The final scene of the film resolves the visual conflict Coraline was having with the real world. Everything - hear parents, the neighbors, the flowers - is a bit brighter. A bit closer to her but not so perfectly as the Other World. Things are resolved, but everything is still in the real world. Everything is still honest and it may not be perfect, but it is a happy ending.

Originally posted by a-ripley

It has been a while since I’ve watched Coraline so in all honesty I forgot how good it was. It is an excellent piece of not only animated filmmaking but filmmaking period. The visuals and imagination is incredible, it is truly frightening at times through its use of atmosphere and (again) the visuals at hand, the writing is top notch - ESPECIALLY when it comes to our titular lead - and the voice acting is there to match (Hatcher and Fanning being the clear standouts). It is an incredible film I think everyone should see. It’s just that good.


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In a talk, you tell Tony about how you needed to take care of your alcoholic father and couldn’t remember him reading you any bedtime story.
He decides you need to know how it feels to be taken care of.

Relationship: Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader (no incest.)
Characters: Tony Stark; Mutant!Reader
Word counting: 800+
Notes: A bit of Angst, bad childhood, childhood memories, Tony is actually a very good father. Reader is a… Reader. 

This is a part of the Who is In Control series and happens around a month after the prequel (and 10 years before the actual chapters) . See the Masterlist and read the story

Y/N = Your name
Y/F/C = Your favourite colour
Y/L/F/C = Your least favourite colour
Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Originally posted by disnyedreamworks

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Tony watched as Y/N read a book, completely focused on its words and pages.

They’ve been together for a month and a half, and he was still learning a lot about her. Her favorite color was Y/F/C and her least favorite color was Y/L/F/C. Her favorite season was spring – because it wasn’t too warm nor too cold –, and least favorite was summer. She didn’t have a favorite food yet, because she loved food in general, and she ate like a frigging bodybuilder.

Also, she had a huge dictionary of curse words she had learned on the streets, but never used. (Thank God, because he didn’t know what he’d do if she did.)

Y/N had no idea what she wanted to do in the future, so she was interested on everything he would show her. Of course, Tony was always showing her something about engineering, but he was trying not to put pressure on in that department. He didn’t want to make her feel like he had high expectations for her future, but wanted the girl to feel free to do whatever she wanted to.

Her powers were a thing he had to learn how to deal with during in their first week. When Y/N had a particular bad nightmare – she had nightmares often, but didn’t tell him –, she could turn her room upside down in a blink of an eye. Once he had woken up to the sound of her windows and closet door slamming several times, only to find all of her books spread on the floor as well as some pieces of furniture and decorations in the wrong places.

“What are you reading?” He finally asked.

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Going into Hidden Figures having heard a lot of controversy about the bathroom sign-smashing scene, I was concerned that the movie was going to be pretty pandering on the racism front. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not; in fact, while it did romanticise some things it also made some white people uncomfortable so, mission success overall probably. FYI I am a white woman, but these are some of the things I observed that I thought were good in terms of the portrayal of race/racism.

1. Every positive anti-racist action taken by a white character was directly and unequivocably prompted, if not demanded, by a black character. The white character doesn’t take pity on the black character; the black character states their situation firmly with their head high and demands change. Of course a there’s a degree of pity in there, bc the white people have the power and don’t technically have to do shit, but it was not just a bunch of White Saviors strolling around going ‘oh, the poor black women, let me save you’. There aren’t even any “white friends” really (eg white teachers, other helpful white people,) except as a few people from the office eg Kevin started to step up their games. And we don’t see any of the white people’s family lives, internal drama, etc, and at no point does anything become about the consequences white people may face if they stand up for the black ones. There is no ~woe is me, what I give for social justice~. And the black characters aren’t expected to be grateful for being saved.

2. Systematic & unintentional/covert racism was explicitly highlighted, rather than overt racism being used to cover up/excuse the ‘small’ stuff. The scene where Kevin Costner smashes the bathroom sign? follows NUMEROUS mentions & displays of Katherine’s going to the bathroom and the notice of her absence, her getting rained on and drenched, and then proceeding to crack and explain some hard hitting points, one of which was that somebody had put a coloured sign on the coffee and no-one had taken it off or stood up for her or even used her coffee, and one of which were that there were no coloured bathrooms in literally half of NASA and none of the white people had noticed. Also, the difference between black WOMEN’s and white WOMEN’s pays was directly targeted (”you don’t pay us enough to buy pearls!”) White characters and white audience members were uncomfortable. Racism, but also the Bystander effect and the ignorance afforded by privilege are called out HARD, with silences and camera shots that force it to hit. There is no Unacceptably Too Racist Bad Guy to unify against; it’s ALL about systematic racism and unintentional racism and the lack of willingness of WHITE people INCLUDING WOMEN to face up to it.

3. Allies are rewarded/thanked/forgiven for actions, not words.  The idea of things being “just the way they are” and “just because that’s how it is, doesn’t make it right” is brought up numerous times but they don’t leave it there. At no point is racism magically solved - not even by the sign-smashing incident. Their colleagues and superiors are still pointedly difficult. They highlight ongoing civil rights issues and violence against black activists, state vs federal differences, and informal inequalities. And the black women don’t accept apologies and platitudes; they only accept action as apologies, eg. “I truly think you [white lady] believe [that you don’t have anything against black people]” vs. said white lady actually using her privilege within the system and getting Dorothy the Supervisor position she deserved

4. White Women are White. Water is wet, but not every portrayal of women will tell you that. I think they walked a really good line with the white women, because while there were a few moments of female solidarity (eg. “She can also speak”) they were always presented as being ‘just as white’ the as the white men. Just as doubtful, just as racist, just as ignorant and/or unwilling to stand up to the system; eg they didn’t invite or let Katherine into the bathroom, they didn’t touch her coffee pot, or do anything especially kind to her until those points when some of the men were also starting to reach out. There were no ‘we’re all women here/in a man’s world’ moments. At no point did the main ladies have to accept or defend anything from, or happening to, the white women, especially not at their own expense. 

(and meanwhile, sexism within the black community and elements of the main characters’ identities as both black and female were also explored)

and of course

5. Black women as heroines. This kind of goes without saying, given the point of the movie, but it’s more than just ‘cool, black female leads’. It’s everything that means. It means the stories of real black women are being told. And not (very) whitewashed. It means black women are bestowed with extremely brilliant intelligence, sense of justice and strength of character as every protagonist must. It means black women are front and centre of their own narratives, exerting agency, portraying developed lives. They have friendships, families (all different), opinions, personalities, beyond the token and independent of, as well as inclusive of, their oppression. Non-black audiences are presented with black women they can an must empathise with, front-and-centre, and in relation to one of the greatest proudest moments of American history. Black women have leadership roles, they make landmarks, and as far as this movie is concerned, they basically save the world. When it all goes down, the entire country is waiting on the word and the work of a black woman. That’s rare af in terms of rep, and it’s a freaking treasure.

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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Just, Breathe - Part 2

Summary: Pasts do not define futures if you let them. You can only move forward and hope for the best.

Prompt:  “I just don’t think I can do this anymore”
“Who gave you the right?”
“You’re a coward you always have been” very angst Daveed x Reader or Lin x Reader, please! - Anon (the other prompts will be in the next parts I promise)

Warnings: swearing, Angst, implied smut, sexual Spanish references

words: 3,050 (non chill Gee is back at it again.

A/N: You guys asked me for some fuck me up real good angst soo I did this? This was actually really fun to write and Marti helped me a lot with the dialog because i fucking SUCK, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. There is 100% going to be another part if you guys want it that is. So if you enjoy this please let me know so I can start working on the second half asap. Thank you for reading this, this is the first time i’ve stepped back from something and thought i actually like this. Be safe and stay lovely. I love you. - A.Ham (Gee)

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Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 (coming soon)


- Flashbacks are in italics.

Your eye scanned over the pages and pages of notes whilst you picked out the harmonies of the different cast members in the room. Every note hit home, you had read and reread the sheet music a thousand times since you had agreed to take over from Alex, wanting to make a point that you deserved to be here as much as the next person, even if you didn’t feel like you did. As you listened to the voices glide through the verses your ears pricked on something different.

“guys, hang on” you sighed out fairly loud to be heard. The melody ceased as you made your way up the stairs to stand down stage. You slinked towards Lin chewing on your check as you did so. “you’re flat, its putting me off” you shot him a pointed look. There was a small part in your brain that thought he may be doing this on purpose. He knew exactly how much it bothered you when something didn’t sit right, it would play on your mind and completely drive you insane. God help if someone sang over a song out of time, they might as well be dead to you at that point.

“I think I got this [y/n], i’m far from flat” he brushed off taking a sip of water, his eyes skimming over your frame as if it was a challenge. You raised a brow.

“sorry, I forgot, refresh my memory, who did you hire to conduct this musical?” you enquired with the most sarcastic tone you would fathom.

“who wrote the god damn thing?” his attitude way too cocky for his own good. How fucking dare he, who does he think he is? Staring you down with a face like thunder. The eyes of every other cast member burned into you from all angles.

“you had no idea what you were doing back then either” you shook your head down to the floor. “If you have an issue with me doing my job just speak up would you, god knows it’s never stopped you before” you added leaving a wake of gasps and eye rolls.

“guys, lets call it a day get some rest before tonight, I think someone needs to cool off” Tommy released the tension in the air with a clap of his hands before the whole stage started to disburse off into the wings. You gathered your paperwork once you reached the piano, gently tapping the pages to line up with each other. Internally, you cursed yourself for letting him get to you. He had no right to make you feel unwelcome, between all the hard work you had put into In The Heights and any other god damn whim Lin wen’t off on, you deserved the right amount of respect to do your job properly.

“I’m sorry” you heard Lin say barely even a whisper. You were quite sure that your head had just made it up and you carried on filing the papers into their proper place.

“I knew I was flat, I was trying to mess with you and i’m sorry” he said louder this time, making sure that you definitely heard it. Your eyes grazed up at him a questioning tone hung in the air around the both of you. You couldn’t help but feel like he was still playing games. For the duration of your entire engagement it felt like a huge game of seeing how far he could push you before you would finally snap and called it off. You never did. You loved Lin with all of your heart and the thought of having to call of the wedding you planned for too long, saved too much money and spent hours picturing in your head made you feel sick to your stomach. It was something that you would never do because long story short all you really wanted was to marry him. He was your best friend and your partner in crime through everything, that was, until he wasn’t.


“we’re not the same people we were [y/n]” he ran a hand through his messy hair, the dark locks pointing in every which way they could find. “things have changed, we have changed”

You stared at him from your side of the room. Lin paced back and forth like there was an invisible  boundary that he knew not the cross.

“bullshit Lin, I haven’t changed one bit and you know that. I’m not as good of an actor as you, I can’t change my persona at the drop of a hat its not me, its you” you stepped closer. “you’ve changed, you want more out of this relationship then i can give you. You’re taking things from me that I can’t give you” a flash of recognition graced across his face but was quickly replaced by anger. You wanted nothing more then for this stupid fight to be over. When you announced the wedding everyone was over the moon and most of all you were happy. The thought you of spending your life with your best friend meant so much more to you then a dress and a cake. It meant that you would have a lifetime of growing and learning new and wonderful things about each other every day. you savoured that, every last drop that Lin would give you as a glimpse inside his mind you cherished with all your heart. Sure between the years you had fights like this, but they always blew over, nothing really came of them. You would throw something at him (granted it may have been a cushion or too you didn’t want to actually harm the poor guy), the both of you would shoot insults back and forth at each other for a while until you both ended up laughing at something stupid and putting the argument to rest. Thats how you worked. Two fiery personalities in one apartment could get intense sometimes but that was who you were as a couple.

“I think we need to cancel the wedding” he made the comment without even being able to look you in the eyes, like he was ashamed. Ashamed of the fact that he was breaking your heart, ashamed of the fact that he was admitting he was wrong for the first time in your relationship.

You looked him in the eyes for the first time in 6 years. All the love that was once shared between the two of you was certainly not lost. His hands ran through each other in a nervous fashion, in some attempt to keep his cool.

“you haven’t changed a bit Lin” you stuffed the now level papers into your bag before picking up your jacket and slipping it onto your torso. “you constantly think that you can say sorry and everything will be fixed” using every excuse to fiddle with things in your bag so you didn’t have to look up and see his pleading eyes boring into you again.

“are you going to throw the fact that i cancelled the wedding in my face after all these years?” he was angrier now. His hands braced themselves into fits at his sides, dark brow furrowed out of pure frustration.

“well you did so i’m going to go out on a limb and say, yes” you said swinging your bag over your shoulder. He stopped you. Dragging your shoulder back until you spun around to meet him face to face, you didn’t realise how close you actually were until both of your noses practically touched. His breath was warm against your lips as he towered over you. It may have been years yet he still had a strange intoxicating effect over the whole of you.

You sighed. “just let me do my job, and do yours properly. I don’t want to be a part of your games anymore Miranda” you shot turning away from him. You made a b-line back to your office locking the door behind you. There wasn’t a chance in hell you were going to let him throw you off your game tonight.


On a normal day, your earlier run in with Lin would have thrown you off your game. However, there was no time to be off your game on opening night. You pushed all notion of nerves and anger aside and focused on doing your job to the best of your ability and let me tell you something, you did. Your first night at Hamilton was the best show that you had ever done and you knew it. So when the cast let their open palms point towards you in the pit you were more the happy to stand and wave to the surrounding people cheering every single person who worked on the show that night. You spun around to greet the audience placing a hand over your heart in thanks, you were truly moved by the way that you had been welcomed into the Hamilton family, so it was no surprise when a stage hand handed Lin a mic and he coughed in order to command silence over the theatre.

“As many of you know, Mr Alex Lacamoire has left us in the very capable hands of Miss [y/n] [y/l/n]” he paused smiling up at the crowd from the crumbled piece of paper in his hands. There was a round of applause until he held up his hand to signal silence once again. “I am more then happy to welcome her back into not only mine but the rest of this cast’s lives, [y/n] is one of the greats and I very thankful to have her as a part of this family” you let yourself get a slight tear in your eye as you beamed up at him centre stage, no matter how mad you were with him he always had a way with words that penetrated every single fibre of your being. He looked down at you, his brown eye glinting with love before he lifted the mic to his mouth one last time.


After everything has settled down and each of the respective cast mates had filed into their dressing rooms to get changed for the night ahead you headed to your office sliding on the dress you had chosen for the afterparty. You had insisted that there was no need for a party but between everyone else they had decided that you needed one, apparently. Something about tradition and you were in no mood to argue with tradition at the prospect of cocktails.

The bar as full of people that you knew but you honestly felt like a stranger. The last time you were here you were with Lin. You were happy, new love was blossoming and you were basking in the entirety of its glory, at this point it felt like you couldn’t let the memories stop pouring back through your brain like polaroids in the dark room that was your brain, and boy did they come flooding back.


Your palm rested lightly on his bicep, as the atmosphere of the room swept you up, whipping all of the emotions that lingered around you into a frenzy. You looked up at the gentleman in front of you. You couldn’t help but tell yourself that he was quite handsome. Picking a patch of lint of hiss lapel you ignored everything he said focusing on the rise and fall of his chest as he laughed at his own joke.

You laughed back, a subconscious nod to the fact that you didn’t have a clue what he just said. Before you could gather anymore of your own thoughts a strong grasp made itself present on your own arm. The icy touch making you gasp slightly. You didn’t have to let your mind run wild or fast to figure our who the hand belonged to. Merely the feel of Lin’s hands on you made you extremely aware of his presence.

“Excuse me, [y/n] can I borrow you for a second?” He asked to no one in particular, almost as if he didn’t intend the statement to leave his mouth as a question. “press thing, excuse us” he turned to the man you had just been conversing with and pulled you away. Weaving in and out of the crowd you wondered how many people could actually see what was going on. You knew you were in trouble, and you knew it wasn’t going to end in your favour.

As the winter air hit your lungs you almost choked. “what do you think you’re going [y/n]?” Lin asked moving round to face you. In his normal disposition he would have added a cocked eyebrow to emphasise the fact that he wasn’t actually pissed at you. There was no cocking of any eyebrow at this point, his face was a pure picture of him waiting for an answer.

“I was talking with that man, you told me to socialise. I was doing as i was told for once” you shot back quicker then your mind could compute that you made a poor choice of words. “Do you think this is a game? Oh, my dear you are highly mistaken” he replied rocking back and forth on his heels. He was practically fizzing.

You let your hip slide to the side in a questioning manor, this drove him crazy. The fact that you could use your body to drive him insane and make him question his thought process was something that he was always in awe of. Tonight, not the case.

“This is not a game, if someone sees you flirting with other men that gives other men permission to flirt with you. Do you really think thats appropriate after the last few months? What do you think was about to happen?” he enquired crossing his arms across his broad chest.

“[Y/N]!” your head whipped from the intent stare you held with Lin to the voice of your friend drunkly running out of the event. “[y/n] you know me and free bars, who is this?” she slurred pointing towards the angry man who now made his way towards your side, letting a hand drift to rest in the open back of your dress. “Lin, i’m [y/n]’s boyfriend, nice to meet you” his attitude shifted. The smile playing on his lips reached each side of his face as he took your friend’s hand in his to shake. “It’s cold out here no, we should get going, I’ll get us a cab” if this man’s demenor changed anymore within a short space of time you were pretty sure you were going to end up with whiplash god damn it.

He placed a soft kiss behind your ear, to everyone on the outside, an innocent act. However it was only you that felt his finger tips press into the soft skin of your back. It was only you that heard the spat tone of “Make an excuse, get in the cab” and before you could find a sarcastic comment to respond with he left your skin lingering with feathered fingerprint bruises and he was at the edge of the curb hailing a car.

“Well” you sighed gathering the long pool of silk that was your dress up around your wrist. “Enjoy the free bar sweetie, we must get coffee soon!’ you called back flashing a reassuring smile behind you before sliding into the cab. Lord knows what would face you on the other end of short journey. You dreaded it, but you also couldn’t help but press your tights tightly against each other at the thought of it.

You slammed the door not bothering to let him finish the sentence that had bearly left his throat. A cold front came over your entire body, the random chit chat that Lin had engaged you in on the way home was not something you cared for. Apparently tonight he gave a damn what your cab driver over heard, it had never really stopped him before.

Letting the train of your dress glide over the dark wood floors of his apartment your eyes burned into the back of you.

"who gave you the right?” he asked into thin air tugging his tie loose.

You didn’t answer, you simply threw your handbag onto the couch before walking over to the large windows that framed the city skyline perfectly. Lights illuminating every single asset of the city. Your teeth tugged on your bottom lip subconsciously as he strode towards you reaching for your waist as he did.

“you should know by now i don’t like someone admiring whats mine” he breathed down your neck letting his teeth grazing over the soft skin at the nape.

“I’m yours Lin, you know that” you whispered not sure whether you were in the right place to talk back or not, however you were feeling extra brave with pushing your luck tonight. His fingers tugged at the zipper on your side, as he moved his free hand to fist the hair at the base of your neck tugging down slowly earning a low moan to escape your throat. You were clearly not in the right place to talk back to him at this moment. He let out a breathy chuckle.

“always an answer for everything mi amor” your breath hitched as he pressed himself around you. consuming every single part of your senses as he let his teeth trail across the top of your ear before he whispered. “enviar”


“hey lady of the hour, I lost you for a minute there” a slight look of concern crossed Lin’s face as he questioned you letting his hand rest comfortably on the small of your back like before. It was all too much. between every single moment that the both of you had shared and every single moment you still had to share you knew you wouldn’t be able to go another moment before doing this. For whatever reason every single ounce of feeling that you had every felt for this damn man came flooding back to you and for this reason and this reason alone.

You kissed him.

“Cautious” - Part 5

“Cautious” - Part 5

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4,176

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Torture,

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers (something similar to the force, but not the force).
   She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. The two have bonded very well.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 5! Be prepared for some feels! There should be two or so more parts after this one. I have the next couple of parts planned out. The next few parts or really the rest of this fic is also going to be on the lengthier side. I hope you guys don’t mind!

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has shown so much support with the past pieces I’ve written. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from writing. I hope this storyline doesn’t disappoint!

Special shout out to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful beta reader and wonderful person in general! Please go check out her page for some cute fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicryptids@mayfeather27

    Pain. That’s all you felt. Your whole body ached and you could feel how many cuts and bruises you were going to grow within the next few hours. You couldn’t breathe. Your head was being held down in a tub of freezing water. These Hydra fuckers were back at it again with the torture. You didn’t want to give in. You didn’t want to show them your whole self. You could not become their weapon.

    The red aura-ed man was standing over your kneeled body. His bitches had finally backed off from dunking your head in the water. You fought to catch your breath, finding yourself going into a coughing fit. You needed to lean forward and cough it all out. You still felt your body lean forward and ended up with your forehead against the cold linoleum flooring.

    In the middle of your fit, a large hand grabbed the back of your head and pulled you back to your knees. You begin to plead for them to not make you go back underwater. An ominous laugh burst out behind you and you realized that this wasn’t one of the henchmen. The red aura-ed man twisted you around until you were face to face while still gripping your hair.

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Submission from @eosrealis who wrote something for my plantpowers!Burr!au :D this is how they think Alex would figure out that Aaron has powers (and it’s super well written!!)

“Alexander, no”

“Alexander, yes”

Aaron sighed. “When has that ever worked?” he nursed his coffee, avoiding eye contact with the sign-up sheet held in front of him. It was something of a challenge too, since Aaron’s overeager friend was practically shoving it into his face.

“I’ve gotten you to sign plenty of things.” Alexander’s eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth twisting into a self satisfied smile.

“Yes, but not this. You know I don’t-”

“You don’t do protests, yes, I know. But you would only have to stand in a crowd! Come on, what are you losing? You’d be supporting a good cause!”

Aaron knew that Alexander couldn’t possibly know what he stood to lose, but irritation flared through him anyways. Aaron tamped it down before it could show, he was good at that.

“I’m still not doing it.”

“Don’t you care about rights for powered people?”

Aaron carefully did not react. “Of course.”

“Then defend them!”

Aaron sighed again. “Hamilton, please stop.”

A raised eyebrow. “On to last names already? You’re slipping, Burr.” His surname was spoken with a teasing lilt, and of course only Alexander could get under Aaron’s skin just by addressing him by name.

Aaron huffed lightly, trying to disengage rather than get pulled into an argument. But of course Alexander could never just leave it at that. “Come on Aaron, how about this: I’ll leave you alone but you have to help my fundraiser at the end of the month.”

And there it was. The worst part about having Alexander as a friend was that he had a lot of experience in arguing with people to get what he wanted. Aaron considered himself a decent debater, but against Alexander he didn’t stand a chance.

But still. “No way.”

“You only have to help donate. Make some stuff for the crafts and bakes sale. You don’t even have to show up.” Aaron could practically feel the fishing line trying to reel him in.

He gave a token struggle. “If I give you a money donation right now, will you leave me alone?”

Alexander scowled, his face pinching in offense. “You can’t be so impersonal! Half of the point of a fundraiser is making an event that people can go to! It’s reaching out to the community! Which gives us more room to open dialogue about powered people and the shit they’re stuck with!”

The words struck him. Suddenly, Aaron felt drained. Just thinking about powered rights made him tired and sour. He especially didn’t want to hear about it from normal people. “Fine, fine, whatever.”

Of course, rather than the outcome Aaron was looking for, Alexander froze for a moment before pinning Aaron with his laser focus. “Do you- are you actually invested?”

Shit. “What are you talking about?” It came out harsher than Aaron wanted.

“You never give up this quickly, don’t tell me I finally found the topic you have thoughts on.”

Double shit. “Drop it, Alexander. Besides, no one’s going to care about powered rights on a small scale like this. There’s so few of them that everyone just forgets until a powered person’s in the news, and good luck getting someone to show up at a college fundraiser.”

Aaron bit fiercely into his cheek, that was far wordier than intended. What was he thinking, word vomiting on Alexander of all people? And of course he was grinning again. “You do, holy shit! Aaron Burr has an Opinion!”

Anxiety twisted its way up Aaron’s chest, a network of brambles- or it could be, if he didn’t get himself under control. No, don’t think like that, he tried to berate himself. Aaron did not fidget, even if the energy in his veins surged with his agitation. Alexander always was the best at pulling his emotions out, and for the hundredth time Aaron wondered why he hadn’t cut ties yet. The teasing smile on Alexander slipped off, his eyes slipping into something more concerned than amused.

It would be the smartest choice, Aaron had known that fact from the very beginning. From the first conversation with Alexander and his friends, Aaron had never met anyone who could shatter his years of solid control in mere minutes. Which of course was why he avoided that whole group as a whole. Not that it stopped Alexander from approaching him all the damn time. The only person who put that kind of effort in talking to him, actually.

Alright, it wasn’t any kind of mystery. Aaron was just lonely. His chest pulsed again with unwanted feelings and Aaron squashed it before it could spread to the grass around them. He could almost feel the blades twitching under his influence, it wouldn’t take much.

Thankfully, Alexander seemed to realize that he’d pressed a little too far. He took a step back, dipping his head ever so slightly forward in the closest he ever gets to an apology.

“Sorry.” Or not, apparently? Aaron couldn’t keep the surprise from his face. “Really, man. I’ll back off, but you really should consider it, especially if it really matters to you.” Alexander paused, the corners of his lips lifting up ever so slightly. “I always knew you stood for something.”

Alexander turned abruptly and walked off, the usual bounce back in his step. Aaron didn’t move, staring after Alexander until he disappeared behind a crowd of students. Finally, he took a step, almost tripping over the grass twined around his ankles, much longer than it ought to be and already seeding.

Aaron cursed quietly, ripping the grass up forcefully. The small garden to his left had a small mass of green bulbs that weren’t there at the start of the conversation, mostly because it was almost winter and much too cold for new growth. Aaron gave the garden a long glare, knowing it would attract more attention if he tried to reverse the growth. It would be better to create distance.

Now if only Aaron could apply that wisdom to Hamilton, then everything would be safe again.


Alexander closed the door of his room behind him and leaned against it, his mind working a mile a minute. 

Aaron has powers.

He shut his eyes then opened them again to stare at the board he had hung on the wall above his bed. It was covered in articles about powered people, strings of yarn of different colors linking pictures and texts together. And at the middle of it stood a picture of his classmate, an annoyed look at being caught on camera.

Aaron has powers.

This thought pushed him to walk towards the board and roam his eyes on it again, as if he hadn’t countless times before. He had been right since the beginning.

Aaron is like me.

Ever since his birth, he had been able to feel the auras of the people around him, and that included powered people, whose auras revealed their powers. Of course, such a gift was best to be kept a secret, and even if it pained him to, he knew it would help in situations like this.

He had been drawn by the other’s powerful aura, a miriad of colors swirling around the boy’s frame, though kept close to this body as if he was constantly trying to contain or erase it. His aura was the most beautiful Alex had ever seen, and after listening to the younger man talk in class he knew he had to get close to him. But Burr kept everything close to himself and it had been a challenge to approach him and get his attention, and a seemingly impossible task to get him to talk about himself. But he had finally found a way.

Maybe getting him to work with him on his cause would grant Alex more time with the other powered student, and maybe then he could catch a glimpse of Aaron’s immense power.

Alexander set his hands on his hips and stared at Aaron’s face with determination.

One day, he would get him to show him his powers. And then, they would be unstoppable.

I Feel it Coming

A casual coffee encounter leads to more steamy antics as the night carries on. Who can resist when Derek Morgan offers more than just caffeine to make a weekend memorable.

Warnings: unprotected sex


The late night shift at the Muffins and Tops coffee shop always boasted an entertaining array of customers. There was the college crowd who wandered in under the weight of textbooks bigger than their heads and who adamantly considered caffeine an adequate substitution for sleep. There was the creepy writer who would camp out in the corner with a vaguely personalized mug in the corner and not move until the workers chased him off with a broom. Layne’s personal favorite, however rolled in every Friday at precisely 2 minutes before closing with a bright smile to hide the obvious bags underneath his eyes.

Tonight was no different. He strolled in with a file tucked under his arm and exact change ready. Layne set to work on his usual without a word. He leaned his shoulder against the wall and rolled up the sleeves of his off white Henley. The barista could never resist the opportunity to marvel at his well-crafted body. He only tucked in the front of his shirt to his dark pants and she knew that was because he hid a gun on the back of them. A pair of sunglasses sat atop his head telling how long he had been traveling today.

“Long day, agent?” she called as she coaxed the brewing machine to life once more for the night.

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I wanna write a 9000 page novel where Sirius raises Harry and they’re visited all the time by uncle Remus, who keeps trying to teach 6 year old Harry advanced magic despite the fact he’s six, talks to him like he’s also 28 and basically raises him to be the most anti-anti-humanist ever, the kind of kid who stands up for anyone who’s looked down on, because Harry’s favourite Uncle can’t even get a job because he’s a werewolf. So as if he’s going to stand back and let poor, near-non-magical Neville be bullied by Draco when people like Malfoy have been looking down on Harry’s family and loved ones for years.  Auntie Andromeda always has coffee with Sirius in Muggle cafes to rub it into her sisters’ faces that oh, look, she, the Blood traitor is having coffee with another blood traitor and also to bitch incessantly about the Black family with him. She leaves cool cousin Tonks to babysit tiny Harry; she entertains him by morphing into barnyard animals and regaling him with stories about her adventures at Hogwarts and the new DADA teacher who she predicts is going to go nuts before the end of the year. 

And Blood Traitors have to stick together, right? The Weasleys are frequent visitors to Grimmauld Place; the kids sometimes stay over because everyone loves Sirius, and Harry and Ron have been BFFs since when they could only speak in gargles and wails. Bill grows his hair long with Sirius as his fashion and coolness icon, and comes home grinning one day when he’s 16 because he just got a piercing while Sirius shamelessly egged him on. Percy is aghast, and is swimming in horrified disapproval. Well, even if Sirius is a terrible influence, he at least now has opportunities to harass Remus as to how exactly to become Head Boy. Sure, he hasn’t started school yet, but is he going to let that stop him? He needs to be prepared. (Is there an application? Does he need to become a prefect first? What does he have to do???!!)

And the twins, God, the twins. Sirius tells them literally everything there is to know about pranking the teachers, gaining Peeves’ respect, while Remus suggests that maybe, just maybe they should try to work a bit more on their grades, and, incidentally, have they worked out how to open that map yet? They are regaled with stories about the misdeeds of the Marauders (somehow, all the stories manage to leave out that other boy, Peter or something). Molly is disapproving of Sirius’s influence on the twins who, under his tutelage, are becoming even more of a pain in the behind than they were before. But at least Remus is there to stress the importance of getting good marks, even if they don’t listen. 

She has nothing against Sirius really; for goodness sakes, somehow she always finds that there’s a bit more money in their Gringotts’ vault that she recalled there being, and all her children end up with new school robes and books and owls and wands, and she strongly suspects that Sirius - or perhaps Harry himself, she can’t work out who - has been sneaking money into the Weasley vault, especially as they’re terrible actors and are the worst at pretending they have ‘no idea what she’s talking about’ when she tries to give it back. The Weasleys aren’t the first poor family they’ve been charitable to -  she knows for a fact that that young Remus Lupin Percy is so enraptured by hasn’t been able to find a job anywhere because of his - unfortunate condition, yet he always seems nicely-dressed and well-fed despite that. And beforehand, Charlie’s ambitious future of working in Romania with dragons didn’t seem likely… at least, until it was financed as a ‘graduation gift’. 

But she doesn’t like how he’s so laid back when he’s raising a child. She yells at him. He yells at her. They argue. Sometimes they don’t speak to each other at all. But Sirius does start to behave a little more responsibly around Harry, and Molly does let her hair down a bit, and they don’t see eye to eye all the time, but one thing they have in common is that they love all those kids and they’ll adapt and try to change for them.

Arthur is enraptured by Sirius’s ‘motorbycle’, always asking how it works and if he can ride it and where can he get one of them, he needs it for… education purposes. Molly outright refuses to let him buy one of those dangerous machines, you have no idea how Muggle inventions work, you could get killed, we have no idea how Muggle currency works, and anyway, how can we possibly afford one? 

Sirius buys him one for Christmas. He grins at Molly when Arthur nearly has an aneurysm when he sees it. Arthur crashes it within a week, and Sirius admits that okay, maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea but - Molly, stop glaring at me like tha- Molly - 

And worst (or maybe most entertaining) of all, Ron has been subjected to the Bad Influence of Sirius Black and the twins. As has Harry. By the time they start school, Ron and Harry’s snark and roasting factors have increased by 200%. Snape doesn’t stand a chance. McGonagall screams when they arrive at Hogwarts.

Sirius and Harry don’t just have each other, they have Remus and the Weasleys, and, unlike canon, they both get a new family. Sirius lost the love of his blood family, he lost James’s parents who adopted him as their own, and he lost James and Lily, but he’s gained the Weasleys and he’s always had Remus, even if there is that aching, angry spot that was Peter Pettigrew, that will probably never go away entirely. Harry has never known what it was like to be hated by his family, all he’s ever known was love and friendship and happiness.

Suho – Own Accord?

Characters: Suho x You

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1702

A/N: [2/9] Happy new year everyone, I wish you all a great 2017 with many happy moments and hopefully more positive happenings than negative!

“I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.”

Working during holidays was one of the worst ideas I could ever come up with, especially because I didn’t need the money, but only something to occupy my time. I could seriously have done something way better, like reading at home and chilling on my bed. But no, I was not really thinking further and about all those side effects of working six hours a day. Or the fact that the job itself could be pretty boring.

Wasn’t there any other fun jobs around? I was seriously questioning my mental health at the time I choose the job at a dry cleaner as something that would nicely occupy my time.

But what is done is done and I needed to live with it. Just a month and a half and I will be able to have another month of real holidays and the experience and knowledge to never do the same mistake again. And hopefully, I would be smart enough to sort out my priorities to schedule a small plan of things I can do as a hobby. I seriously needed one, and hopefully, one that has nothing to do with a freaking ball. I may be on the sporty side, but definitely not when it was about any ball sports like football or basketball. Whenever I played one of those, I would end up on the ground with a serious injury.

“Haera, here are the car keys and the two suits. Please deliver those to Kim Cooperation. You do know where that is, right?”

“Who doesn’t.” I rolled my eyes and took the car keys from Mark, my co-worker and friend. I must say, he was one of the reasons why I choose this job out of the other options I had. Another mistake, seriously. That guy was like a little brother you never wanted, why we were best friends was beyond me.

The drive took only twenty minutes and I found myself standing in front of the desk of the secretary on the top floor, which another worker send me to. The only problem? There was no one here. No one sitting behind that desk, walking around or in any other rooms around the place. I ought to know, I checked.

Frowning, I groaned out in frustration. It was pretty suspicious for a company to have no workers around the building when it’s only six in the afternoon on a Wednesday. So either no one was really working here or everyone got they day off, both options weirder as the other. I mean, since when could a company let all workers off. I’m pretty sure that there need to be at least some people holding up everything and trying to cope up with the day’s workload.

Shrugging, I walked around aimlessly. Checking even the bathrooms for any signs of human beings. But every single office door was open, without a trace of anyone. Until  I found the only office with its door close and actual walls that are not made out of glass. The tag at the door read Kim Junmyeon, CEO.

If I was lucky, then the door wasn’t locked and someone was actually sitting there. The question was if I was actually allowed to enter?

Taking a deep breath, I knocked twice before opening the door and walking in.

“Have I allowed you to enter, or why are you opening the door?” A voice growled at me and I froze in place, startled. The voice belonged to the figure standing behind a desk, his back turned towards me as he looked out of the big windows.

Turning towards me, his hard and cold expression morphed into confusion as he eyed my figure up and own.“Who are you?”

“T-the dry cleaner’s?” I stuttered out, not being able to cope up with the situation at hand. I was never good with people being all dominant, especially if they seem to be angry.  “I was sent here to deliver those suits, but no one was around. I am sorry?” I meekly replied.

He raised his eyebrow before he broke it a chuckle. Biting my lips, I just placed the suits onto the couch in front of the desk, ready to turn around and leave as fast as possible.

“What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?” I blinked at him, startled again. Wasn’t he all cold and emotionless a moment ago?

“Your name.” He smirked at my state, looking at me amused. Wow, I never thought I would meet a bipolar person. A good looking one at that.

“Yoon Haera,” I whispered out and instantly walked out of the office and the building. I thought that would have been the first and last time I would have seen Kim Junmyeon, the good looking and young (slightly bipolar) CEO. But after approximately two weeks, I was back at the building, standing in front of the (again) empty desk just to find out that he was already awaiting me. With an amused smirk on his face as I grew pale.

Yeah, well, I wasn’t really fond of meeting him again. But he proved to be a royal pain in the ass, with every meaning. I mean, he instantly admitted that he was asking only for me to deliver his suits. Now, this didn’t just happen once, I mean twice, but for the next three weeks as well. And who needs more than seven suits dry cleaned in a week?

Being with Junmyeon was strange, someone around all the teasing and annoying each other, he started to show me his real self; A charming and gentle young man, who had my well being in mind. Often, if not always. Sometimes too often though. He loved teasing me and was amused at every single reaction of mine.

Dating him was bliss. It was strange how we functioned together and while I never believed it could be possible for me to date a freaking CEO, it happened almost naturally with him. He was listening to me whenever I needed him to, giving me advice. Till I smelled it, the horrible scent of blood.

Not once, and definitely not twice. It was too often, countless for me to state.

I held it in me until I couldn’t stay silent anymore. I needed to know why a CEO was smelling of blood whenever he came from his job to visit me, so I asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He dismissed the topic easily. Yet I knew his habits when he lied. He would never look into my eyes, dismiss things without really talking about them. I knew because I was similar.

“You are looking away from me. Don’t lie to me, why are you smelling of blood. Why?!”

I would have never thought that he would be a mafia boss. That his CEO exterior was just a show, a mask to hide his job. The people not around in his company made sudden sense. It was too much for me, I couldn’t take it. I ran away from him.

A mistake. Especially because he warned me of all the consequences I would face. He never said what, only that he would always be anywhere. That the power of the mafia boss Suho didn’t know any limits.

I broke contacts off with him while living my normal life like I never met him. It worked for the time being until I noticed it.

No one was there for me. My friends have changed all their numbers, broken off any contact with me. My family not being able to be reached, having sent me only a letter telling me how they don’t want to have anything to do with me. I was suddenly all on my own in the world as everyone I knew turned their backs on me.

I was down for a long period of time, but somewhere along the way I gained strength again and tried to get to meet new people. But it wasn’t working,

Everything hurt too much and while I lived another three months alone, I was not able to create any friendships, any kind of bond with anyone. Whatever I did, they always seem to ignore my presence. The moment I gave up, I was sitting down on a bench in the park. Silent tears were running down as I closed my eyes. The moment I opened them, I found him standing in front of me.

I knew that it was his doing and that I would be seeing him again. His consequence was not only to make me regret leaving him but coming back to him on my own accord. Which is why I expected him to smirk at my state, a victorious gaze in his eyes.

But it was everything but that. His gaze was sad, even with the small smile on his lips. His whole posture oozed sadness, and even a bit regret.

He walked up to me, standing between my legs as he pulled my face into his frame. Hugging my head to his belly as he patented my head. I expected the hug to be too warm, suffocating. But it was strangely reassuring, calming.

“I wanted you to come back to me, on your own accord and free will. But I knew that you would never, you hated the underground scene too much.” He started to talk, his voice soft and light. “It was me, indeed me, who warned your friends from getting too close to you. Only the males though because I am such a jealous shit. But I would never make people leave you, it would only hurt you in the end and that is the least of what I want. I wasn’t the cause of your family breaking the contact with you, Haera. But seeing you in this state now makes me wish I was the cause of it so that I could take it back and make the pain go away. I’m sorry.”

After more than five months on my own, I started to let all the pain free, sobbing into Junmyeon’s frame while hugging him closer. “I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist


The Adventures of Fawn Diaz and Peter Parker–Chapter 25

The next day, Peter was more chirpy than usual. It was probably because of what happened the night before. Need I remind you?

Fawn kissed him. Only, he was Spider-Man. Not Peter. So she had no idea it was him.

Peter was still happy though. When he sauntered into the kitchen, May was suspicious. He was usually exhausted and begging for coffee. But he was standing upright, a smile on his face. Granted, he still had his pajamas on, but he was still happy.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep? Or did something happen?” May smiled.

“Just a good night’s sleep,” Peter sat down and sighed happily.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy about getting a good night’s sleep,” May giggled.

“It’s been awhile since I got a good 9 hours,” Peter lied. The truth was that he was actually dying of sleep deprivation.

“Huh. Well, I’m happy for you. I’d like to see you like this everyday so, please get to bed on time tonight…and the rest of the nights,” May said as she left the kitchen, setting down a mug of coffee for Peter on the table in front of him.

He smiled and started drinking it and thought about what he was going to do, other than his homework. He thought about calling Ned over, but he already told Ned what happened last night, when it happened, and he was sure Ned didn’t want to hear it again, because that was all Peter could talk about.

Then he thought about Harry, and how he wanted Peter to come visit the “New and improved Oscorp”.

Maybe I should go. It won’t hurt.” Peter thought.

After Peter finished his homework, he told May he was going out and he would be back in time for bed. He decided to Spider-Man his way instead of taking 3 different trains.

He swung towards the Oscorp tower near Mr. Stark’s own building. He took his suit off and put on his clothes in an alley, stuffing the suit in a backpack he brought along. He came out discreetly and went into the Oscorp building. Harry was waiting in the lobby for him, considering Peter had texted him and said he was coming.

“Pete! Hey man, glad you could make it!” Harry greeted him with a bro-hug. Peter returned the gesture.

“Me too. You gonna show me around?” Peter smiled.

“Sure thing, dude. Let’s go,” Harry waved Peter towards him and they started their trek through the science building.

“I have to be back by 10 pm.”

“Relax, Parker, it’s not like I’m gonna keep you here so we can experiment on you. It’s just a tour.”

“And lastly, here is the lab where my dad has been working on some…black goop…” Harry sighed, not really knowing what he was showing Peter.

“Cool. Do you know what it is?” Peter walked towards the large glass container where the ‘black goop’ was held.

“Uh, no. Sorry, Pete.” Harry scratched his neck embarrassingly.

As Peter got closer, he found that there was nothing in the container.

“Harry there’s nothing in here,” Pete turned to Harry and pointed towards the container.

“It’s dark in here, and it’s black. You probably can’t see it. And you’re not wearing your glasses, man. Of course you can’t see it. Now, come on. It’s almost 10.” Harry started leaving.

“But Harry–!” Peter started. The door closed, and Peter was alone. He sighed and turned back to the container, and there it was.

The ‘black goop’. Right on the glass, making a spider shape. Startled, Peter tripped and fell backwards on his bum. The goop moved around the glass, as if it were alive. Peter was incredibly confused.

“What…are you?” He breathed out as he stood up. He approached the container once again, putting his hand on the glass and the goop formed into the shape of his hand.

“Interesting. You’re alive. What did Mr. Osborn make?” Peter asked. He read a tag on the glass: “VENOM SYMBIOTE

Suddenly, the symbiote made itself into a sharp pointy object and cracked the glass. Peter stepped back before he could he get scratched by the glass. However, the symbiote followed him and attached itself onto his hand.

“Hey! Get off!” Peter shook his hand vigorously, attempting to get the venom symbiote off. It didn’t budge. It hastily inched up his arm and stopped at the base of his neck. Then, Peter felt…different. He closed his eyes and saw blackness, what he always saw when he closed his eyes.

Peter…” a voice hissed in his head.

“HOLY SHIT!” his internal self, Mind Peter, shouted in surprise.

Do not be afraid…I will only help you. Give you power…give you…confidence….

“Considering your title is ‘Venom’, I think I’ll pass.”

You don’t want power? The power to defeat your enemies? Do you not want to have confidence? The confidence to talk to girls? To…Liz?

Peter was intrigued. But the fact that this, thing, this symbiote, knew his wishes and desires, alarmed him. But the offer sounded promising, so why not?

“….I guess. But just until I score a date with Liz. And then, you have to go.”

If you say so.” and the Venom took over Peter. His previously bright blue sweater turned a dark navy, and his blue jeans turned black. Peter’s hair was matted down and his soft brown eyes turned darker (if that was even possible).

Peter opened his eyes and he immediately felt the effects of the Venom take-over. He felt much stronger, confident.

He looked at his hands and opened and closed them. He turned them over, then balled them into fists.

“Wow,” he said.

“Pete! Dude where are you?” Harry’s voice sounded out.

“Shit.” Peter cursed under his breath. The Venom retracted itself from Peter and slipped into his backpack. Peter felt like his normal self again, everything returned to its natural color and style.

“The security cameras!” Peter whispered. He didn’t have time. He would have to come back later and erase the film.

Peter ran to the lab door and opened it quickly. He closed it behind him and turned around, finding Harry standing with his hands in his pockets and a suspicious look on his face.

“It’s 10:20. You said–”

“I know what I said. Sorry, I was just curious, you know me.” Peter said. “Hey do you know if there are any–I don’t know–security cameras? In that lab?”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “No, why? Did you steal something, man?”

“No, no. I was just wondering how the scientists look at the data they collect through video, but I guess they don’t do that here.” Peter said, lying through his teeth.

“Oh. Well, no. No security cameras. You should get going. May won’t be happy,” Harry said.

“Yeah…I should. Thanks for the tour Harry. You’re the man,” Peter bro-hugged Harry suddenly and rushed towards the elevator. He got in and when the doors closed, he sighed.

When he got outside, he went back to the alley to change. As he unzipped the bag, the venom latched itself on Peter again. It took the shape of his suit, except it was entirely black. Even the spider symbol was a bit different too.

Forget the other suit…this one suits you better.

“Sorry, but I’m wearing my suit home.” Peter said as he reached for the red and blue suit Mr. Stark gave him. He pulled it out and the Venom crawled off Peter and onto the suit, changing its colors to black and silver.

“Seriously? You better not ruin this, I can’t get it dry cleaned.” Peter said as he changed into the suit in the biting cold weather. When he put it on, his body warmed up.

Whatever you want, Peter.

“Now that’s what I like to hear.”

And with that, Peter swung home…a changed man.

A/n oh dear, this isn’t good. We all know Venom’s intentions. Let’s hope that Peter is okay and doesn’t fall prey to Venom. I hope you guys liked this! Stay tuned.

-Lina 🦋

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The Kinks List [Harry Villiers x Reader]

Author’s Note: Whoa! Two posts in one day?! I know. I’m surprised too. But I thought I should do a little extra writing considering I have the day off from school and I’ve been pretty absent because of all the work I’ve had. This was the idea I came up with weeks ago that I had mentioned in my Alistair Ryle imagine and I’m glad I finally wrote it out. I gave it an open ending too so I can definitely continue it.

Word Count: 2,591

Warning(s) (this is new ha ha): Smut. Voyeurism. 

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and the rest is silence | Jae [oneshot]

But just because Jae keeps his head down doesn’t mean his ears aren’t listening.

And The Rest is Silence | flangst | ~5.2k words | for anon

request: if requests are open can I suggest something? How about a jae fluff angst scenario, where the oc is also in jyp but they never met before, yet their mutual friends keep telling them they would get along well(same taste in music, great at playing the guitar,…)even tho their personalities are polar opposites. She’s more introverted with a really bad sense of humor. How will their relationship blossom? i’ll leave that to you

a/n: sorry this took so long! but i hope you like it anyway. any feedback is greatly appreciated <3
(requests are always open, except for the drabble game, but it might take a while because i can’t write that fast ;;;___;;;)

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The Right One(NSFW)

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Characters: Y/n, Sam

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing followed by filthy nasty smut. Master/Slave kink, choking kink, sweat kink?(is that a thing), dirtiness basically all throughout, breeding kink

Word count:2884

Summary: Sam makes y/n realize he is the better Winchester

A/N: This is a requested fic i got from the one and only @scorpiongirl1. Thank u for thinking of me to write this. This is the request- Hey, I was hoping to request a Sam smut. I was thinking Reader lives in the bunker with Dean and Sam and has a crush on Dean. He’s pleasuring himself in his room and says Dean’s name but Sam walks in and hears him and gets jealous and wants to show him who he should really be with (i.e. Sam). And it’s total smut and Sam tops. Hopefully you can do something with that, cuz I know you said Sam wasn’t your thing. (oh and Sam totally convinces the reader he should be with sam instead, no offense dean. Um so this got really strangely dirty, like i dont know why i was wracking my brain for some ideas and this filthiness is what i came up with. Sorry if I gross anyone out and this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. 

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@jensen-jarpad  @december-sunrise @helvonasche @fly-f0rever@kaitlynnlovegood @notnaturalanahi


“Oh god yea, fuck Dean, keep going. Get right in there” y/n moaned. For the past few weeks he hadn’t been able to get himself off. While Dean had absolutely no shame and slept with whatever bar hoe he could, y/n found it slightly more difficult to get a guy.

Firstly, they were in Kansas. While there were gay men around, y/n was slightly frightened to go and check these places out, thinking he might get attacked or something. Then there was the fact that he had his eyes on a certain green eyed hunter.

He’d been completely attracted to Dean the second he lay eyes on the hunter. While both brothers were hot as all hell, as was the cute angel with his damn blue eyes and adorable innocence, it was Dean that got him hard all the time.

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Impact (Taehyung x Reader)

In which Taehyung is both a mess and your best friend.

Request: Taehyung + high school AU please? <3

Fluff, 4.7k words, taehyung/reader, high school au

You’re not exactly the goody-two-shoes type, who’s always nice and generous and good at everything, but you’re not exactly a problem child, either. You’re just a normal student, living her life, trying to stay out of trouble and graduate peacefully.

But apparently a certain hyperactive classmate doesn’t quite agree with your plan.

Taehyung is…special, to say the least. You’re still not sure why you let him tag along with you; maybe it’s because it’s easier to do that than try and peel him off of you. He’s developed the tendency to appear out of nowhere, latching onto you like a burr on wool, always eager to poke and prod and annoy the hell out of you.

You met him last year during gym class. Under strange and painful circumstances. Well, on your part, at least.

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