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what’s interesting about the symbolism of thor in ragnarok is mirroring what dc is doing with superman ….. in that they are trying to break a god and deconstruct the meaning of what it means to BE a god. dc uses the symbolism of the “god is dead” as well as luthor’s metaphors through his paintings & religious babble, while ragnarok implies it by destroying one of the most powerful weapons in the marvel universe (which is later reconstructed anyways, but this is literally….for breaking thor as a god so ….. they needed it in there since mjolnir is an extension of himself), cutting his hair, capturing him, breaking him, etc. 

and in the unworthy thor, thor’s current run, they are doing this trope AGAIN, stripping him of mjolnir because “gods are vain”, cutting his hair, making thor realize what mortality truly means ………. idk as much as i first was so appalled with some of the direction marvel has been going with his character in both 616 and the mcu, the more i think about THIS the more i kind of love the motifs & philosophies that they are trying to pull because it’s so subtle. 

why i also don’t really LIKE it tho is because they’ve been using thor as a slapstick for awhile now, they’ve BEEN depowering him and underestimating him, forgetting him and treating him like a joke. so it makes the message of stripping him and deconstructing his divinity that much less meaningless as a plot arc, and more like a “oh look what they’re doing to thor again lmfao” kind of thing …… which is kind of cheap ……..

Looking at my intros lists and I realise I forgot the most important character ...

Blanche: Mr Scorpion.
Scorpion: Step aside, woman.
Blanche: So you won’t help little ol’ me GET OVER THERE across the street?

Blanche: You’ll catch your death of cold dressed like that.
Erron Black: Ma’am, I’m as warm as the Outworld sun.
Blanche (cracks neck): You don’t look as bright as one.

Blanche: You poor dear, so thin and wasting away!
Ermac: We are stronger than we look, senior citizen.

Blanche: Are you lost, sweetheart?
Jacqui Briggs: I’m doing just fine, creepy lady.
Blanche: You still look young enough to get a good whooping.

Blanche: What a handsome little face you have!
Takeda: Thanks … I think …?

Blanche: Emperor, about my pension scheme -
Kotal Kahn: I do not have time for meager matters.
Blanche: When someone interrupts, tongues are going to get cut.

Blanche: Got something to say, sonny?
Johnny Cage: I always preferred Rose from The Golden Girls.
Blanche: She sounds like a dumb chicken like you.


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Damn you're a New Yorker? Ok i know this sounds dumb but NYC man always been my dream to live there its just so ugh beaauutiful everythings so diverse i just love the hustle and bustle of the city everybody just minding their own shit like that just alleviates my anxiety soo much. Pls post more bout ur daily life in nyc!😩

this sounds so weird like not to be mean but i promise you this city is full of godless freaks just like anywhere else on earth. also im an anxious bitch w no life who dont leave her house so like… no. also trust me Miss Anxiety finds a way in NYC too like i feel like this is really idealistic and i do love living here so much but youve built it up too much in your head hun. thanks for this ask tho, i guess i’ll post about like Drunk Teenager #1334 vomiting on the 1 train as if that hasnt happened a million times before and wont happen a million times after in nyc and other places. also no offense but you sound white

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Hi hope you're having a good day! This is something that's bothering me even if it sounds dumb 😳.. I'm like always ignored on FB.. people don't like my posts., pics of me or wtv.. I thought I was friends with them.. no one asks how I'm doing.. I'm always left out.. a friend is pregnant & I saw a pic of the baby shower I wasn't invited.. I would have been happy to go.. yet people over post baby pics & get 100s of likes when it's the same thing over & over! I'm not jealous, feel like they hate me

Friends like that aren’t worth keep around, they are fakes and as u move on with life you will find real mates xx

princess tutu is an incredibly underrated anime and I encourage all of y'all to watch it. I know the name sounds really dumb, but it is so good. I always cry the last two episodes

Strongest at the Broken Places

Post-running-to-Blaine’s apartment reunion sex/talk.

The lease on the apartment is up in two days.  

Blaine has put off moving the boxes that are his, not because he doesn’t care, but because he can’t bring himself to put his hands to them, to the packing tape and bubble wrap, can’t think about possibly coming across something that Dave had left behind.  

He feels fragile, strange and weak at his joints since kissing Kurt, since realizing that he hasn’t moved on, not in the slightest.  He doesn’t regret things ending with Dave–thinks that he misses him more as a friend than anything else, though the sex had been great–but seeing Kurt with Walter had taken the wind of that day out of his sails, and he feels lost.  Brittany and Santana’s wedding has only thrown into sharp relief how close and yet how far away he is from the fantasy wedding that he’d imagined he and Kurt would have.

And then there’s a knock at the door.

At first, he’s sure that it’s just another wedding “emergency”; more or less everyone involved in the setup of the event has come to him for advice but Kurt most often, calling and texting at odd hours about lighting or floral arrangements or tablecloths or hay bales, and Blaine is ready with witty barn animal jokes or whatever he might need to get Kurt to calm down.

But then Kurt is touching him, and Blaine would know that look in a crowded room at fifty paces–Kurt has cracked, is letting it all bleed to the surface, is present, emotionally and physically and probably in several other ways that science has yet to quantify.  

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It’s okay.

Nobody can always be happy, however, nobody can always be sad ; maybe it sounds dumb but I don’t care ▬ maybe we don’t even know each other, but if you don’t feel alright or whatever, just know that I am here, and that I am always okay to give you kindness and happiness. I’m a very optimistic person ! So do not stay all alone on your own, and just come and talk to me ! 

I just see so much people who are not feeling well and… it’s not that I feel sorry for them. I just think I could be capable of something.

I can always draw you something, at least !

((But for now have a Purim and her beautiful hair—))


I noticed while looking through analysis of the trailer, that baby’s endoskeleton has a resemblance to the endoplush. Considering she’s visibly shorter than any of the other animatronics seen, and she had a brief appearance in the ending of update two, endoplush may have been added for more than “character quota” (I know this theory sounds dumb but I always thought endoplush was a little suspicious)

Edit: I also just noticed the green device in endoplush’s chest, while *the shot of baby’s torso shows what appears to be some kind of fan/speaker near the same spot

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Another question: Do you think Dunk's parents are maybe anyone of notice? It probably sound dumb but I always thought there was a chance he was one of the many bastards of Aegon IV...

I sincerely doubt it, sorry. Dunk’s way too young, for one. Aegon IV died in 184 AC. Dunk was born around 192 AC. (He isn’t sure of his own age, but figures himself around 16-17 years old in THK, 209 AC.) Aegon the Unworthy was a man of many carnal talents, but they didn’t include the ability to father children nearly a decade after he died.

I suppose it’s possible that one of Dunk’s unknown-but-probably-smallfolk parents was the bastard in question, but again I sincerely doubt it. Dunk has a very common appearance, brown hair, brown eyes— the only thing exceptional about him is his height. And Targaryens aren’t known for height, for that you’d have to look at the Baratheons or Umbers. (Though Dunk doesn’t look Baratheon in the slightest, and an Umber even visiting Flea Bottom would be extremely unusual.) Further, Westeros history also has records of several men of great height among the smallfolk, with no known noble ancestry whatsoever.

Besides, thematically it makes no sense whatsoever for Dunk to be of secretly noble origins. The story of Duncan the Tall is that of the triumph of the common man — that one ordinary person who chooses to do the right thing can change history. Making him a secret Targ (or a secret anything) would be incredibly missing the point.

You wear his clothes

he sees you wearing his clothes


You were looking through your closet and didn’t see a shirt you felt like wearing. You opened the dresser and found Ashton’s old ponies forever shirt. You smirked to yourself and put it on, you were surprised at how comfortable it was. You understood why Ashton liked it so much. Ashton walked in and kissed you “Hey, babe” “hey” you both sat on the couch and Ashton talked about his day . You noticed he kept looking at you with a confused expression. “Is that my shirt?” You laughed “yea it only took you forever to notice” “well I didn’t want to accuse you of stealing it.” “I don’t know how it ended up in my drawer” “mhhm” Ashton said obviously not believing you. “I swear I didn’t put it in there” “You can keep it I don’t care” “really?’ "Yea it looks a lot better on you anyway” he said with a smirk.


You and Calum were out shopping when you noticed a familiar sensation trickling down your leg. You cursed out loud when you realized you leaked through your pants. Calum looked at you confused “what’s wrong” “I leaked through” you whispered in his ear. “I think I’ve got an extra pair of shorts in the car if you want them. You thought about it and realized you didn’t have much of a choice you nodded and followed Calum so you could change. When you changed all Calum could do was stare at you "is something wrong?” You asked oblivious to why he was staring at you “huh oh no you just look really good in my shorts” he winked at you making you blush.


You came home from work and were surprised to see a box on the door step. You remembered Luke had ordered a hoodie and brought the box inside. You knew it was wrong to open other peoples mail even if you were dating them. But the thought of an oversized hoodie was too much to handle. You finally convinced yourself to open it. When you put it on you felt a hundred times more comfortable and wondered why they didn’t make girls hoodies that thick. Luke came home and sat next to you or laid on you rather. “I’m so tired” he mumbled in the sleeve you smiled to yourself and started playing with his hair. He moved himself so his head was on your lap. He played with the hoodie strings and realized he had never seen that hoodie before. “Where’d you get it from?” “Uhh it came in the mail” you smiled innocently. Luke rolled his eyes and noticed how good it seemed to fit. “I’ll order myself another one you can keep that one” “thanks, Luke” he smiled at you and eventually fell asleep on your lap.


You woke up alone with no feeling of warmth and sighed. You seen one of Michael’s sweaters and smiled to yourself. You jumped out of the covers and ran for it and got back in bed. You sighed contently finally feeling some warmth. You wrapped the covers around yourself like a burrito and fell asleep again. Michael walked in and seen you wrapped up and laughed to himself. Michael laid down next to you causing you to wake up. You got as close to Michael as you could he smiled at you and noticed you were wearing his sweater. “I thought that was a dress for a second” you started laughing “Yeah, Mikey, I’m going to wear a dress to bed” he laughed with you realizing how dumb it sounded. “I always knew you had a thing for wearing dresses at night” Michael said with a playful smirk. You hit Michael in the chest lightly he fake pouted at you. “And to think I was going to let you wear my clothes” you sighed “I’m sorry” Michael laughed and kissed your forehead.

i think i just really like the whole idea of percy being weirdly jealous of nico being close with jason/any of the others because percy’s taken nico for granted so much?

and like yeah percy’s generally a great guy and all and he does definitely care about nico, but it always seems to kinda be in this lazy, almost procrastinating kind of way? which i guess i can’t entirely blame him for because a lot of the stuff they have to talk through will be really awkward and percy’s not the type to want to dive into stuff like that, but it kinda results in this attitude like there’s no rush to actually talk with him like a normal human being or whatever because hey nico’s just that weird kid who doesn’t really interact much with others period but he’ll show up when needed so it’s all good and everything will stay the same until percy actually gets around to dealing with it. he kinda seems to think of nico as his personal problem, ever since all this shit with bianca and whatnot, but he puts off actually doing all the stuff he should have been a long time ago i.e. chasing after him and talking through everything and making sure he knows people want him around and all that

like i know percy has good intentions and all but he doesn’t really go about it with the same urgency jason was, like he doesn’t recognize that it really is kind of important (and to be fair to him, jason’s the one that nico told about leaving forever so he does better recognize that there’s kind of a time limit on this shit)

and so i always feel like actually seeing nico moving on and making friends with others (like beyond just polite surface interactions) would kind of give percy that feeling like “hey wait no wasn’t that supposed to be my job, since when does nico bother with other people??” and he knows he should be happy and but it still kinda feels like someone else taking a toy from when you were a kid. like they don’t think much of it just like “hey you obviously don’t need this anymore right” and you know they’re right and you haven’t played with it in years anyway but you still find yourself kind of suddenly possessive and part of you wants to say no they can’t have it it’s mine


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How can you tell if it's not a three beat canter? I'm pretty confused by this statement as I just thought canters were always three beat? I'm sorry if that sounds dumb :(

Hey, that’s no problem at all. The canter is supposed to be three beats, but there ends up being variations on that.

This type of four beat canter is because the horse does not have the strength to lift its hind legs as high as it can with its front:

compare that to this pic of Valegro. If you drew a line from hoof to hoof, it would be essentially parallel to the ground, so they’ll land at the same time.

It requires a lot more muscle to do that, rather than give the rider what it wants by making an uphill, expressive canter, but cheating and putting down that hind leg before it getstoo tricky.

The other problem is the horse cheating and throwing down the forelegs quickly so it doesn’t have to power through (aka, Arthur’s favourite move lol). In that type, you’ll see the outside hind land just before the inside hind. It’s not as dramatic as those first 2 pics of the other type of four beat canter, because no one is breeding for that, whereas they are rewarding that exaggerated canter and continuing to breed for it.

So here is the second type of four beat canter:

And lastly, these days you’ll find it in the canter pirouettes bc they are expected to be so tight.

but as this article points out, there are collected and uphill four beat canters were the foreleg lands first, and there are ones bc the horse is just plain ole on the forehand.

Hope that helps! :)

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This might sound like a dumb question but, i always get confused between う-verbs and る-verbs, because there are those that end in る but aren't actually る-verbs. Help 😭

I’m on a borrowed computer without Japanese, so please forgive the romaji in this text.

This used to confuse me too, but don’t worry, it will soon become second nature to you if you stick with it.

I never learned them as う-verbs and る-verbs, I just learned them as godan and ichidan, because I don’t like thinking in romaji as it seems counter productive.

The way I learned to tell the difference was by thinking of the masu form, then you’ll easily be able to tell the difference.

Conjugating U (godan) verbs:
If a verb is an U verb (a godan verb) then to make the masu form, the last sound will change from the u line of the kana chart to the i line (e.g. mu becomes mi, su becomes shi and ru becomes ri):

Dictionary form of the verb >>>>> change the final U sound kana to an I sound kana (u>I, ku>ki, su>shi, tsu>chi, nu>ni, etc) +masu

yomu>>>>>>>>change the mu to mi + masu>>>>>yomimasu
hanasu>>>>>>>change the su to shi + masu>>>>>hanashimasu (the su changes to shi)
kaeru>>>>>>>>change the ru to ri + masu>>>>>kaerimasu (the ru changes to ri)  


Conjugating RU (ichidan) verbs:
If a verb is a RU verb (ichidan verb), then the final RU kana is removed and ~masu is added, no sounds are changed.

Dictionary form of the verb >>>>> remove the final RU sound +masu

taberu >>>>>>>> tabe + masu>>>>>>>tabemasu


As you can see, the difference between U verbs ending with ru and RU verbs is evident in the masu form, if it’s an u verb, it’ll be conjugated as ~rimasu (such as hashiru>hashirimasu (to run), kiru>kirimasu (to cut) and shiru>shirimasu (to know)) and if it’s a RU verb it’ll be conjugated as ~masu (such as miru>mimasu (to see), taberu>tabemasu (to eat) and deru>demasu (to exit)).

I hope this helps!! You’ll pick it up eventually and it will get easier, stick with it.
If this explanation doesn’t make sense to you try Tae Kim’s guide, that’s always a good resource.


This might sound dumb or obvious, and I always knew it in my head but I just now while I was meditating post-yoga, truly realised in my heart that I’m fucking brilliant. I can do whatever I want with my life. I’m clever and funny and kind and I have so many amazing talents. My happiness shouldn’t depend on anyone else. I’m so lucky and even though things are hard right now, they’re gonna get better and I have so many things to look forward to and get excited about in my future.

Also I just want to say thank you to all of you guys, you’re all wicked and I’m so grateful to have you all around the world cheering me from your keyboards. x

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I'm sorry this is the first time in a while that I've used tumblr but I'm a freshman in high school and I recently had a grandfather that died maybe two weeks or so ago. is it strange to still cry every night and think about him? it's just crushing me inside and I want to see him so badly. all the friends in my squad turn to another girl in the group who's recently lost a grandmother too, they give her cookies cards etc, what do I get? a cold shoulder.... what should I do it hurts so much...

First off, I want to say I’m SO sorry for your loss. sadly I think everyone goes through a loss like this in their lifetime but I don’t think anyone deserves the kind of pain you feel and for that I’m truly sorry.

Secondly, i want to say that it’s OKAY to still cry and it’s okay to be sad. The important part is letting it all out and mourning and getting through it. If you tell yourself it isn’t okay, and you hold it in, truthfully it’s only going to be more painful in the end.

Time heals these types of wounds. It really, really does. It may take awhile, but overtime you’ll find yourself crying less & less about this and being less & less sad and things will get easier. Will you always miss your Grandpa? Of course. But overtime you’ll learn to cope with the loss and things will get easier. Just give it time. Some people take longer to heal than others and that’s okay. Truthfully I don’t think two weeks is enough time.

Do you keep a journal? I know it might sound dumb. But keeping a journal has always helped me through tough times, especially when friends aren’t there for you like you need them to be. It gives you some time to write down and talk about how you’re feeling rather than keeping it all to yourself.

Do your friends know how upset you are over the loss of your Grandpa? I know it’s probably hard but they might not realize how much the loss has affected you which is why they aren’t showing you as much attention as they did your friend. But if they did know, I’d have to say they aren’t very good friends for not being there for you through this time. If I were you, I’d definitely try & talk to them about it.

Lastly, I don’t know if you believe in God or if you’re religious at all, but whether you do or don’t I want to say that my prayers go out to you cause I know you have to really be struggling right now. If we were talking in real life, I’d hug you.

Stay strong. Don’t give up. Remain positive and try to see the happy things around you, always. :)