i always ship the doomed ships

UGH every time I rewatch Sailor Moon Stars and Usagi and Seiya enter into what I call the “Romeo and Juliet” phase MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. You know, where they finally realize each other’s identities as Senshi but they’re not sure if they’re on the same side so their friends are wary of each other but all they want to do is see each other HNNNGGG. AND THEN when they sneakily do see each other TRAGEDY HAPPENS and Seiya gets hurt which prompts both sides to go from wary to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OUR PRINCESS/FRIEND because we have a separate missions/objectives!! Arrrrghh which then makes both Usagi and Seiya spiral into depression because GODAMMIT they just want to look at each see other and talk. So much so that even Usagi’s friends are like eeeh even though we shouldn’t cuz complicated reasons we can’t have a sad Princess let’s help her see the one guy who is for sure in love with her even tho she’s set to marry that one guy and have a daughter and a futuristic crystal castle IDK. And sure, it’s no big deal that Seiya was practically killing himself just so he can see Usagi even though he had just collpased from sheer exhaustion and injury. Let’s not speak of how both times they try to see each other they communicate in a telepathic deep connective way so even when they can’t see each other face to face they’re sharing intimate thoughts with one another–the whole world melts away and even surrounded by tons of people, it’s just the two of them in their mind and this pairing DESTROYS ME OKAY.

So everyone knows I’m still salty about Malina being endgame (and that’s not because I’m an Alarkling shipper) but I wanted to talk about another ship that would have made for a much more satisfying ending imo: Nikolai/Alina 

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree! 

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i just finished ffxv and i have two things to say (spoiler free):

-okay fine this game is good and the story made me emotional and honestly fuck u square enix but also thank you

-that last scene was so extra literally who cares about luna fuck.

-Chapter 8 forward made me love Prompto and Ignis suddenly idk what happened but they’re bae.

-Not enough aranea honestly. Not enough girls H O N E S T L Y. Luna doesn’t count cause she’s plot device.

-i just checked and i didnt know the whole game that noct is 20 and iris is 15 and i’m so distressed cause i was shipping them cause i thought everyone was 17 years old bc square enix always makes everyone 17 years old anD HONESTLY WHY DIDNT I CHECK THEIR AGES BEFOREHAND DID BEOBELLA TEACH ME NOTHING??????? those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it is what i’m saying

- at least my back up ship prompto/noct is aight i guess

thats more than two things but fuck i have so much to say but yeah this game is aight

svuandmariskaaddict replied to your post “*sigh* I just really ship Voight and Benson. So hard, man. I’m pretty…”

God yes. Benoight for life :)

That’s the ship name? Benoight? Lol well at least now I know what to refer to them as instead of always using their names. 

I really hope we get another crossover soon! Or another scene where Olivia calls Hank just to check in and bring a smile to Voight’s lips! Or!!! Game changer: Hank Voight reaches out to Olivia because he hasn’t heard from her in a while! 

*sigh* I love this doomed ship so much lol

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Charles Vane + knowing Eleanor
↳ VIII. | IX.

Yeah, Emma might have peered over the edge of that cliff to see Cruella lying on the outcrop of rock below.  And Cruella might not have been breathing.  She might have even been at awkward angles, her legs and arms shattered and her pelvis bent oddly, just like her neck.  She might have even not moved for so long that everyone thought she was dead and just left her there.

But what if…what if there was water in that ravine below?  What if there was a stream or a river or something that could carry a queen of the sea in it?  What if the queen’s tentacles reached upwards and gently cradled Cruella’s body in their strong yet gentle touch?  What if Ursula began to sing a song of such beautiful, blistering pain that it choked her, closing her throat, stifling her voice and making her eyes prickle?  What if Ursula wept salt tears over Cruella and put a hand to her cold cheek, inwardly swearing revenge on whoever did this? And what if one of those tears fell onto Cruella’s skin; what if Ursula leaned down and kissed her; what if that was enough to break any curse – enough to breathe life back into something that everyone thought was dead?

If this show is really about true love, then why should that be the sole province of the heroes?  Why shouldn’t true love ALWAYS be justified, even if it’s for these two?

Yeah. That’s what really happened.  And I will not be moved on it.  I might even write it.


The Flash 2x01

I found the way they were trying to Push Caitlin and Barry down our throats last night was just gross. Caitlin being the one to see Wells is confession video with Barry and her saying she didn’t want to leave him for Ronnie, no thank you.

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They are trying so hard to ship bait the audience and I feel like they are going to try to push for an Olicity esque main ship/leading lady swap. I am a HUGE Olicity fan but The Flash trying to do this makes no sense. A) Danielle Panabaker is an extremely weak actress in my opinion, she seems very sweet in real life but her acting makes me cringe a lot. She doesn’t seem like leading lady material. B) In Arrow KC and SA had zero chemistry and their relationship was always doomed to fail (he slept with her sister and than they both got lost at sea, true love that does not make). Whereas, Candice and Grant’s chemistry is fire!


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As a whole I was underwhelmed with the episode. It really didn’t seem like a good season premiere even without all the other shipping stuff. Henry leaving  the day after he was released makes absolutely no sense.

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Plus, absolutely no insight into how Iris is feeling about Eddie except a two second shot of her stopping to look at his picture but Caitlin having moments to talk about Ronnie when he wasn’t even a series regular smh. (Btw Caitlin’s reaction to him ‘dying’ in the flashback, absolutely no emotion).

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All in all, the whole episode…

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What did you guys think?