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Some hilarious prompts #2

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82. Do you ever talk to a person and your heart starts doing some dubstep shit.

83. If you can’t deal with my sarcasm, I can’t deal with being your friend. 

84. I’m nothing but a constant state of internal screaming at this point.

85. I went to the beach once, 500 years later I still have fucking sand in my shoes.

86. How long after arriving at someone’s house is it appropriate to ask for the WiFi password?

87. Getting real tired of my own bullshit.

88. Thanks elevators, for bringing me up when I was down.

89.  Here’s a little song I like to call “I cherish our friendship so I won’t tell you I would totally have sex with you if you asked.”

90. A: Do you ever get the urge to get up in the middle of the night while everyone else  is fast asleep and just walk places and be completely and entirely dedicated to your thoughts?
      B: Yea, but the problem is I don’t want to get murdered. You feel me. 

91. Let me sleep in your stupid t-shirts and hold your dumb hand, you piece of shit.

92. need a gang to follow me around all day and clap when I make jokes.

93.  You know that feeling when you’re not your favourite person’s favourite person, and it kind of feels like you’re constantly swallowing sand.

94. “Stop being so dramatic” they say, “I don’t know what you mean” I say as I descent from the ceiling, surrounded by mist.

95. Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.

96. Studies show that I literally did not ask.

97. A: It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside…
      B: Whew!!! good
      A:…It’s who you are on the inside!
      B: Ah, fuck!

98.  A (puts their hand over their crush’s): Ha ha how’d that get there?

99. I express my emotions in long groans at different octaves.

100. I mean you piss me off, but I’d do anything for you.

101. Honestly, sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic. Because I will get over it. But let me be dramatic first!

102. Do you ever feel like a 4 times divorced 45 year old woman that smokes cigarettes in her fur coats on a grand piano? Cause I do and it’s sad.

103. Single, not sure how to mingle.

104. I love it when people rant to me, like yes, I am entrusted with your hate.

105. My idea of flirting is making fun of each other, until one of us fucks up and says something nice.

106. A: I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking slut.
        B: I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking virgin.

107. Do you live on Elm Street, because you’re a nightmare.

108. Remember your parents told you to take out the trash? I’m the trash. They were telling you to take me out. Date me.

109. You know, liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work.

110. How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked and on top of you?

111.  A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
        B: What?
        A: I said you suck.

112. Have you ever accidentally befriended someone who is very very irritating?

113.  If you step on a person’s foot they open their mouth, just like a trash can.

114. How do I get over someone I never even dated?

115. Things I want - snuggles. Things get - struggles.

116. If you see me and I’m not wearing black, you saw wrong, that’s not me.

117. Why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars, when the ulitimate star is me.

118. I hate when It’s so hot outside and a bitch tells you to take your jacket off, like bitch no, this is my outfit.

119. If karma doesn’t come around and hit you in the face, I will.

120. I don’t think I’ve ever shut up in my entire life.

121. A: You don’t talk much.
        B: I’m observing your weaknesses since you’re so freely verbalizing everything about yourself.

122.  A: My kink is when people actually care about my feelings and what I have to say
         B: Too unrealistic, settle for bondage like the rest of us.

123. A: Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.
        B: Not if I get drunk enough.

124. A: Is there a word between angry and sad?
        B: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.
        A: Smad.
        B: Oh my gOD.

125. Does the pale glow of my computer make me look hot?

126. Rest in peace to all the hours of sleep I’ve lost to overthinking.

127. You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.

128. Is “no” an emotion, because I feel it?

129.  I always look sleep deprived is that hot?

130. If you listen carefully you can hear me whisper “shut the fuck up” at least once every five minutes.

131. I’m kind of hurt, kind of offended, kind of not planning on saying anything about it.

132.  I’m tired 8 days a week.

133. I don’t trust people who look good with messy hair.

134.  I may be a shitty friend, but I’m your shitty friend.

135. Seven billion people on this planet and I have 2 friends. What is wrong with people, like put some effort in it, I’m not just gonna come and do the job for you.

136.  I’m sorry, is my swag distracting you?

137. I aspire to get to that level of hot when my hair looks like shit and I smell like black coffee and yesterday’s eyeliner is smudged under my eyes, but I still look fine as hell.

138. A: No, listen! What if one day you just turned into an almond and you couldn’t do anything about it because you were just a fucking almond?!
       B: You need to get laid, you weirdo.

139. A: You wear that a lot.
        B: That’s because I’m the main character of the story here, peasant.

140.  I don’t “dress to impress”, I dress to depress. I want to look so good that people hate themselves.

141. Behind every great man is me, checking out that ass.

142. The future is now, old man.

143. Seriously, all you do is bitch.

144. Are you trying to seduce me? Because so far you’re doing a great job.

145. Forgive and forget? More like resent and remember.

146. I’m that kind of person who between two choices always picks the wrong one.

147. I know what you’re going through, I read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

148. Excuse me, I hate to go and vomit.

149. A: One day I hope I am the girl that walks into a room and all eyes are on her.
        B: The trick is to get a really big hat and scream.

150.  So tired of being human, I want to be a flower.

151. Screenshots don’t scare me, I know what the fuck I said!

152. I’m sorry for what I said, I was hungry.

153. A: Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.
        B: Because dragons don’t die?
        A: Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.

154. I want to be rebellious, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

155. A to B: Breaking news: being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole

156. You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.

157. One of these days I’m going to roll my eyes too hard and I’m gonna go blind.

158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.

159. Why allow yourself to be full of hate, when you can be full of pasta instead?

160. I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?

Summer Playlist /Recommendations

I’ve been watching a lot of the K-Ville videos and discovered a lot of new music, so I thought I’d share my favorites at the moment with you!


Anti - Zico feat. G.Soul (I really love how chill and low key weird this one is)

That Girl - Jung Yong Hwa feat. Loco (I don’t know what it is about this one, but I just can’t sit still why listening to it)

Can’t help myself - Eric Nam feat. Loco (another feel good song)

Dinosaur - AKMU (I love that the concept is a little weird. Awesome song)

Yacht -Jay Park feat. Sik-K (I love when he sings in korean so I don’t have to listen to how thristy he is *cough* Aquaman *cough*. Jk, I really love his music)

Red Flavor - Red Velvet (Yes. This is everything I want in a summer song)

Hola Hola - K.A.R.D (I was so excited for their debut and they really didn’t disappoint. I’m so proud)

Camo - BoA (Her VOICE. 10/10)

Tequila - G.Soul feat. Hoodie (G.Soul is getting it lately. I’m very pleased.)

Aalow Aalow - Laboum (A little older. Probably not traditionally a summer song but it really gets me in the mood for summer. Even though I hate summer)

Pizza - OOHYO (I’ve been listening to this ever since Namjoon sung this in his v-live. Nothing will ever top “Pizza sucks without you” in terms of romantic phrases)

The Eve and Going Crazy - EXO (I’m limiting this to my two favorite songs from their new album. I know, the self-control)

AZE GAG - Mamamoo (Such a fun song. I feel like it needs amore appreciation)

Knock Knock - Twice ( -Annoy Moon: ✓)

Really Really - Winner (Like… does anyone need a reason why?)

Super Star - G.Dragon (Just super chill and fun to listen to. I know, my descriptions are so helpful)

Why don’t you know - Chung Ha feat. Nucksal (Flying Dolphins! Like?!)

Why so lonely - Wonder Grils (One of my favorite songs of all time)

I’m Serious - Day6 (Day6 is amazing and this has to be my favorite song from Sunrise)

And of course Come Back Home - BTS (I’m putting this last because I’m high key waiting for their comeback)

I really want to continue, but this is a lot as it is. I know my descriptions aren’t that helpful, but I hope you’ll still give the songs a chance!xD And now onto Moons recommendations!

I agree with most of Krümmel’s recommendations (coughexceptTwicecough), so I’ll spare you doubling recommendations and just add to hers~

Heart Attack - AOA (Not only this song, there a few more I really like, but I’ve been quite into AOA lately!)

Joker - Dal Shabet (I might’ve mentioned in our girl group recommendations post that I rlly like this group, but i’ll include them again)

Say Wow - Day6 (i love all songs from Sunrise, but say wow is quite an upbeat one, so fitting for summer!)

Night Rather Than Day - EXID (all i have to say is that it’s a great song, despite my bias Solji being on a hiatus atm)

Ko Ko Bop - EXO (i didn’t rlly like this song at first, but it has been growing on me the more i listen to it!)

Bubble Pop - HyunA (hyuna is my ultimate girl group bias probably, if i had to choose, but this song, despite being a little older, is still a great summer song)

Zoo - Red Velvet (my bias group, besides BTS of course, and I’ve been loving the entire album!)

I Like That/Shake It/Touch My Body/Lonely - SISTAR (they deserved better, starship entertainment…no summer will ever be the same again without them)

Sunflower - Triple H (i didn’t expect i would like this group so much, but kpop always hits you when you least expect it right?)

Drip - Jia (not technically kpop, but she used to be in missA, and i still love her music)

Remember - 9MUSES (i can’t say it enough but: STOP SLEEPING ON TALENT!!)

Dating Isaac Lahey would include

Haven’t done anything for a while now and I’m sorry so here (will post  two hopefully long imagines by the end of the other week)

All the french at the end were translated from google translate, I know nothing.

-Katerina ( @lucifers-embodiment)

  • late night walks in Paris after Alisson’s death
  • holding hands while sleeping cause he is scared he will lose you
  • waking up everytime you are not holding his hand during the night
  • hugging you close immediately after
  • comforting him when he has a nightmare
  • being the only one that can calm him down after a panic attack
  • being his anchor
  • legitimately great sex after a full moon
  • “Isaac, no, I’m not fucking you in the park.”
  • “But why? It’s late at night, no one will know!”
  • “Isaac, I said no!”
  • Giving you puppy eyes whenever he wants something for you
  • “Is that my scarf?!”
  • “Maybe?!?!”
  • wearing his clothes cause he is a giant puppy and his clothes are huge on you
  • always complaining that you wear his clothes
  • secretly loving it
  • stealing your makeup (if you wear any) telling you that you look prettier without it
  • loving his curls
  • complaining everytime you start playing with his hair
  • falling asleep five minutes later
  • cooking for you in only his boxers
  • taking you out on romantic dates in Paris
  • “But baby, Paris is the city of love” 
  • “Yes, but these cupcakes are all I love!”
  • whining cause he says you love cupcakes more than him
  • “Aw babe, never! I love chocolate more than you!”
  • passionate kisses
  • heated arguments
  • heated sex after that
  • road trips to places with amazing view
  • trying to learn french
  • “No, Isaac, it’s vous êtes merveilleux”
  • “Well, too bad I can’t say it”
  • Practicing till he finally does
  • proposing to you on the Eiffel tower
  • “Veux-tu m'épouser, Y/N?” (will you marry me)
  • “Bien sûr, je t'épouserai!” (of course I’ll marry you)
  • Ending up with three children
  • Isaac being a great father
  • Naming your daughter Belle and constantly reading her Beauty and the Beast
  • “Take it with you so you’ll always have a way to look back … and remember me. “
Tokyo Ghoul: re [quest] #002  [union]

NOTICE: This translation does not base on original version of the novel (which is Japanese), but on the official Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version. Some contents or meaning may be misinterpreted due to multiple translations between different languages and my personal misunderstandings or inability. Also, since English isn’t my mother language, some grammar mistakes may be unavoidable. Please, do point out any parts you find strange or mistaken.

DISCLAIMER: This translation is for the purpose of my personal language practicing only. I do not own or originally created any contents in this novel. Tokyo Ghoul :re[quest] (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-:re[quest]) is written by Towada Shin (十和田シン), which based on Tokyo Ghoul(東京喰種トーキョーグール) series, the creation of Ishida Sui (石田スイ). Thus, all the rights of this work reserved to Ishida Sui, Towada Shin and the publisher, Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社). All the Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version’s rights reserved to its publisher Sharp Point Publishing (尖端出版) and the translator Lai Si-Yu (賴思宇). Please do not rehost without citation or reuse this translation, especially not in the any forms of profitable usages. If you’re interested, buy official copy when it’s available in your region.


Hiding under other people’s wings forever, then you’ll end up achieve nothing, and lose everything

So she raised up her courage, stepped into the shade of the Tree where could never be shined by sunlight, for she hoped she herself would have enough strength to help others.

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Someday Your Child May Cry

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19. Family  

Mulder can’t seem to stay still as he and Scully stand on Maggie Scully’s front steps, waiting for her to answer the door. Scully reaches out and grabs his arm.

“Can you please stop fidgeting for thirty seconds, Mulder?” she sighs.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles.

“I’ve told you before, there’s no reason for you to be nervous. She’s not going to be mad.”

“She wasn’t exactly happy about the whole thing last September,” Mulder points out.

“She was more angry that I hadn’t told her that we were trying than anything else,” Scully says. “And she was devastated in January, when we lost….” She swallows. “When I got shot.” She squeezes Mulder’s shoulder comfortingly with one hand and reaches out to open the front door with the other. “She’s going to be happy for us, Mulder. Stop worrying.”

Inside, Maggie, who is retrieving a steaming lasagne from the oven, kisses both of them on the cheek and waves them in to the dining room, where the table is set for three. She carries the dish in and serves them, then sits at the head of the table.

“So,” she says, slathering butter onto a slice of fresh, crusty bread, “to what do I owe the pleasure of your company? Not that you need any excuse to come to dinner- either of you- but you sounded as though you and Fox had news for me, Dana.” Her eyes are twinkling; Scully has a sneaking suspicion that at least part of their announcement is going to be superfluous.

“Yes, we do,” she says, and takes a deep breath. “We wanted to tell you that our last round of in-vitro fertilization was a success.” Her face breaks into a wide smile; she can’t yet say the words without feeling a head-to-toe flush of joy. “We’re going to have a baby, Mom.” At the confirmation of her suspicions, Maggie Scully beams. Her eyes sparkle and she holds her fingers to her lips, composing herself.

“Oh, Honey,” she says. She stands and goes to her daughter, enveloping her in a warm embrace. “I’m so happy for you, Dana. I’ve been praying for you.” She turns and smiles at Mulder, then embraces him, as well. “For both of you.” She’s sniffling slightly as she returns to her seat. “So tell me everything. When are you due?”

“The end of December,” says Scully, and braces herself while her mother does the math in her head.

“But it’s June now,” says Maggie. “You’re already almost out of the first trimester, Dana! Surely you haven’t just found out?”

“No, Mom,” says Scully. “But after what happened in January… we wanted to wait, this time, before we told you. We didn’t want to get your hopes up.” Maggie’s clearly not thrilled about this, but she nods her understanding.

“Do you know what you’re having yet?” Scully shakes her head.

“I haven’t had an amnio or anything,” she says. “So we won’t know until the twenty-week ultrasound.” She smiles at Mulder. “But Mulder thinks it’s a girl.”

“Really?” asks Maggie, eyebrows raised. “What makes you think that, Fox?”

“I, uh….” Mulder ducks his head sheepishly. “I had a dream about her.” Maggie smiles indulgently.

“A dream?”

“Yeah.” He shrugs. “It felt… very real.”

“Well,” says Maggie, going back to her lasagne, “I suppose that if you turned out to be right, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing either of you have ever seen.”

“Probably not even the strangest thing this month,” says Mulder. He glances over at Scully, and in his gaze, she can easily read the question: Are you going to tell her the rest? Scully clears her throat, and Maggie looks up at her quizzically.

“There’s something else, Mom,” she says. “Mulder and I….” She blushes and looks down at her plate. “Well, we’ve been… um, that is-”

“Well, goodness, it’s about time,” says Maggie, and both Scully and Fox jerk their heads up to stare at her. She looks back at them innocently. “What? You’re going to tell me that the two of you are an item now, aren’t you?” Scully nods. “Dana, it’s not exactly a surprise. To be honest, I’ve been waiting to hear this for years.” Scully stares at her mother, mouth agape, and looks to Mulder, who is wearing a similar expression. Maggie chuckles, shaking her head. “Really, you two. You like to think you’re so secretive about everything, but it’s all over your faces whenever you look at each other.” The idea terrifies Scully. If her mother has guessed, who else knows? Does Skinner? “So, ” Maggie continues, “how does that change your plans, then? For after the baby comes?” Scully sighs inwardly. Right into it, then, she thinks. But to her surprise, it’s Mulder who speaks up first.

“Well,” he says, “the lease on my apartment is up at the end of October. And I was thinking….” He glances at Scully, who nods in encouragement. “That is, we were thinking that if things are still going well, it would make sense if I moved into Scully’s apartment.”

The silence that follows Mulder’s announcement is deafening. Maggie looks back and forth between the two of them, her lips pursed tightly.

“So, that’s a ‘no’ on seeing you married before the baby arrives, then?” she asks. Scully sighs, determinedly avoiding Mulder’s gaze.

“Mom, we’ve been together a grand total of two weeks now. Can we not rush into anything just yet, please?”

“Fine,” says Maggie. “I’ll let it go for now. But you should both think about it, you know.” Scully doesn’t answer, choosing instead to focus on her food. But when she looks at Mulder, he’s watching her with an unreadable expression on his face.

Mulder is quiet for most of the drive home, saying almost nothing until they’re only a few miles from her apartment.

“We could, you know,” he says suddenly, glancing over at her. “If you wanted to.” It takes Scully a moment to realize what he’s talking about.

“What, just because my mom wants us to?” She shakes her head. “I’m not nearly that old-fashioned, Mulder. Having a baby out of wedlock doesn’t bother me.” She peers at him curiously. “Does it bother you?”

“No, it doesn’t,” he says. “I just… I thought that if you were going to be upset by the things people say when they find out-” He stops speaking when he sees that Scully is trying valiantly to restrain her laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“You really think people are going to gossip about us less if we get married?” She shakes her head. “Mulder, I think that as far as our being a topic of water cooler conversation is concerned, that ship sailed years ago.” Mulder chuckles, conceding her point. She reaches out and squeezes her hand. “That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the offer, Mulder. Thank you.” He nods, and Scully can’t help but notice that he looks… is that disappointment on his face? “Mulder?”

“Hmmm?” He doesn’t take his eyes from the road.

“Did you….” She bites her lip. “Was that something you would want to do?” Now he does look at her, though the streetlights don’t provide enough illumination for her to see his expression. The silence stretches on, and Scully begins to regret having asked… when finally, he ducks his head slightly as he looks back at the road.

“Is that so hard to believe?” he asks her. She shakes her head.

“No,” she says softly. “It’s not.” She reaches across the center console and he, without taking his eyes from the road, reaches for her in turn, twining his fingers with hers.

“I’m not asking yet, Scully,” he says. “I agree with you about not rushing things… but I agree with your mom, too… that we should think about it.”

Scully gives his fingers a gentle squeeze. “Me too.”


Alone in his apartment, Mulder picks up the phone and dials, his heart thumping madly in his throat. The phone rings once, twice, three times, and he’s just starting to wonder how much trouble he would be in for breaking the news on an answering machine when, finally, the phone is picked up.

“Hello?” The voice on the other end is somewhat harried.

“Hey, Mom,” says Mulder, and there’s a pause.

“Fox,” says Teena. “Is everything all right? Has something happened?” He’s annoyed, for a moment, that she’s assuming he would only call if he’d been hurt… until he remembers that he’s not entirely certain when the last time he’d phoned his mother had been.

“No, everything’s fine, Mom,” he reassures her. “Great, in fact. I, uh… I just called because I had something I wanted to tell you.” Silence. “I wanted to let you know that… well… you’re gonna be a grandmother, Mom.” There’s a sharp intake of breath.

“What on earth are you talking about, Fox?”

“Scully’s having a baby.” Nothing. “In December. I’m going to be a father.”

“I didn’t realize that you and your partner were… involved,” says Teena, her voice flat.

“Yeah, well… we kind of keep it to ourselves.”

“You could have told me, at least.” Mulder sighs, trying unsuccessfully to suppress a stab of irritation. Since when does she even care?

“Yeah, well, I’m telling you now,” he says. “Listen, Mom, I just thought you’d want to know, okay?”

“Of course I want to know, Fox,” says Teena, her voice a little softer. “How is she feeling? Your partner?”

“She’s doing fine,” Mulder says. “She’s past the worst of the morning sickness. Her doctor says everything looks good.”

“And you?” Teena asks. “How are you feeling about this, Fox?” She pauses. “I know… this wasn’t always something you were interested in.” Mulder swallows at the memory of his mother’s face when he had broken the news about the end of his marriage, about Diana’s reasons for leaving.

“I’m great, Mom,” he says, and he means it. “I’m happier than I can remember being in a long, long time.”

“That’s good, Fox. I’m glad,” says Teena, and for once, she sounds sincere. “You’ll keep me updated, on how everything is going?”

“Yeah, sure,” Mulder says. “Maybe… you could come down here sometime? For Thanksgiving or something?” Teena pauses.

“Maybe,” she says. “I’ll have to see how my plans shape up. And I’ll come visit after the baby is born, of course.” Mulder flinches slightly at what Scully will think of this; his mother has never been Scully’s favorite person.

“That would be great, Mom,” he says. “I’ll let you go now, okay? I’ve got some work to get done before bed.”

“All right,” says Teena. “And Fox?”

“Yeah?” There’s another brief silence.

“I’m happy for you.”


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Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  !!!!! You’re open to Holland Spider-Man requests? Gosh I don’t even know what to request… Maybe a oneshot of the reader figuring out that Peter’s Spider-Man and confronting him about it and making Peter panic and accidentally confess his feelings to reader in a big word vomit of desperation to keep her quiet? And reader likes him back?

A/n: I hope I did good on this one! Thank you so much!!

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Drama, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Watrning: Swearing (as always), shenanigans, Fluff, Mentions of divorced parents

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You would have never guessed that Peter Parker was Spiderman. You had known Peter Parker for as long as you could remember. Your parents had been great friends with his aunt and uncle, which in turn let you be play mates with Peter. Peter had been a scrawny thing while growing up, and he was always being picked on. As if friend, you always stood up for him.

It was something that drew you two close together. You were always there to help him whenever he needed something, and he was there to be your friend and do the same. All throughout your school life, Peter was there for you. He helped you with schoolwork, through your breakups with boyfriends, and when your parents got divorced. 

When Peter’s uncle died, you had stayed with him at his house for as long as he needed you to be there. You ended up staying with him for about three weeks. It was then that you two became suddenly distant. Even though Peter spent as much time as he could with you at school, it seemed that every time you two planned to hang out, he had to bail. 

That was when Spiderman was introduced to Queens. The amazing vigilante that saved the ones who couldn’t save themselves. The hero everyone didn’t want but knew that they needed. You had gushed to Peter about Spiderman plenty of times about how great this mysterious hero was. You never noticed the flustered state Peter would fall into every time you gushed about the hero. 

After some time, you started to make connections. The nervousness Peter experienced whenever you analyzed the hero, the blush on his face whenever you would fangirl, the way he would stutter in embarrassment at the fanart you would show him. It really connected when you realized that every single time Peter stood you up for anything, Spiderman appeared. 

You were confused, hurt, proud, just a huge ball of emotions. Why hadn’t he told you about being Spiderman? Did he not trust you enough? Was he not supposed to tell anybody? You honestly didn’t know. However, as you walked you way down to Peter’s apartment, you made it your mission to confront him about Spiderman. 

Aunt May opened the door with a wide smile on her face as she greeted you, ushering you in.

“(Y/n)! What a pleasant surprise! Peter didn’t mention you were coming over.” 

“Oh, I’m just dropping off some of his books. He left them in class, so I thought that I would bring them over.” 

Aunt May seemed to swoon, saying as she patted your shoulder.

“You are such a sweet girl, (Y/n). Peter should be in his room, so you can go on up.” 

You nodded before walking away, feeling bad about lying to Aunt May. However, you had to confront Peter. Gotta do what you gotta do, right? You walked into Peter’s room without knocking, the boy scrambling to hide something as he called out. 

“Aunt May, I asked you to knock!” 

“Guess again.” 

Peter’s eyes shot to you and his cheeks dusted pink. 

“O-Oh, (Y/n). I don’t mean to be rude, but what are you doing here?” 

“Supposedly dropping by your supposedly forgotten textbooks, but in real life, I’m here to confront you about this-” 

You snapped a magazine page open, the unrolled picture of Spiderman. Peter seemed to be flabbergasted as he asked you.

“W-What do you mean?”

“Don’t play fucking coy with me, Peter. You’re Spiderman, aren’t you?”

Peter’s eyes opened wide as he stuttered out, seeming to flail as he waved his hands in front of him.

“N-No, I’m not! I’m not Spiderman? I couldn’t…couldn’t ever do something like that! I have schoolwork to do!” 

“Peter, I’m not a fucking idiot. Why didn’t you tell me? Do you not trust me?” 

Peter seemed horrified at that. 

“Do I not trust you? Of course I do! I trust you so much! There are things about me that you know that not even Ned knows! I mean, except for being completely in love with you, but that is besides the point! I’m not Spiderman!” 

You were shocked. 

“You…You love me?” 

“Did I say that? Oh no. No, no, no, this is not how I imagined this going!” 

He seemed to melt into a puddle of embarrassment as he curled in on himself. You sighed before walking over to him, sitting in front of him. Peter looked up shyly, his brown eyes trained on you. 

“Peter, I really, really like you too. However, I want you to be honest with me. I know that you are Spiderman, but I want to hear you say it.” 

Peter whispered out, eyes pleading. 


You put your hand on his, saying softly. 

“Peter, you can trust me. We’ve been friends for as long as we can remember. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you, Peter. This is your secret, and I will help you keep it. I just want you to tell me verbally.” 

Peter bit his lip, looking at your conjoined hands before sighing. 

“I’m Spiderman.” 

“I fucking knew it!” 

You playfully shoved him, laughing with him. 

“Peter, that’s freaking amazing! I’m so jealous!” 

Peter was in awe at you before smiling. 

“You…you don’t think it’s weird or anything?” 

“No! If anything, it makes me love you even more. Peter, you are so brave and courageous and I am so happy that I don’t have to kick your ass for all the times you stood me up because now I understand.” 

Peter smiled shyly at you before he looked down, asking. 

“Do you…do you wanna stay for dinner? Maybe watch a movie after?” 

“I thought you would never ask, Spidey. Come on. I can smell that spaghetti calling my name!” 

“That doesn’t make any sense.” 

“It does in my book.” 


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Rebelcaptain + "my one night stand is actually my child's teacher and now back to school night is awkward"

Less of a one night stand and more of a “holy shit I’ve never connected with anyone this much and it was just a random convo in a bar that turned into a midnight walk now what” thing BUT STILL.

(Also, to anyone interested: I hardcore headcanon Rey as autie-spec so just. Deal, I suppose.)

“No,” says Jyn, without looking up from her phone.

Finn scoffs. “You don’t even know what I have.

“I know it’s a no.”

“You suck,” says Finn, but he puts it back, whatever it is. “It’s a party. Parties mean cake.”

“And you’ve had three pieces.” She peers at him through her bangs. “I’m not paying for fillings, Finn.”

“I don’t need fillings,” says Finn. “And I’ve had two pieces.”

“You’ve had three,” says Jyn, in the don’t push me voice, and Finn just scoffs. Finn’s never been scared of her the way other foster kids have been. She must not be all that intimidating, considering his situation. “I’ve been keeping track. So has Rey.”

Rey, sitting in the chair next to Jyn, offers a fist bump. Jyn knocks their knuckles together, and goes back to her emails.

“You’re killing my game,” says Finn.

“Since when do you have game?” says Rey, and there they go. It’s more soothing than anything, to be honest. Rey and Finn never actually fight—they bicker, but they’ve never been angry at each other that Jyn’s seen, not in the full year since she took them on, and so the pair of them playing snap and snarl just means occasionally reaching out and snagging Rey by the back of her uniform skirt to keep her from bouncing right off her feet.

Rey’s overstimulated, she thinks. Finn’s tired. Jyn’s done. Her patience with this event ran out about five minutes after it started, but parent participation is a big thing here, and if she leaves people will notice. Sitting in the corner going through her emails, at least, is more acceptable. And it keeps people from asking if she’s really the mother of the Juvenile Hall Hell Twins.

She turns her phone on sleep mode by accident, and swears.

“Can we go?” Rey flops into the seat next to her again, draws her knee up to her chest. Another mother hisses when Rey’s skirt slips up to her hips, and Jyn absently nudges at her leg, knocks her foot back to the floor. “My head hurts.”

“Twenty minutes.”

“Do you have the stuff?”

“Bag,” says Jyn, without looking up, and Rey drags Jyn’s messenger bag out from under the chair to find the fidget cube and her noise-canceling headphones. “If I meet one more idiot I’m going to stab them.”

Finn says, “Don’t do that.”

“Make me,” says Jyn, and taps him in the ankle with the toe of her shoe. “You finish the list?”

“Everybody but Mr. A,” says Finn, happily. Jyn taps Rey on the shoulder, flashes five fingers—five minutes—and then shoves her phone back into her pocket. “He said he couldn’t come, but I saw him over there, he’s the last.”

“Is this the sweaters one or the blind one?”

“Sweaters,” says Finn. “He always has great sweaters.”

“So you’ve said.” She’s not entirely sure if Finn has a crush on his—chemistry?—teacher, or if he’s just starry-eyed about the sweaters themselves, but she’s sure she’s heard the name Mr. A being tossed around the living room once or twice. Though it might have been in context of Finn getting detention. She can’t quite remember. “Go say hi, then.” 

“You coming?”

Jyn looks at him, and lifts one eyebrow.

“Jyn,” says Finn. “C’mon.”

“I said one more idiot.”

“Mr. A isn’t an idiot.” Finn, thirteen and suddenly remembering that, gropes for words. “He’s—weird. He’s kinda weird.”


“He’s your kinda weird.”

“Nobody’s my kind of weird,” says Jyn. “And I don’t need dating advice from a kid who eats three pieces of cake in fifteen minutes and then swears it has no effect on his game.”

“Oh my god,” says Finn, and when she nudges him with her elbow he rocks back and forth like she’s shoved him off a cliff. “C’mon. Please?”

Pros and cons don’t take long. Pro: get it done, get out faster. Con: make yet another enemy of your foster son’s fleet of teachers. Not that it’s hard. “Fine,” says Jyn. “Where?”

Finn’s smile could battery power the sun, she thinks. Add that to the list of pros.

There’s a knot of teachers over by the buffet table (picked clean by middle school-aged, humanoid crows), all gaggled together and laughing and whispering about private school education things that make Jyn’s teeth go on edge. Finn melts away from her about halfway between her wallflower position and the table, slips into the labyrinth to go root out his teacher—biology? Lit? I don’t remember—and Jyn drags the phone back out. Two emails from Bodhi, those she’s already read, a bunch of texts from Saw, one or two from Mara, and—

“This is my mom,” says Finn, in the stumbly way he has when he’s excited, and Jyn looks up from her phone to correct him when she stops.

Sweaters, yeah. Sweaters, and dark eyes, and a surprised little O to his mouth, and Jyn wants to die. He looks almost the same as he did four years—four? Four—ago, just slightly better put together. Not quite as disheveled as a last year uni student balancing on the edge of a sidewalk at two in the morning, laughing like he’s never met anybody as funny, pressing a scrap of paper into her hand.

Call me, please. Please.

She still has the number, somewhere. She’d never picked up the phone.

Cassian’s eyes flicker, and then his face closes down. A small thin smile settles like an angry cat on his mouth. “You’re Finn and Rey’s mother.”

“Foster-mother,” says Jyn, through tacky lips, and looks at the hand he offers, wondering if there’s a bomb in it. Finally, she takes it, shakes once. “Jyn. Erso.”

Finn, oblivious, rolls his eyes. “Mom.

“I don’t know who Mom is,” says Jyn. Her tongue is numb. “I’m Jyn.”

“Jyn, come on.” He fidgets with his blazer. “She doesn’t like to be called Mom, I told you. She said she’s too young to have two thirteen year olds.”

“And I am,” says Jyn.

Finn pokes his tongue out at her.

“It’s good to finally meet you,” says Cassian. There’s a hint of something in his face that she can’t make out without a shot of vodka and traipsing through Islington past midnight because last call sounded and they still had too much to say. “Finn and Rey both have a lot to say about you.”

“And they talk a lot about you, too,” says Jyn. She wants to die. “You’re—”

“My history teacher,” says Finn. His eyes have begun to narrow.

“Rey’s in my homeroom class,” says Cassian at the same time. Oh, God, fuck, God, fuck, fuck me, fuck— “We’ll probably be meeting up again in a few weeks. Parent-teacher events.”

Please, someone, vaporize me right now. “Right,” says Jyn, and looks down at her phone in her hand. She’s surprised she hasn’t dropped it. “Finn, I think Rey’s had enough. We should probably go.”

“Yeah,” says Finn. He gives her one last beady look. “Sure.”

“Good to meet you,” says Jyn. Again.

“Pleasure,” says Cassian, and shoves his hand back into the pocket of his wooly jumper. “I’m sure.”    


See, I’m 35 in 5 months.
I’ve seen what 25 used to look like
and 15 was the best back in 1997.

I’ve made stupid decisions,
I still do and
probably will when I’m 45 or 55 or 105

Papa always told me
how inquisitive I was at 5
who questioned 
“how come fish couldn’t
breathe on land” or 
“Why is the moon up there?”
back in 1987

See, I’m 34 so far
I’ve been to 24 where
I acted like I was 19
while at 14 I wanted to be 21

I have regrets
for the things I didn’t do
but I repent not
for the great things
that I ended up doing
despite doubts at 22

I remembered my first day
in kindergarten at age 4
I held a teddy, a white bunny
with a cut on my lip
from being too excited
that my uniform smelt 
like a new adventure.

Mama often speak of
how curious I was 
with her uni books at age 3,
wondering over the meaning
of these foreign jargons.

See, I was 33 last year
and I remembered 23
was the year of commitment
whether it was to fulfilled 
the 13-year-old wish 
of not being alone or
the forever kind of love hope
but perhaps if I’ve met
my 43 old self she would
have said 
“hold the world first,
see how heavy it is before
you call it yours”

I was 30 once,
4 years ago with 
no direction like
back when I was 20
didn’t know who I wanted to be
or what to accomplish in life
yet at 10 I wanted to
be a psychologist then after 
the war that left my dream astray
at 16 back in 1999 I became
the refugee who sought
refuge from my own resentment.

At 29 I said goodbye 
to my twenties and didn’t
flinch when the others
seemed to freak out
that “30 is coming”
“life is ending”
as if it was the death
knocking on their door.

28 was the last time
I ever felt my kidney
leaving my body
to live with my Mama.

At 16 I wanted to leave Earth
because Venus was too pretty
to be left alone.
As though Venus would 
always understand 
that this closeted Sapphic skin
should not be hidden.

That same age I had to
carry my closeted self
to a Catholic all girls school,
imagine how terrifying it was
not being able to wear
the rainbow earrings 
as comfortable as I am now.

That same year
being a refugee,
a new student,
with three other
languages in my backpack
I only love the company
of the school library
just because 
I don’t get to where I am
without that kind of will
of a naive and outcasted girl,
to push through and
embrace English as though
it was my first love.

So you see,
most of us if not all 
been there already
if you haven’t 
then welcome
and I am sure
you will get here, where I am

D C de Oliveira
- an ode to myself.

f.r.i.e.n.d.s meet world

Friends / Girl Meets World Crossover: Rachel never got off the plane, instead she raises her daughter Emma Maya in Paris and sends her to the states for the summer, Ross’s son Ben Lucas moves in with him, Phoebe and Mike have a son named Farkle and all of them, of course, are best friends with Monica and Chandler’s twins Erica and Jack. Oh, and Joey ends up having a daughter he never knew about: Riley.
Previous Chapters: Prologue aka “The One Where Joey Has A Daughter”
Word Count: 4,890

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

[The One With The Results.]

“That’s…not possible.” Joey chokes out.  

The room grows silent and all eyes are on the brunette standing by the door. Riley tries to steady her breathing. The last thing she needs is to have a panic attack in front of a room full of strangers. It takes her a few seconds but she works up the courage to pull out the picture she found in her pocket and hand it over to the dark-haired man across from her.

“I found this picture of you and my mother.” She says softly, averting her eyes while he looks over the photo.

The other adults lean in as well, realization crossing their face. “Hey, that’s Erin!” Rachel is the first to speak. “You remember her right, Mon? She was the one girl of Joeys’ that we actually loved.”

Riley smiles at that, happy to know that her mom left a lasting impression on them. It didn’t at all surprise her. Everyone loved her mother. How could they not?

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Unlikely Love

A.N. So this is officially an all Draco account! This is a requested imagine. I also forgot to mention early that you can request headcanons! I present you a Draco x Hufflepuff Reader Imagine! Enjoy!

Originally posted by dramioners

I must stop.

I must stop thinking of her.

My sweet lovely Y/N.

She is a Hufflepuff.

I’m a Slytherin.

It would never work.

I just can’t stop thinking of her beautiful H/L H/C and those amazing eyes.

Why does she have to be a Hufflepuff?

I remember the first day I saw her. I was in Flourish and Blotts picking out my school books when someone walked straight into me.

She fell on her butt and her books fell all over the floor in every direction.

Of course, me being a Malfoy I told her to get the fuck out of my way but, when I actually look at her beautiful face, she was all red.

I remember feeling kinda bad for being such a dick so, I helped her up and picked up her books for her.

Handing her books to her I ushered her a quick quiet apology before rushing out of the store to find my mother.

Since that day I always sneak little glances of her in the hallway or in classes we share.

But she would never give me a chance because I am the Slytherin Prince who “hates” Mudbloods and Hufflepuffs.

Currently, I am walking along the Great Lake trying to get my thoughts in order.

The sky was starting to turn into a mix of orange and pink, the temperature dropping with it. I wrapped my green and silver scarf tighter around my neck. Curfew was due in an hour.

“Hey, Draco! How’s it going?” A warm voice greeted me from behind.


I turned around to be greeted by Y/N also wrapped in her house scarf. The yellow and black bring out her E/C eyes. She was walking to me the wind blowing her hair behind her back.

“What are you doing here?”

“What? I didn’t know I had to have a reason to talk to you Mr.Malfoy.” Y/N said walking passed me. I could hear a hint of playfulness in her voice.

I could feel the corners of my lips turn upwards.

“Sorry, you didn’t hear. Everyone knows.” I say smiling slightly matching the same tone she had moments ago.

She turned around to face me, smiling ear to ear. The hair and the ends of her scarf blowing to the side.

Turning around again to walk along the lake. I slowly followed her.

“Soooooooo Draco. Can I call you Draco?” She asked facing the setting sun.

“You may.”

“Stop being so formal Draco. We are only 15. You’ll have plenty of time to do that when you’re old.”  She said pointing her finger at me.

This girl is going to be the death of me.

Those E/C eyes.

Those pink plump lips.

That smile.

“Hey Draco, can I tell you a something?”

“Of course,” I respond my eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“I know you like me.”

I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks.

“I-I-I why would I–”

“Don’t make excuses Draco. I see you watch me as I walk passed you. And I see you stare at me in class. I was just hoping you would admit it. Good night, Draco.”

She started to walk towards the castle I grabbed her wrist and did something unthinkable.

I kissed her.


On the lips.

They were warm and tasted of vanilla-mint chapstick.

I pulled her closer to me by her waist.

When she pulled away, I pulled her back for another kiss but, she put her hands over my cheeks.

“That was nice. I never expected a Slytherin to be good kissers.” She said giggling.

“Be my girlfriend.”

We both laugh as we share another kiss under the setting sun.

“You love me.” She teased wiggling her eyebrows.

I laugh as I grabbed her hand and lead her to the castle.

This love was unlikely.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


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OH MY G OD GIRL I AM FREAKING OUT thank you SO much for that list of books, I NEED MOOORE i saw the tag that you have a longer list? could you please post that soon!! I mean I have been literally scrolling through her insta for all the books she has read every now and then, because she usually posts pics of them but i've always thought there must've been more.. like ones mentioned on her story or elsewhere!! thank you so much ahh you're great!

hey babe, thanks so much for this enthusiastic and lovely message ❤️ i’m actually surprised at how many people liked the book post! and i’m very glad how happy you are from the list!!! still haven’t found the complete list as my hard drive is a total mess but if i do, i plan on posting the full complete list. meanwhile, here’s some more that i can remember rn:

  • a little life, hanya yanagihara
  • lolita, vladimir nabokov
  • the unbearable lightness of being, milan kundera
  • sharp objects, gillian flynn
  • waiting to be heard: a memoir, amanda knox
  • eternal night, carina adly mackenzie
  • the mortal instruments, cassandra clare
  • animal farm, george orwell
  • the good girl, mary kubica
  • the four agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom, don miguel ruiz & janet mills
  • seriously… i’m kidding, ellen degeneres
  • the girl on the train, paula hawkins
  • fifty shades of grey, e. l. james
  • the healthy life, jessica sepel
  • wake up: a life of the buddha, jack kerouac

okay, a lot of you seemed to like the story of my grandma traumatizing a car dealer, and some of you have asked just how my grandma ended up like the woman she is, so, after a little prompting, i hereby present, my great-grandmother;

  • so you all know that my grandma was born in finland
  • but we’re actually swedish descendants on my great-grandmother’s side of the family
  • so okay, this all requires some basic finnish history to fully grasp the context of my great-grandmother’s story
  • finland didn’t become an independent country until 1917, after having been conquered by russia in the 19th century
  • but before that, finland had been a part of the swedish kingdom, with a very sketchy history leading all the way back to the conception of the swedish kingdom sometimes in the like 13th century
  • and the life and times of swedish finland is a messy and complex story that i won’t get that much into, but what you need to know is that it was swedish finland, that sweden was the central and, in some ways, colonizing power, and that the true finns were looked down upon and often lower class, while the nobility and upper class were made out of finland-swedes
  • and this didn’t change until well into the 20th century, especially in the predominantly swedish-speaking regions
  • and you can probably guess where my ancestors fit into all of this, can’t you?
  • and my great-grandmother’s story starts with my great-great-grandfather
  • he was a finland-swede in a swedish-speaking town, and he was also one of the richest men in it
  • and he had a heap of children, like i’m uncertain of just how many, but i think it was around, like 17 or something??
  • anyway
  • my great-grandmother, of course, because otherwise this wouldn’t be much of a story, was the black sheep of the entire family
  • she was just
  • a very rebellious lady in general
  • born sometimes in the 1910′s, she just didn’t give much of a fuck about anything
  • she was the finnish version of a flapper, drank and partied away all of her allowance and just generally drove my great-great-grandfather crazy by the way she dragged their precious family name in the dirt by the reputation she made for herself around town
  • (she’s honestly such #goals, i’ve always looked up to my great-grandmother)
  • but the last straw was when she met my biological great-grandfather
  • because he was a true finn, did not have a drop of swedish blood as far as anyone could tell, and of course my great-grandmother, because she was my great-grandmother, fell head over heels in love
  • now, in true bigoted fashion, this was of course unacceptable to my great-great-grandfather and his entire family, and he presented my great-grandmother with an ultimatum;
  • to either cut all ties with my great-grandfather and start cleaning up her act, or be disinherited from the family
  • now, of course, because you already know that my great-grandfather would eventually become my great-grandfather, you know what my great-grandmother did
  • she followed her heart, said “fuck you” to my great-great-grandfather and his fortune and, quite honestly, never looked back
  • she settled down with my great-grandfather and started a family with him, and was, as far as we can tell, pretty happy with her life
  • that was, until things started going to hell
  • my great-grandmother bore a lot of kids, and gave birth to 11 in total
  • but they were all born in the 1930-40′s, also known as the depression and the second world war
  • most notable of them was, of course, my grandma, one of her older brothers, and a couple of twins
  • you all know my grandma, my very own gunpowder lady, born in the aftermath of the winter war and wrought with an iron strength because of it
  • one of her brothers was born a few years earlier, and was always quite sickly, and was an adolescent during the height of the war
  • and because of that he became a so-called “war child”
  • he was sent over to sweden, in a small dinghy boat across the bothnian sea, to be looked after by a swedish foster family while my great-grandmother and her family continued to scrape by in the war-torn finland
  • and as the war finally ended and he had the chance of coming back home again, he didn’t want to
  • he had grown fond of his foster parents and had had a better living situation in sweden than he had ever had in finland
  • so he was actually the third child that my great-grandmother lost
  • because a couple of years after my grandma was born, my great-grandmother gave birth to a couple of twins
  • this was at the very tail ends of the world war, their sickly older brother had already been sent away, and the family wasn’t doing that great
  • my grandma said that my great-grandmother and great-grandfather never quite succeed in getting them fully healthy after their delivery, and they both died just a few months old
  • and during these years, there had been a lot of strain on my biological great-grandfather and great-grandmother’s marriage and they had eventually fallen out of love, and as finland slowly started prospering again after the war, my great-grandmother decided that enough was enough
  • and if my great-great-grandfather hadn’t disowned my great-grandmother when she had decided to marry a finn, he definitely would have done it when she decided to divorce him
  • this was in the late 1940′s, and while divorce was slowly starting to become more and more socially accepted, it was still something to look down upon, and it was especially not looked at with keen eyes in the upper class, from which my great-grandmother originated
  • but my great-grandmother, because she was my great-grandmother, said “fuck it” and just went for it
  • so that’s how she ended up a divorced mother of 8 with no income
  • (my biological great-grandfather didn’t really want anything to do with the children anymore, but he wasn’t completely unreasonable and had at least left her the house)
  • but great-grandmother did what she had always done; she persevered
  • she got a job at the local bakery and had her elder children starting to pick up stray jobs around town and had her younger ones, my grandma included, looking after the house and each other
  • and they, as far as grandma remembers, were quite happy, despite everything
  • my great-grandmother had of course fallen a very long way from grace, being the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in town to just barely scraping by trying to feed and raise all of her children on a measly bakery salary
  • (and they were quite poor; remember how i said that my grandma always walks around barefoot? well, that’s because she never got used to wearing socks as a child, she always walked around barefoot in her shoes, even in the height of the finnish winters, and she just feels like her feet are too constricted trying to wear socks now)
  • but my great-grandmother and her children got by, she worked at the bakery and my grandma and all of her siblings attended the school just downhill, and what they lacked in money they got back in tenfolds in great-grandmother’s dedication to them
  • and eventually my great-grandmother met who we all refer to as my real great-grandfather, the man who married my black sheep and social outcast great-grandmother and helped raise all her children and acted as the real grandfather to her grandchildren, and great-grandfather to her great-grandchildren
  • (he was also a true finn, because my great-grandmother was incapable of actually giving a fuck, and my grandma actually never met her grandfather or his family, because when my great-great-grandfather decided to disinherit my great-grandmother, he meant all the nine yards)
  • my great-grandmother eventually retired from the bakery and became a housewife again, and dedicated her time to help taking care of her rapidly growing family
  • and i was still quite small when she passed away, but one of my most vivid memories of her was her sitting back in a rocking chair in the corner of her living room, with permed grey hair and soft wrinkles, which was mostly laughter lines anyway

so this is the woman who raised the girl who would eventually become the widow who would traumatize a poor car dealer when she wanted to buy a pretty hella expensive new car simply because she didn’t like the color of her old one

(i come from a family of peculiar women)

My grandma is the one who introduced me to Phantom. She had only seen the musical once, and it was just a week after she saw it that she played the CD for my sister and I, but it became the main topic of conversation among all of us for a couple years afterwards. And I think that she understood the essence of the story on a fantastic level that I couldn’t appreciate when I was eleven, twelve years old and in my little Raoul-hating, Erik-glorifying phase.
One day we were talking about the different ways in which Raoul and Erik loved Christine, and I still think about what she said in regards to Erik.
She said, “He loves her throughout the story- but it’s not the kind of love you have for another person. It’s like the love you have for an object- you want to keep them close and look at them, and you love them, but they’re objects. An object doesn’t need to be free. A person does. It’s not until the end that he realizes people aren’t objects, that’s why he lets her go- because she’s a person for the first time to him, and he could never love her as one; in the long term he would always worship her as an object, and she would never be happy without being free.”
When I was younger, I didn’t understand what all of that meant, but I see so much of it now. I doubt she even remembers having that conversation, but it has shaped a lot of my views on canon in both ALW and Leroux, and I think it’s really great that she shared those thoughts with us, even if we were too young to really grasp them at the time.

Someone shared a thing with me where people were saying why are the Chosen Ones ™ always teenagers, and wouldn’t it be cool to have a story about a Chosen grandma. And I remembered that one of my favorite books is basically that.

The Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold is about a late middle aged woman who was Chosen by the Gods earlier in life and it really didn’t work out well. Now gods are bugging her again, and she is monumentally unexcited. It’s rad. Also a great example of a non-warlike hero who kicks tons of metaphorical ass by just being a super solid human being.

Bujold is most known for her Vorkosigan saga, which is also super worth a look. It’s a series of books about Miles Vorkosigan, a bipolar hunchbacked little person with brittle bones who through sheer intelligence and force of personality pulls off being an interstellar spy undercover as the commander of an interstellar mercenary troop. James Bond wishes he was as cool as Miles. Plus, every book in the series is a slightly different genre. Thriller, mystery, one of them is even a romantic comedy. Lois McMaster Bujold is the author I want to be when I grow up.

your hair was long when we first met (Pidge/Lance)

Summary: Pidge’s hair grows with the seasons. So do Lance’s feelings.
A/N: this has been sitting in the back of my head for a while now and finally I was just like welp, let’s give it a go. It’s a little bit different stylistically from my latest plance fics, but take a peek if you’re interested? ;) 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

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The barbecue smells heavenly.

Lance holds his beer bottle loosely between thumb and forefinger, raising it to his lips as he surveys the yard.  Cheesy tiki torches jut from the grass, to be lit up later.  Over by the fence, Sara, their sales manager (his superior) oversees the grill, auburn hair tied in a messy bun.  The company party is in full swing, porch door squeaking open and closed behind him as his coworkers flip flop between enjoying the muggy summer air outside or the cool respite indoors.

It’s not where he thought he’d be, three years after returning.  “Sales rep” is quite a ways off from “paladin of Voltron.”  But Lance has always been good at talking himself up; after jetting across half the universe convincing foreign species to join up in the Alliance, getting some wary investors to buy into the latest tech product is a walk in the park.  He’s back on Earth and on his feet.  That’s what counts.

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To Ficwriters With Love

I personally think all fanfiction writers are just AWESOME and great and just wow… But there are some that catch my eye more than others

So, instead of recommending fics, I shall recommend you fic writers that are just the absolute best

impolitecanadian @impolitecanadian I always love it when writers give more personal author notes and reply to your comments

princedeadend  @princedeadend I just personally consider this fic awesome and so that extends to the author

Watermelonsmellinfellon @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon If you write 208 fics and they are all awesome (at least the ones I’ve read), you are bound to be awesome and just… woah… thank you?

PuppetMaster55 Black to Blue is just so good and getting an update of it (that come reasonably often) has always brightened my day so the author just stuck to my mind, I don’t need to read further than the author name before I already recognize the fic I’ve gotten an update email from, so thank youuu for creating that awesome fic (and some more)

MilkTeaMiku @milkteamiku 97 fics and the 10 fics I’ve read are pretty much like masterpieces so, yeah, they are awesome and I love love looove how all of their fics’ word counts are round numbers and they reply to comments and all that so personally, I think milkteamiku is the perfect author and I’m not completely convinced they aren’t an angel or something like that

noxiousSanctity @noxioussanctity Awesome fics, awesome person

SKayLanphear @skaylanphear 11 MLB fics and one of them is 295,097 words and AMAZING? Yeah sure… No biggie

Ishxallxgood @ishxallxgood Really fast updater, has awesome fics, always replys even when they get like so much comments? Incredible, don’t know how you do it, thank you so much

KryallaOrchid @kryallaorchid Any author that writes 100000+ word fics are awesome, sorry I don’t make the rules, it’s law

surveycorpsjean @zanimez Kudos to you, you are great and I love your fics

BullySquadess @bullysquadess Some authors have to suffer a little from the “UPDATE NOW” comments, especially if they create a fan favorite multichapter fic, bullysquadess has made some reaaaally amazing fics and I thank her for it

IronScript A sweetheart, an astounding person and so strong, I thank you for your fast updates and for the fact that you are so dedicated to your readers even when you’re having a hard time. Remember authors, you are not obligated to write your fics but if it helps you then I’m glad:) Your well being is always the first priority!

Fishwrites @fishwrites An incredible author, I’m just amazed, thank you so much!

RivDeV A true artist of slowburn, and 100000+ words fics = awesome

Thelastpilot @thelastpilot Great fics, a great author

AnimeFanime This little sinner is actually just a sweetheart and an awesome author! Everybody are a little kinky, I guess they are very

Rahar_Moonfire I’m a big fan of their series Warmth that currently has 4 fics which are like 382090 words combined (= 3 x Awesome). And whoo boy how fast those chapters came, I could see the love from the writing and the fact that they always always replied to comments and just… seriously they are so great<3

Jennypen @jennypen It’s fun being a little kinky and I think they are just awesome, kudos to you!

delictor @nachodip Amazing works, amazing author! Kudos to you!

Noitratoxin @noitratoxin Can I just really empathize how much I appreciate authors replying to comments? It’s almost as good as getting an update from the fic! It makes reading fics more personal and fun (e.g compared to books). Noitratoxin never fails that what I can remember, plus their fics are awesome!:)

KnightNuraStar @KnightNuraStar 74 vld fics? Oh wow… You know you can chill a little? But well I like them and all that, so a great author you are!

K0bot @k0bot Homesick at Space Camp is great, you’re great

LFMH021  writer’s fics are just hilarious imo XD I love them

pictureperfectporcelain Fun author notes, replys to comments and a hilarious group chat fic:D precious

deecherrywolf @deecherrywolf Great kinky fics, great kinky author


I combined two anonymous requests for this, hopefully it turned out decent, I mean I like it Hope they do as well.

Tagging in case they are interested : @multi-villain-imagines  @bidennisreynolds  @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay  @moaningvaleska  @noodlecupcakes  @miss-harleenquinzel  @elliotsbutt  @dv8n666ways  @damalseer

The prompts are “That’s not my name” , “Touching you”, “I’d like to get to know you”, and “move a little closer” some I tweaked to fit the narrative better, hope that’s okay.

Warnings : Victor being Victor, profanity, violence, murder, implied torture to happen in the future, implied spousal/domestic abuse, if I forgot something please let me know.

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anonymous asked:

Just saw the question you reblogged about ace parents and it's really important to remember ace parents and be there for them too. When I told my mom about asexuality she said that's how she always felt. She's 45 years old and she only found out about her own sexual orientation when I told her about asexuality and what it was all about because she had never heard of it before. And being asexual didn't make her any less of a great mom.

Thanks for sharing!

- Fae