i always really liked tohru's friends

I want to be like Tohru

((so I first read Fruits Basket when I was pretty little, and I found out that I have been a fan of Fruits Basket for 9 years! o.o:  I know, crazy right!  It has been such an amazing big part of my life and i’ll always remember the many things I have learned from the story.  The story will stay in my heart forever and ever and always.  <3.

Ever since I read the first volume I have wanted to be like Tohru. <3 she is someone I look up to even though she isn’t real ^_^::  all the same she has someone I have wanted to be since I was a little kid. 

Now that I am a little older, I’m still a kid but I’m also a young adult and I got my first job!  :D and I’m so happy and I always try to have Tohru’s work ethic <3 I also made my very first real friends and they mean the world to me <3 something really funny is when I first met one of my friend’s the first thing she asked me was if I saw the Anime Fruits Basket. And I said “oh my goodness yes! I love Fruits Basket so much!” and than she said that I reminded her of Tohru and I felt so happy because I was just being me and I guess over the years I have become more like her and I was so so happy!  <3

Just the other week I got my really good friend into Anime and she started watched Fruits Basket and she was yelling at the TV and pointing at Tohru and staying that they stole that from Emily (that is my name) lol she couldn’t believe how much alike we were and it made me so happy!

At school I will sometimes think “What would Tohru do?” when I was having a hard time and I had the books with me everywhere <3 well not all of them all at once! That would be a lot of books ^_^:: I usually have 2 with me <3

This year I got to go to my very first Comic Con and I got to Cosplay for the first time. :D something I have wanted to do for forever ^_^ lol and my first Cosplay was… lol you Guessed it!  Tohru Honda! :D <33333 I made the costume with mommy and it was so much fun to work on something together <3 so many people there called me Tohru and got so excited to see me <3  I’m a little shy but being Tohru made me feel so happy and confident and I was able to talk so well to everyone <3 my friend who I mentioned first let me use her Momiji toy!  <3 while there I saw another girl dressed as Tohru and I saw someone dressed as Kyo!  I didn’t get a picture with Kyo :’( I told him I was so happy to see a Kyo and that I loved his cosplay so much!  he had a little kitty toy on his shoulder and I thought it was so cute! but there were so many people around and I didn’t want to get lost because my friends were really far away so I told him I had to go and that I hope he had a wonderful day and I went to go find my friends to tell them I found Kyo <3  Someone else also got excited to see me and started to talk just like Momiji and it made me so happy!  a lot of people took pictures of me and I am so flattered <3 I didn’t think people would want my picture. lol it is funny to think that people have pictures of me with them now but it makes me glad because I made them so happy <3

I’m so happy and I want to continue trying to be more like Tohru because she is my hero and I love how she makes so many people happy and I want to do that too <3. I’m so happy that Fruits Basket is in my life <3))

If Bleach characters and Fruits Basket characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

You guys know the crossover drill! We’re now going to imagine Bleach characters having conversations with characters from the anime Fruits Basket (because that’s all I know).

1. Kyo and Yoruichi

Yoruchi: Huh. This is strange. I am weirdly overcome with a desire to cuddle with you.

Kyo: Really? ‘Cause that usually just happens with cats…

Kyo: Hey! Stay back!

Yoruichi: No hug?

Kyo: No hug! I said STAY BACK


Yoruichi: [pokes Kyo]


[kitty Kyo!]





Yoruichi: Oops.


2. Tohru and Byakuya

Byakuya: So you’re saying that this entire family is cursed, and they turn into animals if they are touched by a member of the opposite sex?

Tohru: Yes! It makes them very shy - or some might say emo.

Byakuya: And then they turn back into naked humans?

Tohru: Um….yes. That’s a little embarrassing!

Byakuya: And you hang out with these people for some reason?

Tohru: They are my friends!

Byakuya: That sounds like my absolute worst nightmare.


Tohru: Do you not like animals?

3. Yuki and Kenpachi

Kenpachi: So I heard that you and the cat guy are always fighting.

Yuki: What of it?

Kenpachi: It’s just a little lame, isn’t it? I mean, a rat isn’t a match for a cat! Or for anyone, really.

Yuki: Unlike your stunning victory over a praying mantis.


Kenpachi: He was very tough for a bug.

4. Shigure and Nanao

Shigure: Why, hello there, gorgeous!

Shigure: I must say, those glasses with that uniform works very well for you!

Nanao: You’re one of those Zodiac guys, right?

Shigure: Guilty as charged!


Nanao: [pokes Shigure]

[Puppy Shigure!]

Nanao: I knew it!


Kyoraku: ?

5. Kagura and Ganju

Ganju: So you’re the Pig?

Kagura: Yeah.

Ganju: Omg, omg! It’s like Bonnie is here in human form, talking to me!

Ganju: At last I will know what a pig would say, if a pig could talk!

Ganju: Please tell me what you’re thinking right now!

Kagura: See that cat over there, chasing that purple-haired woman? I’m gonna marry him!


Ganju: Not exactly what I expected.

6. Momiji and Rukia

Momiji: Hug me!

Rukia: What?

Momiji: Hug me!

Rukia: Um, okay…

[Bunny Momiji!]


7. Hatori and Ryuken

Ryuken: At last, a character who seems - competent.

Ryuken: I hear you are a doctor, like me?

Hatori: Yes. A doctor and the dragon of the Zodiac.

Ryuken: How impressive.

Ryuken: You must find yourself forced to be extra careful with your cursed identity. A dragon running amuck in town would cause many problems.


Hatori: Well um to be more precise I am a seahorse.


Hatori: Which…is…the dragon of the sea?

Ryuken: That is incredibly lame.

Hatori (sighs): Yeah, I know.

8. Haru and Nnoitra

Nnoitra: Yo! Cow guy! Fight me!

Haru: I don’t do that.

Nnoitra: That’s not what I heard! Come on! Be the Black Haru guy!

Haru: No.

Nnoitra: I’m gonna keep poking you with this stick until you comply!

Nnoitra: Poke…poke…poke…poke…poke…

Haru: Yeah…I’m gonna go to class.

Nelliel: Wow, Nnoitra. You are really bad at getting people to fight you.


9. Ayame and Yumichika

Ayame: I care a lot about beauty.

Yumichika: I hear that.

Ayame: And of course I cherish my own beauty very highly.

Yumichika: Who wouldn’t?

Ayame: My greatest fear is to find myself locked away in some dark place, where no one can see me!


Ayame: For men such as us, would anything be worse?


Yumichika: Yeah, locked away in a dark place. No witnesses. Sounds terrible. Super, super terrible.

Yumichika: [cough]

Ayame: We are kindred spirits for sure!

10. Kisa and Ggio

Ggio: Yo! I heard there was a TIGER somewhere around here!

Ggio: As resident tiger of Bleach, you and I have GOT to fight each other!

Ggio: So come out, tiger!

Kisa: Um………hi?

Ggio: ….

Ggio: I’ll go now.

11. Hiro and Ichigo

Hiro: I just want to protect my friend. And be there for my sister. But because of Akito, I can’t really do either.

Ichigo: I feel you, dude. All I want is to protect my family and friends, but sometimes I let them get hurt anyway.

Hiro: How do you cope?

Ichigo: I became the greatest hero in the universe and saved the world a couple of times while beating up everybody.

Hiro: I broke free from the curse and then held my baby sister for the first time.

Ichigo: And that’s good too.

12. Ritsu and Kyoraku

Kyoraku: Hey man, I like your lady’s kimono.

Ritsu: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

Kyoraku: Uh….for what? I said I liked it! I’ve got one too, see?

Ritsu: I’m sorry for misunderstanding you! And for copying your style!

Kyoraku: I, uh, wouldn’t put it quite like that…

Ritsu: I’m sorry!

Kyoraku: I am very confused right now.

13. Akito and Aizen

Aizen: And that, dear woman who is either too sick to move right now or who really likes my monologuing, is my entire plan for becoming god.

Akito: I was god once.

Akito: Gave it up because it sucked.

Aizen: …what?

Akito: Yeah. Turns out that controlling a bunch of people against their will isn’t a path to happiness for me or for them.

Akito: Who knew?


Aizen: I don’t like talking to you.