i always played with swords

every time i think i’m emotionally over skyward sword i listen to the soundtrack and remember that it’s physically impossible to ever be over skyward sword

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Yo Mun Pro~ I'm here to shower you with good luck in getting Tomoegata and Akashi in the event! (I'd crafted Tomoegata on my second try, and already got Akashi two war trainings ago) Good luck~!! <3

Thank you so much anon so sweet 🌹 congrats on getting them yourselves. I need all the luck I can get rip. Kuniyuki’s map has even been giving my strongest swords a hard time but I’m gonna have hope. I’ve had 15 unsuccessful tries at present to bring the blue birb home but I have a ridiculous amount of resources all I can do is keep smithing…

i always keep playing dumb or taking everything as a joke even though i perfectly understand how serious someone is or what they truly intend just because i dont want to make it awkward for the both of us




Uh yeah so, Rhose Lavellan, Queen of Swords ;) Because I always play a Knight Enchanter and have little head cannons of Rhose and Cullen sparring haha!

(The mandalla in the bg is a stamp but I don’t have the info from the brush pack anymore, so credit to the actual owner of that)

I loved the banter between the twins in Assassin’s Creed; Syndicate. I also liked how when you switched sometimes they’d say something to the other, or when you went to the train and were near the other one they’d make a remark, like “my dear sister, how I find you positively infuriating”/“you look like your going to beat someone into sense with that cane” or “careful with that blade Jacob/“I had trouble catching a bus today, might you have something to do with that?” I always play with Evie having the Cane Sword and Jacob the Kukari knife. Just like their father’s

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