i always played with swords

I think in this run of BR I’ll reclass Kaze into a Swordmaster and get him some good vantage and astra. I’ve never really reclassed him into anything much since he just rocks ninja class so well. What I usually do is just slap a milion shuriken on him (basically all of them except Flame bc lolnomagic) and make him a crit machine. I had fun in Revelations




Uh yeah so, Rhose Lavellan, Queen of Swords ;) Because I always play a Knight Enchanter and have little head cannons of Rhose and Cullen sparring haha!

(The mandalla in the bg is a stamp but I don’t have the info from the brush pack anymore, so credit to the actual owner of that)

Day 20

Favorite spell

I have two for this one.  First, I like playing Swords of Revealing Light.

It always makes my opponent angry, but then they think they can build up stronger monsters for a full on attack once the turns are up.  But I always try for a combo with my favorite trap card (which will be revealed tomorrow).

For my next card… actually, no.  This is a very serious topic.  This card has that much of an impact in Yu-Gi-Oh.  I need to explain this with full seriousness.

This card is something that many of us find one of the most important cards of all time.

It’s so important, many duelists have this card in their deck, and we are working to get this card into every deck in existence.

The rule of this card is so complex and powerful, everyone needs to know of its existence.

Because this card is so important, every time we play this card, we have to- no we need to explain what it does so new beginners can catch on and returning duelists can be reminded of its utter importance to the game.

That card is…

Pot of Greed.

I loved the banter between the twins in Assassin’s Creed; Syndicate. I also liked how when you switched sometimes they’d say something to the other, or when you went to the train and were near the other one they’d make a remark, like “my dear sister, how I find you positively infuriating”/“you look like your going to beat someone into sense with that cane” or “careful with that blade Jacob/“I had trouble catching a bus today, might you have something to do with that?” I always play with Evie having the Cane Sword and Jacob the Kukari knife. Just like their father’s

image from madeinmasyaf