i always played with swords




Uh yeah so, Rhose Lavellan, Queen of Swords ;) Because I always play a Knight Enchanter and have little head cannons of Rhose and Cullen sparring haha!

(The mandalla in the bg is a stamp but I don’t have the info from the brush pack anymore, so credit to the actual owner of that)

I loved the banter between the twins in Assassin’s Creed; Syndicate. I also liked how when you switched sometimes they’d say something to the other, or when you went to the train and were near the other one they’d make a remark, like “my dear sister, how I find you positively infuriating”/“you look like your going to beat someone into sense with that cane” or “careful with that blade Jacob/“I had trouble catching a bus today, might you have something to do with that?” I always play with Evie having the Cane Sword and Jacob the Kukari knife. Just like their father’s

image from madeinmasyaf