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7 Sept. cr @um_airrr IG

Found @ajol_llama and @ireneisgood out in SoHo. Ahhhh words can’t describe how I’m feeling. Amber was my first crush in f(x), she stood out the most to me in all the videos and performances. Her humor, charisma, and energy is just so magnetic. Now to this account- As she was ready to leave the restaurant, I pulled out my f(x) periwinkle light stick and waved it so she’d know I’m a real MeU, and of course she came to greet me outside, all smiles. I was so SHOOK, it’s freaking AMBER of f(x). I introduced myself, gave her a gift bag of Macaroons from me, my brother @uzzi___ and @cherry.cl, and congratulated her on #8yearswithfx. She saw the hat I was wearing, from Blanc & Eclare @blancandeclare_official and said “cool hat”, I chuckled cause, well… you know 😉 I then asked if she’d at least sign one of my f(x) albums since I know she must be busy and ready to go but she insisted on signing all of them. 😭😭😭 And so she did, and as she did, Irene came out of the restaurant and saw my Blanc & Eclare hat as well and she was SO ecstatic that she recorded a video/pic of me and sent it to @jessica.syj so she can see 😭😭😭 I told Irene that Jessica recognizes me as the first purchaser at her SoHo store and that she’ll definitely love seeing me wearing it today. And Irene told me that Jessica and I are twinning with the hat today cuz we’re both wearing it haha 👯👯‍♂️ I then professed to Amber and Irene how big of a MeU I am, going to Korea to attend their first concert, Dimension 4: Docking Station, stanning them so hard… and Amber was really grateful. We all got a great pic together, and I was being recorded the whole time with their film crew 😭 Going to be so embarrassed to watch my account with them when it airs. Thank you Amber and Irene for taking the time to meet with me and have a nice conversation, it really meant a lot. All couldn’t have gone better except when I was going back home I realized Amber forgot to sign my Electric Shock EP 😩 There’s always next time. Will see you again sometime in the future haha ~
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How I Met Your Father

“I get really sick on roller-coasters and you had the misfortune of sitting in front of me so, uh… sorry…” AU

There’s a lot of dialogue here, and there’s Gajevy if you squint really hard. 

“Come on Levy! Before the line gets longer!” Her friend Lucy was practically dragging her towards the tallest rollercoaster in the world.

“Um, I don’t think-“

“No! There’s no way you’re bailing out on me now Lev! Besides, we only have one more day here before we head back for school!”


“I’ll get you that limited edition book~”

“…Maybe the ride won’t be that bad..”

“That’s the spirit! Let’s go!”

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Home Alone Tonight. Chapter 5

Warning! This story is rated M for foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail.

Summary:  For the past few years, Natsu’s been dealing with his broken heart. He tries to drown his pain through unhealthy activities, but all it leaves him with is a string of failed relationships and a lot of drunken nights at the bar. He’s been a wreck ever since she left. How will he deal with her return, when his heart is still mangled? Inspired by the Luke Bryan song. Modern AU. NALU

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

Read it on FF.net or AO3.

Story Cover Picture

*The lyrics used in this chapter are from a song called ‘Fix’ by Chris Lane. (If you can’t tell, I have a thing for country songs.)

Chapter Five: Payback Picture

Lucy didn’t say anything else on the matter. She had no idea what a 'payback picture’ was, but she trusted Natsu. He snapped a picture, then pulled the phone closer to them so they could see it. The only word to describe it would be: terrible.

Natsu had a stupid grin on his face, while Lucy looked like she’d just been crying. Granted, she had, but that wasn’t the type of picture he wanted to take. He spent a minute fixing her hair so it would cover up the redness of her eyes. “You gotta look happy,” he said cautiously. “Like we’re having a good time.”

The blonde thought for only a moment before coming up with an idea that was sure to make her look happy, because it would actually make her happy.

“Can I try something then?” She saw how hard he was trying to get a nice picture. It made her want to try just as hard.

“Yeah,” he said, throwing the camera up again. “Say che-”

His words were cut off by Lucy’s lips on his own. He was stunned for a second, staring at the blonde who had her eyes closed. Her left hand came up, her fingers carefully caressing the scar on his cheek, obviously not afraid of his disfigurement.

Since Natsu’s mouth was already open, she didn’t wait for any formalities before invading him. Natsu’s eyes fluttered closed as he accepted the kiss.

Their tongues teased each other while Natsu’s hand up her back. He wanted to touch her more, but they were in public.

Her right hand grabbed his shoulder, making sure he didn’t move away from her. Like hell he’d even try! Lucy’s hand slipped from his cheek to glide into his soft pink hair. She tugged on it, making him moan in her mouth. He was lucky there was music playing. No one around them would be able to hear how much he enjoyed the kiss. He could already feel the heat collecting in his cheeks.

He snapped the picture, then brought his hand down to rest the phone on the counter. He bit at her lower lip, pulling it between his sharp teeth. She whimpered when he released it, wishing he would have continued. He darted his tongue back into her mouth, but it was captured. Lucy sucked on the wet muscle, making him forget everything around him for a split second.

It wasn’t until a customer passing by said, “get a room!” that they broke apart. Natsu was panting, having forgotten that he was supposed to breathe through his nose during a kiss. Lucy’s face was turning red, she tried to contain her smile, but her mouth betrayed her. She was giddy, like a high school girl who just got her first kiss.

Natsu opened his mouth to speak, “I-”

“I love you,” Lucy cut him off, no doubts in her mind on whether she should tell him or not. She wanted him to know how she felt. Natsu jolted back in shock, but she continued. “I never stopped loving you. Every day I thought about you, wondering how you were doing. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to contact you. I have no good excuses. I never meant to break your heart, and I’m sorry I did. I promise, if you let me, I’ll make it up to you.”

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Fringe 120: There’s More Than One of Everything

You know, I remember when we used to come down here during the summers. Mom and I. You were always still working back in the city. I’d stand out here on the beach for hours, looking at the ocean. It used to seem like it went on forever. On Saturdays, I’d always wake up just before my alarm. I could smell the pancakes, which meant that you were here. I’d creep down the stairs, and there’d you be…standing over the stove, flipping pancakes. You seemed so big back then. I’d just stand there watching you.

New Year Story- A Matt Espinosa Smut

You were with your boyfriend, Matt, in his house. You guys were going to throw a party at night, and since you love decorate you decided to do it yourself, but of course you made Matt and the guys help you, or tried because in the end of the day you noticed you were the only one who really worked hard.
“(Y/n)” you heard Matt call you but didn’t answered. He entered the room looking at you on your underwear.
“(y/n)” you just turned back and went to the bathroom.
“Oh my god… What happened? ” he asked.
” Anything. ” you finally said.
“No lie.”
“I’m not lying, anything happened, not for you or your friends.” you said and you could notice he understood what you meant.
“Babeee” he came to you and you push him away and turned to the mirror “You know that my frienhids are like that.”
“I’m not talking about them.” you said.
He hugged you from behind kissing your neck.
“I’m so sorry princess”
You sigh. Shit. He knows that doing it he could have anything.
“Ok Matt, but stop, I need t-” he bited your ear.
You sigh.
“I just want you to know. I. Love. You. Sooo. Much. “he said while give you kisses and bites in your ear, neck and shoulders.
You turned around and face him.
He slowly come closer and kissed you. He ran one of his hands down on your back and one of them was in your neck.
“Honey what you think about to be late to a new year party. “he said on a raspy voice giving you a hickey.
You whined” Matt…”
“Please. I’m so horny right now.”
You shuddered and looked up at him.
He look so hot, his hair is messed up, his eyes are half closed, his hot breath hitting on your face.
You kissed him, he pressed you against the wall making your sigh. You could feel the ‘hard’ in his pants pressed against you.
Matt wrapped your legs in his hips . His hands squeezing your ass, your hands traveling in his torso. He takes you to his room and suddenly you felt the bed. Matt’s lips go down on your neck, where he kissed, gave you love bites while his hands were traveling on your body and you nails on his shoulders and down on his booty, squeezing it.
He smirks.
You take his shirt off and he squeezed your breasts and toke your bra making you moan. He started to ‘work’ on your breasts, kissing, biting, making you a freak. He kisses and bite down your body, he takes your pants and then you feel his hot breath between your legs. You arched your back when he slide a finger on you, he slowly moves teasing you and then lick from your pussy to your clit. You shake and sigh. He slow down and speed up just to tease you. “Matt. Please.” You beg, you know this is one of his kinks and he couldn’t resist. He eats you out until you squirt calling for him.
“Fuck Matt”
“Damn (y/n) I think now you got help your daddy.” He said and you smirked taking his shirt and pants off.
You sit on his lap and start to tease him grinding your hips onto his. You kiss him and go down to his underwear. You take it off and start to massage him and then put it on your mouth making him mumble. He trusts his hips making you gag and slowly move your head up and down being faster when the time is passing. “Baby… I I’m about to c-”
“Cum for me daddy” you say and he does as you said.
He kissed you passionately and take a condom puting it while take a breath.
Matt slowly put his hard cock inside you and then he toke it off making a confused look appear on your face. You were full of pleasure, need him, and what was he doing?
“Don’t be a teaser Matt please.”
“Not only you can tease babe” he whispers on your ear while make you horny grinding his member on your slit.
He looked at you.
“What you want. Say it. I’m waiting.” He said teasing you.
“Matt… fuck. Fuck this.” Matt says anything more just slams on you making you moan his name loudly.
He trusts his hips roughly onto yours making you scream.
“What’s my name?”
“Matt” you moan.
“What’s my name?” He stills whispering on your ear and being rough. He bites your lob and your breasts while slams into you, he give you hickeys driving you crazy.
“Matt I’m abou-“
“What’s my name honey?” He asks you before making you shake screaming his name while your vagina screws arouns his dick. “You’re so thight” he groans and you both reach your edge.
You lay down in his chest and he straddle his hands on your back. After a few minutes you both hear Taylor knocks on your door.
“Oh my god. Did you end? If so you better come downstairs now, this party is going to start AND I THINK IT’S TIME TO HAVE ANOTHER TYPE OF ‘FUN’ if you know what I meant.”
You laughed.
“Ok. Let’s go to that New Year Party.” You said.
“Hum… a new year party after a new year sex sesh…” he said smirking.
“You dork”
“I love you” he said.
“I love you too babydino”

♡ Hope you guys liked it;
♥ Not edited;
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Killian Jones, Worthy

Thank you so much for the prompt! Once again, I’m sorry this is probably not what you were hoping for or expecting, but this is where my brain wanted to go mostly because we already know about Killian’s issues with worthiness during the current story. I wanted to go back to when worthiness meant something else entirely. 

As always, my “15-minute Masterpiece” criteria are: writing for at least 15 minutes, light editing, no beta. Just me and words coming out of my brain. 

No Quarter

“And when they come for us, I want them to know exactly what we are: pirates!”

His uniform shed, his ship renamed, his men free, and one short speech later, Lieutenant Jones is no more.

The Captain is dead, long live the Captain.

Killian promises his men they’ll live by their own rules; he promises they’ll take everything from the corrupt kingdom they can. He means it. Killian also knows that same promise marks them as wanted men. They’ll be hunted, and there will be no rest.

That’s fine by him. Let them come. In droves.

Killian does not want to rest. He cannot dwell on what it means to be alone in this world—without Liam—or it will drown him in a way even the deepest waters would envy. Killian Jones wants nothing more than to strip the kingdom bare and set it ablaze until there is nothing recognizable left. He will make the King wish he’d never sent the Jones brothers to Neverland for that bloody plant. He may have once had a loyal servant in Liam, but in Killian he’ll get the most loyal of enemies.

He and his men will be pirates. The scourge of the seas.

“We’ll give our enemies no quarter.”

Setting course for the King’s waterways, the men prepare the new flag. Crimson. The color of the blood he will spill and the blood he will shed making the King pay for all he’s taken. But he won’t let that flag fly until the right moment. There is nothing to be gained by announcing his allegiance to himself so quickly.

The quartermaster finishes divvying up munitions from the hold below amongst the small canon that line the ship’s deck. His crew readies the JewelThe Jolly Roger—for what is coming. Battle. It is only a matter of time.

“Sails!” the bo’sun calls out.

Perhaps no time.

Lifting his spyglass he recognizes the frigate, Valiant.  

Captain Paulson, Killian thinks. He had been a mentor to Liam. Pity. They’ll see each other again soon.

The time it takes for the ships to approach each other slips by in what feels like a breath. Those men out there have no idea what’s coming. Killian tells his men to keep steady.

“Pretend nothing is amiss,” he says evenly, “but stay close to your battle stations.” Killian presents a calm front to his men when inside he is a maelstrom feeding off itself. 

No quarter.

He guides the ship to pass within firing range of its port side, and calls out for his men to raise the flag and fire. He learns that day an enchanted ship never misses its mark. Holes are blown in the hull of the King’s ship and Killian can see it taking on water.

Almost finished.

The Valiant is crippled and in chaos as The Jolly Roger maneuvers swiftly around the listing and smoking ship’s starboard side. Killian’s men are already prepared or a second round before The Valiant can even open its gunports. They fire, sweeping the deck of anything standing.

The Jolly Roger pulls in close and Killian and his men board the ship as the smoke rolls and billows, obscuring their arrival.

Swords clang and guns report as the melee fans out across the deck. Killian slashes his way toward the Captain, already bloodied and looking irritated as he defends the helm. When Killian stands before him, the captain narrows his eyes as he recognizes his foe.  

Jones? What is the meaning of this? Where is Liam?” he asks. His mistake is making his question sound like a command.

Killian takes a deep breath and clenches his jaw before seething out, “Do not say his name. Do not ever say his name. My brother is dead. I am Captain now.”

In his confusion, Captain Paulson, a weathered, wiry man old enough to be his father, let his weapon drop to his side.

“What’s happened, Killian? What are you doing?”

“Sending a message to the King.”

In two quick moves, Killian has the Captain completely disarmed, and his own sword point poised in front of the belly of the man before him. The King’s man.

No quarter.

“This isn’t what your brother would have—”

Killian thrusts his blade into Paulson’s gut and up, bringing all his weight to bear, and pushing it out through Paulson’s back. The Captain sags against him with a gurgle, never finishing his sentence.

“My brother didn’t want to die, either,” Killian says in the man’s ear before sliding his blade back out and letting Paulson fall to the deck. “What’s one more disappointment?”

Cheers go up behind him, and Killian stands, breath heaving and tremors running up his arms and legs.

He wipes his face and sees only blood on his sleeve. The rest of the crew is dispatched save one young boy no older than Killian was when their father abandoned him and Liam. He puts the boy into a rowboat and hands him the envelope with the picture of the dreamshade and a special message for His Majesty.

Pointing to the shore within sight, he tells the obviously frightened lad, “You get this to the King, and then you find yourself a new career. Understood?”

“Aye, Captain…?”


The boy nods and stuffs the envelope into his jacket.

“Good lad. Get going. Things are about to get hot here.”

From the deck of The Jolly Roger, Killian watches the Valiant burn as the sun sets and he feels nothing. No remorse, no sadness, no fear. Their course is set and there is no turning back.

No quarter.

“Captain Jones” should have carried a hero’s reputation. Now it will carry fear into the hearts of sailors throughout the realms. A pirate worthy of the name.

Cheater (Luke) Part 6

This is the end of Cheater and I have to say, I’m pretty sad about it. The way I end things is pretty open but I feel like I’ve answered all the main questions surrounding the initial plot. If you want, maybe I can do some sort of epilogue because I’ve really enjoyed writing this. Sorry in advance and look forward to an emotional rollercoaster :-) 

Other Parts | Masterlist

 Three weeks later… 

 It’s been two weeks, four days, thirteen hours and fifty two seconds since Kirsten, your daughter, your love, your everything passed on. Two weeks, four days, thirteen hours and fifty three seconds since your life crashed down around you. 

 It was too late for her, the doctors said. The damage was done and there was nothing they could do to save her in the end. All you could do was say your goodbyes and watch as your unconscious daughter’s life slowly ebbed away until the machines fell silent. The operation wasn’t a success, in fact it ended up making everything worse.

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Q&A with James Dashner and Krista Marino [FULL]

The Q&A with James Dashner and Krista Marino is already over. Here is everything. It contains spoilers.

If you were Thomas, what would you be doing in the sanctuary right now?

James: [SPOILER] I’ll answer this first one to make sure everything is working. Wow, you must be honored to have the top question! If I was Thomas, in that place that’s a spoiler for some, I’d be dutifully working to gather seeds and start a garden. Oh, who am I kidding. I’d be eating fruit and lounging on the beach with Minho.

In your Maze Runner Triology, and one prequel, i find the character of Teresa the most mysterious, and as a fan, I LOVE her charachter. Are you planning to write more about Thomas and her in the sequel of your book? Possibly bring her back?

James: Many people love Teresa, and some hate her. I think that’s what’s so great about books. If the same situation can pull out varied emotions, then it’s like real life, right? I’m not exactly sure what’s in store for future Maze Runner books, but they would most likely be prequels if it happened.

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Work-In-Progress: To Read or Not

For years, I wrote multi-chapter stories and posted every time I finished a chapter. Eventually, as my writing improved, I started to get a few chapters ahead before I posted the latest chapter. But eventually, five or six posted chapters into a story, I lost my steam. I felt like no one was reading my writing, I couldn’t work through some road blocks later in the story, and I lost my inspiration. I abandoned the story and felt very ashamed.

These days, I finish multi-chapter stories before I post them. It has some downsides, to be sure, but I’m able to go back and edit any point in the story to avoid plot-holes or add foreshadowing. More than that, though, I don’t post stories and leave them unfinished. In fact, I can (and do) update daily when I have a story.

One trend I’ve found, though, is that I’ll get some reviews after the story is finished, with folks saying that they had been waiting for the story to be complete before they read. These comments are always meant in a complimentary way, and they are very kind.

And as someone who abandoned a story, and as someone who reads fics, I get it. It’s a huge bummer to get invested in a story that’s not going to get finished. It’s frustrating when there’s so much time between updates that you don’t remember what already happened.

But I strongly encourage you to ignore that. Why?

Because it is far more likely that a work-in-progress will get finished if the author has support.

Like I said, one of the major reasons I abandoned a story was that I truly felt like no one cared. I wasn’t motivated to write it, to work through the obstacles in later chapters, because who was going to bother reading it anyway? Before I officially abandoned it, I rarely got reviews from anyone saying, “Ahhh please keep going!” It was disappointing.

Fic writers don’t typically make updates contingent on reviews or feedback or reblogs or favorites. But all of those things make it easier to stay motivated and to keep going. It’s really striking how quickly you can lose your confidence and inspiration when you feel like no one cares about your work.

So if you are a person who doesn’t typically read works-in-progress, I urge you to at least consider it. Fic writers will be eternally grateful.

Happy 2014, Crystal. And happy friendiversary. I thought I’d ring in the new year with our ultimate OTP: Zacox.

It’s weird to think about how long ago that was and even weird to think about how long I’ve known you. I always say that I don’t have the words to explain how much being your friend has meant to me and I honestly don’t. Especially this last year with all of the problems I’ve had, you’re the one that helps me keep going. I don’t think I’d still be here if I didn’t have you to pull me back together every single time I fall apart. You’re there for me like no one else in my life ever has been and I love you for it. You seriously are the best best friend in the world.


Once upon a time I threw together a quick sherlolly version of Tarzan and Jane. I’ve always meant to go back to it and flesh it out, so here’s the prologue and the bit I wrote before (but will need to seriously edit at some point). Enjoy!

Prologue: Twenty-Five Years Ago, The Year of Our Lord Eighteen-Hundred and Ninety

If Lady Edith Holmes had any idea of her delicate condition, she would never have boarded ship with her husband, the Earl of Greystoke. Instead she would have repaired to their country estates in the company of her younger sister, and enjoyed her eldest son Mycroft’s visits for school holidays while his Lordship attended to the business that awaited him in Africa.

Business, alas, that he would never live to carry out. The ship’s crew mutinied, and he and his wife were set ashore at an uninhabited, unexplored location with at least the most basic of supplies and their trunks - but no money, and other company but their own, plead though they might for the crew to at least spare the officers and allow them to join them in their exile. But no; the crew was adamant, and the officers were slaughtered to a man, not excepting the Ship’s Doctor, one Robert Hamish Watson, who left behind a wife and young son in London. Edith and James Holmes grieved the man’s death more than any of the others, he being the only truly kind officer the ship had carried. There being no other passengers, they watched in fearful solitude as the newly christened Botany Bay sailed away from them, leaving them to their fates.

Three months later found Lady Edith despairing over the fact that she was at least five months gone with her second child. She wept quite copiously upon realizing that fact, and what a burden it put upon her husband, not to mention the fact that this child would most likely never meet his elder brother or other relations. Lord Greystoke wisely allowed her to have her cry, simply holding her in his arms and stroking the dark brown curls that had escaped her practical braid. “Shh, love,” he whispered when the sobs no longer wracked her slender frame. “We’ll make do, as we always have. We’ve created a cosy nest for ourselves in the treetops, and there’s more than wood enough - and time - for me to fashion a cradle for the wee one.”

She looked up at him through teary eyes, and he gave her his softest, most loving smile, hoping to coax one from her as well. “Come, give us a kiss, my dearest, and let me know that you’ll weather this as wonderfully as you’ve weathered all our recent travails. And who knows? A passing ship may stop for water and save us before the babe is ready to meet the world.”

His wife nodded, although she knew in her heart of hearts that no such respite awaited them. No, she’d known since they’d set foot on the foreign sands of this small shoreline that they would spend the remainder of their days here.

Nearly a year later, as she and her husband lay dying from a savage attack by a ferocious pair of leopards, she prayed that their son, William Sherlock Scott Holmes, who was wailing in his cradle, would be found by someone in time to save his life - or else face a swift and merciful death. Then darkness overtook her, and she breathed no more.

Current Time: The Year of Our Lord, Nineteen-Hundred and Fifteen

He studied the strangers through the tangled jungle growth, watching as the male helped the two females - nursing females by the engorgement of their breasts although he saw no young hanging from either female’s back - from the strange vessel that carried them here. He presumed both She’s belong to the male, although he seemed to favor the one with the golden head-fur more than the one with the tree-barked colored fur. Good; he wasn’t sure why, but it was good. A less-favored She could be more easily wooed away from her male.

Sherlock shook his head at the thought; he wasn’t here to seek a mate, only to deduce what he could of the strangers who’d come from the Great Waters near his tribe’s traditional nesting grounds. They were similar in appearance to himself, true, but what of it? His mother had told him that the She who bore him and her mate had died shortly after his birth, and so he knew there were others like him in the Great Jungle. But to actually encounter them…ah, that was it; he wasn’t drawn to the dark-furred female as a potential mate, it was simply that she seemed the most likely of the three strangers to be left alone for him to study more closely.

Yes, Sherlock assured himself as he continued to watch while the male unloaded several strange items from their equally strange floating vessel. It had nothing to do with the sweet scent that came his way when the She wandered away from the other two, or the big brown eyes that looked so sadly at the wall of green that confronted her.

Sherlock was immune to such sentiments; he’d seen far too many of his brethren caught up in the mating frenzies that could turn brother against brother and lead to broken bones and bloodied throats while the She they fought for watched in fearful silence to see who would win.

No. It was simple curiosity and nothing more. But watching from a distance like this could only tell him so much. And so he watched, and waited, and when the time came and the She was temporarily out of site of her male and the other She…Sherlock silently emerged from his hiding place. Her eyes widened in shock; she opened her mouth, and Sherlock wrapped one hand over her lips, pulling her slight form against his and hauling her silently into the jungle.

“John? Where’s Molly got to?”

John Watson, late of Her Majesty’s navy and currently marooned with his wife Mary and her friend Molly after a nasty mutiny on his former ship, turned at Mary’s concerned question. “I think she said something about looking for fresh water, I’m sure she’s just around the bend.” He nodded at the area where the lush jungle growth intruded on the shore where they’d landed. At least the bloody mutineers had had enough respect for their former ship’s surgeon to allow him and the two women to take a lifeboat and make for the coast. It was a better chance than any of the other officers had received, that was for certain, he thought grimly.

“I’m sure you’re right, but John, can we please go after her? There are wild animals here, even if this part of the continent is as uninhabited as the explorers claimed,” Mary said fretfully, rubbing one hand across her stomach in a nervous gesture. John swallowed at the sight; what sort of a life would they have, the three of them, stranded here? What if no help arrived before Mary’s gently swelling stomach grew, or God forbid, if no one came until after the baby was born?

He pushed his worries aside, putting on a brave face for his wife, even though he knew how foolish it was to do so; Mary could read him so well she might have been a Psychic. “Yes, of course we’ll go after her,” he said, moving to her side, limping slightly and wincing as he booted feet sank into the sand. “The boat and supplies are secured against the tide, and there’s not much we can do until the morning.” He glanced up at the setting sun, judging how much daylight they had left to them. Not much, all the more reason to find Molly and hopefully the fresh water she’d gone looking for.

bendlesslove-deactivated2016062  asked:

Connor! The last Lone Cornmeal video was awesome!

Thank you!  90% of the credit has to go to my Lone Cornmeal partner-in-crime, the incredible Maëlle Doliveux.


For those who don’t know, our system for making the Lone Cornmeal shorts was always:

1) We get a suggestion, usually via Twitter

2) Maëlle creates a bunch of visuals and sends me the raw footage

3) I edit the visuals and create the soundtrack (which often also meant creating whatever the narrative was.)

Maëlle usually wouldn’t see the final result until it aired.  And in a couple of cases back during those first 13 episodes back in (gasp) 2011, she was in Europe and we were struggling with time constraints and limited resources for sharing files. On at least one instance, I received the final footage at 7pm on a Wednesday night and I had exactly one hour to edit and create the soundtrack in order to get it onto a DVD and get to MNN in time. In that particular instance, Maëlle had created— I’m not joking— over 45 minutes of stop-motion animation, which I had to edit down to a the length of a 2-and-a-half minute short.

In this instance, here is how the process went:

1) Noah Forman said “I wish we could have a final Lone Cornmeal short for the final MNN episode.”  Gethard said, “I would love that.”

2) I asked Maëlle if she would have time to do one. She said YES but that she probably wouldn’t be able to get me the footage until Tuesday evening. I said, that sounds fine, knowing that it would possibly turn out to be Wednesday morning.

3) I got hired to do a cool thing on one of the best shows on television (where I will be heard but not seen) and realized that this meant I would be in Los Angeles from Monday till Wednesday. I thought, well, maybe that means we won’t be able to do a Lone Cornmeal short.

4) Maëlle stepped up by volunteering to do the visuals by Tuesday and edit the audio on Wednesday. All I would have to do is record some audio in California and send it to her.

5) Wednesday morning 3AM, Los Angeles time: I receive about 60 percent of the finished animation on my phone. I am exhausted, and proceed to record about 8 different sound files on my stupid new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (it’s a cool phone but I miss my recently departed BlackBerry with its physical QWERTY keyboard) and send the files to her via email.  I send a few more files the next morning, and head to the airport. The stuff I recorded ranged from me reciting that Dylan Thomas poem from Interstellar in the voice of deranged barnyard rube to the more fairy tale narrator sounding stuff that ended up in the final cut. I also recorded a lot of random noises to give Maëlle some options.

6) Maëlle finished the animation, edited it, picked the music and made the best possible use of the the nonsense I recorded in a hotel in Beverly Hills in the middle of the night. I spend the day flying back to NYC, sleeping and listening to Elvis Costello songs on my iPod, and made it back to MNN in time to operate the camera for the final time. We aired the short and then everybody raved to me about how much they liked it.

Maëlle is typically self-deprecating to a fault. She’s a genius illustrator and cartoonist who is fun and funny and madly ambitious but before the short aired, she kept telling me “well, it’s not our best work.”

I almost feel guilty accepting praise for this one, but then again, there were LCM episodes in our earlier run where the tables were turned and I was the one having to struggle to turn a bunch of still photographs into a short, simply because we weren’t able to send large files quickly via a slow internet connection in rural France. So, that’s always been the deal with LCM— some weeks the percentages shift, and in this case, they shifted to the point where the lion’s share of the effort and inspiration was on Maëlle’s end. Which is truthfully a better situation for the viewer than if it had gone the opposite way, and it had been me having to make a short with only 10% input from Maëlle.  

All of our old shorts can be found online, for those who weren’t around or paying attention when TCGS began on MNN. And the new one, we’ll put that online pretty soon, once Maëlle sends me the files to upload. I’m really glad that people liked this one, it felt like a nice moment for the MNN finale after almost 4 years of doing TCGS there. I’m glad that Noah suggested this last week, because I’m not sure I would have thought to do one. Thanks to Geth for creating this space for us in those early days of public access, when he asked me if I wanted to make little films and I in turn asked Maëlle if she had ever wanted to do animation. I hope that there is some sort of future for LCM, in some form or another, somewhere. We have talked a little about possibilities, and maybe at some point we will find a way to make more, or to make something that has a similar spirit. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

OH, ALSO: that’s me singing the Lone Cornmeal theme song and the closing stinger as well. I’m really proud that a lot of people think the vocals are genuinely some old song we found, instead of me writing and singing new lyrics over an old public domain recording from the 1920s.