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I think, that someday, you’ll meet someone new,
                                                     and you’ll fall madly in love,
and you’ll have moved on, without even realizing it.


The way his Adam’s apple bobbles up and down.

Loving You

“Baby, just tell him how you feel!” Gemma was standing behind me, as I watched Jax walking across the lot.

Rolling my eyes, I shrugged my shoulders. “It doesn’t matter, he’s dating Tara. He’s always loved her.” I turned to face her, trying to hold back my tears.

“If he knew that you loved him, he’d be with you. That bitch broke his heart…”

She obviously didn’t know it was too late, Tara had spent the night with Jax last night. I’d stopped by with coffee and donuts, she basically told me to leave her man alone.

“I’ve got to go!” I rushed out off the office, slamming right into Jax. Luckily I slipped my sunglasses on, so he couldn’t see my tears.

“Where ya going in such a hurry darlin? I missed you this morning.”

“I’ve got to go, I’m late for something.” I peeled out of the parking lot.


Jax walked into the office, finding Gemma and Chibs. “Where was (Y/N), going in such a hurry?” He asked.

Gemma stared at her son. “Probably to drink away her broken heart. Were you going to tell me you were back with doctor bitch?”

“Who broke her heart, I’ll beat their ass!”

Chibs started laughing. “You’re kidding right?”

Gemma glared at Chibs, shaking her head at him. Jax looked at the two of them. “It was me? How? When?”

“Go talk to her.” Gemma smiled at her son, as he raced towards his bike.


I heard the bike pull into my drive, wondering which biker got tasked to come check on me. Rolling off the couch, I pulled open the door, seeing Jax standing by his bike, my heart started to race.

Slamming the door shut, I leaned against it, wondering what the hell was he doing here. I heard a quiet knock on the door.

“(Y/N), open the door, please. I need to talk to you.”

I opened the door, he looked at me, a small smile on his face. “Tell me why, you’re upset.”

I walked away, turning my back to him, not wanting to get into it. “It’s nothing, go home to your girlfriend.”

I felt his arms wrap around my waist, he turned me around in his arms. “I don’t have a girlfriend, not yet at least.”

“I’m sure Tara will say yes, when you ask.” I pull away from him, not sure what game he’s playing.

“I don’t want Tara, if I can have you. You’re the one I really want.”

I turn around to look at him. “But this morning…”

“I know what happened, I heard her. It’s you I want.” His lips lowered to mine. “Tell me you feel the same.”

“Jax, I’m in love with you, I have been for the longest time..” He pulled me into his arms.

“I love you too.”


Yep, she basically proposed too ^^

anonymous asked:

Hi, I noticed you really like White Collar, I was wondering if you could possibly write a list of pros and cons to the series? And maybe content warnings? Thank you so much. (P.S: I love your blog, it's so nice see Christian stuff along with things like star wars and Ranger's Apprentice and Disney.)

I love White Collar!!! I can totally try to list the pros and cons! (And thank you! I’m so glad you like my blog <333)


-Great characters, each with their own personalities that you either root for or root again (the ‘bad guys’ are all bad like I don’t think there is one that I’m like “Well they aren’t that bad…” which could be good or bad depending on what you like, but it makes it easier to root for the main characters, but honestly it’s easy to root for them at anytime haha xD)

-Amazing relationships! The relationship dynamics are so unique and fun and diverse and I love them all so much! And honestly most of the relationships are platonic. Yes, there are romantic relationships but aside from Peter and El none of them stuck out too much for me (okay but first season I was a sucker for Kate and Neal…) But the BROTPS are THE BEST I LOVE THEM ALL!

-Intriguing plots. It’s a crime show, so they have a different crime to solve in each episode and sometimes even treasure hunt type things, and each crime is cool and unique and the challenges they face are awesome!

-Feels…the feels are so real and so great and they relate to the relationships because the relationships are just THAT GOOD, and just ahcjsdhfkhgnkdkv!!!

-Not as much as a pro or con, but each season kind of follows an overarching story about something usually relating to the characters (Usually Neal…okay honestly like always Neal xD) so it kind of wraps each of the seasons up….though there are cliffhangers…I think most of the seasons end on cliffhangers so…be warned about that…but it is finished! So, it didn’t get canceled and has an ending!


-Sometimes Neal struggling going back and forth between reforming and not is a little repetitive and annoying, and I think the in the fifth season the set up of the show was getting a little repetitive. But then season six comes in and is super short, really good, and really painful hahaha xD

-Speaking of which, some people didn’t like the end…I though it was good, and it left enough room open for imagination, but everyone has their thoughts on it.

-In the beginning there is nothing inappropriate, but then there are a few scenes (nothing explicit though thank goodness) of people making out kind of thing so…there is that

-All of Neal’s love interests tbh….just let my son by happy plz…

-It always seems to come back to the “a con can never really change” and I’m just like excuse you no…so yeah there is that *flops* 

I think that sums it up a bit? I hope nothing is spoilery, I tried not to go in depth, just general. 

Content warnings, like I said, some make out stuff, but it’s never super long and I just looked away if i was uncomfortable. Some blood but nothing really bad (like really it’s nothing at all especially compared with something like Band of Brothers xD). There might be some cases when they look into people that aren’t really good, but that’s to be expected, and I can’t recall anything specifically so? (Oh I also forgot there is a lesbian character, it’s not highlighted on too much but…just an fyi)

All in all, I LOVE White Collar and I highly recommend it!!!

as long as I’m being ooc today ( looks at tomorrows two exams and laughs ) other objects of note: I want to rp my daughter again buT HER FANDOM IS DEAD THROWS A CHAIR LET ME LIVE MY LIF E ??? tiredly debates rescreencapping the whole movie. no one wants to rp with a dinosaur and yet I miss rping as a dinosaur

I’ll delete all these posts later dont mind me


“thanks to my family i was able to get this far by myself without giving up, so thank you for waiting for me without saying much. thank you to the produce 101 staff who let me have a chance on this show. the produce 101 trainers and representative jang, you all worked very hard for us. all the produce 101 trainees, you all worked hard. this isn’t the end but the beginning, so i hope none of you give up and we meet on stage one day… lastly, to the producers who voted for me. thank you for believing in me. i will become a nayoung who always grows and develops more even after i debut. thank you.” (trans.)


I got my webkinz golden retriever and I couldn’t b happier :“)


“So you wipe my memory, you tattoo my entire body, and then you send me to the FBI so I can steal a pen.”