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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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hi, I just watched 3x20 Olicity sex without BG music lol, I don’t know how many times I watch it, but after this week episode I feel it’s ok to watch few more times hahaha. So it’s only me that when I watch it,I feel like I kinda intrude lol all the moans and all that intimate stuff hahha. it’s not really an ask, but I thought I will share with you

Oh my god, it’s so intimate, anon, so intimate. I just watched it again (and again, and a few more times because why not) and it always strikes me how much I feel like I’m peeping in on someone. Which I guess I am but it really speaks to the kind of scene we got between them. I can’t believe how much we got, it feels like I’m watching something on a different network, and that they took the time to explore the intimacy and love and intensity between them

(One of my favorite moments because you know she’s straddling him and where are the dailies from this scene?!)

One thing that strikes me is that it’s so silent save for the rustling of clothes and the heavy breathing and the moans…

(god the moans like when he’s carrying her over to the bed lord save me), 

… it makes it so much more intimate. Logically I know they’re on a set and they’re filming and whatever but…

It’s also because they wanted it that way, to show how much they are focused on each other, on feeling

There’s only so much you can say and then there’s communicating everything through touch and sensation

i am undone

my soul is on fire all over again

There are over 23 million views of this video alone - 23 million views - aka a bunch of us have watched this thing literally hundreds of times.

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I heard the Izetta Spring Event is today!! Anything interesting happened?

It looks like a lot of fun!! A lot of the attendees said they laughed so hard their stomaches hurt xD

A recording of the event might surface after some time, but from what I can gather from comments of the attendees so far: (I might get some of the details wrong here)

- There’s day and night event, each lasting for two hours (a fun fact is there are more female attendees at night. And the event’s also gayer at night rofl)

- The Eylstadt national anthem playing in the opening lol the event is called “Eylstadt Spring National Assembly”

- They did a skit where Fine visited Izetta and Lotte in their hut and Izetta kept looking out the window excitedly and asking “Has Fine arrived yet?”. When Lotte finally said she had, Izetta and Dorothee burst out of the house and fell into the lake in their hurry (with her wheelchair??). Fine could only stare at her with an exasperated “Izetta…-_-” . This is fucking canon, I can’t stop laughing

- They confirmed that Fine visited Izetta quite often

- Although this time in the weekend Fine actually ran away for three days to visit her.

- Needless to say Bianca was pissed

- It seemed they did a live dubbing of that scene from episode 11. A LIVE DUBBING OF *THAT SCENE* FROM EPISODE 11. At night. In front of a crowd of onlookers. On a huge screen like this:

Can you imagine

(It’s a bit unclear whether they really did this or an original skit or something else. Either way they did the “Fine” “Izetta” namecalling with aaaaall of its romantic undertones, while the broomstick scene is playing in the background) (They also confirmed it was meant to be romantic. Like anybody still needed more convincing)

- And the commentary after that is pure gold
Akaneya: “I was embarrassed because that scene seems to have a sexy voice.”
Hayami: “The princess here is a little S (lol)”
Hayami: “It’s embarrassing to watch, but it was fun as I was doing it ♪” ← S

- Hayami demonstrating her painting prowess and Fine’s ikemen voice, making everyone swoon. She drew Izetta so well that Akaneya commented something like “Princess you’re always looking at me closely aren’t you”

- When they talk about Rickert and Bianca’s shiptease and the seiyuus were all “But Princess…!!” and end up shipping Bianca with Fine instead (Everyone is gay for Fine. It’s scientific fact)

- People screaming “HIME-SAMAAAA” from the seats

- There’s also a live voice acting of those hilarious “Izetta of the Weekend” 4komas, scene commentaries, a funny quiz and ad lib, and implication for a spinoff consideration based on sales, but it’s not really clear

- “See you in the next Fall event!”


The Saga of Seungri’s shower scene [Subbed Video].


watching this episode:

It’s cute to see how all of them are praising gohan for his movie (except goku, he just walks in the back and his face almost looks like ehhh or what ever) 

Then this part made me laugh cause I was like Hahaha chichi little do you know the battle scenes were REAL! 😂

Then when I saw this part to ME it sounded like Goku was jealous of his son. xD He’s like eh I fell asleep watching it *mumble mumble* I prefer doing the fights then watching them *mummble mumble what ever* Cause remember Chichi is like goku’s fangirl and she always praises him but this time she was praising gohan for an awesome fight

Then she hits him lol 

Then she’s like well damn it was your son’s big moment show some support 

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I'm a sucker for angst so how about #3?

It’s the kind of scene that Nico would expect to be loud. In the films - at least the ones Jason and Will and Piper keep making him watch - scenes like this always are. With warm lighting and red cheeks. The actors are always crying quite dramatically, but without the ugliness that real people get when they cry.

Nico guesses that this is the ugliness.

It’s kind of dark because neither of them have turned the light on, and it’s silent because they’re alone and the only sound is Will pacing and the sound of his shadow beating back from across the creaky floorboards as his shoes squeak. Outside there are campers yelling. They could be miles away.

And neither of them are crying but it is so quiet, and the only light is the faint strips of sunset that stream through the windows and cast streaks of gold. So in patches Will’s hair shines and then he moves to pace again, up and down, frustrated. He doesn’t look like himself: not in weird half-light, not with a frown etched upon his face like it’s been sewn there forever.

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stating the obvious once again: delena is a poorly executed relationship. they wanted one thing and ended up with another, completely different thing. they wanted this epic relationship, this passionate, consuming love, this couple that went from enemies to friends to lovers with so much confusion in between.

they ended up with a weird storyline, borderline rape and emotional labour.

i absolutely despise the idea of women “fixing” men because 99,9% of the time, if not EVERYTIME, it’s an abusive relationship. men are not children and women are not supposed to babysit them. still, if that was the route they wanted to take, fine. but do it the right way. make damon a better person. make damon figure things out, make him change. elena was supposed to make damon realize he could be a better person and he needed to be one in order to be “worthy” of her love, friendship and respect. instead, she put up with the shit he did throughout their entire relationship. she didn’t EXIST outside their relationship.

the concept was much better than the actual relationship… delena was supposed to be a relationship full of hate and love and lust, so i could understand the hype if it went that way, but whenever i watch delena scenes i’m so disappointed because there’s nothing, the chemistry is awful, the scenes are weird and they look odd together.

stelena is always going to be a better relationship because it was well executed. they wanted something and they got it, with delena, the fans wanted something, so the writers had to change elena completely to actually feel something for damon and when she did it was forced. LOL. it was literally a sire bond. so yeah. delena sucks.

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I was like 17 when I watch ATLA when it aired on tv kinda old for a cartoon yes but I just watched it with my kid brother and got hooked lol, watching the show I always noticed things to be off like you've mentioned & things that had so much importance like Zuko's awakening or Aang letting Katara go that was never touched later on, also the two end pairing confused me, like I knew something happened behind the scenes, I knew there was no way this was the plan from the beginning, never made sense

Definitely! I was also 17 but the show blew me away. It had this sense of wisdom and depth and all of the characters had this endearing human quality to them. I was NOT expecting it to be so good. I had just been bored and I decided to watch it seeing my younger sisters watch it.

What I found so frustrating about Book 3 is that everything that happened at the end of Book 2 felt so meaningless. Zuko’s whole metamorphosis was pointless. It lasted about 2 episodes and then it dropped from the narrative entirely. Why would you put something like that in the story and do nothing with it? It was way more interesting than making him “evil”. What a total waste. He had an amazing connection with Katara that never mattered. It was so genuine and pure, but it was so pointless. His new happiness with his uncle was pointless. Iroh teams up with the GAang and becomes kind of an ally for the first time. This felt really important. They even rescue Zuko and Katara together. This felt like it was leading to something, but nope. Never becomes important. The Book 2 finale felt so climactic but the show didn’t want to actually DO anything with these exciting occurrences and I couldn’t understand why they would waste so much potential. Aang’s chakra issue, of course was totally dropped. I wanted to see Aang deal with this but he never did. Practically all of the spirituality was taken out altogether in Book 3.

And other things that had absolutely NO foreshadowing and absolutely did not feel like they were being planned in the story came out of nowhere. I couldn’t make any sense of it. Zuko going dark and evil, what the fuck? Where did that even come from? So random. Even the writers knew it was random and they needed to make him related to Roku to explain why he’s so bipolar. Mai and Zuko randomly becoming a couple, and constantly making out confused the shit out of me, too. I was shocked, given how they wrote Mai and Zuko’s personalities in Book 2, that the writers just instantly made them a couple. And Mai herself was given a new personality. And Katara felt less mature to me, too. I was SO confused. I always wondered what happened because it honestly didn’t feel like Book 3 was following the same story and characters anymore. Everything went in a starkly different direction and for many years I wondered why. It seriously felt like the show got entirely new writers in Book 3 and the guys in charge of the old story had left. That’s what I always thought. It became SUCH a different show in Book 3. 

I liked how the first 2 Books weren’t overly bogged down with angst and drama, too. It was an uplifting show and I always felt more positive after watching it due to the strong morals and healthy relationships present in the writing. They also messed that up. In Book 3 you have all of this annoying angst and drama that didn’t fit the style the show used to have. And the romance also was like this. They were NOT healthy and actually promoted negative and toxic messages.

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The lack of Sonaze is frightening, lol jk. Always just love seeing the two interact, Rush and Rush Adventure helped convince me of that and Black Knight didn't help deter that desire (that cliff scene was so cute). How do you feel about them? I always enjoy imagining Blaze's parents telling her she has to find a suitable prince and her mind immediately going to Sonic, making for a cute bashful moment.

  inspectorbuffoon also asked  Hello! May I ask for some Sonic x Blaze?  

tf-rosesong  also asked Draw Sonaze Please :3            

inububbles  also asked SONAZE ((o(^∇^)o))            

tfw when u watch the Sonic Rush ending cutscene and ur like 13 years old and u think that they r gonna do it,they r gonna say goodbye by kissing. .. and instead u got a hand holding (that was hella sweet nontheless)

I think I said it before but yes sonaze is still one of my favourite ships :’ Platonic,romantic,whatever…I just really like them interact with each other! Thought yes it could hardly work romantically because parallel universes XD

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A few of my friends who don't even watch Skam pointed out how natural the makeout scene looked and how into it Tarjei was (Henrik too but especially Tarjei). Like even people who don't watch it notice it. It's that obvious lol. When they saw his trembling legs, they said he was probably turned on lmao.

Well, well, well. I’m not surprised at all that non-fans are saying stuff like this.
Let’s be realistic. Rumen said it in that Insta vid that Tarjei is missing shooting the show a lot and they were joking about the gay stuff. I’ve always thought that it was true and Tarjei was really missing it because he liked it professionally and personally too. The attraction is definitely there between them and I think he was really enjoying the work because he was able to try some stuff he was curious about without any backlash.
Boy was curious, boy liked it, boy likes Henrik. Not a big deal.

i’m not even joking that’s probably hands down one of my favorite shows ever i would always see posts about it here but never watched it then my brother told me to watch a scene with him and i forget which seen, but it was so stupid. it was probably when they were having that class in the conference room after stanley had his heart attack or something and it was so stupid i went and watched the whole series. no lie when michael left my heart broke 😢 lol @flowerssinside

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Lol, so you have a thing for details. Which makes sense since you're observant. When re-watching shows I always love and appreciate them more when I notice the details they put into it.

Haha yeah details are my thing, which is kind of a burden when it comes to my own writing because I can get lost in the trees instead of seeing the forest but I also think that details really make up a story or a show, it really brings characters to life. Like in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there’s a scene where Xander and Willow are playing footsie under the table and Xander’s shoelaces are untied and I was like YES BECAUSE XANDER’S SHOELACES WOULD BE UNTIED BECAUSE HE’S XANDER. THAT FITS HIS CHARACTER PERFECTLY and my friends were like …  I guess?

raelis1 replied to your post “About the deleted “I’m gay/ur gay” Reiner and Ymir scene”

yeah, this time i’m actually optimistic for a change.:) i’m sure this whole stuff will be covered in future eps. if it doesn’t… well, i’ll complain then.:) but i’m tired of always jumping to the worst conclusions , lol.

yeah when I read what people were saying before watching the epsiode, I was seriously worried, but after watching it I’m not at all, it’s obvious they did a flash forward
like you said, let’s complain when it’s the right time to complain, the only disappointment now is that we have to wait another week lol

Man of Steel Flight Scene: The Arc of Superman

One of my favorite scenes in Man of Steel is the flight scene, and I’ve seen it so many times by now that I lost count! I always come back to this scene, not only because it’s visually stunning, but because it foreshadows Superman’s hero journey. 

You can watch a video of it here.

I wanted to break the scene down and share my thoughts for some time now so here it is! Also, I’m sorry for the crappy screenshots, I’m not that skilled when it comes to those sort of things lol

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When I was watching Noragami, I was already crying on the scenes that was not really that of a tear jerker. I just got so emotional on this show, maybe because I had my period when I was watching it. Lol. But I can definitely see how lonely and sad Yato was. How bad he wants to be noticed and loved by the people. And I’m so thankful that Hyori was there, and will always be there. When she started to forget Yato when she was at Capyper Land, I was sobbing so hard. I can feel her. Trying to remember something that’s been a part of her life. I’m such a sucker for shows that have characters with amnesia or something. And the part where Yukine was cleansed by Mayu, Kazuma, and Daikoku, was so heart wrenching yet heart warming at the same time.

I haven’t read the manga, although I’m planning to. But, I heard that the mangaka is going on hiatus and won’t update the series for some quite time. I salute all those fans who are patiently waiting for the third season since 2015. Like men, it’s been two years now. Well, SNK got the second season after quite a few years too, so, yeah. Believe in miracles. Lol. Plus, the last episode of Arogoto was SUCH A CLIFF HANGER. I doubt that they’ll leave the fans hanging forever. Lol. And about Nora, is she like a sister of Yato? Or something like an ex lover, like Kikyo to Inuyasha? I hope when I start to read the manga, I’ll be able to find some answers!

OVER ALL, the show was great. Really great! To those who haven’t seen it yet, please do watch it. Really, it’s worth it. And NEVER SKIP THE OPENING OF AROGOTO. Man, the feels of that opening! Lol.

Well, I’m gonna end this because I feel like this is pretty much long already. Lol.


PPS. Can someone recommend me blogs and fanfictions? Thank you!

Owari no Seraph Stage Summary

Just finished the Owari no Seraph stage event! It was amazing!
While we were waiting, they aired ep 1 and 24 in their big screen and everyone was so entranced watching it, it made my heart hurt to see Mika in pain…
So, for Ono Kensho, when he was asked what was like portraying Mika, he said that for the vampire, Yuu-chan was like his last hope, someone irreplaceable… And he said something else but the next memory made me forget everything (sorry)

Kensho: And you know that Yuu-chan is the main character and that Owari is about his story, but you can always see Mika in the back *mimicking someone who pokes his head through a corner* saying “Yuu-chan!” *mimicks someone poking his head though the window* “Yuu-chan!” *mimicks more stalkerish actions* “Yuu-chan!”, and that was a bit funny to act, like Mika is always behind Yuu-chan and thinking of him!
It was like watching a real-life experience of Serapuchi lol Kensho just admitted Mika has stalker tendencies with Yuu-chan!

Yuuki Aoi always emphasising how Mika is like a son to her, and as she said in the scene when Mika first drank from Krul after he was converted (her favourite Krul scene), “Mika is like a small kitten who refuses to eat his food and you can’t help but worry about what can you do to make him eat!”
And according to Kagami-sensei, the story will develop quite quickly and excitingly from now onwards! (I don’t know if I should be excited or scared u.u)

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I'M SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT SAW THE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN JIKOOK IN THAT VIDEO. It was so blatantly obvious to me and they were both trying to play it cool because of the cameras (Did you see the nervous and shy smiles Jimin kept making in the Dance Room?) but you could tell they were checking each other out through the mirror and glancing at each other on stage and god there was just so much chemistry there even when they were trying their hardest not to pay attention to each other.

YES! It’s obvious they’re aware of the cameras, and if you compare it to Own it, the difference is huge! Jimin was much more playful and confident when it’s just them in the studio (they recorded Own it themselves) whereas he became more self-conscious when they’re being recorded by the staff. But that didn’t stop Jikook from flirting haha. There were times when they kinda seduced each other, and kept their gazes locked.

Like this moment, Jungkook was enthralled by Jimin’s alluring body, and Jimin! Damn this man really knows the art of seduction haha. He intentionally puffed out his chest as if to say “eyes on me and me only, Jeon Jungkook”.

They were totally checking each other out through the mirror. Jimin was pretty shy and reserved here lol, especially knowing the cameraman was right in front of him. But ofc Jeon Jungkook’s always there to bring him back on track.

Jimin was legit checking him out on stage when they did the body roll. He wasn’t being subtle about it, AT ALL. lol.

Another thing i noticed,Jimin messed up some of his parts during the final practice, when the members were watching. His shy demeanour was pretty apparent there,too. Maybe it’s because of them teasing him and going “ooohhhhh~~” everytime they did sexy moves haha.

Tbh I liked it (mainly bc of the eye-fuck scene lol) but I was expecting more. I lovedOwn it. Own it oozed sexual tension, so much I forgot how to breathe haha. Jikook went all out when it’s just the two of them, in the dimly lighted room. Anyway, it’s pleasant to see how comfortable they are in eo’s presence. /smiles/

The Prince of Egypt : University AU

at first I intend to draw Rameses construct Pi-Ramesses for his final project but can’t find any fine references for this city so I decide to put a random Pylon there instead (but I love Pylon, by the way)

(and since I saw how architecture students suffering, every time I watch the scene when rameses appoint his brother as Royal Chief Architect. I always imagine Moses scream nooooo in his mind lol)


Redrew Chapter 8 Page 237 for Volume 2! 86%!

I decided to recolor and slightly redesign Rose’s outfit for the last two scenes of Chapter 8.  The Alien Abductee Anonymous sequence was written and produced during a really shitty time for me so it wasn’t really completed to my satisfaction.  I can’t actually remember drawing any of the original pages, which is unusual for me when it comes to TH.

The reason I mention all this, is there might be some fairly significant rewrites of dialogue and pacing that I haven’t done for other redrawn scenes.  It’ll still be the same general information but hopefully presented in a better way.  (Also the same number of pages ouo; )

The last scene of Chapter 8 (with watch salesman Phillis) will remain fairly untouched save for updated art.  I always liked that sequence.  She’s such a goofball. lol