i always liked you so character development is nice to see


Series-Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen       Studio-Studio Deen        Episodes-12       Premiered-Winter 2017   Subbed

This is my second favorite show (after Natsume Yuujinchou). The animation is beautiful. The characters are great and develop so much, the new characters that are introduced are good too. The voice acting is great as always. I feel like the show got even more dramatic this season I talked about it alot. I cried and laughed so much and it really made me like… consider life I guess, seeing Yakumo age and his thought process. Now the purgatory episode (11) had be full blown crying. The last episode was so nice to see another generation roll in and how the world dosn’t stop after a character dies, things keep changing and people keep growing. I can’t give justice to how beautiful, thoughtprovoking and just amazing this show is, it’s something you have to experience yourself, so yes absolutely watch this series.

(btw Matsuda’s immortal)

(Oh and apparently Shinnosuke COULD be Yakumo and Konatsu’s kid instead of the mob boss, but like… yeah Shinnosuke does look like a combination of Yakumo and Sukeroku…. like I feel oddly disturbed, when did this happen? is it even true? idk)

(Older Shinnosuke is pretty hot though im not gonna lie)

(I also cried when Sukeroku, Yakumo, and Yotaro were all doing the same rakugo in turn at the end of episode 12)

Omg I get up and I already wanna shove someone’s shit in because you cannot have anything nice on this website. And I usually do not speak up about this kinda stuff because someone will always feel wronged no matter what.
People already saying that Diana/Steve is ‘unnecessary het crap’; like are you fucking joking me right now? Steve should have been a woman?
Please, by all means I’m all here for bisexual Diana Prince and I’m not trying to be problematic right now… But some of us have waited years to see this movie on the big screen; to see this character get the treatment it deserved. We are so incredibly lucky to have Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins investing their heart and soul to give us the best possible experience we could ask for.
This movie is about Diana’s origin, and Steve Trevor, whether you like it or not, has always been an integral part to her development. His support, as far as I can remember, has always been unconditional. Where is the equality in denying that?

some counterpoints: 

  • not all character development is good 
  • vriska being nice to some people does not say anything pleasant about her character, nor is it indicative of change; she’s always had people she was nice to when she wanted to establish alliances (see also aradia and equius right before the game) 
  • “actively works toward the benefit of everyone”?? so i guess jake and tavros aren’t people now? tavros didn’t even get assigned his mission; tell me how that is beneficial to the whole party. jake is a god tier and his powers could be extremely useful, but he’s being put aside because vriska doesn’t happen to like his class. how is any of this “useful”?
  • i will commend character growth as i see it, and i’ll give you credit: vriska has grown as a character. she used to be blatantly manipulative, whereas now she’s more covertly manipulative. leaps and bounds, friends, leaps and bounds! 
  • vriska being “an asshole to somebody” isn’t a problem. her abusive behavior being lauded within the narrative and not critiqued IS a problem. put your strawman away, it’s not even autumn yet. :)