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dating shawn mendes would include...

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→ summary: a shawn headcanon bc we all need a lil shawn in our lives WOW LOOK AT HIM OUCH 


→ word count: 482

→ warnings: none really


  • what a babe
  • like wow
  • he’s literally an angel on earth
  • so, lets get this started..
  • so, he’d be super clingly whenever he’d be tired
  • for example, once he got home from tour, he was all over you
  • always wrapping his arms around your waist
  • small kisses peppered across your face
  • playing with his curls
  • o u c h ^
  • him humming to you every now and again
  • being the literal #1 fan of him
  • being there for him whenever the fame gets a little too much
  • ha, see what i did there?
  • he’d hug and kiss you forever if he could
  • but who would complain
  • going to almost all his concerts because you want to support him as much as you can
  • wearing his merch and rocking it like a pro
  • “is that the roses shirt?”
  • “so what if it is?”
  • “oh, i don’t mind, you just look incredibly irresistible in it.” 
  • making him giggle
  • yes
  • g i g g l e 
  • it was the cutest shit ever
  • always having contests for the stupidest shit
  • “i bet you can’t wash the dishes faster than i can.”
  • “oh, really? how much?”
  • “10.”
  • “you’re so on.”
  • and you’d be laughing as he shamefully handed you a 10 dollar bill
  • which you’d give back because you felt bad for him
  • he’d smile before kissing you and sneakily shoving it in your back pocket
  • just because
  • he felt like you deserved it
  • he’d carry you whenever you were tired
  • “shawnnn.”
  • “i’m coming, i’m coming.” 
  • you’d smile whenever you’d hear his voice and guitar in the other room, writing some songs
  • him writing songs about you
  • and you absolutely swooning for him because i mean
  • just look at him
  • just listen to him
  • he’s literally such a babe
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you way more.”
  • “not possible.”
  • “try me.”
  • “fine. let’s go. you, me, bed, now.”
  • you’d smile before the two of you made your way to the bedroom
  • whenever you’d get on his back, you’d grow a whole foot taller
  • “woah, this is what it looks like up here.”
  • he’d fake laugh,”ha ha, it’s pretty great up here.”
  • you rested your head on his shoulder as he looked behind at you,”how so?”
  • “i get to see you at a whole different angle of you than most people do.”
  • you, being the shorter one, would always have to ask shawn for help when you couldn’t reach stuff
  • “shawn, can you grab the flour for me?”
  • “why, your t-rex arms can’t reach?”
  • “okay, shut it you freakish giant.”
  • your hands being so much smaller than his that it looks like he’s a mutant
  • “i don’t trust mutants.”
  • “y/n, what the fuck? i’m not a mutant.”
  • “look at how huge your hands are, shawn! it’s not normal!”
  • but, overall
  • you + shawn = in love forever
  • the universe couldn’t tear you guys apart even if it tried

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sorry it’s not tom/peter omfg!!!!!

Jumpsuit | Shawn

Author’s note: Basically, I wanted to write this for that punchline. This got out of hand. Also, it’s my first attempt trying out a bit of smut. Let me tell you, I appreciate reading it, writing it is a bitch. @shawn-bliss unintentionally helped me wrap this up. I could do more with it, but I don’t want to overthink it. So, here you go. Feedback/comments are always welcome!



Shawn couldn’t keep his eyes off you the entire night. He thought he had pretty good self-control but that always seems to be tested when you’re around him. What you were wearing tonight wasn’t working in his favor.

It’s not like you were dressed provocatively. It’s a simple jumpsuit but, of course, it flattered your figure and showed just enough skin to send his imagination into overdrive. It looks so good from the front and the back—don’t get him started on how it looks from behind. He realizes he’s so gone for you that even the sight of your back just sends him into a tailspin. But he needs to keep it together, you guys are at his family’s holiday party. They don’t need to know he’s a horndog for you all the damn time.

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A thought I am currently pondering: an armored knight’s primary weapon was the armor he was wearing. 

Lance/polearm as secondary, sword as tertiary, dagger as last line (as the dagger always is). Most of your protection and striking surfaces are on your body. Most of your weight and momentum in combat comes from the armor itself.

What would it be like for an unarmored man to catch an elbow to the nose from an armored one? Would the momentum be deadly? Would a double leg takedown driving your shoulder into their sternum become deadly if you had 60+lbs of steel on your body? If your sabatons come to a point, can little toes shots to the inside of the leg sever the femoral? 

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pls help what is that one fic where louis is always spending money bc he likes to do his apartment in different themes but then his dad makes him get a roommate to help pay the rent and its harry and he’s an asshole and wears a bunch of leather jackets but then he turns out to be rlly submissive its wild but i cant find it


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Hello! Are your requests open? If so, I’d like to request a RFA+V+Vanderwood reacting to an MC with mint/green hair and who always wears black clothes and loves cats, thank you!! 💚

Hello there! This blog wasn’t really intended to be an imagine blog but I have considered making it one in the past so I’m more than happy to answer your request. This is technically my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s a bit rusty. I hope you like it, anon! (^-^) 


  • You helped him when he was going through what was probably the toughest point in his career with the whole Echo Girl situation and provided him with so much love and support even before you two started dating 
  • If it wasn’t already obvious enough, he already loved you so so much. 
  • So that moment when he met you for the first time at the RFA party with your sweet mint/green hair and black clothing he was e n t r a n c e d
  • He didn’t really care what you looked like because he knows for a fact there’s more to people than just their appearances and it’s what on the inside that really counts but this man openly admits that he loves his aesthetics and honey you got it. 
  • He thinks he’s aesthetic, he thinks you are aesthetic, and now you can be aesthetic together 
  • Sometimes he feels like he has to pinch himself to make sure he’s not dreaming  “How are you even real??? You’re so-” “Zen, chill.” 
  • Compares you two to Romeo and Juliet sometimes, “We’re so both lovely that it almost feels like a sin for us to be together. Our relationship almost feels forbidden.. like it could make angels cry-” “ZEN CHILL.” 
  • When it’s just the two of you, laying side by side, he absolutely loves gently running his fingers through your hair. It just makes him feel so calm. 
  • He gets surrounded by lots and lots of fangirls and reporters whenever he goes outside sometimes, even if you two are together. If you were to ever get absorbed by the waves of those several energetic and rowdy people aka getting lost in a crowd, having a not usual hair color makes his search and rescue mission for you so much easier to do since he’s able to spot you right away.
  • He’s really hesitant to take you out on his motorcycle considering the accident he was in all those years ago, he really doesn’t want the same thing to happen to you and doesn’t want to endanger your life. However, if you manage to convince him to go on a ride and take you with him, and he just so happens to wear his old black clothes from his early motorcycle days while you wear your usual everyday black clothing then- woahhhhhhh 
  • You two look like the ultimate power couple and from that day forwards Zen is absolutely gushing at the idea of you two wearing matching clothes every once in a while 
  • Together you two give off the vibe of “We be aesthetically pleasing but we certainly ain’t teasing.“ 
  • Before the RFA party when you two were first learning more about each other in the chatroom and you mentioned you adored cats, Zen was certainly like ”..Could you repeat that please? *loud sneeze noise*“ 
  • He’s okay with the idea of you liking cats and thinking that they’re cute. All he asks is to please not show him any pictures of them or bring one near him since his allergies turn him into an absolute mess. 
  • However, if it was really really important to you he’d be willing to take some medicine to help lessen the effect of his allergies so he can look at cats and be near them with you.


  • When he saw you in person for the first time, his first thought was that you looked just like this really awesome character that he liked from LOLOL. So in all honesty, his eyes certainly twinkled a bit at the first sight of you. He wouldn’t probably tell you this right away though since he says that he’s become a changed man thanks to you and has decided to not focus all of his attention on things like LOLOL. Plus he wasn’t sure how you would react to being compared to a video game character like that. He already compared you to Rika several times within the chatroom and he genuinely feels super bad if he has made you feel uncomfortable in any way. He’s really trying to be mindful and considerate of your feelings. 
  • He swears among his heart that he’s definitely changed for good and promises to you, right then and there, at the RFA party that he will never once again fall back into his bad habits. 
  • This boy wears so so so many pastels and bright colors wherever he may go. So it’s cool to him that you wear black and other dark muted hues. If asked about it, he’ll just give a cute smile and state ”They do say that opposites do attract after all!“ Keep him. 
  • Yoosung absolutely loves animals, so he was quite cheerful the moment when he had adopted Lisa the kitten. The moment when he asked you how you felt about cats and you responded back that you loved them: it felt like it was a match made in Heaven. It was absolutely perfect! 
  • He’s so happy and grateful to have you in his life and as his significant other. A simple life of you, him, and Lisa altogether. "I don’t think I have ever been this happy.. Thank you so much!”


  • Tbh, although she would never say it.. She totally considers you “goals”
  • Your mint/green hair is absolutely lovely and you have a unique fashion sense when it comes to your black clothing. 
  • You’re admirable in both appearance and personality. 
  • So she can’t help but feel kinda jealous when she compares herself to you. She can’t help but feel so… “plain." 
  • Of course, when she goes and tells you about this, you say that’s just nonsense and that you care and love her just the way she is. "Don’t change yourself Jaehee! It might sound cliche but I like you for you! So please don’t force yourself to become someone else!" 
  • ..And that right there is a perfect example of your awesome personality at work. She wonders what she did to earn someone so lovely as you because she feels like she doesn’t deserve all the love you give her. Nonetheless, she still thanks you for your kind words 
  • When it comes to cats.. well.. She’ll endure them on two conditions: 1. If you like them (she’d be willing to put up with them if you were very fond of them) and 2.  she didn’t have to babysit them. 
  • "the hAIR." 
  • "It’s okay baby, I know.. I know.." 
  • She’s okay with looking at cat photos every once and a while as long as she doesn’t have to witness them every single day. 
  • One idea you two have come up with as a form of compromise is to make Coffee art that resembles cats! You get all the cat cuteness you could ever want while Jaehee can enjoy the calming soothing remedy that is coffee. It’s a win-win!


  • SOLD
  • You two are simple souls who adore the cuteness and the magical properties of the feline species. Jumin feels so happy that he has someone who he can endlessly talk to about cats.
  • "Elizabeth let me pet her tummy today.”
  •  Jumin: *tosses whatever he was holding in his hands to the ground almost immediately* Tell me more. 
  • You got his full attention, use this power wisely. 
  • Speaking of which from the moment he first saw you, you practically had all his attention. 
  • From your lovely times in the group chats to meeting you in person, much like Zen he was very drawn to you. 
  • He thought your black clothing made you look mysterious and enchanting, “So elegant.." 
  • He’s also very fond of your mint/green hair; he’s met many different people from different countries from all different places but your hair was definitely the most alluring. Sometimes without even thinking about it, whenever you two are getting ready to sleep for the night, he’ll gently grab a strand of your hair and delicately twirl it around his index finger. The first time he did this to you, he mumbled with a slight blush "Oh. Whoops. Sorry.” He was afraid that he may have made you a bit uncomfortable with that kind of sudden gesture, the last thing he would want would be for his lovely significant other to feel weird because he did something wrong or strange. Heck, he doesn’t even know where he may have even picked up an odd gesture like that, or why his brain was suddenly making him act impulsive and go on autopilot. Of course, if you didn’t like something like that, he would definitely stop as quickly as he could once he was brought back to planet Earth. 
  • Overall, you two mix very well together due to your similar interests and the fondness you share for each other. Even if you went ahead and suddenly changed what you looked like, your interests, or anything like that: Jumin would still continue to be very drawn to you and would do all that he could in order to please his one and only love.


  • “OwO What’s this?" 
  • Secret Agent 707 EXTREME looks through the CCTV and sees a very cute person! 
  • He looks at his chest, he briefly hears the sound of his heart pounding. 
  • "Doki doki” Says his heart. 
  • “Oh no-” 
  • “OH YES” His heart chants
  • This cutie patootie just waltzes into his life through a sudden appearance in the RFA chatroom, cheering him on and playing along with his jokes despite how strange or silly they might seem. 
  • So the first time you and he are in a room alone together, he’s just gritting his teeth because the temptation to just pick you up and hold you close to his chest is just too strong for his own good. 
  • His heart says “hugs” but his mind and logic are telling him “no”. Just how can he resist how neat you look in your striking electrifying black clothing or the sweet sugar colored mint/green tint of your hair? “AGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He whines internally 
  • When the day he quits the agency finally arrives and he begins a proper relationship with you, the first thing this dork does is hug you and hold you close to him for a couple hours. 
  • On days in the far future, whenever you mention that moment to him he can’t help but feel a little embarrassed, often giving a slight awkward chuckle trying to laugh it off. “Hey remember when-” “Hahaha, oh that…” “Do you remember though- ;)” “Babe please.” 
  • Seven likes cats, you like cats too. Seven likes you, you like Seven. 
  • Commence the official 707 stamp of approval! 
  • At times whenever you may be having a random conversation or you’re on the phone either of you will carefully sneak in a quick “meow” within the conversation. Heck there was one time where Seven called you just to say “meow”, “meow?” “meow.” “meow.” “meow?” “meow.” “Meow! the whole conversation went on like this for about twenty minutes until Seven spoke up and said, “Hey you want chips for dinner?” “Sure.”
  •  If someone asked you two how your relationship was going, you both would agree in unison, heart eyes abound: “Perfect. Best relationship. 10 out 10.oh you delightful memers you


  • “Can I paint you????” 
  • That was what V wanted to say when he saw you for the first time in person, but being the gentleman he is and kinda timid he didn’t spit it out right away 
  • He elieves that inner beauty is all that really matters in a significant other, but he does like the idea of having a significant other with a hair color similar to his.
  • He often gets asked if his hair color is natural or not so having you by his side makes him feel a bit more comfortable whenever the question comes up since it reminds him that he’s not alone in that sense 
  • Your colorful hair combined with your dark contrasting clothing got him all like “ooooooooh”
  • When he was with Rika he was used to seeing her wear different shades of pastels and soft hues so it felt good to see something different for a change with you wearing black clothing instead
  • Your colorful hair combined with your dark clothing inspires him to make you his muse. If you asked him “why?” he’d probably happily go into great depth about colors and how they contrast with lights and darks. 
  • “Can I get the shorter version of that explanation?" 
  • "Oh,” V smiles with a worried look “Sorry about that.. Um.. Well, If I had to put it short.. I would say that I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.." 
  • When you tell V that you really like cats, he might not be as passionate as you or Jumin are, but he definitely likes them. Especially if the opportunity comes where he can take a photo of them or sketch them. 
  • If you two adopt a cat or a kitten, expect tons and tons of little sketches and doodles of one that particular cat. 
  • Although he thinks of you as the inspiration for most of his artistic endeavors, he does enjoy sketching animals as well and your cat would most definitely be no exception to that.


  • You’re making him feel things. Stop that. 
  • He’s usually very logic oriented so whenever he sees you he doesn’t know how to react. 
  • He actually went to SEVEN for advice. Yeah. SEVEN 
  • "Whenever you see her, what do you think?" 
  • ”..They’re really beautiful.. The way that their mint/green hair sparkles and shines whenever they step out into the sunlight.. That combined with their dark clothing… Damn, they look so badass-“ 
  • *immediately pulls out taster* 
  • Seven eventually convinced him to communicate his feelings to you in the only way Seven knows how: memes. 
  • ”[Name], I need to talk to you.“ Vanderwood walks up to you with something behind his back and a slightly flushed face. 
  • You turn towards him "Oh hey Vanderwood, what’s up-" 
  • He immediately pulls out his cellphone from out right behind him and shows you a picture that he and Seven feels will help him get across to you how he feels

He shows you THIS

  • After he showed you that, you were in really a weird place that was an odd mix of laughing, screaming, and crying all at once, so you had a really weird look on your face. 
  • "Ugh, I knew this was a terrible idea.” Vanderwood darts his eyes away, feeling pretty embarrassed that he showed you something so silly. He tries to justify his actions but the words never come out just right. 
  • Luckily, thanks to you willing to hear him out and waiting patiently to hear what he has to say, he eventually sorta.. kinda.. manages to confess just how much he likes you and how cool he thinks you are. 
  • Happily, you tell him you feel the same. Later Seven tells you throughout all the years he’s known Vanderwood that he’s never seen the man be so happy before.
  • Vanderwood isn’t a very traditional type of guy, so he’s 100% okay with you wearing all black if you two ever decided to get married. He’s fine with whatever as long as you are happy. 
  • If you guys decided to get a pet together, he’s totally cool with getting a cat since they usually tend to be quite tidy creatures and an easier type of pet to handle according to Vanderwood. “If I could handle 707 after all these years- a cat should definitely be no problem.”

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who has the largest collection of sweatshirts & what kind ? (like brand names, plain boring ones etc)

so I think it’s Crutchie (the boy’s always cold for some reason and also he likes to be comfy and stylish and wears beanies to match)

-and he owns everything from plain Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts to Vans (even though the guy’s never owned a pair of Vans) to those novelty sweatshirts with giant pictures of dogs on them

teen wolf most iconic moments through the years

teen wolf ends soon and I decided to gather most remembered moments so here they are:

  • scott’s first big concern was finding his inhaler
  • void!stiles the most iconic villain of them all tbh
  • scott giving allison the pen
  • allison stealing condom from kate
  • first line on the show was “stiles what the hell are you doing?!” and honestly i still can relate
  • lydia martin and her famous “someone tried to strangle me and i survived, i don’t need to hide that” quote
  • lydia martin in general
  • derek hale and his constant : / mood
  • “deer”
  • scott’s unsername AND password was allison
  • when XXL condom fell from stiles’ pocket and danny was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • scott turning from beta to the true alpha like wow what a glow up
  • derek never winning a fight
  • “my mom does all the grocery shopping”
  • when scott “found out” about stiles killing donovan and they recreated Gotta Go My Own Way song
  • “i fell in a hole”
  • “don’t be such a sour wolf”
  •  scott mccall is a hot girl
  • “have you beEN TIME TRAVELING???”
  • the lighting in season 3, R.I.P. you are missed
  • 10 year old plan that actually worked holy shit
  • mieczysław
  • scott always being switzerland while his friends arguing
  • isaac wearing a scarf while there’s 65 degrees out
  • allison moving to france after 3b ha ha :     )
  • the jeep being part of the pack
  • timeline?? what timeline??? what year is it anyway???
  • “you held your breath”
  • boyd’s last excuse to skip school was explosive diarrhea and then he died :(
  • the fidget spinner tattoo you know what i’m talking about
  • coach bobby finstock
  • malia’s character development
  • when they got trapped in a school for a night… i c o n i c
  • lacrosse scenes
  • scott being like “????????” most of the time
  • stiles + vending machines
  • matt and jackson basically being ash and pikachu cosplay
  • erica walking into a cafeteria
  • lydia’s banshee scream
  • deaton being gretchen weiners of the show, “knows everybody’s business, he knows everything about everyone”
  • scott’s tattoo
  • did i mention motel california episode
  • derek’s backstory :’(
  • “intense”
  • stiles’s bat
  • when derek gave m&m’s to children on halloween but then he scared them because he’s derek
  • “be a vixen kira” “ok” *falls down the stairs*
  • melissa mccall being mom of the year
  • scott mccall also being mom of the year
  • “dude it’s beacon hills”
  • every episode
  • every season
  • the whole show

feel free to add more

klance things that should happen esp after s3:

  • “I care about you a lot”
  • keith talking to some random stranger about lance and complimenting him like he did with him in beta traz while looking down fondly. “i have a…friend who always complains about my mullet. he’s a very good sharpshooter and also my right-hand man i don’t know what i would without him.” “you seem fond of him.” “I am.”
  • training session together where 50% of the stuff they do is flirting
  • another solo mission together where they fight back to back
  • they find an alternate reality where they’re together and this makes them think a lot about what they could be in theirs
  • lance starts wearing something red to match his new lion and keith tells him “you look good in my colors”
  • the team starts noticing lance flirts less than usual 
  • one of those clichè scenes where one character makes a decision that makes their loved one proud and has them looking softly at them
  • keith and lance offering to wingman for each other but ending up describing each other as their ideal partner while talking to someone “ofc you would like lance who wouldn’t he’s beautiful i mean what”
  • they’re facing off an enemy who’s making fun of them for not being strong enough and lance is lie “he’s strong!! he cradled me in his arms once!!” and keith deadass stops in the middle of the battle to shout “YOU REMEMBER”
  • holding! hands! in! battle! as! they’re! running! away! from! something!
  • “lance makes me happy”
  • a parallel of the shut your quiznak scene but this time lance is saying it fondly and keith laughs while saying “i still don’t think you’re using that correctly”
  • “he’s not my boyfriend!!” “but you want him to be”
  • lance making a cryptid joke for keith
  • lance leans in for an hug and keith blushes bc he thinks he was gonna kiss him
  • “well i do have a boyfriend!!!” *points at keith panicking*
  •  awkwardly asking each other out for a date in the pool but both make sure they don’t mention the word “date” at all
  • lance distracting keith during a plan exposition by putting his hand on his shoulder or on his own hand
  • keith sees that someone is trying to make lance feel bad and he’s furious and goes up to that person like “yo take that back immediately”
  • lance being slightly jealous of seeing someone talking to keith and masks it with an excuse like “i don’t want him to find someone before me cuz ya know…rivals” (no one believes that though) keith: lance i’m not with xx i just wanted to see if u were gonna confess
  • keith gets asked if he likes someone and he’s like “well there is someone…” *looks at lance while sighing*
  • they take a selfie with lance’s space phone. (bc duh, needs to happen)
  • keith looking fondly at lance while everyone else is looking at something else. “cute right?” keith, looking at lance: yeah “i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing”
  • keith gifting lance with something and blushing while handing it to him. idc what it is it can be whatever and lance being almost speechless. “you got this…for me?”
  • keith: please be careful!! lance: always am!
  • keith to lance: man you are cuddly
  • lance: did i miss something pidge: oh just keith complaining about bonding moments lance: ok so nothing new then
  • keith telling lance “i’ve never met anyone like you” because i live for the clichè stuff dont judge
  • the classic “ we got stuck somewhere alone together and now we gotta talk about our feelings” kind of thing
  • lance showing off his bf once they’re dating “yep! i’m dating him!!!” 
  • more alone conversations where lance tells keith about his life as an uncle
  • hunk accidentally mentioning that lance had a crush on keith at the garrison.  “ like at the garrison you clearly like ke—” “KEN I LIKED KEN REMEMBER KEN?? AHHA GOOD OL’ GUY” “there was no one…named ken”
  • running after each other for something? because i’ve realized we’ve never seen that in canon and soft music is playing in the back
  • keith gifting lance with his bom blade once they’re together “i want you to have this”
  • an “i thought you were dead!” moment where keith kisses lance without hesitation and lance replies with “well i am know”
  • lance fingergunning at keith pls and thank u
  • the “fine” “fine” “fine” “FINE” thing when they get into arguments and they end up giving each other the silent treatment but it lasts like one minute and if it starts seriously, it ends jokingly
  • the pool scene becomes an inside joke like the bonding moment:  “we went to the pool together!!!!”  “keith you wanted to stay away from me??” “well you forgot our bonding moment!”“oh god not this again….”
  • a moment where they both turn at each other smirking and everybody is like “lol ur smiling at each other” and they’re like “no we’re not” but their mouths are still curved in a smile
  • they become very clingy with each other and don’t realize it until someone points it out
  • they swap clothes for one day and no one questions it. “they’re doing their thing as usual”
  • “are you hugging me?” “looks like i am” “thank you i needed that”
  • “when i said that I don’t hate you….i meant something else also”
  • can we uhhhh get mind-reading aliens that can sense their feelings for each other
  • “lets do this” and then they smile at each other
  • keith slipping that he likes lance in the middle of a very tough battle bc he doesnt know what will happen OR “if i dont make it…tell lance i love him”
  • keith at 2 am: hey pidge lance looked at me for more than one second today what do you think i should do
  • they try to make sure they always stand next to each other
People need to know there is no one like NU’EST Ren, he’s been destroying gender norms and standing for what he believes in since 2012, He’s truly one in a million! #BornThis_RenDay

It’s Ren’s 22nd Birthday today! So I thought I’d write this to let people know how unique Ren is as an idol. Theres many reasons why a fan might stan an idol, but it warms my heart seeing the warm and genuine Love given to Ren today! People have been inspired by everything he stands for and confidence in fighting for what he believes in since day 1.

- Despite being only 16 when he debuted as NU’EST maknae in 2012, he has always challenged gender stereotypes

Ren is basically obsessed with Lady Gaga, and wants to be his fans strength like her. Even in 2012, his debut teaser is obviously inspired by Gaga. Although in the beginning, he said, he did like stuff like long hair and nail art, Pledis kinda OTT ‘girly’ image was forced on him and caused him a lot of trouble, constant misgendering and harassment. But eventually he did grow confident and even had his long blond hair for over 2 years. 

-He challenged Gender Norms yet Again in 2016 in a viral Chinese CF, where he both wore “Men’s” and ‘Women’s” clothing

His Instagram caption said “Am I a Man or Women? I am a Man😂, Fashion Makes a Person and Their Impression” he said people can wear whatever they want to, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. He yet again showed he was a role model to fans who struggled to be accepted. 

-When told he was “Like a girl” by an MC, he replied with “Thank You” He doesn’t consider being called a girl an insult.

In fact I could tell Mingi was pretty angry on the inside, but he remained polite as always, and confidently answered that it made him happy, what a legend!

-The same MC pushed him further trying to insult him by saying he likes to wear Women’s cloths- he calmly replied “I like it,”

Seriously how many idols do you know who’d react like Ren did?! Most male idols masculinity is so fragile they’d try to refuse it imediently; but like I said Ren is one in a million. I love him so much for never taking shit from anyone, and always pushing for equality when it came to fashion/clothing. Its kinda sad most kpop fans don’t know all the times Ren has shut haters and misogynists down! 

-He stands for the causes he believes in, such as wearing the Sewol Ferry Disaster bracelet every single day

-He owns and wears many items that are for Charity, such as MaryMond

He told a fan he feels its meaningful to help people, which really shows how pretty his heart is. The thing is he did all of these things secretly, even before NU’EST became famous this year. He’s always been like this.

-He has always posted about Human Tragedies and natural disasters on his social media to raise awareness

-He constantly tell’s his fans they are perfect the way they are don’t need to change and a pretty heart is the thing that makes you beautiful

Personally, when I saw he said this years ago, i really fell for him. Whenever I hate myself or my appearance, I always remember Ren said this, and feel better … cos honestly it’s true. Even thought he himself is not always confident, he tries to make loves confident, and showers us with love daily irl or in the fancafe. In a country and industry obsessed with physical appearance, for him to say this is pretty progressive and a big deal!

-He’s done countless other amazing things like cheer the Produce 101 trainees up when everyone was depressed, even though he was hurting himself and is always the life and soul of NU’EST, he always protects and cheers up his members.

In conclusion Choi Mingi aka Ren of NU’EST has been mercilessly tearing down Gender and societal norms, while standing up for what he believes him with a confidence few idols have, since he was 16 years old.

Stan a Man who is beautiful inside and out, a total diva, no.1 Gaga fan, powerful maknae and absolute LEGEND REN!! 

tiny curses for people who don’t deserve big ones live on the back of my tongue. i hope your popcorn always burns. that your fly never stays up. that your hair always gets caught whenever you wear buttons.

my mother taught me that when you point a finger at someone you should be ready for it to come back full force upon you. that you should never curse seriously in case they carry a mirror to reflect it back on you.

but if my popcorn always burns because i cursed her for the white words she spoke, i’m comfortable with black kernels. if i’m disheveled because of him and how he flunked her despite her doctor’s note - i don’t wear pants enough to notice. my hair can get caught; i’m growing it long. if that’s what it takes for bad people to get their justice.

I had a dream set during the Gerblins arc where Magnus kept trying to make awkward small talk and ask the others about themselves.

Taako was annoyed by it and sarcastically said “okay guys, how about we just stop the whole adventure and get to know each other better?”

Merle looked off into the distance and said “there used to be so much time for that.”

And the others were like “what” and Merle was like “what” and they shook it off and never mentioned it again.

And now because of that dream I have a headcanon that Merle “forgot his own last name, twice” Hitower Highchurch has a memory that’s already so full of holes and folds and blank spots that occasionally one of those holes works the other way around and he briefly has a thought like “this is worse than that mushroom planet” or “didn’t Magnus always used to wear red?” pass through his mind, only to immediately be forgotten again. 

On rare occasions while the thought is in his head he’ll make an odd comment that others brush off and forget just as quickly. 

And yes, he once called Taako Lup by mistake. Taako didn’t react and it didn’t stir any memories but later he looked down and realized he’d been clutching the handle of the Umbra Staff so tightly that the tiny raised pattern at the top had left a deep indentation in his hand.

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

what she says: im fine

what she really means: I wish i looked as good as spock did in the motion picture when he showed up on the enterprise wearing those sick black robes, eyebrows and cheekbones sharp as fuck, killing his purple eyeshadow like always. The drama he brought onto the bridge with that look was astounding. His bangs alone instantly murdered every crew member. I can never be that cool. I will never achieve that level of perfection. What’s the point of anything if I can’t be him. Why even try


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)


Was bored last night and decided to do a comparison of how I draw reverse!Genji now versus how he looked when I first designed him. Basically he took off half his outfit and started eating his vegetables haha

mlm peter parker headcanons

because there aren’t enough mlm peter content on my dash…. so yeee

  • pre-spider man peter having a crush on this one guy who always stood up for him when he got bullied and after peter became spider-man he gets to save that guy from an accident one day
    • Peter overhears his guy crush praising spider-man and gets a bit overwhelmed
    • bc ffs it feels GOOD to be your hero’s hero
    • guy crush being teased by his friends “damn he’s totally in love with that tight suit weirdo” but guy crush being all yes-homo like “I mean who isn’t”
    • guy crush being all fanboy over spider-man, wearing spidey t-shirt and perhaps putting some spidey badges on his backpack too
  • Peter talks about his crush with Karen because he still feels quite nervous to share how he feels about that guy with anyone around him
    • “hey Karen…. I think-I think I might have crush on a friend of mine…?”
    • “thanks Karen…. but I feel like it will be a disappointment for him if he finds out spider-man is me…. a nerdy kid that he always has to take care of? meh”
    • “what do you mean his heart rate is the same when he sees me in school as when he sees me in my suit?”
    • “YOU SCANNED HIM? whaaaat Karen don’t EVER do that-that’s just-kinda creepy you know? uh-YES I know I stared at him a lot-that does NOT mean I wanna scan him!!!! omg Karen please NEVER scan him again-I-I-omg please bury it with instant kill mode forEVER I CAN’T DO THIS”
    • “…….”
    • “sorry Karen I’ve calmed down”
  • Peter thinks his secret is safe but literally none of his secrets is ever safe
    • Peter randomly talks about the guy with Ned and Ned be like “yeah haven’t you had a crush on him for about 50 years” and Peter chokes on his juice
    • “Peter, you’re not coming to Washington?” asks Liz. “Oh ofc he will,” says Michelle, “because [guy crush] will be there too-” (peter having his entire life flashing in front of his eyes) “-they are bffs, aren’t they?” Michelle smirks.
    • Peter nervously asking Tony if he could borrow his car to pick up a friend. “Sure kid,” says Tony leisurely, “just tell your boyfriend not to scratch the door.” and Peter nearly crashes the car
    • “M-m-m-m-mr Stark he’s not my boyfriend hahahaha uh haha” “yeah right if you pick him up with that car he will be your fiancé”
    • Aunt May meeting guy crush the first time after hearing way too many stories about him
    • “He’s such a sweetheart, isn’t he?” says May later when she’s driving Peter home, “so did you ask him to be your homecoming partner yet?”
    • this time Peter actually burst into real tears
Dating Richie Tozier Would Include...

- This is how you met

- After that, as the school year went on, the group he hung around clicked into place and you were happy to be part of it.

- Bill, Stan and Eddie were confused at why you and Richie suddenly liked each other, but they grew to like you too.

- Sass competitions. All the time.

- Getting Richie out of trouble is your job, usually.


- *Richie, with his heavily ruffled hair, bleeding lip and bruised EVERYTHING.* “I ran into a lamp post?

- *You raise an eyebrow*

- “…You know how Patrick Hockstetter always brings vodka to school?

- “Please no.

- “I may or may not have replaced it with vinegar. And bug replant.

- “I…I can’t even complain that sounds amazing.” 

- Stealing wearing his glasses.

- He acts pissed off but secretly thinks it’s kinda hot. 

- You help him when his mom having an episode, which happens a lot. Richie actually likes spending the night at your house because:

+ Movie nights™

+ Cuddles for hours

+ Junk food for days

+ Kissing sometimes gets heated, in the best way

+ You randomly boop his nose because fuck it he’s so cute

- When his mom is completely out of control he comes to your house with a hand shaped bruise on his cheek and you feel the urge to march right back to his house and punch her.

- You tried to help but he wouldn’t look you in the eye.

- Gently stroking his bruised cheek until he calms down.

- Richie doesn’t think you noticed that his eyes were red and watery but you did.

Even more cuddling

+ He’s the little spoon when he’s sad ‘cuz he likes to have your arms around his waist and you hug him from the back like a koala. You usually sling one leg over his hip and pull him closer 

+ Falling sleep on the couch

- You knew he only cussed to get the attention his mother never gave him, and you cussed right along with him so he wouldn’t feel alone. You knew that he needed attention so you gave it to him.

- Getting super defensive when people at school call him “Bucky Beaver” because of his buck teeth and glasses.

- You never call him this in public for the sake of his “trashmouth, practical joker” imagine but in private his nickname is Bambi because of his big doe eyes.

+ “I swear to god if you call me that one more ti-

+ “Mmm, sure Bambi.

+ He secretly loves how softly you say it. 

- You never told the other Losers that you were dating him, until Ben walked in on the two of you making out kissing a bit.

- To quote Ben: “I’m not even going to ask.”

- Over the summer you get a hammock

+ Sleeping on Richie’s chest

+ This boi has one foot on the ground so he can rock the hammock to keep you asleep

+ Cuz he thinks you look adorable when you’re dreaming

- When the missing children reports become too frequent Richie holds your hand a little bit tighter.

- You weren’t there when he was attacked by “It” but you knew something was wrong the moment you saw him.

- When he found a missing kid poster with his face on it in the Neibolt House, you were the one to tell him it wasn’t real. He wouldn’t be forgotten like the other kids as long as you were alive to remember.

+ Also you MAY have grabbed the paper, torn it to pieces, thrown the torn bits on the floor and stomped on them like a rabid donkey. For good measure.

+ *Richie has never felt so many emotions at the same time in his life*

- When Bill and Richie get into a fight after Neibolt House you were there to pick Richie off the ground but he swats your hand away.

- You’re shocked because no one will listen to you and Beverly.

- Trying to explain that IT will kill all of you if you split up. It’s no use. Even Richie stomps away.

- You attempt to pull him back to Bill so they could work it out but he nearly throws you to the ground to get your hand off his arm.

+ So, since his rudeness rubbed off on you, you punched him

+ By “accident”

- And for the entire month that the Losers were split up, so were you and Richie. 

- To get your mind off all the clown shit you went to the arcade. Well a humdidum dumbass is what you are because the arcade is where Richie is. ALL. THE. TIME. 

- But again, his stubbornness rubbed off on you, so even when you saw him, you refused to leave and resorted to avoiding him. You weren’t sure if he saw you; he was really into his game.

- And at 10:30, when the arcade was technically closed, he was still inside. He probably gave the owner money to let him stay. 

+ The arcade to Richie was like a bar to adults; a way to forget.

- You sat on the curb outside the arcade, sipping a slushie. You were supposed to go home, but since the clown at Neibolt you were scared of the flickering street lamps that lined your way home, and the arcade and other shops gave off a nice, bright light.

+ It was comforting in a way. Very aesthetic. 

- And Richie almost falls down on the curb next to you

- You want to be mad, but he looks so tired from staring at a screen all day, although you suspect the video games aren’t the reason his eyes are glassy.

- “Got kicked out?

- “Yeah.

- “Out of house or arcade?

- “…Both.

- You stand up and hand him the slushie, which he sips gratefully.

- “You’re leaving?

- He looks exactly like a puppy, with huge brown eyes and messy hair. Well, a puppy in glasses, anyway. 

- “If I’m leaving, you’re leaving with me.

- Richie gives you a sleepy smile and takes you hand.

+ The entire way to your house he slumps against you, sometimes falling asleep mid step and his head falls on your shoulder.


- At one point he closes his eyes and walks with them closed, his cheek pressed against your shoulder for support.

- Remember those nights when he comes over after a really bad day? This is one of them.

- So for the night, you and him are too tired to think about the huge fight.

- In the morning tho, you wake up to slightly burnt bacon and very burnt toast.

- Which would be nice, but..

- “How did you burn the toast but not the bacon? The toaster has a TIMER.

- “It’s called Satan’s charcoal bread dispenser and you’re welcome.”

+ He’d feel soo bad for fighting with you??? Like, REALLY BAD

+ I mean, you did punch him in the face, so you and him were kinda even, but he still did all this extra shit

+ Playing with your hair

+ Sharing chocolate stolen from the store

+ Braiding your hair and you’re like “Richie??? You’re very good with your hands???

- Yeah… you probably shouldn’t have said that.

- Richie never stops smirking. Holy fuck.

- “You know what else I can do wit-

- “NO! Nope! No, no, no. Keep doin’ what you’re doing and shut up.

- Really though, no fucking white paper-ass motherfucking bitchass dumbass pixie stick addict looking clown with a shitty pumpkin guts Halloween wig could break you and Richie apart. Period. 

I think you get a lot more freedom to do as you wish with things, you know. There were always so many different heads to please in One Direction; between us as a band, the management, the label. Not to mention all the fans that we wanted to please as well. You know, it wouldn’t have always been within your taste or your design, it would have been through a design of many. So, you know, having your own chance to make it all yourself and choose as you wanna do and collaborate with the different people you wouldn’t have gotten to. It’s just.. And that’s why I said the whole “1d/free” line which everyone kind of got a bit nervous about - which is, whatever, it was.. so fun - ehm, that’s what I meant. It was just a case of the fact that, you know, like the same way that Harry’s getting to wear bell-bottom trousers now, he didn’t do that in One Direction because there wasn’t a sense of freedom to do so. So, that’s what I meant. Now I’m gonna go out and wear bell-buttom trousers. […] You get to put more of you on things, which is nice. I think it’s beautiful for everyone to see each person’s person coming out if that makes any sense […]

One thing I find kinda sad is Shaxx’s Titan mark.

I know the community likes to joke around and call them butt towels, but in the lore they’re pretty important things. It’s there to indicate achievements, show rank, which order you belong to, that kinda stuff. Zavala of course dons the Vanguard mark, Saladin dons a bitchin cape and an Iron Banner mark.

Meanwhile, Shaxx’s is just orange. Just a simple mark. It doesn’t even have the Crucible logo.

To me it comes off like he’s incapable of being proud of anything he does, always pushing himself harder and never being satisfied with anything he does. He’s a workaholic.

I mean, just look at what he did during the Twilight Gap. A lot of Titans would wear that as a badge of honor, saving the City and all. Then going against orders to take the wall with 5 others when hope was lost.

I think the reason he’s not proud of anything he does is because he has lost so much.

There was the Gap. We know that story.

Then, there was the Crota incident, where Shaxx begged the Consensus to delay the attack until they understood the Hive swords better. The Consensus didn’t listen to him, and all Zavala had to say was that it’s for the Consensus to decide.

A thousand Guardians died to the swords of the Hive.

Not to mention all the other wars he’s been in.

And now, he runs the Crucible. Which brings even more loss. How many new Guardians that passed through the Tower a minute ago will be still alive in a year? A lot of those faces never return.

When the Cabal attacked, he focused on protecting civilians. There is an NPC in the farm who thanks him, saying that she would be dead if not for him.

But with the Cabal attack, and the amount of Guardians both veteran and newly risen dead, it meant that his Crucible failed.

So, now he’s back at it. Making the Crucible harsher every day, throwing more challenges at the Guardians. He’s never outright harsh with the Guardians, but begrudgingly encouraging. He believes in them, wants them to succeed. Never kicks you when you’re down, occasionally shouts at you to GET UP, FIGHT, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

He takes every death and every failure personally, that it was his fault, that he could have prevented it. But he channels that sorrow into strength and encouragement.

Shaxx won’t be proud of anything he does until people stop dying around him.

He built Frames to clear out future Crucible arenas first, so that Guardian lives won’t be senselessly wasted.

Shaxx wants everyone to come home alive.

Maybe because he himself lost so much. Maybe to make sure no one feels that same pain that he does. Maybe to just push away the Darkness. Maybe all those reasons.

And that’s why I think his mark is blank.

connor murphy headcanons (that no one asked for):

uhhhhh so i did the same thing with jared but here comes another special boy:

- hes actually super fucking blind and he has contacts (he only wears his glasses when hes in Dire Need Of Vision™)
- he plays the ukelele ! he and jared sometimes have jam sessions with their instruments
- he has an undercut but his hair is always down so people forget but then he puts his hair in a bun and people are like “WHAT THE FUCK” (it has an nice intricate triangular design)
- he gave himself multiple stick n poke tattoos throughout high school that have (mostly) faded away but he has a J and E still on each of his ankles
- he knows how to cook hella well (bonus: he owns an apron that says “kiss the chef”)
- hes very clumsy he trips over his own two feet and walking up stairs at least once a week but tries to play it off every single time
- he uses way too much vanilla lip balm (for christmas evan got him a 5-pack of vanilla lip balm and he used all of them up by the time summer came around)
- he plays just dance really fucking well (bonus: one time he threw the remote at the tv by accident when he got too into the dance)
- his laugh is kind of really endearingly ugly its all giggles and then snorts and then dies down to giggles again and some weird wheezing
- hes a rollerskating pro (people expect him to be a skateboarder but one time he got on and it slid from under him and he fell and just laid on the ground for an hour)
- he didnt tell jared and evan his birthday until a year into their friendship (its october 3rd by the way)
- he has a collection of snapple bottlecaps because he thinks the facts are cool and its his most prized possession
- when he was 12 he had a cats phase and zoe has never let him live that down (he starred in a one-person production of cats in his living room for his parents and zoe and its still on film somewhere)
- let him be happy blease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel free to add more to this and/or my jared headcanons too!!!!!!!!