i always laugh at this stupid part

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Best of Alex's stage antics from the eycte tour in your opinion? My personal favorite is him lying down on the camera track and in a very animated manner pretending like he's going to be hit by a train

by “best” do you mean “worst”?? lol i hate him. jk. well half kidding hahaha i love him and i hate him.

the train crash reenactment was indeed very dramatic hahaha


i’m personally fond of the very first time he lied down on stage and did bicycle legs, before it was something to be expected at nearly every show lmao


i also have a personal fondness for the time he did it at lolla since it was right in front of me lol


and when he performed from the balcony in a bath robe


the absolute WORST was in dublin when he lied down on his back and then like…scooted/wiggled across the stage??? i was very disappointed last week to find out that video has been deleted and as far as i know there isn’t any other evidence of it happening.

i’ve always thought his singing to the camera at rock en seine was genuinely cute and funny, if that’s considered an antic


and then there was the stage crawling lmao


i always laugh when he does this to miles during i want you in tokyo


OH MY GOD I FORGOT ALEX THE CONTEMPORY DANCER. that one might be my favorite hahaha


the pillows at le nuits de fourvière


stupid ass motherfucker lip syncing miles’ part




his kangaroo hopping always makes me laugh


“she loves me, she loves me not”


whatever the fuck this is


there isn’t a video, but this dumbass and his cheeseburgers

[x] i’m excluding the cheeseburger to the groin since that happened to him, it wasn’t intended to be an antic lol

when he does the thing with miles’ mic stand in this video


“welcome aboard everybody”


the time he danced like groot


alex “pay attention to me” turner


when he stole someone’s sunglasses in santa ana


and his dolphin dive at coachella


also when he runs around the stage during les cactus at rock en seine, but i can’t find a gif lol.

i’m excluding any milex antics because this is already long enough, but pretty much everything i didn’t include but would is in this video haha

Andrew is at least one child's favourite athlete (Andrew and Kids Part Two).


 A young girl with leukemia, Coach Kinzie tells Andrew sombrely, wants to meet her favourite sports star. For a brief moment, Andrew assumes she’s talking about Kevin, or maybe Neil, or really any of the other players on the Olympic-gold-winning team, but a second later he realises Kinzie is looking at him expectantly, itinerary in hand. Andrew doesn’t agree outright but when he leaves, he takes the itinerary with him. He thinks it’s more than the Coach expected. 

 "What did Kinzie want?“ asks Neil later, glancing up from his phone as Andrew walks through the door of their apartment, trying to shake off a damp autumn leaf that has adhered itself to the toe of his shoe. 

 He gives up, kicking his shoes aside aggressively before handing the Make-A-Wish itinerary to Neil, who scans it and passes it back with a smile. "Well, you’re no Disney World.”

 Andrew gives him a flat look. Neil hadn’t even known what Disney World was until a couple of years ago, when Matt and Dan had organised a Foxes reunion there for their twins’ fifth birthday. 

 "I think I’m a bit old now to really appreciate all the things I missed out on as a child,“ Neil had told Andrew when they got back. "But I wouldn’t mind going back one day. It was fun, I guess." 

 Andrew had hummed noncommittally as he closed the window in which he’d been researching US adoption law on his laptop and deleted the search from his history. 

 "Kidding,” says Neil now, standing and holding his hand a centimetre from Andrew’s. “Disney World is a wasted wish, apparently. You’re the best goalkeeper in the league, Andrew. I’m not surprised you’re some kids’ idol.”

 "One kid,“ grumbles Andrew, clasping Neil’s hand briefly before retreating to the kitchen to feed the cats. Neil won’t have remembered. "And I’m questioning her taste in athletes." 

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Unsent: Jughead Jones X Reader (Part Two)

Part 2: Seduction 101

V, B, and Kev give you advice for the sake of your flirting game.

Words: 877

Warnings: swearing, sexual reference

Enjoy! Thanks for all the love on part one! :) <3 - Juggie xx

Veronica was definitely not impressed with your flirting performance the previous day, and she made you well aware of it the next morning.

“I can’t believe you hit your hand.”

“The Vixen proposition would’ve worked in your favor!”

“Why didn’t you let him walk you home? Something might have happened!”

And that’s what landed you here yet again, in Veronica’s room with her, Betty, and Kevin. You were sat on her bed with Betty and Kev, while V had set up a white board in front of you with the title written in black: HOW TO FLIRT 101.

“Alright bitches, it’s time to learn.” She paced and tapped her black exo marker to her palm. “(Y/N) here is terrible at flirting with Jughead, her muse, the love of her life, the apple of her eye-”

You were blushing madly, “Yes, we get it Ronnie!”

Betty and Kevin laughed as Veronica smirked and continued, “Sorry, my ship is just so close to sailing I can’t contain myself.” She wrote ’1)’ on the board and wrote next to it ’THE LOOK’. “This may seem shallow, but you gotta work what you got to catch a boy’s eye.”

“Mmm”, Kev agreed, “A girl stops me in my tracks if she’s looking hot.”

Betty laughed, “Kevin, you’re gay.”

He sassed back, “Doesn’t mean I can’t admire fashion and art when I see it.”

While they had gone back and forth V had walked over to her closet to grab something and now handed it to you. “You have to wear this tomorrow, he’d be crazy not to notice this! Go try it on!”

You had been forced over to her bathroom, but looking at the black, tight babydoll dress on your form gave you a rush of excitement. If your mouth couldn’t do the flirting, let your actions speak louder than words.

You would later be told otherwise.

Upon entering the room you gave your friends a twirl, to which they “ooo"ed and applauded. Kevin fanned himself, "Yes girl! Lookin’ fire!”

You took a seat between Kev and Betty again as Veronica wrote her second point: ’THE TOUCH’. “Although you failed at this yesterday, you must persevere! Subtle touches go a long way”, she approached Betty who faintly blushed, “a touch on their arm”, she lightly placed her hand on Betty’s upper arm, “or a kiss on the cheek. These things will make him feel just as nervous as you do.”

When she walked up to the board you glanced at Betty, who was looking down at her feet now and was as red as a tomato. ‘There’s my proof’.

“Finally, the talk.” She underlined this point in red, “the talk. Jughead has an exquisite way with words, and you have to use your words to get to him. This is the key point in seducing a writer.”

There went your plan from before. “But what kind of words Ronnie?”

Betty commented, “He’s a writer and an English nerd, maybe quote some romantic literature to him?”

Kevin scoffed, “That’ll make you look desperate, like you’re trying too hard! Say some dirty stuff in his ear, be straight forward, tell him you want to see his di-”

Veronica nearly screeched, “Guys! This isn’t Shakespearean times and she doesn’t just want to fuck him!” She shook her head and sighed, “You have to be sweet. Sickly sweet. Tell him hanging out with him makes you happy. Tell him you love his writing. Tell him anything nice you can think of, but above all”, she walked over to you and placed her hands on your shoulders.

“Be yourself.”

You took your place outside the door, then walked in to see Kevin standing facing away from you. He had offered to be Jughead for this simulation. You tapped his shoulder and he turned around, giving you his best moody scowl. “Hey (Y/N).”

You, Betty, and Veronica couldn’t contain your laughter, but you continued. “Hey Jug, how are you?”

Veronica sighed and covered her eyes with her hand, “No, ask him what he thinks about your outfit!”

“Oh! Uh”, you stumbled but gave him a bright smile, “what do you think of my dress Juggie?”

“It’s absolutely hideous, and material desires mean nothing to me, except this hat. Have you ever seen me without the stupid hat on? That’s weird!”

You laughed and slapped his arm, V cheered while giggling, “that’s good!”

Betty chuckled but seriously questioned, “I do wonder though, why he keeps that hat on all the time?”

From Juggie: How was it?

To Juggie: We had fun, just did some studying together. Hey Jug?

From Juggie: Yes?

To Juggie: Why do you always wear the same beanie?

From Juggie: I don’t know, I’ve always worn it. I feel like it’s now part of my branding. I’m weird, I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in and I don’t want to fit in. I think that’s what the hat means to me.

To Juggie: lol you’re right, you are a strange one :P

From Juggie: “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” - Edgar Allan Poe. Good night (Y/N).

To Juggie: Good night Jug.

Unsent: I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I love you.

Surface Tension - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Nothing

Request by @timelawds : Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with the reader and Jughead? One as Archie’s younger sister, who is loud, tough, and sarcastic (still in the sophomore class) where she is friends with all of his friends except Jughead because there is a hatred between them, but in the end it’s all fluff and things? Thank you so much!

Here you are. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s so long.

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there is a soft knock on magnus’ door and he opens it, finding alec on the other side. 

“hi.“ “hi.“

they step back inside, and alec looks at his feet, shoulders down, and says, “thank you for letting me come.”

magnus just hums in response, going to the bar cart and pouring himself a drink.

“i’m sorry for how i acted earlier,“ alec says, his eyes finally on magnus’. “i had no right to ask that of you, just as the clave has no right to do what it wants to do to downworlders. and i know that, i know it’s wrong, i just-“

“tend to listen to the clave more than your own instincts?“ magnus offers and alec just nods before continuing.

“yeah, and it’s something for me to work on, but it doesn’t justify what i said. all i can do is apologize and promise to try and do better, to learn better.“

alec is looking at him anxiously, so unsure of how to move or stand or what to say next. magnus takes a step towards him, leaving his drink on the bar cart and putting a hand to his deflect rune, which seems to act like a switch, relaxing alec in an instant.

“thank you, alexander,“ magnus says, a small smile on his lips. alec smiles back, and after a moment, leans in, stopping just a breath away from magnus’ lips. magnus closes the distance and kisses alec softly.

“are you okay?“ alec asks as they part. “that’s a stupid question.“

magnus breathes out a humourless laugh at that.

“i’m trying to be,“ magnus answers honestly. he lets alec wrap his arms around him, his touch gentle but grounding.

“whatever you need, i’m here, always,“ alec whispers, tightening his hold on the last word and magnus just nods into alec’s neck.

“i know,“ he says, just as quietly. “i think what i need most is time. but having you here helps.“

“then here is exactly where i will be.“

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This is a really stupid question but do you maybe know a bts video that can cheer someone up? Not like one of those try not to laugh ones but one that makes life a little easier on a bad day?

Ah, not a stupid question at all! I hope I can answer this well. I’ll try my very best. I’ll first mention that everyone perceives things differently, so even though I may think this is what you’re looking for, you/others may not agree~

Honestly, Namjoon’s VLives always get me. I know you’re not looking for super crazy funny ones, which is why I recommend his. In full, his lives aren’t necessarily serious from beginning to end (he’s fun and funny for parts of his), but the way he speaks is very comforting and he really does sound like a friend (sometimes even a mentor). He often gets into tangents about life and youth and talks about his realizations, beliefs or advice. I think and hope one would find some comfort in these videos, as I often do~

Not sure if you wanted music (video) suggestions, but I thought of some anyways:

Young Forever - Honestly, it’s one of my favorite songs. The music video might be a good one to watch on one of those days that you just want to pass. Sometimes these kinds of things make me more sad when I think too hard about it, but I also think it could be weirdly comforting too. They’re running through the maze, seemingly lost, which I find that to be what we do in life a lot. We’re always running and oftentimes we don’t know what we’re running toward. However they make it out of the maze and run free at the end of the video and I find that can be really visually comforting on one of /those/ days~

Butterfly - In itself, I find this to be a beautiful song. No music video, though watching their live performance is really lovely. The lyrics are also really touching and depending on how you perceive it it can be a bit relatable  as well. It’s kind of sad sounding? But it’s one of those songs I turn to when I have a heavy heart.

Run - I’m not sure why I chose Run, but I think it might be comforting. The MV is really wonderful, bringing to life some really interesting parts of youth and life itself. It’s also more lively and upbeat than Butterfly and Young Forever, which might be a nice change~

Save Me - I love this song. The MV is a nice one because you don’t really have to think about anything since it’s just dancing. I listen to this song when I have bad days or am just in a certain mood. Hard to explain, but I recommend it.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but I tried my best and hope that at least one or some of these will help~ If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them below. Much love. <3
- Kristi


Anonymous Requested: omg as soon as I read “We don’t know each other. We’re just two people being grumpy about Valentine’s Day and made a deal to spend the day together.” I imagined with Zico, I think it fits him lmao. Would you please write it? Thanks, you’re the best <3 Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Zico x Reader

Words: 2531

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

You knew you should’ve left the minute you’d seen the hostess put them at a table. Instead, you’d stayed in your corner booth and watched the way they lovingly stared at one another. The way his hand reached out to grab hers like she was something precious. Their smiles seemed endless as they chatted with words you couldn’t hear and tried to drown out your broken heart with swigs of your rum and coke.

How bittersweet it was indeed to run into your ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day with the girl he’d left you for. The same exact girl he’d replaced you with before actually excusing himself from your relationship. No, you weren’t still bitter at all.

You flagged down a waitress to get you another drink when a man slid into the other side of the booth. He was greeted with wide eyes and raised brows, but didn’t appear to notice. His hands folding on top of the table as eyes you could only classify as tiger-shaped stared back at you. It was silly to think, but it felt like he could see right through you. The thought making your own arms retract closer to your chest while still holding onto your glass. Just in case you needed something to launch in his direction for a quick escape.

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#9: for Cassian

#9 with Cassian “For you, I’d steal the stars”

Cassian adverted his gaze from the massive expanse of blackness stretching endlessly before him. He couldn’t help but allow his chocolatey brown eyes to drift to you, his careful watch lingering on your sleeping form for more than a few moments. Cassian jumped as he heard the familiar voice of his trusted copilot chiding him for his misplaced focus. “You shouldn’t do that,” remarked K-2SO, “it’s creepy.”

Cassian merely rolled his eyes and once more shifted his gaze to the everlasting void ahead. Even though he wasn’t looking at you, thoughts of you ran through his mind like a stampede. After internally battling himself on the subject, Cassian sprung from his seat, excusing himself with a single command: “Pilot the ship, K.” The dark haired rebel slowly made his way to the back of the ship and rummaged through the small storage compartment, before finally emerging with a lush blanket and a single idea possessing his mind. He imagined that you must be rather cold, and he knew from personal experience that those harsh metal seats provided little comfort for a tired soul.

Careful not to disturb you, Cassian draped the blanket, his only blanket, over your shoulders. He paused, taking in every aspect of your placid expression. However, his moment of mesmerization was interrupted as your bright eyes fluttered open, their wandering gaze eventually resting on the man before you. “Sorry,” Cassian mumbled, nervousness seeping through his heavy accent, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” He had known you for years, yet he could never escape that familiar feeling of restlessness that commanded every encounter he had with you. A small grin spread onto your lips upon hearing his familiar voice. You moved to sit upright, allowing enough room beside you for Cassian to accompany you. Cassian noticed that your soft smile had quickly faded away as he sat next to you. His eyes wandered about your uneasy frame, settling when he saw a flicker of fear cross your face.

“Cass,” you muttered, instantly gaining his undivided attention, “you’ll protect me, right?”

Cassian knew you would be apprehensive towards this mission; your role would solely determine the success of it. A flash of offense swept across Cass’ features. Did you truly doubt that he would take care of you? Cass adverted his gaze, allowing the brown orbs to rest on the rusting floor below him. After collecting his thoughts, he looked back to you, noticing that you had unconsciously moved closer to him, seeking more warmth than the blanket could provide. “Y/N,” worry clouded your usually bright eyes, “I always have protected you.”

A reassuring sense of security seemed to force out all thoughts of doubt as Cassian’s dark eyes locked with yours. Relief flooded over you; your fears were groundless, Cassian had always pulled through for you and you always completed the mission. A soft laugh flowed from your lips, causing Cassian to grin. “Remember that time when you tackled me because you thought there was a bomb, but it turned out to be a part from the ship?” you questioned between bouts of laughter. Cassian laughed along, happy that you found humor in his stupidity. You shoved him lightly as the memory of fonder times rolled away.

Cassian took a deep breath and held it, “I couldn’t let them hurt you. It didn’t matter if it was fake or real.” You couldn’t help a look of awe from lighting up your face. Cassian took your hand, wrapping his strong fingers around yours. “I need you to know that whatever happens…” Cass’ voice trailed off, “I’d do anything for you.” Your even breath hitched ever so slightly as you heard Cassian’s confession. “For you, I’d get in the way of a thousand bombs if it meant you got to live.” You gazed up at him, eyes sparkling. “For you, I’d steal the stars.” Your only response was pulling him towards you in a surprisingly strong embrace, praying that he wouldn’t leave anytime soon.

Okay I find the dogs “talking” about Sam adorable in a super dorky and stupid kind of way…..lol

Highlights of the “interview”:

1. Tia, you starred alongside another special model, actor Sam Heughan. What is it like being part of a Barbour photoshoot? What did you love most about getting to star in the Barbour Shirt Department shoot alongside Sam?

Tia: Barbour photoshoots are really enjoyable, the team is very friendly, and we all have fun. Everyone laughs which makes my tail wag. I do have to behave myself for the whole day and we often do the same thing over and over again to get it right. I am always dog tired at the end of the day! My Mummy made me watch all of the Outlander series, so the best thing about it was making my Mummy happy.

2. Tia, what was the first photoshoot you ever did?

Tia: Can you believe it, my first time was with Sam Heughan, not at Crailing House but not far away in the Scottish Borders. I was very excited and my Mummy was very nervous. I did chatter and whine that day but that was just me being enthusiastic and loving the attention, I am trying to learn to control myself better now.

3. Do you have any fun stories to tell us from behind the scenes of your shoot with Sam?

Flax: I was allowed out to play at the end of the day and Sam Heughan came over to politely say bye bye and thank you to my Mum. He gave the team hugs and off he went. I also learnt some acting techniques from him! After Sam went, I gave the Barbour team kisses and polished their faces – why would they want hugs from Sam when they can have kisses from me?

Klance “Babe” Headcanon

A/N:  Okay so somewhere on the internet I saw this headcanon and decided that I needed to write it.  Warning that I don’t write very often and that the grammar is probably terrible, but tell me what you think!

“Begin training level three.”  I say, even though I was exhausted from forming Voltron so many times earlier that day.

“End training sequence.”  Lance shouts suddenly, swaggering his way up to me.

“Hey! What the fuck, man?!”

“Don’t be stupid and wear yourself out.  We have ‘bonding exercises’ or whatever tomorrow too, mullet.  C’mon babe, let’s go eat.”  

“Fine.”  I say, relenting easier than normal due to my tired state.  Wait a second…

“What did you just call me?!”

“Uh, mullet?” He responds innocently, casting a confused look in my direction.

“No, after that.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.  You must be really out of it,”  He says, laughing, “Let’s just go get dinner already.”

What the actual fuck Lance?!  Did I really dream that up? I couldn’t have, I mean, yeah, his face is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not like I like like him or anything. This better not be one of his stupid pranks again.  

Part of me was hoping that somehow dinner would be something other than that alien goop, but as always, my dreams were hopelessly crushed.  

“Paladins, I have an announcement,”  Allura states in her ‘mesmerizing accent’ as Lance puts it, “I know you are all tired from working hard today, so I thought it would be nice if we could all have some fun together.”

“Is this your way of trying to trick us into more ‘bonding exercises’?”  Lance says, giving her a skeptical look (which was more attractive than I care to admit).  Needless to say, Allura ignores Lance and continues with was she was saying.

“I thought it would be fun for you all to teach Coran and I some of your earth games, so you can feel more at home.”

“Thank you princess, the thought is very much appreciated,”  Shiro says in his very eloquent distinctly Shiro-y way of talking, “however, I’m not sure we have time to relax since Zarkon could attack any time now.”

“You worry too much,” Lance says rolling his eyes, “Hey babe, could you pass the weird alien seasoning whatever?”

The entire crew just looks at him, confused.  “Helloooo? Keeeiiith? Anybody home?  Salt?”

Everyone burst out laughing (Pidge was actually wiping tears from their eyes), I could feel my face burning as I practically chucked the seasoning at Lance.

“Hunk, you sooooo owe me 20 bucks when we get back home.”  Pidge choked out between fits of laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Lance asked, looking genuinely confused.  Everyone just laughed harder.  I got up and left, infuriated but weirdly pleased.

Pigde caught up with me later and asked, “So you and Lance are a thing now, huh?” Giving me that sly-ass Pidge face they always do when they find out one of your dirty secrets.


“Then what’s with the whole ‘babe’ thing then, huh?”  Casting me a look that no fourteen year old child should be allowed to make.

“Tch, to be honest, I have no idea why he’s doing that either.”  Pidge just rolls their eyes in response.

“God, both of you are too dense for me to handle.”  Then they roll their eyes and walk away.

I just stand there, confused to all hell about what just happened.


Gala Croisette French Magazine May 26 and May 28 issues with Robert Pattinson at Cannes 2017

Robert Pattinson is shedding his movie star looks for Cannes drama Good Time. /“I do every movie to try to get into Cannes”/

Gala: In Good Time, you are playing a bank robber and it’s hard to find anything sympathtic about him. Are you the kind of actor that brings your character home?

RP: With this one, kind of, but mainly because I was just shooting for like 16,17 hours and it’s almost impossible to not bring it home, because you are just constantly in it. And the whole point was to put everything on the screen and it kind of helps with the character when you are sort of living in isolation.

Gala: With that movie, you have taken a lot of risks as an actor. Its it important to you when you choose a film?

RP: Yeah, I don’t know. I just want to find projects I am really obssessed with. I like finding. I am not from the film industry, I didn’t really grow up in it, so I would go off to directors who I think people don’t really know how good they are yet. I love the discovery, more than trying to be in the big movie that is coming out or going off and trying to be with the most famous director in the world.

Gala: Can you talk how special it is for you to be in Cannes?

RP: I have always loved Cannes. As I started acting, I went in 2009 and I just had the best trip ever. I went to se Inglorious Bastards here and you have a premiere on a speedboat and stuff, it’s crazy! It’s a very proud festival and it take itself really seriously and to get in competition, it’s very special. So I do every movie to try to get into Cannes.

Gala: Do you still feel uncomfortable with your heart throb image?

RP: I am always way more surprised than everybody that I am considered a heart throb. That kind of reaction really blows my mind. I mean, it’s only because of Twilight. Before Twilight, I never got the good looking parts, ever. I was gangly and whatever, but then you do one movie and people are like “you are so beautiful”… So stupid, I can’t believe I just talked about that.” (laughs)

Le Club By Albane: Robert Pattinson makes himself at Home

It’s become something of a ritual. Whenever he comes to the Corisette, Robert Pattinson always spends at least one evening at the club by Albane. In 2012, the first time he visited Albane, the former Twilight star was in a relationship with Kristen Stewart. Their appearance there made the news worldwide. The day before yesterday. the British actor was on the rooftop of the JW Mariott Cannes for the evening hosted for Good Time (in which he plays the part of a fearsome gangster) organized by Dior on the Terrasse By Albane. Tonight, Albane receives Roman Polanski for the after party of his new film, Based on a True Story, adapted from the novel by Delphine de Vigan.

Blood Brothers You know the Coen Brother? The Wachoskis? Here are the Safdies- Joshua and Ben. They are also American. Revealed at Cannes in 2008, this is their first participation in the official competition after ten years spent building a world- in the independent film mode - of nice guys, bad guy and anti-heroes on the edges of society, revolving around Queens, where they grew up. This approach positions them as the natural heirs to the Scorsese of Mean Streets or James Gray from his Little Odessa period, without for the moment reaching the level of their predecessors who are unrivalled presenters of fatality. Good Time relates the daily life of a bank robber who, when not running away from the cops, needs to look after his mentally disabled little brother. Ben Safdie plays this role alongside a badass, electric although very engaging Robert Pattinson. Yet Good Time does seem rather fragile for the big competition. It would probably be more at home at the next Deauville festival.  

Drabble Request - Feels Like Losing

Ok this is so fun! Thank you for the request darling anon. I don’t even care that the song-lyric rule is out the window… I need this… Also I’m, like, not even editing these, so we’ll call it even.

Prompt: Angst drabble For Bucky and he and Y/N have/ had an argumentbefore a mission and it was more his fault and she gets hurt on the field and he’s just “I fucked up man” and you take the wheel lol

Warnings: aaaangst, descriptions of death, swearing


You’ve had this argument so many times before that it feels like a part of you now. It should hurt more than this, but it doesn’t and this is your normal. It’s always over something stupid. He brushes you off when you try to slip under his arm in front of Sam or Steve, or you laugh when he gets angry. And then he shuts down completely. He just wouldn’t talk to you. And you scream and cry, begging him to care enough to let you in, but he never does.

Wanda squeezes your hand gently as you step off the jet, she doesn’t need to look inside your head to see that you need it, it’s all over your face. You steel yourself up for the mission and take off into the field, as Steve commanded. It would be good to get your mind off of the argument. Or half an argument.

Except you couldn’t. Bucky ran past you without a word and you were too busy trying to keep your heart in place to notice the man creeping up behind you until he had already slipped a strong arm around your throat. You gasped when you felt a sharp pain in your side between your ribs and it burned with a searing hot agony when the man twisted the long jagged knife before he ripped it out of your lungs, letting you fall to the ground gasping for breath, gripping the sticky warmth spreading over your body.

Before you can even look up Bucky’s scooped you up in his strong arms, completely panicked but determined, running back to the jet. Wanda is holding off any gunfire. He’s holding your body tight against his chest on the ground of the jet but you can hardly focus, your fingers are so cold, and your throat is dry and there’s blood everywhere. 

“What the fuck were you thinking, Y/N?!” He asks, but he isn’t angry. His voice is breaking. Is he crying? “You can’t…” He stops himself, wiping a piece of hair off of your forehead, but his hand is warm and sticky. Blood.

“I was just… I was worried about you. You’re so reckless when you’re mad.” You huff out closing your eyes. You’re just so tired now, you think you’ll just rest for a minute.

“Hey, Y/N. Baby, you have to stay awake. Y/N! Hey!” You force yourself to open your eyelids slowly. It’s hard, every limb feels like it weighs a thousand pounds.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I walked away from you. I fucked up. I should have been right next to you.” He’s stroking your hair.

“S'ok.” You breathe, but your whole body hurts and you’re just… so tired. You know he’s holding you close, and this is all you had wanted, to be close to him, but somehow he feels further away than he ever has.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He’s whispering over and over, clutching your hand to his lips. He’s been so stupid, pushing you away when all you ever did was try to be close to him, to care for him. But he knows it’s too late. Right now he’s losing it all.

anonymous asked:

can we get some angsty and/or fluffy karchie headcanons pls? (i live for ur headcanons lol)

Anon I’m SCREAMING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Damn omg you got it pal, Kevarchie coming your way. (Also I apologise for this being so fucking long I just had so many Ideas)

- It’s some unspecified future time. Kevin and Archie are living together, with Jughead too. Kevin and Archie are boyfriends and they both have qpr’s with our aroace Jughead.
- It’s their anniversary. They decided years ago that they’d take turns of who planned it each year, it’s Kevin’s year. He takes Archie to that new superhero movie he’s been dying to watch, then up to the observatory hill after grabbing some food to star gaze.
- Kevin’s watching Archie beaming in the moonlight, happily stimming as he talks about his favourite parts of the movie inbetween bites of ketchup dipped chips and he’s struck by the thought that he wants to marry this man.
- Kevin’s driving them home, one hand on the wheel, the other in Archie’s hand. Kevin laughs at one of Archie’s stupid jokes while driving under a street lamp, the warm yellow lighting up his face. Archie’s struck by the same thought; I want to marry this man.
- Kevin always has to leave early for his shifts at the hospital as a nurse so it’s just Archie and Jughead sitting at the table eating breakfast.
“Jug, I… I want to propose to Kevin.”
“Okay. Figured out how yet?”
“Wha-? No I- Jug-”
“Arch, I love you, and I love Kevin too. But I don’t love you guys the way you two love each other. I know you both love me. If this is something you want, go for it. There’s nothing in your way.”
- They get a few minutes together when Kevin gets home from work, but Archie has to run off to a gig that night and then it’s just Kevin and Jughead.
“Yeah, what’s up Kev?”
“I want to ask Archie to marry me. Just want to make sure that’s okay with you.”
Holy fuck, Jughead thinks, a grin spreading across his face but not for the reason Kevin thinks.
“Totally okay with me.”
- The next few months are Stressful™. Archie is running around behind Kevin’s back trying to create a perfect proposal, Kevin is running around behind Archie’s back trying to create the perfect proposal. Jughead is laughing to himself eating cereal in the background.
- But it wears on them. They’ve both pulled away from each other and neither can figure out why the other would do that. It’s been five months since their anniversary and Archie realises they haven’t even been together since then. Nothing beyond couch cuddles and kisses on the way to work, no more than an hour or two at a time.
- Archie freaks out, stress stimming all day in their room until Kevin gets home. “I miss you.” He whispers, the tightly squeezed play-dough in his hands giving away how anxious he is.
- Kevin’s shoulders slump, because he’s been freaking out about the same thing for about two weeks now. “I miss you too.” He says back softly, walking over and taking Archie in his arms.
- They talk it out, both of them knowing how busy they’ve each been now. They both take the next day off to just be with each other again. It’s the most relaxed they’ve been in months, and Jughead feels a little bad for not noticing sooner. But they’re happy now, kissing his cheek or squeezing his shoulder every time they pass by to get more tea or snacks.
- Tour season for the band starts up again in a month.
- Kevin: “I’m finally gonna propose after their first concert on the tour.”
Archie, fifteen minutes later: “I’m gonna propose to Kev after our first concert.”
Jughead, eating cereal: “This is gonna be so fucking funny.”
- So the concert has ended, Kevin’s out on stage congratulating his boyfriend, nothing out of the ordinary with that.
- Then Archie grabs the mic again, he’s blushing and shaky and stuttering. “Uh, Kev, there- there’s um. Something I wanna ask you…”
- Kevin knows this Archie. This was the Archie that approached him when he was questioning, who asked him out for their first date, when they first came out, and he’s PISSED
- “Oh hell NO!! There’s no way you’re asking me first!” Kevin yells, scrambling in his pocket for his ring.
- Archie catches on and instantly drops to his knee, scrambling for his own box.
- They both yell “MARRY ME, YOU DORK!” And “MARRY ME, DAMNIT!” At the same time, kneeling and holding their rings out at each other.
- Jughead is laughing so hard he’s fallen to the ground clutching his sides
- Archie takes a moment and just looks at the sight in front of him. The love of his life kneeling and offering him his heart. He can’t help but beam, placing the ring he’d bought down and holding out his left hand for Kevin. “Absolutely.”
- Kevin melts a little bit, sliding the ring onto Archie’s finger only to watch the redhead melt completely. He blushes darkly right to the tips of his ears, sinking all the way to the floor as he stares at the ring, his free hand flapping.
- So Kevin laughs softly, heart bursting with love for this man. He grabs Archie’s ring himself, noting that they matched (bc of course Jughead made sure they matched), and sliding it onto his own hand.
- When he gently tips Archie’s head up to show him the ring on his own hand, Archie tears up and starts flapping both his hands, before Kevin pulls him into a hug and the hands end up clutched in Kevin’s sweater.
- They have a long, long night together, and are woken much sooner than they’d like by heavy binders being dropped on their chests.
“Let’s talk napkin colours.”
“Veronica it’s six am.”
“You were in New York last night.”
“I’m thinking some soft blues and yellows, a real summery feel.”
- Jughead makes waffles for breakfast as an apology for not stopping Veronica on her way in (Though he’s not completely sorry bc his boys are most adorable when sleepy).
- About a month after the engagement.
Archie: “You know I’m surprised Jug never figured out we were planning the same thing.”
Kevin: “What??”
Archie: “Well, I told him how I was gonna propose to you.”
Kevin: “What the fuck?? I told him how I was gonna propose to you too!”
Both of them: “JUGHEAD!!”
Jughead: drops his spoon into his cereal “I suddenly remembered I have to leave right now immediately.”

Late nights - Reggie x Reader oneshot

Authors note,

hey this is my first fanfiction ever so please don’t kill me lol and it’s such a creative name hah I didn’t know what to name it but it’s just a fluff oneshot really, I don’t really know what this will categorize into oops and it’s a Reggie x Female Reader yay! Also please send me request I’m open for anything :)

Words - 1,237

Warnings - cussing oops

2:03 AM

I woke up to several messages by my boyfriend of 10 months. I clicked my phone on and saw his name.


That was the name that popped up on my phone. I never called him by Reggie, not since 6th grade when I found out his last name. I unlocked my phone and read the texts he sent me.

“my baby sister keeps crying I can’t sleep my mom is literally so tired im gonna take over for her :/ ” delivered at 2:00 AM


Reggie’s mom had a baby just 2 months ago, I come over to babysit with Reggie every once and a while when her hands were full. I knew having a little sister made his family sleep deprived, and it showed during school.


“wish me luck lol” delivered at 2:00 AM

“I wish u were here, u have the magic touch when it comes to her, she wont stop crying.” delivered at 2:01 AM

“oh god she’s needs a diaper change” delivered at 2:02 AM


I facetimed him to see if he was okay.


“Mantle, you woke me up with your texts and I wanted to see if you were okay.”

I heard the sound of Julia crying at the top of her lungs through the phone.

“Julia hush please, I have school tomorrow and this really big test come on give me a break. (Y/N) I need you right about now, my mom and dad won’t mind, actually they might, but my parents like you too much and mom knows you can calm Julia down just like she can.” He whispers.

“Aw Mantle you know if I could I would, my mom is way too strict to let me go anywhere at this time.” I say looking at him trying to carry Julia and hold the phone at the same time. “please don’t drop the baby, put your phone down!” I tell him groggily.

“(Y/N) go to sleep.” he mumbled. “I need both of my girls happy and healthy.”

“You need it more than me. You have that huge ass test in 1st period!” I exclaim.

“Hanging up now (Y/N), I won’t pick up if you call. Baby go to sleep I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He replies.

“But-“ I soon got cut off by him hanging up.”

I text him right after.

“you know ihy right?” sent at 2:34 AM

Mantle replies with,

“I love you too, goodnight”

With that I soon fall asleep.

I woke up suddenly to my alarm which read

7:35 AM (Y/N) get ur ass up

I got up quite lazily and began to do my morning routine.

A few moments later I go downstairs and greet my mom and dad. They know Reggie picks me up for school every morning so they are used to him.

Then my phone vibrates.


“I’m coming up to your house now” delivered at 7:54 AM

“Mom, dad, Reggie is coming up to get me.” I only ever called him Reggie in front of my parents and his.

My parents nod in response. Then as if on cue I hear familiar knocks and open the door to a very cute but tired Mantle.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N)”

“Good morning Reggie, nice to see you again.” My mom says. My dad nods in response I still don’t think he is very comfortable with Mantle yet.

“(Y/N) you ready?” he asks.

“Yeah just let me grab my backpack.” I smile sweetly.

After grabbing my stuff, I say a quick goodbye to my parents and Mantle does the same, in a kiss ass way, he wants my parents to like him, not just tolerate him, but I know they like him well, at least mom does, dad is unclear.

While walking up to his car I ask him,

“Did you get any sleep? Did you eat? How’s your mom?”

He chuckles and says, “I got a solid 4 hour nap, no I didn’t eat, my mom is stressed but is doing a lot better I’ll tell her you’re thinking about her.  Also do you want to pick up donuts?”

“Mm yes please, I’ll go in and get them.” I say excitedly.

“(Y/N) I got it keep your money.” He says while opening the door for me to get in.

“Ha, you’re funny you literally paid the last 3 times.” I exclaim.

“Fine, (Y/N) only because I have no energy to argue with you, but little missy I’m paying the next time, and next time, and next time.” He grins while closing the door.

“Thank you.” I mouth while he goes to the driver’s seat.

Soon enough he’s in the car holding my hand while the other one on the wheel, I happily hand feed him donuts with my free hand. We soon walk into school and are greeted by Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead.

“Hey guys, and Suicide Squad.” He smirks looking at Jughead.

I elbow him and glared at Reg harshly.

“Sorry.” He says immediately, I smile.

“Hey (Y/N) and Reggie.” Veronica, Betty, and Archie say while Jughead rolls his eyes saying Reggie’s name.

“I still wonder how you two ever got together, you both are so different but yet are perfect for each other.” Jughead admits.

The rest of the gang gives little statements agreeing to Jughead.

As if on cue, the bell rings for first period. Reggie walks me down to my class like he always does, hand in hand firmly.

“I’ll see you at lunch yeah?” I say to him tip toeing to peck him on the cheek.

“Of course (Y/N) I wonder why you even ask.” He replies sleepily.

Class went by so slow, Cheryl was in most of my classes, which did made it somewhat bearable. We’d always laugh at stupid little jokes.

Soon enough it was time for our hour lunch, we had an hour because we could go to tutoring or something for part of the lunch and eat. Everybody ate lunch at the same time. I meet up Mantle and he’s talking to Moose and his gang about whatever it is they talk about and I steal him away from them.

We sneaked food into the library and picked our usual spot on the floor, since the library is packed for the hour lunch and there were usually no seats at the table he puts his bag down and plugs his charger to the outlet we were sitting next to.

“How was the exam?” I asked him while pulling out notes to study for a test that was next period.

“I totally fucking failed it (Y/N).” He shrugs.

“I need to help you study Mantle.” I whisper to him.

“I’d be 100% passing all my classes if you helped me study.” He chuckles while trying to open a bag of chips quietly, but failing of course. The librarian didn’t even care.

“But for now, (Y/N), I want to take a nap.” He says and shuffles to put his head in my lap, finishing up the bag of chips. I kissed him on the forehead once he got comfortable

I ran my fingers through his hair and studied at the same time while he slowly fell asleep on my lap at the library like he seemed to do more and more since Julia was born. He looked comfortable on my lap so that was what happened while I listened to music on my earphones and studied.

Wow I love this man.  

Loki x Reader

Words: 589

Requested: No, I can’t do the stress and anxiety that comes with requests right now, sorry.

Warnings: Mentions of sleeping with someone, being tricked. Mentions of dead family member. 

Note: I kind of wrote this based on actual Norse Mythology just as much as I based it on Marvel? I mean, the first version of it was only based on Norse Mythology (Because I’m swedish and was forced to go to theatres about it and work with it at school when I was a kid and never appreaciated it until I grew up) but I re-wrote it since I just watched the second Thor movie and got inspired to do so. 

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not very familiar with Marvel-Loki yet which means it might be very out of character. I don’t know.


I straightened out my skirt and glanced at one of the guards dressed in golden armor. He didn’t look at me, not even when I brushed past him into the room where prisoners were held. I wasn’t surprised as I think most asgardians wanted to forget about my existence. They just didn’t like me very much.

My heels clicked against the ground as I walked down the corridor, passing one cell after another. Some prisoners glared at me, some laughed and some just acted like they didn’t hear or saw me. I didn’t care and soon I reached the cell that held him. Loki. I didn’t know what I had planned on saying, and honestly I didn’t know what I even was doing there. We weren’t exactly close, I thought at least. I didn’t know what we were, but we did have some pretty intresting memories together.

When I cleared my throat and took a few steps towards the magical golden wall that stopped him from escaping he looked up. When he saw me he at first seemed like he didn’t care but then a small grin formed on his lips.

“(y/n). Just as beautiful as always” he drawled and stood up from his place on the ground. He patted some dust away from his clothes and took a few steps towards me too. I rolled my eyes slightly and took another step towards the wall that kept us apart. Weirdly enough I had always felt drawn to him. It didn’t matter what he did, because my brain always seemed to come up with some stupid argument on why it was okay. I didn’t know if he felt the same, or if he just enjoyed toying and manipulating me but it didn’t really matter. I could sense that he was a little bit surprised that I was even there.

“How are you?” I asked him. I didn’t know what else to say. As I said I didn’t exactly plan this very well.

Loki gave a short laugh and gestured around him.

“Peachy. Except that part where my family betrayed me and put me in a cell to rot. You wouldn’t mind breaking me out of here, would you?” He retorted. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Sorry, can’t do. Consider it payback for that time you ‘helped’ me get revenge on Thor.” I told him bringing up old memories.

“Oh, you mean that time we stole and sold Mjölnir to the highest bidder?” Loki asked with an amused tone. I huffed back while remembering it all very differently.

“I mean that time you tricked me into sleeping with you in exchange of revenge on the guy who killed my sister. That time you took advantage of the fact that I was grieving.” I told him.

“She wasn’t really your sister though, was she? She was a giant. You’re an asgardian.” Loki told me. I felt my face scrunch up in annoyance.

“Eira was still my sister, giant or not, and Thor killed her. You talk about our attempt at revenge like it is a good memory.”

“Well, you have to admit Thor’s face when he realized Mjölnir was gone was pretty hilarious.” Loki smirked back. I almost crack a smile at the memory.

“It was. Until Odin figured out it was you who stole it, and you blamed it all on me.” I stated raising my eyebrows at him. He smirked back.

“I still found it hilarious, you trying to explain everything.”

“Oh shut up, it was really embarrassing”

family guy real (creepypasta)

I go to a pretty major college in a big city. I don’t want to be specific about where because I don’t want people to track me down. But anyway, last semester was incredibly tough for me. I relied entirely on my parents sending me cash as I couldn’t find a reasonable time to work between classes since my schedule was so loaded. I had a ton of exams, papers, and homework in general to worry about, so I had very little free time, and things got worse when my relationship with my parents began to fall apart.

Long story short, I made some personal life decisions they didn’t agree with and they decided to cut off my cash flow. So, I was barely eating on top of all the general stress of college plus the stress of my parents learning to hate me. I was a constant ball of anxiety during that period, and I felt like I was always on the verge of a breakdown, so I allotted about an hour of my time each night to just relaxing and watching stuff on Netflix. I ended up watching tons of Family Guy because, despite your personal views on it, it’s incredibly easy to watch. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny, culturally sensitive, or even particularly well written, but I could easily get lost in the stupidity of it all. It got to the point where Family Guy seemed less like a form of easy escapism and more like it was just another part of my life.

Family Guy melded into my daily routine like background noise and became as familiar to me as the churning of my innards or the sound of my heartbeat or the weight of my jaw, the taste of my saliva, the sound of my breaths, and so on and so forth. Peter Griffin, a character to most, was simply an extension of myself. There was no differentiating Peter, a caricature created only as a device to carry a story, and myself, a fully realized human being. I’d find myself watching an episode of Family Guy, only to realize that it had long ended and I was in the middle of lecture, and all the same that lecture itself would drag along, seamlessly morphing into a poorly animated episode of Family Guy in which Meg is abused, the baby is gay, the dog is annoying, the son is there, the wife is a bitch, and the husband is a moron. These character, these people, seemed to be everywhere and nowhere all at once in my life, appearing as specters in my mind, and then as beings - true beings, wise and ever changing, with wants and needs of their own: sexual and political preferences, opinions and feelings, trauma and goals, and all the other absolutes of struggle and minutiae of human existence. My life became a canvas for the writers of Family Guy, and yet so much more. It was like Family Guy was no longer Family Guy and simply society as a whole; a dry everlasting joke, or a cutaway gag that never ends. The beginning and the end. The eternal moment. The Family Guy funny moment.

Please Don’t Worry Part Three (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N (This is my first fic, so any suggestions are welcome!)

Warnings- Some swearing, self harm, mentions death of a loved one

Words- 1,295

You must have fallen asleep because when you open your eyes, Alex is sitting next to you on the bed, quietly talking to the other three, who are scattered across your room.

“You know, I wish I had hugged her more,” you say, basically whispering. “I’ve always hated hugs but you think I could’ve put that aside for my mom. I miss when I was younger and telling her that I loved her when I left for school in the morning. We always told each other, no matter how frustrated we were with each other. Every single morning. And yeah, I’m glad that it was the last thing I said to her, but if I had just stayed downstairs for two more minutes that night we could have talked about our day and I could have told her that I loved her one more time, and I will never stop hating myself for that.”

You rolled over onto your side, immediately wishing that you hadn’t said anything. You never thought you would share that with anyone, let alone four people at once, no matter how close you are to them. You just don’t talk about your mom with people because it just weirds everyone out and you get pity, and you hate it so much. But now you’re getting it from the people you thought you could escape it from. You ruined the one safe place in your life.

“We just don’t understand why. Why you starve yourself. Why you harm yourself,” John said hesitantly, breaking the silence.

“Why? Because I’m the one still here. I am such an awful person who doesn’t even want to be alive most of the time, but I’m still here. She loved life so much and things were finally going her way and she’s the one who’s gone. I hate it. I hate myself for still being here. I don’t deserve to be here,” you yelled, “Tell me why I’m still here!”

Alexander took you into his arms and rocked you gently, trying to calm you down, but you keep trying to push him away so he slides back to the other side of the bed. You try to calm yourself down but all of this is so overwhelming. You never thought it would be this bad but then it was all at once and you feel so angry. Not at them. At yourself for being so stupid, for letting them find out.

“I don’t remember the last night I haven’t cried,” you laugh bitterly, “Most of the time I barely make it through the day. Before I never cried. But now I cry at everything. Not to mention the anxiety. My hands are constantly shaking and I always feel like I’m going to puke, which is part of why I haven’t been eating. How did you guys want me to tell you that? There isn’t any way that I know of. You shouldn’t have ever found out, but you don’t give me any space. So I missed a few phone calls. I could have been sleeping. But you rushed home. I’m assuming you threw out my blades?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t we?” Hercules asked, returning the hostility that had crept into your voice by the time you finished talking, “So you can hurt yourself more?”

“It’s the only thing that calms me down. It doesn’t even hurt anymore!”

“And that’s supposed to make us feel better? That cutting yourself up, what, feels good to you? That’s better somehow?”

You began sobbing again as he yelled at you. You don’t even know why. This is stuff you had imagined someone doing the entire time you had been doing this to yourself. This was just that broken record repeating one more time.

“I don’t know!” you repeated over and over, rocking back and forth.

“Herc, calm down. You’re freaking her out, man,” John chided as he slid across the room to sit next to you on the bed, forcing you closer to Alexander. This time when Alex put his arm around you, you let him, and you tried to calm yourself down.

“I just feel so empty all the time. When I started, I finally felt something and it didn’t matter that it was pain. Pain is so much better than nothing. And I’m so tired but usually I can’t sleep, and when I do I’m even more tired when I wake up. It doesn’t matter what I do, I always feel the same,” you sighed. “I’m so tired of feeling like this.”

You take a minute to look at each of your friends, trying to figure out what they are thinking about. Worry was the most prominent expression. Herc had calmed down but he still looked kind of pissed. Laf was fiddling with a curl that had slipped out of his ponytail, unable to look at you. John was holding your hand, his brow furrowed in concentration, unusually quiet. And Alexander. You could tell he had something to say that he didn’t want to share with everyone.

“Hey,” you said hoarsely, “Can you guys give Alexander and I a few minutes? Please?”

“Of course,” replied John, squeezing your hand before getting up to leave behind the other two.

When all three of them were out, you shifted so you were facing Alexander and lightly kissed his cheek. He sighed and pulled you back against his chest, kissing the top of your head.

“I want nothing more than to make all of your pain go away. I wish you had told me when it first started so I could have helped before it reached this point. It’s my fault- I should have checked in on you more, I should have seen this coming. Oh god, it’s all my fault,” he gasped. “(Y/N), I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to always be there for you and I’m not. How could I leave you alone? I’m never leaving your si-”

“Hey, you are not putting this on yourself,” you interrupt. “This is my fault and no one else’s, okay? I did this. I’m the one who shut all of you out and I’m the one who starved myself and I’m the one who hurt myself. I would love to be around you more, but not if you are going to be feeling guilty for yourself the whole time. I am so sorry that you had to see this, but it is not your fault, do you hear me?” you asked, tilting his chin up and forcing him to look you in the eyes. Alex scanned your face, searching for a response. It was rare that you were this forceful, and he seemed taken aback.

“I’m sorry. You look so tired. I hear you completely, but before we talk anymore, do you want to try taking a nap? I can take the guys out for a bit if you want.”

“No. Stay here. I don’t want to be alone anymore. They look tired too. Have them come back in and we can all nap together, like little kids. That’s what I want.”

Alex left and came back with the other three, who started grabbing their own chair or piece of floor.

“What do you think you’re doing? I have this huge ass bed and I’m not letting it go unused. Get up here,” you commanded.

After quite a few confused looks, all five of you were laying on your bed. With your head on Alex’s chest, a hand in one of Laf’s, John and Herc somehow sharing the end of your bed, you begin to relax. You still have so much to talk about, but it can wait. For now, you drift off to sleep, the most at peace you have been in months. 

I feel like it’s important I post this now.

Do I like the WWE product entirely? Fuck no!

But I do enjoy some of it.

And I’m an optimist (I know, it sucks). I hope that things will get better. That’s why I keep watching. And I also find the joy in the small things. There’s always something good in their programs, however small.

I respect the hell out of every single wrestler because I could not do what they do. But that doesn’t mean I love everything they do.

I fully understand that in WWE the wrestlers don’t have the same input and control that they do elsewhere.

My criticisms are all in good fun. I’m not taking this nearly as seriously as some people I see. I make a lot of jokes on here. Everything I say is with a good heart and not meant to offend.

I’m always open for healthy debate and historical review and respectful opinions.

Wrestling is fun. So let’s have fun with it.

If I can make one person laugh with some stupid “live blog lush blog” post, then I feel good about my part in this Tumblr Wrestling World.

Let the Game Begin

(not my gif)

Dan/Reader Smutt - 5,751 Words

“Right, as many of you may know, Phil isn’t going to be here for a week, which means I’m left to maintain the gamingchannel all by myself.” Dan shrugs his shoulders and sighs. “But! Luckily, I have a very special guest with me today. Iiiiit’s,” Dan gestures to his side, signaling you to pop into frame, “Y/N! From Y/C/N! Yaaaaay!” Dan is cheering, his hands in the air.

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A LIFETIME (WITH YOU) by charlesdk

Words: 30776
Rating: Teen +
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski


If you ask him, Derek will tell you he’s doing fine. He’s raising his five year old daughter, Erica, on his own, he has his family and a book series published that’s pretty popular and sold well. Under a pseudonym, sure, but it counts.

He’ll tell you he’s doing pretty alright – right up until Stiles Stilinski stumbles into his and Erica’s lives and never really leaves again.

Derek’s world gets shaken up, but things get better. Slowly, for all of them.

Read on AO3.

Happiest of birthdays to my sweet baby monkey, the cutest bulbasaur, and my wonderful wife, @the-mess-sterek-left-behind!! I appreciate the hell out of you, and you mean more to me than you know. Thank you for being an incredible part of my life.

This is for all the sprees you’ve done, for all the stupid typos you’ve made that has made me laugh, for all your cute rambles, for your sappy moments, for every poem you’ve written me, for your comforting words, for always being there for me, for everything.

I love you, baby, to the other end of the galaxy and back. ♥