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Hey so where did we land on the whole are you single thing?

Okay I’m gonna do this update on the Snerg/dating application situation under a cut because there were just SO MANY ASKS hahahahaha 


So a while ago this happened, and I’ve gotta be honest and say I was ENTIRELY UNPREPARED for all of the responses!! Like I thought I was making a ridiculous application that nobody would answer but then I FORGOT HOW AWESOME AND SILLY YOU ALL ARE and so I was overwhelmed with replies and very busy at the time and unable to answer them all…



First of all, to Snerg: I’m sorry if you thought I was preferencing humans over snails. That wasn’t the case at all!! I just thought you didn’t seem like the kind of snail who would want to jump into a commitment like that

To everyone wondering if I’m dating a snail: AS YOU CAN SEE, no, I’m not. I think I may have ruined everything by not replying fast enough. I’ll just have to sit here and mourn my snail-free sex life 

To everyone who filled out my RIDICULOUS application / expressed interest in winning my affections: You guys are all absolute GEMS and you deserve someone way less fixated on snails than yours truly. Receiving your responses made my day, and I’m so honored you would offer yourselves up for my impromptu dating show/blog/event/whatever that was hahahaha :D

To everyone WEIRDLY FIXATED on my relationship status: After determining that I lost my chance with Snerg, who I’m sure was my one true love, I went to @jadepresley and cried on her shoulder and idk guys she’s kinda cute and she writes hella good fics so to fill the gaping hole in my heart, I think I’ll just stare at her and tell her how amazing she is and yeah that’s pretty much where I’m at right now I hope that clarifies things

To the anon who just innocently wanted to know more about me and had no intention of starting any of this: I FEEL YOU, BRO. I TRULY DO. 

Week Four

A/N: Welcome to week four for where I’m kind of playing catch up from last week. Rec list tags: @mogaruke

No Pairing

A New World by @impala-dreamer 

OMG she better call the number! Like I kind of feel bad for the guy but then and not really cuz he’s not Sam or Dean and that’s what matters lol. Just saying… I wouldn’t mind a sequel…

Classic Car Family by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  (fluff)

This kind of killed me in such a good way! IT was like nostalgia and every emotion wrapped up into one! The ending blind sided me and I just like fell out of my chair!

Storm Clouds by @impala-dreamer  (angst)

So I skipped this last week and had to wait until I was in a good place to read this and damn this was so good. It was very realistic, almost too realistic to me. This just goes to prove that you can’t go wrong with having the Winchesters as family

Dean x Reader

Stitches and Whiskey by @impala-dreamer  (fluff)

OMG YES! I love a sassy Dean soooo much! And the fact that this has never happened on the show kind of makes me mad. You need to pitch this idea to the writers. Like just use a GD first aid kit for once.

Mile High Club by @jpadjackles  (smut)

OMG. That was short sweet and HOT AF. I’m gonna need a part 2 but she was not take care of and we can’t have that. Deans took caring for that. *begs for part 2*

Vulnerable by @dancingalone21  (fluff)

This was wonderful! All the silliness and cuteness! I love how Dean didn’t care if she was a lesbian. A lot of people see him as just someone who wants sex but he’s deeper than that! Love this!

Here Now by @impala-dreamer  (fluffy angst)

Dean coming back from hell gets me every time! Like he’s just so vulnerable! I’ve never felt the need to protect anyone as much as I feel the need to protect him when he comes back from hell. This was just so full of emotion! Love it! 

Barcelona by @pinknerdpanda (fluff)

Aww this was soo sweet! I love how Dean makes it up to her! All he really had to do was say sorry and be all Dean like but he chose to do something so sweet! Made me swoon a million times over.

Truth or Truth by @ilostmyshoe-79 (smut)

OHMYGOSH. That was so hot! I could have gone for a cold shower after reading this. Whew, this had me sweating!

An Impossible Choice by @nichelle-my-belle (angst)

OUCH. Oh my gosh that just killed my heart and my soul. Ugh poor Dena, poor Cal! Even Sam lost a friend! This just killed me…

Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie by @bringmesomepie56 (smut)

“Thank god for Def Leppoard and Apple Pie” Yes! Thank god because this fic was amazing! I love that Dean was so bold! Then again when is het not lol

Got Me Feeling Emotions by @thegreatficmaster (fluff/angst)

NO! WHAT?! AH! Wheres the rest?! I keep scrolling down and there’s still not more! Im always up for some demon Dean and I wouldn’t hate a second part… ;)

Sam x Reader

Better Than This by @melbelle45 (fluff)

My fave line “Three lives were formed in this body, three healthy lives that live and breathe and destroy our house.“ Swwoooon so hard! And the Daddy!Sam at the end <3

Perfect by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff)

Aw I love fluffy Sam! He was so sweet and so nice! I think we all can agree that we all need a little Sammy in our life…. or a lot of Sammy ;)

The Guest Of Honor by @revwinchester  (fluff)

Ah!! I love College!Sam and how freaked out he was about her being the presidents daughter! Glad he came to his senses though!

Black and Blue by @bringmesomepie56  (smut) 

Ha! I can just imagine Sam being super bummed that he tried to kiss a girl and was met with a punch to the face. Well I think they made up for that!

Jensen x Reader

That’s My Girl by @not-moose-one-shots (fluff)

This was soo cute! I love all the things that Jensen said he love about the reader! It was all very sweet and made me swoon!

Too Good by @impala-dreamer (fluff)

I’d watch Jensen put different clothes on all day. In fact, I’d probably watch him do anything… But we all know that leather jacket kills all of us!

Jared x Reader

Lift you up by @impalaimagining (angst)

We all have shitty days, some worse than others. Pretty sure if I had Jared my day would be far far less shitty. I’d like to rent Jared for the day please?

Life Swap Chapter 8

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Here is chapter 8! I saw all of Shawn’s birthday party post and it makes me want to write something about a drunk Shawn. Who seems so fun by the way! Only if we could all party with him. Anyways im super pumped cause i’m seeing him next week. So i’ll probably post chapter 9 next weekend! Hope you all enjoy and if any of you are going to see his shows have sooo much fun!

Chapter 8

           My eyes flicker open, to the sound of the TV playing in the background. I try to move but I didn’t realize that Shawn was using my body as a pillow. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep. The blanket is snuggled up to his chin and his hand gentle placed around my leg like it’s a pillow.

           I find my phone which is shoved inside the couch cushions. I just look through while Shawn is sleeping so I don’t wake him up. Since I had no service yesterday, none of my messages were received, so I didn’t bother to look at my phone. The red circle by my messages read the number seventy five. I never get this much attention but I have a ton group chats which always adds up when you don’t keep up.

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Things that upset me more than they probably have a right to: Birthday Edition

So. Huh. Personal thing again. Keep scrolling if uninterested, but I always liked venting to the internet and this apparently upsets me more than anticipated.

So yeah. It was my birthday roughly two weeks ago and it was kind of a gigantic disappointment that ended with me uncontrollably sobbing into my pillow? Yeah that happened.

But let me do this chronologically.

The original plan was to go see the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok because its release date was originally my birthday.

The release date was pushed back for reasons unknown to me and that wad kind of a bummer because that is liiiterally my most anticipated movie of the year.

Plans changed and I invited six friends out for cocktails instead. I don’t really have a lot of physical - outside the internet - friends.

Two of them I would have had classes with that day. Which. Neat. New semester and new classes always means a lot of angsting and sitting alone because I do nooot do well with meeting people so I was glad I had one of the few classes I had with my friends.

Since classes were til four and we all had agreed on meeting at six, I had asked those two friends if we should go early, grab dinner together. They agreed, so the plan for the day was set.

I was alone in class on my birthday because both of them blew off classes. Without telling me.

Which, obviously and consequencely, tanked dinner plans too.

So after sitting alone in class, which always makes me feel anxious and tense and just overall Not Good, I went home and had… cold left over pizza for dinner on my birthday. Alone. And if you think that’s sad, boooy are you in for a ride.

Now the reason I know the other two blew off classes is because they told me so when we met at the bar. Because yeah they came for cocktails but had seemingly forgotten about dinner plans.

First presents were exchanged. Or. Well. Orally promised. Both separately invited me to the movies, film my choice. Which, cop out present when you reeeaaally don’t know what to get someone but also suuuper neat because yeah everybody loves going to the movies but they got expensive as fuck. Still like. At least a handwritten card with the invitation would have been nice or something? I don’t know; this will feature me being picky and overly critical A Lot.

Third friend arrived late due to classes. She was a sweetie and literally the only one I don’t blame for feeling like shit at the end of my birthday. She got me a bag of assorted purple stuff. A notebook, four different fancy pens, Milka chocolates. Purple is my favorite color, all that I own from socks to glasses is purple. It’s my thing. So that was cute.

Fourth friend arrived late due to work. Her present… next thing that kinda really upset me.
A key charm that is wiiildly not my taste but that alone would have been okay. Additionally a Weeping Angel necklace. Which in itself; hey she nailed the Whovian in me.
But. She had given me the EXACT same necklace last year already and that’s just… ouch. Not even important enough to remember that, huh…?

Fifth friend arrived even later due to classes. Fifth friend is Best Friend.

We sat at a table where three people fit on the length of it and one on the head. I had been sitting in the middle of the length on the bench, between friends one and three, with four opposite me and two diagonally from me. Birthday girl and being like… the center of attention, you know? Makes sense, right?

Best Friend has had a shit ton of physical issues after an accident and does better sitting on the bench than a chair - which were the only seats still empty.

So when Best Friend asked friend number one if she would mind sitting on a chair instead, I was kinda happy because hey I had already been sitting next to one for two hours so it wasn’t that bad I was happy to get to sit next to my Best Friend who I get to see once a month if I’m lucky.

When neither her nor friend four moved on to sit on the bench, I prompted friend four and she went “nah why don’t you”. And I went really as flat-out as I can get and told her to sit, but she and Best Friend ushered me very firmly to sit.

Not only did I then end up in the far corner and thus out of earshot of two. No. Four took the middle spot. Meaning I was ALSO out of earshot of my Best Friend, with whom I then consequencely got to exchange the staggering amount of five fucking sentences all evening.

Which yeah, amplified by four sitting between us because she and four have a longer history with each other and I know while I place her as my best friend, four takes that spot for her. Whenever it’s the three of us, I basically feel like a third wheel. So yeah. I was literally third-wheeling my own birthday.

Best Friend got me a cute gift though. A phone case of my favorite anime.

Friend six arrived two hours late due to mental issues.
She has depression and bipolar disorder and while I do not blame her for that, I do hold her accountable for other things. One of those we’ll get back to later.

The other being her present to me.

A chocolate Advent Calendar… with sexy girls on it. And not even tasteful sexy girls that you can admire aesthetically but… porn-y sexy girls.

And yes. Part of why this upset me so fundamentally was because I had just come out as ace here on tumblr and received so much encouragement and so many nice words and this felt like an ice cold reality check of this being the real world and me not being out to my friends.

Other reasons why it upset me include:

Even if you don’t know that I’m asexual, you’re my friend and shooould have the basic understanding of my taste to know how disturbingly tasteless and unfunny I find stuff like that. Porn flat out disgusts me. So yeah. Made me feel like she really doesn’t know me at all.

A feeling driven home by her telling the story of how she bought it and had originally been holding an Advent Calender of “Sleeping Beauty”, deeming that lame and thus going for the porn calendar.

Aurora is LITERALLY my favorite Disney princess and despite a 3€ advent calendar being a real cheap birthday present either way, I would have been suuuper happy about one with my favorite Disney princess. Fuck this, I would have been super happy about a calendar with any Disney princess because I’m a Disnerd. And eeeverybody who knows me for an hour knows that.

So. Yeah. Not just a tasteless gift but one that could have been something cool instead if she… knew me AT ALL. Really upsetting to realize that your friends can’t even be bothered to remember the most… basic interests of yours.

Now. The evening proceeded.

One had to go early. Two and three ended up talking a lot among themselves. So did four and six and my best friend.

Head count. Who does that leave out of the conversations? Right. The birthday girl.

I tried telling a story. Just to be interrupted and talked over, the conversation being hijacked and no one being interested in hearing the end of my story.

And I get it. I really very painfully do.

I know I’m not interesting to talk to or to spend time with and my self-esteem is so low, I keep it in the basement. I will not try to rope you into a conversation with me during a social event because there are other people you could talk to that are far more interesting.

That’s why I had selfishly put myself at the center of the table. So all conversations would happen around me and I could get involved.

I was sitting in the corner. Not talking and at that point already plenty upset about being alone during class and having dinner canceled without a notice and the gifts that just showed how shallowly my friends apparently know me and how little they cared to know me.

And just. No one noticed or cared. Which. Yeah. Really not a surprise anymore at that point.

Best Friend had to go after only an hour because work early in the morning. Not her fault. But also kinda made me even more upset because I had LITERALLY only exchanged 5 sentences with her.

And before the rest of us called it a night, I got into what I consider one of THE stupidest arguments I’ve ever been involved in with friend four… about the price of burgers at the Irish pub we go to. Because I had said that the new pub that opened up a month ago is too expensive for me since it charges 5€ more for a cheeseburger than our usual pub does. And she just got so… obsessedly vindictive. She had to look up the menues and rub it under my nose how it were “only” 4,10€. For one: Fuck you but 4,10 is still five and also have you never heard of mild exaggeration? Was the fucking price of fucking burgers really worth it to argue angrily about with someone who feels like rolling in needles at every argument because they make me uncomfortable, but… at my fucking birthday? Could you not let 5 be even just for the sake of it being my fucking birthday…?

Now. As we leave the establishment and head home, let me return to friend six and things I hold her accountable for.

I get being too emotionally drained or wired to do social events. So her canceling… an hour after we all had agreed to meet. Still sucked but yeah bipolar and depression.

When she still came, I was happy.

When I got her present… not so much.

But when I overheard her talking to friend four while we waited for the bus and literally asking “It was good that I came to her birthday party after all, right?”. Literally phrased as a question seeking validation.

If she had directed that question toward me. Okay. Yeah.

But toward another friend? What is this? “Oh yes you were so brave coming despite it all and putting up with her. How strong of you to endure”, or what?

So by the time I got off the bus, I literally couldn’t keep the tears of disappointment down and cried for the following 10 minutes of walking through my city’s ghetto at midnight. Fun times that.

The final blow was kiiinda served when I got home to a 4 minute voice message from my best friend and I actually thought “at least she caught on with my mood and will now question me about it, showing that… at least one person paid attention to me on my birthday”.

It was about her mom whose birthday is one day after mine and about how she can be a real bitch (holy shit, that woman REALLY can be a petty bitch, I know that) and how glad my best friend is that unlike her mom, I’m an “amicable scorpion”.

And. Yeah. That’s where I burst and sent her a message of how much I wish I wasn’t so amicable because maybe then I would have spoken up at one of the muuultiple occasions of being upset that night. Which. Not fair because only partially her fault, but I was just sooo done and crying hard enough that I was shaking too much to properly type.


To round it all off:
The majority of my online friends, the ones I’ve been friends with for years and many to whom I always felt like I had a closer friendship to than to the friends physically close to me, completely forgot about my birthday and didn’t congratulate me at all or only belatedly.
My oldest friend who moved away a year ago didn’t wish me a happy birthday at all and in fact STILL hasn’t as much as messaged me.
Both my aunts AND my uncle forgot my birthday, even though my family has a hard tradition that every household calls the one who has birthday to congratulate. It’s an important thing of basic politeness, really.


That’s why I don’t like my birthday because I already feel unimportant, unwanted and uninteresting enough on a daily basis, but on the one day where you’re supposed to be celebrated and the center of attention…? Stuff like this just validates my opinion of myself and why I keep my self-esteem in the basement.

Because apparently people I love and care about can’t even be bothered to know me at all - because THAT is what the presents are about, not about how much they cost but about how much thought went into them.
Or, heck, they flat out can’t be bothered to remember my birthday at all.
Because caring about me is quite clearly something that is asking too much.

lately, i pause at every ask game that’s on my dash and ask myself the same fuckin questions: do i have enough energy to answer asks right now? do i even have enough energy to send an ask to the person i’d be reblogging from?

the answer is always no and i always keep scrolling 

Happy Halloween!!!

🦇🐺🕷What a spooky day! 👻🎃🕸

Lol please be safe out there darlings! There are scary people out there and you can never be too careful.

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I always like to scare people….🐺🙀😜so keep scrolling or beware… 😘😍😊😋

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How can I read ur older works like the one mentioned in ur recent ask 'i will not lose' I believe u said it was called...I've already read all the works on ur masterlist and the Jin doc fic n I didn't know there was more!!! All ur writing is great so don't underestimate ur older works!!

I Will Not Lose is on my masterlist still. In regards to my older works that I have taken off my masterlist, there are a few oneshots that got like 10ish notes. They’re still on my blog and under the tag: bts fanfic. I always tag all my works under that one so if you keep scrolling, you’re bound to find something you might’ve not read before. 

just wanna say that being in the e3 fandom made me a better and more caring person than ever and i truly believe team inspire will always be in my heart

So every time I see this I get sick to my stomach. It makes it worse because I know the person. You always see shit like this and sometimes keep scrolling. Well this shit hit home and it hurts. I danced with this girl and it’s so sickening how people can get. We need people on the news to see this. This NEEDS to get out. So please let us get justice.

Just for penetratemysoul #JusticeForLoLo