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what r some of ur fav hoseok blogs? i need more to follow!

hello petal!

bts: @oceanhobi, @lovbhobi, @hobisbi, @jhob1, @itsahobifulday, @hobiconfetti, @hobsmixtape, @jaayhope, @hopestruck, @softhobistan, @happybdayhoney, @hoseok8, @onevxrse, @hobi-fever, @fiahx, @hobiphilia, @soft-hoseok, @itshobisbirthday, @hobsbirthday, @jho-seok, @bebehobi, @ohoseoks, @dibidibidismynameisjhope, @hobisnow, @floral-hobi, @yasaenghobi, @hobipd, @blessedhobiday, @hobi-bts, @ourhopeourangel, @hoseokmyhearteu, @m0ni, @hoseok-love, @hobithighs, @happyhobday, @hobieu, @hoseoc, @hobisfreckles, @hobshine, @hobismole, @happybirthdaymiamor, @hobih, @jhoe, @hohbi, @hoseokthighs

multifandom: @ho-seok, @hopejseok, @j-obi, @ftis, @h0bi, @wonhobe

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

He held his skate guards to the ice for a few moments before touching the ice with his right hand to thank it the way he always does. I hope he leaves this venue with a good mental image and that he will return to this arena and stand at the top of the podium in February next year.

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sorry I'm a bit late, but I had to add to the usopp love. I've always been a fan of Usopp because he's easy to relate to personally

You’re not late!!! It’s never late to join the Usopp Love ♥

You’re right ^^ I think we have enough characters without flawless or that are always right. And then you have Usopp, a “coward” who always lies and have to make stupid treats to his enemies. But that’s not something that we would do?

I mean, if I have to fight against a creature which definitely is more strong than me… of course I would be scared.

We know that Straw Hats have their own style to fight, this style is based on what they’re good at or they know how to do. Nami has her Clima Tact, Franky have his weapons, Brook sometimes use his music, Chopper use his knowledges of medicine/anatomy to defeat the enemy, etc.

Usopp, is good to make new inventions, artifacts, is an excellent sniper and well, he’s good to lie. 

Sanji said “I’ll do what you can’t and you go do what I can’t”.

The Monster Trio is known because of their monstrous force, unfortunately many people love more those characters because they are strong, they aren’t afraid and they can’t be defeated, and when you meet a character like Usopp, well is hard to like the character. He’s not strong and he’s afraid.

And we forgot or we don’t see Usopp as a person. A normal person like us. Can we put on his shoes? And think about all his fights? Because… wow, how did he not die?

All he used was his abilities, sure some of them were dirty tricks or lies, but is what he knew to do. Is what he is capable to do. And we have to learn a lot about him.

It’s ok being afraid and that you’re not strong. But do whatever you’re capable of to help. To help your nakama. And all the fights he has won were for helping his nakama. And without know it, he has become stronger and brave.

Now, all I can say is that the Usopp we knew is just the before of the Usopp we know now, who is no far away to become a brave warrior.

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i hate how this is apprently so controversial to say but UGH I HATE HARRY'S NEW PROMO. wow surprise he's dropping something out of nowhere again without promotion or acknowledging us. we're expected to freak out loud enough so journalists write articles on their own. and his team just makes money off OUR efforts and harry just continues to ignore us. how much longer are we going to pretend this shit isn't disrespectful?

Not that I think this is Harry’s choice to just go ghost and pretend nothing is happening because I’m pretty sure he has reasons for that, but I agree that his promo is terrible and if he does drops a song out of nowhere it’ll be really weird and unprofessional from his team to do so. Fans have been played a lot already and we want to support our boys the most, but they keep punching us in the face all the time. Like, I do hope that when he drops something, he at least tweets a message like Ed did, for example. He warned fans of all the songs he was dropping by just tweeting. Nothing big, nothing hard. Just a heads up, an acknowledgment you know? I really hope H’s team doesn’t do that, and make him look like this so superior start that can just drop a single expecting to be number #1 instantly. I know Harry cares very much about his fans and I’m sure he doesn’t seem himself like that and I really don’t want people to shit on him for that. I love him and I’ll support him of course, no matter how they handle, but I can’t say I won’t be bitter about it . I just want my boys to have normal teams like every other celebrity I follow, is not much to ask goddammit 

  • Mom: It's your older brother's birthday today! Can you wish him a happy birthday for me?
  • Me: Mom... I'm your oldest child. And I don't have a brother.
  • Mom: Yes, you do. His name is J-Hope and he is my son.
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: ... Did you call J-Hope your son?
  • Mom: Did I fucking stutter?
Some nights, I dream with my eyes half-open
I can’t imagine missing the way she falls into sleep,
As easy and quick as I fell into her love
She tells me I make her melt,
Her voice like rain on the pavement,
Lazy Sundays and coffee under a canopy of soft sheets,
She melts with grace
And I am always hoping I never feel less solid than this
Steady and comfortable in my body, in my feelings,
In her –
I wonder what I would be like
If I had never felt her fingers coaxing me out of loneliness
A sculptor molding me into the person I had kept hidden
From even myself
Who would I be if she had not breathed me into Becoming,
If she had not seen me with gentleness,
Whispered to me her own softness,
And filled me with love?
—  a.d.c. // becoming

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I dont think you deserve your terrible reputation within the vegan youtube community. I feel for you...you always try to help people with their channels, getting fit, getting healthy and you are always real. I hope all the hat is not hurting you

If you bleed from all the tiny arrows shot your way by people who are MEGA jealous of you then you are not worthy of your position in life.

If you take things personally then you have taken your mind off your goal.

If your goals are aesthetic and materially driven then you are a passion deficient person in my book.

Im self made and when you are self made then you forge emotional strength levels that are lacking in those whom want everything for nothing or more for less.

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You're single?! What is the world supposed to do when the single most attractive person ever created is now single? Sadly my life will soldier on, yet I will forever recognize you, Manzi, as not only a lady with a cool ass name, but as the most interesting, most beautiful, and most desirable person I've ever seen. I hope you always find happiness. It's all I want for you in this world.

Holy shit anon this makes me feel way good thank u


happy 23rd birthday, jung hoseok / 94.02.18

“I can still clearly feel the sensation I felt when I practiced barefoot. The feeling of my body and the floor becoming one was very impressive. I looked incredibly sexy while I practiced the stage, haha. I’m a person who concentrates into one thing when I fall in love with it. This applies to BTS promotion and also when I love someone. I think love is something that turns us stupid. When you fall in love, you become a fool who only knows one person, right?”