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Desperate Measures.. to @sigmasurge , @fuckyoubrian696 , and Anon. Bet y’all thought I’d forgotten about this last Kiss prompt ;P. Sorry for taking so long.

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What do you eat in a day vegan? What about on busy days?

my favourite breakfast:

  • granola with oat milk
  • avocado toast
  • sometimes pancakes
  • porridge

favourite food to have for dinner / lunch

  • pizza (it tastes amazing without cheese and is much healthier!)
  • any kind of pasta
  • lasagna with vegetables or spinach :’))
  • rice with fried mushrooms and zucchini
  • tortellini, gnocchi
  • toast with cucumber
  • sandwiches / bagels etc
  • self made sweet potato fries

as snacks:

  • vegan cookies
  • nuts!!! (I especially enjoy cashews, walnuts and pistachios)
  • cucumber

and i always eat the same on busy days as on normal days!! Somehow I always find time to cook something, and if not I prepare food to eat at uni (e.g. sandwiches, sometimes i buy something at a bakery near uni)


anyways hob is so sweet and lovely and i love him so much! i love hob more than there are stars in the sky! i love hob more than the sand in all of earth’s beaches! i love hob more than roses love being red! i love him more than his love for flowers and being a flower! i love him all i want is for him to be filled w so much happiness and love he would never go a second without it i hope everything is ok w him and he is safe ☺️💛

TO: @mama-dragneel

       HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ !!!! 

You’re the sweetest mun & i love you and all your muses. I’m so glad to have met you. ♥

me: boy i sure do hope Optimus is just under some form of mind control like the obvious purple eyes suggest, instead of willingly being all like “y’know what, random Maker lady i just met in space….fuck it….you’re right…..maybe i should have put Cybertron first this whole time….ok let’s go fuck up the Earth lol” like the set interviews, trailers, and that movie poster suggest

brain: but the latter sure would explain his rising levels of “insanity” as the movies went on…..plus it would turn Sentinel’s betrayal into foreshadowing….mmmmm smell that continuity and the connections??? ah yes it’s like the new writers have been hinting at this whole time……connecting all the movies AND changing things up

me: *sweats nervously* true but that doesn’t mean i have to like it lmao

I remember when every other post in the Bughead tag was spiteful and mean, now I have to scroll through a fair bit before I see any ship shaming. Been on this ship since like, before day one. I always hoped that one day this potential romantic relationship might earnestly explored, since I was little and first reading Archie. Honestly, it’s kind of a dream come true and I’m so glad that there are other people who are keen on it with me. I think it’s fair for people not to like it but it makes me like, sooooo happy. I’m tempted to write a mini fic/ fic but honestly, I don’t know what I’d even write it about. Harry Potter AU maybe? Urban fantasy AU? Fairytale AU? Dungeons and Dragons AU? 

Home is where the demons are

Title: Home is where the demons are

Anonymous asked: “Could we see a platonic fic around the time when Chuck learns everything he writes in the supernatural books is real? Like sister!winchester is seriously contemplating/planning suicide and Chuck tells the boys because he knows exactly how serious it is?”

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, you

Pairing: none

Warnings: mentions of suicide (no actual suicide! Trying to keep it nice here folks)

Word count: 713

A/N: I took the liberty to write to story a bit later as the request asked because I thought it would fit the story better. Anyway, as always I hope you enjoy it!

_________________________________________________________________________ You were moving again. It hadn’t come as a surprise since you knew it would eventually happen again. Everything you got used to living in one place your father decided to go on a road trip with you and your brothers, going god knows where to do god knows what. It was the 4th time you moved to another house, or at least it was the 4th time you could remember. Dean didn’t seem to mind the moving, he said it would be nice to explore new places and built character. Sam on the other hand felt the same way you did: lost, alone and miserable. In the beginning you and Sam talked about it but once your father found out he told the two of you to stop whining about it and get over it. Sam did seem to feel more at ease after that. Maybe your dad had told him something you didn’t know. It didn’t matter to you, you just wanted to stay here one last day to say your goodbyes to the people you got to know over the month the 4 of you stayed at the motel. You had told your father about your wish but he had replied angry, saying that the 4 of you should get out of here as soon as possible. All of the other times you had to move you had listened to your dad but right now it felt wrong just to leave. You had packed your duffel bag with possessions you knew you couldn’t bring with you to your new house and you were going to give them to your friends. The boys were out to get some supplies for whatever reason they had so no one noticed your leave until they returned. “where’s Y/N?” John asked the boys. “she was here when we left, she must have gone out while we were getting supplies” Sam said. “of course captain obvious, we know what she did we just don’t know where she went” Dean said. “I might know where she is” John said after some contemplating. The boys got in the impala driving towards the spot John thought you were. You were done with giving away your possessions and you couldn’t take it anymore. The secrets your family tried to keep from you had been exposed when you had found your dad’s journal one night. All the fears and monsters you were afraid of had been real and your family didn’t trust you enough to let you in on the family secret. You just couldn’t take it anymore and your dad knew. You had wanted to commit suicide once before but your dad had stopped you as soon as he found out. “drive faster Dean! We haven’t gotten all day” John shouted. “what’s wrong? Where is Y/N? What happening?” Dean asked. “she found out about the family business some time ago and tried to commit suicide. I’m sorry you boys had to find it out like this but I think she’ll be trying it again” John said. Dean floored the impala understanding how important the situation was. The three of them soon reached your destination. Dean spotted you first. You where sitting on a rock at the beach, skipping stones over the quiet lake. “Y/N don’t move” Dean screamed, slamming the car door shut and running towards you. Startled you had turned around but once you heard Dean’s familiar voice you relaxed. He lifted you from the rock and pulled you into a tight hug. “why are you here Dean?” you asked. “dad told us everything, don’t you evee dare do something like that again Y/N. Don’t you dare!” Dean screamed. Sam took you from Dean’s arms, brushing a small tear from your cheek. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’m here. We are a family business and we will protect you because without you we aren’t family anymore” he reassured you. “Thank you” you whispered. “Come home Y/N, we need you” John said. “We will never leave you” Dean and Sam agreed, leading you back towards the impala. The whole situation felt unreal but you knew it was real and your family was there for you and would protect you and for the first time in quite some time you felt alive again.

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To all creators and well anyone.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you feel this way. I’m sorry if there is doubt.

If you’re not a fan of reading cause I ramble you may just wanna go down to the last two or three passages.

We do create in hopes others can enjoy what is made. Some even get caught up in creating what others want they forget or fear to make something they want for fear of others turning their backs on their blogs or content.

Yes a blog may eventually stop. Some believe because of age, or marriage and relationships. Or just stop cause they tire of it. If you stopped because you decide to have a life off of Tumblr then I can always hope we see your again in the future.

But you should not stop creating because of others. Yes getting a like ore reblog is nice. It shows creators their work has been seen. Maybe even seeing other blogs with higher numbers makes creators strive to create so they can get even a fraction of those numbers. But I feel that is not a good reason to create…

A piece could’ve been made for a selfish reason. You never want to look back on something you made and think.
“Oh I remember making this to get notes.”
You’ll begin to dislike that piece. Maybe even resent the time you poor into it. I never want that for a creator…

You can stick to a fanbase if that is what you enjoy. You can go original and just draw. Stories can end for the simplest reasons but that shouldn’t mean you stop creating. You should do what you want because you love it. Create because that piece helps you smile or vent or just help show your thoughts and feelings. You should never let “notes” get in the way of that.

Cause no matter what, you have even one follower? Then your creation is seen.

Now let’s go to the touchy subject of “notes”. Everyone knows this. Some may forget or not wish to accept it. But it’s there so gonna be blunt. We as creators or rebloggers are not entitled to notes.

beauty-in-its-original-case  asked:

Okay I know you probs get a ton of these like alot but I just want to say you are a fantasical awsmashilous human god hybrid. You have great hair and a great personality and I am so happy you put yourself out there for us to laugh. You deserve happiness and love. You are, for lack of another made up word, awesome and I hope you always find a reason to smile. If you ever feel down, you can just post on here and you will have a slew of fans to the rescue (even I'd it's a trivial matter) we <3 u

Haha, I definitely don’t deserve a word of this, but I really do appreciate the support! You’re incredibly kind and it means the world 💛


happy 23rd birthday, jung hoseok / 94.02.18

“I can still clearly feel the sensation I felt when I practiced barefoot. The feeling of my body and the floor becoming one was very impressive. I looked incredibly sexy while I practiced the stage, haha. I’m a person who concentrates into one thing when I fall in love with it. This applies to BTS promotion and also when I love someone. I think love is something that turns us stupid. When you fall in love, you become a fool who only knows one person, right?”