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Slytherin to My Heart | Yoongi

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Pairing: reader x slytherin yoongi | Hogwarts AU

Genre: angst + fluff

Summary: You hated Min Yoongi. He hated you. But the both of you were about to find out that hate was just a way to mask another passionate emotion.

A/N: lmao such a horrible pun but I couldn’t help myself nor could I help myself in writing a love-hate relationship with Yoongi. This is the longest one-shot I’ve ever written omg. I hope you all enjoy & as always if you have any questions about my BTS hp AUs or feedback on this one-shot, don’t hesitate to send an ask! I’ll be more than happy to answer them (:

p.s let’s pretend that prefects are allowed to take house points away from houses other than theirs.

Word Count: 9,176

“Muffet.” You cooed quietly as you cautiously walked down a hall, your wand producing a red laser-like light to attract your cat.

You hadn’t seen her all day and you were worried so not caring that it was past curfew, you snuck out of the Gryffindor dorms in search of her. You hoped you’d be able to find her before Filch or Mrs. Norris caught you or worse-

“Past curfew, Gryff.” Yoongi tsked as he appeared out of nowhere, tapping his wrist in a disapproving manner. His prefect badge glistened under the flames from the torches that lined the halls. “I think that amounts to ten points from your house, doesn’t it?”

And there was worse. Min Yoongi. The Slytherin prefect who loved to torture you with deduction of points.

“Or how about you admit you snuck out of your dorm because you knew you’d find me? I can’t blame you for that. I’m quite irresistible.”

He noticed the slight frown on your face and since you were taking a while to answer, he began to wonder if ten points was too harsh. But those thoughts were all thrown out as you opened your mouth.

“I’d rather insult a hippogriff, you nit-wit.”

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gothiethefairy  asked:

for your prompts, how about eggsy and harry having some nice quiet down time and eggsy asks harry if he could remove harry's eye patch?

Things were quiet. They always seemed to be quiet those days.

Eggsy supposed he didn’t mind. Harry’s presence had been something big and bold, taking up and over whatever room he had happened to be in. It wasn’t like that anymore, but that didn’t mean that what it was now was bad.

“You’re staring,” Harry said.

The words broke Eggsy out of his thoughts and he realized that he had, in fact, been watching Harry for the past couple of minutes instead of reading his book. “Sorry. Guess I ain’t quite used to this,” he fluttered his fingers next to his left eye, “yet.”

Sighing, Harry tugged at the eyepatch’s string. “You certainly aren’t the only one.”

Eggsy propped his head up on one fist, head tilted curiously to one side. “How’s it look?” he asked. “Underneath.”

Harry grimaced. “I try not to think about that,” he said. He returned to his own book, a clear signal that the conversation was over.

Not in Eggsy’s opinion. “Can I see?”

Harry’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t respond beyond that.

“I guess I don’t have to. I just wanna know. My imagination’s probably makin’ it worse than it is.” Eggsy had imagined all sorts of scarring, disfiguration, a blank, empty socket staring back at him. He suppressed a shiver.

Harry slammed the book shut and tossed it to the other side of the sofa. “If you insist.”

Eggsy heaved himself off his chair and ambled over to the sofa. He dropped down next to Harry, chewed on his bottom lip, and rested his fingers on the bottom seam of the patch. He traced along the edge of it, fingers brushing the black fabric almost reverently.

“Eggsy. There are many situations where anticipation is desirable. This isn’t one of them,” Harry gritted through his teeth.

“Right,” Eggsy breathed. “Sorry.” He lifted the patch away completely, breath caught in his chest.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as Eggsy had feared. A milky white eye stared sightlessly back at him, jagged scar running from Harry’s eyebrow to just above his cheekbone.

Eggsy couldn’t resist touching it, the puckered skin quivering beneath his fingertips. He moved to run them along the red indentation left behind by the patch’s strap. “It don’t look so bad,” he said quietly.

Harry curled his fingers around Eggsy’s wrist and pulled it away. “Love is blind,” he said blithely.

“Only half-blind, in your case,” Eggsy teased gently.

One corner of Harry’s mouth ticked upwards. “That’s enough. I didn’t let you see so you could make jokes.”

Eggsy scoffed. “This is me we’re talkin’ about, bruv.” But he settled the patch back over Harry’s eye anyway. He didn’t move from his position, collapsing against Harry’s side instead.

They sat like that for a long moment, Harry’s arm finding its way around Eggsy’s waist after a bit.

Eventually, Eggsy broke the silence. “Thank you. For lettin’ me look, and all.”

Harry pressed a kiss to the top of Eggsy’s head. It was all the reply Eggsy needed.


i’m finally writing this headcanon i have into a fic. basically: when Ed cooks, Oswald does the dishes, and vice versa. except that Ed hates how quickly Oswald does them, because there’s no way they’re clean. Oswald always tell him, “Ed, darling, light of my life, I was employed as a dishwasher.” but Ed’s just never having it and Oswald always has to either slow down and scrub them way more than necessary or do them a second time. otherwise, Ed will do the dishes again himself because he doesn’t think they were cleaned enough. Oswald has caught him doing this at night when he thought Oswald was sleeping. dishes may have been thrown (spotlessly clean ones, of course)

Loving, Lately -

This body wash gets 5/5 stars. It smells SO good and is very inexpensive! It’s a French brand that started selling recently in American drugstores. 

In other beauty related news, I’ve been washing my face with baking soda + water and it has done wonders. I get hormonal acne but this cleared that up and has been a great exfoliant. After some light googling, there are conflicting reports on whether this is “good” for you, but all I can say is it has been great for me. 

Finished Beartown. Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was hard for me to put down which is always a good sign.  There were times I found the writing style to be a little distracting, but I loved the character development and there were some wonderful passages. 

Up next: Killers of the Flower Moon. 

Our judges/district attorneys have been at a conference all week, so no court. It has been the best. 

Getting up at 5:40 when my alarm goes off to go for a walk before the heat becomes stifling. 

That our town’s mayor is in a band called The Dancing Fleas, and they were our entertainment at a lunchtime board meeting yesterday. 

Jason Isbell’s new album. 

Happy Friday! 

              hello hey hi name’s atlas,, listen i know today has been /shit/ for some of us but i’m here to say whatever happens, i love you. i love your writing and your muse that you adore so much.i love your headcanons and your replies to asks and the way you portray who you write. i love you as a person, and i know that times are rough and shit happens but just know that i will always adore you. that crying is okay and we all need a little cry every now and then, and if something horrible happens to you please know that it’ll get better. i will repeat this every day if needed but goddamn, each and every one of you have my heart. you’re sweet as sugar and kind as ever, a heart of gold is in your chest. and if you’re feeling down because you think something you do is shit, just know that i think the opposite. your graphics are great, your icons are good and if you don’t use icons, that’s okay ! i think you are all so beautiful and precious and cute.. you are all rays of sunshine that brighten up my dash ! i love you, i hope your day/night gets better, and i send all the good vibes your way. smooch smooch <33

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're taking requests but could you do some smut writing with a male reader? Preferably with Gladio or Ignis ?

I’ve turned down requests before for male!reader inserts because I don’t think I could do it justice. Like, I know that seems odd, considering I’ve written gay sex between the chocobros now, but I’ve always felt weird about POV writing from a male perspective that I don’t have. I’ve said before that I wrote from personal experience for authenticity as much as possible, and since I’m female that’s the sole reason why all my works are by default fem!reader based.

I don’t know if in the future if I’ll explore that down the road (I might have to build up to that, tbh; like writing from the POV of the bros more, doing… uh, “research”, etc.), but as for right now I don’t see it on the horizon. :/

… but I mean, it wasn’t too long ago that I said I wouldn’t write gay sex or tentacle sex either and WELP, IT WAS A SLIPPERY SLOPE INTO MORE THOTHOOD I GUESS

have a blank notebook but don’t know what to use it for? here’s some ideas!

bullet journal - obviously!! but if you already have one here are some more ideas… 

dream diary - i love looking back on my dreams, but do it in the morning before you forget them!

food journal - write down everything you eat for the day, maybe include water too!

memory book - write down your favorite memories to always look back on!

quotes journal - one place for all of your favorite quotes!

reviews journal - try a new restaurant? movie? book? food? write your review, how was it? did you enjoy it? would you do it again?

gratitude journal - write down everything your thankful for. 

daily journal - journal (almost) everyday. include anything you want, what you did for the day, what you ate, who you were with.

brain storming book - write down all of your awesome ideas in one place!

books of lists - if you love writing lists maybe you need a specific book to just write down all of your favorites!

recipe book - keep all of your favorite recipes here, or even recipes you want to try. 

wishlist book - keep a book of everything you want.

letters book - this could be rough drafts for letters, or letters you wish you could send to someone but know you’ll never have the courage to.

things to look up - have a space for everything you don’t want to forget to look up later or research more. 

news headlines book - write down the headlines from the day/week or important events that happened, how you felt about it. this will be interesting to look back on!

doodle book - are you a doodler when you’re talking on the phone or just watching TV? keep all of your doodles together!

let me know if you guys try any of these out! i’d love to know what you think xx

What criticism feels like to a creative person

Browsing Reddit, I came across an extremely effective post about why some creatives respond very poorly to criticism, or even for those of us who respond well, why it can feel like an attack even though in your head you know it isn’t.

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Criticism creates a mental conflict, but not always that kind.

Imagine if you wrote a final essay for your literature class, really did your best on it, turned it in, and the teacher gave it 100%. Elated, you take it home to show it off to your dad. Your dad says “You got a D? You really should have tried harder.” You think WTF, you squint at the paper and you’re pretty damn sure it says 100%, A+, Good work. But your dad says “No, it clearly says 63%, D-, disappointing.” Then you start to realize you’re living in some kind of warped reality where your dad sees something on the paper completely different than what you see, and you start wondering if you even know what’s real anymore.

This is what it feels like to get a criticism. It casts into doubt your own definition of “good” which is probably the basis of your entire creative process. It’s not even an issue of admitting weakness. Admitting weakness is easy. What’s not easy is having your instincts cast into doubt and not knowing whether to trust  yourself anymore.

  • Do I trust this critic?
  • Do I trust myself? Some combination of the two?
  • Do I stand by my decisions or not?
  • Do I make changes even though I don’t understand how they will help?
  • Will the changes completely undermine the artistic vision I wanted for this?
  • Will it defeat the whole point I was going for?
  • I can’t feel the emotional reasoning behind making changes, so how will I know if my change is for the better or worse?
  • Is the critic just not the right audience for this? Is the critic biased? Is the critic just having a bad day?
  • Should I ignore them altogether, and just keep doing this for the people who like it?
  • Are my fans wrong and simpleminded?
  • Am I even doing anything of significance?
  • Should I give up here?

These are all questions which artists ask themselves when they receive criticism. They’re tricky, ambiguous questions that don’t always have a correct answer. Many newcomers don’t even know how to approach these questions, so criticism can often feel like a personal attack even if both sides mean well.

That’s not to say that criticism itself is bad, but if you get a better idea of what a criticism is doing psychologically to the receiver, you might find yourself offering more effective, well-received advice.

This ties in pretty closely to the advice I often give on this very blog, about how to deal with negative feedback; above all, trying not to dwell on it. Before you give any response, always take time to calm down.

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This is a pretty universal problem that affects all creatives across all media. You’d have to be as emotionless as a stone to not fall prey to it occasionally.

Part of being a writer is building up creative confidence. This is the faith in yourself to be able to write something and put it out into the world, and to know, deep down, that this work has value, to you and to your audience.

You may, later, discover that this work isn’t all that good, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was a stepping stone to the person you are now, and the work you’re producing today.

Whenever you create a piece of work, make sure you internalise why you made that work. What it meant to you. It doesn’t matter if that work was a prize-winning literary novel or a scrawling of Vegeta from DBZ drawn in pencil on lined paper. If the work expresses something you can’t contain, something you have to get down on paper, over time you’ll develop the creative confidence to accept that even if it’s “bad”, that isn’t what’s important. The end result isn’t as important as the work itself.

Creative Confidence isn’t something you just develop overnight. It takes work. It’ll probably take a few embarrassing moments too, and those will be the hurtful types that’ll lead to “arguments you win in the shower” 5 years later. It takes different durations for different people. However, if you work at it, it’s something I believe is within the reach of everyone.

Find your Creative Confidence; I’m sure you can.

The mad bartender.

God I spent countless hours as a teen playing on a heavily modded and roleplay enforced ultima online server. I played Cedric Sartone, simple farmer turned tavern owner who eventually turned it into THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN. It was poppin every night, I was buddies with every adventurer, soldier, mage, druid, and ranger that played the game. After they went out and grinded their skills and did their quests, I was waiting for them with a warm fire and plenty of ale. I’d buy their ingredients and make awesome food and booze (max level cooking!) and was privy to all the gossip.

Little did they know I had a side hobby, I was brewing massive amounts of the most gamebreakingly toxic poison possible. For over a year I roleplayed with these people as a simple barman, pretended to be their friend and confidant, and then during a harvest festival where every player on our server was in attendance and I was payed to provide the food and drink… I poisoned every last morsel of food, every drop of drink and after the reagent delivered his speech and all of these fools raised their goblets for the toast and took that deadly sip, I stepped onto the stage and revealed what had happened. They where all going to die, and die they did.

Now this was a permanent death server (hardcore rpers mind you) and some had been playing those characters for 8 years and there they all were, collapsed and dying. Soon they were all unconscious, as you could only die if you went unconscious three times in one day or if a certain psychotic bartender came and cut off your head… which I did to every player in our group of 38. They were all there, and unfortunately so was I.

Revenge against what, you ask?

So the server had a pretty strict policy regarding pvp and pk, essentially the GMs had to determine if there was in character justification for any instance of disputed player killing, obviously my situation prompted a call for an investigation. I understood those rules from the start though, and I kept a written log in the game where I detailed my character’s building hatred of every single other player character in the world. He would keep track of every little thing from petty slights, to unpaid tabs, but more importantly I adopted the little mannerisms that people roleplayed to develop their characters into the madness of mine.

So Elias was always whistling, well I recorded how infuriating Cedric found it in his journal, and soon he had multiple journals packed full of a thousand reasons an unstable maniac could use to justifiably (re: server rules) murder anyone. The reagent who was also the server admin had some ornate cloak with a custom texture, so I wrote like three pages about how pompous it was, and extrapolated what kind of insufferable prick he must have been for wearing it.

I would just write one or two things down every day for over a year, so I had many books full for the GMs to locate in the tavern basement and read through. The result was that they found my massacre to be in good form and in-character, so the server was not rolled back and instead they decided to reset and implement a new landmass they had been working on. Some people were really pissed off, mostly a handful of the veteran players who had been top dog for several years in their little gladiator arena.

I only did any of it because my first character was murdered by some overzealous asshole who just used his character to project his inferiority complex. He killed me on my second day on the server because I wandered into the funeral of his friend (it was taking place in the middle of town and there was a crowd, of course I was curious) and because I was not invited and he was a known prick it was found justifiable for his character to kill mine because of the emotional turmoil blah blah. So yeah I said f*ck that, and rolled a new character who was ostensibly eager to please and non-threatening. I won.

Steps for Letting Go of Painful Memories

Experiences can leave us with some painful memories. They tie us to the past and prevent us moving on. And the only way to freedom is to work on letting go – so these memories don’t haunt us or keep us trapped in pain. Below are some guidelines to help you work on this.

1. Before you can let go, you must face whatever happened and accept that it is part of your past experiences. Suppression doesn’t work as a long-term solution. It can only be a band aid that brings temporary relief. Talk to someone you trust, or write about it in your journal. You need to share what happened, in order to move on.

2. Identify the lessons you have learned from what has happened. There’s always a lesson – so look for what you’ve learned. It doesn’t make it better – but it does lessen its power.

3. Write the lesson down on a piece of paper and repeat it to yourself when you’re hit by old, painful memories. For example, if you’ve been scarred by abuse, then you might write something like: “My experience of abuse does not determine who I am. I’m a stronger person now, and that is not my destiny. I’m choosing my own future, and the person I will be.”

4. Repeat this mantra often so it takes root in your mind. Allow it to be stronger than the bad experience. Say it often, till you mean it, then you’ll start to feel you’re freer. Persevere and keep on fighting when those old memories return.

5. Seek to be a person who’s at peace with themselves. When peace is your focus, old thoughts and memories have much less power over how you think and feel. However, seeking after peace must be a conscious, constant choice.

6. When the past tries to intrude, focus firmly on the present. Ground yourself in what’s happening around you in the room, and try to breathe deeply - and deliberately relax. You are here in this moment; you’re not living in the past.

7. Forgive – for your own sake. Try to heal from what happened – then let resentments go. You don’t want them in your life for they’ll just tie you to the past. It’s not an ease process; it takes work and discipline. But it is worth the daily struggle - as one day you’ll be free.

My dear lgbt+ kids,

Asexuality is defined by something you do not feel - and that can make it a very confusing thing! 

“Asexuals don’t feel sexual attraction” sounds simple - but what even is sexual attraction? How can you know if you’ve never felt it?

This dilemma is one of the reasons many people have not “always known” they’re asexual. If you have no idea what sexual attraction is (because you’ve never felt it), it’s very easy to assume that this thing you do feel is probably sexual attraction. 

This thing might be: libido, arousal, romantic attraction, aesthetic attraction.. 

But the truth is that asexual people can (and many do) feel all those things - and are still asexual! 

It can be hard to slap a definition on such things because they’re such “blurry”, hard-to-grasp concepts but I’ll try to write down some (simplified) definitions to help you distinguish between them: 

Sexual attraction is “Wow, I want to have sex with that person.” 

Romantic attraction is “Wow, I want to have a romantic relationship with that person”. 

Aesthetic attraction is “Wow, that person is beautiful to me” 

Libido is “Wow, my body wants to have sex right now” 

Arousal is “Wow, my body is reacting to stimulation” (This stimulation might be sexual touch or sexual thoughts but can also be non-sexual touch or thoughts that trigger a physical reaction “down there”) 

Asexual people don’t feel sexual attraction but can feel any or even all of the other things - It doesn’t make you any less asexual if you do! <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Fighting Panic

Requested: I was wondering if I could request a caring Shawn one where maybe you two get into a fight and you leave and then you have a panic attack or something and you call him and even though you two were fighting he still comes over and cares for you? Sorry if that didn’t make sense lol


Your name: submit What is this?


“Stop, y/n.” Shawn says, his voice full of anger. “You can’t keep holding it against me. It’s my career, my job, don’t you understand?”

You swallow hard, trying to keep your emotions in check. “I’m not holding it against you, Shawn. I just need to know you’re not forgetting about me!”

“I’m not, I don’t know why you would say that!” He says, his voice just as loud and terrifying as it was a minute ago. You can’t match his tone. You don’t know how to scream back at him, and you don’t want to.

“You’re always busy, and even when you’re not, you’re thinking about all the things you need to get done, which I get, but I feel like you don’t even remember that I’m here, that I’m your girlfriend.” You reply, honestly.

“How could I forget, y/n? I can’t forget, and I don’t.” He spits back.

You only wait a beat before replying, still trying to absorb his last words, “Do you want to?” You ask, your voice full of fear and sadness.

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The Dreamer Within You

I wear sunshine on my lips and stars on my nails. My hair is a garden of roses that blossoms in a different color every morning. I drink galaxies for breakfast and use ribbons of moonbeams sprinkled with comets as laces for my shoes. My eyelids are the wings of hummingbirds and my skin, the velvet blackness of night seasoned with stardust. My breath is the scent of wildflowers and magic. And I wear music as jewelry around my neck.
You’ve known me as the dreamer who lives within you and the creativity you lost as you grew up. I helped you discover your imaginary friends and whispered in your ear to create your own world. I replaced your ordinary eyes with kaleidoscopic diamonds and your nightmares with dreams of flying. You still see me in children: the five-year-olds who pray to the Easter bunny and the eight-year-olds who wear rose-colored contact lens, viewing the world as a big bundle of joy where everyone is happy. You wish I’d never left you when your parents fought and got a divorce or when your first love broke your heart into pieces. You think I faded inside you little by little every time your teacher said you’d never amount to anything in life or during those sleepless nights when you felt unloved and believed you no longer belonged anywhere.
You wish you could trade all your ‘growing up’ for just one more day of staying a child. To feel my soft fluttering kiss on your salty, world-weary cheeks as I lead you once again into the world you created and then abandoned. And to help you rediscover the pirate ships and treasure chests hidden in scudding masses of clouds. To just be a child again, nothing else.
You think you outgrew me when your turned thirteen when all your friends seemed more interested in their own bodies than your fairytale stories about flying imps and green-skinned witches. You let the world turn you angry, cynical and disappointed. You learnt that not all people are good and that rainbows don’t really lead to leprechauns’ pots of gold. Growing up had changed you and you blamed me for letting you down.
With every day of disbelieving, I was vanishing within you until one day I was nowhere to be found. Your head full of dreams wilted as real-life responsibilities mounted on your shoulders and left you on your knees. Soon, I became just another tattered memory you remembered occasionally on bus rides back home and sighed at.
But one evening, you stop to look at the moon. It is deliciously glowing and hangs crescent in the sky. You casually envision a Siamese kitten sitting on the inner curve of the moon with its kinky tail waving at the stars. And just like that, you hear me laugh. That laugh you hadn’t heard for years; that laugh that still rang with innocent delight and childlike wonder.
I say to you, “Remember, I’m the dreamer within you. The bottle of rainbows in an ocean under a rainstorm. The sweet clusters of dew in a field of parched grass. You’ll never lose me, you just have to find me. But I’m always there.”

You then realize you’ve been wrong this whole time. It wasn’t me who had let you down, but yourself.

Describing Character Appearances

Anonymous asked: “Do you have any tips on how to describe characters effectively? I always find myself dumping a paragraph on their appearance the moment they appear which often really halts the action.”

Even in great manuscripts, character descriptions can come off pretty clunky. Some writers will get pretty creative to minimize that aspect of it, but it’s usually there to some degree no matter what. Though character descriptions might bog down the writing to some extent, I know they’re necessary. As a reader, I would feel that something is missing if a character wasn’t adequately described. With that said, descriptions do not have to be long, just long enough to help the reader picture him or her. 

There are a few ways strategies to describing characters that can help avoid that long description dump at the first sight of a new character:

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You Understand, Right?

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby, John

Length: 1663+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Dean being a jerk. 

A/N: Another word vomit that I did when I couldn’t sleep last week. I just had the idea in my head for the whole night, and I knew if I didn’t write it down, I wouldn’t be able to remember it the next morning. So, here it is! Feedback is encouraged!


The thing about the Winchester family was that they collect family like one would collect dolls. They have a lot of family around the State, any of them willing to do anything for the brothers. They always had a saying. 

Family doesn’t end in blood.

Except it does. They can say it as many times as they want, but there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for the family. Their blood family. 

You were 4 when you were collected by John, and shipped off to Bobby’s. You were basically raised alongside the brothers from then on. Sam being a year older than you, and his brother, Dean, being 5 years older than you.

You were 5 when Dean ran out of breakfast. Bobby, and John were gone on a hunt, leaving 10 year-old Dean in charge. There was half a single granola bar left, and he looked uneasily between you and Sam, both of you had complained about being hungry. He gave you a strange look, and even though you were 5, you knew what it meant. Afterall, John gave you the same look when he told you why you can’t come home to your parents. It was also the same look that Bobby gave you when you asked about your parents. The look of guilt. You turned away, not being able to handle the fact that his decision had already been made when he was 4, and the responsibility of Sam’s livelihood was thrusted into his hands.

“Not hungry,” you mumbled, despite your roaring stomach. Sam’s eyes lit up with glee as he snatched the snack from his brother’s hand, and you can see Dean’s face visibly relax.

“Sammy’s my responsibility. You understand, right?” Dean asked, a hopeful smile on his face.

You gave him a nod, hopping off the chair, and went back to your bed, hoping you can sleep away the hunger. 

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Sally Headcanons

-Sally feeling so helpless as her son takes on the world, and there’s nothing she can do, but he’s just a child and it’s not his job.
-But she doesn’t say anything to him, because he shouldn’t think she’s anything except caring and loving. Because anger is not something she should feel.
-Percy coming home, and Sally feeling so, so mad. Not at him, at the world, and the gods and everyone expect Percy. Everyone except her damaged, little boy.
-The first day he’s back sleeping in his own bed, she sleeps through the whole night without a nightmare.
-Waking up, and that dreadful feeling filling her stomach “where is my son?” but he’s there, he’s with her and he’s safe.
-She cooks so much food, and cleans his clothes and does everything she can because now she finally has someone to do it for.
-And Percy worries for her, and feels so guilty for the stress he’s put her through but he’s “my son, and I don’t care how stressful things are, I’ll always look after you.”
-Things settle down, and when the house is too silent she doesn’t panic that he’s gone. They have karaoke baking sessions together, and Annabeth supplies baking advice (and singing tips).
-Sally realizes Annabeth gets the same anxiety she does sometimes, and soon all 3 of them travel to therapy together in Paul’s car.
-Sally meets the demigods, and adopts them all as extra children (especially nico). She and Jason read tabloids together, Sally and Hazel write and draw with each other and give constructive criticism. Frank is her favorite (not that she’d ever say it out loud). They have movie nights, and Sally loves the bustle and activity and finally being able to look after them.
-She’s relieved to meet Reyna, who is responsible and is the only person (aside from Annabeth) she trusts to keep her children safe.
-She and Percy turn the apartment into a makeshift hostel for demigods that would otherwise stay at camp for years on end.
-Sally being everyone’s mom.

Sitting down to work and suddenly hearing “Hey, you’re not busy, can you-” from the doorway

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Time flies - An Open Letter to Incoming Interns

BrDear brand new PGY-1s, 

In just a few days you’ll probably be starting orientation, and a few days after that you’ll be working your first shifts, answering a page for the first time, telling someone that you’re the doctor on call. 

I remember with incredible clarity the first shift I worked as an intern. I remember the mind-bending terror that came when I was left alone to take care of sixty patients overnight. I remember googling the dose of Tylenol, even though it was something that I myself had taken dozens of times before in my adult life and it sits in our medicine cabinet. 

Over the last year as an intern, there have been some things I’ve learned about being a resident that I think might help you as you go into your first days. Things that people either told me along the way or that I learned myself. 

1) It’s always better to overcall than under call. Especially in the early days, if you think that a patient might be having a serious issue, it’s better to reach out to your senior and ask for help than to think something can wait till the morning. If you’re afraid a post-op patient is bleeding or someone is getting septic, or the chest pain really could be an MI instead of just reflux – better to call for help than miss the emergency. 

2) Write it down. If you do anything for a patient overnight, just make a note of it to yourself on your rounding sheet. It’s good to be able to remember which patient’s pain meds you increased a little bit earlier so you can remember that when that patient has respiratory depression later or keeps having pain. Sometimes the phone calls will come so fast you think you’ll be able to remember everything but you just can’t do it. 

3) Somethings can wait till morning. Sometimes you’ll get asked in the middle of the night to deal with a non-urgent issue that is clearly a day team issue. Don’t be afraid to say so and let it wait till a whole day team can have that family conversation or advance a diet. 

4) Take a breath In the middle of a shift or a busy call night you can end up working and working and working and realize that you haven’t eaten or peed in an unreasonable number of hours. There is no shift so busy that you should have to go the whole time without eating or peeing or getting a cup of coffee. You are a better doctor when you are a little more awake and fed and hydrated and don’t need to pee 

5) Ask early Before a shift starts, talk to your senior about what they like to be notified about and how they like to be notified. It’s good to know that your chief would prefer a text message about non-urgent patient issues, or wants to be notified every time you order blood for a patient before you give it. This makes your communication so much easier!! Some chiefs even have very specific plans for escalation of methods of communication (i.e. if it’s an emergency call my work number and if that doesn’t work here’s my personal number) or the like. 

6) Ask a nurse Lots of the nurses will have been around the block longer than you have so it’s usually a good idea to ask them what’s usually done for patients with this problem, or what a certain attending likes to have done for their patients. Chances are they have some good tips to help you out! 

7) That said - don’t be afraid to overrule a nurse. You went to medical school for a reason. Sometimes you know the contraindications for a medication better than anyone else in the room. 

8) Trust yourself Often you will feel like the stupidest person in the room because all the many years of residents above you have so much more experience. But trust what you do know and feel confident enough to speak up. 

9) Be humble Going with the above, there’s a lot you don’t know. Be ready to ask questions and ask for help (a lot!) 

10) Leave work behind when you can When you can sign out, sign out. Don’t feel like you have to stay at work after your shift is over. Patient care will always be an overwhelming task. Don’t spend all your time at home working on work tasks - spend time with family, workout, live your life. Taking time away from work makes you more recharged and ready to work the next day. 

Above all, new interns. Remember that thousands of people have made it through intern year before you. There were people who were less motivated than you who did this, people who were less strong, less smart, and less caring. You too can survive this. 

All shifts ends - this year ends. You will survive and you will learn a little along the way. 


Katharine (Intern year survivor) 

Study Habits to Develop.

I am nearing the end of my grade 11 year and just wanted to share the study habits that I developed (and I wished I picked up from the start) when taking up VCE for the first time. 

1. Learning Style - There are a bunch of learning styles such as (visual learning, auditory learning and physical learning). I for one learn through visuals and jotting down notes over and over annnd over again just to get it through my head. 

2. Always have a planner - If you’re a Starbucks fan (like me) - I usually just use my Starbucks planner that I get at the end of the year through collecting stickers and what-not. Having a planner is really useful to write down reminders for school and writing down goals. I also get if you don’t like planners… so I recommend using your phone or any device that can store details of reminders. 

3. Have a specific time to do homework - If you get distracted by alot of things (like me) you should set a time in the day to get work done. In my case, this study habit wasn’t really developed I just had it pounded into my head when I was younger. Just have an alarm on what time you need to do your homework. 

4. Find a “study zone” - Find a place where you find comfort in studying and where you can be really productive. Usually I just hang around in my room as it is very quiet and nobody really disturbs me. 

5. REST - It is 100% important to get things done, but if you’re really drained from all the school activities - you need to take a power nap and regain that energy that you’ve lost. When you wake up, drink water and you’ll be good to go. 

* Note: You may get distracted (trust me, it’s normal) - try to think about the time you’re wasting not getting work done and how much time you couldve saved to do whatever you wanna do after getting things done. 

Hello! I didn’t actually expect that many people to request this and I was going to make this anyways soooo… Let’s get to it!

 Before we get started to actually making the spread, you first need to answer the following:

  • Do I want to follow a theme?
  • If so, what theme do I want? 
  • What are the things that motivate me?
  • Are there certain people that motivate me?
  • Do I want to plan my weekends? 

 My weekly spread isn’t the same every week and I change some things very often because I feel like it’s necessary to do so but I’m not one to change my over all color scheme very often although there are some studygrams who change theirs every week. It’s hard to keep on changing your theme if you are a studyblr so I suggest to stick to one for a long time. It’s not necessary to have one but it makes it more neat and pleasing in the eyes and makes it look more organized. I don’t know what they’re originally called, but I call them ‘space-fillers’ mainly because they fill up space (duh). To sum it up, these are basically little things you can add to your bujo to make it more handy and useful. (* - my favorites) Some examples are: 

  • Weekly Playlist*
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Count
  • Thought of The Day (TOTD)*
  • Quote of The Day (QOTD)
  • Daily Mood
  • Weekly Expenses 
  • What I Eat in a Day* 

 I want to make this clear, because I live in the Philippines, I don’t really have access to expensive stationeries that you could always see on tumblr and instagram such as Tombows, Muji pens, Artline Stix, and Mildliners. I know that there are some MUJI branches in Manila but it would mean climbing Mt. Everest, crossing the Han River, and spending your life savings. Not worth it (in my opinion because I’m like 14 who basically depends on her parents). So, learn to use what you have and supplies are just supplies. Expensive stationery don’t equal to immediately having beautiful lettering. I just use the Faber Castel ones but depending on where you live, these might not be available for you. I use it because it’s cheaper and does the job. Although the tips do fray overtime, you’re still getting more than what you paid for. So definitely a must-try.

 Before we start. Checklist (* - optional) 

  • Bujo
  • Markers 
  • Glue 
  • Ballpen 
  • Ruler 
  • Highlighter* 
  • Washi Tape*
  • Colored Paper*
  • Photos* 
  • Music 

(I didn’t list any specific brands because you can always substitute supplies)

 Okay and now we can finally start! 

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