i always have to edit it and save it again

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can you do a tutorial on your fonts? :)

Sure! I’m assuming you mean the text on my gifs; I’ll make a list of tips since there isn’t really a specific set of steps, but there are certain things I pay attention to when I add text.

Unless it’s part of the image (example), you don’t want the font to be overly large. I find some people when doing a simple “text across the center” thing tend to up the font size and make it super bold to make it easier to read and then it just kind of gets in the way. For readability, I highly recommend increasing the tracking (letter-spacing) instead.

Tracking is the space between each letter. It’s located here:

Increasing tracking helps readability immensely. Below is 0 vs 300:

It’s easy to go overboard with the special effects (warping, etc.) because they’re fun to play with, but keeping it simple is best. You sort of don’t want your text to look like it came straight of out the free word art in MS Word.

Adding a stroke (outline) to the type can work in some cases, but many times it looks outdated instead. For the most part I recommend:

The most important thing is just to choose your image. Some images/scenes just don’t take well to text due to how much is going on in it.

I don’t recommend using more than 2 fonts. Generally, a sans serif font pairs well with a script (cursive) font. If you use serif with a script, there can be too much going on. But as always, it just depends. Some fonts go well together and some don’t. You can read more specific tips about font pairing here.

Convert to Smart Filters turns your type layer into a Smart Object so you can add filters like Blur without rasterizing the layer. This is useful because if you decide to edit the text, you don’t have to start over. Just double click the layer and it’ll open up an editable file (a .psb). Make your changes and save. It’s helpful for effects like this; I edited the text on that a few times, but I didn’t have to retype it each time and rasterize again to add the blur effect.


she saved us again  raven reyes saved us again


An update

For the next week or so, I want you all to know that I’ll be editing certain imagines that have already been posted. My masterlist will be renewed with my current writing style and writing ideas.

This means four things:

1: You will not have access to some of the imagines posted now. The plot will remain the same, however, there will be certain things added or removed, and the style may change. Grammar will improve along with word choice and spelling errors.

2: The new imagine I’m writing currently may be posted a bit later in the week. I’m trying to improve and update my masterlist first because I find it easier to edit than to write something new. It’s just something I’ve been meaning to do for a while that I haven’t had much time to do. 

3: Some of my imagines will be deleted. None of which will be those in the first half of my masterlist, those ones are aimed to be edited. However, there are quite a few imagines I posted years ago that are found offensive that I, personally, didn’t fully understand shouldn’t be romanticized at the time. They are imagines I’m uncomfortable with having on my account for people to read. So please understand any deleted imagines you may have liked.

4: “Harry Fake Dates Kendall But Secretly Likes You” will be reuploaded, but again, edited. I accidently deleted the imagine without the intention of deleting it (ha, I’m an idiot.) Luckily, I had already copied and pasted it onto my document to start editing it. Yes, pure luck.

Intended updated (recent) imagines:

I Need Him *minor editing*

I’ll Always Save You *average editing*

Strong *minor editing*

Run *minor editing*

Intended updated (old) imagines:

BSM: You’re His Sister and You’re Jealous of Gemma *extreme editing*

First “I Love You” *extreme editing*

You’re Best Friends But End Up Kissing *extreme editing*

*considering* You’re Poor and He Doesn’t Know *average editing*

Next Update:

You’re In Love With Harry But He Likes Your Best Friend *coming shortly*

Long Post on How I Make Aesthetic Collages

Since I’ve gotten so many questions about how I do these/ where I go/ what I use/ etc, here’s a handy play-by-play guide on how you can make an emo hipster collage on your phone from your couch as you binge-watch Desperate Housewives for the eight time.

It starts with a trip to Pinterest

Usually the inspiration comes from seeing something that’s so on point for a character, it suddenly becomes my civic duty to make a aesthetic post with it.

Now to spend what feels like (and occasionally is) several hours of browsing for the rest of the pictures (my tip is to use the keyword for what you’re looking for + photography - ex: “dark photography”). Make sure to look in the related pins if you find something close but not quite there. Most of what I find isn’t in the direct results.

If Pinterest doesn’t bring up anything good, I’ll use show screenshots, check out weheartit, or even Google, but about 95% of everything I’ve used has come from Pinterest.  

Now that I have more pictures, I open PicsArt (yes, it’s available for android).  

Press the plus sign

Choose Collages > Grid > Portrait. 8 seems pretty standard for most aesthetic collages you’ll find, but I use the 6-photo one because I’m still a lazy fuck.

Choose all your pictures 

Take the border down to 0% and rearrange the pictures in the order you want them.

Cool, but some of the pictures need fixing. The one on the top right needs to be cropped. 

I choose a couple others that are a bit too bright for the scheme I want and press FX.

Pick whatever filter to make it match up with your ~vision~. 

After making all the individual changes, press the check mark.

The check mark will make the collage into one solid picture, and more editing options will become available. 

I always save before making any other changes. After saving, you can pick another filter to make everything uniform. Or open tools to adjust brightness/contrast and all that other stuff. Those are better for individual photo editing though. Once again, these other options aren’t available when you edit in the first stage of your collage, so if you have a picture that requires more than a filter, do that before starting your collage.

Congrats! It’s an aesthetic post.

I’ll usually do 2-5 other versions for a collage, using different filters or putting the pictures in different orders until I’m satisfied. Then I’ll compare them in drafts and post whichever I like best.

Hope this was helpful!

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Which D&D monster is your favorite? (If you can't choose make a top 5 or somethin)

Well, as a DM, I’m especially connected to every Monster in 5th Edition

So, out of all of them, here’s my Top 5:

5. Giants

Giants are always fun to use in Games. They’re big, they’re bad, and they like to smash stuff. And, if they ever become part of the story, the Giants have a great history!

4. The Lich

This is for when my Party forgets about that big bad ol’ necromancer.

I love the Lich because, not only does it provide a great challenge to the Party, but it’s the Fact that the Party then has to find and destroy the Phylactery of the Lich, or perhaps have to face the Lich one again.

And the Phylactery of the Lich can be Anywhere or Anything…

Which really gives you some options as to how they find it…

3. Beholders

Beholders are always a iconic and classic Monster I like to pull out in combat to let Players know that they are finally ready, or trick them into thinking they’re ready, for fighting a Beholder.

And of course, after they actually kill the thing, and if I really want to be cruel, it may or may not come back as a Beholder Zombie…

2.  Devils & Demons

These Devils and Demons are always great if I ever want a Character in the Party to explore themselves.

To see how much they would sacrifice in order to gain power, or how far into the dark would they go to stop some greater evil, or to save a loved one…

Devils, Demons, and the Pacts they make, and the Corrupting Effect they have on others, is always a great way to let my Players explore…

1. Lycanthropes

Because it’s always great to turn a Player into a Bear or Wolf every now and again…

And there is a lot of variety…

Were-Wolves, Were-Bears, Were-Rats, Were-Boars, Were-Tigers, Were-Raven..

And lots more… If you look back at the Older Editions…


I didn’t really know where I could’ve put this on the List.

But Vampires are always great for me, as they add a little Gothic Horror to the tale.

After all, my versions of Vampires aren’t sparkling teen dream-boats, they’re hungry, ravenous beasts that roam the streets at night, drinking the blood of anyone foolish enough to roam the town while the moon is still in the sky…

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hi! so im new to tumblr, and i was wondering how do i make an about page if i'm on mobile?

hey there!!!! if you’re on mobile, you can’t exactly make an about page. Because making pages (as in, a linked html page with personalized layout and url like yourtumblrdotcom/about) requires the desktop version, for some weird in-tumblr policy. But! You can make one like i have linked in my bio, which is actually pretty easy to make. ((under the cut))

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16 October - Monday

I’ve just survived craziest week of my life. Socially it was an amazing week but you can guess it’ll be following by a week working crazy. So much work to do, it’s really stressing and I started chewing my lips again and my mouth is a disaster in inside and outside. Let me give you a look about my week:

I’ve missed my class today, again, but honestly it’s totally fine I’ll study at home in peace and save my time from traffic and friends who always has no rush. I’ve 3 homeworks. First is a Deitel How To Program 7th Edition 16.11, 16.12 and 16.13 due is 19th October Thursday. I have three 3D Solidworks parts work on it and Electronic Filters Simulink in Matlab due is 20th October Friday. And I have to study Microprocessors and Physic I. But do you think this is it? No, I have 2 dates. I have a terrible economy currently, my credit cards laughing at me. I should stop eating outside, at least I must stop eating, i don’t know why they’re so expensive in Turkey, Chinese food or gourmet burgers. 

Well I’m ignoring the fact that I totally forgot about Solidworks.

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Some general thoughts on Jason? Do you like his character?

Hey pal! Sorry this is a few days late, couple of crazy days and an influx of asks. So Jason, I love Jason. I lala love Jason when he’s done well which sadly isn’t very often so I make my own twists and interpretations of his character. Primary inspiration for Jay is mostly Under the Red Hood/The Lost Days comics, good dollop of precious cinnamon roll Robin Jay, dashes here and there of N52 Jay (Batman Eternal and Tomasi B&R mostly) and now recently I’m adding more of Rebirth RHATO Jay because wow that’s good characterization.

Jason is an incredibly complex character who is rarely shown that respect. He’s either a crazy psychopath who murders without care (Morrison B&R) or a misunderstood sweetheart who’s done nothing wrong (N52 mostly). Like he is a criminal, he has done bad things and there’s not much remorse for them but he’s also has his morals and his big heart it’s just his methods of achieving those good things have shifted. He’s not full of hatred for the Batman anymore but he’s also not pawing at the window begging to be let back in. Instead he’s conflicted because he has legitimate problems with the batfam but also he was strongly influenced by the Pit for awhile to heighten those feelings of betrayal which also drowned out those good times he had. only after the Pit’s influence began to fade did he remember them and begin to take some steps towards reconciliation.

I could go on forever, but the main word I can use to describe Jay is complex. He’s not always predictable, his decisions can change based on circumstances or the Pit’s reoccurring influence. He’s angry with the Bats and angrier with himself for being unable to cut them out of his life and also for unintentionally learning to sympathize and, later, sort of like his replacements. He tries to develop wholly to his mission of killing all the bad guys but he still finds traces of his old personality quirks remaining, his love of literature, his enormous heart, his nerdiness/sassiness, no matter how much he wants to he can’t erase the Robin years from him. He’ll always be a Robin and it drives him mad at first but over time as he gets better control of his head and his emotions he slowly comes to accept it. That’s when he puts the Bat onto his chest.

Jay suffers from some pretty epic PTSD, not just from his death/resurrection but also unresolved issues from his childhood. Horrific nightmares that he’s never been able to shake. The Pit was riding him pretty hard the first year or two of his return and has slowly abated but comes on him again when he’s angered or prompted. Flashbacks are common which can lead to panic attacks which he deals with by lashing out. Violence is still his main method of communicating, most times he’s emotional he responds with anger even if he almost always regrets it later. The Bats get under his skin like no one else, drives him mad but dammit he just can’t let them go completely, too much of him was defined by them.

relationship with Bruce will always be fraught with problems and blame and regrets. They’re getting better, they can be cautiously civil after a while but most of the time there’s tension. Every once in a while, on very rare times, they can match up and things are as good as they once were for just one moment. Has lots of problems with Dick, both from the past and because of now, but he can’t let go of his childhood hero worship. He’s for the most part gotten over old wounds but now he’s been getting increasingly more angry at Dick’s current behavior, specifically his treatment of the other kids. Tim and Jay will never get along but they’ve had the starkest improvement in relationship. Going from hatred to Jay sympathizing with Tim losing Robin and lending some help to becoming bitch buddies. They’re not friends, more like brothers who will fight each other constantly but also die for each other. Jay was always impressed by Dami’s spirit and admires that the kid was able to beat back his pre-programmed training. Jay secretly is inspired by Dami’s perseverance even as Dami admires him for the same reasons. Not friends again, mostly sass each other and make fun of Tim together.  

Okay I did have more to say but I’m being rushed out the door and I can’t really save drafts on asks so i’ll publish it now and just kind of end it there. I can edit it more later or I can answer more asks cause I freaking love Jason Todd

Rtte “Lean on Me” Part 1

‘Lean on Me’  will be a short series of one shots for season 2 of RTTE. I can edit this again if you don’t like it, but her is part 1. Taking place the following day  after Hiccup saves Astrid and they are all back on the Edge.


   Hiccup leaned against the main hut, looking over the edge. He was happy to have Astrid back but her circumstance was difficult. She went off with Stormfly and after what happened the other day, he felt like he had to watch after her. Keep her safe. After all, she was relying on him to always find her. They were a team. And when Astrid came up the stairs he was relieved and wanted to see her, have her around. Maybe he could take her mind off of what was happening back home. She was distracted, looking out at the horizon towards Berk, he saw the battle in her eyes.  They were clouded in thought with a troubled look crossing her face.

“Hiccup.” She seemed surprised to see him. He smiled warmly to greet her.

“How was your flight?” He watched Astrid closely as she approached him. Although her face lit up, her steps were heavy and less sure. He reached out and touched her arm when she stood right in front of him to focus her sorted attention.

“Refreshing. It really,, cleared my head.” She nodded, probably more to assure herself more than anyone else.

“I’m glad.” He said, moving down to her wrist and gazing into her eyes to keep her with him. She didn’t have to be alone, she knew that, and if he could be of help he would do all he could. Astrid gave a halfhearted smile towards her partner, and took a half step forward closer to Hiccup.

“Were you here waiting all day?” She raised an eyebrow and Hiccup chuckled, looking down and back up.

“Well I want to make sure you are safe, what if you need me?”  Astrid put her other hand out and grasped his belt, pulling him off of the wooden beam and into her.

“I always need you.” The declaration was as light as the clouds and only sweetened the kiss they shared. Hiccup, taking the initiative, hooked his prosthetic around her calf to switch the position of power, his hand pressed firmly against her belly to push her back against the wall, closing her to him.  He fawned over her, and she melted under him.

Astrid pushed herself into Hiccup, keeping her close to him in playful drawn out kisses. He put more meaning into them, wanting her to understand that it was no longer a confused action, one done far and few in between. They were of age, it meant something now, the way they felt about each other couldn’t be platonic anymore. All those tiny menial kisses were fueled by something with more intent and need.Astrid cooed as his tongue dipped past her lips and she eagerly obliged.

         They pulled apart with a slow chagrin that it was over, but content none the less. Hiccup rested his forehead against hers and they looked at each other for the first time.  “I need you too.” He sighed into another chaste kiss from Astrid. His hand snaked around and pressed into her lower back as she closed her eyes. The worry was gone.

“I know.”




Just No

Emma and Killian are seriously disgusting: I just can’t stand them. Have you ever looked at them?

I hate their kisses, because truly show how unfit they are for each other

No passion

Or tenderness

Just so forced

And for a fairytale love, their kisses barely trascend time or space

(It always seem they tripped on each other)

They make me feel ashamed of all the disgusting looks they sent to each other

No chemistry

(You can’t say: “Sudenly he/she look at me and I feel breathless”)

No adorableness

No awe

(Their looks would never make me melt)

Or love

They never have a good time together

But the worst: I just hate how they touch each other. Again I don’t see any





(To close really)


(Doesn’t matter he just dies, it was an accident Emma fall over him)


(Kissing again after the most disgusting love confession)

Resuming: save me from Captain Swan

Saturday, June 20th 2015 // I finished revising the book again. The exam is on Thursday and I don’t have a set plan for the next four - I think I’ll be revising just the most important topics (and probably will end up revising everything because I always feel like everything is important).

I started reading War and Peace yesterday! I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. I got a super cheap edition a few months back, it’s ugly as hell but it was only €3… gotta save up. It lays flat when you open it, though, which I absolutely love! 

Also, I GOT TICKETS FOR FLORENCE + THE MACHINE TODAY!! I can’t believe I’m gonna finally see her in concert in December as I’ve been listening to her music for at least 5 years now. The tickets actually went on sale two days ago and God knows why didn’t buy them right away… Only seated tickets very far from the stage were left today :( I’m so mad at myself, but incredibly happy at the same time. December’s gonna be AMAZING!

“I didn’t believe them when they told me that there was no saving you.”

Title: Forgiveness

Song: Kettering, The Antlers

Fandom:  The 100, Clarke/Abby/Jake


Alternate viewing site if blocked

A little change of pace.  Family relationship study, AKA Meet the Griffins.  I’ve always loved the Clarke/Abby dynamic, and Jake was a bonus.

As always, if you enjoyed the vid, a comment/reblog is always appreciated.

May We Meet Again ||  Clexa: Princess Bride Edition  ||  Lexa Kom Trikru  || Already Gone  ||  Slow Burn  ||  Carry Me Home  || Forgiveness  ||  Do You Remember   ||  Muddy Waters

Dearest sweet Aaliyah. Happy 35th birthday. Today I am not going to cry. Today is a day to celebrate your life and your outstanding achievements. Thank you for giving us your all.

I don’t know where I would be without you. You are a very important person in my life and I hold you close to my heart. To know where you would’ve been if you were alive hurts me. However, I am proud of you. You achieved so much in your 22 years. We are happy that you could share your amazing talent with the world.

As much as I miss you, I am going to be happy because I know you would want us to celebrate your birthday with happiness not sadness. Thank you for helping with me with my depression and always being here for me. Even though you aren’t here physically. I know you are here looking down on us in spirit.

I know you are up there having the time of your life. I hope you are celebrating on the other side. Thank you so much Aaliyah. You mean a lot to me and I pray that one day I will meet you again. As I start my final year of high school. I know that you are with me every step I take. I know you have my back.

I love you with all my heart. Save a space for me so we can dance to Try Again.

Love forever and always,

Tommy. Xxx