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For Auld Lang Syne

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Ymir/Historia, & Others Implied, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern Day AU; Direct Sequel to Christmas Shopping

Words: 3004

Rating: T (Language and implied Sexual Situations)

Notes: I got a few people asking for a sequel to that one and at first I was like nah, it’s done and I like it the way it is. Then I got this image of Eren shocking Mikasa by kissing her at midnight on New Year’s Day and I thought this would be a good setting for that. This is also the one I wrote and lost and had to rewrite but whatever, I still like it. HAPPY NEW YEARS MY DEARS. You make being in this fandom totally worth it ^^

Also the game they are playing is a real game called “Geek Out” where you get a challenge to name a certain amount of things. You go around the table and the next person can fold or raise the amount they can name; when the last person backs out, the person who betted the most has to name that number of things to win the round or get a negative point if they were just bluffing to get the next person to up their bet. Its super fun, and super fun when you’ve been drinking haha (but distracting it took me like 5 minutes to name 18 fictional orphans and four of them are in this fic xD)


“It’s almost time!” Connie exclaimed as he jumped up on the coffee table. “Almost time to ring in the New Year!”

“How about we not break something this year,” Jean grunted, pulling Connie off the table while trying not to have him spill his drink everywhere.

Mikasa was pretty sure that wouldn’t happen, not when Connie and Sasha already started counting drinks on their other hand and Reiner tried to bench press the couch Annie and Bertholdt were sitting on twice now. Jean drew the short straw for this party, forcing him to be the designated house watcher to make sure everyone behaved themselves. At least he had Marco who volunteered to help but he was in for quite a job regardless.

Mikasa was leaning up against the kitchen doorway keeping an eye out in case anyone wanted more food brought out. Their traditional New Year’s party was at Sasha’s house this time meaning they got to use her father’s kitchen; as a hunter and a chef, he had the biggest kitchen Mikasa ever saw. Everyone else seemed to be pretty preoccupied though. Eren, Armin, and Sasha were sitting on the ground around another coffee table playing a game with Annie, Bertholdt, and Ymir on the nearby couch. Jean took a seat on the other couch with Marco while Connie was dancing to the sounds of the TV hosts talking about the ball dropping. Historia left the room but Mikasa wasn’t sure where she went.

All and all it was a typical gathering.

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