i always have super happy fun ideas

The boys with an S/O that partakes in some kind of activity which requires you to be on stage (dancing, singing, etc.) but gets bad stage fright? Thanks!

Such a unique request! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He doesn’t really understand what you’re going through at all
  • You’re amazingly talented… what is there to be nervous about?
  • In a way, though, that actually helps you
  • His faith in you is blindingly strong
  • Truly believes you’ll be completely fine and you have nothing to worry about
  • He promises to watch you from the first row
  • If you get nervous, just look at him!
  • Even if you mess up, he’ll be there enjoying your performance wholeheartedly
  • You’re absolutely stunning as you perform, after all!
  • The clear pride in his eyes helps spur you on!
  • When the performance is over he gives you a hug
  • “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
  • Promises to attend all your future performances as well!

Rantarou Amami

  • He can tell you’re nervous as you wait for your turn backstage
  • He wants to help but he’s not sure how
  • So he turns to the internet for help!
  • “Hey… Did you know that while watching a performance, the audience is almost always rooting for the performer?”
  • He goes through his phone and keeps reading off trivia and helpful hints for you, right up until it’s your turn to take the stage
  • He even looks up videos of other drummers performing your same song, to show you how often mistakes happen, and how little the audience cares!
  • Also so he can show you how much more prepared you are compared to them
  • Right before you go on, he gives you a hug and whispers that he’ll be watching you from the wings, so he’s right there when you need him!
  • You can see him smiling and clapping for you every time you turn your head
  • You feel more at ease now!
  • Even though your performance wasn’t perfect, you actually managed to get out there and have fun
  • You got almost everyone in the audience to feel the beat somewhere in their bodies!
  • Amami’s super happy about how free and happy you seemed!
  • When you’re finished he gives you a big bear hug
  • “I’m so proud of you! You did amazing.”
  • Lowkey brags about your performance to pretty much everyone afterwards

Kokichi Ouma

  • “Ehhh? Why are you so nervous? Who cares about anyone in the audience.”
  • You should just have fun! You like doing this stuff, right?
  • You try to explain to him that you can’t really help how you feel at times like these, regardless of how much you enjoy dancing
  • He takes a moment to think that over
  • “Can I perform with you, then? That way you can just focus on me, and we’ll have so much fun!!”
  • Ouma, no
  • He’s not a member of your dance troupe
  • Pouts when you say he can’t. He thought it was a brilliant idea!
  • Still, he assures you he’ll take the pressure right off you during the performance
  • Oh no
  • What are you planning
  • You keep asking him to tell you what he’s going to do but he refuses to say anything
  • The day of the performance, he does give you a big smooch and promises you’ll enjoy what he has planned
  • Since it’s you, he’s not going to mess around!
  • Hearing that does assuage your nerves somewhat
  • You actually start getting kind of excited to see what’s going to happen!
  • You don’t have to wait long
  • The second the curtains open you spot the gigantic sign Ouma’s holding in the front row
  • He wrote a bunch of short, supportive messages!
  • …Is that a pun?
  • You almost start laughing onstage, but manage to hold back. Instead, with Ouma cheering you on, you have the most enjoyable dance performance ever!
  • When it’s over, Ouma stands on his chair to cheer for you!
  • You’ll never forget how much fun you had with him cheering you on!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Saihara’s a bit taken aback when you tell him how you’re feeling
  • He’s heard you sing before, and you’re amazing! He never expected you’d be nervous about doing it on stage
  • Still, he understands, and offers you his full support
  • In the weeks leading up to your performance, he probably gathers your friends and has you try singing in front of them as practice
  • He’s super patient with you. If you ever get too nervous to continue he has you stop and assures you of how wonderfully you were doing!!
  • He’ll even sing along with you if it helps you feel more comfortable! Although he’s embarrassed to do it himself, he wants you to feel at ease!
  • On the day of your performance, he tells you that no matter how you do, he’ll still enjoy watching you perform so much!
  • Gives you a hug
  • Crosses his fingers in the hopes that things will go well! For your sake
  • Once it’s over, he has the biggest grin on his face
  • Is the first person to give you a standing ovation!!
  • Immediately after you leave the stage, though, he leaves the theatre so he can meet you
  • Is too shy to do what he wants to do (immediately take you into his arms and kiss you)
  • But he kisses you on the cheek and holds your hand!
  • He’s your biggest supporter and he’s so happy he got to see you perform!

Kaito Momota

  • Yeah, he heard you about the anxiety thing, but hold up. You can do ballet????
  • Gets the conversation completely sidetracked immediately because he wants to know more about what you do!!
  • Asks you a ton of questions. Do you go up on the very tips of your toes?? Doesn’t that hurt?? Do you… you know… get lifted by other guys, and stuff??
  • Momota. Chill.
  • Eventually you get back to your issue with stagefright
  • He tells you that your issue is how you’re focusing on the wrong thing
  • You really like ballet, right? You like expressing things to the audience
  • So, you shouldn’t think about how well you do… Just think about expressing yourself to the people watching.
  • “Listen, even if you make a mistake or two, people aren’t really gonna care. What really matters is whether they experience something through what you do, right?”
  • How is he so wise about this. He’s an astronaut
  • Still, he’s actually spot-on
  • You try taking his advice, and…
  • Your performance becomes truly special.
  • Momota denies that he cried or anything like that, but… When he hugs you afterwards, his eyes are definitely red
  • He tells you that you couldn’t have done better, and that he’s so happy for you
  • He means every word.


  • He doesn’t understand, but he’s sympathetic
  • Truly wants you to do well, and hopes he can help somehow
  • He doesn’t really know what he’d be able to do, though, so he just asks you!
  • Is there anything that helps you stay calm while on stage? Anything he can do to help?
  • You hesitantly answer that you’d like to practice your routine in front of him?
  • He agrees immediately of course!
  • The first time he watches your routine, he’s enthralled! Sure, you made a couple mistakes, but… what you were doing was so incredible!
  • “Hey… can you show me how to do that??”
  • It ends up turning into a teaching session
  • Although Kiibo just cannot get the hang of tossing a flag like that
  • How do you catch it?? If only his reflexes were enhanced beyond the capabilities of an elderly man!
  • He’s so impressed by your abilities that it ends up as a huge boost to your confidence
  • In a way, it was like he sacrificed his dignity to help your anxiety since he hits himself in the head with your flag at least a dozen times
  • You thank him for helping you out like this!!
  • He’s happy that he managed to get you to feel better!
  • During your performance, he cheers for you louder than anyone else!!
  • Afterwards, he asks you on a “celebratory date”, since you did so well!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta feels so bad when you tell him how nervous you are!
  • He wants to help as much as he can!!
  • But what can he do in this situation?
  • He ends up asking all of his friends for advice
  • The advice he heard most was that if you had fun and enjoyed yourself, you wouldn’t feel as nervous anymore
  • So he decides to join your performance!
  • Gonta, you can’t just decide that on your own
  • He assures you that what he has in mind will work!
  • So, you allow him to play the tambourine along with your guitar
  • Of course, you have a lot of time to practice before you have to perform
  • Gonta manages to keep a pretty steady beat, and the tambourine adds more to your song!
  • More importantly, however… you find yourself so much more relaxed when he’s playing along with you
  • Watching his gentle smile, seeing him swaying slightly from side to side as you play… It’s truly a soothing picture
  • During your performance, you truly feel at ease as he’s by your side
  • He also enjoys himself a lot! It’s so nice that he gets to watch you play right beside him
  • After the performance is over, he tells you how much fun that was for him, and asks if you were able to feel less nervous
  • He’s super happy when you tell him how much he helped!!!!
  • From now on, you can remember this day whenever you perform, and feel more at ease!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He listens to you explain your stagefright without commenting
  • When you’ve finished, he thinks for a moment, and gets an idea
  • “Did I ever tell you my ‘winning trick’?”
  • He explains how, before going into a match, he used to always be sure to step off on a certain foot. That way, he’d have luck, and he won all of his matches!
  • …Does that kind of thing really work?
  • He promises that he knows what he’s talking about.
  • So you decide to give it a try!
  • Of course, you’re still super nervous when you’re going out onstage, but…
  • For some reason, you feel like things are going to go well?
  • And they do!
  • Your tone at the beginning could’ve been better, but…
  • Otherwise, your recital goes really well!
  • You’re so relieved you almost just lie down on stage
  • Hoshi’s the first to greet you when you come out of the auditorium
  • And… he brought you a small bunch of flowers!
  • “It’s not a big deal, you just… did really well.”
  • He’s so precious.
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Idk why you guys followed me…to rp with me…or interact in any way…or because of my art…but I am grateful…and the reason why I’m mentioning every single person is because I want to get to know all of you! And…want to thank you for following my blog…and just meet the awesome people you are…hehe
So…I hope you’ll im me…or send anons or whatever! I just want to get to know everyone! You all seem like lovely people so yeah…that’s all. Thank you again so much!
As a thanks, face reveal on Monday! cx


i could go on for days about how much this blog means to me. but i’ll just say this: these past two semesters have been really hard for me. i transferred to the college of my dreams, have been making friends, and have been adjusting to a new school… but change is really hard for me. and its overwhelming to be in a new place with new people and not know whether or not people want to befriend me or not. or whether i’m worthy or deserving of even being at this school. who am i to be able to reach for the stars and try to achieve my dreams? but if this show taught me anything, it’s that sometimes things aren’t based on merit. they just are. and having this place to come to when the anxiety of real life can be a little too much for me to handle has been an amazing safe haven for me. thank you all for being the extra bit of glue i needed to keep myself together and able throughout this past school year. 

so onto the dedications under the cut!!!!

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2016 in 28 Miraculous Comics

I wanted to see exactly how many miraculous comics I’ve drawn this year.

God. It’s bad.

Click the read more to scroll through and watch as I:

1. Slowly learn to make my lineart darker BY SIMPLY DUPLICATING THE LAYER

2. Transform from refusing to do lineart and just using a sketch to refusing to do lineart and cleaning up my sketch.

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Hey Guys! Time To Celebrate!

I have 466 followers on tumblr! (I just checked and cleared out all the pornbots so I know they’re genuine followers and holy fuck I’m happy) And! I also just reached 4000 subscribers on YouTube! Now, I have an idea to celebrate! I’ve tried this before but it was always super messy but now I know what to do. An art contest! You guys can draw anything you want, just make sure to @theniceprincess-tnp your entry, OR use the #thenicecontest hashtag, OR submit your entry to me! I will be announcing this on YouTube shortly, just wanted you all to know! There will be no prizes this time, this is just for fun and to celebrate how far we’ve come as a community and lovely lords and ladies. Thank you all so much for reading!


I’ve wanted to cut my hair short forever, but I was terrified. Aside from being a heavy woman I also have super fine and thin hair. I was always told I’d look horrible or too butch or… or… or… You get the idea. I lived for the last 20 years in a ponytail because I hated having my hair down in my face and I couldn’t be bothered to learn how to look girly. This blog finally gave me the courage to say screw it. You’ll never be happy if you don’t. The first pic is when I first cut it short. I’ve had fun experimenting since.

“Diamond is Unbreakable lineart”- Making more posters for an upcoming convention, Overload. I sketched this idea up in 10 minutes on Friday, and spent most of today detailing it. So far, so good! Still have some tinkering to go, but next is the fun part of colouring it! Wish me luck <3<br>

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REACH 800 FOLLOWERS ON @victuurisims AND 500 FOLLOWERS @daysinrussiavictuuri :D!!!

It’s been a wild ride (with Viktor driving, or not driving?) but I will never stop loving these skating dorks and all their crazy ways of surprising us, especially every time a new official art comes out and gives us heart attacks over pure adorable friendships and domestic love. YOI has really been a positive experience for me and I feel so happy to be thinking about everything related to the wonderful series 24/7. I can’t imagine a life without their passion for skating, their friendships, their growth, their happiness and the pure love in many forms that encompasses the whole series.

I also really love being part of the fandom. Yes it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than where I used to be. Everyone I’ve talked to is so kind and sweet and encouraging whenever I have enough guts to share a fanart or fic. I’ve met the coolest people on here that I would have no hesitation calling them “best friends” like Phichit. I’ve seen and admire lots of amazing artists out there that create fanarts, doodles, AUs so beautiful I’ve literally cried.

Lastly, I’d like to give a small shoutout to some wonderful people. I’m sorry it’s not everyone, but really these people just make me so happy and encourage/inspire me in so many ways. (under read more)

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OMG THIS IS NOT MUCH OF AN ANNIVERSARY PIC BUT– the other day I stopped to think and realized that if it weren’t for RPing Aishi and Lyan in Paintchat as total strangers, we probably would have never became friends and get together. So I really owe these two babies a LOT! SO I DREW STH WITH THEM AND LIL PUPPET US TO KEEP JAS ENTERTAINED. I felt like if I didnt add her the pic would feel incomplete + she ADD EXTRA CUTE OK? OK.

I ACTUALLY… HAD A LOT OF SHT I WANTED TO SAY ABOUT MY PRESH AF GIRFRIEND IN THIS GREAT DAY but im way too hyper and off the walls rn so I’ll keep this short so I DONT DROWN U ALL IN CORN.

I honestly have no idea what I would do w/o her q _ q)////// She’s so perf all around and I have no idea how I ended up with such an amazing gf like WOW!!!! AN OCEAN MAY PART US AWAY, BUT WE’RE CLOSER THAN ANY OTHER ♥ Taking this moment to yet again, and always will, pimp out my wife! artxmits / xmits !! She’s super fun, so fCKIN fRIENDLY, AND A TALENTED PIECE OF POOP ♥ ♥ ♥ Please go check her stuff out! She deserves all the love she can get!!!! ♥ ♥