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(1/2) First, i'll thank you for this blog! It's the first time i found a writing blog who talks about the dificulties of writing from a mentally ill person's perspective (i'm depressed as hell all the time, and none of the usual tips helped me at all), so, have in mind i really apreciate your work!

(2/2) 2nd, i would love to hear what you have to say about working on longer projects. None of mine can pass the planning stage, mostly because i find really hard to rethink my own ideas.Once i have one, i can’t challenge it, as they become so ingrained in my mind. Since longer works takes a lot of rethinking and brainstorming, i always reach a point in which my work becomes too solid, too deviated of the original idea, and i lose motivation. Taking a break from the project doesn’t work either.

First of all, you’re welcome! I’m always so glad to hear someone’s getting something out of this blog. 

Your problem is actually something that happens to me too…or at least something similar happens to me. I’ll write a few thousand words, then get stuck, realize something earlier needs to be reworked, but then instead of going back and actually reworking it, I’ll just polish the beginning endlessly and never end up moving forward.

Depression may actually have something to do with this. I was reading recently that depression tends to make people especially unwilling to take chances or risks because they anticipate failure so vividly. This then becomes a self-perpetuating cycle because they limit their experiences and opportunities to succeed at things and just get more depressed and less willing to take chances. This is a particular bummer for depressed writers, since writing involves an element of play, of experimentation, and thus requires us to take chances. So, that rigidity you experience might be a consequence of depression. I can’t swear to this cuz I’m not a psychologist, but for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure it’s true for me.

And this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it! I’m going to give you an exercise to try. Think of it as a way to stretch your creative muscles. Take a story you’ve written, old or new, and pick a turning point in the plot (major or minor). Now imagine the most outlandishly different way that turning point could have gone. It doesn’t need to make much sense; it can be “and then aliens landed.” Now sketch out how the story might go from there. Play it straight, even if your new turning point is kinda out there. No matter how bizarre it is, that’s just what happened, and matters must now proceed from there.

Another similar exercise you can try is simply to take a story, old or new, and re-plot it with one major element completely changed. Take out or add in a major character. Set it somewhere different. Change a major event in the backstory. Whatever, as long as the change is big.

Basically I’m encouraging you to experiment with making big, huge, wild changes to your story, or at least to sketch them in and imagine how they’d play out. Once you’ve loosened your brain-muscles a bit, you can start to think about the more moderately scaled changes you might make to an existing work in progress.

If you try this, let me know how it goes! I might give it a go myself!

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(just a thought i had!) the off-colors are unlike other "normal" gems on homeworld, in that, for them, the threat of death is always prevalent in their lives--much like a human who can die at any time, the off colors always face the risk of being caught and shattered, and that looming feeling may have helped them to emphasize with such a SUDDEN loss of someone they care about

Some really interesting points from this ask.

I think we can qualify “human who can die at any time” in even more specific a way. The Off Colours are quite literally fugitives. And we’ve seen what the drones can do to the hard rock of the cavern. If they try to resist, they’ll be shot. Otherwise, they get taken in, and as mentioned by Jasper, and the Off Colours themselves, there’s a large chance they’re going to be shattered. I’d like to add another option, because it’s a waste of labour to just shatter the bunch of them. The fusions will probably be forced to unfuse, and be reassigned separately, in the same way Topaz feared losing Topaz in Stuck Together.

In that regard, there’s a strong fear of death, as you mention. I’d like to bring up another likely scenario, with the same conclusion.

Another read is that for the most part, they’ve been living in the same cavern for quite a while now, based on the way the Off Colours have referred to it in sort of a “home base” manner. It’s a heck of a time to have been hiding out, and in itself, doesn’t seem like much of a life, though. 

In fact, we get the sense that they’ve been going about their severely restricted lives for quite a while, building some sort of routine in the last few centuries. There’s an impression that the drones started searching in that area again because of the renewed hunt for Steven and Lars, rather than a constant effort to hunt down the remaining Off Colours.

This doesn’t preclude their information and biodata already scanned into the drones though, or the drones’ ability to recognise “defective” gems on sight. Despite the relative peacefulness of their situation, they’re still always afraid, always running, always hiding. And that’s just as terrifying. There’s this sense that even if there is no one actively hunting for you, the fear that someone could is what is paralysing.

And beyond fugitives, this situation can then be generalised to a greater number of people: Those who are marginalised, those who are viewed with a neutrality everyday, but are often held in contempt the moment they appear to step out of what is very narrowly expected of them. 

In either condition, one more overt, the other more subtle, it’s not a great way to live. And being able to meet individuals who care and are willing to listen to them without passing judgement, people who are willing to help them for their sakes and without ulterior motive, is great. So to lose one of them suddenly, especially when their lives were the ones that always felt were hanging by a threat, is jarring. 

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hi! I'm a female INFP, and I was recently asked out by a wonderful male INTJ who's in one of my classes.. I was wondering if you had any insight into how the relationship between male INTJs and female INFPs usually works (or if you have any experience)? Thank you !

Do I have any experience? Friend, you’re in luck because I’m currently dating the most amazing INTJ to ever grace the Earth with his presence. 

Prepare yourself, because you are now dating someone who:

- You will grow to consider the most adorable being in the universe

- Will always worry about you, and want to make sure that you’re ok

- Texts you back every time

- Appreciates everything you do

- Will surprise you with how much they want to spend time with you, especially once you’ve grow close

- Cares about you more than you care about yourself

- Has a tendency to be hard on himself and needs reassurance

- Is only slightly less indecisive than you

- Is awkward, meaning, you will probably have to lead

- Is very private about facts concerning his relationships and his feelings and doesn’t want them being spread

- Tries to convince you that you’re the adorable one in the relationship (but we know the truth)

- Will want to take you places but has no idea where to go

- Respects your boundaries when you say you’re not ready for something or want to be alone

- Will store all of your inside jokes in his memory forever but will never remember to watch that one movie you recommended

- Comes with probably 1000+ songs that are important to him

- Also comes with emotional baggage

- Will 200% want to help you with your emotional baggage and hates to see you upset

- Will probably surprise both of you when his tertiary Fi surfaces and causes a whole bunch of cute feelings and a desire to cuddle

- Makes you wonder what good thing you did in your life to deserve him

- Is soft. Don’t break his heart, please. INTJs are precious. Hearts are fragile. Don’t do it, please. (altho ofc always look out for yourself first but you know what I mean)

I will not apologize for sounding completely in love. (You found a good bf. Hold on to this one.)

- INFP Mod

I really don’t understand how some people can honestly think that Yoongi is lazy. 

Like sure, lethargic maybe, and he definitely seems more introverted than the rest of the group. But he works so damn hard and is such a kind and wonderful person. Quietly taking care of “the kids” and making sure they always have someone to fall back on. He’s the silent supportive pillar of the group, patient and kind. But he also knows how to play around, have a good time, he’s just as much a kid as the rest of the members. He works really hard to show us his bright and energetic side and that must take a lot out of him. 

He’s constantly working hard, often going without sleep or only sleeping a couple hours so that he can make amazing music. What really gets me is that he does it all for us. He’s said time and again that he wants to make the type of music that can help people and soothe them, and he’s willing to sacrifice so much to do that. 

Min Yoongi is such a hardworking and ambitious man who cares so deeply about all of us and his members. He is constantly doing whatever he can to make sure that he’s putting out the best music he can. 

I know that as a fandom we joke about him being a lazy grandpa, but I really hope that that’s not all he’s seen as. He’s so much more than that.

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Stan Talent, Stan Min Yoongi

thank u that is all

MacDennis Week Day 7: Free Choice

Fic request by Anonymous

“Did I say that out loud?”

“What did you just say?”

Dennis blinks dumbly. In the haze of his rage, his mind is having a hard time catching up with his mouth. But Mac had flinched at him and is currently staring with wide eyes and parted lips, so Dennis thinks it must have been really bad.

A heavy moment of silence stretches between them.

“What did you just say?” Mac whispers again.

“Uh…” Dennis stammers embarrassingly, his mind still struggling to backtrack. And then it slowly dawns on him the words that had just come out of his mouth. He stares at Mac in horror as dread fills the pit of his stomach. “Did I… did I say that out loud?” He whispers hoarsely.

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Teach Me What Real Love is

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A/N: Hello! It’s been a bit but here’s my second fic that I’m posting online!! Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for this one because I’ve been working so hard on it and I had a lot of fun writing it :) I’ve always had a soft-spot for Wonho I decided to give this oneshot a chance. Also! This is my first time writing in second person POV! So!! That means that it’s my first time using “you” and “y/n” instead of making up an actual character with a name, so please have mercy if there are some mistakes! Thank you for reading, I hope you like it :) 

Summary: The premise behind this story is basically that you’re engaged but you end up falling for your irresistible wedding florist, Wonho. 

Rated: PG-13 even though there isn’t any smut or anything, there are just mild references. I’d say this is definitely fluff and possibly a little angsty?? I really don’t know bout the angst, definite fluff though, I think. 

Word Count: 12,809

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even the glee cast didn't have to be "trained" to handle stuff like this, i remember when faberry fans went hard and won that couple's poll lea and dianna thanked the fans and took a selfie and cory writing "faberry is on" on a magazine he signed. they were chill when it was mentioned there was no need to be a dick they always got that right



Did some more work on Ei. As a woman in the Edo period, she would have blackened her teeth, and during the time she was married, shaved off her eyebrows. The blackened teeth is hard to catch in photos, but in person it looks good. Since the Katsushika’s were said to have been always quite poor, I also shortened her sleeve length.

I made her some prayer beads, but still need to make a kiseru pipe and some paint brushes.

The wig I am still not happy with. Hopefully I can get better at styling it or get a proper one commissioned someday.

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i've been following shame machine, and i'm working my way through the love club right now. you are such an incredibly talented writer AND artist. how do you balance practicing and improving on both? i've always loved both writing and drawing but I've found it hard to consistently practice both, so my drawing skills have sadly been neglected these past years in favor of writing :/ could you share any tips with us on how you made time or got yourself to practice both generally?

God. I wrote a really long response to this that I’m going to try to condense as much as possible:

1. Drawing is more effort & more time consuming. No offence to pure authors, I know writing is hard, but that’s just a fact. If you want to be equally practiced at drawing and writing, you’ll actually need to spend much more time drawing.

For perspective: On an sm chapter, all of my writing makes up ¾ of the chapter content, happens over 3-4 weeks, and takes 10-16 hours. The art makes ¼ of the chapter content, happens within 1-2 weeks, and takes 16-30 hours of solid drawing. (concepting not counted.)

2. But you don’t NEED to be equally practiced. I would encourage you to draw & write anyway if you didn’t want to mostly draw. They are different kinds of being creative, and this has several benefits, such as:
- You can probably do one while blocked on the other (that’s what I do, anyway.)
- They give you different ways of looking at/creating a scene and therefore make you better at each practice
- Together they expand how you can tell a story because they are each better at expressing/showing different things
- It’s cool

3. as for actual tips, these are all I can really think of:
- if something is hard to write, draw it. If something is hard to draw, write it. That’s why I started writing in the first place. They’re better at different things. (example: draw music performances. Write conversations. Draw someone receiving devastating news. Write someone dissociating.)

- Find out where/how you best do each of those things. When I’m drawing, I am seated at my desk. I have a video on if I’m colouring/shading/doing simple lines, but if im sketching/lining properly i have music on and I’m very focused.
- When I’m writing, I’m usually in bed about to go to sleep, or im outside/in the livingroom. I rarely listen to music when writing. (i defs dont watch anything.) I prefer to be as alone as possible because I like to read things aloud to myself because that’s just super helpful for writing in general. (helps you tell if somehting is off grammatically/forces you to think about what to write next) 

- Use one as an accessory to the other. Use drawing to help you describe a character in writing, or design a building, or clarify how a room is laid out (just to yourself). Use writing to put down scene ideas, important world building/character building notes quickly.

I think that’s all ive got for now. Hope that’s useful!

“I will work hard to obtain honor for you guys. I will show you guys that you chose the right person.”

Yixing… you’ve worked so hard, and we are so proud of you. It’s already an honor to exist at the same time as someone as bright and beautiful as you. You’re a blessing in this dark world. You don’t have to prove anymore, you’ve already done so much 😭💖💖

Ok, here’s the thing. For me, Comic Con was a bittersweet thing this year. It was great to see Colin so happy and so excited for season 7, I always love seeing him happy. But at the same time, it felt so weird to not have Jmo, Josh, Rebecca, Emily (and even Ginny and Sean) there. It felt so different to not hear them talking about what’s in store for Emma, for Snowing, for Captain Swan. If you know me, you know that i do not deal well with change. It takes time for me to adapt and Once and CS have been such a huge part of my life for the past 6 years, it’s incredibly hard for me to just say “well ok, it happened, it’s time to move on”. I don’t blame anyone who’s excited for season 7 and I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to watch. I don’t blame you if you can’t wait to see Officer Rogers and I don’t blame you if you decided that your Once upon a time ended with the final scene at Granny’s in season 6. I don’t because I can understand both sides. I’m not excited for season 7 as I was for the past seasons. I’m scared of what’s going to happen and I know i’m going to miss Emma and the others a LOT. I relate a lot to the people who are sad at the loss of so many loved characters and relationships. It’s hard to let go. Be kind. Be kind if someone says they’re scared. Be kind to the actors who left, whether it was their choice or not. Be kind to those who say they can’t wait for season 7. We’ve never experienced something like this before and that’s the only thing I think we can do.

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Have you noticed a change in the community that follows you or just in general? The longer I look on the internet the more jaded everything appears to be. People thrive off negativity and people seem to be more scared to lay back and say whatever they want for a fear of being lynched. Does any of this remotely resonate with you? Thanks for making art and it's appreciated!

It’s always kinda been a thing.

To me it more started ramping up around 2014 / 2015, for some reason. It kinda plateaued last year I feel, though I still see callout posts and a desire-to-crucify.

People have a hard time accepting characters, writing, or even writers that are less than perfect. I’ve dealt with callouts in the past so I’m not really afraid of them, but to those people: critique is fine, analysis is fine, and being critical is fine, they’re tools to help works and authors grow; but ultimatums, sweeping statements, accusations, and rage makes it very hard to take dissent seriously. I don’t have any intention to overstep my bounds and I genuinely believe that about most others.

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Good luck on your blog, and welcome to BNHA imagines club~! If you're not yet swamped, mind writing some headcanons for how Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka would react to finding out their crush (who attends U.A.) came from a notorious villain family?

Thanks and I actually don’t have many requests :D


  • “Eh?” This is all he can say.
  • He has a hard time believing it.
  • No way. His cute and lovely crush who is always so nice to everyone.
  • When he accepts the fact he listens to their story and can’t help but sympathize.
  • Once again he’s reminded that there are people who had it rougher than him and he’ll feel bad about it.
  • But at the end of the day this won’t change his feelings. All that matters is they made the right decision and he’s so proud of them.


  • * Adjusts his glasses* “Don’t let your lineage shackle you.”
  • He thinks they never told anyone because they were ashamed of it and will make it clear that they can trust him.
  • He now knows the path of vengeance is hard to walk. He makes sure his crush isn’t planning something like that just in case.
  • In his opinion it’s not a big deal where they came from. All that matters is becoming a better human while following the rules.


  • Just like Izuku it takes a while for the information to sink in.
  • Tbh she is kinda scared at first but then starts worrying about her crush.
  • She will constantly tell them things like “Don’t worry about it” “You’ll become a great hero” “I believe in you” “I know you’re a great person”
  • Is careful not to act too differently from before because she doesn’t want her crush to think she hates them now
  • Hovers around like a bee and always giving her crush a bright and encouraging smile that makes up their day

Dear girl I have a crush on,

Hi. I’ve always been so scared to talk to you, but now that I have I feel amazing. You make my heart race and you make the worst days at work seem great. I don’t know how to tell you this, because I don’t want to make you upset.

I know you’re having a hard time now, and I wish I could do something to help. I really really do. Seeing you struggle feels like a kick in the face, and maybe I’m a little too empathetic, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry for al large things you’re going through.

I know we’re just acquaintances but i would love to get to know you better so I can tell you all these things without coming off as a creepy stalker girl.

Maybe this is an infatuation that’s gone too far, or maybe I really do have a crush on you. I don’t know. But I’d like to find the courage to talk to you more soon, and I’d like to see things get better for you.



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Emotional intelligence is so important I often times have a hard time transferring them into words and I think it's mainly because of my depression and how my thoughts are always scattered. I wish i has the money to seek a therapist

I’m sorry you’re struggling hun. Look into some free services or online counseling. Or, you can pick up a book or two (at the library if money is tight) and learn about some coping skills you can use everyday.
You have resources hun. I know there isn’t a replacement for a therapist, but there are things you can do.

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thanks for avengers redux (reminded me how angry I was at that movie) in terms of workable things... It made me think about what sam doing in terms of searching - is natasha helping? Also, where is pepper really?! why doesn't she stop ultron?? And ... does darcy know anything about wakanda? since she has always bee interested in stark industries too from a political science side, is there any chance she would have looked into the work they did trading vibranium commodities? thanks!

That movie was not helpful structurally at all, but, at the same time, I’m happy to ignore that. Eager to, in some cases, tbh. 

For my series, obviously Sam is not looking for Bucky, because we know where Bucky is. Like, down the street at the diner. Don’t look too hard, Sam. Same is true of Natasha, who very, very much knows where Bucky is, and in fact, actively is working with Clint to keep an eye on him. 

So, for me, everybody’s really just working on containing Hydra and other threats. I mean, Tony does make a comment about corralling black market arms dealers and such, so presumably they’ve got a variety of things they can be doing. But, they’re also obviously, to a degree, working with what’s left of SHIELD (at this time), because in AoS Coulson gets a line on the scepter and calls Hill, who then relays it to the Avengers and thus Age of Ultron. Meanwhile, Phil’s also working with Fury to get that helicarrier up in the air again. Man, Phil had a lot on his plate. 

Pepper is the CEO of a major company, so I can see her being out of town for any number of reasons. They do still have a large plant in California. Tony’s playing with his buddies and building stuff and she’s busy, too. 

I think Tony can be plenty secretive about the things he’s working on. I don’t think he would necessarily lay out the fine details of the Ultron project for her. I don’t think he’d necessarily keep it from her, but it seemed to be something he was chipping away at here and there, because Bruce remarks that he thought that was on hold. So, that doesn’t really kick off until they get the scepter and the mind gem. And then Tony makes bad decisions. 

Ultron by itself was not necessarily bad, it was that Tony didn’t know what he was doing when he and Bruce recognized the scepter’s gem had a sort of AI. He went too far, he didn’t understand what he was dealing with and what he was asking it to do, but Pepper was off in California or DC or something. That did all happen pretty quick. So, I think it’s not surprising she couldn’t stop it, or impact what happened. Even had she been there, I don’t think she would have been able to, because that was Tony and Bruce (mostly Tony, but Bruce caved pretty quick), playing with fire when nobody else was looking.

If Darcy knows about Wakanda. Hmm, well, I mean, she knows about it in a general sense. She might know more than the average person on the street, such as some details about its economy, it’s commodities (yeah, definitely including Vibranium, of course, in which she does have a particular family interest/tie), maybe a general idea of its government structures – she’d certainly be aware of King T’Chaka and maybe his children and heirs – their trade deals, treaties, etc. 

But, Wakanda is presented as being pretty secretive. Given the value of Vibranium and what they’re able to do with it technologically, that is not surprising, to avoid either exploitation or conflict. So, what she knows about it is probably not vast in terms of specifics, because not many people outside know much about it, I don’t think. 

Thank you!

I’m honestly glad I don’t have any close friends. Not only because my disorders make it hard for me to maintain friendships/relationships, but because I’ve always preferred being on my own.

After all the shit that’s happened the last two years within old friend groups and with the first person I thought I was in love with, it’s just so freeing to be back on my own.

I can finally breathe. And no, I don’t regret doing it. I only regret not doing it sooner.

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Yay me for getting these done!! Sorry for the late replies!! I love these questions btw!!

1.  What was Moe’s life like as a kid?

Hey nonny!!! I lovvveee this question omg!! Moe has struggled with dyslexia for a long time as well as anxiety. As a young child she lived in France and struggled a lot with school. As she got older she was able to get a good handle on her dyslexia, but became very depressed. All in all, she’s always been the “failed child”, in her words. It’s always been hard for her to watch her siblings become so accomplished.

2.  what packs do you have?

I have them all except Vintage Glamour, Luxury Party, Fitness, Bowling and Cool Kitchen

3.  ur streams are a rlly good time, thank you for quality content and strange voices<3

I’m so happy you like my weird voices nonny <333 Ily

4.  @edens-star : How would you describe Moe and Pandora’s aesthetics?

Hmmm?? I’d say your best bet would be checking out their pinterest boards!! In  my words I guess Moe is reminds me of subways stations at night, flickering neon signs, rainy days and big dreams. Pandora reminds of like, dark wood, kinda all the colours in @citrontart‘s neutral’s palette lmao