i always hated that chair

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'Did you just try to set me on fire?' 'No i was trying to burn the spider'

Your phone in one hand, fire powers in the other. You were tiredly looking through your phone, trying to find something to interest you that would pass time quicker, while you were snapping your fingers with your other hand- turning on and off your fire powers. They weren’t intense fires, just small flames coming out of your fingers, nothing too serious. It was normal for this as a way to entertain yourself, while also not bugging anyone else.

You sighed and closed out of the app you’ve looked through five times now. Everyone seemed to be busy, but that was until Steve appeared to talk to you. “How are you today, (Y/N)?” Steve asked and took a seat.

You groaned and set your phone down next to you. “I’m terribly bored.”

“That’s no good. Well, how about we-” You tuned Steve out once you saw the mini-devil crawl across his clothing. You gave the dark spider a glare, scaring Steve with your look, but you were unaware that you were scaring him.

Once it jumped onto the chair you took action. You jumped up and pointed your finger at the spider, letting the fire come out of your finger and just miss Steve and the chair.

“What the hell, (Y/N)? Did you just try to set me on fire?” Steve jumped up and out of your way.

You rolled your eyes and climbed onto the chair he just emptied. “No, I was trying to burn the spider. Duh,” You rolled your eyes, but there was no spider to be seen. “It’s official. The spider is missing. We have to throw this chair out now,” You told him, and before Steve could protest you set your hand on fire and pressed your hand to the chair, a satisfied smile on your face.

“Well,” Steve sighed, “I always hated that chair.”

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Some music AUs
  • We are stand partners and you always play that one measure wrong and if you do one more time I may scream
  • You’re always one chair ahead of me and I hate you
  • We are from opposite sections yet we always make eye contact
  • You clearly do not understand dynamics let mE DEMONSTRATE WITH My voice.
  • You just played me my favorite theme song on your instrument Thank you, I love you, give me the sheet music
  • You just played a love song on your instrument and your tempo was a little off, your flat wasn’t low enough, and you screwed up measure 16 but I love you anyway
  • You always lose your sheet music and I’m the manager I PAY FOR THESE JUST KEEP THEM
  • You’re my private lesson teacher yet you’re the same age as me and you use weird metaphors TELL ME HOW A REST IS SIMILAIR TO A FART WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING
  • When you’re concentrated on a piece your nose twitches to the rhythm and I’m trying to focus but I’m laughing 
  • I’m borrowing sheet music from you but your notes are so messy is that an accent mark or a staccato
  • Our class is typically well behaved yet here you are playing the John Cena theme in dead silence
  • You sit behind me and ALWAYS POKE ME WITH YOUR BOW 
  • No I will not have a sword fight with you THIS BOW IS EXPENSIVE
  • I’m about to perform a really important piece yet I just see you in my mind laying on my instrument case in the french girl position
  • This sounds really weird by my arms and hands are cramping can you please give them a massage
  • We are heading to a water park and I thought we were going to perform so I’m in my formal attire with my instrument and everyone is in shorts ITS NOT FUNNY
  • You’re in my math class and you always do better than me YET YOU CANT COUNT YOUR RESTS. CAN YOU COUNT?
  • You’re my accompanist and you make the most intense faces when you play and I find it hilarious
  • Your butt looks great in slacks oh my god

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why ok i’ll do it

sequel to this (if you’re too lazy to read it, it’s basically that Warner’s across the country at the capitol)

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