i always had this idea and kept imagining them meeting but i never thought it would actually happen

pjo au!!!

Ok so the au is pretty intricate so my plan is to do a post for each character’s backstory and then do another post for the plot! I’ll also probably do some miniposts on character relationships in this au that get glossed over- this post will be about Lance

  • Lance is a son of Aphrodite (and great grandson of a son of Poseidon), Pidge is a daughter of Athena, Keith is a son of Ares, Shiro is a son of Jupiter, Hunk is a son of Demeter, Allura is a daughter of Bellona, and Coran is a centaur (like Chiron)
  • Ok so the Garrison is a safe house where demigods can go (Roman and Greek) run by older demigods and others (Coran, Alfor, etc.). The Garrison offers academics for demigods, boarding, training, and pretty much everything in between
  • Alright so I want to delve a little bit into Lance (like i said this will be a bit lance centric before I get into actual plot)
  • Lance has been there the longest out of almost the entire group (Allura has officially been there the longest, her father was the grandson of Justice and she grew up only ever knowing the Garrison as home)
  • Lance arrived at the Garrison when he was nine. Lance is the oldest sibling of 7 and he was the only demigod out of them (the poseidon blood in all the kids wasn’t potent so no one had any powers or the like). But because Lance was a full on demigod he kept attracting monsters to his house, and he felt really guilty, so his mom took him to the Garrison where he stays full time (only writing some letters back and forth with his family)
  • To say he’s homesick is an understatement 
  • At the time of this story he’s 19 and yea he’s got insecurities…
  • When Lance first arrived to the Garrison he thought things would go great for him, he imagined glory and training to fight monsters… but that didn’t exactly go as planned
  • Lance was automatically labeled the stereotypical Aphrodite kid and this kind of branded his life there
  • Lance always tried desperately to break the idea that all Aphrodite kids’ were airheads and only cared about makeup
  • He studied so hard in his classes, and trained even harder. He brushed off his homesickness and just put in all the effort he could
  • Yet he was still one of the last picked for capture the flag and even then he was given little responsibility
  • Sure, he fit a lot of the stereotypes, he was a massive flirt, his pride was his skin care routine, and his saturdays were spent watching rom-coms with his other sibling
  • But he still was a good demigod- he was an excellent sharpshooter and if anyone let him prove himself instead of brushing him off they too would see his talents
  • Though the campers will admit that he has an exceptional ability with the pegasi- especially a grayish mare named Blue, who only has one wing and was too scared to let anyone near her before Lance showed up 
  • Then when Lance is thirteen in walks two new demigods- Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane
  • At the time Lance had few friends (other than his siblings) despite his seemingly outgoing personality. He mostly was too afraid that he’d have to leave them like he did his family, so the majority of his time was spent hanging with Coran, creating wild variations of common card games (Allura was also a constant for Lance, she was two years older than him and Coran’s niece, so they ended up forming a brotherly/sisterly bond with one another- which definitely entails Lance braiding Allura’s hair all the time and especially before she goes on a quest)
  • Shiro was 17 at the time and Keith 13, they had been foster brothers coincidentally and their foster mother may or may not have been a monster in disguise
  • Lance despises Keith from the start- he’s everything he’s not 
  • Keith is a son of Ares, he barely has to work to match right up to Lance’s fighting abilities that took years of practice and he’s instantly respected by fellow campers
  • So yea, Lance declares a rivalry on him and Keith is honestly just really confused because he’s barely even had a conversation with the guy ??
  • Shiro ends up being a bit of a star at camp, being one of the few children of the Big Three
  • He’s powerful and has especially skill in controlling lightning and storms, Lance immediately looks up to him
  • And then not even a week into Keith being at the Garrison he gets a quest
  • because he’s been there for four years now ?? and where is his quest at ??
  • Coran makes sure to calm Lance down a bit and it works mostly, but it still leaves a lasting impression and Lance can’t help think that it means something (maybe he is just a stereotypical Aphrodite kid after all)
  • Alright so it’s almost a year later after all this, Lance is keeping his rivalry going with Keith, and he’s chilling with Allura, drinking some lemonade playing a card game when he meets a new demigod, Hunk Garrett (son of Demeter)
  • They’re basically instant best friends (and Coran is a proud dad bc look at his son finally making friends!!)
  • Hunk is one of the best things to happen to Lance, he reminds Lance of his mom which provides an even greater sense of home to the Garrison
  • Hunk is the first person that Lance takes to try and befriend wit Blue
  • It takes awhile but eventually Blue takes a liking to Hunk (especially after he shares his famed oat cookies with her)
  • Hunk is Lance Protection Squad (you know how Demeter went apeshit on those people that trespassed in her woods- yea thats Hunk when people try to disregard Lance, etc)
  • The friendship is just really good for both of them and they make an awesome power duo (especially in capture the flag- which no one suspects)
  • However, there’s this one time when Lance is going through a rough spot. Keith had gotten another quest (Lance still was holding out for his first) and when he came back he was praised by everyone. However, he got injured on it and has to sit out for capture the flag that night. The Ares Cabin reluctantly adds Lance to their team, but ensures that he knows it’s only because Keith is injured
  • And yea that reinforces a lot of insecurities that Lance was just starting to get over
  • Hunk tries to console his friend after the game by bringing him some comfort food, but Lance just snaps at him and tells him to throw it all out- he doesn’t want it, and Hunk does just that
  • Lance is shocked
  • Hunk is shocked (he would never waste his food)
  • And that’s how it was found out that Lancecould charmspeak
  • Lance immediately apologized, he felt awful for snapping at Hunk and even worse for forcing him into something. Lance and Hunk come to an agreement not to tell anyone about it, but it terrifies Lance. He hates that his voice can make someone go against their will (he makes sure to never give anyone orders)
  • Then just a couple months after Hunk arrives, so does a new demigod, Pidge Gunderson, child of Athena
  • For some reason Lance just has this overwhelming feeling that he has to be friends with this little shit
  • To say Pidge is unwelcoming to the idea was a major understatement
  • But eventually Hunk and Lance grew on Pidge
  • They became known as a trio, never separating from each other
  • They were each other’s best friends for nearly five years when a great prophecy was given 
  • It called for six demigods 
  • apparently, there had been an underground resistance group composed of gods and demigods that wanted to overthrow Olympus
  • they were known as the Gods Allegiance to the Lesser Revered Authorities, or GALRA for short
  • So Lance finally got his wish to go on this quest and three of his best friends were going with him and so was his hero! But then there were the downsides… like the imminent death of the whole thing
  • And the worst of all- spending an indefinite time with Keith Kogane
“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

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-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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Dating Ten

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: These are literally the only things I can do rn. My writers block is really bad and has been for a while tbh. Like I get surges of creativity but I don’t have the motivation to even draw, never mind write :/ But I hope this makes up for it!

  • B a l l  o f  f l u f f  
  • Everyone knows this, it goes without saying  
  • Everyone L O V E S him  
  • He get along with everyone at school  
  • He’s the other ½ of the school’s comedy duo with Johnny  
  • He’s best friends with him, everyone knows that  
  • Just like Johnny, the teachers adore him
  • Lowkey gets away with shit that others would usually get yelled at for lmao
  • Is also a senior
  • Good in all subjects  
  • His best being DT (design tech) and art
  • And oh, look at that, just so happens you have those two classes as well  
  • Such a coincidence! Ur in the same class as him too! ;)  
  • So original  
  • I couldn’t think of another way you could meet lmao don’t judge me
  • Anyway…
  • Last period on a Friday, u had art and your teacher set up a kind of work shop?
  • She paired people up with people who they didn’t really talk to to have everyone brought ‘closer together’ and form a ‘tight knit community’
  • And you and your partner had to draw each other’s portrait
  • And just GUESS who you were paired with
  • So hard to guess honestly  
  • Ten
  • You had always thought he was rlly sweet and kind  
  • Also VVVV a t t r a c t i v e  
  • He always helped out with the other students in the class
  • And his drawing skills were no joke  
  • Everyone admired them
  • Even you did
  • So you felt honoured that he was going to be drawing you
  • You both grabbed your pencil and sketchbook and started drawing
  • The whole room was silent as everyone concentrated
  • As you kept looking up to take a glimpse of a certain feature on his face, he’d already be looking directly at you
  • Making for awkward eye contact tho u seemed to be the only one feeling a lil awkward  
  • He happily kept staring at you as he drew
  • You focused on the curve of his nose and the constant smile he held on his uniquely featured face that you started to find even more enchanting over the course of the hour you spent drawing him
  • Once the hour was up, it was the end of school and tbh you really didn’t want to go
  • You wanted to draw him for longer but the dark haired boy had already packed up and left
  • You packed your things and headed to your locker
  • When you opened it a A5 piece of paper fell out
  • “Meet me at the café tomorrow at 12”
  • You turned the piece of paper over to see a drawing of you, the one ten was drawing in your lesson a mere 5 minutes ago
  • U wanted to S C R E A M
  • U were lowkey impressed by his way of asking you out  
  • Something you didn’t expect from such a outgoing personality like him
  • U met him the next day, following his instructions
  • Once you saw him he had the largest smile etched on his face as he waved you over  
  • When u reached him u handed him the drawing u did of him in the lesson
  • “This is amazing.”  
  • “No where near as good as yours though, you actually made me look pretty.”
  • “I didn’t do anything. I was just looking at the person in front of me.“ 
  • He’d soooo smirk after saying that  
  • Proud of his lil flirty comment  
  • Which sent your heart racing
  • The date was simple but oh-so special
  • Since then, you both kinda just started dating
  • No official announcement or anything  
  • You both wanted the fun of shocking people and having them find out for themselves  
  • He didn’t even tell Johnny
  • So he had the shock of his life when he saw his best friend sucking on ur face  
  • "TEN WHAT THE FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Completely not assed about interrupting your’s and ten’s moment
  • Ten face would just flush red and he’d let out his infectious giggle
  • All of his friend had the same reaction tbh  
  • Johnny thought the not-telling-anyone was a fun idea  
  • When you’d stay at each other’s houses
  • He’d always insist on drawing you  
  • He eventually had an entire sketch book dedicated to you  
  • Soon he didn’t even need you there to be able to draw you  
  • Every feature of your body was imprinted in his mind  
  • And I mean E V E R Y feature ;)  
  • Ngl, he probs had a few NSFW drawings of you too  
  • But like  
  • He couldn’t help it  
  • You were his muse  
  • And he wanted to have physical proof of how much u inspired him  
  • How much you meant to him  
  • You’d be staying at his one saturday night  
  • Cuddled up next to him in bed as he traced random patterns on your delicate skin
  • You’d feel his heart beat become faster as you rested your head on his chest
  • You’d look up and see him already staring at you, awe in his eyes  
  • “I love you, you know that right?”
  • “Well I do now. I love you too.”
  • Craning your neck, you’d have your lips met his
  • A sinful concoction of passion, love and need oozing from the synchronised movements of your lips  
  • He’s place one final chaste kiss on you lips before he’d place them along your jaw as he worked his way down
  • The sensation lighting a fire in your heart.
Gone - Pt. 3

Part One  Part Two

Pairing: Hothner x Reader

Word Count: 1,778

Request:  yes!  Thank you for the amazing feedback!

@zugzwangcm-comment-account:  Omg you should do a third part 😭 this was so good!

@ncis-cm-hp-sherlock-imagines:  I’ve loved part one and I love part 2 even more! The way the team and the reader interact was just lovely. I’d really enjoy a third part if there are any plans for one?

@marvelfanlife:  Please say that there will be a part 3 to gone?! Like I said before Aaron needs to know! And what happens if Scratch makes an appearance! 😬😊💕

@dkbksbcobk:  Hey, I was wondering if you could make a part 3 to “Gone” when you have the time, you’re an amazing writer

@louisespecter:  It was beautifully written but yet so sad. My heart can’t handle this. I literally have tears in my eyes as I’m typing this message. Please please pleaaasssee can there be a part 3?

Warnings: none

Summary: Aaron Jack Hotchner was born.  The reader has an incredibly close-knit relationship with the team, making it easier to raise her son, but his father has no clue he exists... Or does he?  I’m actually so excited that this fic is getting such amazing feedback, it’s makes me happy to know that there are people who want to read something that I’m very proud of creating.  Without further ado, here is the third part to ‘Gone’.  Enjoy!!

A/N: AJ is Aaron Jack’s nickname for Aaron Jack and Aaron Junior, just in case that confused anyone.

Originally posted by prettyboygoobler

Previously on…

His dad was not here, but Aaron Jack Hotchner was surrounded by the people who love him and will go to the ends of the earth for him, and that was all that mattered.

Aaron was out in the world somewhere with Jack hopefully safe, but wherever he was, he had no knowledge of the baby boy just born with his name.  He didn’t know that you thought about him every day, and probably didn’t know that since he left, you spent every night crying yourself to sleep.  He didn’t know any of this because he was gone.

“AJ, I’m not going to tell you again,” you scolded your son.  He was stubborn as always, trying to play with the toys that weren’t his without permission. 

“No, no, he’s fine!  He’s so cute.  How old is he?” the mother of the child whose toys Aaron Jr. kept playing with asked.

“He’s turned three today,” you replied, looking at the boy who looked too much like his father.  His smile resembled that of Aaron’s, and every time you saw it, your heart seemed to skip a beat, not only for the memories of your beloved boyfriend, but for the tiny child that was yours. 

The playground was mainly vacated, only a few mothers and their children enjoying the beautiful outdoors that day.

“Mine’s four.  Nearly time to start school,” the mother replied with a sigh.

“That’s a scary thought,” you replied.  And it was.  There was no telling whether or not your son was even safe in any schools.   You hadn’t really thought about sending your son to school, yet anyways.  Your focus was raising him and keeping him safe.  As far as you were concerned, he would be home schooled.  Maybe Penelope would be willing to help out.  

As if the computer genius could hear your thoughts, your phone began to ring with her name flashing on the screen.

“Hello,” you said after pressing answer.

“Alright, muffin.  I picked up AJ’s prescriptions and set up an appointment for a follow up in a month.  He’s also set on piano lessons courtesy of a one Spencer Reid.  Oh, and birthday party is set up.  We’re ready for you,” she said.

“Jeez, Penny, you didn’t have to do all that,” you told her with a smile.

“Oh, stop.  I’m happy to.  Now get both of your cute butts over here, we’re ready!” she said.

“Alright, thanks, Penelope,” you replied with a smile.  You motioned to AJ to come to you.

“No problem!  And happy birthday, love,” she finished before hanging up the phone.

“Happy birthday, little man!” the mom next to you said to your son as he approached the bench you were sitting on.

“Mommy’s birthday,” AJ said, pointing up at you.

“Your’s as well?” she asked, smiling.

“Mine was yesterday, but we celebrate them together,” you said, standing up and picking up Aaron.  “It was nice to meet you-”

“Shelby,” she said, sticking out her hand to shake.  

“Y/N,” you replied.  “And this is Aaron Jack.”  Your son shyly waved at Shelby.

“Nice to meet you Aaron,” she replied with a smile.  “Hope to see you again,” she told you.

“You too.  Sorry about the toys,” you said sheepishly.

“Again, don’t worry about it.  My son Kale and I come here every Wednesday afternoon if Aaron would ever want to have a buddy to play with.”

“Thank you, that would actually be really nice,” you said honestly.  With the life you two had, another little boy in AJ’s life didn’t sound like a bad idea at all.  “Say bye, AJ,” you said to your son.

He waved again, letting out a tiny ‘bye’ before you walked away from your new friend.  You knew having someone his age to play with would be good for him.  JJ’s boys were always happy to play with your son, but Henry was in school and they were busy most of the time.  Kale would be a blessing.

You walked to the car with AJ on your hip.  Once he was secured in his car seat, you grinned down at him.

“Ready to see everyone?” you asked.  You’d told him about his ‘surprise’ party.  You were never really any good at keeping secrets.  AJ nodded excitedly at you, his smile sending butterflies throughout your body.  “Let’s go then.”

“Surprise!” the team shouted as you walked through the door.  You playfully gasped and looked down at AJ.

He slapped his hands onto his cheeks, opening his mouth in fake shock.  To a room full of profilers, it was obvious you gave up their secret surprise party.

“You told him, didn’t you?” Alvez asked, unable to keep a smile off his face at the sight of your son.

“Sorry, he begged to know if we were surprising him, and how can you say no to that face?” you said in a baby voice, picking AJ up.

“Hey, buddy!  Uncle Spence got you a present,” Reid said, taking him from your arms.  He walked over to the desk that was full of presents, the team, apart from JJ, in tow. 

“He’s starting to look so much more like his father,” she admitted to you.

“I know,” you said, watching AJ’s family show him his new toys.  Your heart was soaring at the sight of it.  Despite the heartbreak you’d experienced almost four years ago, there was so much happiness that came to you and so much love surrounded you and your son every day, and you were so grateful for it.

“What are you thinking about?” JJ asked you.  

“Just about how damn luck AJ and I are,” you replied, leaning into her side.  She pulled you in close for a warm hug, admiring the vision of her sons with yours.  It was a perfectly cliched moment, but it was all you ever wanted.

Emily stepped away from the group, slowly making her way towards you.  A look passed between the two agents, some kind of silent communication.  You dated a profiler for well over two years, so you knew a thing or two about reading a look.

“What?” you asked.

“What?” Emily asked back, acting nonchalant.  

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” you told her, knowing you were right.

“Tell me about the woman you met today at the park,” she said suddenly, catching you off guard.

“Excuse me?” you asked, not understanding what she meant.  “What woman?”

“Y/N, you have a protective detail on you 24/7, and it’s their job to report to me.  They told me about the woman you talked to at the park,” Emily replied.

“So?  I’m aware you keep an all too watchful eye on me and AJ at all times, but why are you suddenly interrogating me on who I happen to converse with?”  you asked, your voice raising a bit. 

“I’m just following protocol,” she tried, but you were too annoyed to listen.

“I don’t give a damn about protocol, what is this about?” you asked.  Emily looked at JJ, as if she was silently asking for help.

“We just want to know if you’re trying…” JJ started, but she couldn’t find the words.

“Trying to what?” you asked, skepticism clear in your voice.

“Strauss is worried you’re trying to contact Hotch,” Emily said.  What, you thought.

“How is me talking to a random mom at the park me trying to contact him?” you asked, vocalizing your confusion.

“Are you?” Emily asked sternly, clearly wanting a straight answer.

“No!  Of course not.  Why would she think that?” you said, still unable to understand what talking to a woman at the park meant about Aaron.  JJ looked at Emily, another strange look passing between them.  “What aren’t you telling me?”

“It’s on need-to-know basis, Y/N,” Emily told you, as if that explained everything.

“It’s about Aaron?” you blurted out.  Tears began to form in your eyes.  “If it’s about him then I need to know.”

“Y/N,” JJ started, but you cut her off.

“Do you know where he is?” you asked, your heart beginning to speed up.  The agents at the present table started to quiet down, looking over at you.  You were fixing to go into hysterics, it was obvious.

“No, I don’t.” Emily said.  Her voice was strong.  She wasn’t lying.

“Then what?  Does Shelby know where he is?” you asked, recalling the mom from the park’s name.

“We figured that’s why you were talking to her,” Emily finally admitted.  You furrowed your brows, even more confused than before.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, knowing Emily was probably not going to be able to keep whatever this secret was from you any longer.  She sighed and looked at the other agents, silently telling them all to distract AJ and not listen to what she was about to say.

“Shelby Madison is the woman you talked to today.  She has a son named Kale, that’s who AJ was playing with,” she said.

“I know all this,” you replied, wanting her to spill.

“Shelby Madison is a private investigator,” she finished.  “Strauss thinks you hired her.”

“I didn’t.  I’d only met her today,” you said.

“What did she tell you at the park?  Try to remember the conversation you had with her,” Emily said, not as a friend, but as an agent.

“She asked me how old AJ was, she mentioned her son was four and about to start school,” you recited, slowly trying to remember the words she’d told you.

“What else?”

“She introduced herself as Shelby and asked to see AJ and I again.  That’s it.”


“On Wednesdays.  She mentioned her and her son go to the park every Wednesday,” you said, realizing why Emily was asking these questions.  “I’ve never seen her before today.  AJ and I are at the park every Wednesday, too, she was lying,” you said.  “What does that mean?”

“It means someone hired her to find you,” Emily said.

Your heart sped up, your palms became increasingly sweaty.

“Someone like Scratch?” you whispered, the name feeling hot on your tongue.  It’d been two years since you said that name, and although he was out of your thoughts most nights, it was a name that still haunted you.

“No,” a voice said behind you.  The look on Emily’s face said it all.  You knew exactly who that voice belonged to.  It was a voice you hadn’t heard in three and a half years.  A voice you never thought you’d hear again.

It was the only voice in the world you ever wanted to hear, but knew you never could.

You turned to face Aaron Hotchner

“Someone like me.”

watchful pt. 1

Originally posted by howlsunscript

summary: you work at a mental hospital, taking care of diana reid. you also like to look at her son when he comes to visit, and he likes to look back.

words: 1200

warnings: this gets suggestive in an extremely mild way at one point, other than that its all fluff

a/n: this is a request for my lovely destini (@donuts1324), hope you’re having a great day, gal! this will include smut in later parts lmao

read part two here

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No Fighting

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

Word count: 1982

Characters: Edmund x reader, Caspian, Peter, Lucy, Susan

Warnings: both Edmund and Caspian being slightly douchey

Summary: You and Edmund make Caspian jealous, which makes Edmund possessive.

This meeting was dragging on forever.

It had been a while since you’d lost interest in it. Now your attention was on the way the trees outside the window turned the light a pretty shade of green, and cast dappled shadows on the floor.

Edmund couldn’t look at you, or he knew he would burst out laughing. It wasn’t his fault. Peter was just taking this meeting so seriously, and there you were paying no attention whatsoever. Your little faraway smile was so pretty, too. Plus, thinking about you was so much more interesting than thinking about whatever Peter was droning on about.

Still, at least he was kind of paying attention to Peter. So when the High King asked you a question and you didn’t respond, Edmund managed to kick you under the table and alert you.

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Distractions pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6  || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Not really angst or fluff…I don’t really know

Summary: It was weird seeing him again. It was even weird knowing you’d be working with him, but you kinda had a feeling like it was going to be okay.

Word Count: 1721

Warning: like one use of the f-word…does this really require a warning?

Originally posted by bangtoori

“You wanted to see me?” 

“Ah, Yoongi. Yes, please take a seat.” Yoongi gladly accepted Bang PD’s offer and took a seat in front of his desk, “I wanted to talk to you about something. You see, I owe a friend a favor.”

Psh ‘favor’, Yoongi thought, Bang PD must’ve lost another bet again. He really should stop betting while he’s drunk.

“He needs help with something, and I think you’d be able to provide help.”

“What kind of help?”

“Well, you mentioned how wanted to try to produce for other artists. Since promotions are finished, and Bangtan isn’t working on another album yet, I thought I could give you an opportunity to help produce a song for another group.”

“Group? As in another idol group? Who…”

“You know 2S? The group under Music Box Entertainment?” Of course Yoongi knew, “They need help with a title track, and I offered to allow one of my producers to go do some sort of collaboration. So, how about it?”

Yoongi took in what Bang PD had to say. It was true, BTS wasn’t working on new music yet and he did want to try to produce for another artist. But he didn’t know how to feel about seeing…you. He knew this was a good opportunity to expand his credentials and gain more experience, but was it worth opening up a wound from years ago? 

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23 years old (2017) 

A/N: Hope you enjoy this one and leave some feedback!xoxo (Picture is not mine)

Some sniffling sounds were a cause why (Y/N) woke up from hours of deep slumber. For a few seconds, she had no idea where she had been lying, but then quickly remembered that she was in a hospital. As she opened her eyes, feeling slightly light-headed from tiredness exhaustion, she witnessed the most endearing sight that she ever laid her eyes upon. Sitting on a chair opposite of her, her long-time boyfriend Harry held a little pinky bundle in his strong arms. His cheeks were stained with tears as he weighed his newborn daughter back and forth, singing a lullaby to her.

Grace, that’s what they called her, was sleeping peacefully, her tiny little fingers were wrapped around one of her father’s fingers.

Harry’s mind was still swimming in unbelief. He really couldn’t get into his head that his daughter was finally there. With him. Healthy and undeniably beautiful. Yesterday, she was still in her mummy’s belly and Harry spoiled her with attention and love and now she was lying in his arms. What a miracle.

(Y/N)’s eyes began to tear up at her boyfriend’s affectionate look on their daughter.

“How can she be real?” She heard him mumbling under his breath, caressing the baby’s rosy cheeks.

The young woman knew how much Harry loved and longed for children. He was always the type of guy whose eyes would light up immediately once he saw or heard a baby. He wished to become a father with his whole heart and he was sure that one day it might have happened but he never imagined that “One day” would have been so soon.

Grace was actually not planned, it was frankly a big surprise for both of them when they found out that another member would join their family. Harry jumped out of his feet as he heard about the news, tears of delight ran down his cheeks. Since now and then, he never stopped to his adoration and devotion for both of his girls, even when Grace was a tiny little pea. He always slung his arms around the missus’ belly, making sure that his baby girl was still in there even though there would be nowhere where she could escape. Sometimes he had struggled with the fear that his baby wasn’t real and that everything would be a sweet dream. But whenever his hand made contact to the growing bump, he felt relief overwhelming his body.

He hadn’t still noticed (Y/N) waking up. He was so enchanted by his newborn that he had forgotten everything around him. A smile covered (Y/N)’s lips and she adjusted from her lying position to a more comfortable position, waking the young man in front of her from his trance.

His green and teary eyes instantly made contact with hers and he returned the smile she was offering to him.

“Hey.” He whispered.

“Hi.” She responded to his greeting, stretching her entire body to relax her muscles.

“How are you feeling?” Harry slowly and carefully laid the baby into its crib, then joining his lover in her hospital bed. Shifting aside, (Y/N) welcomed him with opened arms, snuggling into his side.

“I’m okay.” A yawn escaped her mouth.” Just a little bit sore and extremely tired.”

“No wonder.” Harry chuckled. “She kept you on track for almost what, twelve hours?”

“Don’t laugh.” (Y/N) said, hitting his arm lightly. “You have no idea how much pain I needed to endure to squeeze her out of me. It felt like she was tearing me apart.”

Harry put a gentle kiss on her temple, running his hands through her hair. “You’re right, I have no clue. That’s why I have a huge respect for you women. Carrying a child, going through morning sickness and sleepless nights, your body adjusting to the baby and the deliver is definitely no fun. Everybody claims men were the strongest in the world but that’s not true. You women are quite unique creatures and I really appreciate and admire you’re strength.”

“I thank you in name of all women on the whole planet.” (Y/N) smiled.

Their eyes fell upon the sleeping beauty in her crib.

“She’s wonderful isn’t she?” Harry breathed. “Thank you for giving me a baby, darling. You made me the happiest daddy in the world. I’m so proud of you.”

“I should be thanking you, Harry.” She responded, laying her head onto his chest right where his heart was beating under his skin. Listening to his heartbeat was always her favorite hobby. “I mean without you, we wouldn’t be able to create her, so thank you.”

“Do you want to hold her?” Harry inquired, his green orbs shining brightly at the thought of holding his baby girl again.

“Yes, please.”

Harry stood up to take Grace out of her crib. He laid her securely onto his arms, taking her to her mother who couldn’t wait to meet her again. She wasn’t much able to spend some time with the baby because some time after delivering her body collapsed due to exhaustion and she fell asleep for a long while. She only could nurse her little girl before sleep took over her.

“Hi, baby girl.” She cooed, as Harry handed the baby over to her. “This is mummy. I know we couldn’t get to know each other that much. But you surely had a great time with your daddy, right?”

Harry’s heart melted to the sight. Seeing his beloved girlfriend interacting with their daughter for the first time was a lovely thing to see. He took out his smart phone from his jeans pocket to take a picture. Every moment of Grace’s life had to be documented by now. To keep it as a memory forever. And Harry was very excited for the future and more experiences that he would share with his little family.

“I love you so much, Gracie. Daddy loves you so much. We’ll be a happy family, I promise.”

Harry sat beside (Y/N) again, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

“We’ll take good care of you. Even though your daddy can be very overprotective sometimes and it’ll probably bother the shit out of you-“

“Hey!” Harry interfered, slightly offended.

“-but believe me it’s all for your best. He just wants to protect you from the world which can be very dangerous and bad sometimes. All we want is for you to be safe.” She kissed the tiny head softly.

“Be a good girl for us, will you?” Harry whispered, his pointer finger poking at Grace’s nose tip. Grace squirmed in her mother’s grab, her tiny little mouth opening widely for a yawn. “So sweet, so pure.”

A gentle knock on the door interrupted the innocent family moment and a lovely nurse entered the room.

“Hello, I just came for a checkup.” She said, smiling at the new parents. “Is everything alright?”

Harry looked at the two loves of his live with adoration in his eyes.

“Yes.” He responded. “Couldn’t be better.”

My North Star (pt 8)

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A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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Meeting their family


The day of you meeting them you woke up at some insane hour of 5 in the morning and started getting ready… even though you weren’t meeting his family until noon for lunch. He woke up a couple of hours later confused as to why you weren’t beside him in bed and even your side of the bed was cold? He went off to find you on your hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. You were worried his parents wouldn’t find the floor clean enough. He was so unbelievable confused. One he kept the house clean himself because that was your system, you would do the laundry and he would do the floors and dusting. Two, his family wasn’t even coming to the apartment? Like at all. He would pull off the floor and drag you back into the bedroom telling you that it was all going to be okay. There was nothing to worry about at all. His family already loved you.

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“Jagiya I will tie you to this bed if you try and leave again before get a couple more hours of sleep.”


It was actually a surprise visit that his parents had made from Daegu. He had no idea they were going to be there until they called him and told him he was to meet them at a noodle place down the street from their hotel and to bring you. While between the two of you, you tend to be the more at ease one and often kept him from his anxious thoughts. Of course that was normally when you weren’t meeting your said boyfriend’s parents for the first time and you have NO CLEAN CLOTHES! You felt like you were in utter rags when you showed up at the noodle shop but his parents loved you. The entire time his mother doted on you Yoongi kept giving you this smug look that clearly said he was right and you had nothing to worry about.

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“Min Yoongi. Genius.”


You had actually spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Hoseok’s family. You had gotten to know them fairly well but that didn’t mean you weren’t slightly nervous when you met them in person. You and Hoseok and traveled to Gwangju for his sister’s birthday and you fretted the entire way because you just didn’t know if she would like her present or not. Hoseok diligently reminded you that it was something she had been wanting for awhile now and there was nothing to worry about because she would love anything she received from you. He was excited for you to meet his family especially his sister. That changed though when you did meet her because as soon as you two found a common interest you were thick as thieves and Hoseok kept threatening to never bring you back.

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“Hobi I’m leaving you for your sister. She at least appreciates my movie tastes”
“Y/N you watch movies about real life serial killers. There is something wrong with you both.”


It was a complete accident that you met his mother and father. Namjoon being the adorable sometimes absent minded boyfriend that he is forgot to tell you that they were arriving a day earlier than planned. Of course the reason it slipped his mind was because you had surprised him with a new outfit just for the bedroom the night before. So imagine your absolute horror when his doorbell rang and you answered it in his t shirt, hair a mess, and wearing a pair of tiny pajama shorts and there stood his parents. You recognized them from the pictures Namjoon had showed you and you were frozen in shock. Namjoon came to investigate who was at the door and you ran away literally screaming that you were sorry. He later came into the bedroom to find you fully dressed and hiding under the covers. He calmly told you that his parents found you endearing and brave to answer the door so confidently. He gave you plenty of kisses and encouragement to come back outside.

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“Baby, my mom and dad will not stop talking about how cute you sounded when you kept apologizing over and over again. I promise it’s okay.” 


Most people would be scared to meet their boyfriend’s family for the first time. Instead Jimin was the one who is worried. You knew waaaay to many stories about his predebut embarrassments and you were entirely to happy to share them with his mother. She did not need to know that wore his boxers literally threadbare! Or that he still had pair of socks he uses to this day that older than his career in BTS. But unfortunately for him you held nothing back including the stories Seokjin and Namjoon and told you.

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“So there was this one time that Jimin-ah was trying to cook rice and he accidentally-”


This boi could not of been happier the day you finally met his family. Honestly you were pretty excited too because he talked about them so much that you felt like you already knew them. Evidently the true could be same about them because when you greeted them formally his father was so confused. He didn’t understand why you were being so formal when you were practically family already. In fact he is expecting a marriage from you two soon because he needs grandchildren. This caused you to blush and stammer and then murder Taehyung with your glare when he quickly agreed that he should definitely start giving his father grandchildren.

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“Of courses Eomma and you need grandchildren! Y/N and I will start to work on that im- OW!” *The sight of your glare makes him contrite* “ I mean Y/N and I should probably discuss that first, Appa.”


You were so shy when you first met Jungkook’s family that you barely said even three words. Luckily you are dating the Golden Maknae so he made up for you shyness by keeping the conversation flowing smoothly. He was always careful to never leave you alone with them unless you were absolutely comfortable with it. It took you a couple of days into your visit before you could initiate conversation but it happened with the help of Jungkook. He always had some sort of contact with you whether it was holding your hand, his hand at the small of your back or leaning against you. He would sneak kisses to you as well because kisses always make him feel better so it should also work for you.

Originally posted by nochuie

“Hey I am proud of you doing this and I can’t love you any more than I do right now.”

This was really fun to write! Since you hadn’t specified what type of introduction you wanted with the family I tried to mix it up a bit. I hope you liked it!

Requests are currently open and waiting for your wonderful minds to give us things to write about!


My idea for an alternate ending

Before watching the finale, I thought of a scenario that would be a satisfying ending for me. I want to share what I came up with.

(Note that I’m not a writer and this would probably cause many plot holes as I don’t perfectly remember everything that happened on the show *cough* neither does Marlene *cough*. I just thought this would be a memorable finale and the story could be tweaked to suit this ending.)

The first scene would be the main group sitting together and chatting, like in the Lost Woods Resorts scene except without the unnecessary time jump (I would put the time jump after the reveal of A.D.). They could all end up having sex like in the show because fans love that blah blah.  I also wouldn’t include any “mystery” (lmao) in this scene like Mona spying on them with a Melissa mask on for no reason.

The next scene, the preparations for Ezra and Aria’s wedding begins. Now that the board game is over they want to move on with their lives. During the preparations, the liars receive a simple text message like in the old days. “I will always be with you, til death do us part. -A” the text reads (a reference to the episode title). The liars are surprised it is signed as A and they become a bit unsettled, but they come to the conclusion that it is either sent by Mona or just as a prank. They continue with the preparations, other characters interact blah blah blah.

Then the wedding day comes and the ceremony is held at the church (like it was in the show). All the girls are on the front row, where they sat in the first episode. Most other characters including Lucas, Jason, Melissa, Wren (assume they are still dating and that’s why Wren was invited), Jenna (the girls are surprised to see she is invited considering she worked for A.D. before, a parallel to how they were surprised to see her in the first episode) are there. Mona is absent.

There is a screen behind the stage, where a slide show of Aria and Ezra’s photos is playing. When all guests arrive, the ceremony begins. Aria and Ezra read their vows (written by them unlike in the show, since they are both writers…). Aria reads her vows first. Then Ezra reads his own and ends with “I will always be with you, til death do us part”, the exact same line from A’s text message. Everyone gets emotional except Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer who stare at each other in shock. Then the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Aria and Ezra kiss passionately blah blah everyone claps and Aria and Ezra walk the aisle together. As soon as they walk out the church the enterance doors close behind them and only a minute pass before everyone else realize they are locked inside.

After a few panicked moments,  the screen lights up again. It’s Aria and Ezra on the screen, in their wedding attires. Ezra is the first one to talk, saying something along the lines of “you must be wondering what’s happening” blah blah blah and he says he will explain everything. He starts his speech in a romantic manner, about how he met Aria and how much he loves her. He says their relationship is beyond love, that it’s something much more than that. Then he starts talking about A, as he/she has been a prominent  part of their lives. He talks about how A tortured the girls and it turned out to be Charlotte and how she was born as Charles Dilaurentis blah blah.

Then he reveals the real Charles Dilaurentis is not Cece a.k.a Charlotte, but himself. He says that there is only one A, the “uber” A and that it’s him. He reveals he was the A who took the game from Mona and he is also A.D. His motive for becoming A was 1) his obsession with Aria 2) to find Alison, his sister 3) that Mona being A inspired him for becoming A himself and writing a book about it. Over the time, his book became his main priority.

He reveals Cece was not the “real” A but only his minion, the Red Coat. They were really close because they are cousins and they grew up together in Radley (Ezra would later get adopted by a rich family and wouldn’t meet the liars until he becomes a teacher.). Ezra sent Cece to take the game over from Mona and Cece agreed to help because she hated the girls for causing her to get kicked out of Upenn and wanted to get revenge. They started torturing the girls together: the mastermind was Ezra while Cece did the dirty work. After a while, Cece got a little out of control and acted without Ezra’s orders because she was enjoying getting her revenge and having control over the girls’ lives. She thought Ezra was being too soft (I imagine Ezra would only play with the girls’ minds while Cece would be more violent and enjoyed causing them physical harm). Later Ezra found out and got really angry not only because she disobeyed her but also because she hurt Aria (everything terrible A did to Aria would be done by Cece and not Ezra). He threatened Cece and they came up with a deal: Cece would confess to being A and make up this story about how she is Charles. Ezra promised he would arrange that she gets released after a while. At this point, Ezra would be dating Aria, he would have found his sister Alison and most importantly he would have enough material to write his book so there was no reason left for being A and if they followed the plan, both Ezra and Cece would get away with it and noone would learn Ezra is the real Charles. (Ezra decides to publish his book post-mortem because otherwise it would basically be a confession)

Then Aria starts speaking and she says Ezra confessed to her about being A during the 5 year period before they all came back to Rosewood. She forgave Ezra over the time because he never hurt her as A (assume Aria is actually as shady as she was shown to be and not a total angel) but never told the girls about it to protect Ezra. 5 years later, Ezra arranged to have Cece released and Aria saying she doesn’t want Cece released at the hearing was just an act to prevent any suspicions. With Cece out, they thought everything had finally ended.

But shortly after Cece got released, she was murdered and Ezra became devastated and angry. Aria explains that Ezra thought one of the girls did it and he decided to become A again to torture them until someone confesses and Aria decided to help him out of love (She could say something like “I love you girls, I just love Ezra more” or sth? Sound cheesy I know haha). That’s how they became A.D. Aria explains A.D. stands for After Death (I saw this idea on Tumblr and it makes sense to me because of Cece’s death). They kept being A.D. until they learnt Mona killed Cece and that’s when they stopped the game (both in the literal and metaphorical sense). 

Then Ezra reveals that his book is finally finished and will be published soon, and that Aria is the co-author. The book is named “After Death” and he explains it’s a fitting name for the story in more ways than one: everything began with Alison’s “death” and they started working together as A.D. after Cece’s death. Then he admits they killed Mona just before the wedding as their final A act and they got revenge for Cece. After that, the screen goes black for a moment and then Ezra and Aria appears again, this time wearing black hoodies. They are both holding a gun in their hand and they explain they wanted to “leave a mark on the world” by writing the perfect book and all the characters (the guests who are watching them) including themselves are now immortal. Then they kiss before shooting each other. And it all ends where it began: The church, where the liars got their first simultaneous A text.

In the next scene, we see the rest of the liars in shock. They receive a text message saying “You wouldn’t want to miss the reception, would you? -A” (obviously this would be a scheduled message) and they reluctantly go to where the reception would take place (The Brew, I think?). They see that Ezra and Aria turned the Brew into A’s lair, with every single piece of material that they have used as A and A.D. throughout the years: All the things we saw in A’s endings are present. The liars look around and see some evidence for the things Ezra and Aria didn’t have time to explain. For example, Spencer sees that there is a photo of Melissa in the Black Widow costume and around it is evidence that she was trying to protect Spencer from A all along. Things like that (if I wrote everything I had in mind this would be thrice as long lmao). I think this would be a neat way to resolve some of the smaller mysteries to the viewers.

The next scene happens after a one year time jump. Emison has their twins, Hanna is pregnant, Spoby has gotten back together bla bla bla. Everyone is happy period. 

And the final scene we are shown is the infamous barn scene, the first scene of the entire series. The actual version of the scene ends with a close-up of Aria (you can watch it here to refresh your memory). This time, it would end with the same close-up of Aria, but instead, she would turn to the camera and make the “ssh” sign. 

Shhhh: C.G**

A/N: I know I know, I said I’d do more Lip, but this one was calling my name! I’m gonna make a list soon of the imagines I’m gonna try and write so request some!
Now onto this smut…

Warning: Sexual content, swearing etc you know the go.

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catfish 01/ park jimin

note: a little surprise I decided to make a new (short) series because I hit 600 followers and I wanted to thank you all for that, so tysm for supporting my work it means a lot to me 💕💕💕, this was actually one of my upcoming imagines and I changed it up a bit so the summary is a little different. 

anyway enjoy the story ! 

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summary: You have been talking to someone named Ji-sung for the past couple of months. Or so you thought.

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Never Forget You/Stiles Stilinski Fluff/Damon Salvatore Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Can you do imagine where the reader is dating stiles and one day she saw him cheating on her with lydia so she leaves the packs and go to mystic falls and mets elena and all then she get turned to a vampire so ahe no longer this geek nerd but this badass girl . So she goes backs to beacon hills with damon and Stefan and all them and the pack see how happy she is . Stiles see how happy she is with damon her boyfriend so the pack have a plan to get her to forgive them.

I’ll tell you this. I have no Idea what the hell this is. 


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Cadillacs and Cherry Stems

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Absolute writer’s block, but I still managed to churn it out! Requests are always welcome. Just message me. Lol, love y’all❣️ .xx ~ Ryn

Words: 2,722

Warnings: None, other than insecure Pete (aww ): )

You didn’t notice the way he looked at you. 

When you were lost in class, inking blue pen into your hand, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you because your concentration was so alluring – you were oblivious. Or when he took the long way home, trading 25 minutes for a mere three seconds of catching your eyes looking back at his – you had no clue. Peter Parker was entranced by you – your quirkiness, your intelligence, and he wanted nothing more than to say just one word to you – at least one. He wanted more than those three seconds every day; he wanted to wave, or smile, or talk, or get lost in eternal conversation. He wanted to know what your favorite food was, and he wanted to ask you what songs were always drumming through that head of yours. He wanted to know what your hair smelled like, and why you never paid any thought in English class. Above all, he wanted you to want to know him, too. It was crazy, mad even, but he was desperate. And his desperation was killing him. He couldn’t say anything to you, though, because he was just him, and genius or not, you deep-fried his brain. He may be Spider-Man, but without that mask, it was all just a facade. He couldn’t be witty or courageous. Without the red and blue to camouflage his self-doubt and insecurities, he was just Peter Parker, and no amount of superhuman strength would change that. So he kept walking the extra mile and three quarters just for three seconds – end of story. That was until the day the sirens rang like a deafening blast through his heightened ears, and he stopped watching where he was going, and you, too, were deafening yourself with the consistent beat of your music. The collateral reaction came like a flash of light, because the same three seconds he lived for became the three seconds in which your story began. You crashed like two bullets, cherry red coating your clothes. 

“O-oh my gosh. Are you okay? I-I’m so sorry…” Peter felt like he’d been struck by lighting, because you were doing that thing you always did to him just by walking on the same side walk. This was not how he had planned on meeting you. 

“I’m fine.” You had had it with the world today. Now wearing your milkshake, you were starting to convince yourself of life’s boundless ability to wreak havoc on you. Peter, at this time, was also convincing himself of this very same thing, but with more emphasis on blaming himself. 

“Really, it’s my fault. I-I got distracted… stupid…” He started mumbling to himself, and a kind of guilt washed over you, as you looked up at his contemplating face. You placed a reassuring hand on Peter’s shoulder, and gave your best attempt at making a friend,

“It’s okay, Peter. I was pretty distracted, too.” His head snapped up at his name leaving your lips – a name he was sure you didn’t know. 

“Y-you know my name?” He looked like a blubbering fish out of water, and the naivety running around in his eyes made an unfamiliar feeling bubble up in your gut. A small smile tempted to form on your mouth, and suddenly you’d forgotten all about your sticky clothes and abhorrent day. 

“Duh. We’re in like, what, four classes together, and you’re kind of like the school Einstein… You’re hard not to notice.” You suddenly felt awkward, as you noticed your hand still lingering on Peter’s shoulder, and he surely did, too. His heart was about to burst, and if he wasn’t an ace at keeping his cool before, he surely wasn’t now. 

“W-wow, um, yeah… Okay, so uh, okay.” He managed to cough out before forming a small coherent sentence.

“Well, there’s, uh, not much I can do about your wrecked clothes – which I’m like, really sorry about, really – but I can get you a new drink…? I mean, i-if you want. We can go right now, actually. I’m not doing anything. That’s stupid, you probably have a life and are doing something. Are you doing anything? I’d really like to get you a new drink, because I feel super bad… Not like a date though! I-I –” 



“Cherry.” A small smile was considering showing itself on his lips, but it didn’t need to because his eyes were saying enough for the both of you.

“Do you like Sonic?”

Hours later after the endeavor that was only supposed to consist of a hop to sonic, skip to order, and a jump back home, you and Peter found yourselves lost in that eternal conversation that he’d been wishing on a star for and the one you never knew you desired to have. 

“So, Coldplay, huh?” It was amazing to you how Peter’s blockade of awkward geek piece by piece cracked away until this funny, kind, sarcastic boy had blossomed – a guy you never knew existed. 

“Who doesn’t like Coldplay?” He sent you a laughing touché as he shook his hair out of his eyes, realizing that every little detail about you was more perfect than he’d imagined them all to be. Surrealism was floating all around him, and he just couldn’t figure out what to do with himself. He refused to think about the end of the night – he blocked out what would happen when you went to school the next day, and he pushed away the thoughts and knowing of his once again invisibility in your eyes – when he went back to being the dork, the geek, the loser. 

“Peter?” He pulled himself away from his incessant self-berating to look over at you.

“Sorry, what?” You rolled your eyes at what you thought to be a typical act of a boy, not listening, unbeknownst to you the thoughts going through Peter’s head. You sighed and smiled anyway.

“I said, have you ever tried to tie a cherry stem with your tongue?” A blazing fire instantaneously began blotching itself along Peter’s cheeks, as you began to realize the gravity of the question you’d asked, and a light pink hazed over your normal color, and you choked on the last sip of your Cherry milkshake.

“That’s, uh, not what I meant Peter. I’ve heard it does mean you’re a good kisser, though.” He belched out an uncomfortable laugh. He never, ever – like ever – expected to be having this conversation, especially not with you. He didn’t have any idea what to say, but he figured he couldn’t be any bigger of a moron.

“Uh, I, uh, wouldn’t know… and no, I’ve never tried.” You questioningly gazed up at him, somewhat shocked at what you were sure his answer couldn’t be. Had he never kissed anyone? You found the idea outrageous, yet the perpetual innocence of the idea charmed you, and you couldn’t help but find yourself slowly falling into a spell Peter didn’t even know he was casting on you.

“Have you.. never kissed anyone?” You instantly regretted pursuing your question, as a look of embarrassment imbedded itself on the sweet boy’s face. You wanted nothing more than to tell him that it was okay, and it was all artificial – all so manufactured – unless you really loved the person anyway, but he caught words before you could.

“Yeah, um… I haven’t. But I’ll try the cherry stem.” You could tell he wanted to change the subject, and he made it pretty obvious, too, so you did your best to push it aside, plaster a new feeling in the air as you dug around for the cherry in your now empty cup and popped out its stem. You took Peter’s hand, but the second you touched his skin, you had to stop– if only for a mere and brief moment – to feel the electricity that surged through your veins, all the way to your heart, before placing the stem in his palm. 

“Here you go hot shot. Now come on, there’s a place I want to show you.” 

Since you’d grabbed his hand, Peter had had trouble not sounding like he was speaking Greek, and he wasn’t sure if it was because the cherry stem was still rolling around in his mouth, or because he was just truly that retarded. You were questioning your own genuine intentions of your decision of grabbing his hand, rather than just handing the stem to him, and Peter was still stuck on the fact that you touched his hand at all. 

“Are we, uh, you know, like, at there, or there? Or like, the place, is that…?” He felt like smashing his face into a tornado of bricks, and you couldn’t help but snort.

“Yeah, look.” Peter turned his gaze just in front of him, rather than your Y/H/C hair that had blown strands in front of your eyes and he was really wanting to tuck behind your ear (ugh, what is he, a 1993 RomCom?). You had found yourselves standing in front of a rusty gate that looked close to the end of its life, yet it was still standing, dutifully guarding a vast expanse of junk yard as if it were a sparkling castle. Peter glanced down at you, at the childlike smile adorning you face, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling, too.

“Well, come on then.” You tugged at his jacket sleeve in anticipation.

“Uh, Y/N, it’s uh… locked. Doesn’t that mean this is trespassing?” You gave him a sarcastic eyebrow raise as you adored his ‘goody-two-shoes’ act.

“Oh, my dear Peter, that’s the fun part.” He looked at you wide eyed, questioning your sanity, but then unquestioning it because it was your demeanor of rebelliousness that had always drawn him to you in the first place. You held your breath before letting out a loose laugh that danced through his ears, better than any music he’d ever heard. 

“I’m just kidding. It’s abandoned. Has been for 5 years now.” He let out a long breath before slowly nodding, now questioning his own sanity for trusting you – something he surely couldn’t help doing, anyway. As you both slipped through the crack in the gate, you guided them to a car far in the back. It stood proud on a hill – the king of the yard – its pawns guarding it in the valley below. Finally reaching the top, you huffed and turned around, facing Peter and promoting him to follow you and clamor to an unsteady, yet sturdy and dented roof. 

“Uh, Y/N. This is a Cadillac.”

“A 1952 Cadillac.”, you pointed a correctional finger at Peter, who was slowly sitting himself down next to you, pulling his knees up to his chest in the approaching nightfall. 

“Aren’t these, like, really expensive?”

“Oh, very. But not Lucy, here. She’s too beaten, too abandoned. Nobody cares or even knows she’s here” He laughed at you and you glowered your eyes.

“Mr. Parker, are you laughing at abuse?” He raised both eyebrows and looked over to you.

“Oh absolutely not. I’m making fun of the fact that you named it Lucy.”

Her.” You shoved his arm, and a clearly fabricated look of pain filled his eyes, making another one of those unfamiliar feelings grace you with its presence. You didn’t want to acknowledge your crazy ideas, but you couldn’t help but admit to yourself the way the boy who asked you questions no one else cared to know, and the boy who you’d never once spoken to unquestioningly treated you like he’d known you his whole life was making you feel. Your feelings were cut off in the middle of their realization when Peter’s eyes widened and he promptly opened his mouth and rolled out his tongue in which a cherry stem was lying, surely enough in a loop. Your mouth hung open as you slowly started to laugh.

“Unbelievable. I’ve been trying to do that for years! Like I said earlier though, you know what the fact that you can do that means.“ You wiggled your eyebrows in a wavy motion at the boy, and with your everlasting eccentric behavior, Peter was grounded, as a sudden and pleading urge to put his lips on yours overcame him. He was mortified by his own feelings and was sure the internal sweat he was feeling was showing through his eyes. He was petrified, but all the same he was angry – truly angry. His whole life he’d been the good kid. He did his homework, always came home on time, focused on family and school, and yes, it made him happy, but it also made him hate his inability to do otherwise. His whole life he’d been too afraid to live it. Maybe once, maybe just this once, he could convince himself to be more like you – more like the girl he’d admired since he’d set his eyes on her. Maybe once he could be Spider-Man without the camouflage. And in the moment of sitting on this hill, staring at the lights of New York City, his life for once seemed like a movie, and he was the guy who wasn’t afraid to kiss the girl. Ending the constant questioning of the rationality of what he was about to do, he started leaning toward you, praying against your rejection. You noticed instantly, and internally thanked the world around you for his seeming ability to read your mind. But the nearer he drew, the shallower yours and his breath became. Having remembered he’d told you he had never kissed anyone, sudden thoughts flooded his mind, a centimeter away from your lips, foreheads touching. He wasn’t good enough. He was too chicken. He was Peter Parker. Spider-Man wasn’t real; he was a mask – an idea. His breath hitched, and his eyes squeezed shut at his idiocy. Stupid. Insecure. Unrealistic. Somehow, in a way you didn’t know, you knew exactly what was beating through Peter’s mind. You knew apprehension in someone when you saw it. You knew self-deprivation. 

“Peter…” He still had his eyes closed when he hesitantly replied,

“Yes…” He was almost inaudible, but his breaking confidence was loud and clear.

“What are you so afraid of?” You just barely breathed it out, but you didn’t want anything to scare him from telling you the truth. He stiffened, both of your eyes still closed. It may have been the most intimate moment you and he had ever experienced in your lives. Everything felt so raw; you could feel Peter’s vulnerability as if it were your own. You could cut the silence with a knife, and it was only Peter’s voice that ripped through it.

“That-that I’m not good enough, especially not for someone like you. I make so many mistakes, Y/N – more than you may ever know. An-and I don’t know how to do this. I’m afraid of myself sometimes.” You lifted your eyelids, the tenderness of the moment hanging by a thread.

“Being honest Peter, I don’t know much about you. I don’t know your story – your past – but what I do know is that you care enough to ask me the little things about myself. Without even asking you paid to buy me an entire new shake, even though us colliding was half my fault. I also know just by looking at your eyes, there’s this-this light. You have such a big heart, and believe me when I tell you, you’re good enough.” Still leaning his forehead on yours, Peter let out a raspy laugh and a small nod, all of which you heard and felt rather than saw. 

“Okay?” You were desperately hoping what you said could at least help him in some way, the way he had helped turn your day around. He opened his eyes fully to look at yours.

“Okay.” {sorry not sorry John Green😂 } And then he kissed you. It happened so drudgingly slow at first, but it quickly caught up with the pace of both of your hearts. Peter officially was lost is a world he thought didn’t exist, barely managing to process the events of the entire day while you pulled at the back of his neck, he pulled at your lips and placed his hands on your waist. It was something that you both needed – something you both wanted. It was a kiss that you both made sure the other knew you never wanted to end. 

Where did you go?

Michael x reader

I am so sorry this is so long and rambly but i looooove it. Michael leaves reader to deal with an abortion by herself and she comes back to small heath with or without a baby ;)

He would be home in a few minutes and you were unbelievably nervous to tell him that you were pregnant. He’d be a great dad, but it wasn’t the baby that worried you. It was you. Recently Michael had been doing more and more “business” with his cousins. He would never tell you what was troubling him, you would barely talk at all anymore. You saw each other a couple times a week, each time you’d hope he’d take you out or stay longer than an hour for sex. That never seemed to happen though. He wasn’t the Michael you fell in love with a year ago. He was a different person altogether. That’s when the door slammed open.
“What the hell is so urgent we have to meet now? I have places to be (Y/N). You look fine what do you want?” The tone in his voice made you want to cry, maybe you shouldn’t tell him. You swallowed the lump in your throat and stepped back from him.
“I’m pregnant”
“Well shit.” There were a few moments of silence you didn’t know what he was thinking but he was definitely thinking.
“I can get the money for your abortion to you tonight on my way to the garrison” This was the moment your heart broke, you let the tears brim over.
“No.” You whispered feeling absolutely crushed.
“Yes. You’re not keeping it don’t be so ridiculous.” He started to walk to the door but turned round on his heels.
“If you get it done before, I’ll be over on Thursday for an hour or so.”
“Are you fucking joking Michael.”
“I’m not your bloody whore.” This made Michael laugh under his breath before looking you dead in the eyes.
“Well, what are you then?”
“Get out of my fucking house. Get out!” And with that he walked out the door slamming it behind him. You slumped to the ground sobbing. There was no light in his eyes anymore he wasn’t the man you once knew. You cried for hours until you eventually fell asleep. When you woke up the next morning you went through to the kitchen. On your table was an envelope with the money Michael had promised you. And all of a sudden you were no longer sad just angry, you had so much rage. You packed your suitcase and phoned your mum telling her you were leaving for London and she could do whatever she wanted with the flat. She begged you to stay but nothing was keeping you hear having to see his face every day. You slammed the door behind you and walked to the train station ready to leave small Heath behind you.

A couple days later after Michael had come home from his bender. He’d had a good sleep and earful from Polly about being stupid and going out drinking for days he remembered his conversation with (Y/N). He drove from Pols country house to (Y/N)’s flat in small Heath.
“(Y/N)! Open up! Listen I’m sorry let me in!” He got quite the shock when (Y/N)’s mum opened up the door.
“Michael, didn’t she tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“She’s gone.” And with that, his heart sank.
“What do you mean? Gone where?”
“London I believe, she said she needed to get away for a while, I’m sorry.”

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pieannamay  asked:

Shieldshock prompt: Darcy and Steve get trapped together somewhere.

It was an unusual situation of epic proportions.

There were aliens, yes. There was a Hulk, yes. There was fighting and screaming, yes. And yet Darcy had no idea how she had ended up trapped beneath a building with Captain America of all people. One minute, she had been panic-running to the exit, herding others before her like the saint she secretly was, and the very next minute something (or rather, someone) had burst through the glass window and a bomb had exploded. Now buried beneath all the rubble with an unconscious superhero sprawled on top of her, it was hard to decide whether he had jumped in to save the civilians or whether someone had pushed him through the window and then tried to bomb them all.

It was just her luck that she was right in his trajectory and that he had basically stopped her from getting crushed by wrapping his body around her and taking the brunt of all the falling debris. She was grateful to him but her head hurt and she was pretty sure she had sprained her ankle due to the fall, so excuse her for being a little scared and uncomfortable.

“Hey, wake up,” she wheezed, poking the prone body on top of her. Both his arms were caging her head and his masked face was buried in her hair, breathing steadily against her neck. “Dude, come on. You’re really heavy.”

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167: Relapse.

Contains self-harm and eating disorder references.

Harry: You sit at the window seat, waiting for his arrival. You hadn’t seen Harry since you had been admitted to the psychiatric ward. Your doctors and therapists had had various meetings, recommending that, as you needed to get better for yourself and not for anyone else, visitors were not permitted at the beginning of your recovery. Phone calls were all you could rely on, and sure enough, with the limited time you had, Harry always answered his phone to speak to you, and he would occasionally phone the ward himself in the hope to speak to you. You grin from ear to ear when you see his figure entering the building, and Harry is sure from the distance, he can see it’s you sitting at the window box. He enters the building, and is asked to empty his pockets. “Can you remove your belt as well please, sir” the security guard asks him. Harry frowns, confused at the statement, but obliges nonetheless. He watches the article of clothing being placed in a plastic bag and is removed from his view. “Precaution” the security guard murmurs, looking at Harry’s furrowed brows. He nods, still confused. He notices the security guard checking his shoes before giving him a quick nod and allowing him through. “You’ll get it back at the end” your voice pipes up, referring to the belt he had to remove, skipping towards him. You throw yourself into his arms and he wraps his own so tightly around you. “It’s ok. It’s so as I don’t do anything stupid” you whisper, still referring to the belt. No sharp objects in case I cut, and nothing I can hang myself with, such as belts or shoelaces” you try to make it lighthearted, but his stomach lurches at just the thought of any one object being able to be used to hurt yourself, and the fact that you would know how to cause your body damage. After a cuddle and a few short kisses, you lead Harry into the scenic gardens, taking a seat at one of the tables. “How are you?” you ask him and he chuckles slightly, almost nervous. “I think I should be asking you that” he smiles. “You look better” he acknowledges. It was true, you look healthier having gained a little more weight and the cuts on your wrists were healing nicely, but both you and Harry knew it would take a lot more to get to where you needed to be. “Thanks” you murmur, blushing slightly. “I know it will be at least a few weeks until they even consider me going home, but honestly Harry, things are going to change. I am going to work so hard when I’m back. I’m going to keep going to therapy sessions, and I’m going to follow the meal plan I’ve been given. I’ve even been helping to cook some meal as part of my recovery” you smile. Harry smiles, and whilst he knows you have so much work to do, he’s happy that you’re getting better. Running a hand over the back of his head and ruffling his hair, he pipes up. “I’ve been seeing someone too, darling. So as when you do come home, I know how to help you and support you. This is a massive learning curve for us both and it’s not going to be easy, but we have each other, and that’s the most important thing, yeah?”

Liam: He’s finished a long day in the studio, his mind having constantly wandered elsewhere. You had been acting strange recently and he couldn’t put his mind at ease or figure out what was wrong with you. Entering the apartment, he calls your name. No answer. Calling your name again, you reply with a shaky, yet agitated, voice. “Two minutes, Liam!” Sighing heavily, he enters the kitchen. Delving into his pockets, he empties the contents before lifting the bin lid to dispose of them. His stomach lurches as he sees various empty food wrappers in the bin, his heartbeat pounding against his chest. Quickly going through them, he sees wrappers for sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps, just to name a few. Whilst your bulimia had played a huge part in your life, affecting both you and Liam, you had begun the recovery stage, with various hospital visits and counselling sessions, and with Liam’s help, things had got better. He knew relapses happen, and he had never forgotten that this situation had been experienced far too many times by you both. He could only hope his worst fears hadn’t come true as he begins to fear that this is another binge and purge episode. As fast as his feet can carrying him, he runs to the bathroom, barging through the unlocked door. As he expects, you’re hunched over, emptying the contents of your stomach. He gasps, reacting quickly to the situation. “Babe, that’s enough” he exclaims, pulling you away from the porcelain bowl. Tears are streaming down your face, your fingers are red, and there’s even a little blood on them. Pulling you into his chest, he presses kisses to your hair as you shake your head. “I wasn’t done Liam, I’m gonna get fat” you cry, trying desperately to pull out of his grasp and finish your intended job. He wraps his arms around you tightly, restraining your petite body. “Shh, shh” he whispers softly, reassuring you. “You’re ok, darling” he murmurs, ignoring the topic of weight to avoid more distress. “I’ve got you, baby. You’re ok, we’re gonna be ok.” Tears stream down his cheeks as he holds you, rocking your body gently. “Shh, shh, shh” he whispers in an attempt to calm you down. The sounds around you both are quiet, but they seem to reverberate; the water running from the tap which was used to prevent Liam from hearing your forced vomiting, your strangled cries into Liam’s chest, as well as the occasional sniffle, and Liam’s heartbeat which is pounding in his chest. He continues to hold you, soothing you softly as he pulls out his phone, ready to punch in the number of your therapist. He just wants you to be better. To be happy and healthy. And he knows that he’ll continue to do whatever it takes to get his girl back.

Louis: You stare down at your bandaged wrists and you can hear Louis faffing around outside at the boot of the car, taking much longer than needed to put your bag in there. You jump slightly when the door suddenly clicks open and he climbs into the drivers side. Without saying a word, he puts the key in the ignition and begins driving. You spend most of the car journey staring out of the window, sitting in silence whilst watching passers-by going about their busy lives. When the car comes to a halt outside your shared apartment, you’re surprised that Louis doesn’t immediately unbuckle his seatbelt and jump out the vehicle. Instead, he sighs heavily, one hand skimming his face and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Dammit, (Y/N)!” he exclaims. “Relapses happen, but fuck, I could have lost you. You’ve never cut so badly before” he cries, finally expressing his emotions that he’s built up for a few days now. He turns to look at you but you hang your head shamefully, picking at the cuticles on your nails and biting your lip as tears pool in your eyes. “Do you have any idea what it was like?” he asks in a strangled cry. “I thought you’d left me. I thought you were dead.” Taking your wrists in his hand, he gently massages the bandages covering the various cuts and scars. “There was so much blood” he whispers, more to himself as his mind wanders back to the night he had found you unconscious on the floor of the bathroom, blood covering almost every surface. His reactions had been quick as he rocked your limp body and dialled for an ambulance, occasionally begging you not to leave him. “I’m sorry” you finally whisper, your eyes meeting his. He quickly shakes his head and uses the back of his hand to wipe away his own tears. Silence fills the car, both of you wandering into your own thoughts. “Where are they?” he asks gently. Ever since you had been admitted to hospital, Louis had barely left you. He hadn’t had time to raid the apartment for the tools that caused this much damage. You knew that once you step inside, he’ll take extreme measures, just as he has done in the past. Blades and razors would be hidden, knives would be removed from the drawers and kept locked somewhere only he had access to. “My purse” you whisper. He nods gently, swallowing the lump in his throat. He had forgotten that this illness could make you a master of deception; hiding objects and telling lies in order to keep your secret so hidden from the people that love you most. “This isn’t a fuck up, (Y/N). Please don’t think otherwise. Like I said, relapses happen and that’s a part of recovery” he whispers softly, tears subsiding as he runs a hand over the back of your head, entwining your loose strains of hair in his fingers. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get you better again, ok? We’ll go back to therapy sessions for however long you need, I’ll pay for them” he quickly adds. “And we’ll do this together, yeah?”

Niall: Being weeks into therapy sessions and recovery, and finally gaining weight, you should have known that relapse was just around the corner. Everything had been getting better for you. Niall had supported you in your eating disorder, attending some therapy sessions where he was allowed to, and he even paid for you to get the help you needed. But the paparazzi were always commenting and releasing articles. When your anorexia was first diagnosed and you were hospitalised, paparazzi had lingered outside the hospital upon your release, waiting for a statement from either you or Niall. Neither of you gave them the satisfaction and so the media just speculated about your weight loss, but the headlines could be hurtful and thoughtless. This time was no different as you recollect earlier in the week the article that you had seen in the newsstand, focussing on your weight gain, causing your relapse. “Babe?” Niall calls, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti carbonara?” he asks for the second time. You shrug. “I really don’t mind, Niall” you tell him. “I’m not too hungry actually, I met up with my sister and had a big lunch” you force a smile, quickly mustering up a lie. “Oh ok” he murmurs. “You didn’t say?” he questions. You smile once again, your knee bouncing slightly as you sit on the sofa comfortably. “It was pretty last minute, actually” you lie again. Through your years of suffering, you had become a master of deception and was able to cover your tracks so well regarding your eating patterns, but when your condition became clear, it was obvious to many people that you had become so good at lying. He frowns and you offer him a quick smile before turning away. “So she’s back then?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “Only according to her Instagram, she was still in Spain on holiday this morning” he tells you, folding his arms, and you know you’ve been caught out. “So unless you have a secret sister that I know nothing about, you didn’t go out for lunch with her today.” Chewing your lip softly, you silently scold yourself for not checking her holiday dates accurately. “We’re not doing this again (Y/N). I’m not going through it again, I can’t” he tells you, coming to kneel in front of you. “The last time I watched you self-destruct, you had starved yourself almost virtually to death and you were lying to everyone who loves you and wants to help you” he murmurs softly, skimming his thumbs over your knees. He closes his eyes, sighing deeply as his mind wanders to darker and unhappier times where he was begging you to eat, begging doctors to help you, and watching your distress when you were forcefully tube fed. “Hey” you whisper softly, holding his head in your hands and cupping his cheeks. “I’m not going back there” you reassure him as you know what vision is clouding his mind. “I’m never going to be that person again. I don’t want to be. I’m much healthier and happier now. I just” you sigh, chewing your lip nervously. “Sometimes, I need to push myself to go to therapy sessions. I need to talk about social media and news articles and how it affects us. I promise, i’m going to open up more in my sessions, ok? I don’t want to lose you either and I know that could happen if I don’t get better” you smile softly. He nods. “You’ll never lose me, darling. But please, come to me, talk to your therapist. Just talk. No secrets. No lies. I love you too much to lose you to this shitty illness.”

Zayn: He sits you on the kitchen side, silence filling the room as he reaches for the first aid box. Taking out what he needs, he places everything on the side. Cutting the bandages to size, he quickly removes the scissors from your sight and reach. You lower your head in shame and embarrassment as you realise that Zayn doesn’t even trust you around sharp objects in his presence. “I thought we were doing well” he whispers, almost in question as he rips open the anti-septic wipe. “This will sting, darling” he informs you, something he used to tell you regularly when your self harming was a daily occurrence. Whilst you tried to keep it from him, he had always known when something wasn’t right, and he wanted to be the one to reassure you and comfort you and clean your wounds. You remain silent, replaying the events of the evening. You had left Zayn asleep in bed and whilst you tossed and turned, stress overcame you almost like a darkness. Having dealt with family problems, stress at work and experiencing struggles with your coursework the past week, everything had become too much and after six months of recovering, you relapsed, taking a blade to your wrists and cutting continuously. You hadn’t heard Zayn awake and stand outside the bathroom door. He knew you were taking far too long and he had opened the unlocked door as the blade came into contact with your skin again. “No no no no” he had gasped out, snatching the silver object away from you. The rest was a blur which resulted in you now being on the kitchen side with Zayn tending to your injuries. “I know you’ve been under a lot of stress recently, but I want you to come and talk to me first, before things get this bad again” he tells you, snapping you out of your thoughts. “(Y/N)? Please say something, darling” he begs as he sets everything down. You stare at your bandaged wrists, tears pooling your eyes as you choke on a sob. “I’m sorry, Zayn. I’m so, so sorry. I don’t deserve you. You’re so good to me and I’m just a huge fuck up” you cry. He shakes his head, wrapping his arms around you and helping you jump down. He pulls you into him, pressing kisses to your hair. “No darling, you’re not. You are so, so strong and unfortunately, the coping mechanisms you choose aren’t healthy. And that’s what we’re going to try and change, yeah? And one day, we will. Remember the list we made? All the distractions we came up with? One day, instead of doing this” he whispers, picking up your wrist and pressing a kiss to the material covering the fresh cuts, “you’ll find something else to help you cope. Until then, we’re just gonna keep trying, ok? If that means more therapy, then that’s what we’ll do. If it means me hiding every sharp object in the house, that’s what we’ll do. And I’m here, I’m going to be here every step of the way and supporting you. I love you so much and I can’t lose you, not to something like this, beautiful.”