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Group/Member: BTS/Hoseok

Words: 1171

Genre/Warnings: MAJOR FLUFF, the maknae line being little shits

Summary: Y/N goes on a camping trip with the boys and keeps ending up stuck next to her crush

Request: anonymous

A/N: I have been so excited for this scenario since I got the request!!! This idea was so cute and I really enjoyed working on it!! I hope everyone enjoys this!!

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As soon as you hear the knock on your apartment door, you jump up from your spot on the couch. You run all the way to the door, taking a few seconds to compose yourself and calm your breath before opening it to reveal the sun in your life. “Hi, Hobi!” You peer around him to see that the rest of the hall is empty. “Where are the others?”

“They’re outside arranging our luggage to make sure there’s enough room for yours. They sent me to get you.” He says, much quieter than he normally is, and smiles shyly.

“Oh, okay. Just let me grab my stuff and we can go.”

“I’ll help.” He offers, stepping inside your apartment. As you grab your handbag, he grabs your suitcase and turns away, walking out before you even get the chance to thank him. You walk quickly in order to catch up to him before he makes it to the elevator. The ride is filled with an awkward silence, not that it’s any different as you are always awkward around Hobi. When you finally work up enough courage to say something to him, the elevator dings and the doors open, making Hoseok quickly leave the small space.

By the time you’ve caught up to him again, he’s already at the van, putting your suitcase in the back. “Y/n!!” Jimin pulls you into a hug. “We’ve missed you!” He pulls back, giving you his famous eye smile. “Are you ready for this weekend getaway?”

“Of course! I haven’t been camping in forever!” You climb into the van, sitting in the front row. You were expecting Jimin to take the seat next to you, so you were filled with surprise when he went to the row behind you to sit next to Taehyung. You looked behind you at the maknae line in confusion only for that confusion to increase as the three of them smirk at you. You turn back just as Hoseok climbs into the van. You can see him visibly tense up when he realizes the only spot left is next to you. He slightly shakes his head, as if shaking away a thought, before sitting next to you and buckling himself in.

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And Everybody Wanna Taste [oak x reader] [NSFW]

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Requested?: yes m’am! “Your writing is sooooo good! It’s rare to find a good smut writer, and you are great! Can I request some Oak smut, please? Reader is jealous of his new co-star because they play love interests. She finally breaks down and admits her jealousy after a night out drinking with a group that includes the co-star. They get home & he shows his dominate side to prove to her that he belongs to her. There’s just not enough Oak fics! Thank you!”

Summary: After hanging around set and soaking in the experience of watching your love do what he loves, you’re startled by the jealousy that blooms in your chest when watching Oak interact with a new costar- one that conveniently plays his love interest, a role you’re used to filling in Oak’s life. Needless to say, Oak brings out your dom/sub roles (see what I did there??) once alone and squashes your doubt.

Includes: all o’ dat sinny sin sin hunnies (a touch of daddy kink but not a ton, mega dirty talk, some dom/sub dynamics etc etc)

A/N: i made myself turned on while writing this?? goddamn sami u need to chill. also, I added in the (fictionalized) role of dolley madison to the show in this fic, as I figured she’d be the best direct love interest for oak to have in the show since he not only plays madison, but dolley and eliza were friendsies irl. hope that makes sense! sometimes you gotta take a bit of creative license

“Babe, you ready to head to the theatre?”

Oak’s deep voice rolled through the apartment you two shared, washing over you as you slipped a paperback into your bag. You doubt you’d need it, considering you were looking forward to watching Oak work with his craft, but you liked to come prepared.

“Yup, ready when you are!” you called back to him, where he was presumably doing the same as you and getting ready for the afternoon at work.

Oak walked out of your bedroom, bag in tow, and took your hand in his as you walked through the door, locking it behind the two of you.

As you walked to the sub station, you swung your connected hands back and forth. “So, you nervous for working with the new actors?” 

Oak shook his head, swiping a metropass through the turnstile. “Nah. Mainly just nervous for the scenes involving Dolley and James interacting, since that’ll really be my only serious interaction with any of the newbies onstage.”

Previously, a close friend of yours had played the role of Dolley, an instance you had no problem with. You trusted your friend with your whole heart, plus she was a mutual friend between both you and Oak. You’d always been content in the knowledge that absolutely no feelings were shared between the two of them.

But the reminder that someone new would be getting up close and personal with your boyfriend hit you in the face. When Oak had originally told you the first time, it hadn’t quite sunk in, since both Oak and your friend had been fixtures of the Hamilton cast since the beginning of the show. But now, confronted with watching the first practice between Oak and some random new girl, you weren’t quite sure how to feel.

You bit your lip nervously before replying, “I’m sure you’ll do fine babe.”

Oak, not noticing your tension, squeezed your hand softly and gave you a warm smile of thanks in reply.

“Also, I almost forgot, most of the cast is going out for drinks tonight to welcome the new castmembers, and of course you’re invited with the other significant others, so are you down for that?” 

Your stomach dropped slightly. Great. Drinks, likely in some sweaty club with a big crowd and loud music, were a perfect opportunity for new-Dolley to wedge her way into Oak’s personal life.

You shook your head, thinking, God Y/N, have a little faith, will ya?, before replying brightly, “Sure, I’d love to meet everyone!” as the subway car stopped at the correct station.

Oak returned a smile as the two of you stepped off the train and headed for the Richard Rogers. 

“OAKKK!” Daveed bellowed as soon as the two of you were backstage.

You rolled your eyes, chuckling, as you commented, “You guys saw each other yesterday.

Daveed turned to you after finishing an intense bro-hug with Oak, “What? Not my fault you’re always stealin my man. Can’t I be happy to see him?”

You laughed as you headed out to your favorite seat in front of the stage. It was smack in the center, a few rows back, giving you prime vantage point to see your boyfriend and his friends and colleagues work their magic.

Unfortunately, it also gave you prime viewing of new-Dolley, as you’d mentally nicknamed her.

She was gorgeous, with hair flowing like a river as she moved in tandem with Oak during the scenes involving James and Dolley. Lac’s music wrapped the room in warmth, only elevating the mounting jealousy you could feel bubbling up inside. They moved so perfectly together, hips swaying, arms wrapped around each other, deep looks into each others’ eyes. 

Halfway through rehearsal, you couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing your bag, you sped up the aisle to the public restrooms, not wanting to get snagged backstage. 

Once surrounded by the porcelain tiles, you splashed cool water onto your face, willing yourself silently to calm down. You know he’s not going to cheat on you or anything of the sort, you thought, so why so jealous of the other girl? Deep down however, you knew. Whether you liked it or not, and whether Oak believed it or not, the girl was hot. She was slim and trim and graceful and part of his profession and-


You turned to face Pippa, who was silhouetted in the doorway. 

“Oh, uh, yeah?” You discreetly glanced at your watch, having lost track of time.

A warm smile crossed her face as she beckoned to you. “C’mon, we’re all heading out for drinks now, I hope you’re coming with!” 

You managed a weak smile in return and followed her to climb in the Uber with Daveed, Lin, Oak, and Renee. 

Once at the bar, Lin opened up a tab, boisterous as ever, shouting, “Let’s get this party started and show our new members how Hamilton rolls!”

You rolled your eyes, smiling as you joined Oak and a few others at a high table. Lin was so energetic that to those who didn’t know him well, he likely already seemed drunk despite being entirely sober.

A voice pulled you out of your thoughts, asking, “Yo, Y/N, you want some shots?”

You turned to find Rafa standing next to you, and grinnned. “Rafael Casal, what are you doing here?”

Rafa lazily replied, jerking a thumb in Daveed’s direction, “Well, Diggs can’t get a girl, so I’m his S.O. for the night. You want some Jack?”

You nodded your head at the dirty blonde, desperately wanting the feel of Jack Daniels slipping down your throat to distract you from your self-imposed misery.

Across the table, Oak and new-Dolley were engaged in conversation, heads close together. You dug your nails into your palm, trying to placate your rising acidity.

Dammit, where was Rafa with those shots?

After several minutes of tension and attempting to tear your eyes away from Oak and his castmate, Rafael returned with a small tray, with four shotglasses neatly balanced on the shiny surface.

You quirked an eyebrow. “Four?”

He smirked at you. “Two each. You need to loosen up or you’ll scare off new-Dolley.”

You stuck your tongue out at your friend. He knew you all too well.

Linking arms, you each grabbed for a shotglass and knocked it back, grinning at each other as the amber liquid burned and then subsided into a satisfying warmth.

Pippa and Jazz, seated cattycorner to the two of you, chanted playfully, “More! More! More!” 

Not wanting to disappoint, you and Rafa pulled a party trick you’d both perfected in college- balancing a shotglass on the tip of your pinky at just the right angle for it to pour into the other’s mouth. 

Pippa and Jazzy cheered at the display, clearly tipsy, before pulling your onto the dancefloor. For a while, you completely forgot about your boyfriend and your worries about his hot new costar, getting lost in the beat with two of your wildest friends. 

After many fast-paced songs, you decided to go for a break and returned to the table to rest. Upon arrival, you noticed that Oak and new-Dolley were still cozied up, and you leaned an elbow on the table, chin in your palm, observing the avant-garde modern art on the walls of the bar and directing your thoughts anywhere but in front of you.

“Um, Y/N?”

You shook your head slightly, clearing your eyes, and turned to find none other than new-Dolley holding a palm out to you. 

“Hi, I’m Kelsey, I play Dolley now. Are you a friend of Oak’s?”

Your body blazed in flame. You gritted your teeth, giving her your signature sugary sweet I’m-not-going-to-destroy-you-because-I’m-polite-but-you-fucked-up smile. “Hmm, you could say that I’m a bit of a friend, I suppose.” you hissed.

Kelsey replied simply with a gracious smile and a “Nice to meet you,” before returning to her seat.

Daveed and Lin shared a look across the table.

Oak, cheeks reddened by the entire situation, slipped off his barstool quickly and strode the short distance over to you. Laying down two twenties onto the table to pick up your shared portion of the tab. As he clapped a hand to Lin’s shoulder in thanks, he announced to the group, “We’re going to head out, Y/N’s got an early start tomorrow and I don’t want her to be too sore from all this partying!” 

His fellow castmates playfully groaned in return but bid you goodbye and goodnight as the two of you made your way outside to the waiting Uber.

Once inside the leather interiored car, Oak slipped a hand over your thigh and spoke lowly, “I lied. The only reason you’ll be sore tomorrow is because of me.”

You swallowed as the car moved towards your apartment, navigating easily through the New York night.

Once home, Oak strode through the door ahead of you, purposefully, as you set your purse and keys onto the small table by the door before heading to your bedroom. Before your feet even made it over the threashold, Oak had you firmly lying on the bed beneath him.

“Baby girl, what got into you tonight?” he intoned.

You struggled to find words. “I’m not sure.”

Oak chuckled, his laugh rumbling through his chest. “I think you know, darling.”

You squirmed beneath him at the proximity of how close he was to you.

“I think you were jealous.” Oak breathed out, air warm as it moved across your skin.

“Maybe.” you bit back at him.

“Well I think you have absolutely no reason to be. You know why?”

“Why, Oak?”

His hands dipped down below your dress, just brushing slightly at the wetness in your panties.

“Because I belong to you, and you belong to me.” he whispered.

“I don’t think that’s as good of a reason as I’m looking for.” you replied, half-kidding, half-serious.

His free hand came to rest at your throat, thumb fluttering in the hollow of your neck. Oak’s lips closed the distance to graze his next words over your slightly parted ones.

“Would you like me to show you?”

Yes. Everything.

You could only manage the smallest of nods. 

“Out loud, Y/N.” Oak’s quiet insistence fell hot on the shell of your ear.

You wet your lips with your tongue. Decided. Truthfully, you’d decided as soon as the first sip of Jack Daniels made it down your throat.

“Yes. Oak.”

The first word was a response, but the second was pure desperation. Both of them Oak lapped up with a growl and another sobriety-banishing kiss.

When he drew back that time, he did it fully, releasing your wrists and parting your bodies with a backward step. You could see the rise and fall of his chest and you were sure your own wasn’t faring much better.

This is happening.

“Safeword.” He was dead serious. Your heart leapt into your throat.

Oh god, oh fuck. Happening. Finally.


You received a single nod to your blurted safeword, and it was your only warning before Oak made the gap between you two disappear again. This time his hands found the small of your back. For whatever reason, even more than the kiss, the intimacy budding now felt volatile. On a hair-trigger, a torrent of lust could come rushing down and bury you both; molten, devastating.

And then Oak opened his mouth.

Pressing kisses down your skin as he slipped off your dress, he spoke, “I know you want to feel owned, sweetheart. Possessed. Possessed like your very existence is defined by the need to do exactly as you’re told, and then beg daddy for more. More of what? Well that doesn’t fucking matter. What matters is that you’re mine, and you belong to me, and you know it. Just as how I belong to you. We’re inseparable. We fit together like puzzle pieces.”

Oak paused in his monologue as he slipped off your bra and panties before continuing.

“I know you try to pretend. Pretend like I don’t have absolute power and control over you. A power to make you feel sexy. Insatiable. To be mine in every fucking way because only I know that that is exactly what you want. Exactly what you need. A power you give me to make you my whore. My whore, hungry and eager to be a slut for me. Only for me. And you know what? I would never have eyes for another woman after experiencing a life with you. The amount of trust and love you’ve placed within me to provide you pleasure by humiliation. To know your deepest darkest secrets without judgement or shame. I could never ever find this love and trust with any woman but you, Y/N.”

You gasped a shuddering breath in. “Oak…” you groaned out.

Oak’s fingers swiped a gentle stripe up your slit. “You’re already wet at the thought of my hard cock filling your pretty pussy, aren’t you? Oh baby girl, don’t even try to deny it. I see it written all over your beautiful face.”

All you could do is moan in response as Oak continued his artful torture.

“Do you see the way I look down at you, my eyes heavy with lust and drinking in every inch of your beautiful sexy body? Do you see the way I kneel and slip my hands into the crook of both legs, behind your knees, and spread those sexy fucking legs wide? Do you my love?”

You nodded at Oak’s emphasis of his adoration for you, his reassurance that not matter what, he’d choose you over any silly costar.

He continued. “Good. Now lay back. Lay back so I can taste my pussy. I want to play with my toy.”

Oak leaned forward, tongue licking a wide stripe up your slit, collecting the wetness on his tongue. “Mmm, you taste so fucking good baby.”

He began to go to work, alternating attention to your sensitive clit and your dripping wet pussy. Your hands went to bury themselves in his hair, more grown out than usual.

“Ah ah- take your hands off me.”

You refused to follow Oak’s instruction, hips bucking against his mouth and tongue as he slipped two fingers into your pussy.

“I said hands off. Now. You won’t be ready for this cock until you’ve cum on my face first.” he scolded, pulling his fingers away from your aching core.

You moved them to your sides, clenching at the bedsheets as Oak’s thick fingers returned.

“Good girl. And mmmm… baby girl I’m making such a mess of your cunt. Such a wet greedy mess. But I know you love it. And I love showing you how much I love you.”

You moaned out in response to Oak’s statement, “Fuck, Oak, you feel too damn good-” threading your hands through his hair once again.

“Ah ah. Hands. Off. Out of my hair. I warned you. Do you want this cock?” he questioned while circling your clit roughly with the pad of his thumb. “Answer me sweetheart. Do you want this cock?”

“God Oak, please fuck me, please I just want to be filled with your cock.”

“Hmmm of course you do baby girl, of course you want daddy’s cock. You’re so fucking hungry baby.”

“Fuck daddy, you’re going to make me cum, fuck-”

Your statement was cut off by your own piercing moan, as Oak’s skilled fingers and tongue brought you to a crescendo of pleasure, tipping you off the cliff of your orgasm.

Oak fucked you through it with his fingers, murmuring, “Mmm… oh my… good girl. Fuck, I love it when you lose control like that.”

After a few blinding moments where you could barely catch your breath, you blearily opened your eyes and reached for Oak, bringing his lips to yours in a firm kiss. 

When you both pulled away, Oak smiled at you warmly, praising, “You’ve done well baby girl. I think you’re ready for me now. Turn around for me, up on all fours.”

Rising onto your hands and knees, you positioned yourself in the center of the bed as Oak walked behind you, slipping off his own clothing.

“God, you look delicious. Fuck, baby girl, how could you think I could ever want another woman when I have your gorgeous, intelligent and fiery soul all to myself?”

Though Oak’s words warmed your heart and lit up your love, you could only let out a strangled moan as the thick head of his cock parted your soaked folds and began to stretch your pussy.

“Mmmm, yes. Oh baby girl, I love the way you take my cock. So tight but so yielding, so wet… so tight… so fucking hot… fuck.”

You reflexively arched your back in response to Oak’s statement, wanting only to have his cock further inside of you. He held your hips as you bounced your ass back towards his hips, allowing him to fuck you hard.

“Fuck, daddy, you feel so fucking good in my pussy, god I needed you all of tonight-”

“Tell daddy what you need.”

“I need your cock filling me up, pounding into me, please I just need you to keep fucking me.”

Oak let out a moan of his own. “Yes, that’s right. You need my cock. You need me to fuck you like this, slamming my entire thick, hard cock into you. Pounding your cunt. Fucking ruining you. Fucking you the way I know you love it.”

His thick length was merciless, rubbing at the most sensitive spots of your walls. He hit home, thrusting at just the right angle to apply pressure to your g spot, and you moaned so loudly the neighbors below likely heard.

But you didn’t care.

“Good. Good girl that’s it, I love pulling your hair like that, hearing you moan like that.” Oak praised as you crept closer and closer to your second orgasm of the night.

“Fuck, fuck, Oak- fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to-”

“Do it. Come for me, baby girl. Fall to pieces all over my fucking cock. Explode for me. Be a good girl for me and cum for me.”

You let out a scream as your orgasm came tumbling over you, sparking every nerve ending in your body and blinding your vision.

Oak followed you seconds later, thrusting through your orgasm and his own before collapsing beside you, spent.

After your breathing slowly began to even out, you eased your eyes open and looked at Oak beside you, who was already admiring your beautiful features.

You smiled softly. “Thank you.”

He pulled you into his arms, tucking your head into his strong chest as he rubbed a hand over your back soothingly. “I just wanted to make sure you felt loved and appreciated, baby girl. I truly would never trade my relationship with you for anything in the world.”

“Yes, but you still have a very hot costar to look at all day-” you jokingly pandered, but got cut off by Oak cheekily pinching at your ass.

“Do you honestly think that I ever look at any other woman after seeing your gorgeous body undressed for me? No m’am.” he clucked, and you giggled in response.

“I love you, Oak.”

“I love you, Y/N, and I always will.”

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TRY ME (Part 10)

As promised!

notes: I actually really really liked this part guys, loved writing it! smut/fluff. This one is kinda short!

Tags (hopefully I got everyone!):@banieldryan @buckysteetime @dipdies @trashybuchananbarnes @cozetty @piercethemelendez @skyfullofharrystyles @wsternhaikus @dontstopwiththelyin @han35 @canikeepitimkeepingit @doctoooorwhoooo @geekyambz0938 @feelsgoodtastegoodmustbemine @dankpunks @queen-asianiqua @starstar1012 @obsessedtvgeek @so-you-dont-like-me @personalenigma @dullbutterfly @amxwxxld @sessybiss-blog @anitavalija @hiddenavengers @catcherintheclifford  @carabarnes13 @animeroses318 @cupcakez537 @your-reflectionn @gravityisbringingmedown @candykittykat @reniescarlett @fifi1433 @imanhunter @inmyouwnthoughtss @yellowtheremarvelfan

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ladylike-foxes  asked:


YAAAAASSSS I LOVE YOU SOOO MUUUCCHHH. I couldn’t ask for a better friend!! You give me beautiful art and I always have a front row seat to your new pieces and whenever I’m feeling down I just think about next summer… Driving in the sun, top down on the convertible, wearing shorts and matching wolf shirts - it’s going to be so fucking fun!!! Seriously someone just needs to knock me over the head really hard so I slip into a coma and wake up in June!! ✨

Pretty Lady (Chen) - Part Six

A longer part to finish~ Lots of words and I’m sorry but a little bit of maths. Thank you for following this story with me, guys! Enjoy!~ ♥ 

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Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six

Kim Jongdae had a lot of love to give, and only one person he ever wanted to offer it to.

“Good luck! You’ll kill them out there, _____!” Chanyeol cheers, panting from his own fast-paced performance. After this short hosting sketch, you and the rest of the Dance class were up for the medley performance. It spans over around fifteen minutes, but the amount of students thankfully means that no one actually has to dance for the entire time. You have a short solo somewhere in the middle and you follow up Sehun and Jongin’s earlier performance with a fast paced girl power dance with the rest of the female dancers. It’s kind of sexy and you’re worried about how well you can dance in your heels, but you’re sure you’ll be fine. You haven’t had a problem yet, anyway.

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BSM (All aged 16) : You have cancer (based on not about the angels)

“We know full well there’s just time”

Harry: Your last day of chemo really drained you. As you were wheeled back into your hospital room, you hear a faint deep voice, you knew it only belonged to one person, Harry. You opened your eyes slightly, seeing him and tried to smile. You hated that he always had to see you like this, in pain and depressed. “Hey Hazzy.” you mumbled as he picked you out of the wheelchair and placed you on your bed, him snuggling next to you. “Good afternoon, baby girl.” he said smiling, though you could tell he was breaking. Seeing his little sister, basically dying was hard for him. You looked over to him and sighed deeply. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, he placed his head in your neck and began to sob, as you tried to comfort him.

“It’s not about not about angels, angels”

Zayn: You were dying, plan and simple. The doctor told you family that you didn’t have much time left. So they all decided to bring you home, let you die in peace in the safety of your own home. You always loved to sing and play piano when you were well, so when you arrived home, there was your older brother standing next to a new grand piano smiling weakly at you. He walked up to you and took your shaking hand, “I bought this for you, baby girl. I wanted you to have it.” Zayn smiled, sitting you down on the bench. “Thank you Zayn.” you mumbled kissing his cheek. “Now, y/n, give it a shot!” he said sitting next to you, smiling. You cleared your throat and began to play shakily, but then got the hang of it. You began to sing, trying your best and ended the song easily, looking at your crying brother, hugging him tightly.

“Don’t give me up”

Louis ((his pov)): I didn’t know that all this was happening while I was performing on stage. I invited my whole family to the Manchester concert, including my baby sister who was near death with cancer. I knew she always wanted to see me perform before she died, so I did just that, getting her front row seats. I looked out into the crowd, seeing my mother on the floor with my baby sister, crying, screaming to her. I dropped my microphone as the boys looked to see what I was looking at and they all crowded around me, dragging me backstage. The concert was canceled early and the ambulance was called. I arrived to the hospital a little while after she did and ran into her room. I saw her, an oxygen mask on, her eyes closed and her face pale. I walked up to her, and held her hand tightly. “Don’t give up y/n! I haven’t given up on you!” I yelled and dropped my head onto her arm and cried.

“Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go, make us special”

Niall: You lied in the hospital bed, unconscious, a breathing tube the only thing keeping you alive. Your family had decided that today was enough, your small body couldn’t take it anymore. Your brothers Greg, and Niall came in and cried as the tube was taken from your body and the heart machine started to go down. Niall sat in the chair next to you and sang, “Cause what, what about angles? They will come, they will go, make us special”. He heard the heart breaking sound, of a heart flat lining and screamed, crying over your now cold body.

“If your heart was full of love, Could you give it up?”

Liam: You were in need of a new kidney, and the only person to have the same blood type as you was Liam. You didn’t want him to give you his kidney, but without it you would die. The night before the surgery, Liam stayed with you and expressed how much he loved you. “Get some rest, y/n.” He whispered, pulling you head into his chest, as he began to hum. The next morning he woke up before, shaking your very pale body. “Y/n, babe? Wake up.” he whispered, and you didn’t respond once again. He looked up at the heart machine and noticed you flat lined. He became frantic and screamed, hitting the nurses button, holding you close sobbing into your hair.


Requested by anonymous

It was amazing you were just able to go to San Diego Comicon. There was no way you could afford any autographs, though, and you weren’t about to camp out to get into the big Marvel Studios panel. You put a ton of work into your Loki costume, so you were going to mingle and show off.

You did make it to the Marvel TV panel, though. You got to ask a question and Clark Gregg was clearly impressed with your costume.

You started into the exhibitors hall after a lunch break, but the badge checker stopped you.

“Wait, did you ask a question at the SHIELD panel yesterday?” he asked.

Confused, you nodded. “Yeah, why?”

“Do you have anything you need to get to?” he asked. That didn’t answer your question. You shook your head. “Come with me please.”

“Uh, okay,” you replied, before following the man. You hoped you weren’t in trouble.

He took you into a back area that was off-limits to regular con attendees. He opened the door to a lounge area where none other than Tom Hiddleston sat.

“Wait, wh-what?” you stammered.

“Did your escort not explain anything to you?” Tom Hiddleston asked, looking to the employee.

“Figured I’d keep it a surprise,” he responded.

Tom stood up and walked over. “Yesterday, Clark went on and on about someone wearing an awesome Loki costume,” he stated. “I got curious, but of course all I could find was fuzzy panel footage, so I was hoping someone could track you down for me.” He smirked, holding out his hand. “Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Loki.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, seriously,” you said, shaking Tom’s hand. “I came to this con resigned to not meeting any celebrities, and yet here you are.” You tried your best to remain composed, while in your head you were screaming. “Oh, uh, I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“Well, Y/N, how would you like special celebrity access? Of course, the Marvel Studios panel is the only one I can get you into, but the front row can always use some impressive cosplays,” Tom said.

Your jaw dropped. “Oh, wow, that would be amazing, thanks!” you said. “Thank you so much!”

“Oh, and before I forget, there’s something else I can give you,” he added. He reached into a bag, pulling out a promo picture for autograph signing. You couldn’t see him sign it, due to his back facing you, but after a moment he turned around.

“And there you go,” he said with a wink. “I have to get ready for the panel, but Ben there will get you seated.” Tom left, and as you moved to put the autographed picture in your bag, you noticed something on the back. Curious, you looked, shocked to see a phone number.

A Fork in the Road

So uh, AMSxPokemon crossover anyone?

*pushes this over to @sai-shou* Honestly, this one was supposed to be finished last weekend. I really wanted to get something out for you to kind of buffer some of the extreme stress your under lately dear, since I wasn’t sure how else I could help. But I got stuck or lost motivation a few times; so I’m sorry it’s so late. I can only hope this might bring a little brightness to your day though.

And when I mean it’s a stress-relief I mean IT’S A STRESS RELIEF. Don’t read this when you’re too busy or too tired; it’s meant for a quiet moment to just relax with when you feel the urge to read. If that’s two weeks or five years from now or even never at all, that’s okay.

And I swear, it’s mostly a completely light, fun, heartwarming story. (I mean, it’s Pokemon, how dark did you expect me to get? ………Don’t answer that).

Shoutouts to: Yu for sparking my brain into the idea and encouraging me to start this one, and Marv and Jump for encouraging me to keep going and finish it. I honestly really loved writing this one.

Summary: Chara had just wanted to win her fifth badge and get out of the city as quickly as possible. So how, precisely, did Asriel convince her to go to a circus of all things instead? And who, exactly, was that pretty girl on stage?

Rating: K

Word Count: like 9k. Why are these turning out so long?!

A03 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7580122

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It Should Be Me

superavengelocker : Hello again ^^ can I request a danisnotonfire fic? Where it’s your wedding day to someone else but Dan is in love with you and when the vicar says “if anyone has a reason for them not to join in holy matrimony speak now” and Dan does? Me and my friend have been talking about it for ages. Thank you!!x

Hey love, I hope this is okay. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted :/ thank-you for requesting again and please let me know what you think xxoo 


“Y/n?” I call through the shut door between me and the girl I will forever be head over heels for.

“Dan! Come in!” She replies, her voice a mixture of tones and emotions. I slowly open the door, just enough to allow my body to slide in and as soon as the door is shut I find the most beautiful piece of life in this world.

“Shit… You look gorgeous” I comment, my words leaving my mouth in a breathless manner. She swirls around in the long white dress before replying.

“You think? Thanks Dan” Her smile is small, and it’s clear that she is nervous. I was nervous too, but maybe due to different purposes. My heart ached with the knowledge that I was about to watch the girl I love with all my heart marry another man.

She turns around and moves closer to the mirror, here face falling as she closely examines herself. I know what she’s doing. She’s picking out every little thing she considers a “flaw”.. Everything single thing I love. I walk over to her, placing my hand on the small of her back as I stand beside her.

“Stop doing that.” as I speak, she lifts a hand, running her finger along her skin as she tries to find more “flaws”. I reach up and take hold of her hand, forcing her to face me.

“Stop. You are so beautiful y/n, you have nothing to worry about.”

Y/n smiles up to me, reaching her arms around me and holding me close. I hug her in return, loving the feeling of her in my arms, jesus christ… the things this girl does to me. Should I just tell her? Can I? I don’t want to ruin her wedding day.. But what if she has feelings to?

“Y/n! It’s almost time! We need to make sure every things perfect and- hey! No boys. Out!” Y/n’s arms release me as her brides maids enter the room squealing and chattering before telling me to leave. God I don’t want to leave.

“I’ll see you soon” y/n says quietly before giving me one last quick hug.

“You will. And remember… You always look gorgeous” I say before walking out and closing the door behind me.

I find my seat in the second row, family being in the front. My leg bounces as the wait starts to get to me. Why was I in this position? I had years to tell her how I felt, and I was almost positive she felt the same until he came along. He wasn’t right for her though… He didn’t remind her how beautiful she is every single day. He never surprised her, he would hardly touch her in public. God.. if she was mine, I would do all I could to prove it to the world. Hold her close and never let go.

I was pulled from my thoughts and he walked to his position in front of the vicar. Where I should be instead of him. Music began to play and all heads turned. The 3 brides maids walked past, holding their bouquets of flowers. Gasps left everyones mouths as y/n came into view. It felt as if my heart had simply stopped.

She stood beside him, a nervous smile on her face. The vicar began speaking but I heard nothing, it was as if my vision had zoomed in on y/n, who was shinning through everyone else. She looked up at him and thats when I noticed it… She didn’t have that sparkle in her eyes that she has when her and I are together.

He took her hand in his and that’s the point where the tears found their way into my eyes.

“If anyone has a reason for them not to join in holy matrimony, speak now”  That was the first time I had heard anything the vicar was saying… also the first time I had spoken since sitting down…

It should be me

All heads turn to me, shocked expressions on everyones faces, including some angry ones from family. He drops y/n’s hand as they both turn.

“you should be with me…” I say, as if y/n was the only one here.

“I love you…”

Y/n is completely silent the entire time, her eyes move to the ground and flicker as she thinks.

“You’re not actually considering it are you? You can’t” he says down to y/n with anger in his eyes.

I’ve messed up.. Oh shit I have ruined what was meant to be the best day of her life. I need to get out of here. For her and for myself.

I stand from my seat and leave. A tear falls as I climb into my car, sitting and resting my hands and forehead on the steering wheel. I try so hard to hold myself together but eventually let go and unattractive sounds of pain and sadness escape my lips and more tears fall.

I jump from surprise as the passenger door opens, but I don’t look to see who it is. I honestly expect it to be him, coming to beat me for ruining their day. Or y/n’s parents coming to tell me to keep away from her. But the moment the person speaks, my heart is warm and the words being the ones I have wanted to hear for oh so long…

I love you too

Little Mix Preference : Tagging Along With Them On Tour (Requested)

(I personally don’t know if Jesy has a brother or not, but just go with it for the sake of the preference :)

Perrie: “This is amazing!” you squeal looking out the window of the tour bus and Perrie just laughs behind you and so do the other girls. “(YN), have you ever been out like this before?” Jade asked and you shook your head while Perrie answered. “No, she hasn’t wanted to leave home. I had to basically drag her out here.” “She also promised that she’d find a way to talk to Zayn so that i can meet those 5 Seconds of Summer boys.” You tucked your head back in and smirked at your best friend. “Will they be at tonight’s show?” Perrie grinned. “They might be!” Your eyes widened and seeked out the driver. “Speed it up jacko, i’ve got me some Aussies to meet!”

Jade: “This place is huge!” you exaggerate and look around that night’s venue and after you took your own private little tour you went back to the dressing room to check up on your cousin. “Jade, almost ready?” “Give me a sec, (YN).” You groan and fall onto the couch next to Leigh-Anne. “You’re lucky to have a cousin like Jade who brings you on tour, you know that?” You nod. “Yeah, we’ve always been close and promised the other that if one of us ever became famous, we’d let the other tag along every so often so they can have a wedge of time for the limelight.” Jade came out of the changing room laughing. “So true, and our parents told us we were crazy.” you smiled back. “Oh they were right, we’re crazy, but we were just right.”

Leigh-Anne: “Care to join us for our dinner?” Your sister Leigh-Anne asked and you finished your make up and straightened up your outfit before nodding. “Yeah, just had to finish getting ready. Where are we going tonight?” “First, a concert, then dinner. Sorry, we kind of told Zayn and the rest of One Direction we’d stop by for a bit.” You nod. “It’s alright, wouldn’t mind going to another concert. Don’t you guys have a concert at the same place tomorrow?” “Two days from now.” She corrected and you sighed. “Finally living your dream, Leigh. Proud of you.” She hugged you. “You’ve always been there to support me, (YN), thanks for coming on tour with me again.” You smile back. “I’ll always come if you ask it of me.”

Jesy: You sat in the front row seats while you watched your sister in law Jesy and the rest of Little Mix do dance rehearsal for that night’s show. “Enjoying yourself?” Jesy asked taking a break and you looked away from your phone to give her your attention. “Yeah, just so you know the drummer for your opening act won’t leave me alone.” “He likes you.” she grinned and sat next to you and you shook your head. “I’m married to your brother, i’m not looking for anyone else. I don’t need anyone else, i’ve got the greatest guy in the world and the greatest sister in law in the world who lets her sister in law come on tour with her when she needs a break from her dear husband.” Jesy grinned. “I always save the day for you, don’t i?” You nod. “You tend to do that, now go, you have to dance again.”

Jealous Of Bros

As usual, you packed a purse full of the things you’ll need for the Boys’ concert tonight. You loved supporting your dear friends throughout their music career, especially with your beloved boyfriend Jungkook.

However, instead of going and meeting the boys backstage and hugging their sweat glistening bodies alone, you invited your brother that wanted to see if you really were dating a Kpop star. He couldn’t seem Jungkook because he was off at college. No matter how much the rest of your family tried to convince him, he wouldn’t budge.

So you ended up inviting him to one of Jungkooks’ concerts before he leaves for a few months off to college again.

So here you were, locking your parked car and walking toward the huge stadium with your brother. 

“Remember to behave yourself, Keith. These people are my friends, and I don’t want them to think that my family is even more weird.”

“Why’d you say th-” Before Keith could finish, you interrupted him, “Mom and the plushies.” That’s all he needed before producing an ‘Oh’ out of his mouth and understanding.

At the front, you two showed the people your passes and squished through the other people to your seats in the second row. “Why’re we so close?”

“Because. Jungkook and the boys always make sure that I can see them can see them, and cheer the group on with my foul language.” You said sarcastically, which isn’t a lie at all.

It was a couple of minutes before the show, normally at this time, you would wish them good luck and give Jungkook a kiss on his forehead, cheeks and lips. But, Keith just had to interrogate you , so you couldn’t.

“When’d you two start dating?”

“A year and a half ago.” You answered quickly

“First date?”

“A bakery, then walked around a bit”

“First Kiss?”

“With lip, on our second date. Kissing in general, before our first.”

You answered all his questions just as fast as you did the first one until the show started.

______________________________________________________________A little into the concert he somehow was able to carry his voice through the thousands of voices just enough for you to hear, “So? Which ones you so called boyfriend!!”

You pulled him closer by his shoulder pointed to Jungkook. “The guy in the baggy white shirt!” You shouted into his ear

After a little bit more into another song, they started doing the thrusts that you’ve seen over and over by watching Jungkook practice.

“If he does anything like like that to you, I will grab a gun an-”, “Keith!” and you swatted his arm.

______________________________________________________________When the concert finished, Keith’s voice had been sore because he was actually cheering at some of the songs, and he kept complaining about how his legs hurt from jumping up and down

“Come on, Keith!” You pulled his wrist and once again squished yourselves through the crowd of people to meet the boy’s.

When Jimin and the others came into sight you gave them a great big bear hug, “You guys were great!”

When you pulled away, you were slightly confused as to why Jungkook was tackling you with kisses at the moment.

“He’s changing right now. Why does Jungkook sweat so much?” Jimin said, adding a teasing sound to the end

“Okay. Oh, before I forget” You pulled Keith toward the group and shoved him in front of you, “This is Kieth. My brother. He doesn’t believe me when I say that I’m dating Jungkook.”

“Keith this is Jimin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Taehyung, and Eomma Jin.” The guys waved and greeted him when their names were called.

“Y/n. I guess you weren’t lying. Wow, you really are dating a Kpop star!” he said, surprised. “Yup. Now you can go back home. I can catch a ride with them.” You pulled him back to give him a hug, “Say hi to your college friends for me.” You said into his shoulders, “I will I promise.” And kissed the top of your head.

“Y/n?!?!” You gently pushed out of Keith’s grasp and turned to the source of the voice, it obviously had been Jungkook.

Being Jungkooks’ girlfriend, you’d been used to being jealous of some Fans. But, you never would’ve expected for him to be the jealous one.

Throwing his towel onto the ground, Jungkook stomped over to your side, and wrapped an arm around securely

“Hey! You must be Y/n’s boyfriend. I’m-” before Keith could introduce himself, Jungkook had interrupted, “Your a guy that wants to get with my girl. Well guess what? I’m not letting her go so easily.”

With a swift motion, Jungkook suddenly had swooped you down and kissed you deeply on your lips.

After what seemed like a long time to Keith, the both of you finally resurface, you had com up giggling while Jungkook looked as though he’d accomplished a great deed.

“Jungkook~” You half couched and giggled, “This is Keith. My brother

Jungkook awkwardly produced an ‘Oh’ sound out of his mouth and nervously scratched the back of his neck while offering his hand for Keith to shake, he takes it, thankfully

“Sorry ‘bout that.. I thought you were, um, trying to take her away from me.”

“As if anyone would” You scoffed and hugged Jungkook’s side

“Well, I’m gonna go before there’s more kissing involved.” and with that, you tossed Keith your car keys and he left.

“You were jealous~” You nudged and poked at Jungkook, “I wasn’t jealous first of all I wa-”

“Was Jealous. I know.”

“Maybe I was a little.” Jungkook mumbled.

“Correction; A lot.”

Thank you @jikook–is–bae for requesting this! But, this focuses on why Jungkook is jealous rather than the initial experience of Jungkook being jealous. If guys want to have a version where I write more of Jungkook being Jealous and you teasing him for it, please request it! And just request in general! Also send in advice on how I could improve my writing! As per usual, hope you’ve enjoyed reading!~ Jackie