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I don't know how you can be bothered to tag so many people lol, you're a stronger person than me, I'm way too lazy 😅 I'm so glad you do though your stuff is awesome

Oh my gosh tagging is legit a pain in the ass lol but I will always do it!! All of my readers are so sweet and comment and like and reblog the hell out of what I write, so of course I try to keep up on my tags so they can keep reading it!!

Besides, like the WORST is to stumble across a chapter of a fic you want to keep reading, but getting distracted or forgetting to reblog/save it and when you finally get back on tumblr good luck finding the Author/fic again lol so at least if I tag people it shows up there in the notifications!

Sometimes I worry that I’m annoying people by tagging them?? But for the most part everyone seems to appreciate it :)

Strictly Professional

Summary: You recognized the problematic customers the second you saw them. Lin, however, took the cake with being the most memorable client you’ve ever had. (TattooArtist!Reader)

Paring: Lin x reader

Words: 4,428

A/N:Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for being awesome and giving me tips for certain parts of the story (you’re the queen of dialogue)! Also, thank you to @how-could-i-do-this for proofreading (I’m glad i’m getting better at not switching tenses lol). I wrote this in celebration of my first tattoo lol! Thanks for reading!

Edit: @whenthingsgettoughdontpushmeaway - I remember you asking to be tagged when I posted. @buckybarneshairpullingkink - You already read it, but I didn’t forget (well, I did, but ya know lol)

“Is that him?” you mumbled to your coworker Liz as you emerged from your room to the front desk, watching the man that paced back and forth in front of the parlor.

You could always spot the first-timers the instant you looked at them. You could sense the excitement and nervousness rolling off them in waves, their bodies tense from the anticipation of the ink that would soon permanently mark their skin.

But him?

It was more like a tsunami of emotions, crashing and tumbling over his body as he questioned his decision to get a tattoo. You felt it before you even stepped foot into the same room as him.

“It’s so unfair that you always get the cute ones,” Liz whispered as she handed you his paperwork. She had an appointment in ten minutes, and with the piece being a fairly large and intricate one, she passed him off to you.

You rolled your eyes, ignoring her comment and scanned his papers, noting his name and birthdate. “Lin?” you called.

He spun on his heel at his name, his swift steps having him in front of the desk within seconds. “Hi, yes, that’s me,” he answered quickly.

You inwardly sighed, knowing exactly what kind of patron he was going to be: the spazz that spoke too much, asked too many questions, and would hold his breath until he turned blue. “My name is Y/N and I’ll be with you today. What kind of tattoo would you like Lin?” you asked, watching as he nervously drummed his fingers against the counter.

His eyes widened, looking at you disbelievingly. “You’re the one giving me the tattoo?”

The neck cramp that you got when you handled frustrating customers reared its ugly head. “Yes. This is a fairly small tattoo shop and you just happened to come in last minute, without an appointment…” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes and challenging him to say anything further.

“I didn’t expect someone that looked like you to give me a tattoo. I’ve always pictured a big, burly man and not a beautiful woman that…” Lin trailed off, sighing when he realized what an ass he must have sounded, “I’m just going to shut up now. Sorry.”

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Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 5)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, parenting angst

A/N: I think the panicked expressions on Eric’s face are incredibly accurate for this series lol also, if you want to be tagged in any dauntless updates, let me know! I don’t always post consecutively, sometimes there might be a few weeks in between chapters, and I don’t want anyone to miss out! Don’t forget to check the masterlist for the rest of my Dauntless, and where all parts of this series are tagged.


I leaned over the crib, watching the infant sleeping in his blue blankets. Camille had him wrapped up like a burrito, still wearing his little blue hat, his face scrunched in his sleep. It was late, I’d just gotten in, but I’d wanted to check on him before I went to bed.

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um do you guys know any other svt meme blogs NOT THAT YOU'RE BLOG IS TERRIBLE its just that im bored cause i went through ALL your posts

ALL??? you mean all 3k+ of our posts?? or just our our own posts, excluding the reblogs lol. We applaud you for your dedication, thank you :’)

For your reward, here are some quality blogs that post a lot of memes or just funny posts:

@seventeen-memes @caratmemes @uhilikechicken @eggshua @blondkwan @incorrectseventeen @incorrect7teen @theseventeenfamilysingers @badsvtimagines @alt-17project 

And here are some other amazing blogs that make gifs and they gif quality and funny seventeen moments:

@hanwooz @hoon-seok @wonnhao @mountean @12fools @xiuchens @seugcheol @shwua @amillionwon


TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.

Drinking to forget him isn’t going to hurt anyone but yourself, babe. Breathe, breathe, breathe. I’ve got you.
—  What my best friend told me as she held my hair while I tried to throw up the taste of you.
*tap tap* Is this thing on?


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m tumblr user galahadthelate, also known as galahadthelatte, also known as Jessicat but amongst the civilian folk I’m simply known as Jessica. Londoner who is old enough to know better and be too jaded to care. 

My intro to Kingsman began on the happier days of late March 2015, I honestly didn’t give the film much thought at first. But, and I shit you not, I had a dream I went to go see the film and enjoyed it and after seeing enough hype about it on my dash I decided to give this film a go. Honestly it was one of my most memorable film going experiences (the entire audience lost their shit at the Head Pop and Circumstance scene) and I watched it it a following four times at the cinema after that. 

I fell hard for Harry hard at “there’s a reason aristocrats developed weak chins”  and I haven’t looked back since. 

Kingsman has been the one fandom that have inspired me the most creatively. I dabble in some writing here and there but I also enjoy making A Softer Kingsman strips. I’m a sucker for angst. 


 I sometimes get work as an extra (it’s surprisingly easy in London). During one of my jobs I met this lovely gentleman:

Also known as

He was super cool and sweet and gushed about Colin. I wont bore you but long story short he said “it was weird having him talk to me about the weather one minute and then stabbing someone in the face with a gun the next… acting! I guess” 

I have another friend who got to be an extra for the upcoming sequel and spoiled the ending for me. 

I love cosplaying Harry whenever I can. Be it in daily life or at cons. 

The first time I heard the ‘rent boy’ line my initial reaction was to headcanon that Harry used to be one himself, not Eggsy. And you will pry that headcanon from my cold, dead hands. 

I have a toy Harry I sometimes like to animate with

And… I honestly have nothing more of interest to tell! My ask is open, I’m always happy to shoot the shit. But don’t feel pressured to do so because god knows it’s alway daunting. I’m gonna be a bit controversial and avoid tagging people because I’m quite paranoid I’m going to miss/forget someone and I figured there’s a lot more fun people who’ve already done a way better job than me. Although @hellahartwin definitely gets a mention because, guys… she’s just cool and is incredibly creative and a good soul, all round. 

So Hail Satan and peace out!

@albaparthenicevelut wrote: LOL MACE WINDU FALLING OUT OF WINDOWS IN EVERY UNIVERSE!!!!! Can Depa Bilaba secretly ship it and spend council meetings imagining Mace and Plo’s tragic love affair.

Mace Windu can fight anything, except his untamed heart; resist every attachment, except the one that binds him to a certain Kel Dor master… Plo Koon knows that he and Mace can’t even share the same breath, much less the same bed; yet when he dreams it is of Mace Windu’s hands and lips. Can these Jedi Councilors find happiness? Or will their differences tear them a part?

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST AND WORST THING EVER. Don’t forget the tags he totally added!

#friends to lovers #what is this i don’t even know #started as crack #it’s not crack anymore #mace windu #plo koon #jedi order #fluff #angst #pining #eventual smut #people falling out of windows #inappropriate use of the force #like seriously so much pining though #i should be working right now but I’m writing this fic instead lol 

( @tygermama I TOLD you I’m always gleefully awaiting the craziness whenever you send me an ask. You’ve done it again; bravo.)

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kathi, sweetie 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖  thanks so much for this really heartwarming message~ and just so you know i would love to send this back to your inbox for unlimited times but i don’t know why my ask sometimes not being delivered to some ppl :’(
so instead of going through the uncertainties that is whether or not my ask will be received by all these wonderful ppl listed below, i will mention them here ^-^ 
i really hope you don’t mind sweetheart  💖

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I just thought you should know.. I have the Daddy kink. And I REALLY REALLY want to call my husband Daddy. But he hates it, and doesn't even let me try. (We've had the conversation about the Daddy kink several times now) SO. I come here, to your blog (and a couple others) to get my fill of Daddy content. I love your blog so much, and I'm sorry if this is kinda weird..lol

omg well I am glad I can give you that Grade A Daddy Beef, pure uncut kazakh daddy, to satisfy your kink because I’m the same

I’m praying your husband will come around on it though

(I honestly, legit 100% forget that other people don’t have a daddy kink all the time? I’m always shocked when i see ya’lls tags like “i dont have a daddy kink buuut”, i’m just like ?? really??? i wonder what that must be like because I’ve got it bad.)

Tagged by @yunieismyname LOL I always see these and go HEY IMMA DO IT then forget. BUT, this time i will do it (lo siento to those who tagged me and i never remembered to do it) 

Rules: Tag 10 followers you want to get to know better. 

Birthday: nov 20

Gender: demigirl :) 

Relationship Status: i am taken like bacon 

Favorite color: dark blue, pastel pink & blue, black, maroon. 

Pets: NO I FUCKING WISH. I want a bunny, hamster (dwarf), a ferret, two dogs, a kitty cat, sugar glider, and maybe a turtle

Wake up Time: depends, technically it’s 6:30 am to 7:00 am because i have alarms that snap me awake

Love or Lust?: Lovu. because it is diverse and it can heal the world


Met a celebrity?: nope, that would be p cool

Last song listened to?: Chucky by Bruno Mars 

First kiss?: YUs. It is was weird. 


I tag… UH @choking-on-roses @alucasyukio @daiskidayo @artemizgp-theyaoiqueen @theamazingawkwardkid

five people. good enough. :) 


I was tagged by @4kimlip (i love u💖💖💖) 2 post Sum Selfies so Here They R
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