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“what it comes all down to, megatron, is us. you and i. we could end this war right now — right now — with a handshake. look me in the eye—look me in the eye and say you want it ended, and it will end.

Everything perfect with “Two player game.”

- gay??? check ✔

- two player gAYME AGSJDNJ


- when Michael and Jeremy sing in sync my heart dies a little bit


- “Dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette.”

- the song is so fucking catchy holy s h it


- “cause guys like us are coooooool in college.”

- there’s literally no heterosexual explanation for this song whatsoever

- you gotta appreciate that music in the background 👌💯

- “dude I know, I get it-”


- “hello???”

- “son???????”


- “Pause.”

- “You know that you are my favorite person…” IM-

- “Is it really true, I’m your favowite person~?” LITERALLY DYING

- Michael is literally the c utest person fight me

- Michael and Jeremy’s soft chuckles after that make me smile, it’s so adorable djdnsj


- “And if you leave your brother behind, it’s lame. Cause it’s an ‘effed up world, but it’s a two player game, hey!” ,,,,this physically hurt me after listening to the whole play


- “hey-ey-ey!”

Strictly Professional

Summary: You recognized the problematic customers the second you saw them. Lin, however, took the cake with being the most memorable client you’ve ever had. (TattooArtist!Reader)

Paring: Lin x reader

Words: 4,428

A/N:Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for being awesome and giving me tips for certain parts of the story (you’re the queen of dialogue)! Also, thank you to @how-could-i-do-this for proofreading (I’m glad i’m getting better at not switching tenses lol). I wrote this in celebration of my first tattoo lol! Thanks for reading!

Edit: @whenthingsgettoughdontpushmeaway - I remember you asking to be tagged when I posted. @buckybarneshairpullingkink - You already read it, but I didn’t forget (well, I did, but ya know lol)

“Is that him?” you mumbled to your coworker Liz as you emerged from your room to the front desk, watching the man that paced back and forth in front of the parlor.

You could always spot the first-timers the instant you looked at them. You could sense the excitement and nervousness rolling off them in waves, their bodies tense from the anticipation of the ink that would soon permanently mark their skin.

But him?

It was more like a tsunami of emotions, crashing and tumbling over his body as he questioned his decision to get a tattoo. You felt it before you even stepped foot into the same room as him.

“It’s so unfair that you always get the cute ones,” Liz whispered as she handed you his paperwork. She had an appointment in ten minutes, and with the piece being a fairly large and intricate one, she passed him off to you.

You rolled your eyes, ignoring her comment and scanned his papers, noting his name and birthdate. “Lin?” you called.

He spun on his heel at his name, his swift steps having him in front of the desk within seconds. “Hi, yes, that’s me,” he answered quickly.

You inwardly sighed, knowing exactly what kind of patron he was going to be: the spazz that spoke too much, asked too many questions, and would hold his breath until he turned blue. “My name is Y/N and I’ll be with you today. What kind of tattoo would you like Lin?” you asked, watching as he nervously drummed his fingers against the counter.

His eyes widened, looking at you disbelievingly. “You’re the one giving me the tattoo?”

The neck cramp that you got when you handled frustrating customers reared its ugly head. “Yes. This is a fairly small tattoo shop and you just happened to come in last minute, without an appointment…” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes and challenging him to say anything further.

“I didn’t expect someone that looked like you to give me a tattoo. I’ve always pictured a big, burly man and not a beautiful woman that…” Lin trailed off, sighing when he realized what an ass he must have sounded, “I’m just going to shut up now. Sorry.”

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NP Q&D Oakwood Plains

So as I mentioned yesterday I’m moving Runaway Yager, she’s a day shy from young adulthood and I just want a more stable world to build her family in. I could probably get through the generation where I am but I want something that will last at least a couple so I can just enjoy playing. So enter Oakwood Plains by Simleigh which I’ve edited for my specific tastes. So what does that mean you ask well…. let’s hightlight what this world does and doesn’t have so I don’t get complaints later. 

1. There’s only one residential lot over 20x30 as I’m just using my well tested little tract homes for my save file. The one big lot is by the beach and in the very last picture in the set so you know where to find it. Juno will be living here in my game.  

2. There are no spawners really at all. If the OC had some fish spawners in the ocean I didn’t remove them but I also don’t recall seeing them either in CAW so may not get much use fishing here. Honestly I might fix that, fishing doesn’t bother me like other things do. The reason I do this is  I don’t like my sims running all over the map and getting stuck up the side of mountains so I make parks specifically setup for sims to do collecting in. 

3. The routing is very restrictive. I left it open around the waterways and obviously where people should actually be but I disabled routing in a lot of the clusters of forested parts to prevent sims from getting stuck in those areas.  

4. I have only quick tested this, it may have problems! I will upload another version down the road IF I find a lot of issues that need fixing. Please let me know if you encounter anything awful.

Okay so now that all the not fun parts are done you can snag this baby for yourself if you’re still interested: 

Nova Park’s quick and dirty Oakwood Plains 

CAW Files < As I wasn’t planning on sharing this note that my layers are a tad messy.

*Credits of course to Simleigh, if you’re out that and have a new blog let me know and I’ll properly tag credit you here. I also replaced some textures with ones by @nilxis as I pretty much will ALWAYS do. *


TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.


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i just went back thru my selfies tag and picked some favorites lol… im noticing a few trends in the faces i make lmao

Drinking to forget him isn’t going to hurt anyone but yourself, babe. Breathe, breathe, breathe. I’ve got you.
—  What my best friend told me as she held my hair while I tried to throw up the taste of you.

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um do you guys know any other svt meme blogs NOT THAT YOU'RE BLOG IS TERRIBLE its just that im bored cause i went through ALL your posts

ALL??? you mean all 3k+ of our posts?? or just our our own posts, excluding the reblogs lol. We applaud you for your dedication, thank you :’)

For your reward, here are some quality blogs that post a lot of memes or just funny posts:

@seventeen-memes @caratmemes @uhilikechicken @eggshua @blondkwan @incorrectseventeen @incorrect7teen @theseventeenfamilysingers @badsvtimagines @alt-17project 

And here are some other amazing blogs that make gifs and they gif quality and funny seventeen moments:

@hanwooz @hoon-seok @wonnhao @mountean @12fools @xiuchens @seugcheol @shwua @amillionwon


It is officially the 12th of September in South Korea which means I can finally say 🎉🎉🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON 🎉🎉🎉
(Still on hiatus lol)
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Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 5)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, parenting angst

A/N: I think the panicked expressions on Eric’s face are incredibly accurate for this series lol also, if you want to be tagged in any dauntless updates, let me know! I don’t always post consecutively, sometimes there might be a few weeks in between chapters, and I don’t want anyone to miss out! Don’t forget to check the masterlist for the rest of my Dauntless, and where all parts of this series are tagged.


I leaned over the crib, watching the infant sleeping in his blue blankets. Camille had him wrapped up like a burrito, still wearing his little blue hat, his face scrunched in his sleep. It was late, I’d just gotten in, but I’d wanted to check on him before I went to bed.

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Get to Know Me!

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Name: Haylee

Nickname: Hayls, Rose, Rosie, WL (pronounced Will- long story lol msg if you want details I guess?)

Star Sign: Scorpio

Sexuality: Bisexual Babe

Hogwarts House: Honestly every time I take the pottermore test its different lmao but Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Favorite Animal: Bonobos

Cats or Dogs: Dogs (although I love cats too!!)

Dream Trip: Paris in the winter with my love <4 

Dream Job: I mean this has changed SO MUCH but a teacher or a lawyer or a forensic anthropologist!

When I made This Account: My very first post was on June 7th!

Reasons For my URL: I was honestly struggling so much to try and find something cute for my simblr! I was stuck until I went to visit my boyfriend, who was playing with his nephew when I walked in. He calls me Rosie, so when I walked in he was like “ *Gasp* Look, Rosie’s home!!” to his nephew. And thus my name was born :P 

I don’t know who has or has not done this tbh but I tag: @igglemouse, @novemsims, @kikacute, @gabbsims, @little-callia-bean

Tumblr doesn’t care how many times I tagged a post with “lol”. Whenever I type L in the tags, it’ll always suggest “loll” because of that one time I made a typo. It’ll do the same thing for every other tag typo I’ve made even if they only happened once compared to the thousand times I got it right. Tumblr never forgives. Tumblr never forgets.

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idk if this has been asked before but what are your fav Zen fics? (smutty and not smutty). I really love the smut guacamewle puts out, its amazing (like, I don't even like Yoosung and I enjoyed the fic with Yoosung). But I also really enjoy Eros - Bar AU fic, Don't Hesitate to Find Me, and Forget, Trust, Love (among a bunch of others mostly on Ao3). But I really want to know if you recommend any others? I think I found all of these through your blog lol

Hmmm, I haven’t read all the fics you listed yet, but I’m catching up!
The ones I have read are definitely among my reblogs under the “writing” and “fanfic” tags. Along with many more! So feel free to browse ~
Meowle’s smut will always hold a special place in my heart as she really opened up a new world for me. I had no idea I could find written smut that hot before. I have read most of her MM fics, even the ones about characters I don’t find especially attractive, and enjoyed every second of it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Do you have any favourite accidental pregnancy fics? I can't seem to find the accidental pregnancy tag

There isn’t an accidental pregnancy tag, sorry. But pretty much anything that’s tagged Post Reichenbach is an accidental pregnancy fic. :) 

Does anyone have any faves they want to recommend aside from the ones below?

Counterintelligence by mizjoely (Rated M, One-Shot) ff.net 2013

“I’m pregnant” by i-blame-this-on-sherlock (Rated T, One-Shot) Post Reichenbach tumblr 2017

Links of the Chain by broomclosetkink (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) post Reichenbach, parentlock ff.net 2013  ONE OF THE BEST

Your Worst Fears by LadySolitaire83 (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) Post Reichenbach ff.net 2013

Thanks @saffysmom I always forget my own stories lol!