i always forget to include a video

Buzzfeed just posted a YouTube video where women added up how much their periods cost and they were saying they were spending $7 on pads and $7 on tampons per month.

$7 is the big box of tampons. How the fuck are they going through 30 tampons per month? I can make a box of those last two to three months.

Either LA has a box of 15 tampons for $7 or they are just forgetting that they buy in bulk.

Also one chick included moisturizer in her calculations because I guess she buys moisturizer every time she’s on her period??

anonymous asked:

i was watching one of your old videos where you were saying when you consciously upped your calorie intake that your runs felt effortless. i've kind of experienced this aswell but also with the time gap between eating and running. the other day i ate a good amount of food that included like chicken and some carbs like maybe an hour before my run and it was the best run i ever did, usually i'll try max the time between eating and running and literally worst idea. you are a smart cookie <3

I love you so much anon and am so glad that video could help you out :) We tend to always forget that calories are just units of energy and are meant to help us thrive :)


I was blown away by how many celebrities were interested in being the finale for this year’s collab month. But after watching your videos about what makes you you, I knew there could only be one option for my finale. YOU ALL have always been the reason I get to do what I get to do, why I have so many incredible opportunities, and why I keep coming back to make videos - so it only felt appropriate to include you in this incredibly epic Auguest. Celebrities are cool, y'all just happen to be cooler, and no matter how big this channel might get, I never want to forget that. Of course, I couldn’t include everyone, but I wanted to share some brave people who touched me and inspired me. (x)

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