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I made a Twitter thread a while ago about applying for jobs and I also got an ask about some of the specifics about how I wound up here, so in spite of the fact that this video makes me C R I N G E, I’m gonna share it and we’re gonna do some STORY TIME. Mostly this is me sharing the specifics of my own, personal story but maybe there’s some broadly useful stuff in here, idk.

Also, a fair warning that my ~*story time*~ got away from me, so I’m putting it under a cut. The tl;dr version that’s more broadly useful is:

  1. job applications are learning opportunities and you should make sure you’re learning things as you go about it
  2. your application should be a tailored narrative of your career trajectory
  3. don’t sell yourself short or forget that you hold cards in the process as well
  4. the goal is a good fit for everybody, and that includes you; not every job is going to be that good fit for you

but then, I’m not a hiring manager so, really, wtf do I know

(seriously, take everything I say for the anecdotal nonsense that it is)

I found the listing for my job here on Tumblr. At the time I was freelancing and mostly pretty happy with it, but since I wrote my MA thesis on Nerdfighteria and had always kind of wanted to get into video, this looked like a really cool opportunity to work on great stuff & learn a lot.

The application asked for a reel, which I did not have, since I was mostly doing Virtual Assistant work at that time.

A huge part of why I applied was because I thought the application process itself would be a great learning opportunity.

I really didn’t expect to get the job. I can’t stress this part enough. Like, really didn’t even think I’d get an interview.

The whole thing, to me, was just a good exercise. It had been a while since I had applied for anything (I was freelancing on referrals from the get-go) and mostly I was eager to see what, exactly, I could put together in lieu of a reel.

I spent a week working my way through some Lynda lessons on After Effects (this wasn’t my first time using it, but I had only used it for suuuuper basic stuff). Much of what is happening in this video is stuff I figured out how to do while I was making it. That was, again, the point.

I bought a shit ton of green fabric. I rounded up all the lamps I could find. I had a vague knowledge of the fact that shadows = bad for keying, but really knew fuck all about lights. (tbh, lighting is still kind of a mysterious magic trick to me.) I spent probably an hour moving the lamps around, standing in front of them, recording it, and then looking at it until I could find what looked the least shadow-y.

I also watched a SciShow video on the slowest speed setting so that I could try to reverse engineer the basics of what was happening. I was literally just looking at it to see, “ok, but can I do that?” (Answer: not really, but A for effort.)

I wrote a very silly script that was a very carefully selected understanding of how I had been spending my time. This part is super important and broadly applicable whenever you are applying for a job: a huge part of applying for a job is creating a narrative. 

(Important note: this does not mean lying.)

Obviously your life has (probably) not actually been a series of carefully chosen moments leading you to this ONE. JOB. But it’s important to find ways to talk about the things you’ve done that highlight how/why they are relevant. In my experience, humans have a pretty natural tendency to do this narrative reframing of their past as having led them clearly to their future. Use that. What is the version of your trajectory that most sounds like you’ve been gearing up for this job all along, acquiring skills both obvious and unexpected that would be useful here.

That’s the guiding principle of everything I’m saying in this video.

It’s also worth noting, though, that I laid my cards on the table. That is, I wasn’t trying to lie about anything and I was up front about where I was at. It wouldn’t have served anybody to try to be misleading about that fact.

So that was the application process, for me. It’s a tricky balance of being honest but also a carefully selected kind of honest. And keeping in mind that this is as much about deciding whether a company is actually good fit for you as whether you’re a good fit for them. I remember during my college admissions process, one school that I thought I really wanted to go to had a weird religious essay on the form that caught me off guard and made me reevaluate whether that was a good fit. Likewise, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the 9-5 thing. Freelancing had lots of great perks that offset some of the overwhelming stress.

Something else that I did, that I recommend with a very cautious asterisk, was googling the people interviewing me. Again, partially this was, “OK, I know these shows they make, and I know vlogbrothers videos, but who are all of the other people who I would spend my days with.”

I had no idea who Nick was before I started, because I never paid much attention to the credits. But he was the one who called me to arrange the interview, so I googled him and found a great interview he did about why Crash Course matters, and there were a few specific things he said that stood out to me as, “yes, this is also why I think this matters and why I want this job.”

The asterisk here is: don’t be creepy. It’s a hard line to walk, but, ya know, don’t talk about your interviewer’s swarm check-ins or whatever.

In my case, I knew that in addition to concentrating on that narrative of how and why I should end up here, I had these other points to hit on in the interview. Again, don’t lie. This isn’t about saying shit solely because you think someone wants to hear it; this was about leveraging a piece of common ground I knew we had.

Lastly, I’d add that it’s good to be careful about how you walk the line between being excited about a company’s work and being a little overzealous. It is, at the end of the day, still a job, and you don’t want to come across as so enthusiastic that maybe you’re missing that point. That’s a really nuanced thing for which I have no easy answers.

A lot of this stuff is just luck. I gave a lot of advice where I could, but, at the same time, there’s also this weird combination of personalities that make a thing work or not. There’s a thing in hiring called the “airport test” which is: “could I be stuck in an airport with this person?” and that is a whole other weird, wholly qualitative element of hiring that ends up making a huge difference.

There’s the official bits and pieces that make up a job application, but then there’s the trickier interpersonal stuff about how that job fits into a team. Something not explicitly stated in my application, but which I’ve since learned mattered is that what I lacked in technical know-how, I made up for in cultural knowledge about YouTube. My manager is a former film school teacher who learned the YouTube stuff on the job; he knew he could teach me anything technical I didn’t know much more easily than he could teach someone the culture in which we create.

IDK. I could legitimately talk about this forever.

“We shall not say the word forever, even though we wont say forever, please be together with us for a long, long time- Kim Jongdae 150308

Thank you exo. This is for five years, here’s to five more.

Autistic Archie Headcanons

In honour of my new URL I want to share with you all my most favourite and treasured headcanons. (Also I’m sorry this is so long with no read more I’m on mobile lmao)

- Archie stims by hand flapping
- Archie: Hi let me introduce you to my one-billionth Special Interest
- Doesn’t go non verbal, but used to when he was little. Still sometimes automatically replies in ASL
- Can remember random conversation from seven years ago about the way Jughead likes pie. Can’t remember what Jughead told him two minutes ago about something important.
- If You’re Not Talking About My Special Interest I Don’t Want To Know
- Main special interests include: Music, Football, LGBT+, His Friends, Superheroes, Space/NASA
- (After seeing Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts) Archie: I have never related to a character more in my entire life.
- Don’t forget his hand flapping. Always hand flapping. He’s excited? Flapping. Anxious? Flapping. Bored? Flapping. Happy? Flapping.
- Will get distracted by a spiny stim toy for Hours
- He loves stim videos. Especially paint mixing ones.
- Glitter jars are his Favourite Thing
- I Got Motivated At 3am And Cleaned The Whole House
- Archie: Hey could I have a glass of water?
Ronnie, jokingly: Nope, of course not.
Archie: Okay.
Ronnie: ?? Dude just go get some water.
Archie: ????? But you-? Okay.
- Person: It’s a stim blanket.
Archie: It’s a blanket full of balls??
Person: Yeah.
Archie: How would that be good for stimming???
Person: Try it!
Archie: *uses it* Holy Shit.
- Struggles with eye contact
- Hates when people change the rules on him, eg:
- Fred: Hey Arch, I thought you could use a break so I did the dishes tonight.
Archie: ???? But that’s MY job?!!?
- Petting Vegas is a BIG STIM
- Archie: Sometimes when I pet my dog I forget the world exists
- Constantly checking his friends actually are his friends because honestly how can anyone be sure???
- “But as friends, right?”
“So friends who wants to go to pops?”
“Good morning friends!”
“So my good friend-”
Kevin: Archie please I will never stop being friends with you just please stop using the word friends.
Archie: That’s fair.
- Social situations??? Beyond him.
“You were just doing it as a favour to me, right??”
Took him 4ever to realise the Blossoms were trying to buy him and that it was a Bad Idea
Doesn’t even realise his music is Sad Time Music
- High Empathy, Low Emotional Control – doesn’t like people hurting and always tries to defend them, sometimes to his own detriment (confronting Reggie, the bar scene), apologises for things whether they’re his fault or not (Jughead, Betty, Valerie, Veronica, Fred)
- Won’t wear pyjamas to bed but will wear them all day if allowed.

SLBP KAI REINCARNATIONS (with a Yukimura x MC pairing)

Shingen & Kansuke

  • Shingen remembers first. He’s in the military, and there’s a moment, when he’s leading his men (and women!) that he just knows. It’s as natural and comfortable as putting on a favorite piece of clothing – the transition between not remembering and carrying all of the memories is effortless.
  • (Not without some pain over things left undone and promises unkept, but, effortless)
  • First thing he does is start seeking out the others. Kai was always, ever Kai because of the people who were a part of it, and Shingen was who he was because of the people who surrounded him, he has as much a duty to them in this life as the last.
  • Kansuke is next! Medical researcher, life has always felt a bit…lacking, like he moves through a fog.
  • Fog finally, finally lifts when Shingen walks into his lab, grinning.
  • Mr Emotionless DEFINITELY CRIES bet me on this
  • Anyway, Shingen finishes his service and starts a business, because there are new ways to lead, and this offers him a better opportunity to get out and about and find everyone.

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Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Someone asked if I had a masterpost and I didn’t so I decided to make one. Those who use Tumblr’s app to save my lockscreens: like this post so you won’t forget about it. This will always be updated, so don’t worry. I hope this post makes everything easier when looking for lockscreens. ❤ 



ok so these are all produced by the company (unless there are killjoys that can print glossy magazines whch i dont think there are, and why would they produce ones with korse on them) so BLI makes recreational magazines which feeds into my tabloid thing

obv we’ve got shiny magaizine which is….. just porn, and then murder magazine which is… just murder porn, but i always forget about the lil exterminator magazine???????? AND I THINK ITS SO CUTE!!!! like lookit korse getting a cover feature aww….so proud of my bby…. ANYWAY i think that’s really interesting, that they have an entire ~exterminator~ magazine like… hell yes, making the public feel like theyre all included in the military operations and they feel secure and safe looking at all the BIG GUNS AND STUFF

and then 

here’s ghoul reading the battery city times???/ i think is what it’s called?? i remember there was a pic (not from the videos) of like the real prop, but i think its saved on my old computer. but you can read the headline saying ‘what’s his next “korse” of action?’ (adorable) with presumably a lil interview with korse or a story or something. but thats 2 different media forms with korse on the front page and that just SCREAMS celebritizing(is that a word???? probably not) and obsessing over certain people and taking their opinion on everything


anonymous asked:

Just wondering, what do you like best about Keith, Zach, Ned and Eugene as individuals?

my favorite thing about ned is his commitment. how it’s evident in the different aspects of his life: his job, his friends, and (most importantly) his wife. i love that he puts in as much effort as the other guys into their projects despite having more personal engagements; that he’s willing to stay late to finish their shoots, but makes it a priority to tell his wife about it first; that he’s always enthusiastic when presented with a challenge, always motivated to win, but doesn’t hesitate to throw the competition and drive through a closed track once he sees his wife needs him. i love that he cares about his wife so much that he has to mention her in every video; i love that he cares about his friends just as much, that he’s essentially integrated them into his own family.

now, my favorite thing about keith is his spirit. how there’s never a dull moment when he’s around, how it’s important for him that others are having a good time, too. keith is everyone else’s favorite for a reason: he seems like the kind of person who always looks out for you, who makes you feel included, who never forgets to remind you that you’re important. he is the person who makes funny faces across the room; who sends his friends photos of the hair around his nipple when they’re sad; who makes all his pranks wholesome, and (mostly) harmless because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

my favorite thing about zach is his vulnerability. how you always know what he’s thinking (because he tells you), how honest he is about his emotions (even when they aren’t pretty), how comfortable he is with this, even if it’s not viewed as the most “masculine” of traits (because honestly, who gives a fuck). i love that he’s not afraid to be unapologetically himself; that he’s someone who openly laughs when someone says the word “duties”; who gets visibly upset when you tell him he can’t hold a kitten; who confidently rocks silly otter shirts and snoopy watches; that he’s someone who can openly talk about his body image issues and how he’s still working to overcome them. i love that he constantly tries to make people feel good about themselves, and that he never, ever shies away from telling his friends how much they mean to him.

and finally, my favorite thing about eugene is his dedication. how he’s always ready to put on a good show; how he goes the extra mile every time, without fail. eugene is the one that chooses the highest heel to wear (and rocks it, too); who pays the closest attention to instructions so he can do things right the first time; the one who picks up a routine the quickest, the easiest, and executes it the best. but he’s also the one who personally helps his friends when they struggle with a step; who’s generous with praise whenever someone else wins a challenge; the one who wears a god awful gorilla suit, just to make a toddler smile.

gig tips!!

here r some things to remember if u are going to a gig

  • stay hydrated! gigs are loud, and if you’re dehydrated u may get a headache and/or feel ill! it’s cheaper to buy water before the show, but sometimes they hand out cups of water to the crowd (this may just be a british thing though)

  • be nice to the people around u and always help someone if they’re in trouble or hurt! if standing in the crowd, it can get pretty cramped and odds are one of u will end up bumping into the other by accident. if seated, it’s less awkward to ask them to move out of the way if u need to pee. also don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you! odds are they’re as excited as u and will happily discuss the band/setlist! plus the intervals can be pretty boring so its nice to pass the time.

  • make sure u have eaten well! this is especially important if u are queueing all day to get to the front. 99% of the time gigs will start early evening so if u havent had dinner make sure u eat something beforehand or take food with u! being hungry can ruin a show. if u don’t bring any food, they will probably be selling it at the venue or there will be a shop/petrol station nearby. make sure u pick something substantial that won’t make u too bloated!

  • make sure there’s enough battery on ur phone to last you until ur home! if you’re waiting outside for the band u will need it to take pictures if you meet them, depending on how ur getting home u may need to call a taxi/friend/family member, or need it incase ur walking! you can buy tiny power packs for ur phone now so look into that, or a spare battery if you can swap those over. 

  • appearance wise, if it’s cold it’s easier to tie a jacket/jumper to ur bag (if u have one) or around ur waist with the sleeves, instead of carrying a big coat so layer up if u need to stay warm! if u have long hair it’s always nice to tie it up so it doesn’t flop around in peoples faces behind u.

  • most importantly - have fun! don’t be afraid to sing ur heart out. everyone will be doing the same or paying attention to the band. take a few photos and videos if thats ur thing just don’t forget to experience it! 

anonymous asked:

Ppl aren't gonna wanna ask u stuff if you don't answer cause you "don't know". Look it up. Plus the Romania+ 2p axis one? That's only 4 ppl. Most blogs can handle at least 8. The main cast is only 8 ppl. Your grammar is horrible too. Plz try harder.

If you are going to criticize me, then please do your research. 

For all the axis asks, 1p or 2p, I ALWAYS include Romano, Prussia, and Austria. That’s 7 characters. 7 is a bigger number than 4. For the allies, I add Canada. That is for just the allies and axis. That’s 13 characters. Let’s not forget that I also write for the Nordics, females, and Romania.

As for stuff I “don’t know” you do realized that I made this blog for free and fun. Why should I do hours or research to learn who are the popular YouTube, what they each do, watch a couple of videos each, decided who would watch who, and all that jazz when I do not have the time? I’m in college! I am having trouble squeezing in regular asks let alone one that requires research.

It is also ironic that you criticize my grammar when you couldn’t even bother to spell out whole words and instead use “ppl”, “wanna” and “plz.” If you are going to send hate mail, please try harder.


I was blown away by how many celebrities were interested in being the finale for this year’s collab month. But after watching your videos about what makes you you, I knew there could only be one option for my finale. YOU ALL have always been the reason I get to do what I get to do, why I have so many incredible opportunities, and why I keep coming back to make videos - so it only felt appropriate to include you in this incredibly epic Auguest. Celebrities are cool, y'all just happen to be cooler, and no matter how big this channel might get, I never want to forget that. Of course, I couldn’t include everyone, but I wanted to share some brave people who touched me and inspired me. (x)

Watch more “#DareToBeYou Videos” here: x

When K-Pop Meets G-Funk: BTS’s Rap Monster x Warren G. Collaboration

by Tanya Rodriguez

Recently, the leader of BTS surprised fans by showing up in Los Angeles unannounced. With an air of mystery, Army searched for reasons the rapper would be in the city by watching social media. Big Hit Entertainment officially announced the collaboration between Rap Monster and Warren G shortly after his departure, but during his brief visit I had a chance to sit down and speak with the pair about this unexpected, yet exciting, collaboration.

Last year was a big year for BTS, as far as reaching to show a new side of the group through “American Hustle Life” and the “Dark & Wild” album. How do you feel about meeting during the filming of that series? What was it like meeting and being put directly into the student/teacher relationship?

Warren G.: It was cool. Just to be able to show an upcoming and active artist who really wants to learn about a culture like hip hop and what I do; to be able to mentor and show them how I came up as an artist, where I’m from, and teach them that even though we are artists, we are regular people too at the same time. We did a lot of normal life stuff to let them see that that it’s not just about the glitz and glamour. It was a great experience. I’m glad that that connection happened.

How do you feel about BTS trying to stay as authentic as they can to hip hop?

WG: However you do your music as long as you represent, like if it’s hip hop or rock & roll, and keep it real to which form of music that you do, it won’t matter because it carries with you. Whenever I do something, even if it has an electronic twist to it, it will still be called G-Funk because I’m going to bring that hip hop element. A far the group (BTS), they just have to keep that hip hop element in whatever they do. Even though it is pop, it’s big, but it definitely has that hip hop feel to it.

Do you feel that you accomplished everything you wanted to show fans during that series?

Rap Monster: Yeah. It was truly amazing because he’s an idol for a lot of people in Korea and all over the world. The experience taught me everything. You know, I asked him “what is G-Funk?” and he told me it was spreading the slacker life and it’s rhythm. He told us his thoughts about hip hop and told us to keep it true, keep it real, and stay cool. I learned a lot through the program and it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This collaboration may feel unexpected to some. How did it come about?

WG: My manager, Keith, called me and asked me if I wanted to do a track with Rap Monster. I heard all the guys rap, I knew he could rap already so that wasn’t a problem. It’s just good to work with a lot of artists who love what you’re doing and love how you did it. Like he said, he was 13 years old and listening to my music. It’s good to work with somebody like that because they know how to lay a great song over some of that G-Funk.

How do you feel about the opportunity to work together again?

RM: It’s an honor. It’s an amazing experience to have a collaborative work with someone who is a legend and pioneer. When he sent me those tracks he originally produced, I could feel the vibes. You know, I’m a rapper in Korea so when I listen to the beat and I feel something it’s really significant to me.

Tell us about the song. What kind of feeling does it have? Is there a story behind it?

RM: I picked one of the six tracks that he sent me. Like, wow this is Warren G. I could feel something. The title is “PDD”, which is “Please Don’t Die”. It’s a message to others out there who have criticized me, saying that, like, “please don’t die because you have to see what I can do so I can prove what I am.” I think it really suits me and the Korean music culture.

Did you work together to the lyrics together or did Rap Monster write them all himself?

WG: He wrote them all himself! I just produced it. Even though I can’t understand what he’s saying, I can tell that it’s good because of his flow and the style he’s using. It sounds good to me. He hits those pockets and he’s got flow.

What have you learned from Warren G. during this collaboration process?

RM: I’ve learned that he’s an amazing producer. He kept telling me to believe in myself and “you go do you”. I gained a lot more self-confidence after working with him.

Is there a difference between working with a South Korean rapper compared to an American?

WG: It’s not that different. His delivery over the track is just like if was myself or Snoop or somebody was rapping over a beat that we’ve done. Just him being an artist and taking on the hip hop culture, you know, that’s amazing and it makes me feel good to see how far hip hop has gone. It’s beautiful.

The message of the music you both put out has ultimately been about choosing your own path in life. Do you feel like you have been following your path?

RM: Definitely. I like to work, and learn, and be busy. It’s good. It’s always good to be busy.

WG: I do that. I do it every day. It’s just trying to not get caught up in the fads. I try to be different and carry myself in a way that I don’t create enemies, don’t make people hate me. I don’t want to be dealing with that. Not saying that I’m soft, I just don’t want to deal with the bullshit.

Is there any advice that you would have for Rap Monster as he moves forward with his career?

WG: Yeah, of course. Just like I’ve always told him, he has to keep staying on the right path and keep working hard. Sometimes you get frustrated, but you have to keep working through the frustration until you have that one thing hits you like, “Boom!” and it lights you up. Once that happens, it turns on the switch and you can just keep going.

Do either of you have big plans for 2015?

WG: Yeah, I always have things going on. I’m filming for TV, a lot of artists I’m producing for, like Mike Slice, are going to be putting things out soon, and I’m starting a t-shirt line… Everything. I’m going to have to be sticking my arms and legs out to keep a hand in all of the puddles. [laughs]

There may be too many puddles! Rap Monster, what about you and BTS?

RM: It’s going to be a bigger year than last year. We have a concert in March that’s going to be big. I need to do a lot of practice. Maybe we’ll be getting ready for our next album. [makes a hush motion]

Fans are going to want to know, will you be returning to the United States again year?

RM: Well of course I always want to. All of us do, but we’ll have to see what this year has in store for us.

Thank you to Rap Monster and Warren G. for taking the time to chat about their collaboration. Don’t forget to check it out in the video below.

Tanya, also known as HallyuTanya, is the owner of K-pop/K-drama blog HallyuKnow and a freelance writer for multiple companies, including DramaFever. You can follow her crazy adventures on Twitter and Instagram!

Buzzfeed just posted a YouTube video where women added up how much their periods cost and they were saying they were spending $7 on pads and $7 on tampons per month.

$7 is the big box of tampons. How the fuck are they going through 30 tampons per month? I can make a box of those last two to three months.

Either LA has a box of 15 tampons for $7 or they are just forgetting that they buy in bulk.

Also one chick included moisturizer in her calculations because I guess she buys moisturizer every time she’s on her period??

Charles IS Ali and Jason’s brother

In the deleted scenes from season 5 dvd there’s a scene between Alison and Mrs. Dilaurentis that I find of huge importance. They are sitting together scrambling through a family photo album and this is the interaction as it follows:

Alison: So that’s me right?

Mrs.D: You were such a cute baby. You know I made the mistake of letting your brother stay up and watch that old movie “Niagara” and he became obsessed with it. After that everything had to be vintage.

Alison: I don’t remember Jason being into old stuff.

*Mrs D doesn’t answer to this, changes subject*

We know A’s obsession with vintage movies, vintage objects, vintage parafernalia, music and decor since practically the beginning of the show. We’ve seen A watching old movies and listening to old music tons of times, his “soul-room” is styled in a completely vintage tone and is chock-full of vintage items. Mrs.D mentions a “brother” of Alison (doesn’t name him) being obsessed since childhood with everything vintage. We know A’s tendency of being obsessed with things, I think it’s key to his personality and we know he likes to surround himself with old stuff, apparently so does a brother to Alison, a brother that is NOT Jason since he never manifested any particular fondness for this type of things neither has he shown any particularly obsessive behaviour (that we know of). Returning to the conversation:

Mrs.D: God, I looked so young then…

Alison: That’s the one thing that Jason and I always agreed on, we had the hottest mom in school.

*They smile, while looking at some photos of Mrs.D and Ali when she was little holding some apples with a big basket of apples in one side. Other photos next to that show more baskets of apples and one of a bin of apples in front of a tree with a stair inclined on top of it. The place seems to be the country side, maybe a farm, what I assume to be the Campbell apple farm*

Alison: Jason was with us right?

*Mrs.D nodds vaguely*

Mrs.D: The whole family went. It was the last trip we all….

*Mrs.D cuts her speech and stops smiling. Her expresion becomes sad, somber*

Alison: Jason thinks that aren’t any photos of him because no one cared enough to take them.

Mrs.D: Why is everyone in this family so dramatic? Jason was camera-shy. He was always throwing away his photographs.

*She says this while pointing at the missing photos in the album*

Ali: I don’t think he remembers that, because Jason said…

*Ali stops speking when her mother turns pages and Ali’s jail photos appear. sudenly Ali wakes up.*

So we see an old family album with a lot of missing photos, like someone ripped them from it. Someone didn’t want to remember something or someone. We`ve heard several times through the show that Jason has always felt left out, in 5x14 there’s a scene where Jason is looking through an album when Ali walks in and he tells Ali “You know you have three full baby albums? Guess how many I’ve got.” Jason obviously feels that he has no photos because his family didn’t care much for him and that Alison was his parent’s favorite. But what if this wasn’t the reason? What if the reason Jason has so few childhood photos is because most of them were taken with Charles, his brother? I think that Ali and Jason`s parents wanted to forget so hard about Charles that they got rid of everything that reminded them of him, including his pictures. Jason doesn’t have any pictures of him at the Capmbell farm because they were all taken with his brother Charles. In that video from the vault the two boys seemed to be very close, always playing and running around together and in the case of being twins parents like taking pictures of twins jointly as if they were one inseparable entity.

In a part of the conversation Mrs.D mentions one trip to the Campbell farm as being “the last trip we all went..” she cut her phrase but it was obvious she meant to say it was the last outing of the whole family together, including Charles. So I’m assuming that either something happened that day or something happened very soon after that family outing that made the Dilaurentis family put Charles away in Radley and want to erase all remembrance of him. I have a little theory of what it might have been that I’ll post later. Hope I`ll hear your thoughts on this guys!

Let’s talk about Announcement Day

Today was our second announcement day, a dump of everything coming up until the next year, and I have to say… I hate it.

The first Announcement Day caught me by surprise. I was overwhelmed and excited by all that shiny news, and had mixed feelings about it. Over time those mixed feelings turned sour, and now that we have a second Announcement Day I can safely say this leaves me feeling bad, not good. Let’s go through why.

Lack of Focus: It’s easy to get excited about a thing when it’s announced. That’s half the fun of something being announced. When Kaladesh was revealed, I was very, very excited for it… …. Actually, too excited. The simple fact is, Kaladesh and Aether Revolt completely overshadowed my desire for Eldritch Moon… But also for pretty much everything else in that announcement day.  Today, I feel a similar issue, but it’s worse because there was a Kaladesh story today. I just can’t bring myself to be excited for anything in this pile, not because it’s not cool (I love the idea of an Egyptian world, and I loved Archenemy), but because I’m high on Kaladesh, and unlike Kaladesh, we hadn’t been teased Amonkhet before so there’s not much for me to grab onto. What’s worse, because we’re just starting the Kaladesh story, I don’t /care/ what comes after it. I care about Kaladesh right now.

Infodump: I honestly forgot Nissa vs Ob Nixilis was coming out until TCC’s video on it today. Usually, these Duel Decks get their own big announcement for us to stop and talk about. This one was buried under a number of more interesting things. Today’s includes a Commander Anthology and a Duel decks that I promise you I will forget about.

Lost Fanfare: You know what was always cool to hear about announced? Duel Decks. Anthologies. MODERN MASTERS. Remember how Eternal Masters had that cool announcement with the Force of Will? Or how in the past, everything’s been announced with at least something to it? Modern Masters 2015 was announced with this lovely image of Etched Champion.

Modern Masters 2017 is introduced with a blacked out picture of a box. There’s just… There’s no hype there. No nothing. It’s “Oh, nice, that’s a thing that exists.” Now I can’t even care. I can’t even say “oh, man, new art for X.” We don’t even have a picture of the promised new art for Archenemy: Nicol Bolas. The Amonkhet picture is cool and all, but it’s very difficult for me to get excited about anything else announced without even a picture to tease me.

Lost Conversation: I might talk about magic more than usual today, but not seven times more than usual. This means you won’t hear me going in-depth on any given thing announced today. Contrast with any day where just one thing is announced, and you’ll have everyone having a conversation about that one thing. I’d have been happy to spend a day talking about Amonkhet- but between Archenemy, MM17, a Duel Deck, and everything else on announcement day, I just… Can’t.

Too much too far ahead: I don’t need to know what’s coming in July. I just don’t.  I also don’t need to know that Amonkhet is being followed by the Hour of Devastation before I even know Amonkhet. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to know that Aether Revolt is following Kaladesh just yet, but that’s probably too much to ask.

Conspiracy: Take the Crown had the best announcements ever: It just did. This is fact. We need more announcements tailor-made to what they’re announcing.

So, please, @wizardsmagic and whomever else you’d need to tell… Please drop Announcement Day and go back to your prior, tailor-made, product specific announcements that came for themselves and included more information than “this exists.”