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Do you love Robert and Aaron as much as I do? 

Come on and join me in the 7 days of Robron week from July 10th till July 16th to spread some love for our boys. ♥

For the gif/edit/fanvideo makers:

July, 10th - Day 1: Favourite Robron scene
July, 11th - Day 2: Favourite Robron kiss
July, 12th - Day 3: Favourite Robron quote
July, 13th - Day 4: Favourite Robron era
July, 14th - Day 5: Favourite heartbreaking Robron scene
July, 15th - Day 6: Favourite funny Robron scene
July, 16th - Day 7: Favourite Robron + another character scene

For the fanfiction writers:

Drabbles, fanfics, oneshots (whatever your prefer)

July, 10th - Day 1: Robron + fluff + “You look amazing tonight.”
July, 11th - Day 2: Robron + angst + “I won’t let you.”
July, 12th - Day 3: Robron + funny + “You make me happy.”
July, 13th - Day 4: Robron + hurt/comfort + “I’ll keep you warm.”
July, 14th - Day 5: Robron + smut + “Do it. Please.”
July, 15th - Day 6: Robron + another character of your choice
July, 16th - Day 7: Robron + favourite AU

I would be more than happy to see many of you participate in this week. Let’s show our boys how much we love them. 

Don’t forget to tag your posts (in the first five tags of your post) with “robrondays” and “robroninlove” so I can make sure to reblog your wonderful posts on the robroninlove blog ♥ Thank you.

If you have more questions always jump in my askbox.

Also you should go and check out the posts from robron week february 27th - march 5th 2017

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ALTL Part 47

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 47

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,093

Warnings: angst I guess?

A/N: Let’s end Sweet Treat Saturday with a bang shall we? ;) I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

Ever since your argument with Sam and Dean, things had settled down.  You were back into the groove of hunting.  You respected Sam and Dean’s wishes, only going on hunts that were absolutely necessary.  It gave you time to work on harnessing your abilities.  You had to learn one way or another.

“Now focus on your fist [Y/N],” Lucifer coached.  “Make sure you hit the concrete cinder block Gabriel is holding, and not Gabriel.  Although, that would be hilarious.”  Lucifer held his arms out to the side as he caught Gabriel’s glare.  “I’m just saying, it would be.”

“I’m not going to hit Gabriel for funzies Lucifer,” you muttered.  “If I hit him, it would be for a reason.”  You grinned, getting a glare from Gabriel.  “I’m kidding, just hold it steady.”  You took a deep breath, focusing on the task at hand.  When you struck the cinder block with your fist, the concrete block turned to dust.

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hi *waves*

I made a follow forever not too long actually but because I love kyungsoo and jongin (and kaisoo) so much, I had to make a special one for this number (I’m the zero in the middle, bc I’m a loser :))

thank you so much for following me, for talking to me, for tagging me in things and for reblogging/liking my gifs/edits/drabbles *throws hearts* you’re all precious cinnamon rolls and I hope you all get your bias’ photocard, that your otp has lots of cute moments together and that you’ll randomly find money on the street tomorrow (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ. alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

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For #nothingwithoutlove, tagged by sapphicqueens :) Thanks for tagging.

I guess we all have many favorite scenes and this is my pick for this project! We always talk about how Emma sacrifices herself for Regina but don’t forget Regina is actually ready to do that for Emma too. They’ve made so much progress throughout 4 seasons, from “Miss Swan” to “Emma”, from “You have no idea what I’m capable of” to “I don’t want to kill you” to “You can do better than this”. SQ has such a beautiful relationship development. In this episode, it’s clear that Regina cares more about Emma than her own safety. To me, even though these two idiots are still oblivious of it, that is an act of love . 

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I’m-.. I’m utterly flabbergasted. I haven’t checked my followers count in a while and so you could imagine my utter disbelief when I saw that I’ve passed the 10 thousand followers mark. So basically I just sat staring at the sceen for about a full minute trying to process all of this… I never expected this when I joined Tumblr a little while ago and every time I look at my followers count and see that I’ve gained a new followers my heart still does a little leap inside my chest and so this is just unbelievable to me.

This is a thank you to all of my followers and mutuals. Every single one of you.

Sappy love-letter ahead (you have been warned!):

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#from ‘i’ll destroy you if it’s the last thing i do’ to ‘oh my god snow must you and charming insist on parenting me’ #’what do you mean i’m expected to be present for the holiday picture and that i’m supposed to wear this hideous sweater you knit me’