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A Way to You Again: Part 11

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1335

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! The conversation about pain/suffering between Bucky and the reader is something I’ve learned over the last year after losing my mom <3. 

I always love hearing from you guys! <3

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“I can’t imagine someone wanting to do something so stupid,” Bucky muttered to himself sometime later.

“Hm?” I whispered sleepily as I looked up at Bucky. He had been playing with my hair which had caused my sleepiness to progress throughout the movie.

“I just… I mean… To willingly allow someone to mess with your mind. To take your memories away… I don’t get it,” he scoffed as he continued staring at the television.

“Some people have to forget – the pain is just too great for them,” I shrugged as I sat– allowing me to get a better look at Bucky. He swallowed hard at this – peeling his eyes away from the television to look at me.

“Do you feel that way?” The question was almost inaudible he spoke it so softly.

“There have been times,” I nodded my head as he stiffened at my response. “But the way I look at it is pain is just the absence of the thing you loved. It’s the plight of being a human. In the end we feel pain and we cause pain, because we aren’t permanent. Nothing lasts forever. The more we love – the deeper the joy – the deeper the pain. Every single one of us knows this to be true, but we still try to run from it…. We still try to prevent disaster and by doing so…”

“We create our own pain,” Bucky muttered as he looked at me sadly.

“Precisely,” I agreed as I laid my head back on my pillow. “But for what it’s worth – I’d always take the pain for the happiness I’ve had in my life,” I added and I swore for a moment I could see a grin begin to spread across Bucky’s face.

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered softly into my ear.

“Mmm,” I exhaled. His breath was warm on my cheek – making my tired mind swirl in different directions. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips to mine. It was at this moment that I woke up enough to realize what I was doing. My arms fell from Bucky’s neck and he immediately pulled away from me.

“I… the… um… the movie is over. I know how you hate sleeping on the couch so I… sorry,” he answered flustered. It was clear that the entire exchange had caught him off guard. I could feel my face flush as I sat up quickly.

“Oh… um… yeah… well goodnight then,” I rambled awkwardly before quickly getting up from the couch and stumbling down the hallway. Bucky followed at a leisurely pace behind me. I sighed as I reached my door – I needed to sleep and forget this had ever happened – or die from embarrassment. I didn’t really care which happened at this point.

“Y/N, wait,” Bucky said hesitantly as my hand hovered over the doorknob.

“Yeah Buck?” I asked – a little flustered from my actions.

“I was wondering if you were free tomorrow… I wanted to take you somewhere…”

“Um… let me think about it and I’ll let you know,” I whispered before opening the door and stepping inside. “Goodnight, Bucky,” I whispered softly.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” he replied before I shut the door. I sighed as I made my way across my room – shedding my clothes as I went. I couldn’t believe that I had kissed Bucky. After everything that had happened my mind was able – during its most vulnerable time – to reach out to him for comfort. The worst part was I wanted more, but I was still angry at him and even more angry at myself for my reaction towards him. It had been just this morning when he had brought me to tears as he stood motionless after I had told him I loved him. I huffed angrily at myself as I removed my bra and flung it towards my dresser before retrieving my robe. I froze – completely naked – in terror when the sight of the gaping hole in the wall broke my internal monologue. Through it I could see Bucky – frozen in place as he watched me. It was clear that I had gotten his attention. I quickly covered up before heading to my bed and burying myself under the covers. How could I forget about the huge fucking hole in my wall? I sighed as I turned on my side – taking the opportunity to peek from under the covers towards the hole where I could clearly see Bucky laying on his side staring at me. I smiled at this and he smiled in return. I kept my eyes on fixed him until I finally drifted to sleep.

“Y/N,” a gentle voice called to me. I muttered uneasily as I tossed back and forth. My chest felt as if it was weighed down by lead, and I panted for air. With a sudden surge of panic, I woke. “Shh… it’s okay – it was just a nightmare,” Bucky soothed quietly as he smoothed my hair away from my face. I looked around the room wildly until my eyes met his. I wanted to only feel comfort when I saw him, but I still felt gnawing anxiety racing through my body. I blinked as I stared at him wearily.

“What time is it?” I whispered.

“Early morning— I couldn’t sleep, and I heard you so I just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he answered wearily as he began to rise to his feet.

“Wait,” I whispered hesitantly as I slid my hand over his. “Would you…. Stay?”

“Sure, doll,” he whispered as he slid into the bed bedside me.  He gathered me in his arms like he used to do every night. The sudden wave of comfort was almost overwhelming. With my head on his chest I could hear his heart racing – the proximity of our bodies to one another was having an obvious effect on him as well. The sound made me smile into his chest.

“Goodnight Bucky,” I whispered softly as I closed my tired eyes.

“Goodnight, doll,” he whispered into my hair before planting a soft kiss on the top of my head.

I stretched wearily as I opened my eyes to be greeted by the morning light. As I turned I half-expected to see Bucky laying beside me— instead the bed was empty. My heart sank. Maybe I had been riding such a wave of emotions yesterday between our fight, and some-what reconciliation that I had misunderstood what it meant. When I had fallen asleep last night I was sure that something had rekindled between us. I sighed to myself in frustration as I stared at the ceiling. I reminded myself that it was probably for the best as I began to sulk in my self-imposed misery.

“You’re awake,” Bucky’s voice drifted from the door. I looked over to see him leaning on the doorway as he watched me.

“How long have you been there?” I asked skeptically as I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Long enough to know you were mad that I wasn’t still there,” he added playfully with a smirk. “But it’s all for good reason. How do you feel about a bit of an adventure today?”

His levity caught me off guard and I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Sure,” I agreed as I sat up and stretched wearily again. Bucky’s eyes suddenly darkened. “What?” I asked as I stifled a yawn.

“Doll, you better close up that robe before I help you take it off completely,” he chuckled as he shook his head. Red crept up my cheeks as I looked at my somewhat exposed chest before pulling the robe tightly to me. Bucky continued to chuckle to himself as he turned and left the room. Once he was safely out of earshot I let out a soft chuckle – maybe today would be the start of a new chapter. He certainly acted as if it was a possibility, and I found myself hopeful for what the day had in store for us.

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Ten Dos and Ten Don'ts of dating Min Yoongi

i think i’m funny, jungkook’s a brat; the usual. happy birthday to me lmao

a complete guide on what to do and not to do if you happen to be dating a man called min yoongi, brought to you by yoongi’s favorite brat, jeon jungkook.

word count: 1,306 | AO3

Disclaimer: Jeon Jungkook does not take responsibility for Yoongi’s actions, and therefore should not be held accountable for any negative reactions his boyfriend might have, as Yoongi’s levels of tolerance towards Jungkook – and towards Jungkook only – exceed all expectations.

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Hey i just wanted to know if you can give me your best ana/mia tips please. Love your blog💗

this would be like my top 5
1. start your day with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, and have a coffee for breakfast (don’t matter if you eat or not), this will speed up your metabolism and also works as a laxative
2. always carry a bottle of water with you, then you don’t forget to keep drinking water all day (i think i don’t have to mention why water is so important) if you fast or try to eat very little and don’t drink water, probably you’re going to fail
3. don’t wait until your parents get suspicious and force you to eat, go to the kitchen and take a plate of whatever the made for lunch, then say that you are going to eat it in your room bc you are doing homework, watching a movie or whatever and put the food in a bag so they think you ate it and you can give it to your pet later or throw it on the trash. also tell them that if they can bring you something when they go to the supermarket
4. write everything you eat and the calories, also the time you ate it and stop eating by a certain hour. for example, i don’t eat after 7pm and until 7am, and try to eat every two hours
5. if you think you are going to binge, drink 1L of water first, and then a coffee, (also you can smoke) if you still want to eat, try to binge on fruits and veggies, or something that is good for your body, hair and skin, like almonds, oat, eggs, etc
6. (bonus) don’t purge, it just not worth it
i hope this help you and sorry if my english isn’t very good♥

How even.

I don’t know how you all got here, but, I hope you’re enjoying your stay.

This blog is only a few months old, and I’m almost passing the most amount of followers on an RP blog I had, but the other blog took 3 years… ;; You guys are great, I’m happy that we’re able to interact and get around a lot. I’m really thankfully I met this side of the fandom and was able to participate in all sorts of wacky and even dead serious RP nonsense. I’ve really enjoyed everything here, and just being here, and being able to talk to people and RP, and I feel a lot closer to you guys than any other fandom I’ve been in. So thank you <3 I am very happy and I can seem myself being here for a good while with you guys. I haven’t done anything for my last couple of milestones, so, I figure I should do something now. So here’s the something.

@rexcrystallis | @oracleborn | @chosenbythecrystal | @suitedfordark | @floweringeclipse

You guys are some of the first people I ever interacted with on this blog, so how could I not say anything. I have been taking forever with responding to RP’s, but, I treasure the fact that I was able to talk with you guys before my true shitposting self formed and it was too late for you all.


I just mentioned you but let me mention you again because!!! I love Iris!! And /your/ Iris! I need my daemonslaying not-family naughter and sad-dad. I’m glad we interacted, and I love your art [ur poor notification box when you posted that nASTY COR. #noregerts] I really love ur art and I’m so happy to see you RP and draw and it’s not fair to be good and drawing and writing but you did it anyway :P I love our interactions, angsty or crack-nonsense, although we somehow manage to combine both ;A; Hopefully this summer I can RP more, but I’ll probably get lazy and spend too much time playing FFXV lbr.


Thank you for letting me gush about Prompto and Cor together because they are so sweet and I love so much about their relationship as little as they actually use it in game. It’s fine, I get to make my own canon outside of it :p I’m happy to RP a nice relationship between them and I’m always happy to hear your headcanon and ideas, I honestly forget sometimes that Prompto is not trans in canon, but like I said, I get to make my own canon :V and I just love so much about Prompto my first RP blog in FFXV is a Prompto, but I’m just so glad you do him justice <3

@kingslight/ @shieldvowed

I love Regis, and the Kingsglaive movie, and I love that you interact with the actors and introduced me to their streams, intentionally or not, it’s been a blessing, I have so much fun with watching Jon Campling attempt to fish in FFXV. Your cosplays are amazing, you put so much work into it and it shows! And of course, I love your writing and headcanons, those are great and fun to read. Even though I met you by kinkshaming you in a way that we’ve never let you live down, I’m really happy to see you on my dashboard, it’s always a treat.

@heterochromiairiidum/ @massadamnata

I’m not sure if we’ve ever actually had a serious RP w/ Cor, and it seems all I do is harrass your Ravus unfairly [sorry ravus ;; u deserve better all the time] and also make shitposts with you, but that’s fine, the main part of RPing is having fun and the writing can come second I think XD Thank you for putting up with my bullshit basically.


(ง'̀-‘́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง I’m kidding, lmao, I know we don’t interact much but I love our muses decision to instantly fight or ignore each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Loqi needs more love, and I’ll be happy to give it to him. Love in the shape of Cor being a sour bitter man, but, love regardless.


I love your Noctis <3 I really do. I love your portrayal and I have a lot of fun when you’re on my dash. Thank you for letting me interact with you, and let Cor harass your Noctis to no end. 


We’ve only talked a little bit but I love your Yuna, and I love all your headcanons and ideas for the FFX world. FFX was my first Final Fantasy game and it has a place in my heart, which is why I pretty much picked the FFXV version of Auron as my RP muse. :p Also I really like our Silent Hill verse because I crave angst.

I can’t think of all the people at the moment, I’m sorry I didn’t leave a longer message than this, or at least a more thoughtful one, but, I’m happy to these guys for RPing and talking with me about stuff, just for the hell of it.

@nesrecne | @trashkingizunia | @maledictusrex | @chocobutthair | @eldestamicitiason | @the-witch-matoya | @sxrtis | @izuniashield | @promptos-biceps | @culinarystrategist | @enviousking | @utprosiim | @bxstiarius | @commodorexaranea | @yunafied | @divinamxultionem | @galahdanblade | @morethanabarcode | @divintas | @featherdicks | @regalchocobo | @knightxalpha@fieryknowledge | @lunaliee | @nightfallprince & many more I’m sure. I just wanted to thank you guys for interacting with me, and giving me the time of day to write with me and talk with me even if not.

And last but not least, the people I’ve talked to maybe a few times, and I hope I get to know you guys better, and maybe write an RP or even just talk in chat.

@irisiae | @luxarcum | @greatswordgladio | @loqibesthia | @frigustek | @pxlsatiio | @sineatcr | @yivohn | @firstsxnner | @theplagueofstars | @croweoftheglaive | @outofmychair | @novilis | @tiiamate | @oathvowed | @liibertus | @crystallineglacian | @kissthecook | @astral-ignem-feram | @pierccr | @countignis | @pargentum | @inferniangod | @nyxoftheglaive | @oraclevowed | @gvntk | @betaprom-pom |

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(1/3) When it comes to the argument of "Why is it ok to turn a white character poc but not a poc character white?" I think people really seem to forget about not only how little poc representation there is, but also, how much representation matters and affects people. And it's mainly because they've never had the issue of not having representation. They never have to worry about whether they can relate to characters because they always can.

(2/3) I know, as a white person, that I cannot relate to poc characters or to a show/movie when the rare few times in media where a cast is mainly poc. I just can’t. They are amazing characters and I adore them so much but I also recognise that as much as I may love a poc character I can’t really relate to them. So white people really have to imagine if all characters were poc.

(3/3) Imagine how hard it would be to relate to anything in the media, to find the representation you want? Because we don’t have to worry about that, so we should be working on making sure that poc shouldn’t have to worry about that either. Which is why “Turning a poc character white” is such a drastic difference to “Turning a white character poc”, when you do that you are not erasing representation.

Now you, I like you

You can stay

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  1. when I smile, I have one dimple on my right cheek. everyone points it out and I find that kind of interesting…? 
  2. I was born on September 4th - because of my birthday, I missed my new school’s “cutoff” for ages by three days. so I was held back one grade, meaning I should be in high school right now. :/
  3. I’ve only watched three horror movies in my life. Hush, Would You Rather, and Final Destination. I feel like only Hush can count as one..
  4. I like to be outside, feel a cold breeze. It’s so much better than being inside my stuffy house, especially cause there’s no ac. Being outside is like freedom, if you could put it that way. 
  5. I have burnt myself twice on my right hand. there is about an inch and a half long scar on the middle of my hand, right under the middle knuckle, palm face down. it’s from badly using a toaster oven. the other scar is from a metal slide that I was going down really quickly, and it’s right above the… wrist bone (?). 

hopefully these were sufficient! 

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Six Movies I’ll Always Watch

thanks for the tag @aisforr :)

Being tagged in things like this somehow makes me forget every movie I’ve ever watched, but let’s do this.

1. Tangled - when I say I can quote every line of the movie, I’m not kidding. Others have tried and failed to prove me wrong.

2. Home Alone/Home Alone 2 - I can’t separate them because I love them both. Only at Christmas, but they’re bloody brilliant movies. 

3. The Breakfast Club - another John Hughes one, but he makes damn good films. 

4. Nativity! - another Christmas one haha. It’s adorable and has some surprisingly catchy songs. 

5. The Notebook - horrifically cliched but I love it. 

6. Lilo & Stitch - does this really need to be explained? It’s just amazing. 

I tag: @cooperbettycooper @cooperjones2020 @wonderrful @adorebughead @allskynostars @bugheadotp

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Relationship Status: still very much single :|

Favourite colors: lime green, blue, burgundy/maroon red

Lipstick or Chapstick: Hmm I guess lipstick, since I always forget I have chapstick and I do sometimes wear lipstick.

Last song: It’s Quiet Uptown - Hamilton

Last movie: Doctor Strange

Top 3 shows at the moment: Uhh, How To Get Away With Murder, Stranger Things and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Top 3 ships at the moment: Robron, phan and not much else tbh, Coliver?

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1. I really am a embarrassment because I am terrified of the cute creatures known as squirrels because of a past traumatizing incident.

2. I really like running, not long distant but sprinting because it makes me forget about everything and its fun when I win ;)

3. I don’ t have a favorite movie, I have movies I like but I don’t think ill ever have a favorite movie, the only one that comes close would be Aladdin.

4. I love the rain and stormy weather, all my friends call me weird for it but when it rains and super dark I always am the happiest.

5. I am Identified as “Heartless” by my friends and even my parents so this is a amazing accomplishment

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nickname: Brex, as a joke cause a lot of languages don’t have the ‘ch’ sound

gender: woman

star sign: aquarius

height: 163 cm (5′3″)

time: 21:31

birthday: 6 feb ‘96

favourite bands: queen, abba if i’m drunk enough, tinariwen, daft punk (is that a ‘band’?)

favourite solo artists: beyonce, childish gambino, does parov stellar count

song stuck in my head: glitter and gold - barns courtney

last movie I watched: probably everything, everything, I don’t think I have watched any full-length movies since term has started

last show I watched: Community

when did I create my blog? quite a while ago but I only really started posting this september

what do I post?  studyspo, (relatable) jokes, some history stuff

last thing I googled: “164 cm in feet” but before that I looked up Issei Sagawa, which has some tws for cannibalism if you look that up as well

do I have other blogs? : yep @floatingcoward, which is my main that I’ve had since like 2011

do I get ask? : basically no, but please do, I’m a friendly lonely nerd

why I chose my url: it is a reference to a quote from Parks and Rec where Tom refers to food as resembling a coy dutch woman guarding a dark secret, which later became an inside joke with a friend and then eventually this earl

following: 242, i should probably clean that out a bit cause a lot of those are inactive now

followers: 45, who just appeared overnight, and like most of those are real blogs! unlike on my main where it is basically all porn and spam :,)

average hours of sleep: 9

lucky number: ehm none??

instruments: accordion 

what am I wearing? : purple tee, fleece sweater, old as jeans and my duvet coat

dream job: something that lets me work with old things, either I’d go into academia and become a historian, or I would also love to become an archivist of some sort.

dream trip: Berlin (again), my bed honestly, Alaska

favourite food: ehm pad thai from the place downstairs

nationality: Dutch and Belgian

favourite song: ehhhmm

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Gracias por el tag @shivisdivis 

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Rules: Tag 8 People (You don’t have to do this if you don’t want ofc). @sara-y-croft, @lawrydouche, @hrrraandm, @fayrinferno 

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite 3 Movies: La Grande Bellezza, Tekkonkinkreet and Perfect Blue. 

Fav 3 TV Shows: FRIENDS, Bones and Stranger Things. 

Favorite OTPs: ZoNami, GutsxCasca and NozakixSakura.

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday

Favorite Season: Spring

Fav 3 Characters: Zoro Roronoa, Guts and San (Mononoke).

Fav Superhero: Wolverine, Saitama and Batman.

Fav Childhood Movie: I don’t know??? Tarzan?? El Zorro?? Oh I know! Cutthroat Island.

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Can u teach me how to be a good comic maker 👃👃👃👃

Sure but I’m not the best at explanation but I’ll try to explain it the best way I can. So here’s some simple steps on how I do comics.

Step 1: Coming up with an comic ideas. I usually get inspiration randomly  whether it’s from watching movies/shows, listening to music, chatting with friends, in the shower, lying in bed, etc.

Step 2: Write down the ideas (script). I always keeps my notebook/sketchbook with me at all times. I try to write down as much detail of the scene with the dialog before I forget. I sometime draw little thumbnails to draw the scene.

Step 3: Sketching your comic. Very roughly sketch out your idea quickly. They don’t have to be perfect just readable to you. My roughs are pretty much like scribbles but only I see it.

It also helps to write where you’re going to put your dialog too. Chances It’s going to change when you get to the final look.

Step 4: Lining and inking. Pretty much clean up your messy sketch.

Step 5 (optional): Color, Shading, Effects! I like to use color but I try to keep it simple with the shading. I use the shading and effects to show the mood of the panel.

Step 6: And last but not least, TEXT. I know its easier to type your text but I prefer to handwritten them. It gives me the freedom to play around on show on how each character acts.

And that’s pretty much on how I make comics. I don’t think I’m the best at making comics but everyone has different intake on making comics. This is pretty much the basic on how I do it. But yeah, I hope my long explanation helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to asks. ^^

Guys, how do you think Stiles reacted the first time Lydia nonchalantly grabbed his hand? (not counting season 2 with ice skating)

I bet it was over the summer after sophomore year, and he was teaching her all about the supernatural. I bet they hung out a lot actually, what with Allison being in France for four months.

They’re meeting up at a local coffee place, they’re not at that place yet where they feel comfortable in one another’s homes. They’ve been having supernatural study sessions for about three weeks now, and this time Lydia decides she wants to go to this cute little cafe instead (its really close to the coffee shop) 

“Stiles, I want to go to ____ instead”

“Oh, oka-” he cuts off abruptly as Lydia grabs his hand and tugs him in the direction she wants to go. She doesn’t really think about it, she just does it. Thank god she doesn’t turn around, because Stiles is like scarlet red and making this weird face like he ate some sour candy. 

He doesn’t know what changed, but suddenly she’s always touching him. grabbing his hand, fingers grazing his arms. It really kicks up when Jackson leaves, and Stiles is like…so very confused about what’s happening. 

Now I’m just thinking about their relationship progressed off camera here i go

Now they go to each other’s houses too, she lays barefoot on his bed and he bunkers down on her pink couch/chair (whichever one was in Lydia’s room i forget) and they stray from just supernatural talk. They gossip about Scott and Allison, they talk about favorite shows (they both love The Office) and favorite books. One day Lydia doesn’t feel like talking about all the craziness but doesn’t feel like being alone either, she always feels lonely now that Jackson and Allison are gone, though Allison should be back soon. So she shows up at Stiles’s house with her laptop and a few movies. This is how they start their long standing movie night traditions. 

God, I wish we could have seen how they went from Season 2 Stiles and Lydia to Season 3, because there is a BIG difference in how they act with one another.

greentrickster  asked:

What's a good way to get into the Bionical fandom? I've seen a few of the movies and liked them well enough, but there seems to be a richer layer that I'm missing. Is there a TV show or is it purely comics? And is one place better to start than another?

OH BOY let me tell you about Bionicle okay

So Bionicle is kinda weird in that there’s like 8 mediums that the whole story is told through. The easiest place to start (the way I figure it) is the chapter books. There are around 20 if I recall correctly, but they’re kinda difficult to find since they’re for a toy-driven line that no longer really exists. (I mean, there’s the new ones, but I know very little about those. I’d like to get into the new ones, I just always seem to forget.) The chapter books have more of the story than anything else and (I believe) are considered the most canon, i.e. if something else contradicts them then the books are considered the “correct” version. There are 3 series: Chronicles, Adventures, and Legends (in that order, despite the fact that Adventures is technically a prequel series).

The movies are odd in that they’re continuations of whatever storyline is currently going on rather than adaptations, so for new fans they can be kind of confusing. There’s one for the first series, two for the second series, none for the third (despite being the longest and spanning like 3 arcs wtf), and one for the fourth (which didn’t really have any books and was mostly comics up until the movie).

The comics tell largely the same story as the novels and tend to be somewhat easier to come across (but that’s a pretty big “somewhat”). I didn’t read a lot of those, but the ones I do remember were largely smaller events that took place during whatever arc was going on at the time but didn’t necessarily show up in the books, or were just straight-up identical to the novels. Worth a read, though.

Then there are the web animations and online games, which are mostly supplemental material that greater expand on some of the minor characters, especially the Matoran. I believe there were also a few short stories that were only published online, but I never read them. (I had approx. no internet access during the height of my love for Bionicle, so I missed out on most of the web stuff until I rediscovered it in college.) The online games I believe can be downloaded, and I used to have them on my computer aeons ago, but largely they were simple point and click adventure flash games. The art was pretty, though.

THEN THERE’S THE ENDING. Okay so apparently the creative team had a whole ‘nother arc planned out and everything but LEGO canned the Bionicle line just after the 10th anniversary of the series (D:<) and it had to be scrapped. Greg Farshtey (praise be to his name), the author of most of the books and head of the story team for like every LEGO product ever apparently, wrote a web-only end to the series to give it closure. It’s a bit like the Firefly movie for the fans; some people are just glad to have an ending for a series unfairly ended before its time, some people are incredibly salty about it, some people feel like it didn’t actually explain anything/wasn’t that great, and some people (like me) are just mad that their favourite character that got killed off was teased to come back and never did. (It has been like 10 years since he died and I’m still mad.)

With the new line I think there’s a webseries and a Netflix series (which might be one and the same, again I know very little about the new stuff).

There’s probably more that I’m missing but I can’t remember. Some of the mythos isn’t actually discussed too much in-universe and comes from Word of God, like the red star, and if anyone tries to tell you that romance is non-canon you do not listen Hewkii/Macku is the most canon ship to ever sail okay I DON’T CARE WHAT GREG FARSHTEY (praise be to his name) SAYS HE LIES.

tl;dr The books are probably the easiest/best place to start, if you can find them. I recommend your local public library and used bookstore as starting points.


What kind of mom Yoruichi would be (If Bleach is any indication)

As requested by anon. :)

Have you ever wondered what kind of mother Yoruichi would make? Well, wonder no longer! After exhaustive research (*cough*), I have assembled all of the evidence that Bleach has to offer! And based on the way Yoruichi is in Bleach, I think this is the type of mom she would be!

1. She would always chaperon field trips.

In Bleach, Yoruichi accompanies Ichigo and the others to Soul Society, just to keep an eye on them. She is basically their chaperon. As I parent, this would translate into Yoruichi always volunteering to go on her kids’ school trips.

Yoruichi: I even volunteered to let the teacher use my friend’s cannon, rather than the stinky old bus.

Yoruichi: But for some reason, she said no.

2. She would encourage her kids to have fun.

As a mom, Yoruichi would want to make sure that her kids didn’t work too hard, and that they always made time for fun. You know, like she did with Soi Fon. When Yoruichi saw that little Soi Fon was taking her ninja duties too seriously, she encouraged her to smile and relax and maybe have a little fun.

Yoruichi: And if you take longer to finish school, that’s okay!

Yoruichi: We soul reapers basically live forever, after all! 

3. She would want to be her kids’ friend.

I imagine that Yoruichi wouldn’t want to be some disciplinarian that her kids feared. Instead, she’d want to be seen as their friend. Perhaps a little too much.

Yoruichi: Curfew? Nah! Just make sure you’re not gone for 100 years or anything!

Yoruichi: Although even that can be justified, you know.

4. She wouldn’t always say where she’s going.

She’d have a bad habit of just going to the store or to the movies or to a 3-day business conference without leaving a note or anything.


Yoruichi: I knew I was forgetting something.

5. She would always help with homework.

In Bleach, Yoruichi is always helping out with training: she helps Orihime and Chad learn to use their powers, she helps Ichigo achieve bankai, and so on. As a parent, Yoruichi would therefore be the kind of mom who always helps her kids out with their homework.

Yoruichi: Are you cramming for tomorrow’s exam, sweetie?

Yoruichi: I can help! I am basically a cramming master!

6. She wouldn’t always be serious when she needs to be.

Yoruichi likes to tease and joke around. Probably this wouldn’t always go over so well with her kids.

Yoruichi: Oh? Do you have a crush on that boy?

Yoruichi: That’s so cute!

Yoruichi: Wanna talk to him?


Yoruichi: Your face is wishing death upon me.

7. She’d encourage her kids to date.

Unlike parents who discourage their kids to date, Yoruichi would highly encourage it. She’s something of a matchmaker, as we’ve recently seen!

Yoruichi: I can’t believe you didn’t tell that girl how nice she looked!

Yoruichi: You’re never going to find a girlfriend at this rate!

8. She’d flirt with her kids’ teachers.

You know, like she does in Bleach, with Ichigo’s teacher. *cough*

Yoruichi: Hey, if you’re free later, how about some sparring?

9. Once her kids became teenagers, she’d be HUGELY embarrassing.

Most teenagers are embarrassed by their parents, of course. But imagine being Yoruichi’s teenage son or daughter. Yeah, there’d be some awkward moments.

Yoruichi: Well, if I knew you had friends coming over, then of course I’d be wearing pants!

10. She’d be protective.

But above all, Yoruichi would always make sure that her kids were protected. And if anyone tried to mess with them, she’d take care of it.

Yoruichi: So that bully is gonna be out of school for a while, I heard.

Yoruichi: Something about being attacked by a rabid cat?

Yoruichi: Tragic, really.


Part 1 - Part 2

Actually I thought I had moved on… But seeing him, spending a little time with him, and kissing him again… It made me realize the reality, I didn’t moved on. I went to my room, locked the door as I leaned in it tumbling to the floor with the first tears on my face. Why do I still love him if he hurt me? If he left me? Am I a masochist? The tears kept coming as cataracts all night and I just could not get it out of my mind. 


I don’t know why I came back to the city. I knew that she had changed, that she had moved on. Back to 3 years ago, she thought I no longer loved her, that I had forgotten about her, when the truth is that I couldn’t stop thinking about her in the past 3 years, and the only thing I do is mourn like a baby. I missed her. Everyone told me that I could get her back, but how is that possible if she has a new boyfriend? I never should have come back, I never should have left her. I’m an idiot and I don’t deserve her love. I won’t forgive myself if she falls asleep crying tonight, I shouldn’t have appeared again in her life. And I lost her three years ago, I lost the love of my life, my princess, my baby, my everything. I went to my old house, where all the boys would stay. All were in the room with a lot of food and a movie on TV. 

“How did it go, prince charming?” Nash said mockingly. “I really don’t want to talk about it" I replied in a bad tone. I sat between Nash and Matt and I started to eat. When the movie was over and they all turned to me. I knew that they wanted me to vent, and well, I had to do it. "I just want to have her here, with me." I said. ”Then, fight for her" Nash replied. “You always fight for what you want, dude" Matt started talking "Now you’re just gonna give up?" he asked. "Dude, you didn’t begged like 3 months to get to the damn city for this" Carter said. And it was true. I’ll never forget those 3 months where I did everything I could to get Magcon to the city. "She doesn’t want to see me" I said. "I kissed her… and then, she hitted me where it hurts the most" I said and the boys made a "ouch” with their mouths. “How am I suppoused to fight for her when she doesn’t want to see me? When she hates me more than she did back to 3 years ago?" I was hurt. "Dude, I don’t think she hates you" Jack G started talking. "Maybe she’s confused. I mean, you appear after 3 years saying you miss her, while she has already moved on." And it was true. But I knew I wouldn’t leave the city without being okay with her. 


Sometimes watching movies is just the most horrible thing you could do. I know those storys are not real, they are shining rainbows on which sparkling unicorns dance to 80’s music, seeming like everything is possible, but the truth is, that the real life, the real love right here is like a battlefield most times. We get our heart ripped out by the people we love, we ponder of something great, we ponder of something real, but let’s face it, most times life spits us in the face, smiling. Real life is not meeting each other at some random place, falling directly in love because we feel understood, because we found our soulmate. Real life is working your way through meaningless sex and kisses, broken hearts and 3 am sobbing on the floor, through too much alcohol and too little truth. I know I sound negative and I also know that there are nights, moments, when your life is perfect like in a movie, that there are nights you will never forget because they shape you, because, to quote from Stephen Chbosky, we feel infinite. But real life stories don’t always have a happy-ending. Real life storys end most times with feeling exhausted, tired, with missing someone, with regretting things you can’t change, with occurrings that make you feel like someone took a part of you away - leaving you incomplete, broken. Sometimes life’s a bitch.
—  i was so damn sad when i wrote this
Five random facts

I was tagged by the wonderful @novice-at-play Thank you so much!

1. I love Parmesan and I guess I have a higher Parmesan consumption than a whole Italian family.

2. I have a very good memory and remember the silliest things but I always forget my passwords

3. I have no (absolutely no) sense of direction. I even get lost if I walk ways I walked ten times before. Google maps is one of my best friends.

4. I like watching movies in cinema or on DVD but I don’t watch television (except football). This brought me into more than one embarrassing situation, because I had and have some tv celeb customers, and I never recognize them.

5. Some people (Pete) say I have a laugh like a pirate.

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