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40 Prompts List

I threw together a bunch of my favorite prompts ideas since I’ve been suffering from writer’s block and need the inspiration. Feel free to reblog!

  1. “I don’t want to stop loving you.”
  2. “We were just pretending to be lovers, but I’m not pretending anymore.. I need to know if you feel the same way.”
  3. “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me, but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”
  4. “Promise me you’ll stay.”
  5. “I didn’t want it to end, I just thought you’d be better off without me..”
  6. “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”
  7. “If this is the last time I see you, know that I love you more than anything.”
  8. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.”
  9. “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”
  10. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”
  11. “Please.. don’t leave.”
  12. “We were never just friends.”
  13. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”
  14. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
  15. “I miss you every second of every day.”
  16. “I’m trying to forget you the best I can, but damn it, we belong together.”
  17. “You say I got us into this, but you didn’t stop it from happening, either.”
  18. “I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”
  19. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”
  20. “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  21. “You’re too good for this world.”
  22. “How long do we have?”
  23. “Do you think we’re bad people?” 
  24. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m going to take care of you.”
  25. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”
  26. “We always have a choice.”
  27. “Is that a threat?”
  28. “Keep your eyes on me.”
  29. “You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”
  30. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
  31. “We have to stick together.”
  32. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”
  33. “Don’t leave me behind.”
  34. “How did you find me?”
  35. “Who did this to you?”
  36. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”
  37. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  38. “You’re out of your damn mind.”
  39. “You make me feel invincible.”
  40. “I’ll keep you safe.”

I marvel at how humans are! It doesn’t take us long to get distant from Allah, despite the fact that we need Him more than we need air to survive. We soon realise this and come gasping back to Him, clutching our shrivelled hearts in our shaking hands, begging Him to take us back. And by His mercy He never refuses us; yet soon we forget how much we need Him and again we find ourselves distant from Him. I marvel at how we can so easily forget His favours and I am in awe of the Mercy of my Allah, who still takes us back.

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Credence headcannon; brown eyes

- he loves your eyes, even if you dont

- even though eye contact makes him slightly uncomfortable, he always wants to make eye contact with you

- “yours eyes.. are the most beau-” 

- “credence, stop” 

- you act like you hate it

- but you love it

- he’s always looking at you, taking in everything, scared he’ll forget how beautiful every part of you is

- you love his eyes

- constantly fighting over whose eyes are prettier

- “credence, yours are, end of story” 

- “thats not fair!” 

- he likes to drag his fingers along your cheeks so you look up at him

- he can get lost so quickly and so easily

- he doesnt care if he stares for too long, he loves looking at you

- “why’re you looking at me like that?” 

- “because, i like looking… at you” 

Oh boy, here we go! What a finale! I’m so so excited for next season (looks like we’re finally gonna see Homeworld! And learn a bunch of stuff!) Let’s go bit by bit so I don’t miss anything (or, well, to reduce the amount of stuff I forget I wanted to mention, haha), so this’ll be a little long

It’s funny that Steven is eagerly awaiting new pants when he always wears the same pants. And also it’s really sweet of Amethyst to offer to hang out by the mailbox for the delivery so Steven can go do something else to take his mind off it.

Also also, it’s just. Way Too Cute how Garnet and Pearl are making a sandcastle for crabs. Like, not for Steven’s benefit, since he wasn’t there, but just for their own enjoyment. They’re so enthused about it and Pearl excitedly shows it off to Steven and Amethyst and it’s just. I can’t help thinking about how these are ancient alien warriors just getting so much joy from building a tiny castle for crabs. It’s so cute. I love them so much.

I like to think Onion had brought Sour Cream to meet his seasonal friends and that’s why Sour Cream already knows about that spot in the woods.
Also, like, we already knew Sadie was an adult but I don’t think the show has really stated it plainly, just implied (specifically in “Sadie’s Song” when they were talking about her birthdays), so that’s cool.

I liked the bit where they all attempt to draw Aquamarine based on Steven’s description. I love knowing how characters would draw, I think it says a lot about their personality. 

Connie - Anime-style, ‘cause of course, with guidelines and asymmetrical eye sizes (just, totally how I drew at that age)
Amethyst - “going for a feeling” impression not really accurate but still with all the important details (wings, eye gem), also it appears to be a dog
Pearl - Says she can’t draw but drew a very detailed drawing that is also way overdramatic and fancy. Also she’s the only one who signed her drawing
Garnet - Drew herself, because she loves herself. Can’t argue with that and also it’s an adorable self-portrait.

I quite like Aquamarine and Topaz, I was thinking we’d probably see a small Gem like Aquamarine soon, since they kinda teased that in “Adventures in Light Distortion”. I’m curious what the specific role of an Aquamarine is, since Pearl is very freaked out by the mention of one and comments that she and Topaz must’ve been specifically sent by the Diamonds. Plus, that wand of hers is really powerful. Also she makes mention that she has perfect memory, which is potentially significant. Topaz is interesting, the way she sticks the humans in her fusion is mildly horrifying. I like her ‘headphone’ style gems, which also kinda look like the warp pads?

I think calling back to “Marble Madness” when Steven made the list of humans was really clever and I gotta give props to the crew for that! Also I loved seeing Alexandrite again, even if it was just for a little bit

Anyways, yea, super super excited for the next episodes! I reckon we’re gonna learn a whole lot from this adventure, about Gems, about Homeworld, and about Rose Quartz. Can’t wait!

Shower and Grime: Loki x Reader (NSFW)

Said I’d write more of it and I did! It feels kinda rushed at a certain point and I am meh about that but hope the rest is good

Hot water spurt out of the faucet, raining down marvelously on the tiled floor. You smiled, holding your hand up to it and watching the mud, mostly dried now, run off your hand before landing on the ground and swirling around the drain. The temperature would be heavenly, able to ease even the deepest aching of your shoulders and your smile widened.

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Mettaton EX sprite for the dating sim: Dancing with a Killer Beautiful Robot!

So, for all the Undertale fans that always wanted to date the robot, here’s your chance. The game will probably be up by the end of the month (it depends on how long I take to draw backgrounds. Help.)

Combeferre is the excitable biology professor that chats with students all the time and goes on tangents about the deer that won’t get out of his damn apple trees. He’s always way too chipper at 7am Ornithology lab because he’s so. excited. about. nature, and he’ll give you extra credit if you bring him a cool bone or some frog eggs. His lab exams can be hell, though, and he only gives, like, five tests a year because he likes it that way and also hates grading, watch out.

Joly is the anatomy professor that always has a huge smile on his face no matter what. His main class is a year long, and it’s one of the hardest things a bio student can take, but he’s so fun to have that a lot of people forget how difficult it actually is. He sticks random Japanese words and phrases into the directions for the practical bits of his exams because “you should always know how to be polite no matter where you go.” He’s rarely seen by students outside of class, and those that have never had him elevate him to “campus cryptid” status.

Top Surgery Advice

Hey everyone! I’ve been waiting to make a post with some top surgery advice and now that I’m finally feeling a little better I thought I’d take a shot. I’ve already made a post about my personal experience, so feel free to read that and maybe get an idea of what your day might be like. I also dealt with a minor complication after surgery, which I’ve posted about here. It was nothing too serious, but feel free to read it if you want to learn about a not-so-common experience. Now, on to the good stuff!

Leading up to surgery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle–this will help during surgery and during recovery!
  • Make sure you have an after surgery buddy. I’m not sure I would’ve survived without @gaydogdad to hand me things I couldn’t reach (that were usually 6 inches away). 
  • If you feel anxious, call and talk to your surgeon/staff. It’s totally normal to worry and they will help you out any way they can. 

The day of surgery:

  • Wear loose clothes! Many surgeons will recommend wearing a button-up, but mine only allowed zip-up sweaters. I strongly recommend going with the sweater instead of button-up shirt! You might think that a shirt will be loose enough, but once the swelling and soreness sets in you’re going to want something loose and comfy. Basketball/workout shorts are also your best friend because pulling your pants down to pee is not a fun experience the first day or so. Also, flipflops/sandals. Comfort is the key on surgery day!
  • Your surgeon will likely give you instructions with what to bring to the facility on surgery day (prescriptions, clothes, inhalers, etc.). Be sure to review them and pack your bag the night before!
  • You are going to feel nervous/anxious/excited/scared/happy (basically every emotion ever) and that’s totally okay! This is a big day! You are also probably going to feel like you’re forgetting to do something or that you haven’t done everything your doctor said–at least, that’s how I felt the entire morning. Chances are, you’re fine. Your nerves will trick you into thinking you should be doing more, but your number one concern should be relaxing and mentally preparing yourself for the day!
  • Communicate with your doctor/staff! Don’t be shy to ask questions about what is going to happen or concerns you may have. That’s why they are there. 


  • Rest, rest, rest! ‘Nuff said. 
  • Figure out the most comfortable position/place for you. I stayed on the couch for a few days because it was really hard to sit up from laying flat on my back in bed. Sometimes I even slept sitting straight up. Just figure out what works best for you and get plenty of sleep/rest.
  • Listen to your doctor! Don’t overexert yourself just because you start feeling better. Don’t stop wearing your compression shirt because the swelling subsided. Don’t forget to take your medicine. Basically, be the ideal patient. 
  • Listen to your body! If you feel tired, sleep. If your muscles are sore, take a break from whatever  you’re doing. If you’re hungry, eat. Surgery is exhausting and it takes a lot out of you. Don’t think “well it’s been a week so I should be able to do _____” because that’s not always how it works. Everyone heals differently. 
  • That being said, I know guys who stopped taking pain pills after the first day and others (including myself) who needed them for a longer period of time. As long as you are using them the way they’re intended, don’t be ashamed that you are in pain. Take care of yourself the best way you can!
  • My doctor provided a post-op package as well with some helpful contents that I’ll list here just so you have an idea of some things you may need but didn’t think about:
    • Melatonin (sleep, sleep, sleep!)
    • Sleep mask and ear plugs (sleep, sleep, sleep during the day!)
    • Dulcolax (helps relieve constipation that most people experience from pain killers and anesthesia) 
    • Probiotic Pearls (helps your immune system and your tummy!)
    • Arnica Montana (an herb that helps with swelling and bruising)
    • Benadryl (in case you’re itchy; also helps sleep)
    • White Petroleum Jelly (for post-op massages)
    • Additional Gauze/Dressings (they gave me maternity pads and they worked wonders absorbing the fluid from my drains)

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope this can help some folks in the future and I am always open to answering questions you may have about hormones or surgery or anything in general. 

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D.Gray man Fluff!!! Please

I don’t normally do more than 3 for headcanons but since they’re all pretty short, I made an exception :) please enjoy (I don’t know if these are fluffy enough though :,) rip)


  • Gives surprise kisses on the nose, cheeks, eyelid, ears, hands, everywhere tbh
  • Every morning, without ever forgetting, will say “I love you” with a good morning kiss when you exit your room
  • Runs to you like a little puppy when you return from a mission and takes you to the cafeteria
  • Will actually share food with you and loves to feed you himself
  • He stops whatever he’s doing if he catches you playing with Timcanpy and just watches with the most loving smile ever (Link always comments how creepy / strange Allen looks)


  • Loves playing with your hair (if it’s long, he’ll be braiding it all day but if it’s short, he’ll be running his fingers through “soft heaven”)
  • Cannot ever say no to you and will constantly be told that you’re being spoiled by him
  • He has no limits to public affection and will either have an arm around your waist, showering you with kisses, or complimenting your everything
  • Literally cries with happiness every single he gets to see you in your casual clothes (out of uniform) along with a waterfall of compliments
  • Loves naps and sleeping even more if you’re with him in his arms


  • Will always sit next to you in public or privacy (out of jealousy and desire to be near you)
  • If you’re sad or emotionally in pain, he pats your head while quietly assuring you until you feel better
  • When cuddling (which is rare), he likes you in front with his arms around you while his head is buried into your hair or the crook of your neck
  • If he’s done something faster than you (eating, dressing, getting checked up by the doctors) he will stand and wait without complaint (even if Allen and Lavi’s presence is annoying the heck out of him)
  • If you get injured, he’s apologizing every few minutes for not being able to help (even if he couldn’t have been around), fully aware of how fragile humans can be, especially when you can’t just heal yourself like he can


  • Will only flirt / woo ladies if he desperately HAS to (it hurts his heart to see you later knowing that he flirted with someone else)
  • Loves playing jokes and teasing you but can’t ever keep it going for long
  • As much as he likes his human friends, he always misses you and wishes to see you soon
  • If you’re ever jealous about anyone, he will spend the next hours whispering how you’re perfect and that you’re the real perfect one
  • When someone (usually Sheril or Earl) calls you “Tyki’s little lover,” he freezes and has to remind himself about how you’re his and no one else’s for a moment (he just can’t believe it)

- Admin Katsudon

It makes sense, I think.

Authors Note: Hey! I tried to make this longer for you guys, I hope you like it.
This is the second part to, “It makes sense.” The first part can be found HERE.
List of my other Prompts found HERE

There is a contest going round to see Harry Styles at an exclusive event. For more info click HERE

The weeks after the honeymoon is when things begin to die down and the two of you are forced back into a reality that doesn’t include sipping different wines on various beaches, nor does it include waking up to a naked husband as you inhale the fresh ocean scent as you open the balcony doors on a warm morning in Hawaii.

Instead, you now wake up to the soft snores of your husband who takes up most the bed with his lengthy legs, who also makes it a struggle to pull the covers off of him when you are a bit cold. He always says, “Too bad, I’m cold too, cuddle up to me and you will be okay, promise.” of course he always says this with a grin as you are grumbling at him for hogging the covers.

You sigh as you wiggle under the covers, feeling Harry’s body sprawled out beside you, his soft snores pulling you from your sleep. You let out a groan, tenderly nudging him to move on over and to give you a bit more room within the bed, a small hope that he wakes up and moves his position so his snores die down.

You stare up at the ceiling, struggling to fall back asleep, Harry fast asleep beside you as the sun just begins to peek up from its own sleeping state, bringing bright colours to the darkened sky. You roll over and rest yourself against Harry’s warm body, nestling into him as you feel his arm heavily drape around you in his sleep.

You feel yourself slowly drifting off to sleep, unfortunately, being sharply disturbed by Harry’s alarm, blaring aloud. You feel him remove himself from your body, a few mumbles escaping both of your lips’ an “I know, I’m sorry, love.” Leaving Harrys as he leaves a small kiss to your forehead before you feel the bed springing up as he stands to his feet, staggering slightly around the room, rubbing his dreary eyes.

Like all mornings Harry does his best to stay as quiet as possible as he gets himself dressed and ready for whatever it is he has planned, lately he has been spending most his time in the studio, writing, singing, outlining, and doing everything else possible in the time frame of six in the morning to four in the morning. “Can you stay a little longer?” You softly question, just wanting him beside you long enough for you to fall asleep,

“I can’t, hey don’t forget tonight.” He yawns, pulling a sweater over his body,

“Tonight?” You sit up within the bed, the covers falling to your lap, unsure of what exactly he is referring to.

“Yeah, Liam’s launch party.” He reminds you and it suddenly rings a bell, Harry did, in fact, inform you of the plans late last week, usually, you are great at remembering these sorts of things, it must have just slipped your mind. “I’ll remind you again later, go to sleep.” He sweetly smiles over at you, pulling a pair of jeans up his lengthy legs.

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(from someone who has spent her day stuck in DC traffic) do Mulder and Scully get stuck in DC traffic together?

The D.C. beltway is cruel and unusual punishment for the most incessant leg bouncer on the East Coast and the (admittedly) cruelest morning person in the world.

In their first two years together, they would get mutually stuck in separate cars. Scully was a soft twenty minutes from the Hoover building, at best, but still apt to slam the brakes and mutter sailor’s daughter classics under her breath as she rounded DuPont circle. Mulder once bounced his knee so hard he dented his steering wheel.

When it got particularly unbearable, serpentined down the faded highway lines in the six a.m. sun, he would call her for the amusement of it. She could be parking her car, or breezing into the office with coffee on the corner of her mouth, and he’d call her from six trucks back from a three car pile up and she’d find a way to be frustrated. Oh my god, Mulder, I can feel how slowly you’re going.

The arrival of the water bed makes things interesting. The arrival of Dana Scully, in her wire-rimmed glasses and too-big shirts, in his water bed makes things considerably more interesting. The sloshing, slow death of the water bed and the introduction of a brand new, medical doctor approved king sized mattress forgoes interesting altogether and presents something of a genuine problem. Alexandria is nails-on-a-chalkboard miles off from the heart of Washington. Scully keeps saying they shouldn’t stay at his place and then pushing at his chest and falling asleep in his brand new, medical doctor approved, king-sized bed.

The morning after she tells him she loves him for the first time, they get stuck behind a fender bender for almost an hour. She puts a hand on the parabolic arc of his knee in the passenger seat and digs her fingernails into the cap. 

“Stop or I’ll kill you, I swear to God,” she says. And to the woman next to them, pulling tight past a median: “Oh, get fucked, Virginia.” (He loves her, his early morning bully, painfully, senselessly).

Later, years and years, she’ll drive her absurd war car all the way out to the white-grey grass around their low-slung Virginia house even though it doubles her commute. He tries to wave her off, and she tells him people usually need licenses to drive cars. Still, sometimes, he wakes up in her anonymous blue bed and the ride in is so quick and quiet that he doesn’t blink or he’ll miss the way she smiles. He starts to bring them both coffee in to-go thermoses they’d gotten from God know’s where. She always blushes when he hands hers over, like she’s reading some intimate and incomprehensible love note into the plastic declaration of “Coffee First.”

Once, he exchanges the mug for a smile, wordless, because he’s spent enough pre-caffeine mornings with her to know his place. She doesn’t drink it, just looks at him for a long time. He rubs the back of his neck. He’s been her subject for years, a willing experiment, but it’s been months since she watched him with something besides clinical detachment.

He says, “I didn’t forget how you take it or anything.”

Black. Like it was hard to forget. Still, if she’d taken it with three and a half sugars and a teaspoon of cream, he wouldn’t have forgotten. 

She nods. The radio says the beltway could tie them up for an hour. Scully takes a sip and leans over the absurd console of her absurd car and kisses him closed-lipped and quick. She puts the car into drive.

He thinks, Coffee first. Thinks, fondly, as they pull into the white morning light and dawn-break traffic: Get fucked, Virginia.

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What do you think about kookie's Spotify playlist and the fact that he put Tori Kelly in there?

i think that by including “dear no one” by tori kelly which is known to be jimin’s favorite song [jimin mentioned that in 2015] he’s trying to hint to something.. something like the fact that him and jimin indeed do share the same interests . 

that song in particular is very meaningful to them, because jungkook mentioned it exactly one month after jimin said that it was his favorite song and said that he liked it as well.. 

i feel like jimin liking the song and mentioning it in the first place has a lot to do with how he felt for jungkook at the time,  and how he was willing to wait for him .. 

[i’d love to have a soulmate and God will give him to me one day

and i know it’ll be worth the wait ..]

[sometimes , i want somebody to hold

someone to give me the jacket when it’s cold


yeah sometimes i want someone to grab my hand

hold me close , be my man]

even taehyung once asked jungkook to sing it [in the same vlive in which jimin was hiding injungkook’s hotel room] . of course jungkook sang it without changing the lyrics like some heteronormative people might do…  and he kept glancing at the bathroom where jimin was supposed to be hiding . 

so that song definitely has a lot to with jimin ,so it makes a lot of sense that he included it in his playlist because of that..

he also included “beautiful lies” which is a song that he has already recommended exactly one day before the release of jimin’s “lie” teaser [x


one other thing i’d like to point out [this was already pointed out by sattelite-jeon] since we’re talking about “song choices” and stuff is the fact that jungkook said that song that reminded him and that represents jimin, is “this isn’t it” , and since he didn’t mention the singer . there are three options ,and if it was by jhon park these are some of the lyrics 

[ Your words always seem right and as I listen
I forget what I was going to say
As I see myself hesitantly fumbling
I think, this isn’t it
so what I’m trying to say right now is I like you

I love you]

this fact that this song right here reminds him of jimin says a lot about how he actually feels about him… it says it all actually!

if he was talking about “this isn’t it” by taeyang

I still love you
I wanted to tell you,

the one who couldn’t take it anymore and
gave up in the end.
I miss you more than I hate you
I long for you more than I’m sad
Is this not it? Is this not it?

if he meant “this isn’t it” by IU

This is not what I thought, but why, why are my lips

saying only rubbish jokes and smiling

It can’t get any worse,

so what’s still scaring me into telling lies?
Is it that despite everything, it’s good to see you?

all these songs right here are angsty , sad , about liking someone and not being able to accept it or not being able to tell the person …

 it’s how jungkook really felt back then,during their debut days, which explains whyhe was pushing jimin away at the time, feeling overwhelmed whenever he showered him with love and attention,trying to keep his distance… it’s because he was still ackowleging his feelings and trying to be accept them and  also not being able to tell him about it….

Dear Y/N

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I know travelling on seperate brands is difficult. Ya know I’m on Smackdown and your on Raw (we’re totally kicking your asses on the ratings at the moment) and it’s not the easiest thing in the world. But we do okay, in-fact we do more than okay because when I get to see ya we get to do all sorts of things together.

I’m going to let you in on a small surprise that I have been planning for a really long time. The next time we get some quality time together, me and you are going a little vacation. I’m not going to tell you where. I just know your going to love it. Well why wouldn’t you, you and me some quality relaxation time and coupley time.

The little surprise was not the reason I wrote this letter. I actually wanted to tell you about all the amazing and beautiful things that I miss about you. For example, I love the scent of your shampoo. It’s always so fruity, sometimes you remind me of those fruit flavoured cocktails always taste amazing (not that intend to eat your hair or anything. That would be plain weird.) I also love how you always keep organised (because we both know I’m not one of those people) It’s so hard not to forget something when you’re not with me. I’d probably lose my head if it was not firmly in place. I also love how whenever we’re home you always keep scented candles so we take baths together and it’s all warm and romantic looking with the warm scents of the candles (I also love how you always buy different scents so we’re not stuck with the same scent) variety is the spice of life.

We’ve covered the domestic/trivial things that I miss about you. (There’s more but this letter would be 50 pages of long and I don’t have enough paper for that) So now we move onto the sentimental part of this letter.

I miss the way you always wake me up with a good morning kiss (your lips are remarkably talented) When I don’t wake up you begin kissing me all over face. It’s one of the best things ever to wake up too (amongst other things but I’m keeping this letter PG) I also miss the way you sit on my lap when I’m reading the morning paper as you enjoy your coffee. We’re both not morning people so its great to spend time with you first thing. Getting the opportunity to wrap my arms around you whenever your cooking. Who am I trying to kid? I want to wrap my arms around you any opportunity I get (because you fit in my arms perfectly)

Darlin’, I really miss you and I can’t wait to be able to kiss ya and hold ya, so you better get prepared because I’m not going to let ya out of my arms when we see each other again.

I love you so freaking much

Dean x

Please send us more requests for Love Letters, simply state the WWE Superstar (Male only for the time being) or commentator and the type of letter you want us to include.

Some of my actual experiences in musicals/plays that might make good AUs

- you’re the lead in literally every production, and I’m just a freshman in ensemble, so why are you winking at me and calling me “bae”? AU

- we’re doing improv and you’re talking about how there’s some birds loose in your school, but nobody is standing up to help you with this scene and you look very awkward, here let me run towards you shouting “WHO LET MY BIRDS OUT?!” AU

- we’re both auditioning for the same role and I know we’re really good friends but I’m going to take you down AU

- you’re a lead and everyone calls you by a different name and you REFUSE TO TELL ME WHAT YOUR NAME IS so I’m just gonna call you “asshole” AU

- hey we’ve never talked before so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- hey we’ve been good friends for years so now we’re playing love interests how about that AU

- I play a police officer and at one point I get to arrest and drag your character offstage and I’m having a little too much fun with it AU

- we’re both in the ensemble and get bored while the leads have their scenes, here let’s come up with dramatic backstories for our characters together AU

- these rehearsals are hella long and you always forget to bring food so I’ll share with you, what do you mean my gluten-free cookies taste like cardboard TAKE IT BACK YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT au

- QUICK I NEED A ROMEO AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THE LINES— oh you thought I was Juliet? Nah man I’m playing Benvolio, that dude is Juliet AU


- I’m seriously starting to think the drama club is a cult, because we’re doing a “pre-show ritual”…hold up it turns out the ritual is just the hokey-pokey AU


- I’m trying to figure out what the plot of this show is and so far all I’ve figured out is that everyone is a sinner AU

- the set for this show is a very big boat but the wood is always creaking and I fear for my life when I’m on the stairs AU

- before we do a show the cast of this small play stands in a circle and passes a baby doll around in complete silence and if you ask anyone about it they’ll say “what baby doll? we don’t have a baby doll.” AU

- you and I both love running around in the hallways in our costumes and freaking out the janitors AU

- everyone’s singing “Gay or European” before a dress rehearsal and you were getting ready but you run in at the very end wearing your fabulous red dress and scream “FINE OKAY IM GAY” can I please give you a hug AU

- you lost part of your costume and the drama teacher will kill you if you don’t find it so I’ll help you out AU

- “Say it. Say those six words and I’m yours.” “I have hot pants for you.” AU

I always question…for how long will it take me to completely forget about it…. I don’t want to see summer start yet- Because I don’t want to face the day it all went down.. I’ve honestly been really down and hurt these past days- and I can’t tell anything because it would be a huge disrespect to my family.. but the feeling is killing me, and it’s getting to me each day-

Little Things

Request: hi!! I’m so glad I found your page – you’re such a good writer! Can you do an imagine based off of the 1D song “little things”?


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You sit down on your comfy double bed with your laptop propped up on the pillow in front of you and your homework on your lap, ready to complete it for your class tomorrow. You turn on your laptop and the fans kick in and begin working as it boots up. Looking up around at your currently messy room, you see your boyfriend,  come back into your room after returning from the kitchen. He is holding a plate full of snacks and treats that you requested for him to bring for you in order to have the energy to complete your work.

“Is this enough for you, Y/N?” Shawn asks laughing at your request for the second time.

“Stop laughing at me,” you reply trying to hold back a smile, “I seriously need all of this stuff, Shawn. I have no idea how long this work is going to take me.”

“What should I do in the meantime then?” Shawn queries, looking at you confused.

“I’m sorry but I just need to do this, Shawn. Will you wait for me?” You say to Shawn politely. He is always patient, but sometimes he forgets how much work you get given to do by your teachers.

“Of course I will, baby.” Shawn responds and looks at you, giving you a small smirk. He perches on the end of your bed, looking in your direction and pulls his phone out of his jean pocket.

You proceed to get on with your work, but you can feel Shawn’s eyes on you. It feels as though he’s almost studying you and is intrigued about every little thing that you do.

“Could you maybe stop that?” You say with a confused and concerned expression apparent on your face.

“Stop what, Y/N?” He asks, also looking confused back at you. Does he not know what he’s doing?

“I can see you out of the corner of my eye staring at me.” You state plainly to him.

“I am?” Shawn says, whilst his cheeks turn pink and he stares down at your bed guiltily. He plays with the corner of your bed sheet – a sign of his nerves kicking in.

“Yes, you are.” You reply, closing your laptop quietly and moving closer to Shawn on the bed. He refuses to look up at you when you put your hand lovingly under his chin. “Shawn, what’s wrong?”

He finally looks up into your eyes, and says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that I was staring. I’ve just realised that I’m obsessed with the little things about you.”

Now it was your turn for your cheeks to flush slightly, shocked at what Shawn has let slip out of his mouth. Even more confused than before, you look at Shawn seriously and try to detect any sarcasm in your boyfriend’s face.

“What do you mean, Shawn?” You giggle slightly, now wanting a straight answer from him.

“I love the freckles on your cheeks that I can see right now, and only now, because you always insist that it’s better when you cover them up with makeup. They’re so beautiful. I love the wrinkles by your eyes when you smile to yourself at random times. It’s simple and stupid but I cannot, and never will be able, to stop staring at you, Y/N.” Shawn whispers, almost afraid if he says it too loudly, then the confession that’s been in his mind for weeks on end will lose meaning.

“Wow,” You say shocked and lost for words, “That is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, Shawn Mendes.” You look around your room, trying to find the words to say to your boyfriend. “I don’t know what to say but except… I love you, baby.”

Shawn smiles with the knowledge that he has made you happy. He reaches out to tuck the loose strand of hair in front of your face behind your petite ears, and says, “I love you too.”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this imagineeee:) Feedback is appreciated💜 You can send me requests here.

Ilvermorny Headcanons

•ok, so whenever the presidential election rolls around all hell breaks loose. i mean these kids know their damn politics and especially the horned serpents (canadian students are bewildered at our elections)

•the school even has their own mini election like a lot of no-maj schools

•the fact that no-maj discrimination didn’t carry over from europe is actually amazing though because all the purebloods are really open to no-majs and really interested in their lives and vica versa

•friendships that involve one person from each house are actually the best because they balance each other out perfectly

•pukwudgies just know where the kitchen is and how to get into it. it’s pretty much protocol to know where the kitchens are if you’re a pukwudgie

•and they’re always willing to take anyone who’s upset, no matter what house, there because everyone knows that food is the best remedy. they’re known for being healers. not necessarily the doctors kind but also but the bomb ass ‘i know exactly how to cheer you up’ friend

•pukwudgies are great at comforting

•horned serpent and wampus are good at giving advice

•although it’s against the rules, on the 4th of july EVERY student is outside after curfew partying. the teachers don’t even care bc they’re partying with them

•a ton of magic fireworks. A. TON.

•the annual 4th of july football tournament (thunderbirds are the reigning champs even though everyone always bets on wampus) they also play quidditch

•they also play a ginormous game of infection, and everyone has the time of their lives.

•it goes on for hoursssss.

•thunderbirds tend to hide in trees or somewhere really creative.

•horned serpents have got the whole thing planned out with bribes for people not to tag them and know exactly how to throw people off their trail.

•pukwudgies aimlessly wander around the grounds but are super careful and somehow never get caught… (how ft??)

•wampus students treat it like mission impossible i am not kidding. they’re checking around corners, they’ve got spies on the inside, some kids have invisibility cloaks (against the rules!!), small telescope they stole from the astronomy class to see where the infected are, dressed in all black even though it’s day time, and they all stick together in like groups of 12-15. the groups have a mix of gender and year and everyone gets along so damn well (mostly. there’s always at least ONE group that despises each other). they do this because if you were trying to infect someone and you see a group of 12-15 kids who are labelled as ‘warriors’ charging at you and screaming, you’re gonna do the smart thing and run the hell away. however if the infectors get a group together to go after the wampus kids, they run. like fast as lightening and screaming at the top of their lungs in fear (they claim it’s excitement. it could be both). the older students throw younger/shorter ones over their shoulder because “no one gets left behind!!!”

•there is no reigning champion because no house has won the game for more than 2 years straight

•but their 4th of july party has nothing on their canada day party

•even though the majority of the students are american, they go ALL OUT for canada day. everyone there lives canada and the over the top party has been an ongoing joke for YEARS

•they’ve even got kinder eggs •all the portraits are in on the joke and sing O Canada all day

•wampus and pukwudgies actually make the worlds greatest friendships hands down

•cranberry pie. so much cranberry pie. every single day

• instead of head boy and head girl it’s student council and the whole school votes on the president (democracy boom)

•the candidates put up signs all over the school and jinx the competition’s signs

•horned serpents and thunderbirds both have a deep love for reading

•a lot of students spend some of their summer at cape cod

•taco tuesday (thunderbird students absolute favourite)

•april fools is a mess. i mean some students are scared to leave their dorm because the probability of getting run over by a sprinting desk is too high and not worth the risk

•each house has like a million chants that they yell during matches.

•the night before matches is spent teaching the first years the chants. and the older students will honestly stay awake the entire night if that’s how long it takes because learning the chants is like becoming apart of their family and seeing the little kids looks of complete happiness as they realise ‘this is home’ is too great to miss

•horned serpents have the best chants. wampus chants involve A LOT of yelling and leaves them all hoarse. thunderbirds always start a wave during their chants. pukwudgies roast the other team during their rants with their impeccable rhyming skills

•forget all the times i said years instead of grades. they say grade at ilvermorny

•ice hockey is also really big. the major teams that the students supports are the Boston Bruins (ilvermorny homestate they have to support them) and the Montreal Canadians (@ canadian students) and since the teams have a huge rivalry, when hockey rolls around, tension GROWS. students wear all the teams apparel when they play and it’s great!!!!

•canadians and kids from upstate new york being heartbroken about not being able to get their tim hortans

•the library is actually the most amazing place. even if a student hates to read, they love the library. it smells amazing and it’s warm and quiet and it offers a euphoric state for anyone really

•thunderbirds have the forest memorised (they’re not even supposed to be in there but screw it)

•horned serpents are amazing negotiators

•biggest house rivalry is horned serpent and pukwudgie

•i’m sorry but there has to be rap battles. pukwudgies are good because of their ‘impeccable rhyming skill’, but wampus is the absolute best because they are relentless

•everyone loves their dunkin donuts (some kids still miss their tim hortans)

hope you enjoyed this!!! add some more if you want :)

valentine’s day surprise

A/N: this oneshot is the reason why i probably failed my exam but yOLO. Anyways, here’s a bunch of Rucas FLUFF and Zay being the best bff ever. I hope you guys enjoy as always! :) xo
Words: 920 words


“Luke, you promised,” Zay points out, shooting him a knowing look. 

“I know. I didn’t realize you wanted to do this on Valentine’s Day!” Lucas protests, leaning his elbows on his knees as he clasps his hands together.

“There’s no way you could be busy considering Riley’s in California and we’re in New York.”

“Don’t remind me,” He grunts, shaking his head. “You know what sucks is that we couldn’t even spend Christmas together?”

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Scribble-Doodle: A One-Time Offer

A teen parabatai story set in 203. Valentine makes a one-time offer, Hodge is tempted, the boys are oblivious.

“Meet me at the side entrance in five minutes. Witherspoon.”

Hodge growls when he reads the message on his cellphone. Entitled bastard. All of them, the people coming in from Idris and looking down at him because of his past, treating him like their servant.

Still, he goes because refusing on principle isn’t worth the hassle. The word is that Witherspoon’s the Inquisitor’s favorite. Raziel save him from ass-kissers.

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