i always forget how funny they are

Hogwarts House Friendships

Gryffindor x Gryffindor
“Remember that one time when we went to-”
“Yeah and we ended up-”

Gryffindor x Hufflepuff
“I’ve always loved snow and snowboarding sounds fun, but…”
“Okay, let’s do it”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here to keep you safe”

“Somehow, I don’t think that I’m the one who’ll get hurt…”

Gryffindor x Ravenclaw
“There is a 98.46% chance of getting hurt”
“I guess I just have to be the 1.54%”

“That’s not how-”
“Too late”

Gryffindor x Slytherin
“You suck”
“But you swallow”

“Did you just-”
“… I love you?”

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff
“Guess who got all fifty Disney movies?”
“… You know what this means?”

“Disney marathon slumber party in an hour. Let’s do this.”

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw
“Ugh… But I’m in the middle of a book”
“C’mon you need to go socialize”

“But but but”
“And have you been procrastinating to read again?”

Hufflepuff x Slytherin
“I swear that bitch is going to suffer”
“Shh it’s okay you can do that when you take over the world”

“I mean I just hate when people judge me because of my family”

Ravenclaw x Ravenclaw
“Dude when you’re done with that book I have another one”
“Ahh yes please gimme”


*content silence while snuggling and reading by the fireplace*

Ravenclaw x Slytherin
“So I may or may not have intercepted this coded message…”

“Let’s do this”

Slytherin x Slytherin
“I’m fine don’t worry”
“… I know you’re not”

“C’mon, I have some lavender oil and butterbeer. That’ll help.”

once [warren worthington iii]

p.s this got super angsty and sad i’m sorry anon you asked for a cute happy relationship i am sorry also o look at me writing two things in two days also fuck i hate this sorry

p.p.s @phoenixejean lives off angst so here we go also ft. the introduction of yours and @kurtwxgners ‘s favourite ship; hahaha i hate this its so short  also @bamfaway @fandomiteen @tomhollahd @quicksxlvers bless u all

Warren Worthington kissed you once.

It wasn’t easy to forget.

The two of you were in his room, unopened bottles of vodka on the floor. You’re talking about how you fell in love, and yet not with each other.

He tells you how his eyes always follow Alex, like he’s the brightest thing in the room, and in turn you whisper secrets of how Peter Maximoff breaks your heart.

“Funny,” you say, and neither of you find it funny at all.

He leans in and presses his lips to yours.

It’s a kiss, but barely.

“Here’s to secrets,” he says, and his voice is rough and the bottles remain unopened.

“Here’s to what could’ve been.”


requested by anon

“Why do you look so sad?” You asked with a frown.

The man shook his head and gave you a small smile, “I’m not sad… Not really.”

You blinked, “You’re sad. I can see it in your eyes. You look sad when you don’t think people are watching.”

He gave a small laugh, “You’re always so observant.”

“Have we met before?”

He shook his head, “No but… we will. We’ll have a great time. We’ll be best friends.”

“My mum said that drinking makes people say funny things… Have you been drinking?”

“No, no, I just… I came to tell you how much I love you. I want to thank you for everything that you’ll do. Never forget how much you are loved.”

Mads and Y/N- requested


“Idk if u do Magcon imagines but could u do one where y/n is Johnson’s GF and she and Madison are bf so whenever Gilinsky and Johnson are together Mads and y/n always forget about the guys and they tweets about how they love Mads and y/n friendship?”


Mads and I come in from the gym laughing and I go to the fridge to make us some breakfast. “And then the dog!” I say, recalling something funny we saw on the way home. 

Mads laughs and gets a bottle of water. As she sits at the counter, my boyfriend, Johnson comes around the corner. “Good morning beautiful” he kisses my cheek as I cook up some eggs. I smile.

“You missed the funniest shit on the way back from the gym” I smile and look over at Madison. Soon we are cracking up again. Jack shakes his head and grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge as Gilinsky comes around the corner. 

“Are you making me breakfast Mads? You don’t have to do that babe” He says groggily and we chuckle at the way his hair sticks up in places. 

“Sorry babe, Mads burnt the waffles yesterday so I’m in charge of breakfast now,” He smirks 

“Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t know you were back” 

“She got in last night,” Johnson says from the couch. “And she’s spent all her time with your girlfriend” I smile over at my best friend and walk over to the couch, running my hands down Johnson’s chest and kissing his cheek. 

“Aw, are you jealous Jack Jack? Did you miss me?” I smirk.

“Nah don’t worry about it. I know that you guys love each other more than you love us. It’s okay.” I look over at Madison and we both nod. 

“True,” She says and Gilinsky fake pouts. 

I laugh and curl up at the end of the couch, cuddling up near Johnson. “Without Mads, we never would have met,” I say rubbing his arm.  He nods and I crawl up and kiss him. Gilisnky looks at his watch. 

“We should go to the mall today or the beach or something.” He snakes an arm around Mads as she eats her eggs. 

“Yes!” You both say at the same time and laugh. 

We get to the beach and the four of us lay down and chill for a little while. But soon, Madi and I go off on our own to get ice cream and take pictures while the guys are sleeping.

Johnson wakes up and calls me, “Where did you guys go”

“We wanted ice cream. We’re at the pier taking pictures with fans”

“Of course, you are” He laughs. “We’ll be there soon, don’t have too much fun.” 

“Okay, Dad” You joke, and hang up.  You are really glad that you have such a great boyfriend and best friend. 

Later that night, after deciding to eat out separately so we’ll actually spend alone time with our amazing boyfriends, Mads and I watch a movie in and Johnson’s bed and fall asleep, forcing the boys to sleep in the other bed together. They shake their heads.

“They are really great friends,” Johnson says and Gilisnky nods. 

“Yeah I think if they had to pick between us and each other, they would pick each other,” Gilinsky whispers as they head off to his room. 

“Let’s not ever make them pick,” Johnson laughs.


I hope you liked it, sorry if it was a bit rough…

I don’t do ones like this that often…



how baekhyun reacted when the translator mistranslated his ment

  • Shiro: Keith i think, you should stop studying. i mean it. you're smart enough. you're always busy and then you forget all the fun. you don't even get my jokes anymore.
  • Keith: you're just not funny Shiro.
  • Shiro: oh my god now you're even hurting my feelings. Keith stop studying. you'll die or get pregnant.
  • Keith: nope, not funny. nope.
  • Shiro: come ooooooon!

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"Your ass is very nice"

funny story when this showed up in my notifications i forget about the prompts for like 5 seconds and i was like how do you know what my butt looks like and then i realized

send me 5 word prompts

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Sleep No More 14th performance!!!

So Saturday night I went to see Sleep No More for the 14th time. I went with a tumblr friend and meet up with other tumblr and non tumblr people at the door and chatted about the show. Everyone was very nice and pumped to get inside. I mean, it was freezing too, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, I chatted with Jackie Schram’s Gwendolyn who was very funny and alluring (as most of the Manderley staff) and set a nice mood of friendliness for the night.

I was let off on the 3rd floor and followed the Macduff’s to the ballroom for the party. It was here I noticed that the incredible Adam Griffith was playing Malcolm! Adam is my favorite Malcolm so I had my sights set on following him out of the ball. Damn, I always forget how much of a workout it is running after him up those stairs! After watching his scene with Agnes, I was chosen for Malcolm’s on 1-1! I’ve had this 1-1 before with Adam so I knew what was going to happen but I always forget just how intense this one is. It’s very telling about who Malcolm is. He seems like the hero of the story but his obsession over the supernatural and finding the source of all of the magical evil in Gallow Green makes him kind of unsettling. Adam is so great in this moment though and I was happy to be his scene partner again!

After the one on one I headed to the Rep Bar where Mallory Gracenin’s Hecate was summoning the witches for the rave. I’ll talk more about Mallory’s Hecate later. After the rave I went to the hotel lobby to find Nick Dillenburg was playing The Porter!!! Nick is my favorite Porter and here’s why: he’s funny and plays it very childlike. Most Porter’s I’ve seen have just been very sad. Which yes, his story is very sad and tragic but I like the humor because it shows that he has a personality outside of his tragic story. Nick makes truly hilarious choices in the role such as hiding under one of the white sheets when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth storm through the lobby, trying to see what the deer in the dining area is looking at, and most of all HIS INTERACTIONS WITH AGNES! After handing her the phone after their first meeting, Nick added this little moment where he pokes Agnes’ nose twice and they get into almost a slap fight. I was dying laughing under my mask as was a fellow white mask next to me. I followed Nick’s Porter through his whole loop and was crying during ‘Is That All There Is’ watching him speak some of the lines under his breath as if he had heard the songs so many times before. Nick hits all the beats and does it wonderfully creating a very well rounded character.

After the telephone booth fight with Boy Witch, I was chosen for the Porter’s 1-1! I was nervous as not only do I love Nick’s Porter and am admittedly very attracted to him, but I’ve never had the Porter’s 1-1 before! Without saying what happens here, it’s heartbreaking, creepy, and again like Malcolm’s very telling about the character. I comforted him and it was very emotional and I wanted to help him so badly and take him away from all of the pain and suffering he has endured. Before returning to the lobby, Nick kissed my hand and said “thank you” before running off to help Lady Macduff. It was at this point I left him for awhile but would return to him at the end of the night.

Finally, I’ll talk about Mallory’s Hecate. First let me say that Hecate is my favorite female character in the show and that so far no one has topped Elizabeth Romanski in the role for me. Having said that, I really love Mallory in the role. I watched her 'Is That All There Is’ where my tumblr friend Austin was actually her scene partner. I loved the way she hugged him at the end but over her shoulder was laughing and smiling at the rest of us tricking him into feeling sorry for her. Mallory also has a great laugh as Hecate which is important to me. HECATE MUST HAVE A GREAT DISNEY VILLAIN STYLE CACKLE! As the third loop drew to a close, I went back to the Lobby to check in with the Porter again as he had the most effect on me that night and was the story I was the most invested in. I adore his final scene with Catherine Campbell where they eat toast together. It’s sad, funny, and I like that there is an understanding between the two of them that in the end neither of them get what they want and that things are pretty terrible. I followed them both to the finale and was then lead back to Manderley by Jenna Saccurato’s Catherine Campbell. I thanked her and she kissed me and whispered “you’re welcome” before running away.

In the bar my friend and I were lucky enough to chat with Mallory! She was such a sweetheart and was so willing to answer questions and just talk about the show. Two things I took away from the conversation was that she said the story is linear for the performers and that each of her characters she plays of course has an arch. This was important to me because I do view the show as a story and not just an experience like others do. I really like thinking about character motivations and why things are happening. My next question was if she thinks there is any good in Hecate. She responded by saying yes and that there is always more to her than just being an evil witch. I love this too because I adore complex characters. Overall a wonderful performance with a truly amazing performance by Nick! Wish I could have chatted with him in the bar at the end and discuss the Porter with him :(

why ur sign is my fav
  • aries: ur eyes light up so much when u talk about something u love
  • taurus: u give the best presents and the best advice ever like how do u know
  • gemini: u always laugh at ur own jokes bcos u forget how funny u actually are
  • cancer: ur just rlly cute ok i never wanna hurt u
  • leo: u give the best hugs ever like omg don't let go
  • virgo: ur voice is so soft & quiet and ur such a good listener
  • libra: ur so open minded and nice to like everyone ilu
  • scorpio: ur 100% selfless and u will stand up for anyone who needs u
  • sagittarius: u always cheer me up like who knew there was a bright side to evERYTHING
  • capricorn: i can't get over ur laugh like its so adorable im dead. ur just such a cutie
  • aquarius: ur so weird i love it like wtf are u doing??? who knows
  • pisces: ur kindness is so genuine like omg ilu sweetheart bby
Exo Reaction to you having social anxiety [ALERT]

So I thought I had made this before but I couldn’t find it. You know I’m always careful with these topics but if anyone is offended or triggered I sincerely apologize. I know how this is because believe it or not I have it so… yeah. Anyways I love you all,  Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Jagi don’t panic. No no, I’m here by your side okay? Just focus on my voice and ignore everything else. You can do this. Think they are naked”


*Somehow always makes you laugh so you forget there’s other people in the room* “How is it? Funny yah? They are making fun of me!”


*Always the angel by your side* “Listen jagi… if you don’t think you can do it I won’t make you. But you should know, that I won’t leave your side. I’m here holding your hand okay?”


*Trying to get all the attention for himself so you don’t feel all the eyes on you*


*Really proud when he sees you at their fan meeting* “Jagi you made it here… I’m so happy. Come I’ll take you backstage so you can take a breath”


*Making a playlist for you to listen on the streets* “Maybe this will work… she won’t have to listen to all the noises.. the voices..” *Knows how nervous people talking make you feel*


“I promise you’ll have fun jagi! It’ll be only you and me. If something bothers you we’ll go okay? We’ll take it slow” *Makes sure he is everything you see*


*Very protective whenever you two are surrounded by a lot of people* “you all better stay away from us*


*Video* “Hey jagi I made this because I want you to meet my brothers.. I know how you feel with new people so I thought of introducing them on a video first… so you get an idea of how they are”


*Thoughtful* “You know jagi… I used to fear being on stage… I know it’s not the same but I understand it.. I’ll try my best on helping you okay? We’ll go slow, and I’ll be by your side all the time”


“I have a surprise for you. I told the boys you weren’t comfortable with coming alone so they all decided to come and be your bodyguards. As long as you are with us you’ll feel like in home”


*Worries whenever he isn’t with you* “I hope she isn’t having a hard time. Maybe I should go… but they’l start asking her questions… I’ll just call manager hyung in the meantime”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]


We stare at the city lights.
I wonder about the convergence of timelines
that led us here.
This moment, it’s been a long time coming.
11:11 glows on the clock;
you say you don’t believe in making wishes
and as I shut my eyes to do so, I miss a shooting star.
You laugh at me while I wonder to myself
whether constellations look down and bet their fates
on glowing street lamps.

4am and my senses are bathed in alcohol -
I talk too much.
I’ve always fancied myself a cautious storyteller
but not this time;
words tumble haphazardly off my lips before I can catch them.
Funny, the way I forget myself in the early hours.
It’s not just spirits that intoxicate me,
but rather, how effortlessly hands seem to find each other;
and how my arms still know how to fit around bodies
other than my own.

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idk really like thembut what do u think about ur1of1 i heard theyre kinda problematic ://

i saved the BEST 4 last i cant put a read more on this bc im on mobile so if this ends up being longer Sorry but max!!!!!! everyone thinks we’re dating and has had Enuff of us but i understand id b jealous of Tru Love 2 :/ IM KIDDING but i love u So much even tho ur literally the biggest libra moon ive MET but ur also so sweet nd cute nd beautiful i remember u once said ppl just always said u were funny n those ppl were FAKE like not 2 get real but ur a lot more than that ur so genuine nd caring like ive never enjoyed having conversations abt weird random things so much alskfjdjdksls i love u so much :( like i sont even remember how we started talking or who initiated the conversation but im glad it happened i usually forget 2 respond to ppl or get bored or im just never comfortable but i havent felt that way at all with u liie i was immediately comfortable??? which is rlly rare 4 me :// n u put up w so much of shit like ive probably annoyed u 2 Death like idk how u do it but i appreciate it nd u sm :( i love u 💖💗💖💗

I finally rounded up the designs of my FMA: Mutual Bonds babies so I think there’s no better way to celebrate it than a pseudo-poster thing ♥

It has been a GOOOOOD while since the last time I drew the 4 of them together <3 I’m so happy right now!

Fuck i’m trying to watch hannibal because i always stop and forget where i left off and have to start again. I’ve watched the first 5 multiple times but this is the first time i’m watching the 6th. I cant not laugh at Gideon. Its Eddie fucking Izzard. He still uses the manneurisms he uses in his shows, the way he talks. Its all so funny when you remember how he uses the manneurisms in his shows for what parts of the jokes. I cant take this seriously my gosh

EXO Reaction to sending you their ugly selfie by mistake

Sorry I’ve been quiet today guys! It’s Saturday and it makes me lazy T^T Admin A~
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Chanyeol: *Sends even more without noticing he was sending them to you*

Kris: *Acts cool all day hoping you forget about it and think how awesome he is* “I’m galaxy boy, baby”

Sehun: *Sends you his best picture next so you don’t notice the first* “This will be enough.. hot Sehun!”

Tao: *There’s no way he would send an ugly pic, every pic he has, is Panda being fabulous*

Kai: “Oh no! I sent it to Y/N! No No No!! *runs to your room hoping you left your phone in there*

Xiumin: *He is not worried about it, you know he always tries to be funny and you like it*

Baekhyun: *Frustrated* “Tell me I can delete the message… please.. tell me I can… she can’t see that!” 

Luhan: *Sighs* “My life is over… I totally don’t look manly in that picture…”

Chen: *Doesn’t realize he sent it to you until later* “Woah… it was her… that’s why Yixing didn’t reply…”

Kyungsoo: *Totally denies it* “That’s not me… definitely not.. I didn’t sent that to you jagi!”

Lay: *Feels really really embarrassed* “What did I just do?”

Suho: “I’m screwed…definitely… yeah I am” *Acts weird all day*

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can i request my favs; futakuchi, iwaizumi, oikawa and akaashi, cuddling with their s/o on their day off and she's feeling kinda sad that day so they end up showering her in compliments which leads to them kissing for the first time? can it be super fluffy please!! thankyou love! <3

Funny how I forget every player from Date Tech except Aone…hope I portrayed Futakuchi right. Holy moly this was harder than I first thought it would be. Cuddles and fluff ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+


The second year sighes happily as he buries his face in [Name]’s hair. “You always smell good~” Currently he and his girlfriend are both laying on his bed. His arms are wrapped around her and holding her close to him with her back pressed up against his chest.

“…” She seems off in her own thoughts. A frown is present on her face, though with her facing away, he can’t see it.

The male furrows his brows. “Hey, [Name], is something wrong?” He releases his hold on her and props himself up on his side with his elbow.

She rolls over on her back, staring at the ceiling. “I did really bad on my test that I thought I aced. My parents are going to be so mad at me…”

“Come on, [Name], it’s only one test. You still do good in every subject,” he says, trying to cheer her up.

Her gaze drifts to give him a side glance before returning to the ceiling. “I feel like I’m not even that smart anymore. Maybe I’m not as smart as I originally thought…”

Futakuchi frowns. “That’s not true! You’re the smartest person I know. You help everyone who asks in whatever subject without hesitation.” He climbs over her so that he blocked her vision of the ceiling. His body hovering over hers. “You’re really smart, [Name], and one test doesn’t mean anything.”

“Kenji…” She reachs out with both arms and wraps them around around his shoulders before pulling him down. The male carefully makes sure not to crush her with his weight. “Thank you,” she whispers near his ear as she hugs him.

He smiles fondly as he pulls away. Staring down at her, he finds himself leaning closer. Eyes half-lidded, he can see that her eyes are closed. Their lips meet in a soft, quick kiss. He pulls back, looking down at her again in awe. Her eyes still closed, he leans down for a longer kiss.


[Name] stares blankly at the television, not processing what is going on in the show. Sitting on Iwaizumi’s lap, the ace seems engrossed on the show. A large blanket covers both of them.

The television suddenly turns off causing [Name] to come back to reality. Glancing behind her, Iwaizumi has the remote. He meets her gaze with a worried look in his eyes.

“Hey, you’ve been really quiet, [Name]. What’s wrong?”

She sighs. She finds some comfort in his arms. “I’ve just been feeling a bit down. We’ll be graduating soon and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life. My parents expect me to pick a major where I can have a successful career in, but I don’t know what I want.”

Iwaizumi is silent, then he speaks. “I don’t think you’re supposed to have everything figured out, [Name]. College is a place to find out what you want, so don’t worry too much. I’m sure whatever you decide you’ll be great.”

Turning her body so she was sitting sideways on his lap, she rests her head just under his chin. “How are you so sure, Hajime?”

His hand unconsciously runs through her hair. “You’re smart and diligent in everything you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if you became someone famous. You’re an amazing person, [Name], and I’m not saying that because you’re my girlfriend.”

She chuckles. “You seem to know how to make people feel better.” 

Pulling back, she frames either side of his face with both her hands. His dark eyes stare at hers. She leans in and places a kiss on his nose. Then another kiss on his forehead. Two more kisses on either side of his cheeks. [Name] stares at him, her eyes darting to his lips.

Iwaizumi leans forward to close the distance. He captures her lips in a long, slow, burning first kiss.


The setter pokes at either side of [Name]’s cheeks. Laying under a pile of blankets on her floor, the two lay on their sides facing each other. For a while, they were content in snuggling under the blankets. Now, Oikawa was trying to make [Name] smile as a worried look seemed to be her permeant expression.

“You should smile, [Name]. You look a lot cuter~” Oikawa says, as he lifts up the corners of her mouth.

She slaps his hand away. “Stop it!” The sudden outburst causes the setter to pull back. [Name] can’t meet his eyes and rolls on her other side so her back faces him now.

“[Name], what’s bothering you?” he asks, his voice quiet.

She doesn’t answer for a while. Then, she sighs. “I’m stupid for letting it get to me, but why are we together? I mean you could have anyone you want. Why me? I’m average in intelligence, I don’t know how to play any sport, I’m not that pretty. Maybe there’s someone else better for you out there, Oikawa.”

The silence that fills the room is thick. Oikawa doesn’t understand where all this came from. Yet, he understood why she had been so sad for the last couple of days. She hadn’t been her usual self, but he hadn’t pried as he knew [Name] didn’t like it.

Now he wishes he had asked sooner. “[Name]…” He reaches out and gently rolls her back so she is facing him. Her eyes glisten with unshed tears.

“You’re amazing, you know that. I should be the one wondering why you’re with me. There’s no one else in the world for me.” He gives her one of his rare soft smiles.

He gently caresses her cheek before pressing a kiss to her nose. She snorts. “You’re a big mushy softy, Oikawa. That’s what I like about you..”

Wrapping both arms around her, he pulls her closer so she lays on his chest. [Name] reaches up and gently swipes a stray hair away from his face. Staring into his eyes, she finds herself drawn closer to his face. Noses bump awkwardly at first, but angling her head, their lips meet in a kiss. 


“Akaashi, I’m going to miss you,” [Name] mumbles. The setter is laying across her couch with her on top of him. The two are a tangle of limbs. She has her head resting right where his heart is.

The male’s fingers trace invisible patterns on her back. “Where are you going, [Name]?”

Lifting her head up, she stares at him. His eyes are half closed with sleep. “I mean, since I’m going off to college, we probably won’t see each other. Do you think we can still be together?”

His fingers still. He seems to wake up. “Of course. Bokuto-san told me to come visit him at his college. I can do the same and visit you.”

She hums in acknowledgement. “True…but I won’t be able to see you every morning or after school. I’m just sad that you might forget me. I know it’s a childish thought, but I can’t help but wonder.”

He reaches toward her face and gives her nose a light flick. “I would never forget you. You can always video chat me in the morning and at night. Everything will be okay.”

[Name] chuckles. “Always so calm…” Wiggling herself up so she’s hovering just over him, she smiles wickedly. “Since I’ll be gone, why don’t I give you a parting gift.”

Before the setter can reply, she swoops down but stops; her lips just inches from his. Eyes half-lidded, she meets his heated gaze. His hands slowly come up to gently cushion the back of her head. With a slight nudge from him, she presses her lips against his.