i always forget

i don’t know if there’s anything more telling of comics being a clusterfuck as batman inc’s very existence. half of it is pre-flashpoint, the other half is new 52 and it’s all canon. all of it

Today at the playground I got talking to a lady from Guatemala who was the nanny of a kid Child 2 was playing with, and she heard us speaking English so she was telling me about her first language which has an amazing throat click in the name which I don’t know how to spell so I can’t look it up (and OBVIOUSLY my attempts at saying it were pathetic, she was very polite and did not laugh) and THEN we went over to the climbing frame where both children were trying to fall off, and she climbed up to show them how to do the monkey bars. And seeing as she was not quite 5 feet tall and looked entirely like a normal person I thought she was just playing with the kids and was going to maybe swing once and let go, BUT THEN SUDDENLY she went into COMMANDO GYMNAST MODE and did the monkey bars in 0.7 seconds, hair and earrings flowing behind her with the speed of her manoeuvre, and when she got to the end she didn’t just let go, she CAUGHT THE BAR WITH HER KNEES AND SWUNG HERSELF AROUND IN A PERFECT CIRCLE before dropping nonchalantly to the ground like this was something all nannies know how to do, nbd. And I clapped really loud but there was nobody but me and two 4 year olds in the playground on a windy Friday afternoon to witness this Xena warrior princess MAGIC.

So basically I hung out with the child of Mary Poppins and Spider Man, she’s 4'11’’ she comes from Guatemala and her name’s Maria.

I’ve been in a nasty art block lately, so here are some great HUNKLE Ford sketches from weirdmageddon!!!! (And also one from a tale of two Stans!!)
I absolutely love how in this episode, all his expressions were either fierce determination, or deer-in-the-headlights!! 😂
(His “OH NO!!” kiLLED ME)

okay but:

  • fawnlock getting super bored during the day while John’s out and coming up with a variety of ways to amuse himself
  • fawnlock traipsing through the garden looking for bees and accidentally finding a wasp and not realizing the different and getting stung and john coming home and finding him with a very puffy nose and gently cuddling with him and petting his curls until he allows john to place the ice on his nose and calms down
  • fawnlock getting bored on rainy days and trying desperately to come up with things to do and john coming home to find his entire room looking ransacked, with fawnlock burrowing his face in his clothing because it smells like him
  • fawnlock jumping up on top of the bookshelves but then getting suddenly stuck up there because he’s too afraid to jump down and ending up sitting there until john comes home and laughs and tries to get him down, but fawnlock getting offended and not letting john take him down, at which john says fine and turns away, and fawnlock eventually gathers he courage to jump down and hop into john’s lap in full forgiveness
  • fawnlock figuring out how to use the phone and calling john a million times during the day, and the patients looking at john very strangely because all they can here is excited squeaking and chattering from the other end of the phone
  • fawnlock escaping outside and chasing a bee but getting lost because he goes too far and walking around in confusion until john comes out and shouts his name and he bounds back faster than light and jumps into john’s waiting arms