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Why aren’t you getting $10k allowance per SD?

I haven’t finished How to get the Guy by Matthew Hussey, which I will soon and I will do a TLDR post, but I came across something so true that I would like to share with you guys ASAP:

Many SBs are on SD sites (eg: SA, SD, AM, Tinder et al.) and they have a fantastic profile, gorgeous pictures, but they’re not getting any great responses from real sugar daddies, just salts or splenda. At the end, most of the SBs just settled for less. Why? Do we really need to settle?

We are all looking for THE sugar that will give us that lifestyle that we have always wanted - the dream allowance, Birkins, Bentley, Jimmy Choos, a grand collection from Cartier etc whatever that tickles your fancy - but are we all really looking? Are we actually doing something by only creating a fantastic profile and waiting for POTs to message us?

The book (that has nothing to do with sugar, just men) encourages us to not wait. Strike a conversation with everyone, then filter guys from there. I think it is applicable to the sugar world. You want the dream allowance? Get off your butt and start striking conversations with POTs instead of waiting for it to fall on your lap. The three big filters that the book described, can be used in the sugar world really well too.

For instance - get everyone into your first filter - talk to everyone regardless of what amount they listed their salary and net worth on their profiles. Note: It’s an online profile. 9 out of 10 times the amounts listed are understated (yes, it’s possible. My whale daddy understated his), exaggerated or fake. Out of 100, maybe approx 20 you have chemistry with and they like you too. That’s when the second filter sets in - find out if the guys are genuine - not flakes, salts or rapists et al. Within those 20, there would be approx 5 that fits the sugar profile. That’s when the last filter fits in - are they on the same page as you when it comes to an arrangement (financial and physical agreements) and are they really who they say they are (net worth & annual salary). 

There might not be anyone coming out of the last filter. Its okay, try again. Also, whatever filter you would like to set on what stage, it’s up to you. You want the best out of the best for yourself, not some salt that’s wasting your precious time. By doing this, you are already ahead of the game because most of the SB wanna-bes out there will be sitting on their ass waiting for some rich SD to message them just because they think they are beautiful. 

Sorry to pop your bubble but have you been in tumblr? There’s plenty of beautiful ladies out there! So why you? 

To win the game, you have to actually play the game.