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100+ Reasons To Love Castiel Project For Misha’s 100th episode on SPN 12x19 !!!

Hello Guys !!!!!! Please I really hope you would All participate to this it means a lot to me as a castiel stan to have something showing appreciation for him out there and it would be so awesome for us to make it into a collective work, share ideas and our love for cas because he (and misha as an actor) really really really deserve it and way more.

So the general rules are

-This will be posted in three platforms, Youtube (here) Twitter (@NOriginalAddict in THIS Tweet) and Tumblr (castieldeservesappreciation.tumblr.com) if you can comment on YT it’s better, if not you can Send us your reasons in our ask box HERE ) :D that way there’s no reason not to participate *wink* :p

- BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR REASONS TO LOVE CAS, bring up a scene, a quote, badass, heartfelt or funny/sassy scene mention which episode …. do as you wish ….

for example : instead of saying : Cas is badass
say something like : I loved how smart and strategic cas was in 5x18 when he fought the angels and carved the sigil in his own chest and banished them all

or instead of “cas has awesome fighting skills” bring up the specific ep or scene like “that moment in 6x3 that angel had both angel blades but still couldn’t get to cas and kill him and cas outsmarted him by throwing both of them through the window”

or even something as simple as “the way he flips his angel blade” or “his smile” “how enthusiastic he is” “the way he hugs people” free your imagination

and instead of : cas is loyal to the winchesters
say : that time when cas chose to save sam’s life when anna was out to kill him, even if it could’ve stopped the apocalypse altogether but he valued his life and did all he could to save the world including sam….

- Add your Youtube name, or twitter or tumblr (depending on where you comment) so that i could give you credit for your idea (if you want)

- Read The List (That I’ll keep updated in this post) before commenting so that there won’t be repetition

- Throw as many ideas as they come to your mind, our goal is 100 but it could be fun to see how much we can come up with ;)

- It would be extremely nice and helpful if you could share this with your friends so that as much people could be included as possible, remember this is not for me as a vidder but more like a gift for misha and show of appreciation for cas as a character

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Under One Condition

Originally posted by amsimaria

So, this is the first fic I will have posted. Go easy on me aha.

I hope you enjoy it!! Chapter two is now live, I recommend reading in order. :)

This is the first part, i will try upload one part per week, until the finale.

This fic is a Jimin x reader, featuring Taehyung.

warnings: mature content, smut, kinks, swearing

Chapter List:

chapter one     chapter two    


(Chapter One)

You nervously tapped the edge of the table as you waited, checking your phone every now and then. He was late, with not even a text to explain or comfort you. Taehyung had never been late for one of your meet ups before, and you’d known each other since the early years of school. This seemed odd to you, and you started to feel extremely anxious. 

Thoughts ran through your head, “Is he okay? I hope he isn’t hurt. He will be here soon, surely? Oh god what if…” you stopped mid thought as a warm hand landed on your shoulder and you heard a familiar sigh. 

You quickly span round in your chair to see Tae looking down at you, and spoke before you had chance to greet him. “Sorry I am late, this one held me up” he said gesturing over his shoulder. “This is Jimin, you can finally meet him now and not just hear about my days which include him.” 

He stepped to the side, into view, and your mouth gaped open a little. You were so taken back by him you couldn’t even articulate correctly. “H-h-h-hi, I’m… I’m (y/n). it’s a erm… It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You managed to stutter out, embarrassingly breathily and weak. 

You stare at Tae questioningly for some kind of reassurance. “Ah, sorry, I know we usually meet alone to catch up, I should have told you. He stopped by and I didn’t see the harm in him tagging along. Don’t be nervous, I know how you get. It’s okay!” he said soothingly and pat your head before sitting next you, and gesturing at the seat opposite for Jimin to sit. 

He sits opposite you with a coy smirk, “(Y/n)? That’s a pretty name, to match a pretty face huh?” he said nonchalantly as he picked up a menu, not breaking eye contact as he did so. You felt your cheeks heat, and you hoped he wouldn’t notice you blushing, but you couldn’t look away. His voice was smoother than honey, but with a raspy edge that would become your weakness. He cocked an eyebrow at you and let out a single, smug, breathy laugh as he spoke, “What’s up, cat got your tongue?” 

You shook your head and opened your mouth to speak, but Tae, who you’d forgot was even present, spoke for you. “Stop Jimin, you are making her uneasy, can you not see that? Now, what would you like to order?” 

Little did Tae know, you were not uneasy, but more drawn to him as he left you speechless. No one had spoken to you this way before, let alone someone so attractive. However, you smiled at Tae thankfully and managed to find your words again as you place your order. “I will have a chai latte and a cookie please, those are the best from this café! I highly recommend them.“ you said joyfully and plopped your menu back down on the table. “Ah, your usual then? I should have guessed.” Tae said as he giggled to himself, which gained an amused look from Jimin before hespoke. “I will have what the ladies having, if she says it’s the best, then it must be good. Tae, your go hyung.” Tae pondered a second longer and ordered his usual, a green tea and a brownie. 

He would always flick through the menu at least ten times, looking deep in thought, before ordering the same thing, every time. You couldn’t help but smile and gently nudged him in the ribs, and repeated his earlier words in a mocking tone while giggling. “Your usual then?” Jimin rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. “Ugh, guys… must you flirt so obviously in front of me!?” You both quickly snapped around to look at each other with wide eyes, but quickly burst out laughing, you gently hit his thigh with laughter and he leant back in the chair. “FLIRTING!?” Tae wheezed through his laughter. “We are just friends, we do not flirt, we would never.“ You wipe away a tear that’s formed from laughing so hard and take a deep breath to try contain yourself. “Yeah, what Tae said. Oh god, that is so funny. I can’t believe…” Tae cuts you off. “You would think…” and then you both say at the same time “that we were flirting!”, and you both erupt in laughter again. Jimin sits with his arms folded, looking anything but amused, his lips creating a straight line, and his right brow raised. That is, until you catch his gaze while wiping a tear. 

His lips suddenly form a smirk and he cocks his head, “Ah, is that so?” Your laughter stops instantly and you gulp quite loudly as your mouth has gone dry from the tone he spoke in. His voice was deep and suggestive, and the smirk on his face did little to hide his thoughts. His eyes seemed a little darker than before, with a glint to them. 

He noticed you studying him, but just as he opened his mouth to speak, the waiter stood at the table with your orders and you silently thanked the universe. 

You all ate and drank merrily while chatting about what you had all been up to the past couple of months; work, time with friends, funny things, reminiscing with Tae and giving Jimin your stories from your times at school. The time passed so quickly, it was so lovely to see Tae again. “Ah, I have missed this!!” you sighed contentedly. “Me too, maybe we should try make it more than once every couple of months if we ever manage to get the free time!” he chuckled lowly and turned to Jimin. “You should come next time too, its been great to be with you both at the same time! Ah, that’s if you don’t mind?” he then turned to you, pleadingly.

"That’s fine, I have had such a great afternoon, we should definitely all meet up again like this, it has been fun. Plus, I quite like Jimin’s embarrassing stories about you Tae” you prod him and giggle. He gripped the back of his neck in his palm and rubbed it nervously and smiled. “Yeah, well, I had better go pay. I will be right back.”

You smiled and watched as he left, though you felt Jimins eyes trained on you. You turned around, fully intending to speak to him, to get some more fun stories about Tae. However, his eyes were deep with intensity and his smug smirk spread across one side on his face as he cocked his head at you as soon as you made eye contact with him. The smile was wiped from your face and your jack slacked. How could someone look this good!? 

You felt a tightening in your stomach as he kept the intense eye contact, not saying a word. His tongue flicked out and slowly rolled across his lower lip as he studied your face, your eyes immediately darted to it, watching as it slowly glided corner to corner. You snapped out of your trance when he finally spoke after what felt like an eternity, and give your head a tiny, barely noticeable shake to snap back into reality. 

“So, (y/n), how about we go out sometime? Without Tae.” He paused slightly and his smirk grew, “just you, and me. How about that?” 

You were so flustered, you had no idea what to say at the proposition. “I-I-I… b-but we… we just…” you stuttered pathetically, why did he have this effect on you!? “Ah, come on now Jagi, spit it out. Yes, or no?”  He cupped one side of his face and leant forward and you scanned the room to find Tae, but you couldn’t see him. You turned back around, cheeks tinted rose. 

“Jagi!?” you said in tone fused with question and mild irritation. Jimin tipped his head to the side and look of mild confusion flashed across his face, before the smirk returned, only this time his eyes flared with a lustful glow. “What is wrong, would you prefer I called you babygirl!?” And with that he winked at you. Your mouth dropped open at his question and you retaliate quickly. “What’s wrong with my name? You could just use that.” You crossed your arms and looked smug with yourself for the snarky, quick retaliation. 

He seemed to be a little taken back by the unexpected response, but managed to compose himself quickly. “So, (y/n), how about we go out, just the two of us? One evening next week, sound good?” He smiled at you sweetly, all the lustfulness drained from his being, and you hated to admit it but his eye smile was undeniably charming, yet super cute! You giggled bashfully. “Yeah, sure. Why not? But, under one condition!!” He brushed his hand through his thick black hair while tipping his head back, collecting all the stray wisps that had fell in to his face, you watched in awe of his beauty. Why was this so attractive? He was only fixing his hair. “Okay, so, what is this one condition?” He said roughly as he raised an eyebrow in interest. 

You rolled your eyes at him and responded quickly, “I just have to hear more of those embarrassing stories of Tae, so I can wind him up about what an idiot he is next time we meet up.“ You giggled to yourself at the thought, and how Tae would look so flushed at hearing you joke about the tales he didn’t want you to know. He always wanted to seem poised, but you knew him better than that, he was a massive goofball; this is why you adored him so much. 

Jimins hand grabbing yours from across the table quickly brought you out of your thoughts and you gasped a little, and tried to snatch your hand back, but his grip did not release. The warmth on your hand and his firm grip sent sparks through you. “I have just one condition as well.”

His voice was low, and you felt your stomach tighten again, like earlier, but shrugged it off quickly. “And what exactly would that be, when this is your idea Jimin?!” You raised your brow and looked displeased with his request. He eased his grip, only to rub small circles against the back of your hand as he smiled. “Oh come on now, it is a simple request (y/n), I promise!” You hummed, and decided to hear him out. “Hm, I guess that’s fair after all, what is it?” And with that his eyes widened and a cocky look appeared on his face. “Oh, like I said, it is quite simple…” He hesitated to gauge your reaction, his eyes dark and mysterious, as you looked at him in wonder.

“All you have to do is do as you are told, no questions asked.” You got a little flustered at how low and rough his voice was, it seemed to be a command, not a request. “Oh, are you planning the evening then?” you said, denying the lust in his voice and the commanding tone.

“Yes, I am. It will be great, you just have to remember my one request. Can you do that for me?” he raised his eye brow and released your hand.

“AH, okay I guess. Seems you are being so kind to organise everything.” You gave him a smirk and crossed your arms as Tae returned to the table.

“YAH, that que was terrible, sorry I took so long.”He gazed around the table at the both of you, and stood with his hand on one hip, with a lopsided grin. “so, what were you guys talking about while I was gone then? Jimin looks very happy with himself, huh?” He gestured towards him and laughed before grabbing his coat, and the smile was quickly wiped off Jimins face.

“UH… nothing much really Tae, just she asked if we could all do this again sometime soon, it would seem she’s had quite a good time.” Tae quickly span around and darted a look at you, he Smiled and took a breath.

“Well, I’d like that too, we should definitely do that!”. He was happy his two closest friends were getting along so well.

You all put on your coats and left, and on the walk Jimin slipped a napkin in your pocket and winked at you. You went weak at the knees momentarily, how was he so seductive? He hadn’t even touched you, and you felt quivery, how was this possible?

You all stopped as you approached Tae’s car, “get in (y/n), I will drop you off at home, save you getting the train. They’re always so crowded this time of day”. You bowed your head to thank him and went to open the passenger side door, your usual spot, but Tae grabbed your hand to stop you. “Ah, sorry, there’s some stuff I have been working on, on the seat. Would you mind sitting in the back with Jimin, just this once I promise!” he pleaded, as if it was a massive insult you had to be demoted to the back. You giggled at his sincere apology.

“Tae, relax, it’s okay!” you rubbed his arm reassuringly and walked around the car to the opposite, back door, the other often stuck and you could never get it to open properly. You were greeted by Jimin holding the door open, a smirk spread across his face.

“My lady!” he said formally as he bowed his head and gestured you to enter, causing an audible tut to leave your lips, yet you still blushed slightly at the kind gesture.

You lived about forty minutes from the café, and the ride was filled with music, Tae and Jimin having some kind of singing competition, and a lot of jokes. It was about twenty minutes into the journey when you felt Jimins hand snake up your thigh. You immediately snapped your head up, only to be met with his gaze, lip pulled between his teeth. The air hitched in your throat a little, you were taken back, his hand looked so masculine as his long, thick fingers gripped your delicate thigh.

He squeezed firmly, causing his knuckles to whiten, and you gasped at the pain and shot your attention back to his face. His smirk now took over his entire face, his eyes had become much darker, and as you opened your mouth to speak he dug his fingers in deeper, causing you to whimper a little.  “What was my one condition?” he whispered close to you, and left you no room to speak before continuing, “that started as soon as you agreed babygirl”.

He winked at you and trailed his hand further up your thigh, revealing the band of your holdups from under your mid length skirt. You tried to brush it back down, afraid Tae would see, but Jimin grabbed your hand and smacked it lightly. “ah ah, that is not how to behave, is it?” he scolded, lust flaming in his eyes. You lowered your head in submission and let him continue to roam your thigh. “Look at me, not at the floor. Look at me while I touch you.” He growled in your ear and tipped your chin up to meet his stare. You felt a coil tighten in your lower stomach, you recalled having not felt like this about anyone in almost a year. Your mouth parted and let out a small breathy sigh as he grazed his forefinger across the line of your panties atop your thigh. “You sound so pretty when you make noises for me” he said smugly as he ran his finger over your clothed core, causing you to grip the seat tightly as you bit your lip.

Tae turned the music up, leading you both to look to the driver’s seat, in case he caught you out. “THIS is such a good song!!” he exclaimed, and you were both relieved.

“Yes, I love this one too. Hey, remember it was on that time…” Jimin started, “AH that time at the party with the rest of the guys, and Namjoon fell over the table!!”  Tae finished his sentence. They both burst out laughing, Jimins hand still cupping your core, yet speaking and laughing so freely.

You sat there not knowing what to do, but you felt the heat growing within you as he started to rub you through panties while him and Tae carried on reminiscing. You darted a pointed look at him, to which he just rubbed harder and circled your clit, causing a quiet, breathy moan to escape you.

Jimin turned his gaze to you, and rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, then glanced at his lap, and back to you, a silent order for you to look too. You obeyed and were greeted by a prominent bulge in his jeans. You bit your lip at the sight, it looked so thick, you couldn’t help but to wonder what it felt like under your hands.

“Tae, how long have we left until we arrive?” he asked, as he grabbed your hand and placed it on his erection. You instinctively began to palm it, and he let out a low hiss as he bit his lip.

“Should be around two minutes now, are you getting impatient as usual?” he chuckled, but didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“ME!? Impatient? Pft.” He turned his attention back to you, and winked at you, “besides, I am quiet enjoying the journey”.

You can’t help but to thrust up and grind on his hand as he circles your entrance through your panties roughly, a smirk glued to his face as it causes you to squeeze his erection tightly through his jeans.

He removes his hand from your skirt, you sigh at the loss of contact, and loosen your grip of the car seat. Holding his finger up, he admires the glistening wetness that coats it and turns to you.

“Look how wet you are for me, and I have hardly touched you. You are soaking babygirl” he growls in your ear before biting it causing you to let out a quiet moan.

“Right, should be but a few seconds now” Tae sighs from the driver’s seat, totally unaware of what has been going on. Jimin brushes your hand off of him, and sucks his fingers clean before he adjusts his jeans as Tae carries on speaking. “You must text me as soon as you have a date we can meet up again, its always so good to see you!”

You smile, while trying to adjust you skirt unnoticed as he flicks his eyes to the rear view mirror to look at you. “Yeah, it has been great! I will let you know as soon as I get my new works rota, and we can work something out”.

The car pulled up outside your house, and Jimin whispers to you quickly as he’s letting you out of the car. “Don’t forget the napkin, my number is on it. Text me a soon as you get in.” You nod and make your way to Tae’s window to say goodbye.

You lean through his wound down window, kiss him on the cheek and say thank you for a wonderful afternoon, and quickly make your way to the door.  Turning to wave them goodbye as you reach the door, you can’t help but notice the smug grin plastered across Jimins face, what a beautiful sight it was.

You enter your house and immediately fidget in your jacket pocket to get to napkin out. It read ‘My number, text me as soon as you read this so I have yours. Thank you for obeying my only rule, I knew you were a good girl’.

You are so taken back by what it says you stumble slightly, did he really plan that? How did he know you would let him, and not make him stop? Was he really that into you? Why was he into you? Should you even text him? Your head was whirling with questions, but your panties grew wetter at the thought of him being that into you he just could not wait to have you, and you mumbled under your breath “Jimin…” and sighed in disbelief. You hurried to go change and wash up quickly, anything to be out of your ruined panties.

You sat on the sofa and typed his number in carefully, so not to text the wrong person. After saving it you sent him three simple words, ‘what the fuck?’, in hopes he would explain himself.

No more than thirty seconds later he replies, ‘I honestly didn’t hear you complaining babygirl. But I am now, I have a big problem and no one to take care of it. You are going to pay for this, you know that right?’. Your stomach did a summer sault, you weren’t sure exactly what he meant, but you were sure it was going to be along the lines of what had just transpired.

You pondered what to reply, but settled with a simple ‘what do you mean?’ to get the clarification you sought.

You decided to fix yourself some dinner, seems he wasn’t responding, but then again, he was with Tae and probably busy as they were going out. No sooner had you sat at the table to eat, your phone goes off. It is Jimin.

You took a deep breath to prepare yourself before opening the message, which read ‘you are going to get punished, daddy doesn’t like to be left high and dry’. You inhaled sharply and choked a little on your food.

What had you let yourself in for.

Sketches and Coffee

Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Summary: Steve is an art student observing your dance rehearsals for his sketches. (Based on this prompt from otpprompts)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
1,331 words

Notes: HELLO EVERYONE. You guys may know me (or not) from ao3 since I’ve already posted this one there BUT I WANTED A TUMBLR OKAY? So I’ll be slowly uploading my ao3 works into the blog and when I finish it hopefully I’ll take requests and write some more! <3 This is my first post, by the way. YAY. For those who didn’t read this one yet (and for those who will read again): ENJOY!

Steve entered the big white studio and sat down in his usual spot near the mirrors, dropping his bag to his side.

He was in his third year of his Arts degree and every Thursday and Friday he’d come to the dance rehearsals studio to see you.

See you? No! He meant sketch you. Them. The dancers. Not only you.

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Loving Can Hurt

Summary: When someone falls in love with Dan, they get amnesia, essentially forgetting they knew him, let alone ever loved him.

Yes, I’m still working on Soundless and that requested songfic, just one thing at a time! As for this, I don’t expect the story to be too long, but I am uploading it in parts, because, I don’t know about you, but I hate those EXTREMELY long fics that take forever to scroll through just to get to the next post on my dashboard. So I won’t do that to my followers:) Let me know if you like this and want to see them fall in love <3  

Word Count: 2,669

Warnings: Fluff?

{Master Post}

*EDIT: This fic IS completed, so if you find any of the “Next Chapter” links crossed out or not working, please let me know so I can attempt to fix them!*




Dan lived alone. Mostly by choice. He can’t seem to have a flatmate or family member who wants to live with him. His family, for obvious reasons, doesn’t want to live with him, because, well, he’s twenty-four years old. He’s a grown man, who shouldn’t still be living with family. As for friends, that’s another story.

Living–or having–friends is dangerous ground. At first, the friendships might mean nothing. But as they keep moving forward, things sometimes … happen. The more someone (excluding family) gets to know Dan, the more they end up liking him. Which is good for most people in the universe. Just not Dan. Because when people like Dan just a little too much, they seem to forget who he is.

Dan doesn’t know why this happens. He hates it. No one can ever truly love him, or else they forget him.

Dan was convinced that he was never meant to have love in this world. He could love someone, but they couldn’t love him back. The world wouldn’t allow Dan that pleasure. So he goes to work, and comes home, alone. He doesn’t try to make friends, and he doesn’t try to have a nice time with anyone. All because he doesn’t want them to forget him.

But there was this one person. This one person Dan couldn’t stay away from, no matter how much he wanted to. He knew his name and he knew his face. He knew his laugh, his likes, his dislikes. All because Dan knew him before he forgot who Dan was.

Phil Lester loved Dan a little too much. And he forgot all about it.


One Year Ago

Dan hated Mondays. Or maybe Mondays hated him. They always started out the worst, and ended with the worst. He couldn’t ever seem to beat Mondays, no matter how much he tried. But today, this Monday, things were different.

It didn’t start off too bad. His alarm woke him up at the proper time, his clothes weren’t in a crumpled pile on the floor–though his tie was still a tangled mess from when he tried to take it off last night–and his milk hadn’t gone bad quite yet, so he could have a bowl of cereal before work. Today would be the first Monday in a long time that didn’t start of terrible.

Or so Dan thought.

He missed his train to work. Missed it by just two minutes, despite running through the streets like a maniac trying to catch it in time. The next one wouldn’t be for a while, so he had no choice but to call his boss and tell him his unfortunate circumstance.

“Late!?” his boss had practically shouted on the other end of the line. “Howell, this is the third time this month!”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just–”

“Don’t try to explain it to me. Today is your last day of being late. One more time, and you’re done, Howell. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dan replied lowly. His boss was never usually a jerk. He was actually a pretty nice guy. Which is why Dan wasn’t mad at the fact that he was being chewed out for being late again. He knew he was in the wrong. His boss was only doing what he was supposed to do.

“Good. See you soon,” his boss said, cutting off the line before Dan could say anything else. Not that he had anything to add, anyway.

While Dan waited for the next train, he leaned against the wall and sunk down to the ground to fix his tie. He took the whole thing off, not wanting to undo the knot it was already in. He wasn’t sure he could get it back into a knot if he undid it completely.

“You look like your struggling,” someone said, hovering over Dan.

Dan looked up at the man, who had coal black hair and pale skin. He was kind of like Dan’s opposite–cold looking with a fringe styled in the opposite direction of Dan’s.

“What makes you say that?” Dan asked. It was true, though. He was struggling quite a bit with his tie.

The man chuckled. “You look very focused there with your tongue sticking out between your lips and your brows furrowed. Not to mention that it’s been nearly seven minutes since you started working on that tie, and you still haven’t gotten it properly.” He smiled down at Dan, his gaze sympathetic.

“Yeah, well, I was never really taught how to tie a tie. I mean, I would use a clip-on, but my boss says that makes me look less professional. I don’t see how he could tell it was a clip-on, though. It looked real enough to me.” Dan dropped his tie on the dirty ground, not caring about it any longer. He was already late to work. Nothing could get much worse until later in the day.

“Let me help?” the man asked.

“Have at it,” Dan said, picking the tie up off the ground and handing it to him.

The man took it with ease, sitting down on the floor in front of Dan as he did so. “My dad taught me a trick, once,” the man said, undoing the knot Dan had the tie in. “It’s simple. Here, I’ll show you.” He got the knot undone, and set the tie down flat on the floor. “First, make two loops on each end of the tie, going in opposite directions.”

The man kept talking, but Dan wasn’t really listening. He was too busy focusing on the gentle way his hands touched the tie, careful to not mess it up or get it dirty from the ground. And his voice … it was soothing, in a way. Dan liked listening to him explain something he should probably be paying attention to.

“… then just put it through there and put it around your neck!” the man finished. “Here.” He put the big loop over Dan’s head, letting the tie drape down. “Just adjust it to how you need it, and you should be good to go. Easy, right?”

“Yeah,” Dan mumbled, slightly unsure what he was talking about. Oh, right. The tie. Dan grabbed the newly formed knot and slid it up, adjusting the tie as it needed to be. He couldn’t remember the last time it looked so good. “Wow, thanks …” he trailed off.

“Phil,” the man supplied. “My name is Phil.”

“Thanks, Phil.” Dan stood up, Phil following suit. Phil brushed off his clothes as if he was covered in dust and dirt from the few minutes he sat on the ground. “Guess I should be watching for my train. Don’t want to be late twice in one day,” Dan chuckled awkwardly.

Phil smiled. “You already late?”

“Yeah. Missed the first stop by two minutes. What rubbish.” Dan put his hands in his pockets, unsure of what to do with them. He hated being awkward when talking to people. Social interaction wasn’t really his thing. Especially when love was involved. But he wouldn’t think about that now.

“That’s unfortunate. I’ve only been late maybe once or twice, but I know the feeling. It’s like the moment you’re late, your whole day is thrown off,” Phil said, smiling knowingly.


A second later, the next train into town came to a stop. The doors opened and people flooded out. Dan supposed he should hurry up and get on the train. He couldn’t afford to miss it. But he didn’t really want to stop talking to Phil. He liked him. He was nice and had helped him tie his tie. Even if Dan wasn’t listening to a word he had been saying.

“Thanks for helping me out with the tie,” Dan said to Phil.

“No problem. Glad I was able to! I like helping people whenever I can.”

Dan nodded once and smiled before making sure he had all of his belongings and getting on the train. He made it just as the doors were closing. He stood at the door, clutching one of the poles to stay upright as the train began to move. Phil stood in the same spot Dan had left him in, watching as the train took off, taking Dan with it.

For a brief moment, Dan had wondered if he would see Phil again. Chances were, he’d only see him again if he was late to work. And Dan would never be late again. He already told his boss as much.  


Dan’s boss made him stay an hour later to make up for the hour of time he missed this morning. He also gave him another rather long lecture on being late to work.

“It looks bad on me when my employees are late!” he said. He didn’t yell at Dan, so much as he did just tell him like it was a casual conversation. “I like you, Howell. You’re a good worker here. But I can’t keep letting you be late. It’s not fair to everyone else who works just as hard. They show up on time, so can you.”

Dan mumbled along, agreeing with what he was saying. Dan knew he was right. He just didn’t want to admit to anything.

Dan had to catch the evening train, this one less crowded than the last. He was able to find a seat next to a man who was scrolling through his phone with a pair of headphones in. He had the music up pretty loud, which allowed Dan to hear the song. Barely. It was MCR, much to Dan’s surprise. He didn’t think people still listened to them anymore.

“No way!” the man next to Dan said rather loudly. He must not realize how loud his voice was because of his music. “It’s you!”

Dan looked over, only to find Phil. He was the man listening to MCR. What were the chances of seeing him again? This soon, to be exact?

“How strange! Never thought I’d see you again,” Phil said. “Even more so since you never told me your name. You know, that really bothered me earlier. It was only after you hopped on the train that I realized you didn’t tell me your name.” Phil pulled the earplugs out of his ears and wrapped them around his phone, shoving it in his pocket.

“Oh. My name’s Dan,” he replied.

“Well, Dan. I think it’s spooky that I ran into you again. How is it that we never crossed paths before?”

Dan considered this. “Maybe because of our work hours? I mean, I was late by an hour, and an hour late getting home, too. I’m usually caught in the traffic an hour prior to now. Same for the morning.” It made sense. They both used the same method of transportation, only one hour difference between when they did.

“Interesting,” Phil said. “Must be it. But twice in one day?”

“Yeah, that’s a little strange,” Dan agreed, smiling sheepishly.

They sat in silence the rest of the way, which for Dan, was a bit awkward. He hated silence after a good string of conversation. He liked things to keep moving. He could continue the conversation, but he didn’t know what else to say. He didn’t know Phil or his likes. What if he said something wrong and set him off? He seemed nice enough earlier, but that was their first encounter. Everyone tended to be nice when meeting new people for the first time.

When the train stopped, most everyone stood up to exit, including Phil. “I’d say see you around, but I guess that only applies if you’re late to work again.” He smiled at Dan.

“Yeah, I can’t be late again. Don’t want to get fired.” Dan stood up, following everyone else off the train.

“You going to follow me home instead?” Phil asked, a permanent smirk on his face. He arched one brow.

Dan looked flustered. “I–uh–no, I just live right up there.” He pointed upwards.

Phil laughed. “I wouldn’t mind, though.”

Dan’s jaw slacked. Wouldn’t mind what, exactly? “What?” Dan asked dumbly.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Phil repeated. “If you followed me home,” he added with a wink.

Dan’s eyes went wide. How was he supposed to respond to that? “Oh. Confident, are we?” he said instead, mostly evading Phil’s statement.

Phil chuckled. “You have to take chances in life. Phil Lester. Look me up later.” He smiled with his teeth before getting lost in the crowd of people heading up the stairs. Did Phil really just do that? He did.

Dan stood still in the same spot, contemplating Phil’s words. He couldn’t believe it. A random guy–who happened to be extremely cute–just hinted that he wouldn’t mind seeing Dan again. Mondays were supposed to suck. How could something so lovely happen now, of all times?

With a smile, Dan trekked up the stairs and back to his flat. Little did he know, Phil was still lurking around. Watching Dan as he made his way home.


Dan immediately stripped off his work uniform, careful to keep his tie neat, however, before putting on his PJ’s and settling down into his sofa crease. This was Dan’s favorite part of the day. He liked to just lounge around in a comfy pair of clothes, and browse through Tumblr and catch up on TV shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. He felt more like himself when he wasn’t wearing work or casual clothes.

After a few hours of doing literally nothing, Dan had the sudden recollection of what Phil had told him earlier. Phil Lester. Look me up later.

Should Dan look him up? If he did, how would he know which was the right one? Surely there would be more than one Phil Lester in London. Well, maybe. Dan knows what he looks like. He could just go off a picture then, right?

Dan opened up Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, just in case Phil only had one social media. He started on Twitter first, because usually that was the easiest way to find people. As soon as he typed in Phil Lester, he got a search result for someone who was verified. Was this his Phil Lester? He clicked on the name, and sure enough, he was in the profile picture. There was no mistaking his black hair, blue-ish eyes, and pale skin. This was him. The guy on the train. But why was he verified?

Phil Lester, Radio DJ at BBC Radio 1. I am official. An official geek, his bio said.

So Phil. The guy Dan ran into twice on the train, was some popular radio DJ with a little over two million Twitter followers? No way.

Dan’s mouse hovered over the follow button. Did he really want to do this? Phil would just see a notification for another fan following him. Dan’s follow would mean nothing. Then again, Phil was the one who told Dan to look him up. This was the end result. He clicked on the follow button. Not a moment later, there was a notification for Dan’s Twitter, telling him Phil had followed him back.

Geez, stalk much? Dan thought, but chuckled at it anyway. He tossed his phone aside, happy with the way this Monday turned out. It was the first time, in a long time, that a Monday didn’t fully hate Dan. Maybe they could start getting along a little better now. After all, it did let him meet Phil. And Dan had a feeling that this was the start of something good, and terribly bad.

Everything should be fine, Dan thought. Just as long as Phil doesn’t fall in love with me.

Dan laughed. Like that’ll ever happen, was Dan’s last thought as he drifted off into sleep that night, completely unaware of where life was going to take him next.

{Next Chapter)


Hey there!

This is for @starcoweek2, Day 2 “Last Goodbye”. I’m sorry for uploading late. I got a few troubles yesterday so I couldn’t upload, and I completely forgot I had an appointment today, so it took me this long to upload… Sorry ^^’

Anyways, here it is! I hope you guys enjoy! 

Song Inspiration: Halsey - Colors (stripped)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4  | Day 5 | Day 6  | Day 7

Goodbye is never an easy thing to do, even if it’s an easy word to write.

Last goodbyes are even harder, because they not only meant something is ending, it also declared a “no more” into it. After all, they meant that whatever was happening, it wouldn’t happen ever again.

And Marco remembers every single one.

The Last goodbye to his milk-tooth had come in a morning, the guy had fallen while he was sleeping and he mostly likely swallowed (since no one find the teeth anywhere in his room… he still got shivers from it).

The last goodbye to his golden fish come when he was seven, it died from it’s own age and they made a funeral for it on the garden. He doesn’t remember if he cried.

The last goodbye to his first red hoodie, it came from being over used and old. The fabric was worn out, there was no way to fix the hole on it, it was hard to Marco throw it away…That’s why afterwards, he got another 12 red hoodies.

The last goodbye to the school came on graduation, on the moment he got in his parent’s car after the ceremony, with a giddy Star by his side. It wouldn’t be the end, and even with Ferg and Alf going on different universities, they kept contact pretty well, just like the whole group.

But this… This was another level. Because there was no way, no possibility he could take this one. Marco couldn’t simply put into words, he couldn’t think about it.

He couldn’t say goodbye to his best friend.

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Considerations, a Miraculous Ladybug angst fic

So I uploaded something I wrote however-long ago and it’s gotten a pretty good response and I thought I’d post it on here :)  It was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but the amazing comments and appreciation I received have inspired me to write some more so we’ll see where that goes.


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Okay, y’all. Owl City On The Verge Tour Experience! Spoilers ahead...

I bought my tickets early. Like, the week they came on pre-order early. Fast-forward to October 5, 2015…

 Mid-afternoon, I pack my stuff and fly to Nashville.

Next I hopped in a cab and headed to the Cannery. Upon my arrival, I saw a bunch of Hoot Owls lined up on the sidewalk. I should have expected that, but I didn’t think about how many people were as excited about this concert as I was.

We were soon herded off into our own VIP line far ahead of everyone else (sorry guys).

We were taken inside and instructed not to take selfies. I asked the stage manager what the reason for this rule was and she said that selfies generally take up too much time and not everyone gets their fair share of time with Adam. (Seriously, they should start this an hour early.)

I was first in line to meet Adam. First one on the first night of the tour. What. But then I saw @asitfillswithlight behind me and I went to say hi to her.

I managed to get back second in line. I was having a conversation with a dad who really didn’t want to mess up his daughter’s picture. I was trying to show him the best ways to ensure that he took great pictures. As I was speaking with him, the crowd fell silent. They all looked over my shoulder as Port Blue softly started playing. I turned around and there he was. Adam Young. I didn’t have time to gather the thoughts and things I was going to say to him, so our conversation ended up going like this:

Me: Am I actually talking to Adam Young?

Adam: I don’t know… I think so!

(I shake his hand and introduce myself.)

Me: Man, thank you for everything.

Adam: Well, thank you for coming!

Me: Talk about surreal, meeting the guy you look up to that’s always writing about surreality.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Thank you.

Me: So did you fly in?

Adam: Yeah, we flew!

Me (forgetting all the interviews that say he doesn’t like flying): Do you like flying much?

Adam: Um, not so much.

(We both laugh. At this point, the stage manager or whoever she was started rushing us to take our photo. She doesn’t appear to know how to change exposure, but that’s okay. I’m gonna actually fix it in Photoshop soon.)

By this time, I’m ushered to the main concert area and told to find a spot. Still spinning from the sheer surreality of this whole thing, I walk right up the stage, to the front row. (We didn’t have seats, but I was right at the front.) I realized that I hadn’t given Adam the letter I had written him earlier. I peeked around the corner of the fabric backdrop.

Me: Hey, Adam!

Him: Yeah?

Me: This is for you.

Him: For me? Thank you!

I walked back to my spot, happy with the experience so far. We stood around for about an hour, and then Rozzi Crane came out and performed a few songs. (Oh my gosh. Her vocal range… I can’t) We realized before she came out that her setlist had been put on a piece of paper so she wouldn’t forget any songs. Being on the front row, I took a flash photo of the setlist, turned my camera upside down, and saw the setlist.

Warning: This next part contains spoilers not only to Rozzi’s setlist but also to Adam’s. If you are attending an On The Verge concert and don’t want it spoiled, then don’t read the parts that are italicized. You have been warned!

Rozzi’s Setlist:


• Jealous

• What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera (Cover)

• Painkiller > Mirrors

• How Come You Don’t Call Me by Prince (Cover)

• Psycho

After Rozzi finished her set, she hung out at the merch booth and took photos while Adam’s show got set up. (She was super nice oh my gosh)

When Adam’s setlist was taped down, I jumped at the chance to photograph it.

Adam’s Setlist:

• Mobile Orchestra Intro (Jasper played his guitar with a violin bow and it was amazing.)

• Bird With a Broken Wing (I recorded this one in HD. It was the only one that I took on my GoPro. I’ll upload it via YouTube soon. My Nikon had some weird settings to record super low quality in super slow motion… so it cut out half the audio. If there’s one of these that you want to hear, it’s likely I caught at least half of it on LQ video. You can inbox me to get that.)

• Dreams and Disasters (The transition between BWABW and DD was so seamless.)

• Dementia



• Unbelievable

• Beautiful Times (JUST YES)

• Kamikaze (This just gets better and better)

• Meteor Shower (He dropped his pick right as he was starting to strum and handled it like a total pro)

• This Isn’t The End

• Sky Diver

• Midtro (I quite honestly forget what this was… I’ll go back and check my footage. If anything turns up, I’ll make an edit.)

• My Everything (For this one he used the dreamy My Everything preview he posted on Instagram recently. The atmosphere during this song was spectacular.)

• Back Home/Fireflies (Adam opened this by mashing up the lyrics to the chorus of fireflies and Back Home, then when he was on his final chorus, he looped the vocal where he sang the word “fireflies” over and over and over again, making a seamless transition into Fireflies.)

• The Medley (This was an Owl City dream mashup. Tip of the Iceberg, Umbrella Beach, Cave In, and one or two more I can’t recall. They all blended perfectly.)

• Verge (Verge was great. Some people have complained about his range being too high in this one, but like, have you heard Thunderstruck? Just saying. He nailed every high note he hit.)

• Deer in the Headlights (Everyone. Went. Nuts. As soon as they realized this was playing. It was amazing.)

• Hello Seattle (This one started off with a cool guitar-ish version of the Hello Seattle Remix. It transitioned into the Ocean Eyes version of Hello Seattle.)

After they played this song, Adam said “Thank you so much! We’ll see you next time!” After the band exited the stage, the crowd chanted, “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG,” at which point the band returned to play

• Good Time (Accompanied by Rozzi Crane. Which I have to admit, I really, really liked, even though Good Time is not one of my favorite Owl City songs.)

(I’m not sure what happened to the 99 Red Ballons cover. They may have just cut it for time.)

Spoilers over.

Here are some pictures from the show! I’m happy to send any of these to you without a watermark for edits or whatever, but if you plan to use them online, I’ll ask that you credit me and my blog. Inbox me if you want details about that.

EDIT: I forgot to include his shoes. You’re welcome.

After the concert was over, I talked to some hoot owls, got some pictures, and had a fantastic time soaking in the atmosphere. Here’s a picture I got with Leah (@asitfillswithlight ). Y’all should follow her if you haven’t already.

And then, after talking to Gabe about drums and GoPros, buying some awesome merch (I got a wonderful t-shirt and a fantastic poster), and saying farewell to all my new friends, it was time to say goodbye to the skylines and hello to the tree lines. I took off from Nashville and got home safely a couple hours later.

So that was my experience at my first Owl City concert! The whole night was incredible. I hope I’ll be able to go to another one whenever he’s back around.

Oh yeah, and you should reblog this cause I spent like, a thousand hours writing it and your followers probably want to see it too If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

BASIC GIF TUTORIAL + How to put text on GIFS

So bruhtography asked me to teach him how to make GIFs and I’ve gotten this question a lot so I decided to make a tutorial showing my process.

I kinda taught myself how to GIF on a whim this past summer so I used a lot of tutorials myself and I thought it’s be good to put all the stuff I learned in one post for everyone if they want it.

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hey everyone! to celebrate 2016 finally coming to an end, I decided to whip together a reclist of my favorite Teen Wolf fics I read this year! this list is skewed towards femslash and rarepairs, because those are two of my favorite things! 

this list contains a total of 65 fics across 40 ships. if you enjoy any of the fics recced here, please let the authors know through commenting, kudosing, or reblogging! ao3 links have been provided where available, but many of these fics are available on tumblr as well. please read the warnings and tags on all works before reading!

so without further adieu, let’s get this party started!


double shot of what the heck by kirargent, 1778 words. Rated T.
A girl in New York Allison’s age had a freak accident in a power substation—should’ve been electrocuted; wasn’t. It took hardly any digging at all to uncover the fact that she’s the daughter of one Noshiko Yukimura, a woman who’s changed her name several times but whose face looks just the same as it did hundreds of years ago.

Perfect Presents by @fandom-madnessess, 1870 words. Rated G.
Kira had come up with the perfect Christmas gift for Allison, and the perfect way for her and Braeden to ask Allison out. Then, of course, her clumsiness ruins it.


just before sunrise by @derekslaura, 1226 words. Rated E.
Cora slips her fingers over the ripples in the sheets – one two three four, smooth waves – and tries to be patient with her brain as it processes the still-warm linen and empty space. She’s the only person in the bed. The dim glow falling at her feet is still soft, just before sunrise. A loud, seeking groan slips through her lips as she rolls into several feet of unoccupied bed.

features trans, ace spec Cora and aro spec Allison.


and your knee socks by @sleepy-skittles, 17,274 words. Rated T. 
Allison Argent is a halfback playing for Seattle Reign, and despite having her professional life on track, preparing to represent the United States on the National Women’s Soccer Team, that’s the only place in her life she feels really satisfied. There’s pressure from her family, especially her mother, to always be Perfect, and she’s been burying the things she wants to try to get there. She might or might not be in love with her roommate and her teammate Kira, and Allison doesn’t even want to touch what’s going on with Cora Hale. When they all head to Canada for the Women’s World Cup, Allison’s finally forced to make an important choice, and to learn something important: that maybe, if she’s brave, she can have everything she wants, after all.


Heroes of My Heart by @fandom-madnessess, 3945 words. Rated T.
Allison, Scott and Isaac are a great team, at home and in the field. When Isaac gets badly hurt on their latest mission, Allison and Scott get him home as fast as they can, worrying about Isaac all the way. And Isaac, he’s got some worries of his own.

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Fic from Prompt

Lukas looked out the window, down to the rainy landscape that awaited him below. He sighed heavily. It wasn’t that he didn’t like England, it was just that he didn’t speak any English, and… well, and it wasn’t home. Home was Norway, or Denmark. But not dreary grey London. But, Matthais had had a job offer, and it meant moving to England. “Hey, er du OK? Vi lander snart.” (Hey, are you OK? We’re landing soon. -Danish) Lukas nodded. He didn’t speak any English. It wasn’t a requirement in Norway, whereas Matthais had learnt plenty in school.

Lukas looked over to where Emil was curled up in his seat, quietly sleeping. He was so precious to them. It had been hard to adopt him, especially as he had been living in Iceland when his mother had died. It was only due to a friend of a friend that they had known Emil existed. Then they met him, loved him and adopted him. Emil looked scarily like Lukas, and Matthais said that it was ‘clearly meant to be!’ Lukas would just lightly hit Matthais and sigh, but really, he thought it was nice that people sometimes thought Emil was his biological son. A woman’s smooth voice came over the tannoy system, but it was in English, and Lukas could only pick up a few words and phrases. ‘soon’ ‘landing’ ‘Heathrow’ (that was the airport, right?) ‘thank you for flying with British Airways’. The announcement was soon repeated in Danish, and Lukas caught nearly every word. Living in England would be hard.


Lukas weaved his way through the crowds. Damn, Kings Cross was always packed, and he was in a real hurry. He had to go to Matthais’ office to meet people. Why? He spoke only marginally more English than he had when they had first moved, a few months ago. It was some sort of office party, and spouses and children were invited. That’s why did Lukas not only have to navigate his way to the building with only the words ‘get off at Oxford Circus’ to navigate by, but he also had a two-year old in his arms. By some miracle he managed to get on the right underground train (the light blue one) and sat down. There were always tourists from several countries at Kings Cross, and today was no exception. There was a tall Russian man, slowly inching away from…his sister? (she was pretty, but scary, and made a teen across from her burst into tears when she randomly yelled something. From the way it made the brother squeak in terror and the other sister to have tears start welling up, he could tell it wasn’t very nice). Afore mentioned crying teen was sitting between two other young men, who were all looking warily at the Russian family (now the first sister was wielding a knife at the older sister, and wow that escalated quickly). Further down an exuberant Australian man was cheerfully talking to a friend. He and Matthais would get on well. The friend sighed, slapped him, and then returned to their phone like nothing had happened. Huh, maybe the friend and he would get on well.

Lukas nearly forgot where he was getting off, but was relieved to find that he hadn’t missed it. He slowly made his way through the crowds when the train came to Oxford Circus and arrived at Matthais’ office. He worked for a furniture company with his brother. Y’know, THAT furniture company. Talk about Swedish stereotypes. He was in advertising, and Berwald designed furniture. Lukas pushed open the door, and walked over to the receptionist. Then he realised that he didn’t know how he could talk to them. Luckily Matthais came down at that moment and rescued him.

“Hi Sarah! This is Lukas. He doesn’t speak much English.” She nodded and smiled.

“Oh, okay. Taking him up to the office? Have fun!”

“Thanks, will do! Have a nice day.”

Well, that’s what was said, but Lukas only understood some of it. ‘doesn’t speak much English’ ‘office’ ‘Thanks’ ‘nice day’. It was tedious to try and fill in the gaps in conversations, but he didn’t have much choice. Matthais turned to him. “Hej søde. Tak for at komme. Jeg vil have dig til at møde nogen. Du har stadig taler rumænsk, ikke?” (Hi sweetheart. Thanks for coming. There’s someone I’d like you to meet. You still speak Romanian, right?-Danish)

Lukas passed Emil to Matthais, as he was making grabby hands for his daddy. “Ja, litt.” (Yes, a bit-Norwegian) “Hvorfor?” (Why?-Norwegian).

“En af mine kollegaer kæreste er rumænsk, og han taler endnu mindre engelsk end dig!” (One of my co-worker’s boyfriend is Romanian, and he speaks even less English than you!-Danish). After Lukas had hit Matthais for the grievous insult to his language skills, he agreed to talk to this co-worker’s boyfriend.


Lukas sat in Dr Johnson’s room, with Emil in his lap. Matthais was talking to the doctor, but Lukas still had insufficient ability to speak English that he couldn’t discuss the results of Emil’s’ check-up with the paediatrician. He could only sit and quietly observe as Matthais easily spoke this foreign language. He only could stare as unobtrusively as possible. Soon they were finished, and not a moment too soon for Lukas. Matthais confirmed that Emil was fine and healthy, which was of course great. Until not too long ago, Emil had been very sick, and like the doting, slightly overbearing parents they were, Lukas and Matthais still worried very much about him getting sick again.

He shook himself out of his little daydream to see that Matthais and Dr Johnson were getting up, so he stood as well. The doctor went one way, and Matthais was going another, he followed his husband, naturally. He walked over to the receptionist’s desk, and Lukas followed like a puppy. He hated situations like this, where he was useless, except to hold Emil. Matthais was already talking to the receptionist, but turned to Lukas. “Hvad med torsdag 18.? Ved 2 eller ville du foretrække 10? Jeg tror morgen ville være bedre.” (How about Thursday 18th? At 2, or would you prefer 10? I think the morning would be better-Danish). Lukas nodded passively and Matthais turned back to the receptionist. How tables had turned, he reflected. In Denmark he had been organised, responsible, while Matthais bounded around, doing very little. Now Matthais had no choice but to be the organised one, making appointments, filling in forms, working. Lukas had no choice but do nothing, he just didn’t have the capabilities to.

Indeed, how the tables had turned.


OK, so on Saturday you reblogged an old post, about this, and I wrote it out! Hope you like it…

(PS- I actually have a Tumblr, but I’m sneaky uploading this at school, sooooo…)