i always feel bad for nepeta

Homestuck Horescopes- 10/25

Aries: put on your planning hat, it’s time for a corpse party!

Taurus: continue flying dead pupa. Continue flying.

Gemini: Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Cancer: Looks like a hot day! Wear short sleeves.

Leo: you’ve gotta be kitten me with this update

Virgo: You will catch the eye of a powerful woman today

Libra: You will see the end of some close friendships today, but don’t stab yourself over it, you’ll live

Scorpio: Plans don’t always work out they way you want, do they?

Saggittarius: I have a strong feeling your assistance could have been helpful if you were in the right place today

Capricorn: today won’t be half bad. But it won’t be half good either.

Aquarius: exploding isn’t an excuse to be dead again.

Pisces: control your crazy relatives. They will do some fucked up shit today.