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1. im always super hardworking and i put 100% effort in everything i do? (okay but i hate that sometimes too nejdjd)
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4. i always see the good in people!
5. i cant ever bring myself to dislike/hate people

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Got7 reacting to dating/ meeting a tall foreign girl

Song Suggestion: Ah Yah - EXID

Anonymous Requested:  Hello Lovely, Could you do a got7 reaction to meeting a tall blonde American girl. It always seems every reaction scenario are for the short girls. Tall girls need love too <3

Ahh, I liked this request. I’m pretty tall too, so it was pretty fun to imagine and write their reactions. I hope you don’t mind though, I changed it a bit to make it a bit more relatable for others as well. 

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His facial features were sharp, set into a hard expression.

“Ah sorry..” you uttered, moving to the side so he could exit the restaurant before you entered. Only his eyes narrowed further. Taking hold of the door, he silently insisted upon you entering first. A bit shyly you stepped through the doorway, mumbling out a ‘thank you’ this time.

He cleared his throat as, staring at your long legs out of the corner of his eye you passed him by, taking note of the restaurant he had just left and your facial… and body features, so he could hopefully run into you again.

He would never say it out directly, but legs had always been his favorite body part, and the fact that yours stood out more due to your height only helped you in attracting his attention.

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Ah, he’s a little shorty, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard to be taller than him. With BamBam’s young age he might be a bit opposed to the idea of dating, or even being attracted to a girl taller than him. That is until GOT7 started to travel the world a bit more…

Like Jaebum, BamBam has a certain appreciation for a good pair of legs. He would definitely reconsider his personal tastes once he encountered several extraordinary beauties. Actually, he might even start to prefer a girl who was a bit taller than him as long as she had exquisite legs contributing to that height.

If BamBam met a tall girl he was attracted to, especially if he were overseas, he would most definitely use some type of leg or height pick up line.

“Is that a phone ringing in your pocket? Cause those legs are calling me.”

“You’re a long, tall glass of water. Would you let me quench my thirst?”

“Whoops, I dropped a quarter, can you pick it up for me while I look at your legs?”

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He comes across as the type to prefer girls who are shorter than him, not necessarily by a lot, but generally by a few centimeters at least. Then again, Youngjae also comes across as the type to not have set standards.

I don’t think a girl being taller than him would influence the amount he liked her that greatly. The only thing that might set him back from going after a girl who was tall and/or taller than him would be if she lacked confidence. He wouldn’t do well around any girl that lacked confidence though.

Youngjae would also be intrigued if she was a foreigner, especially if she spoke English. He might be a bit shy to introduce himself at first, but his partially broken English and accent would make his shyness worthwhile.

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“Ah, jagi…could you reach that for me?” A sly smirk slithered onto his face as he called to you from the kitchen.

You just rolled your eyes, turning the page of the book in your lap.

“Get it yourself… Use a stepstool if you’re too short.” Junior’s smirk faded and he let out a huff, scrunching his face up like a child that didn’t get their way

Now you weren’t actually taller than Junior. Actually, you were still a few centimeters shorter. Nonetheless, he proceeded to tease you like you were. Ever since the two of you first met abroad, he would joke about your height, claiming you must be the dominant one in the relationship because of your height.

“Ahhh, Y/Nnnnnn….” You chuckled at his mildly endearing teasing. Even though he liked to tease you, on several accounts he had mention that your height was actually his favorite thing about you.

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“Jagi, do you have to wear heels…?” he whined out. You were normally around the same height as Jackson, but tonight the two of you were meeting his parents for dinner to a nice restaurant, so you had decided to dress up a bit, wearing your favorite three inch heels.

You rolled your eyes. “I thought you liked the way my legs looked when I wore heels…” you pouted back, adding a stuck out lip to the mix, to up the dramatics of it.

“I do, but-” 

You knew he was worried about his dad making fun of him for it, and of you getting offended, or worse, his dad making fun of you. Ah, you honestly didn’t care though, so he really shouldn’t either.

“Then don’t complain.” You kissed Jackson lightly on the lips, to make the frown on his face fade, and grabbed his hand, walking out the front door to dinner.

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A light blush formed on his cheeks as you smiled and waved at him from across the room. You had caught him staring at you from across the library, making you decide to walk over to his table and talk to him.

“Hi,” you smiled brightly at him

“Hi,” he replied back much more timidly.

You smiled to yourself, picking a book off of the top shelf, not even really needing to stand on your toes.

He wouldn’t comment on your height, but in head he would be both intimidated by it and captivated by it. He was intimidated by the confidence you held and the way you carried yourself so tall, but you were also still shorter than him, so he didn’t feel like quite a giant. Not to mention the way your skirt was a bit short on you due to your height… well, it definitely wasn’t a turn-off.

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“Hi,” you breathed out quickly, sticking your hand out for the man to shake.

“Hello.” Oh great.. You had built up the courage to say hello, but after just one word, you were already at a loss for words. You bit your lip. You tired to smile sweetly at him, but it came out as more of a cringe.

“Ah.. nice meeting you… a-ah… I’m going to go now… ah…” You squeezed your eyes tightly turning away, but then turned back towards him quickly. “Do you wanna get a cup of coffee maybe? Ah- sorry, you don’t have to, only if you want…”

He smiled, standing from the park bench he had previously occupied. Ah, you still couldn’t believe you approached a complete stranger, one who was sitting peacefully on a bench of all places. The two of you walked into town in silence before he finally spoke up.

“What’s your name?

“Ah, Y/N.” You can’t believe you had forgotten to actually introduce yourself instead of just saying hi.

“You’re pretty tall you know.” You scrunched up your face a bit, mumbling out a ‘ya’.

“I like it, it’s cute.” His eyes met yours before you both turned to look forward again, settling back into a comfortable silence.

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