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I’ve noticed this revisionist Greek myth is common wherein Persephone loves Hades and eats the pomegranate seeds in order to evade her overbearing mother, and that’s all well and good. You know, sometimes I’m in the mood for it and sometimes I’m not. But hear this: as long as we’re doing this, why is no one wondering whether Aphrodite might really love Hephaestus? 

Think about it. All the gods in their immortal splendor are lining up to marry her, doing everything in their power to impress her, the goddess of love and beauty, and she choses…that guy. A god in technical terms only, a social reject who’s ugly and malformed and um, no fun. Always slaving away in his workshop when everyone else is quaffing nectar and having their eternal beach party up on Mount Olympus. They can’t believe she’d give up all of them for that. 

So, because the gods do not take rejection well (looking at you Apollo), eventually they start to say to each other, well, we all know Zeus made her do it anyway. He’s gotta feel guilty for throwing Hephaestus off Mount Olympus that one time. And it quickly becomes that poor girl, stuck in that workshop full of sweat and dirt and cyclopses when she could have had one of us. Because of course they’ve got love all figured out; it’s entirely technical and dependent on who’s the most charming and good-looking and not at all variable and strange and notoriously unpredictable, right?

Meanwhile Ares, only the most arrogant and brainless of the crew, can’t take a hint and is still showing up wherever Aphrodite goes trying to hit on her, so eventually she and Hephaestus decide to rig up an elaborate mechanical trap for him, using her as bait. When all the gods have laughed at him for getting caught he huffily attempts to regain his dignity by telling them, whatever, guys, you want to know the truth, I was meeting her for an assignation. And they all kind of know he’s full of it but they just accept it as the unvarnished truth from thereon in, because they’d love to believe she’d cheat on Hephaestus with Ares. They’d love it. Come on, Aphrodite, get off your high horse and admit you’re just as shallow as the rest of us. 

So they talk, but Aphrodite doesn’t really care about their collective jealousy because she dotes on her misshapen genius of a husband with his sooty hands and his sweaty brow who always takes her seriously and is always so hard at work inventing astonishing new things to make her happy, and she loves the volcano they live in with its internal pressures so conducive to the formation of precious stones and its passages lit with glowing lava that so gorgeously offsets her cheekbones, and all the cyclopses worship her because even with one eye apiece they’ve still got more depth perception than most men do where she’s concerned. True it is that as a couple the two develop a reputation for not getting out much, because all those Olympian parties bore them to death and they’d rather spend time with each other (poor Aphrodite, she’s such a vivacious young thing and her husband is so grasping and insecure that he won’t let her go out and have fun), but they do all right. 

~Samurai Love Ballad Fanfic Masterpost~

I just want to thank everyone who reads, comments, reblogs, and leaves hearts on what I do. I might not talk often, but I’m just so grateful for all the support and appreciation you give me. *sends you all my loveeee*

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His Name Series : Parts One, Two, Three

Oda Nobunaga, since I mostly write about him

The Lords

I’m the girl who does full glam makeup everyday to school, not because I feel like I need it but because I enjoy it. I listen to 90’s Rock most of the time but no one would believe me if I told them that because I don’t look like the “type of girl” that does. I like to party but I don’t do it every weekend, not even close actually and I look like a total bitch but I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I break every stereotype and I always will. I love surprising people with who I really am because no one will ever expect it. Because unlike everyone else I am who I am and I’m not going to change that for anyone.
—  4am

I don’t have a strong support system. In my family we don’t lift each other up, we tear each other apart. This is something I’ve started to realize just recently, and it makes me confused about my whole family situation. I won’t go further into this as I could write a novel but it’s just to give you a picture of my situation. However, I do love my family and I feel like it would be unfair to them not to clarify that.

We all need support and encouragement and everyone seeks those fundamentals to be hopeful in different things. TV has always been my thing. I grew up on movies. It’s one of my favorite things about how my parents raised me. It made me curious, and I like to think that it indirectly led me to Gillian Anderson.

I was late to the party and she didn’t even exist in my consciousness until a few years ago when The Fall aired and I was gobsmacked by her talent and of course, Stella Gibson - like all other men and women.

Then 2016 happened and I had a minor meltdown, which means I dropped out of university. The ugly truth is that I spent a decent amount of days in sweatpants, not going out, not doing anything really, but then X-Files happened, and Gillian happened, and you, reading this, happened. I was sleeping before X-Files but it made me curious about things again - a curiosity that had been gone for years. I also started to question my sexuality so thank you for that, Gillian.

Anyway, seeing her portray these strong and vulnerable characters - I always try to make these two traits coexist but without luck - made me hopeful. And the fraction of herself we, her fans, get to see is always humble, honest, powerful, curious, kind, and even flawed. She has always been very honest about her past, mental health, and about her past and present struggles. I’ve never liked her less because of those things, it’s actually the opposite, which is a constant reminder not to be so hard on myself.

Representation always matters, and she has represented and represents something I aspire to be, and I can only hope that, in lack of a better phrase, some of it will rub off, and hopefully I’ll end up being as honest, kind, and selfless as she is.  

I’m not who I want to be but I’m getting there, and having Gillian by my side helps a lot.

Seeing her achieve so much, and knowing she has struggled too, actually makes me think I can too.

I Warned You (Jay Park x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I hope you like it, cause I had so much fun writting this one, I hope is how you wanted it. Enjoy!


Being in Korea had his ups and downs. You loved the fashion and how fast the speed of this country is, this is the city that never sleeps, everyone is always doing something, working, partying you name it. You felt free here, you did your thing and you didn’t have your parents or something like that tell you what to do.

But on the other side, it was a bit of conservative country. Girls were often seen as gentle, kind and soft spoken creatures that were here to do what the man tells them, that could be their father, their brother, their husband. You were a rebel, you worked as a piercer at one of the all girl tattoo shops that worked illegally- since tattoos are illegal unless you are a doctor- it made good money, plus it gave you that adrenaline rush since you could be caught any minute. Also, you were always up for a flirt, or maybe something more if you feel like it, double standars didn’t matter to you, if you wanted to spend the night with someone you would, it’s no one’s bussiness. You were in your early 20’s, why would you lock it down? you wanted to get a taste first before you became a wife to someone.

You met Jay at the tattoo shop. You were waiting for a customer when he walked in, he was getting a tattoo on his neck from the boss. She had another customer so he sat next to you, his eyes locked on the tattoo you had on your thigh. It was a garter with a gun on the side.

“It was my first tattoo, got it when I first came to this shop as a welcoming gift”

“You are a tattoo artist?”

He asked. You smirked as you looked eyes with him, uncrossing and crossing your legs slowly, flipping your hair over your shoulder



He replied. You winked at him, laying back to the couch. He should have realised it, you had a few piercing, he could see the one on your belly button, another inbetween your breasts, as you spoke he noticed one on your tongue.

“How old are you?”

“Too old for you, grandpa”

“We’ll see about that”


Jay became a regular. Not your job, but on your bed, he proved you wrong almost on a daily bases, and you weren’t mad at him for doing that. You enjoyed the pleasure he brought to your body, he was one of the best, bringing proof to his provocative lyrics.

You thought you were at the same page, no strings attached, but Jay he wasn’t only on the same page, he was on a different book. He thought you were a couple, or you would be one pretty soon, he wanted you to himself, just the thought of a man touching you made him crazy.

You wanted to have fun. You dressed up and went out with your girls to a club, one of your favorites. Jay said he had work, so you thought you could find someone else to entertain you. The thing is, Jay’s work was to attend to illionaire’s party, which was at the club you went. You didn’t see him, you didn’t even glance at the VIP section, thinking they were just a few bussiness men that looked for doormats to step on. You weren’t attracted to clean, suit and tie dudes, you hanged out with the nobodies, the dudes that made money in the streets, that didn’t grow up to take over their father’s company, some of them were even disowned for choosing to do what they do.

An hour hasn’t even passed and you were already chatting with a man. He was a bit taller than you, he had a few tattoos, a baggy shirt with jeans and a chain around his neck, he was rather skinny, he was attractive in his own way. He started touching your thigh, caressing the tattoo you had, as he leaned closer to you.

Jay had spotted you, you were kinda hard to miss. He saw how the man touched you, how you responded to him, he didn’t like that at all. In fact, it drove him to insanity, as soon as he was gone you were out for another one. He saw you taking his hand and taking him to the bathroom, that’s the last straw, he got up and followed you, pushing the crowd and didn’t even apologise for it, he just had one target.

He found you on top of the sink, your legs wrapped around him as he kissed your neck, you had your eyes closed and your mouth was slightly opened.

“What the fuck?”

You knew that voice. You opened your eyes and looked at him, you didn’t apologise, you didn’t look shocked, you just smirked and got off the sink.

“What are you doing here Jay?”

“I was going to ask the same thing”

He said. You saw he was mad, his hands forming fists, you had to admit it was kind of sexy. You felt the man’s hands touch your waist

“who is he?”

“Just some guy”

Your words stung Jay like a bee. He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the bathroom, and to the back alley.

“Why are you reacting like this?”

“What? how am I suppose to react”

“Jay we are not together, I think I made that crystal clear”

You were completely calm, while Jay was loosing his mind. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself

“So you used me?”

“First off, I didn’t cause you knew that I had no interest in getting in a relationship, second don’t act like you haven’t done it to probably a dozen of girls”

“I wanted to be with you”

He whispered. You felt pity for him, he got hooked the poor guy. You giggled and walked to him and touched his cheek, giving him a kiss on his lips, you saw his dull eyes, he looked like a puppy

“I warned you”

You gave him another kiss before you pulled away and walked to the door. Before you could leave, you turned your head to him

“Call me when you get over your feelings, I missed your dick. See ya”

You said and walked to the club, scanning for the man you left in the bathroom. 

Jay stood there emotionless. He got played by his own game, now he understood how the girls felt and it did not feel good. While he stood there, trying to get your words in his head and feeling his heart hurt, you were out on the dancfloor, grinding to a stranger. Now he knew why those girls fell for him, cause of the idea that you could change someone. But he knew damn well that that is impossible, no kind person can change a bad one, it takes someone that’s worse to make you see who you really are. Like a mirror

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[A]ge: 23

[B]iggest fear: Death (thanatophobia)

[C]urrent time: 11:24 PM

[D]rink you last had: Water

[E]veryday starts with: 5-10mins of not wanting to move then nom a poptart while checking on social media

[F]avorite song: An always changing answer. Right now “After the Party” by The Menzingers absolutely blows me away. So I’m going to go with that.

[G]hosts, are they real: Yeah, in our own minds.  

[H]ometown: Virginia Peninsula, I’m still here

[I]n love with: My friends and everyone who’s given me the time of day.

[J]ealous of: Happy friends, their stability, and people with better sex lives than mine. I try to use it as an inspiration though.

[K]illed someone: Countless people, in video games

[L]ast time you cried: I can’t absolutely say, and I won’t go into details, but I’m sure I cried at least a few ties last year, and the year before that.

[M]iddle name: Nope, not telling.

[N]umber of siblings: One older brother

[O]ne wish: To finally meet all my friends…that’s one wish right?

[P]erson I last called/texted: Clyne Griff if we’re counting all chats.

[Q]uestion you’re always asked: Are you single/do you have a mate? Hehe

[R]eason to smile: Bayley just became the Women’s Champion

[T]ime you woke up: 9:00 AM

[U]nderwear color: Right now? Navy blue.

[V]acation destination: Amusement park somewhere

[W]orst habit: My inability to cook so I default to fast food

[X]-rays you’ve had: Spine, wrist

[Y]our favorite food: Fried Shrimp. Mmmm, yes plz.

[Z]odiac: Aries

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Day 13 of Klaine Valentine challenge

Author: Porcelainandleather [me]



“…Let’s get this party started”

“Look at the stars , look how they shine for you. And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow.”

Kurt blushed as he walked into the party, fixing his suit. He looked into one of the many mirrors, making sure that Blaine had not left a visible mark. He loved what they had done in the limo, but he was always worried that everyone was watching them. One he was convinced that he was presentable, he began looking around the party. His eyes fell on Cooper and he grinned walking over to his future brother in law. “Hello, Cooper.”  

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I was tagged by my deer @invisiblemassofcurls to do a aesthetic board so here we go ~

1) A book - because they are and always have been a huge part of my life. I read a lot and this picture represents very well how much I daydream as well ♡

2) A wolf - Because it has been my favourite animal for as long as I can think. In kindergarden already when everyone was scared of them they fascinated me. And lots of people think of me when they see them. (Also I huggin’ love their howling)

3) Glowsticks - Because I always bring them to parties and I like to wear one at night. It calms me.

4) Hot chocolate - Because I love warm drinks; especially tea but I chose a cup of hot chocolate bc it represents my love for sweet stuff RiP.

5) An inc Pen - Because I am a writer. I love to write. Stories, letters, cards, even books (tho I obviously type them)

6) Ravens - I think that doesn’t ask for an explanation. My soul might be one ~

Thank you for the tag! I really enjoyed making this board, even tho it was hard to pick only 6 things (used programme doesn’t allow more). Pictures are used with permission or photographed by myself.

I tag @sala218 @queenotheunderworld @undeadknightxiii @sensendameda @hukkini @iwaizumihajimom @darkcreamz95 and @monitoimibobby

Teach Me (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: can you do a liam imagine where he teaches you how to kiss because you haven’t had you’re first kiss and you’re going on a date and then he gets jelous idk

A/n: hope you like it love!

I think i’m the only 16 year old girl in the world that hadn’t had her first kiss. Everyone of my friends always brags about how they had their first kiss or how they made out with a random guy at a party. I wish i could say something like that, but if i would. It would all be lies. 

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AN: Thanks to the anon for sending in this request! I love it! Hopefully it turns out the way you wanted. (Gif not mine.)

Pairing: Steve x Reader (Partial Tony)

Plot: Could you do a Steve imagine please? Where people assume that the reader and Tony are dating because they always muck around and annoy people together when they’re drunk. So when someone hints at them dating when they’re at a party Steve jumps in and is like “Actually,” and then kisses the reader and everyone is shocked. Thank you!


“Surprise, Surprise”

You and Steve had been dating for 2 months now. Despite all the rumors of you and Tony dating, Steve wanted to keep your relationship under wraps.

Tony was like a brother to you. Those gestures everyone assumed were flirty, were just good old sibling-like fun. Steve understood that, so it really didn’t bother him.

After a tough mission the team sat in the tower living room, still tense from the fight.

Tony piped up, “We should do something fun.”

“I just want to sleep.” you whined.

“Y/N’s right. We all need some rest.” Steve joined in. The whole team shook their heads in agreement.

“Oh come on! Y’all are no fun!” Tony argued, “I mean I can understand old pops-sickle being tired, but you Y/N? You should be ashamed.”

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Flush of Fate - Epilogue

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 |Chapter 11 |

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i think we as a community should stop making biopics about straight white conmen/drug lords/gangsters like its enough, we’ve seen them, wolf of wallstreet wasnt that good lets start doing something useful with our time and they’re always the same there’s like a montage of when their life starts to get really good with lots of parties and money and always like their first wife dies or they leave them and hook up with penelope cruz or margot robbie and then oh shit things go bad and all the air goes out of it in the second half and everyone praises it as some enlightened portrayal of human nature and youre just sitting there like well, it was no i love you philip morris 

kara-knuckles  asked:

In P3 I used "thematical" builds (like, sempai team, girls team, etc.). As a result everyone was around the same level save for Protag (who was, like, 20 levels above everyone) and Ken (don't hate the kid unlike most of fanbase, he is just kinda useless gameplay wise). In Q I used set party first time (Protags, ZenRei, Naoto & Koro), but second time around I wanted to hear more battle banter and used pretty much everyone (still had the same endgame party, but with Shiji instead of Zen).

I think Ken’s merit is that he has a better balance of offensive- and healing-spells than Yukari or Mitsuru do, so I guess he’d make sense in a build that includes neither of them. 

And yeah, the banter in PQ was a good reason to switch around characters. I loved how much Teddie and Yosuke worries for each other when I had them in my team which was always ;_;

EXO as SM president
  • Suho: "What do you need? A new house, car, play golf a in the middle of the ocean? Don't worry I'll make it happen"
  • Xiumin: "Everyone drinks coffee in my company. You don't like it? Then go and make me some, I need coffee. Coffee is life, coffee is love. That will be your new concept btw"
  • Tao: Cake for everyone. Like.. everyday.
  • Luhan: "We are going to change our strategies. We will work on our soccer team more.. we don't have one? Well now we do, call that tall Kris boy, might work as a keeper"
  • Kyungsoo: Doesn't understand why the company is always so quiet but likes how everyone behaves so well when he is around.
  • Sehun: "So you all will now say Yehet Ohorat before every song and if you don't I won't let you party till the sun down, got it?"
  • Chen: *Probably gives the orders in high pitched notes*
  • Kris: "We are the Super Galaxy Entertainment Company. All rights Reserved!"
  • Chanyeol: "Wait... I'm the boss here? Since when? Can I have food delivered to my office?"
  • Lay: The kind of ceo that checks on his idols and trainees all the time. Calls Baekhyun's grandma for advice.
  • Baekhyun: *His voice sounds from every speaker in the company. Even recorded a song specially for the elevator* "Smile~ smile like a rectangle, just like I do~ Rectangleee tun tun tun"
  • Kai: "So hows's our Tender Chicken group going? What about The BBQ wings? I think the Spicy Ribs will have a great debut next week!"
signs based on people i know (aries p.o.v)

aries: i like your attitude and there’s no bad time when i’m with you. crushes on everyone, when we do it together! love the way we’re always trying to do new stuff. you’re excitement excites me.  

taurus: YOU’RE THE NICEST person i’ve ever met, seriously. you’re lazy but that’s okay i feel you… i honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t like you!!! your sense of fashion is fascinating. love you <3

gemini: you were the first one to break my heart but besides that you’re really great. i love talking to you and your parties are the best ones! you pretend to be a dick to seem cool but no. stop! we gonna love you just the way you really are. 

cancer: oh my friend you cry you cry you cry and you ask me for advice and all i can do is smile (not knowing what to do). but we get each other, you talk and i listen, we work. you’re going to find someone that really cares and loves you. all you have to do is wait. i promise. 

leo: my sister. when we were younger we used to fight and argue a lot but five minutes later we’re playing. so you’re my secrets’ keeper. I owe you everything. thank you for being so loyal and bringing happiness to my life. I don’t  know what i would do without you. 

virgo: you’re so annoying but I LIKE YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! so stubborn! we can’t agree on anything it’s surreal. I try my best to look good for you because i want your approval so bad (thats a secret she can’t never know because if she does, she’s going to hold on it forever)

libra: i probably shouldn’t be saying this here but i have the biggest crush on you, i mean you’re so hot and chill and i love talking to you. i guess i could stare at your face for the rest of my life. you’re so sweet. INDECISIVE AS FUCK MAN COULD YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND FOR LIKE 1 SEC? thanks.

scorpio: you turn me on. everything that you do turns me on. EVERY THING. whenever we make eye contact it’s so intense, i feel like you saying something really important without saying nothing at all. i don’t think i’ll ever understand you. but it’s okay.

sagittarius: BEST BUDDIES. i look at you and it makes me smile. always. you have that amazing aura. we could hang out forever and i would never complain about it. the roadtrips are amazing… i mean, you make a roadtrip to another neighborhood a big adventure..  

capricorn: i don’t like you, not even a little bit. i guess it’s because we’re so similar, you’re bossy. i don’t have a real reason to not like you but i just do, so do you. you always try to take control of every damn thing and it’s so annoying. i think you feel the same way about me lmao. i hope in the future we can become friends. 

aquarius: you’re so fucking crazy and i love it. i had my best convos with you. i don’t regret anything that i did with you and man we did a lot. i hope you get what you want, even if what you want it’s impossible. i mean, with your belief you can change the world. 

pisces: oh baby your head is in the clouds. maybe thats my favorite thing about you. i talk, you listen. you talk, i listen. our advises are  basically: oh tell them to fuck off or yeah that’s life. i don’t mind at all. i love your company. i don’t ever want to lose you. 

the signs as melanie martinez lyrics
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> i carry bandaids on me now for when your soft hands hit the jagged ground<p/><b>Taurus:</b> all the make up in the world won't make you less insecure<p/><b>Gemini:</b> a little bit of sugar, but lots of poison too<p/><b>Cancer:</b> they call you cry baby, cry baby, but you don't fucking care<p/><b>Leo:</b> baby soft skin turns into leather; don't be dramatic<p/><b>Virgo:</b> uh oh, there it goes, said too much it over flowed; why do i always spill?<p/><b>Libra:</b> everyone thinks that were perfect; please don't let them look through the curtains<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> you've reached the end: you are the winner<p/><b>Saggitarius:</b> it's my party and i'll cry if i want to<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> it's all' fun and games 'til someone falls in love<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> you think you're smarter than me with all your bad poetry<p/><b>Pisces:</b> the normals make me afraid; the crazies make me feel sane<p/></p><p/></p>
Imagine #26: Flowercrown

Request: Could you do an imagine where Minho gets all flustered and disarmed every time the reader does something adorable and at the end of the day, he just pulls her into one of those really big bear hugs?

Note: wow, I really wanted to write this and now I have to hurry so I won’t be late for school. I hope you like it!

Minho x reader
Words: 1086
Warnings: None

Minho had the day off and so did you. Actually everyone had the day off. Alby had decided to take some rest and have a party later. Some were already preparing for the party and others were doing nothing. You were one of the others. You walked around the Glade with Minho. You didn’t really know what to think of him. He was really nice and good-looking but you didn’t want to fall in love and break your heart. There was always a chance he wouldn’t like you back. However, you still found yourself flirting with Minho. Minho could be really flustered around you and it was adorable.
‘’Where are we going?’’ You asked Minho. You were just wandering around the Glade without a destination. Not that it mattered, you liked walking around with him but you wanted to do something. You were restless. ‘’Nowhere.’’ He answered, giving you a smile.
‘’Minho…’’ You said, pouting. ‘’I thought we could go to the gardens. Sit around a bit.’’ He said, looking if you were okay with it. ‘’Fine by me.’’ You responded. You walked to the gardens and sat down next to a spot filled with flowers. Minho sat next to you.
‘’Excited for the party?’’ You asked him.
‘’Shucking party. All the Runners will be tired tomorrow.’’ Minho sighed. You poked him in the waist.
‘’Come on, it will be fun!’’ You said, smiling at him.
‘’You sure about that?’’
‘’Yeah, I’ll be there.’’ A smile appeared on Minho’s face. ‘’That’s nice, yes.’’ He said softly.
You turned to look at the flowers and saw a small pink one. You took it out of the plant and played with it in your hand. ‘’Newt won’t be happy with you.’’ Minho said with a laugh. You looked at Minho and then placed the flower in his hair. You touched his skin and a blush came to your face. Then you started giggling at the sight of the flower in his hair. A blush came to Minho’s face and he didn’t know where to look. Then he looked back at you, still a bit anxious.
‘’Shuck it, [y/n]. Don’t make me too pretty, you won’t be able to handle it.’’ Minho said, as if he were stating that it was raining. ‘’You’re not that pretty, shank.’’ You said back. You almost started laughing. You were still not used to the slang of the Gladers. They used all these weird words like klunk, shank, newbie, slinthead.. and even more. The words didn’t feel that comfortable in your mouth but you started using them more and more. You were becoming a real Glader. Minho looked at you and raised an eyebrow. ‘’I’m not a shank.’’ He said, poking you in the shoulder. ‘’You are!’’ You shouted and turned so you were directly looking at Minho. You started tickling him and he started laughing. Minho stood up and so did you, you kept tickling him. His strong arms tried to push yours away and when Minho succeeded he started tickling you. You started moving your arms, almost hitting Minho. It wasn’t safe to tickle you. ‘’Minho, no!’’ You said between your laughs. Then you could push Minho away and you pushed him to the ground. Minho acted like he was defeated, just to make you feel better. ‘’Oh no, don’t hurt me, mighty Glader.’’ He said playfully. ‘’You asked for it.’’ You said with a laugh. Then you sat on his stomach and started tickling him even more. He couldn’t really move because you were on top of him. It was really funny to see. Minho started laughing and he had such a cute laugh. You smiled. ‘’I surrender, [y/n], please stop.’’ You heard him say. You stopped tickling him and he looked at you. ‘’Was that really necessary?’’ He said, trying to push you away from him. You fell to the ground, next to Minho. Your arms were touching when you were both laying on your back. ‘’I won.’’ You said with a smile. ‘’Only because I let you.’’ Minho said, defending his honour. ‘’I won.’’ You repeated, looking at Minho. You were really close and you could feel his breath on your skin. Minho looked at you to and a blush came to his face. He looked around, not sure what to do, and then moved so he could sit. ‘’I lost, what do you want me to do?’’ He looked at you. He looked more relaxed when he wasn’t that close to you. You smiled at him, despite your feelings. You felt like Minho had rejected you, but you couldn’t say that to him.

You sat up and picked up the flower that had felt out of Minho’s hair. ‘’You have to wear a flower crown for the rest of the day.’’ You said to him. You saw the shocked expression on his face and started laughing. ‘’It’s not that bad. You’ll be pretty.’’ You said to him, knowing that he couldn’t deny that. ‘’Don’t need flowers to make me pretty.’’ He gave you a wink. You looked at him for a while, not sure what to answer. ‘’I know, but I want you to wear a flower crown.’’ You said. Minho looked at you, thinking about what he just heard. Then you stood up and walked to the flowers, trying to make a crown. Minho stood next to you when you were making it, watching every move you made.
‘’Don’t look at me like that, Minho.’’ You said, still focussing on the flowers in your hands.
‘’Like what?’’ He asked.
‘’Like this flower could attack me and you have to protect me.’’ You watched Minho. He face expression confirmed that was exactly the way he was looking at you. A blush came to his face.
‘’I just watched you because you are adorable.’’ He said, putting your hair behind your ear. The touch made you shiver, not because it was cold but because it felt nice. You gave him a smile.
You looked at the flowers in your hand and then stepped closer to Minho, if that was even possible. You placed the crown on his head and smiled. ‘’You’re pretty, Minho.’’ You said to him. He looked a bit insecure and then seemed to regain his confidence. He took your face in his hands and pressed his lips on yours. Then he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in for a hug. ‘’I hope you didn’t mind that.’’ He whispered in your ear.


Erika’s Harry Potter 30th Birthday: Part 1 - Intro/Bathroom Decorations

This year, in April, Erika turned 30! Erika is always so selfless and doing nice things for everyone, so I wanted to do something special for her. I had her send me a list of her friends she wanted to invite to a dinner party at my house. As a surprise, I decorated and made the party Harry Potter themed, since she LOVES Harry Potter. Prepping for this party took me a couple months, so I figured I would do a couple posts about the elements that went into it. The rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr or on my Pinterest

In the bathroom (Room of Requirement), I had an audio loop of Moaning Myrtle playing as well as the writing on the mirror and the signs for the Ministry of Magic. There was a Quidditch Pitch (dowels and hula hoops spray painted gold) by the Whomping Willow. Stay tuned for the next posts on the party.

Lessons in Love 2: Commencement - Chapter Twenty Five

I posted two chapters today so make sure you read Chapter 24 first…

Drinks are flowing and the music is dope.  After hitting a blunt at the house and taking a few shots before heading out I was feeling damn good.  And Yadira looks sogoddamn hot that I want to lay her the fuck out in the middle of the damn dance floor and show everyone what we were doing in the car on the drive over here.  She’s sitting in my lap sipping on a Ciroc and cranberry.  Every time she kissed me I could taste the liquor on her lips.

“Great party, man,” I shouted to Fredo as he approached us.

“Thanks, dog.  I think I need to have a few more drinks, though.” He smiled bright the way he always did.  It didn’t make any fucking sense how he managed to stay single.  Girls love his face and they love that he’s friends with me.

“Having fun, baby girl?” he asked Yadira. She smiled back then squeezed his hand.

“Yes,” she kissed his cheek then took a sip of her cocktail.  “My first party in LA has lived up to my expectations,” she giggled.

Keep reading