i altered too much of his design

I drew the younger versions of the Dreamswap bros. Their designs are supposed to be pretty much the same, but I added some details to distinguish them. (aside from Nightmare’s sleeves always being rolled up)

For example, you can see that there’s significantly less gold in their designs, and it’s been replaced with white. This was originally just me drawing them incorrectly (I swear everyone draws them differently), but I decided to actually implement it into the designs of these two. I also gave Nightmare a pin (since original Dream has one) and a little scarf thing to go with it because it’s cute (also because his altered design was too plain).

You know what always bothered me…? The fact that Dream’s belt says ‘DS’ on it, standing for Dream Sans. While it would be ironic since DS is also short for Dreamswap, I replaced it with DM (Dream) since he’s not really a Sans.

Random facts about these kiddos:

-Dream somehow has seemingly perpetually good posture. It sometimes makes him look taller than Nightmare, who slumps more.
-Dream is very polite and has controlled and reserved mannerisms. He’s not quiet, however; he doesn’t allow situations to leave his control, and speaks with a powerful tone of voice that makes people feel inclined to shut their mouths and listen.
-Nightmare, on the other hand, is insouciant, sarcastic and has an extremely dry sense of humor. He tends to make jokes about how nobody likes him and moves onto the next subject without any concern.
-If someone were to get to know him, they’d find that he’s very opinionated like his brother, but shows it in a much more exaggerated and emotional way, whether he’s actually serious or not. He quickly forms strong opinions on things and people and isn’t afraid to share them.

(Originals created by @dreamtale-au)


@bfoxtheguile was apparently very worried my last set of study sketches didn’t have Knuckles, so here- Knuckles and Amy

Also included is Chaos 0 doing JoJo poses, and quick mugshots of some other characters- Fang and Bean directly from their game artwork with some tweaks to look more modern (since in especially the case of Bean I’m not a fan of how his design’s been altered overtime by Archie), and a Von Schlemmer I’m not happy with because it’s still pretty much just Adam Bryce Thomas’ model sheet drawing- I need to find my own personal subtle balance to make him look less cool, more goofy scientist, without altering things too drastically.