i altered too much of his design

I drew the younger versions of the Dreamswap bros. Their designs are supposed to be pretty much the same, but I added some details to distinguish them. (aside from Nightmare’s sleeves always being rolled up)

For example, you can see that there’s significantly less gold in their designs, and it’s been replaced with white. This was originally just me drawing them incorrectly (I swear everyone draws them differently), but I decided to actually implement it into the designs of these two. I also gave Nightmare a pin (since original Dream has one) and a little scarf thing to go with it because it’s cute (also because his altered design was too plain).

You know what always bothered me…? The fact that Dream’s belt says ‘DS’ on it, standing for Dream Sans. While it would be ironic since DS is also short for Dreamswap, I replaced it with DM (Dream) since he’s not really a Sans.

Random facts about these kiddos:

-Dream somehow has seemingly perpetually good posture. It sometimes makes him look taller than Nightmare, who slumps more.
-Dream is very polite and has controlled and reserved mannerisms. He’s not quiet, however; he doesn’t allow situations to leave his control, and speaks with a powerful tone of voice that makes people feel inclined to shut their mouths and listen.
-Nightmare, on the other hand, is insouciant, sarcastic and has an extremely dry sense of humor. He tends to make jokes about how nobody likes him and moves onto the next subject without any concern.
-If someone were to get to know him, they’d find that he’s very opinionated like his brother, but shows it in a much more exaggerated and emotional way, whether he’s actually serious or not. He quickly forms strong opinions on things and people and isn’t afraid to share them.

(Originals created by @dreamtale-au)


I’m planning lots of young Dragneels stuff so I designed little Natsu this toy dragon. Frankly I think Natsu already has too much focus on dragons so honestly if anyone has a better idea for what his favorite childhood toy should be I’m happy to field suggestions. Though I’ve already started doodling this toy tattered and burning after the attack >:)

Please don’t alter or repost <3

Takao always figured that getting sick when your mom was a nurse had its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, he was always taken care of quite nicely. On the other hand, she always made it seem like it was a personal affront to her honor when he caught a cold.

“Did you remember to wash your hands?”

“Yes, mom,” Takao says in between coughs.

“You take your vitamins, don’t you? Did you stand near someone with a cold?”

“No, but I was licking pigeons the other day, you don’t think that had something to do with it, do you?”

“No need to be sarcastic, Kazu-chan, I’m just wondering how this happened. I’ll make you some soup.”


His mom never hovered when Takao was sick, and now that he’s older she mostly leaves him to his own devices because she still has to work. Which is not really a problem, except that sometimes he feels lonely.

Ok, fine, usually he feels lonely. He hates it, but whenever he’s sick he feels especially needy. He tosses and turns in his bed feeling wretched and miserable and pathetic.

Being sick is the worst.


“This was very careless of you, Takao.”

Takao blinks at the apparition standing over his bed. “Shin-chan?”

He thinks, perhaps, that he’s dreaming. He’s not sure why else Midorima would be here, frowning at him in his disgruntled and gloriously Midorima fashion.

“I have brought your homework,” Midorima says. “Also, you should have taken better care of yourself. Do you wash your hands regularly?”

Well, it certainly sounds like Midorima. And also like his mother, and Jesus Christ, that is not a comparison Takao ever wants to make again.

“Shin-chaaaan,” Takao whines. “Your adorable and beloved boyfriend is sick. That means you have to be nice. And spoil me. And take care of me.”

He’s not sure what exactly he expects—Midorima is not the most demonstrative of boyfriends—but he is rather pleased when Midorima pushes up his glasses and says, “Very well.”


Midorima is very efficient with his care, and Takao dimly remembers that the other boy is studying to be a doctor. He monitors Takao’s temperature, makes sure he drinks a lot of water, and administers the next dosage of medicine in a timely fashion.

When he’s finished, he sits in Takao’s room, and begins studying.

“You can do that at your house,” Takao mumbles.

“I am fine where I am,” Midorima says curtly.


Midorima eats dinner in Takao’s room when Takao is too tired to get out of his bed to eat his soup.

It’s…nice having him around, but strangely off-putting. “Shin-chan, you don’t need to stay,” Takao says, when Midorima makes no indication he’s planning on leaving after finishing his meal.

“I know that,” Midorima says.


Takao wakes and sees Midorima’s silhouette at his bedside, draped in shadows. It’s clearly the middle of the night, and Midorima sits there, fully alert, staring off at the window.

“Shin—?” Takao can’t fully croak out the words, and he’s pretty sure he must still be dreaming, because there’s no reason for Midorima to still be here.

“Go back to sleep, Takao,” Midorima says, and his voice is a strange mixture of stern and gentle.


“I don’t need as much sleep as you,” Midorima explains, understanding Takao’s unfinished question. “I was designed to go up to a week without sleep, if need be.”

Takao still feels drowsy and heavy with sleep. Midorima reaches over and takes Takao’s hand in his and this surely can’t be real because Midorima almost never initiates contact. But his hand is warm against his, and tight too, like Midorima is scared to let go.

“Shin-chan,” Takao says, fully awake now, and almost a little frightened by Midorima’s gravity. In the darkness, reality feels just a little bit altered, and Midorima is acting so strange Takao thinks there must be something deeper going on. Maybe even something dangerous.

Midorima bends down to place his forehead against Takao’s. “Please get better soon, Takao,” Midorima says, his voice low and hoarse and desperate. “I don’t like seeing you like this. I hate that you’re so vulnerable. I hate that you break so easy, I hate—”

It’s just a cold, Takao wants to say. If he was healthier, he’d laugh it off (but, of course, if he was healthier he wouldn’t be in this situation). He would laugh and maybe slap Midorima on the back and tell him he’s being silly.

But everything seems so different, now in the dark.

“OK, Shin-chan,” Takao whispers. “I’ll get better.”

“Good,” Takao says, but he doesn’t pull away.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, anon-friends! Sick Takao seemed like a popular request so I ran with it =D

Now this is how you do fanservice without being blatantly obvious and throwing it in the face. You’ll still get the money from horny otakus but you won’t have a big part of your fan base cringing and not being able to play comfortably in public places.

First we have Jack The Ripper. It’s not the fact that they made her a child with a thong that bothers me. But I feel it works really bad for her overall design. You have a dark/detailed top and head, then nada, and dark detailed boots again. It completely interrupts the flow and brings all the attention to her micro thong. I feel just giving her normal panties works a lot better, while you still have a loli running in panties to make all the fanservice ass shots you want.

Then we have Mordred. A knight of the Round Table of Camelot who can’t afford a pair of panties or a bra her size. Was it really needed to make random holes in her clothes to show she’s not wearing anything under that piece of cloth? Was it that important? That top looks uncomfortable af too. Seriously, they wouldn’t have lost money giving it 5cm more of cloth. I edited it so you still have her stripping with ascensions, but at least making more sense.

About Alter Lancer. Well, she’s beyond hope.

Sorry just wanted to rant a little. And no, I’m not only complaining about females being sexualized (I’m not really happy with Diarmuid’s 2nd art either. As much as shirtless!Diarmuid is a HELL YEAH, just removing his top is pretty cheap. They did it a lot better with Cu Lancer). But one of my biggest pet peeves are design choices that are clearly bad or make no sense at all, just for the sake of fanservice…


Eh… been in an artistic slump lately, can’t bring myself to produce anything these past few weeks, so I can share some character designs I made before that feeling started hitting. :/

Got a male Hawlucha with Talonflame colors, a mean hitman that fights and strikes down others with Deer Horn knives. Known to carve off valuable/weapon-worthy features off of other Pokemon and hang them off his belts as trophies and/or warnings. He goes by L'Artiglio.

Next is a ref of Nailah from the crackship offspring meme result here, but with more color – and some adjustments – to her design. A very toned Gardegrigus (Gardevoir + Cofagrigus) hybrid with short horns and gold bands. I haven’t written much about her… also I doubt I’ll use her anywhere.

And last but not least, a shiny, geeky Mismagius guy named Cooper, but prefers to go by his LARPing alter ego, Velius the Black Mage Wizard. A goofball that loves LARPing a bit too much to the point he almost never breaks character, largely because he feels more all-around confidence as Velius than through his normal self. As such, he’s… seen as a weirdo and ends up making others uncomfortable. :D; Poor guy. (Also he wears face paint to keep his face and neck-area hidden but his eyes remain alight)

I dunno if I’ll ever be in the mood to produce something again, I might take up a drawing meme or do requests later, but we’ll see.


Adam’s leather jacket in the ‘Girls’ premiere is brand-new—and if he doesn’t seem quite at home in it, that was a wholly calculated move.

“Adam is trying too hard, which I think speaks to the larger theme of this episode,” costume designer Jenn Rogien says of Adam in “Iowa.” “He and Hannah are reading each other wrong, and he’s also missed the mark with the audition. That’s not something he’s used to.”

The jacket isn’t without a few alterations, which were blessed by star Adam Driver. “You’ll notice it has fringe across the back of it—it actually had fringe all the way down the sleeves and across the back, but it skewed way too much toward ‘Vegas impersonator,’ so in the fitting, I cut it off the sleeves. Adam and I agreed his character would have been fine with a little fringe.”

lisapizza  asked:

before gansey caved and got the air conditioners for monmouth, do you think ronan cuddled with noah whenever he was overheating?

I’m assuming you sent me this ask to torture me while I was at con because I had recently reblogged this bit of art by i-am-weis, so we’re running with it!

Ronan honestly hadn’t even considered air conditioning. He hadn’t ever needed to before. The Barns had no central air–and certainly no junky, unattractive window units–yet it managed to maintain a pleasant temperature all year round. Air conditioners were for more mundane places like school and Nino’s and shitty dollar stores in fading strip malls. And, apparently, Monmouth Manufacturing.

Monmouth was not mundane, but it also wasn’t full blown impossible. It was a liminal space, a place caught between childhood and adulthood, Ronan’s magic and Gansey’s wonder. Monmouth was Gansey’s castle and Ronan’s refuge and Noah’s…haunt, Ronan supposed. There wasn’t really another word for it. The kid rarely left and always appeared out of nowhere whenever Ronan even thought about going to find him. He was just as faded as those strip malls and if he had existed outside of Monmouth Ronan wouldn’t give him a second look.

But exist in Monmouth he did, which is why Ronan wasn’t the least bit surprised when Noah, who he hadn’t seen all day, gingerly sat down next to where Ronan was sprawled out on the floor at the foot of Gansey’s bed. He had been in Gansey’s bed, just reveling in the superior airflow of the main room when compared to his room, but the sheets held too much warmth. The scratched and stained floorboards held warmth too, but not nearly as effectively. Which is to say, laying on the floor hadn’t yet turned into a feedback loop of god awful.

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Gotham Rogues Challenge [2/30]

Favorite Gotham Rogue ↦ Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow

It’s hard for me to articulate just how much I love J. Crane, because that love is so immense. In short, he caters to my inner super villain and outer psychology major in the best ways. Though, I’m drawn a little more to Crane as an unethical/sadistic doctor than I am to his costumed alter ego. There’s just something about geniuses with mild snark and a dark agenda that gets me. He’s also got my favorite aesthetic across DC comic, video game, and film universes. His design in the Arkham game series is probably my favorite, though I’m super into his Year One revamp, as well as (the bae) Cillian Murphy’s look in Batman Begins (even if Cillian was just a little too pretty to play him).

I also love how formidable a foe he is to Batman without brute strength (or even average strength), and how much conviction he carries in his unwavering motives to understand & spread fear. Villains that prey on the mind instead of the body are my absolute favorite, especially when they pose a serious, believable threat to the protag. Jonathan does it with style & fervor, and I will love him forever for it.