i also went barefoot for a time

okay help me please I’m dying

Alright tumblr I need your help. I’ve tried everything and have lost all hope. Earlier today I went outside, barefoot, iknow horrible idea. and now I have like two or three tiny splinters that I can’t even see. I added this picture to show you exactly where they are and also because I am desperate for any advice. 

Mostly, they’re somewhere around the “big toe mound”, like if you expand that circle and make it four times bigger, they are in that general area. I tried walking on it and literally almost cried. My job requires me to stand and I’m going to be in so much pain if I cant get them out tonight!!

I have tried using gum and tape, I used a magnifying glass to try and find them, I washed my foot like a million times, I even used a sharpie to color my foot, I dont know why but I thought it would help me find them, and using bandaids make it worse. I dont know what to do. Please if you have any advice or know of anything I can try let me know!