i also wanted to practice different faces

the orchestra, according to a pianist
  • this is coming from someone who's never played any orchestral instruments and is based entirely upon personal experience with people who play these instruments and listening to performances with these instruments
  • --------------------
  • flutes: I always hear you practicing but never see you outside of class or performances. words like "embouchure" come to mind, which makes me appreciate how relaxed my posture and breathing can be. compare to: when you're performing and can't slouch
  • piccolos: screechy fucking harbingers of death. compare to: bashing on the top notes of the piano as loud as possible to annoy people
  • clarinets: you complain about reeds breaking a lot, but you sound nice until you squeak. also Brahms clarinet sonatas YES. compare to: nice melodies in the middle of the piano
  • oboes: after seeing one of you with a knife, I am eternally scared of you. compare to: prepared piano where something buzzes a bit, except much nicer
  • bassoons: have always been nice to me and I haven't seen any of you with a knife yet. compare to: see oboe, except in lower range
  • french horns: always remind me of Beethoven concerto 5, I love you so much. compare to: when your instructor asks you to "make it warmer", nice things.
  • trumpets: please stop practicing outside of practice rooms; also, you're always dressed nicely. compare to: loud
  • trombones: the slide ruler in instrument form, most of you are nice to me. compare to: glissandi
  • tubas: how do you carry your instrument it's so heavy?! compare to: left hand
  • first violins: you think you're so good but can't play more than two notes at once HA. compare to: the right hand
  • second violins: see above, but much nicer. compare to: thumb of the right hand
  • violas: always asking to play the Brahms clarinet sonatas; sometimes are violists who weren't good enough to be second violin, in which case they're usually complaining about the alto clef. compare to: middle c
  • cellos: we're always asking you to play Brahms and Beethoven sonatas but that's only because they sound so great. also we want to be you. really. compare to: when you have a melody just below middle c and it sounds so good
  • basses: you're wonderful but need to be louder. also #relatable because it's difficult to carry your instrument around. compare to: left hand
  • percussion: you have to play like fifty different instruments and might actually practice more than us. #respect. compare to: prepared piano
  • piano: if you're here then it's either a modern piece or you're playing a concerto, in which case I commend you on memorizing that many notes and urge you to shove your score in violinists' faces (and you can also laugh and say that you get to sit while playing solo pieces!). compare to: the entire orchestra minus variety of timbres

please I just want to meet them…..
also quick extra doodles

Head shape tutorial!

A very quick guide that may make drawing the side profile a little less stressful!

1. Start with a simple circle with guidelines for the eye and front of the face

2. Decide who you’re drawing- do you want them to have a hard, square cut jaw

a softer jaw

or a sloping one? USE REFERENCES FOR THESE!! This is why drawing fanart/characters, even for professionals, comes as good practice, because you have someone to follow from to practice your differing face shapes. It’s also a good way to avoid same face syndrome!

3. The ear I think is bigger than people believe, at LEAST twice the size of the eye so don’t be afraid to make large ears! The bottom of the ear almost always lines up with the bottom of the nose and anywhere in the middle of the ear lines up with the eye AND the top of the nose. 

4. The head is rather wide, the skull jutting back quite far. I’ve found that the entire head shape can fit in a square. Not a rectangle but a PERFECT SQUARE so if you’re unsure about proportions try putting the face into a box to check. The eyes have depth as well, and can be pretty far back from the front of the face.


Just keep practicing with details! Draw males and females at different views, use references, and find what works for you!


I was requested to make a face tutorial, so here you go, part one!

Faces are quite simple for me, so this might be odd. But hopefully you’ll still find this useful. Okay, so! Take note there are NO rules with drawing, so no step is actually obligatory. You can twist and edit whatever you want to your liking. (not with this tutorial, but your own picture, of course).

  1. Draw a circle. Doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical; in fact, it’s better if it’s not. Remember to be loose with your lines. The only reason mine are this clean is because it’s a tutorial.
  2. Beneath the circle, draw something like a U or a V, or a square; it’s completely up to you. This shape will more or less determinate the face shape. I’ll make a separate tutorial about face shapes.
  3. Draw the neck; it’s very important to include this early when you draw the head, or it’ll look all odd. Imagine it going up all in the head to get make it look “balanced”. (weird, but hey). Almost.. think of a doll, how you’d place the head where the neck is to make sure it stays in place. The lines in the face will also be good guidelines when it comes to the cheekbones!
  4. Finally, draw a cross where the face will be. How you want to use these guidelines are completely up to you; but I usually like to place the eyes UNDER the horizontal line, and let the rest guide me. The other lines will also be useful guidelines; for example, the end of the circle could show where the nose are. Add or remove whatever you’d like; remember, they’re JUST guidelines. None of this will actually show later, so go nuts, do your own thing.
  5. Now, draw a SIMPLE version of the face. What do I mean by that? Well, draw the face, but don’t go into detail with it just yet. Just draw out where you want the eyes, nose, etc, and edit whatever you notice looks wrong. For example, I ALWAYS make my circles too big, but I like that more than making too small heads anyway, and it’s easier to edit to smaller than to bigger. Notice how I used the guidelines to make my face?
  6. Now you can finally go into fine detail to give it more character. I’ll make a different tutorial with specific “face parts” (nose, eyes, mouth, etc), but.. with the simple face you had before, it shouldn’t be too hard to give it detail once you have your base. c: Remember to draw the hairline too, so that you can add hair once you’re done with the face.
  7. Done! (Well, except hair.) Anyway, here I just noted down a few things I find important. First of all, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ADDING LINES IN THE FACE. I will admit I’m -still- a little afraid to add them myself, but it’s a thing you gotta get used to and practice a lot on! I’ll make a different post on this matter too. Also, face shapes; different post will come there too. Same with hairlines. Just try to variate! It makes it a lot more fun with faces and you won’t die over one face because it doesn’t look like “the usual faces you do”. Also, the skull roundness/size depends completely from person to person.

That’s all I have for more~ if you want to check out my other tutorials, just click [here]! And if you have any tutorial requests, let me know. 

How to draw a Profile Face


I really liked drawing Samantha Ware’s Maria Reynolds, and since there are so many different actresses who play her, I kinda wanted to try drawing some of the different versions of the character. Also great practice for trying to break same face syndrome. So here we have: Jasmine Cephas Jones (OBC Maria), Alysha Deslorieux (New Administration Maria) and Amber Iman (National Tour Maria) :D

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how to get poses to be more dynamic? i swear i can only draw the same fuckinf face angles/ poses and i want to do something different i just dont know how

look thru this there are tons of pose refs and site refs for good pose practice. also this site is fun and can help a lot

Some marichat fluff. Wanted to tryout a ‘lighter’ look, like a more finished sketch, if that makes sense? Also, no more chibi drawings! While it’s nice for testing out different styles, I’ve been using it as crutch and to avoid drawing ‘proper’ faces and finding an actual style of drawing people. Which is why… 

*perfect segue*

…I’m working on a ladynoir/marichat animatic. Hopefully this will force me to be a little more consistent with a style and act as some good practice for drawing the same character at different angles. Once I get further into the project I’ll try to post a couple updates on how it’s going

Gates of Glory, part 4

Loki x Reader

Originally posted by cheers-mrhiddleston

previous part

Loki studied the woman in front of him. He realised that the power she held was great, greater than he wanted to admit. Not only were her skills on the battlefield remarkable, but her brilliance was intriguing. She posed a threat, unless she was made to be an ally. Loki wiped his shock and anger away, made a welcoming hand gesture and laughed: “My plan.”

“Indeed”, Y/N replied, “Let’s think this through. You’ve got Thor banished, locked up in Midgard. Without Heimdall, he won’t return. If you tell him to close the Bifrost, which, I suppose, you will right after our conversation, Thor cannot return until you allow it. As for Odin… well, he will awake sometime. What is it you want to do with the sceptre you’re wielding in this limited time?”

“Asgard would have crumbled beneath the pressure of war, if Thor had taken the throne, we’d be having an eye to eye with Jotunheim this very second! By banishing Thor, I can delay his reign enough to fix the mistakes my brother has made”, Loki answered, raising his voice just a little.

“That sounds”, Y/N made an amused expression, “Very heroic. However, you wanted him to make that mistake, did you not? Without your little spell, he would not have entered Jotunheim in the first place. Loki, remember the talk we had just before the ceremony? On the terrace. You know I share your concerns regarding Thor. If I wanted to betray you, I could have done that by now multiple times. I could have warned Heimdall, the All-father on that evening. I could have gone to Heimdall after discovering your actions today, and I could have let him hear you. I did not do that. Why is that?”

Loki pressed his lips together before he raised his eyebrows: “I’m sure you will tell me right about now.”

“Because I’m interested to see your strategy”, Y/N elaborated, “and we have stood aside each other for a long time now. As said, I won’t kneel to you, but I will assist you.”

“What makes you believe I need your assistance?”, he asked in a dismissive voice.

“You may not need it now”, Y/N replied, “But if your plan were to fail and Thor to survive, then you might want to know a few people you can trust, as Asgard will chase you.”

“You’d become a traitor for that?”, he asked amusedly and dismissively at the same time.

“Not really”, Y/N shrugged, “I can’t become what I already am.”

“A traitor?”, he huffed, “Do you truly know what that implies?”

“Loki, I am not from Asgard”, Y/N reminded him, “I chose to join the Gods that rule over my realm. For many, that would be treason. Furthermore, I never told Odin of your plans, which is a direct violation of my oath as his warrior. Are you blind to see you’re not the only one who works… independently?”

“And what is your goal? The throne? Power?”, he asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I am not interested in the throne. What I want, however, is to prove them wrong”, Y/N hissed, “Your birth right was to be king, my birth right was to be burned in a sacrificial ritual!” Y/N turned her head away: “I do not know how much you know about Vanaheim, but some of them worship their ancestors as superior gods. Every 100 years, a child chosen by the eldest is burned during a sacrificial ritual. I was that child. My mentor, who had seen my talents, who had given me the power of Yggdrasil - she didn’t want to lose me. So she made me lie to my parents to lead them into a trap. She killed them, escaped with me. We went into hiding for so long. Until I was strong enough, old enough to join Asgard’s army.”

Loki’s gaze searched for Y/N’s eyes: “And why are you telling me this now?”

Y/N laughed dryly: “I’ve lied long enough, did I not? No, I thought it was only fair for you to know me, my history, if we work together. Helgunn, that’s how my parents called me. Y/N L/N was the name I took on whilst hiding. I’ve never returned to Vanaheim in all these years you have known me, because all that awaits me is a nation that once wanted to see me burn.”

“And that’s why you’re here”, Loki concluded, “To prove them that you were strong enough to survive.”

“I am here”, Y/N nodded, “To prove them that I do not need their dead’s blessings to be worthy.”

“Joining Asgard’s army might just be the one thing they call unworthy”, Loki stated flatly.

“I’d call my affiliation a lot more… ambiguous than that”, Y/N retorted with a dry smile on her lips, “Asgard has the fighting spirit Vanaheim has been lacking. And, frankly, the resources my realm never had.”

“Fine then”, Loki reached out to Y/N’s hand, “Under the terms that I will kill you if you tried to betray me, we have a deal.”

“Under the terms that I will put up a fight”, Y/N specified.

“You’re talking to a god, remember?”, he asked with a grin.

“You’re talking to a warrior”, Y/N replied flatly.

“Alright”, Loki took Y/N’s hand: “We have a deal, then.”


When walking to her chambers, Y/N thought about the plan Loki had told her after their handshake. It was a risky one, Y/N thought. There were too many variables, especially Heimdall was a danger. Y/N sat on her bed, staring at the wall. Her sword lay in her hands as she thought about the next moves. Y/N knew that Odin was out of the game for several days if not weeks, and, considering what Frigga had said, maybe forever. Thor, on the other hand, was the big X in the equation. Somehow, Y/N doubted he’d let him be locked up without his powers on Midgard forever. Though he had always had a thing for Midgard, he was too obsessed with his own greatness, with his own power to miss out on it. And the throne, how he adored the sceptre of Odin. Chances were that his friends, Sif, Fandral and the others would disobey royal orders again to go to Earth to help Thor find his hammer and get his powers back. That hammer was the loose end in the plan as no one really knew how it defined ‘worthiness’. Y/N sighted quietly and opened her drawer with her weapons. She took them out, one by one, and started to clean and sharpen them. Not only did that kill time, it also served a practical purpose in case of an imminent fight.

“I didn’t tell you the entire plan before”, Loki announced the following night when they met near a cave next to a pond at the edge of Asgard, where it was easy to block Heimdall from seeing them.

Y/N’s face didn’t change: “To be honest, I am not surprised. You always keep secrets.”

“No, not really. I mean, I do. But that’s different. I… adapted the plan”, Y/N could see the dark smile on his face, “After discovering my past.”

“So what’s the adaption? Do you want the frost giants to take over Asgard, rule over them and force the nine realms into submission?”, Y/N asked sceptically.

Loki laughed amused: “I am no madman.”

“Sometimes, it does feel like it”, Y/N commented dryly.

“Brilliance is often confused with insanity”, he replied, “But no, that is not the adaption. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. I will lure Laufey into Odin’s chamber where they will attempt to kill him. However, I will kill them before they do. Their infiltration will be the deceptive story that I need to destroy Jotunheim and every single being in it.” His voice became determined, somewhat bitter. Driven.

“You want to destroy an entire realm?”, Y/N asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Jotunheim holds no value to me, or Asgard. Its existence is a sheer… waste of nerves”, Loki replied without a single emotion reflected on his face.

“I do not weep over a species I grew up fearing”, Y/N retorted quietly, “But remember that killing them won’t wipe your history. It may give you the illusion of redemption, but it will still be there. Watching my parents die didn’t wipe the memories of them telling me my only purpose was to die for them.”

Loki’s eyes changed to something much darker, something, Y/N had never seen before but that second he struggled to find words when hearing the truth from Odin: “Yes. However, I am so familiar with illusions that sometimes, they just become the truth.”

“You did not grow up in Jotunheim. Their customs are unfamiliar to you, their deeds not yours. Just because you have the same capability of them does not make you the same”, Y/N stated quietly, unsure of what to say.

“Doesn’t it? If it didn’t, why did Odin want to save me from the truth? Being from Jotunheim isn’t like being from Vanaheim. The frost giants might just be the only thing Asgard and Vanaheim hate equally - the feared monster, lurking behind the corner”, Loki’s voice had a calm bitterness to it that startled Y/N.

“You can try to run”, Y/N spoke softly, “But you cannot outrun your true nature. You can only accept it.”

“And even if I accepted this”, Loki turned towards her, revealing his appearance of a frost giant, “How do you expect people to react?”

Y/N pressed her lips together and took his hand: “Loki, Asgard was built on the principal of tolerance. Whether they like it or not, they will have to accept it. And I… how can’t I accept a foreigner when I myself am one? The most realms of the nine are not that different, Midgard, Asgard, Vanaheim, Jotunheim - so many ideological differences were created by ourselves. I don’t care whether you are an Asgardian or a frost giant, we’re just as different, no matter what you are.”

“When I fought you in the hall that day”, Loki spoke whilst looking at her hand in his, “I knew that you were unlike the rest. For a warrior, you are truly remarkable.”

Y/N huffed sarcastically: “For a god and prince, you are unsurprisingly arrogant.”

“Excuse me, but that was supposed to be a compliment”, he retorted with a faint smile.

“Unnatural to hear that from you, considering you called me wretched creature about 24 hours ago”, Y/N replied amusedly.

“You threatened me” he defended himself.

“I saw right through you, I did not threaten you”, Y/N corrected.

“Well, I’d say I am not used to that very thing”, he replied with a grin.

“Well, I’d say you better get used to it quickly”, Y/N suggested, “I don’t intend to run away just yet.”

“Very well, Y/N. I shall be your companion, then”, Loki stated quietly.

“I won’t disappoint you”, Y/N promised impishly.

“Till now”, he replied, “I can’t remember you ever have.”

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How I Design My Characters

Here are a few exercises/techniques I use to make sure that my facial designs are differentiated enough that characters are recognizable even without their “signature” attributes. (By this I mean hairstyle, fashion sense, most common expressions, etc.)

For this demonstration, I’m going to make up two random characters. Let’s call them Amy and Brianna.

1. Create a chart/List it out

I like to list the character’s “permanent” features out and compare them. By permanent, I mean things like face shape, eyebrow thickness/arch, nose width and bridge type, etc. This is usually during the early stages of character design, and I use this to help get a feel for different potential designs until I find one I like.

An example for Amy would be: oval-shaped face, straight nose bridge with thin nose, full lips, thick/straight brows.

Brianna: Round or heart-shaped face, flat nose bridge with wide tip, thin lips, arched brows

Note that I do not list hairstyle. That’s one of the features I like to remain flexible.

2. Practice, practice, practice

Here is where you can practice basics like expressions or angles (though in this example, both girls are only shown facing head-on). This is where you can tweak their features to your liking, should you decide you’re not a fan.

This is also where I like to play with their hairstyles. Here, the hair length and texture is left consistent, but you want your characters to be recognizable even when they aren’t shown with hair.

The more faces your draw for each character, the more their distinguishing features will come with ease.

3. Self-presentation

After faces are established, body type, posture, and clothing style are another exercise to practice. These attributes will give your readers more hints about the character’s personality - they will get a different impression of someone who wears nothing but ratty sweatpants and greasy tank tops than of someone who always seems to be dressed like they stepped off the pages of Vogue.

Here, Amy shows more of a preference for a fashion subculture (or if you were on tumblr a few years back “soft grunge”) fashion, while Brianna is much more feminine. They both show skin, though in different amounts.

4. Switch

Once I have a really good grasp on the characters, sometimes I’ll play with having them wear items from the other’s closet, and trying to draw how best they would react to having to dress a certain way.

I hope this was helpful to some, or at least an interesting look at someone else’s technique!

art time

hello buddies i should be workin on a logo commission rn b u t while im workin on that i also wanna practice drawing different faces and body types n stuff SO

ill be doin some sketches for practice rn!! ill draw you or your oc or whatever rlly (these arent shaded but the ones im gonna do will prob be a lil shaded) - its basically like a free sketch commission!!

all u gotta do is be following me and rb this post. then submit a picture or link me to one and ill draw the person/character in that picture and tag u!!! 

(((i dont kno if ppl will actually want this or not but if i get too many then ill make a post sayin not to send in any more)))

basically everybody wins bc i get more practice and u get a free drawing so hmu!!! 

BotW 1

So I couldn’t decide if I wanted to just pretend BotW Link is RR!Link or not, and I decided why not do both?  At least for this one.  Also, I can practice writing in different voices and avoid the writing version of Same!Face maybe?

I hate not knowing where the plot is going to go, it makes me hesitant to write.

Anyway, drabbles after the jump:

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Remember (Edited)

By no means is this a part two. Tweaked and added a bit to this previous post. Might delete the original later. Anywho, ‘ere we go!


Based off of Harry’s own “I Love You.”
Performed by Alex and Sierra.


Harry remembers what it was like to hold her. He remembers how her heart would pick up pace when he ran his fingers down her back. Remembers the cold days spent in the confines of their bed, both sprawled on the then shared comfortable mattress, legs intertwined and bodies covered under mountains of covers(at least she was, Harry never quite minded the cold.) Sometimes he would purposely throw all but one of the covers in the washer, and with the warmth Harry radiated, she would gladly use him as a blanket. He remembers the way she would get excited when there was a new episode of whatever telly show she might’ve been really into at the time, and she would wake him up if he was asleep because ‘Harry there’s a new one! Come watch it with me.’ And he knew it was because she loved sharing that bit of her with him, (also she would use him as her personal pillow), which he can honestly say he didn’t mind at all. Harry remembers the good times, and the bad because they always got through them…he remembers being the happiest with her. But now all he’s left with is those memories, memories that all he can do now is remember.

Y/N thinks just about the same. Except sometimes her thoughts have intruders. She sees him everywhere, not that she would expect any less. But she would at least expect her friends not to mention him every chance they get.

It had been a few weeks since she had seen his face, trying her best to occupy herself with art projects or anything that would take up most of her time. She’s sat down at the local café, a cup of coffee in front of her, untouched and probably luke warm now compared to how scolding it might have been when it was first brought to her. She’s so engrossed in the paper in her hand as she taps the pencil between her fingers on the top of the table, praying to get some idea of what sketch she should work on next.

And she doesn’t know why she looks up, regrets it the second she notices the magazine. The girls couldn’t be more than eighteen years of age. They’re gushing and awe'ing at whatever content the magazine holds inside, but all she’s able to see is a familiar face in an unfamiliar setting.

She remembers. She remembers talks with Harry about what he wanted to do when the hiatus began. She remembers the day he barged into their then shared home in hysterics because “babe I landed it! Christopher Nolan casted me! Isn’t this great!” She remembers his face full of pure excitement, and she also remembers the moments of doubting where he didn’t know if he was going to do a good enough of a job. He’d study his lines every waking moment he could, sometimes going to sleep late because he was practicing different approaches to the scenario. She remembers him saying something about a cover shoot, and that he didn’t wanna spoil too much. Would rather surprise her.

The girls sit in the table in front of hers, their backs to her, and she can clearly see the pictures inside. And she can’t help it. Sits her paper and pencil down, pretends to have some sort of interest in the powder blue cup holding the once warm liquid, her index finger mindlessly running over the rim. Her eyes however divert to the magazine.

And again she remembers. As they flip through the pages to look at the photos, she remembers when Harry took her to his old high school. He would tell her stories about his teachers and his classmates. There’s also the cave. And she doesn’t think she would’ve recognized it if it weren’t for the writing on the cave walls, she was there when he carved his name on them. They keep flipping though the pages, and if her heart hadn’t had enough then, it sure did now. The smile, the sweater…the field. She remembers taking trips to that field with Harry often. Remembers laying with him in the very same ground, soft and warm, talking and just staring out into the openness. They were both wise beyond their years. Knew how everything surrounding them was bigger than them in a way, and it always left them in awe, but wherever they were and however big the world seemed, they had each other. Y/N remembers how happy he made her.

And then she remembers the day she had to walk out.

Harry still thinks about her…a lot. It’s been months, but his mind always comes back to her, remembering their talks as the hours slipped away. He loved their talks the most because they both seemed to be in sync. Her thoughts were always more in depth than anyone else he knew, when they were talking serious matters. They both seemed to value and care for the simple things. Her jokes were just as shit as his, but he laughed them because she laughed at his. She didn’t have to, but she did. He smiles at the mention of her name, it comes to him naturally, like it belongs there when she comes into conversation.

But then his heart aches remembering how everything ended. How she left despite his pleads, but deep down he knew she couldn’t take it anymore, and it would have been selfish of him to ask her to stay. And he realizes he always did have shit timing. Wishes it would’ve been different because he still can’t come to terms that’s he’s lost the one real thing he had going for him. She was real, she was good, and she was his.

Now more than ever Y/N feels the nostalgia. Wishes she had stayed home where there was just about a zero possibility of seeing Harry’s face on that magazine. A new look that suits him because it’s more him than his old record label let him be. But she knows she would have eventually seen it, it’s the Harry Styles effect. Can’t avoid it. And to see him in places that were so special to the both of them after she pushed the memories to the back of her mind is what’s more unsettling.

When Harry came about the idea of the shoot, he knew he wanted to make it personal. Wanted to show the world who he really is, setting aside how much of a surprise it could be, he wanted to be himself. Thinks his fans deserve that and more. So the places and settings for the shoot came to him instantly, all of them holding memories he’ll forever hold close to his heart. And yes, some he subconsciously chose, didn’t remember just how much the field meant until he sees the spread.

He’s thinking about her more than usual now. The hurt washing over him. Looking back, everything happened so fast. There were so many emotions the day she left. He felt absolutely shattered, disconnected…alone. And suddenly he’s missing her even more. Wonders if she’s seen them, what she thinks about them, if she remembers.

She does. Tries so hard not to cry sitting right there in the cafe, her phone in her hands now and a picture of Harry towards the upper left corner of the screen, his contact number screaming out at her. And she knows she should have probably deleted his number from her phone, but she just couldn’t bring herself to it. Knows if she ever needed him he’d be just a phone call away, and vice-versa. Besides it’s not like she could forget them anyway, the numbers long embedded into her memory. Her thumb lingers over the digits none the less, breathing ragged, hoping no one has notified her sudden uneasiness. Should she call him to congratulate him? She doesn’t wanna be a bother, but she wants to tell him she’s proud of him…if he even cares still.

But she knows she can’t speak to him, not when she’s this vulnerable and might just break down in tears at the sound of his voice.

Harry wants to ask her if she’s seen them, wants to tell her she was part of the inspiration. But he doesn’t want to intrude, if she still needs her space. Because that’s what she had said just before he watched her walk out. She needed space. And Harry thought she’d come back to him, but she hasn’t so far. Not a call or a text. The most he regrets, and the hardest to acknowledge, is that she left..and he never got to tell her how strongly he felt about her. And he’d be lying if he didn’t think about it often. Would it have convinced her to stay? If Harry had said those three words, would she have retrieved her hand from the handle and not opened the door? Or would she have dismissed the thought and continued on her way. Regardless of what if’s, one thing is clear to him. Harry loves her. More than she thinks he does. Present tense, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to stop.

Her thumbs swipe over the keyboard swiftly.

“Congratulations on the cover shoot, Harry. Hope you’re doing well.”


Torn – Part 12

Previous Part // Next Part // All Parts

A/N: Hello, I am back with time to actually write for a bit. I also want to say a thank you to everyone who has said they love this fic ^_^

Summary: After your breakup with Seokwoo, you get the help of Taeyang to forget about him. The feelings are still there though, making you torn between a sweet ex and a passionate boyfriend.

Word Count: 1k

(cr. kingrowoon)

A Change of Pace

“Oh my god!” Taeyang barged into your apartment, his face more lit up than you had ever seen before. He was practically glowing with joy, a different smile than every other time. You attempted to gain his attention, but he paced around while holding his hair – the wide grin still set on his mouth. Eventually, you walked over to him and took a hold of his arm.

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Hey. I need some advice. You can ignore this whenever you want but I just need to let this out of my head. I'm no longer satisfied in how I draw and what I draw. What should I do?

I don’t mind buddy, can’t ignore someone in need! So here you go :D
I’m no expert in art or whatsoever, but I’ll try my best.

I want you to look at a recent drawing you made, just previously. Or you could quickly draw up something and set it beside you. Look at it and ponder, “Why am I unsatisfied?” Because there might be a few main reasons why you’re feeling that way, and trust me; I’ve hit that block too.

You say, “how you draw”.

Maybe it’s the way you make your figures. You might be stepping on that line that you notice “what the…” with your drawings, and you’re just confused why everything doesn’t look right? Or something doesn’t feel right. Well then, that means something in your perception improved. That’s right, when you start seeing something, even a bit wrong from your drawing, there’s a big chance that you have improved. Now your job now is to check out tutorials or actually look at references.

That might be a bit boring and tedious, but art demands practice and time (like everything you want to do in this world), and sometimes something fresh is the thing you need! You need to refresh that love of art.

(It was something that I neglected doing in the past lol)

You also said, “what you draw”.

Is it the subject itself? Maybe what you need is something new to draw. If you keep on drawing faces and heads, maybe it’s time to try out bodies. If you keep trying to draw bodies, maybe it’s time to check out hands and feet. Different expressions, or maybe even a room full of people to challenge yourself. Or maybe you need to try something new altogether! How about try to, perhaps, draw rooms? Furniture, plants?

Sometimes we get frustrated of what we draw because it’s the same thing all the time when you’re drawing. Admittedly I get that too. That’s why I try to draw something new on my sketchbook.

Or rmaybe, you’d need a boost. Maybe that slump is because you think ‘I’m not improving enough.“ Well, here’s something I want you to do, if ever. Go and get a drawing/sketchbook you did like, in the distant past. A year ago or so. Look at it and remember what you were feeling. Or, maybe draw something you drew and see how you draw them now. Promise, all you need is a boost to remind yourself you’re all on your way.

Every new drawing that you make should have a bit of a challenge, or somewhere as you draw you’d feel like you’re getting too lenient; too easy. Sometimes when I draw my comics, you’d see I’d try out new things. New poses. Try to sneak in this hand- which I HATE drawing- but when I see that I get it right? Gosh, man. I just want to high-five the sky. I did a good job! That feeling would be present if you want to are satisfied.

I hope this helps!

Teaching Myself to Draw: September 18, 2017

I finished up the base portrait, for the hair style meme, today. I adjusted the eyes, to make them a bit bigger, and then finished up the irises and eyelashes. I also polished up the skin and adjusted the mouth a bit. I’m overall pretty happy with the face, but I think one of my future projects will be working on more consistency with Ianthe’s facial features. I think I’m doing pretty good with her nose, but her mouth definitely changes every time I paint her, lol.

I think I’ll do sketches for each hair style next, but first I need to finalize the refs. I also want to do different outfits, to get a bit of clothing practice in there, so I need to figure out what those will be and find refs for them too. So, there may or may not be an art update tomorrow, depending on how long it takes to find refs I like.

I also wanted to thank every body for the kind comments I received on my last post. I know I already thanked you all individually, but I wanted to again, because it was unexpected to get so many on a single, unfinished post. :)

anonymous asked:

hmm i actually like your color choices! if i had a complaint it's that the faces you draw can seem a tad flat, and that a lot of the characters look slightly similar? all of your characters are very beautiful, like they could be models. i'd like to see you draw characters with "flaws" to make them unique, like i'd be curious what a character with a big nose looks like in your style, or an uneven face, maybe being/appearing overweight, etc. i haven't seen all of your art tho so maybe you have :d

oooh i certainly do agree that the faces look flat, that’s for sure, that’s one thing i certainly need to practice on. The differences between characters is a bit of a complicated issue in my opinion however, so I’ll give a detailed answer if you don’t mind! Keep in mind i’m not going to dismiss your opinion, i just want to explain myself here (or rather, my theory?) to explain exactly what about the faces i’m really struggling with. Hopefully this will also give others, artists and not artists alike, an insight of those who might have the challenges as me, because it’s easy to say ‘more variation’ but it’s different to practice it. Thank you for your critique, by the way! (And your compliment!)

I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a character look different from each other, even when they look alike as proven by my study of Lucis:

(if you can read my awful handwriting)

I thoroughly think about details such as hairline, eyebrows, eyes, ear shape, lenght and thickness of neck, shoulder width, fat and muscle mass, height etc. I do admit that i struggle a lot with noses but even with them i try (i admit that bigger noses would look adorable in my style, but i can never for the life of me get them to look right. I need more practice no doubt). There’s posture and expressions. I even think about how round their skulls are, how their cheekbones look and the size of their jaw and chins. I also admit i keep the lips very simple unless they’re specifically thin or thick, which I then try to empathize. There’s the nails, body hair and teeth, too. Just to show you:

(left to right: Faustus, Idrao, Biggs Boots)

Faustus: Small, flat skull. Upturned, narrow, downcast eyes. Thin, highly placed and arched brows. Widow’s peak. Shorter than the two. Straight, thin ears. Straight, sharp nose. Thin lips. Short but thick eyelashes. Killer cheekbones, clear jawline, long, smooth neck. Straight posture, smaller shoulders (his coat makes the illusion of them being broader). A very small, thin body type with little to no muscle. Perfect skin. Filed down teeth. (He’s the man who has a lot of features like Lucis, but I also hella struggle with drawing his face in general, so this picture wasn’t a complete success ((this whole picture in general wasn’t, since it was done quickly. But it’s still a pretty good example.)). There’s also worth mentioning that their race isn’t human and they will have some similar features, same with Idrao and other characters.)

Idrao: Round skull. Narrow but very open, lively eyes. Thick, straight but angled brows (up) closer to his eyes. A more protruding but less sharp nose than faustus. Stronger jawline, wider chin. Wider ears, more tilted to the side. Wider mouth, especially when smiling. Relaxed, looming posture, wider shoulders and more muscle mass, but lean body. Somewhat square hairline. A more muscular neck. Big, sharp teeth. Some dark circles around the eyes.

Biggs: Extremely tall and broad. Big head, thick neck, broad shoulders, extremely muscular with a thicker chest. Strong, wide jawline, wide chin. Rounder, a bit flatter nose. Thin lips, wide smile. Lines near cheek area. Eyes are on a even level. Thick, but small and stubby eyebrows. Round hairline. Wide, hooded eyes, far set, with some crows feeet. Flat ears. Relaxed but a very present and strong posture. 

etc etc.

Or if you compare Rowena and Yvette, I’m sure you can see the differences there too (even if the dresses slightly hide how their bodies really look but the faces are a bit more clear):

Girls are oddly easy for me to draw. I can do much more variation with girls than I can with guys, and despite me drawing a lot of men over the years, it’s still something I’m in the process of learning. Especially bodies, I feel like I’ve just gotten a decent grasp of male anatomy. But still, by simply looking at details, such as the eyes, I can see a lot of variation, even when I grayscale the pictures:

I think my issue is that I’m using an old drawing method that I need to go over again. Basically, I have a core face shape that I build on. When I used to do full, paint-over colouring, this is so much easier to work with, because I could change the shapes as I went. Basically, the very shape of the skull was the same, which becomes more obvious when I sketch! And lately I’ve become more terms with my sketches and try to work with what I have instead of painting over it and erasing the stylistic choices that I like. (remember when I said “i think it’s because i’ve improved my style and learned new things, but with that change and knowledge a few ‘rules’ changed as well” ?)

 I think that’s my main issue face-wise. I don’t like to draw realistically, I’ve tried that out and I wasn’t comfortable. Neither do I like to draw in western cartoon style, or ‘moe’ anime. This kind of leaves me on my own in trying to improve. Which takes time, I’m afraid, because it’s one thing at the time.

However, I must say that I personally love drawing beautiful characters! Even when they have flaws, like Edward and Lyka:

– even then I love to draw them beautiful. That’s likely not going to change, to be quite honest. I like a touch of grace to my art, even if the character is a hairy beast of a man. Magic 80s shoujo sparkle on everyone.

So I wouldn’t say my characters aren’t variated or unique. I need more practice with body types, but I don’t only need to practice faces more, but re-study it entirely because it’s been bugging me as well lately. I’ll find a way around it one day!

Ok So a lot of you have asked me to do a tutorial on how I learn how to draw faces, and after a quick vote, it was decided that Joe Trohmans face is the face that I will be drawing. But hopefully you can use this tutorial to learn how to draw anyone’s face!

Before we get started I just want to say that this is how I personally learn how to draw faces so it might not work for everyone. Also This is going to get LONG so if you are still interested the rest is under the cut.

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Poses from here. I wanted to practice faces and expressions. I often make people either neutral or vaguely annoyed. Also shading with different colours just to see how it looks. I like it :D
But yeah, here’s some babs I love. Gothy Queen gives me life X)

A Shift in Relationship

So I was doing yet another reread from the very beginning, because this is my Coping Mechanism for how shitty this semester is going, and I noticed something. I think I may have hit on the actual moment Jack started to change his mind about Bitty back in Year One. 

Prior to this reread, I had assumed that Jack’s antagonistic opinion of Bitty changed gradually, over a very long period of time, and only after the checking practices had started. I had assumed that when their checking clinics started, Jack still seriously disliked Bitty, and was only trying to minimize a threat to the team. 

But then I saw this panel, and for some reason during this reread something clicked: by the time of 1.8 Jack had already changed his evaluation of Bitty, not only as a player, but as a person. 

The rest under the cut because this is going to get long. I have THOUGHTS, y’all.

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