i also wanted to make an icon for her

little kanej things

- inej is the only person that kaz feels comfortable enough with to take his gloves off when she’s around,

- inej didn’t tell anyone that kaz fainted because she knew how embarrassed he would be, also she knew that he hates skin to skin contact so she never even talked about it,

- it was inej’s voice that helped kaz come back to consciousness,

- kaz said he would literally die to make inej smile that way

- the way kaz talks about inej’s laugh or smile in general is so important

- kaz tortured a guy who stabbed inej and then threw him over a side of the boat (what a charmer)

- also he thought that killing a guy who threatened to break inej’s legs would be a mercy to van eck so he came up with a whole plan as to how make van eck’s life miserable so he needs to suffer instead of just being dead (not really romantic but it’s kaz so cut him some slack the boy’s tryin’)

- “i would have come for you. and if i couldn’t walk, i’d crawl to you” i mean COME ON

- kaz said that he wants to be a better man for inej, he knew that he could become a decent boyfriend if only she would want him

- inej was the only person that could push kaz out of his comfort zone without making him feel like he was weak or like he needed to be someone entirely else just to please her

- hand holding, 

- kaz treating inej’s wounds and iconic neck kisses 

- kaz for the whole six of crows was like “i don’t care about inej, i care about the money” but in crooked kingdom he literally bought her a ship just because she said it’s her dream to have one so she could fight slavers

- also he found her parents and brought them to her so they could meet

- and last but not least, before meeting inej’s parents kaz, the Bastard of the Barrel, the king of thieves, the Dirtyhands, the biggest bad boy in Ketterdam, fixed his tie and asked inej “is my tie straight?” (what a badass, i can’t believe)

When We Collide (Part 13)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Okay I know by the circumstances that it will most probably be hard but try to act as cool as possible-,”

“Oh my god, is that freaking Jennifer Lawrence?” Nicole blurted out loud with such wide eyes they were ready to pop out, making Luke almost want to smack his head in reaction.

Your eyes widened as well but it was in a mix of surprise, shock and confusion at the same time. The cameras flashing from the paparazzi were so harsh you were sure you would turn blind seconds from now. 

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That was the best live show ?????

the first half of the liveshow was such a mess but it was the best part because you could tell they were both so genuinely comfortable with each other and so amused with what the other person was saying and they just bounced one idea off of another even though they were all random topics and kind of jumbled up. plus all of the technical difficulties they had at the beginning like when younow wouldn’t work at first and then they couldn’t find the right gif and then they couldn’t get twitter to work and it just made the entire thing really humorous and entertaining to watch. one of the best parts was when they started talking about their joint haircuts and how phil has an established rule that he gets to have his haircut first because when dan goes first he basically spills phil’s entire life story to the hair dresser and phil has nothing left to talk about when it’s his turn. it’s funny cuz not only did dan steal phil’s hairdresser, but he can never shut up about phil and he would literally tell everyone in the world phil’s life story if he could. and then when dan accidentally said “after he’d been doing you for 30 minutes” and you could tell they were both silently laughing about what he just said and i really wanted phil to point it out and make a joke but he didnt ;( also another one of the best things that happened during the liveshow was when phil talked about how he accidentally put in his own address in the delivery box instead of his moms when he bought her mother’s day flowers so he just facetimed his mom the flowers and they both broke out laughing as soon as phil said that.. what a fucken icon. the last half of the liveshow wasn’t as exciting but they still wouldn’t stop banting and i just wondered when the wedding was cuz i must’ve missed it from the way they were acting around each other


Figma Corrin up for preorder

In the recent trend of Nintendo figma NOT taking years upon years to be released, Corrin has skipped the unpainted prototype stage (That Lucina was in for a year alone) and skipped right to painted and preorders! She’ll forgo a blushing face for a yelling face that Lucina sadly lacked. She is also packed with the Yato blade and Dragonstone. 

Here’s a few kickers though. The Dragonstone doesn’t DO anything-I think everyone anticipated Corrin would make an awesome figma because of her ability to transform her appendages at will. We will sadly get no Dragon Fang, Spears or Wings, not even the iconic Dragon Mask. (The Nendoroid go them, but not our poor figma -_- oh yeah, you can order the nendo too if so inclined)

The other thing that nobody wanted to hear is that the Omega Yato (her Smash chainsaw-sword) is a GSC online shop exclusive. You’ll have to pay 6800 yen compared to amiami’s 5400 in addition to 2000 Yen flat shipping for EMS. 

We can complain about their business practices, but not the figure itself. Every Nintendo figma has been a masterpiece and come 8/17, I’m sure Corrin will be no different!

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i'm like 100% certain you've talked about your characterization of the landgraabs but this is an ask from somebody who hasn't been there for that asking you to talk about your characterization of the landgraabs because i love them ;_;

i haven’t really gone into it so no worries!! but if u love them u might not like my interpretations tbh…. but that’s the beauty of townies…. we’re all given the same information and yet we all come up with different things! anyway, this is gonna be solely based off their sims 4 selves

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Strawberry Moon - (Trixya/Vatya) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This is the brain-vomit first outing in an AU that will be two or three parts long? Fair warning, this is heavier on Trixya than Vatya. (But I’m a slut for Vatya, so there will never be enough.) Also, I’m not a Russian fish; so, if any of these phrases are totally and completely wrong…I apologize. 

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sinqara  asked:

ahhhh i really really love your fma art!!!! n your style is so lovely!! i wanted to ask, do u hc izumi as black?? although she appears pale in canon, her hair appears to b dreaded so it would make sense. also! have you ever drawn edward or al with darker skin? ive seen a few people do it, saying that it would make sense bc xerxes was in the desert .. i was just wondering... hope u have a wonderful day 💓💓

I have now! 

I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 1/??

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a good and dare I say iconic medb interaction is when in the early tain bo cuailnge medb goes to some prophet to ask how her invasion is gonna go and this prophetess feidelm also shows up. medb, wanting to make sure to cover all her bases, also asks feidelm how her invasion is going to go.

feidelm says “your army will be taking a nice long bath in its own blood”
medb says “uh, no. try again.”
feidelm says “seriously, you’re gonna get fucking obliterated”
medb says “wrong answer”
this repeats for what, five times? and then medb decides to invade anyway.

with the benefit of hindsight we can of course see that feidelm was right and medb’s army got fucking obliterated

lucas looking @ riley pt. 2

so, as promised, i’m continuing to post every file that i have of lucas looking at riley because apparently you guys all want to suffer and i want to suffer right along side you !!! it’s been like three weeks but i kind of forgot that this one was in my drafts but i hope that you all enjoy it!!!!! this post covers the rest of s2 (cory & topanga - legacy) and then the next (and last) post will be covering s3. so enjoy this one fam!!!!!!!! it’s painful but it’s worth it i promise!!!!! 

here’s part one. 

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The facts: It has just been reported from several sources that Melissa has filed a divorce from her almost 2-year marriage with husband, Blake Jenner. The reason, the Supergirl star stated, is because of “irreconcilable differences”. She has asked for the court to remove the “Jenner ” from her name and refused to give Blake spousal support. The divorce has just been filed months shy of their 2nd anniversary

For the fandom: Please, this is not just a laughable matter, not something for those trite “2016 sucks” jokes. Melissa is a very hardworking and career oriented woman as well as someone who is bright and kind. She has done so much, hell - she saved lives! Also, she has been an inspiration to many of us, encouraging us to be better people, to pay it forward and bring each other to love each other, and most importantly, ourselves. She is an icon for the girls and women who dream of being as strong and as empowered themselves. We are truly blessed to have her.

I agree this has been a dwanky and cruel year, and some might want to project their frustration by bullying or being overly-obsessive with their fav’s lives. However, her lacking aninomity does not make her less of a person. We do not own her, even if it feels we’re practically friends with her. Don’t bully her and victim blame her, we don’t at all know the details. Don’t hurt her at all, actually. Whatever happened is not any of our business. Messages of support are welcome.

She needs time, she needs space, she needs rest. See, being in a fandom not only means that we consume content, it also means supporting the show, be it cast, plot, relationships, etc. It is not yet the new year, but it is never too early to give back.

(I just remembered there is a fandom that stans the “Jennoist” relationship, for the love of whatever deity, please, please continue to love and appreciate, don’t diss her because they are separated, respect her as you have respected her when together with Blake)

      listen,,,, my dumb boy needs his badass wife. Molly Grue is the light of my life ( along w schmendrick obviously ) and i will help with just about anything if someone were to make a blog for her. ( i’ll make/code a theme, mobile header, self promo, brainstorm URL’s with you ) the only thing i’m no good for is icons lmao, i always comission those :,)

      anyways, hi i’m randi, i play as schmendrick ( the magician ;) ) and there is also an amalthea blog you’d get to interact with if you were to make my dream come true !!! we’re a bit lonely in our tiny little fandom, and if Molly isn’t your cup of tea, we could also use a Prince Lir, King Haggard, Mommy Fortuna, or literally anyone other than Amalthea and Schmendrick.


So since I got inspired to draw my servamp oc last night I was up all night drawing it but it was completely worth it! so the sketch above are her clothes, the sketch and then the fully coloured version. (I haven’t made a set signature yet so what you see in the little box is just a temporary one). Her name is Mizu and she’s one of Tsubaki’s subclass, If you guys want I can make a separate post explaining her personality and such. I also do roleplay so I’m thinking of making some reaction Icons and stuff for her, the icons will also be used as reactions from me! :3

I kind of wish Tumblr did like LJ or DW in that everytime you make a post you can change which icon you want to use. Because sometimes you need the “Wait. I need to go sing about my feelings” icon, or the “wait. WHAT?!” one, of you know, you have your default of Dean and Cas and “I’m not leaving here without you”, then there’s an episode where Sam’s a total BAMF, so you have to flail about it using the glittery Team Sam icon.

Or just because you feel like it, Becky Rosen being adorable or pretty or something (because I love Becky. FIGHT ME. Also, read one of my fics and I’ll make you love her, too). When you post a fic update that you KNOW is gonna send everyone into a screaming fit? You NEED the Gabriel icon that says “That fuckery right there? That was all me.”

Sometimes you’re just damn happy and that calls for dancing Charlie.

This is easier than having to find and attach gifs, and some of the feeling is lost in doing that. And on those platforms, you recognize people by their name not their icon, which is not a thing here, so changing your icon frequently is not something you can just DO, because then people get confused, because they don’t look at names, they look at icons.

I miss icon selection.

adeadking913  asked:

I remember we went out on a date and we sat in her car in my campus' parking lot. I remember just bursting into tears because I knew I liked her so much and I was just so overwhelmed because I had horrible trust issues. Weeks later, she made me a playlist and in the description it said something along the lines of how she wanted to get to know me more and felt as if I had opened up to her. We have been girlfriends for a month now and she makes me feel so cared for! <3 (We both have anxiety)


the-fangirl-of-light  asked:

Oh my gosh yes! We had to read chains last year and it got me extremely into us history. My teacher loaned me Forge (Which I unfortunately didn't get a chance to read) But I plan on reading the second one because it totally captured my interest.

YES!!!! Isn’t it amazing?! I’m so glad you read it in school, wow! I want at least Chains read in every American classroom. You will love Forge, and Ashes, too. If you haven’t read Fever 1793 yet I 100% recommend that, too. :)

Also your icon is Deborah Sampson!!! I love her! I actually have a surprise coming up that’s related to her, but I can’t tell you kiddos just yet. But your icon makes me so happy! :’) <333333


By clicking the link above, you will find #276 325 gifs of Dominique Provost-Chalkley, known for her role of Waverly Earp on the SyFy show Wynonna Earp. None of these gifs were made by me and credit goes to their original owners. I simply edited many of them to make them all textless. If you created one of these gifs and want them removed, please message me and I will do so! I will also be making these into gif icons very soon. Please like or reblog if you found these to be helpful.

TW; Guns