i also wanted to draw it anyway xd

Heyo :D Well.. Some people really wanted me to draw a fusion :D
After being nervous for a day, finally planing and drawing it, I’m done!! :3 Meet the fusion of Morality and Logic! :D

I decided to draw him as a Dumortierite, because I thought it.. was a perfect match ;P

(Also stars.. I like stars xD)

Anyway.. What do you guys think? :3 Would you enjoy more fusions..?


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I just want to draw the Pine twins in the farm during summer, doing all these farm things (also because it is cute). But anyway bonus:

(future things that could happen, the rest of the henchmen, squanchy and birdperson might appear too hahahaha i love HS AU)


Inspired by Tides of Darkness, where Khadgar actually smiles often, and his friendship with Turalyon is great.

Peregrïn is very pleased about it. She’s happy to see Khadgar smile and laugh and just to witness this friendship.
Despite what’s happening, she’s happy to see this, it’s a light in the darkness.
So I thought it’d be important to sketch it somehow.

She has such a baby face… I should practice to draw her with a more mature face, though I want her to keep that young baby face somehow xD Peregrïn the squishy face.

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Can we get to know a little more about you? :O Only reveal what you want, of course, but I want to know you better! Age? Gender? A name to call you by? (Doesn't have to be your real name) Where are you from? What's a hobby of yours other than drawing? Are you currently a student, or did you go to college Etc. Etc. Thanks!

Sure XD
though, of course I don’t like revealing too much about myself on the internet :D

I prefer people just call me Crimson (though some call me CC)
Located in Colorado
I’m a student in pharmacy school (which is slowly killing me AHAHAHAAHHA)
I also work
I literally only draw, I have nothing else I do (nothing productive anyway XD)

so yup
that’s meeeeeeeeeee

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hi !! i love your art btw but i need advice, there's a slim chance i could be a concept artist for my studio but i need to send in a portfolio and sample character designs, almost all of my character designs are fan art which i can't submit but ifk how i should go about making a bunch of new ones

I’m not sure what advise you’re expecting from me. How to come up with original character designs? I’m not a professional and I’ve never created a portfolio so I have no idea if this can help you in any way or not but this is what I do sometimes when creating a character - I made up a story (it doesn’t have to be anything complicated) like imagine an Italian florist, he’s tall, has a big nose (because he loves smells of flowers :)) and curly hair. He’s in love with a woman who buys flowers in his shop every day. Such a flower shop au (I’m disappointed in myself xD) And here he is:

① Something like this? :)
② Look how happy he is when he talks about the woman of his dreams! lol
But what if he was short and plump? Well… in ③ he looks more like a mafioso, I can hear his hoarse voice “You’ll all be pushing up daisies…”

Anyway, you can draw whatever, whoever, but if you know a bit the character you want to draw it’s easier to make them look the way you want and give them a particular personality. This is why you’ve no problem with designs based on someone else’s stories. You already know those characters. Now you just need to make up something yours?
Good luck with the job!!! :)


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]


Alrighty, so it is remarkably rare for me to draw anything even remotely shippy, regardless of whether or not I myself actually ship it (any genyatta implications in the sassy Zenyatta comics are purely for comedy, so I don’t personally count those but whatevs). But the question came up and I was like eh, I’ll draw Mei and McCree, sure, why not. So here’s them being palsy over hot coco. I guess. XD Interpret however you want, tag however you want, I care none at all. Go forth and do whatever. ♥

Sometimes I wonder how the stories would be like if the princess Giles ended up choosing was not the typical, pure-hearted heroine. 

Like, she’s the kind of person that you don’t want to kidnap, because she will fuck you up. I mean, even if she’s not able to get out by herself (but damn it she would try), when she’s rescued, it’s off with their heads (or at least imprisoned for a long period of time).

She’s able to make logical decisions for the good of her kingdom after considering all possible options, and she’s not afraid to start a war (or make allies) to expand the kingdom.

She gets shit done, and not afraid to speak up. She will out-sass Sid, even, and he would be rendered speechless. Lol. And!!! The suitors would fall for her first and actually try to court her and convince her that he is the one!!!

Anyways, my mind is just wandering. Also you guys can see how messy my initial sketches are like lol! I just drew this quickly bc I wanted to take a break from all the other drawings I was doing :)

“Maybe the uncertainty is the point. I think it’d be boring if we knew exactly what we were doing.”

I wanted to doodle a little something to commemorate the last chapter of @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic, because it’s been a wonderful ride (pun intended XD) and I’ve loved seeing the story develop. Plus, Tall!Yuri is fun to draw. ^_^

Anyway, if you like Otayuri and soulmate AUs, I encourage you to check it out!

Okay so yeah Im doing my first art event here on tumblr xD

arakicanaria’s FIRST 100 FOLLOWER ART EVENT!

R U L E S :

1. MUST BE A FOLLOWER (new followers are always welcome xD) (and please dont unfollow if you didnt win ;-;)

2. REBLOG and LIKES only counts as an entry.


4. Put the tag “Ara’s Art Event” on every reblog so I can see who’s been reblogging this post.


6. For the REBLOG ENTRY, if some of you had the same number, the first one I’ll choose was the first reblogger.


You have to choose one number from 1-100. I’ll be picking 6 winners from the 6 numbers that I also chose. To entry, use the REBLOG button. Then put ur one lucky number on it. And LIKE it.



If 3 people got each correct number, they won.

Example: (for reblogs)

Chosen numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Ana: 1
Rose: 2
Juana: 3

Therefore, these three people won.


If a person who is in that number of one of my numbers, they also won.

Example: (for likes)

One of the chosen number is 3.

1. Ana
2. Rose
3. Juana

Therefore, Juana wins the prize.

PRIZES: (traditional art only sorry ;-;)


The winners get to choose if they want Icon or Header.

(Prizes will improve as my art improve and my blog had that many followers xD)


BABTQFTIM (i’ll try?)


NSFW (guys Im underaged xD)
DETAILED DRAWING (I suck at those ._.)


G O O D L U C K ! ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥


I’m gonna kill my phone ;; IT DOESN’T WANT TO PLACE THE PICTURE IN THE RIGHT SIDE QAQ ANYWAYS, here’s a giant drawing dump for BATIM ‘cause boredom was getting me at school xD Also, sorry if I messed up Boris and Alice’s hair, i couldn’t look up for models, so I did them with what I remembered ^^“ Hope y'all like this !!

Yo! XD Welp I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I’m working on. Cause after the date chapter in “I’ll Fight”. I’m doing a girls night out. Then Boys night out. Then prom and……I’ll shut up don’t want to give to much away. Lol anyways this is for the girls night out.

I’m working on designs for the clothing but I’m giving Jess a flanal -i just figured out how to draw the lines (*muffled yes*) I’m still working on a design for your hoodie and Tensu’s clothes also she might not want to change….hmm maybe I can bribe her. 

Anyways what ya think? XD personally I think I could have done way better

——————– Nah I think it looks great! Is that me as a skeleton or A-nya?

Another comic, huh.

Even though I’m a devoted Victuuri shipper and lover, there’s still a character I love even more, and that is….. Emil! x3 Yes, he’s a precious cinnamon bun from my little country, and seeing a Czech character in a popular anime made me incredibly happy x3 I definitely need to draw more of him >3<

Anyways, this comic is based on one of the lovely @emilnekolakofola‘s posts…. in this one, Emil is teaching Michele some Czech, but it doesn’t go so well in the end xD 

….. sorry for the quality drop throughout the comic, things like this happen when I spend too much time working on them xD Also the last panel is hella lot messy, to indicate what mess did Emil get himself into xDDD (just kidding, I wanted to finish it as soon as I could) 

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D


Lafayette: It’s not my fault you dragged me out of bed before I could brush.

Man, I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a long time, I’ve just been stalling. Ugh, good job procrastination. I also swear they’re not doing this on purpose. Laff and Thomas just really look alike. xD

 Anyway, side note, historically Laff was left to live with his grandmother when he’s 2 and only gets to live with his mother when he turned 11. 

homeofwriter  asked:

For the Inquisitor drawing meme, either 4 (What their pajamas look like) or 20 ( How would they look as a dragon) for Tamlen?

I thought I’d finally post the ones of these I already have, because I think it might take another 2 weeks until I could draw the rest. 

Anyway, thanks for asking!! :D Here’s what Tamlen’s pajamas look like, very roughly. Usually it’s just the pants, but when it’s cold he also wears the long shirt. Still experimenting with different designs though xD

Sorry this is a little late! I wanted to draw a nice picture of tanu their birthday but every time I would go to draw I would always get distracted XD

Also I was in the stream last night! I don’t know if you remember me but I was “FantaBerry”

Anyway I hope you like this!!!!

WOW! This is amazing! Thank you so much! Tanu loves it!
(they have already hoarded it away into their stash.)