i also wanted to draw it anyway xd


Sweets, food and eeveelutions for Valentine’s Day 2017! :3

The “inspiration” whatever came from the fact that my boyfriend and I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year because we’re both very busy at the moment and so we decided just to go…eat something together. And so, that’s it ahahah! Also, last year I couldn’t manage to draw anything valentines related and I wanted to fix that somehow :) why Sooo, here’s my little cards! ♡ ♡ ♡  No puns in them because I’m not clever enough to write them lol I’d problably go for “I choose you, Valentine!” or something like that…XD (quite common, yup).

If you want to use&send one of them to your lovely better half, just add your personal favourite poképun, if you’d like c:

Anyway, I had so much fun drawing this and I hope you like it! :D Which one do you like best?


Another comic, huh.

Even though I’m a devoted Victuuri shipper and lover, there’s still a character I love even more, and that is….. Emil! x3 Yes, he’s a precious cinnamon bun from my little country, and seeing a Czech character in a popular anime made me incredibly happy x3 I definitely need to draw more of him >3<

Anyways, this comic is based on one of the lovely @emilnekolakofola‘s posts…. in this one, Emil is teaching Michele some Czech, but it doesn’t go so well in the end xD 

….. sorry for the quality drop throughout the comic, things like this happen when I spend too much time working on them xD Also the last panel is hella lot messy, to indicate what mess did Emil get himself into xDDD (just kidding, I wanted to finish it as soon as I could) 

thildmcwerewolf  asked:

That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D

]Happy New Years everyone!! well for Australia anyways XD but I finally got this done! My hand hurts, but it was so worth it! I tried to put as many ocs as I could fit, I missed so many others that I also wanted to put in but there was no room, i’ll have to draw them some other time ^^

Also Rawk helped me out and sketched del for me so I didn’t have to kill my hand more XD

Marilyn - @miapb14

Sydney - @rancidpepper

Himei - @teenxnge-pxnk

Milla - @giamilla-pot

Charlie - @toastybee-doodles

Ocean - @cherrycartoons

Tuk - @rawkiehawkie42

Lucille and Fergus - @acid-circle

Patatah - @doodle-ailuropoda

Murry - @noodlepots

Kevin - @spoopy-lemon

Ko - Lightishredgamr on twitter

Elliot - @momo-e-chan

Abbie- @paimania

Vlad - Mine

Felix- Mine

Caoimhe - @selkie-marie

Have a great 2017!!

Just bought the new Sinbad no Bouken Volume 11 and thought I’d share some of the art from the front and back covers, as well as the inside covers of the volume! Two separate inserts also came with the volume, but those will be posted separately

Also, I just wanted to say that if you do not already own hard copies of this series, I highly recommend it! The cover art and just the look of the collection as a whole is absolutely gorgeous! Also, supporting the mangakas is always a plus! Anyway, here’s some pictures from the latest volume! Sorry for the poor quality… ^^; 

Here’s the front

and the back~ 

Cute pictures and special messages from both Ohtaka sensei and Ohtera sensei (Ohtera sensei’s picture always changes XD lol) 

The inside of the back cover always has the cutest little drawings! >///< <3


i havent play jumin route yet also idk how his good ending, pls do not spoil heheh…anyway, i love juminzen so i want to draw a comic for them, the setting place should be at the RFA party~ this 2 page is the last one for this comic preview, i’m going to make a complete juminzen comic later ^^ (probs will add a lil bit 707/unknown and V for extra spices lol!

zen can be really serious if he’s jealous somehow xD, but i dont think seven would, would he?


Let`s make: Character Avatars!

OH BOY! Everyone seems to be making their avatars now and this is seriously getting me excited! I already have a folder dedicated to everyone`s avatars too


Anyways, what am I getting at? Why don`t we make this into an official thing? Everyone post up their character sheets! Get to know the wonderful people here even more! Make collaborations with each other`s characters! Gift them! Then we can make a biiiiiiig group photo of everyone here too! xD

I will get to mine next week, but I do hope you guys can do this! I`ve already seen a bunch with their own characters and they are just TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS!!! This time let`s turn it up a notch? This isn`t a “meet the artist” thing, but more of a “be my friend” thing? IDK

Anyways, basic stuffs in the character sheet-

*Drawing of the character- if possible, full body and back. Also with color schemes, and if you want, some chibi styles and alternate outfits too!
*Preferred name or nickname
*Age (optional)
*Favorite Servamp character, OTP, anything else Servamp related xD
*And some other infos you want to add!

So if you do feel like making this, post it up, tag it with #servampfandomavatars and tag me or this post so I can hit the save button. HARD. xD. 

Daily life prompts

Give me a character / pairing and a number (or three), and I’ll draw! :DDD Or write! I mean these could work as writing things, too!  (Note: I made these with Dragon Age loosely in mind, but idk they work pretty well for a lot of things I guess.)

I kept them purposefully kinda vague, I just. have a mighty need for domestic / daily life stuff forever and always, and also the freedom to do with the prompt what I want. xD Feel free to add your own!

  1. Cooking
  2. Crafting / potionmaking
  3. Gardening / taking care of plants
  4. Gathering resources
  5. Tending to an animal / a pet
  6. Cleaning
  7. Repairing something
  8. Maintaining equipment
  9. House maintenance
  10. Setting up / cleaning up camp
  11. Morning routine
  12. Bedtime routine
  13. Bathing / washing up
  14. Personal maintenance
  15. Hobbies
  16. Shopping
  17. Workout / sparring / training
  18. Tending to injuries
  19. Sick day
  20. Seasonal chores (feel free to specify season)
  21. wildcard (please specify)

Let me take your picture, baby. I’ll save it for a rainy day
I don’t need much, I guess I’m just old fashioned in that way

Because a Makoto with a camera should be a thing. Yet another College AU where in he took Photography as an elective with Haru being his muse. :’D Also one of those fanarts I make Makoto wear my clothes because I can. XD

I wanted to make another evil Wander design, this time one where he’s taller like Lord Wander lol. I guess he’s a mix of Wander, Hater, and Dominator- xD So he can use the lava and ice powers, but also Hater’s electricity. He’s strong, a sadist, has a really dark sense of humor, loves skulls- anyway haha, I really just like the design and I wanted to have my own badass Wander too ;u; feel free to draw him though if you want, since I know lots of people draw Lord Wander x3 (and no he’s not a vampire, he’s just got big canine teeth lmao)

ive been tagged by @yoongr thank you so much for tagging meee roscoe! i love your name btw!! (lets talk more)

Rules: Tag 10 people you would like to get to know better (or, in this case, you just want to tag anyway)

Name/Nickname: vivi

Relationship Status: single

Favourite Colour: pastel colors!

Last song I listened to: not today- BTS

Favorite TV Show: idk? teen titans? lol 

First Fandom: i was a hardcore angel (teentop fan) and i stanned sooo many groups 

Hobbies: i play paino and draw abit, i also like giffing alot on PS

Books that I’m currently reading: i dont read books xD

Worst thing I’ve eaten: I am such a picky eater like really, one time i  accidently ate garlic and i almost threw up

Favourite place(s): my room

alright here is 10 people i would love to be mutals with (im already mutals with some of you guys, you know who you are) 

@pileofsuga @hopejinji @bangtanteam @kooksmini @kimstaehyungs @badpsae @pugseok @jeonbia @jeoniful @raeviyn

I’m trying to figure out how to draw Adrien for the comic. As in, how I want him to look and I can tell you that hate is a strong word and I HATE drawing Adrien’s hair *aargh* It’s just doesn’t go how I want!

Anyways! Some of these I like and others not so much but the great thing about being an artist is that you can draw absolute gargabe and it’s still art xD You can see the gradual lowering of quality as I get more frustrated. But meh. Expect to see a Marinette dump soon too since I like balance :) 

Also, Adrien on morning jogs and one day he comes across a little ladybug and guess twice who he is thinking about -is my new aesthetic <3

marco95z  asked:

To understand I heartily thank you and then I was thinking of doing even soma! Papyrus and then I had also thought about doing a story (I do not think the comic also because they are not capable are not like others of au creators who make beautiful drawings i have to admit ^^) and then you will have the references in Tohr but will be untied in the game also because risk of making spoilers and then if you want to play it and psvita and anyway thanks again hehe ^ ///// ^

No problem :> If you don’t want to draw the au as a comic, that’s perfectly fine :) You can still draw pictures here and there surrounding the au.

Also I don’t have psvita ;u; Never had any PlayStation consoles. I wish I did just  so I can play the Kingdom Hearts series xD



Tbh this scene was really sad to watch ;-;

Since I didn’t have the chance o draw last week’s episode screencap, I thought it’d be kinda pointless now that it’s been a week already haha so instead, I did 2 drawings for episode 11! Funny story though actually, I watched episode 11 yesterday without noticing that i actually skipped episode 10 8D (RIP) Anyway, these were really interesting shots to re-draw haha (but also, I just want Mob to be a happy boy :(  He doesn’t deserve alll this sh**) 

Side note: I decided to change the colors a little bit and added a yellow overlay to the drawings and it looks so strangely cool haha, so I just kept it that way xD (they look like zombies now haha) I also changed the poses for the hands cuz DAMNNN how are they even possible irl LOOL… (i tried posing my hand like that and NOPE) I also think the second draw looks like it could be in a horror film lolol. Anywayyyyyyy, I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR THE FINALE!

ALso rip i drew the eyes more slanted upward for them both ^^;; (i’m too used to drawing like that aaaaa)

Just One Heart | TenToo | Doctor Who

Nine | Nine/Rose | Ten | Ten/Rose | Rose

One for TenToo, because he’s the Doctor, too, and he’s important, and I love him, and this set still kinda felt incomplete without him, tbh.  I also just wanted to draw David’s pretty face again.

(more DW fanart)


So I was in Toronto this weekend and I bought 3 markers from an art store that was moving (only 3 cuz markers are expensive and I’m cheap) cuz I wanted to feel all cool and professional XD anyways here are a few doodles with em as well as a few fancy dancy black pens!

PS duster’s hair isn’t coloured because I only have 3 colours

PPS whoops I accidentally gave Lucas a blue shirt in the third drawing??? I was tired

they are
-light cobalt turquoise 154***
-pink madder lake 129***
-cadmium yellow 107***

Well I haven’t drawn people in years, so… Sorry. xD The ink decided it wanted to stick to my hand and make unnecessary splat marks that would make it challenging for me to cover up but anyways!!!
My attempt to draw Magnus the Rogue, also my er.. Tribute. I was devastated when he died.. That moment was probably the loudest I’ve ever screamed “No”. I’m trash I know, I know, but I didn’t think I’d be so attached to a block person. xD Help.

Okay so I redrew this and had a friend add some windings.

I would tell you what it says but we both forgot xD.

So anyway alternate universe where no one can/wants to go to PTA meetings with frisk. But frisk mom has to show up so Gaster (for some reason) volunteers. So like frisk and mettaton help dress him up and yeah.

Pink sweater, black pencil skirt, and sensible heels.

I give you the dumbest 2am drawing I’ve ever done.

PTA Mom, W.D. Gaster

Also fuck you Helen and your lemon bars.

Thanks for the help @probablyahomestuck

Finished! Boy..it’s been YEARS since i’ve last done digital art ^ ^; 

I’m not too proud of this one..but I decided to use @therealjacksepticeye @pewdie & @markiplier to get back into it! I’m also experimenting on styles. Probably not gonna stick with this lol

And Pewdiepie doesn’t really look like..pewdie xD

But anyways, there you go! I hope you guys like it! :D I welcome feedback!

Ps..I really wanted to draw Jack in his flamingo shorts! xD