i also wanted to draw it anyway xd


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

Heyo :D Well.. Some people really wanted me to draw a fusion :D
After being nervous for a day, finally planing and drawing it, I’m done!! :3 Meet the fusion of Morality and Logic! :D

I decided to draw him as a Dumortierite, because I thought it.. was a perfect match ;P

(Also stars.. I like stars xD)

Anyway.. What do you guys think? :3 Would you enjoy more fusions..?


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Part twooooooo

Broken - Classic (This palette also gave me the idea xD for the drawing)

Crybaby- Blueberry (Undertale Comunity) this was kinda hard since the palette didn’t have a color close to white for his bones nnnnng

Wave - Ink (@comyet)

Eternity- TK!Sans (@perfectshadow06)

And, I wanted to make one Sans and nobody requested him :’3 but I did him anyway!

Star- Edge (Undertale Comunity)

Thanks for suggesting the palettes! I’ll soon make one of this since I really love them *-*)

I sometimes work very fast with my drawings heeeeh

just a lil thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while. I just love that Shrakface totally looks like how most of the fandom draws Donut. It’s also interesting to see that our loveable dorks could have come out if they weren’t so chill and optimistic because really…. sharkface is so bitter at Carolina for basically the same thing that Tex did to Donut but the reds and blues are just so good. (and also Donut got his payback without all the fanfare that Sharkface included in his “”””revenge”””” attempts XD, gotta stay simple my dude) anyway heres my shitty doodle

Storytime with Ink Monster Bendy
Storytime with Ink Monster Bendy

*Exclusive to Tumblr*

(Had to reupload due to the file getting corrupted for some reason.  Hopefully it’s fixed.  *fingers crossed*)

Anyway, this is a gift for @shinyzango.  Decided to record myself as Ink Monster Bendy from her 2D Bendy AU reading Go the F*** to Sleep by Alan Mansbach.

Decided to upload the censored version since he’s still a cartoon despite being out of his page.  This was very fun to do, but damn, there were too many sound effects to choose from!  XC

Feel free to reblog, if you wish.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!  ^^

Also, in case you wanted a full view of my thumbnail:

(I couldn’t resist drawing him with glasses.  XD)

Story © Alan Mansbach
Bendy © theMeatly
2D Bendy © @shinyzango
Audio/Thumbnail © JordantheCat11

Last stage: Stage Three! (+Info)

Now that we have the ships, the children, their appearance and their outfits, it’s time for the most important thing: their names!

Those are the winner outfits and pinpricks! For the RottenBerry child I had to combine Outfit 1 and 3 since they got the same votes!

So, now, we have to name them. I want this stage to be yours so, leave a reply/reblog this post (if you are on mobile) and add the names you think they fit them! Example:

“I like (random name) for the RottenBerry child and (Another random name) for the ErrorNight child!”

I’ll look all the names and choose the ones I like the most! Once I have the names, I’ll post their reference sheets, powers info (also adding Blueprint’s since I haven’t made it yet), basic story and some random facts so you can get to know them better! 

ALSO: I’ll tag and credit the person who gave me the winner name of each child!

Quick Info: I found a pretty lineless art tutorial and want to make a drawing of some fan children - u -) you may allready know who xD also, I will make a speedpaint but I still don’t know which character will have one. I’m thinking of making one for Blueprint, Dream or Ink. The picture will be my new wallpaper for my pc yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! 

Anyway, have fun thinking of a name!


Inspired by Tides of Darkness, where Khadgar actually smiles often, and his friendship with Turalyon is great.

Peregrïn is very pleased about it. She’s happy to see Khadgar smile and laugh and just to witness this friendship.
Despite what’s happening, she’s happy to see this, it’s a light in the darkness.
So I thought it’d be important to sketch it somehow.

She has such a baby face… I should practice to draw her with a more mature face, though I want her to keep that young baby face somehow xD Peregrïn the squishy face.

hey want some sado-maso leif because his old clothes suck and i wanted to give him something more demonish and evil idk?

anyway this is still v early sketch so don’t get overexcited and also feel free to suggest something else! i won’t work on it until friday so yeah!

also every reason is a good reason to practice drawing male body , no?

@foresthuntermajrach chciałaś taga to masz, póki co tylko szkic ale lepsze to niż nic xD


Alrighty, so it is remarkably rare for me to draw anything even remotely shippy, regardless of whether or not I myself actually ship it (any genyatta implications in the sassy Zenyatta comics are purely for comedy, so I don’t personally count those but whatevs). But the question came up and I was like eh, I’ll draw Mei and McCree, sure, why not. So here’s them being palsy over hot coco. I guess. XD Interpret however you want, tag however you want, I care none at all. Go forth and do whatever. ♥


Did it. Wanted to do it anyways haha. XD
Also half of the squad is standing on rocks because, let’s be real. No one is taller than Philip. No one. (and I’m not that small but PFSSSHHH)

But tbh I start to feel sorry for Leatherface. It’s not his fault that “mistakes were made" in game.


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]

anonymous asked:

Hello I love this tumblr blog ! And why not Valls with his baby Macron with a lot of affection and m&m's ! Thank you

Here you go anon#19 ! I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to draw them with real m&m’s or not so I decided to do that anyways x) Also “baby Macron” somehow made me think of a spoiled kid, so that’s where this idea came from :P

It continues under the cut :P

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First, this, unfortunately isn’t the real “Selfie” prompt. I was supposed to post it with the rest enven though I made it before -

As I said last night I didn’t finish yet. Six photos out of 12 (or 13 idk) are done but at 6am I was dead and couldn’t properly see what I was doing XD Right now I’m busy and can’t continue so for now I wanted to post at least this one, with a photo I made at work…(there’s a huge amethyst behind by the way, I’m disappointed it can’t be seen because it’s beautiful…but it’s not the subject anyway)

(Also boop @lapidot-anniversary-week , @luclipse85 , even tho it’s not the complete prompt, I still wanted to post something today)

I’ll post the rest anyway because I spent several hours taking good photos, and several hours drawing on half of them, but is it still okay if I post them tomorrow ? I really wanted to make this but have been too slow T_T"

It’s basically the same type of pictures, but…with more cuteness XD ? Edit : Just saw it in the tags so I just wanted to add : the lapis bracelet isn’t dyed, I just played with the lights and filters a little too much XD

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Can we get to know a little more about you? :O Only reveal what you want, of course, but I want to know you better! Age? Gender? A name to call you by? (Doesn't have to be your real name) Where are you from? What's a hobby of yours other than drawing? Are you currently a student, or did you go to college Etc. Etc. Thanks!

Sure XD
though, of course I don’t like revealing too much about myself on the internet :D

I prefer people just call me Crimson (though some call me CC)
Located in Colorado
I’m a student in pharmacy school (which is slowly killing me AHAHAHAAHHA)
I also work
I literally only draw, I have nothing else I do (nothing productive anyway XD)

so yup
that’s meeeeeeeeeee

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hi !! i love your art btw but i need advice, there's a slim chance i could be a concept artist for my studio but i need to send in a portfolio and sample character designs, almost all of my character designs are fan art which i can't submit but ifk how i should go about making a bunch of new ones

I’m not sure what advise you’re expecting from me. How to come up with original character designs? I’m not a professional and I’ve never created a portfolio so I have no idea if this can help you in any way or not but this is what I do sometimes when creating a character - I made up a story (it doesn’t have to be anything complicated) like imagine an Italian florist, he’s tall, has a big nose (because he loves smells of flowers :)) and curly hair. He’s in love with a woman who buys flowers in his shop every day. Such a flower shop au (I’m disappointed in myself xD) And here he is:

① Something like this? :)
② Look how happy he is when he talks about the woman of his dreams! lol
But what if he was short and plump? Well… in ③ he looks more like a mafioso, I can hear his hoarse voice “You’ll all be pushing up daisies…”

Anyway, you can draw whatever, whoever, but if you know a bit the character you want to draw it’s easier to make them look the way you want and give them a particular personality. This is why you’ve no problem with designs based on someone else’s stories. You already know those characters. Now you just need to make up something yours?
Good luck with the job!!! :)

Sometimes I wonder how the stories would be like if the princess Giles ended up choosing was not the typical, pure-hearted heroine. 

Like, she’s the kind of person that you don’t want to kidnap, because she will fuck you up. I mean, even if she’s not able to get out by herself (but damn it she would try), when she’s rescued, it’s off with their heads (or at least imprisoned for a long period of time).

She’s able to make logical decisions for the good of her kingdom after considering all possible options, and she’s not afraid to start a war (or make allies) to expand the kingdom.

She gets shit done, and not afraid to speak up. She will out-sass Sid, even, and he would be rendered speechless. Lol. And!!! The suitors would fall for her first and actually try to court her and convince her that he is the one!!!

Anyways, my mind is just wandering. Also you guys can see how messy my initial sketches are like lol! I just drew this quickly bc I wanted to take a break from all the other drawings I was doing :)


~*Inktober day 7!*~

I wonder who made it for him… xD

“Maybe the uncertainty is the point. I think it’d be boring if we knew exactly what we were doing.”

I wanted to doodle a little something to commemorate the last chapter of @russianfeya‘s Neon Pink Motorcycle fic, because it’s been a wonderful ride (pun intended XD) and I’ve loved seeing the story develop. Plus, Tall!Yuri is fun to draw. ^_^

Anyway, if you like Otayuri and soulmate AUs, I encourage you to check it out!