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Yuzuru’s Interview after SP AT WTT (20 April 2017)

“All my bad habits came out. I think I had too much feelings or put in too much thought.  It’s a team competition and so there were also feelings of nervousness. And tomorrow is the death anniversary of Prince and I had also intended to put in those feelings and be focused but…… I am really very sorry about that.”

“I was not able to skate the SP well, even to the end like this. I want to get rid of this feeling of being bad at the SP and I will work on this over some time.”

–After the performance, you looked up and moved your mouth.
 “I said ‘sorry’ (gomennasai). I apologised. I had too much strange pressure inside me. But even then, I thought I could do it. So in that sense, I have not grown at all, I was thinking that.”

–About the mistakes:
“Regarding the failure of the (quad) loop, there is nothing that needs to be fixed for that. In terms of feeling, it is a jump that I have been landing steadily, so if I jump properly, it would be fine. I have also corrected the salchow and it has been stable. I think something like the awareness that (my SP) has not been good in competition came out too strongly.”

–Your thoughts on the song?
“I feel I have no right to talk about it right now. If people saw the programme, heard it and enjoyed it, I am happy, and I am very grateful to the choreographer, Jeffrey Buttle.”

–Thoughts towards the FP?
“It’s not a competition that’s based on the total score for SP and FP.  We compete for placing, and tomorrow is tomorrow and I will give my best for that without being affected by today.”

–After mistakes/failure, how do you switch, how do you protect the mental aspect?
“Feelings of frustration/regret will lead to growth. I think it’s ok not to switch. It’s precisely because of the feelings of regret that I can be excited/fired up about tomorrow.”

(translated by me) (original article: Yahoo News)

My heart aches to read his words but he is always so honest and he is not afraid to talk about his own vulnerabilities.  Although it’s painful, the last 2 things he said here are very encouraging.  And to say all these thoughts right after the performance, without much time to think or prepare, he is really strong and amazing.  I just want to tell him: 

It’s alright; it’s okay!  We still love you anyway!  GO, YUZU, GANBARE!!

✨The Magic of Ostara✨

Ostara is a time for change. It’s a time for celebrating rebirth and renewal and it’s a time for thanking the universe for the magic that is earth. Sometimes you just need to switch things up and have fun with life. Luckily, I have put together the list to conquer all lists: How to Have Fun on Ostara.

• Bake food! Ostara is all about making new things and the coming of newness, so why not make some new things yourself? Honey cakes, soda bread, flowery teas, moon cookies, and other magical foods are sure to provide a fun and yummy Ostara. 🍵

• Watch nature documentaries. Binge watching movies and TV shows has always been a passion of mine. However, Ostara isn’t really the greatest time for staying inside and doing nothing all day. Don’t worry, cause boy do I have a solution for you! Nature documentaries celebrate Spring and just nature in general, and the amazingness of earth itself. Watch them and feel the magic of spring and nature. 📽

• Go outside. Ostara is 100% all about the outdoors and the changing of the seasons. Collect some type of water, go for a walk/hike, collect plants and “artifacts” for your witchy wonders, and just have fun. Try inviting some other friends to enjoy the outdoors with you, so you can be in the company of others. 🍃

• Gather some friends and have an Ostara ritual. Cook up some lavender + vanilla popcorn, wrap yourselves in some fluffy blankets, and sit around some tarot cards or a crystal altar and charge your minds with the energy of Spring. 🔮

• Just dance. Dancing is a great way to cleanse and renew yourself and what better day to cleanse things than on Ostara? Having a dance party, either alone or with friends is energizing, refreshing, fun, and most importantly, not harmful to the environment. 💃

• Make a fairy shrine. This one leads back to my childhood. If you are a supporter of the fae and love fairytales, then you will love this idea. Gather leaves, flowers, herbs, scraps of cloth, and so on in order to create your shrine. Little colorful beads, shards of glass, crystals, or even just some cute rocks are great starters! 🍄

• Ground yourself! By ground yourself, I mean really, physically ground yourself. Take off your shoes, go outside, and bury your feet in the dirt. Not only does this connect you with nature, it is also scientifically proven to rid your body of unnecessary electricity and it can prevent static electricity. ⚡️

• Open some windows! Letting the outside in is a great way to honor Ostara and invite the changing weather in without having to get all prepared for a nature walk or hike. Also, fresh air is a million times better for you than indoor air, as it is freshly cleaned by trees and it hasn’t been cycling around your house for hours. 🌬

• Write a love letter. Write a love letter to yourself, to the earth, to past witches or future witches, to fellow witches or your enemy witches, to your deities or the universe. Write a love letter to whomever you please, and don’t be shy about it. Spill out your thoughts and focus on every word. Slip it in a grimoire or notebook, maybe your diary or a special box. Honor this love letter, as it is a reminder of nature and Ostara. 💌

• Start a nature grimoire. If you already have a grimoire for spells, theories, magic, and mystery, then why not start one entirely dedicated to nature? Write about what you’ve observed in nature, your theories about nature, herbs, drying plants, and gardening. Have fun with it! 📖

• Do a seed-casting ritual. Simply put, gather all of your favorite plant seeds and combine them. Dig a small-ish hole in the ground and sprinkle the seeds into the hole while walking around the hole chanting, “I wish it be, I wish it may, grow in the ground fiercely today, have the strength to make it through, the evil and the twisted, so this chant shall do”. I came up with this as a personal way to encourage my plants to grow and flourish whenever I plant them. If you want more info, just message me! 🌹

• Play classical music for your plants! This has been proven to increase plant growth phenomenally, and there’s no doubt that you can sing to them too. Helping strengthen plants is a great way to celebrate Ostara. 🎼

• My nighttime Ostara ritual. As you can probably tell by now, my rituals and I are pretty tight-knit. I do this ritual to signify the leaving of an old life and the beginning of a new one. I also do this to cleanse my heart of any negativity. Getting rid of the sluggish feelings of Winter and bringing forth the new ones of Spring is really important. Simply light as many candles as you can and say, “This is my life, the life I give, to the air to the dirt to the sky to the night, this is the life I live. Twitching and twirling is the wand of my past, no longer it is mine. So I say goodbye to the wrinkled and old, and hello to the fresh and magical”. This chant simply states the purpose of the activity and has no real connection to Witchcraft other than to signify the official act of moving on. After reciting the passage, blow out each candle in quick succession! 🕯

I hope all of you enjoy my masterpost of Ostara activities! If you have any questions or suggestions, please message me anytime. Hope you all have a wonderful Ostara and happy bewitching 🌞

ch 7.

Bad Habits || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum ft got7 members

Word Count: 1152

Warnings: none :)

note: i’d like to say this now but BTS GOING TO BBMAS IS LITERALLY WHAT I’M GOING TO REBLOG FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT BECAUSE I’M SUCH TRASH FOR BTS. (and i’m sorry for all the bts spam)  BUT AHSDKLJLSA i’m so excited why. anyways, new chapter and… yeah… happy reading and take care! -admin

For the rest of the week, Jaebum insisted that I stayed in bed and skip my classes until I felt better. Although I’ve reminded him countless times that I feel fine, Jaebum still worried for my behalf and I was grateful for that. However, Jaebum made sure I didn’t go anywhere without his consent which meant I couldn’t step outside without getting caught by one of the boys. They all watched me like hawks except for Mark, Bambam and Jackson.

When Jaebum and a few of the boys went to the bar to work, Jackson would take me to the nearest park and buy me ice cream while Mark and Bambam tried to find a car to drive around. Sometimes, we would all go to the mall because I needed new clothes and Bambam would be my personal fashion advisor. Other times, we would drive somewhere far and do something reckless. Despite all the fun we had, we eventually got caught by Jaebum which ended up in a disastrous way.

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You, little human Part. I – Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: Focused on season 3A of Teen Wolf. I’ll play with the way the pack discovers who Darach is. In this imagine, the Reader is twin sister of Stiles Stilinski, belongs to the same social circle that he, except for the detail that she knows nothing of the supernatural creatures, mainly to protect her. The Reader has a crush on Derek Hale.

Words: 2721

Enjoy it!

Reader’s point of view

Your name: submit What is this?

The dream scheme had not changed after two and a half weeks of living it. Luckily, every night was more aware that it was that, just a dream. It consisted of the same, a pair of red eyes gleamed among the trees; I was surrounded in the dark, always in my pajamas, my hair matted and barefoot. Lovely! I remember looking everywhere, looking for a way out, but everything was black, the full moon barely could light the path. And as always, I started running blind, if I hit trees, if I cut or something, I just didn’t feel it, because it was illogical to run without seeing and not hit anything, but, what was logical in a dream? This was finished when i finally stumbled over something and the two red balls became bigger. In the distance, the howling of an agonizing wolf was heard.

I woke up to the creak of the door opening. It still took me a few seconds to recover from the bad dream, always causing insomnia and a good headache at school. But, the door? Why would Dad leave at two in the morning? That was happening countless times, only if there was a real emergency in the police station, beyond the murders that were happening lately, nothing else happened, although that seemed enough to make the men with whom i lived unbearable. They seemed to be punished, from high school to home, Stiles took care of bringing me and then he left, so this time, I knew immediately who was entering.

“How long does it take you to get there? Are you dating someone? … Oh, wait, you finally stopped being a virgin.” I exclaimed in a mocking tone.

Stiles closed the door and snorted.

“As if you were not, sister.” He hit back, I just shrugged.

“It’s different.” I finished down the stairs and joined him in the kitchen. “So, are you going to tell me that mysterious mystery that you bring?” I was excited to know something more; the town was beginning to bore me.

“There is no mysterious mystery”

“Then why come so late? Does Dad know? Come on, Stiles, I’m practically locked up at home because of you, I haven’t even gone shopping with Lydia, or seeing …”

I shut up, but I blushed. Stiles stopped paying attention to the contents of the refrigerator and gave me an accusing look. Of course my love interest was a secret to my friends, no one could know, not even Dad. My brother and his best friend barely got away with it.

"See who, Y/N? So you also have a mysterious mystery. "He pointed a finger at me.

"AHA! So you admit that there is a mystery ” Stiles came back to ignore me “Fine! Don’t tell me, I’ll find out”

I turned around and went back to my room. Something was going to happen to me.

The disadvantage of having a twin brother right when I needed to find answers, is that we were in the same group, always sitting next to Scott, whom I planned to corner somehow to tell me that it was cooking, but is that Stiles, as If I knew my intentions, it would not go away. After I finished pointing out what was on the blackboard, I glanced at Lydia, and of course she had already finished and kept drawing something, too distracted to notice the heaviness in my eyes. I gave up on her and went for Allison, she wasn’t over yet, and she was too far away to capture her attention. I snorted and leaned back against the chair. Professor Blake kept checking previous papers. Carefully I took my phone and decided to take the risk by sending a message to Scott. Do you know what my brother is bringing? Of course I didn’t trust much, the loyalty between them was unbreakable. Scott McCall looked over his shoulder and shook his head. Liar.

At the end of the class, everyone left the classroom, I was the last, simply because I wanted to follow the others, see who I can catch, maybe Isaac, I could take double from him, although, now that he lives with Scott, Hesitated This locked cat would drive me crazy. When I left the room I lost sight of so many people, I sighed and leaned against the wall waiting for the answers to be projected in the lockers opposite. Maybe I should try with Lydia.

Ready to look for her, I looked up, finding that, in the opposite direction of the walk of my companions, Derek Hale was approaching. My stomach responded by squeezing and I found myself adjusting and putting my hair in vain. When he saw me, he smiled. Almost never did, but we had a good relationship, of friendship, of course. I couldn’t see it as a target for the unknowns that hovered in the air, since it was not so close to my friends.

"Derek” Why am I smiling like a fool?

“Y/N” He nodded in front of me, though I noticed that his gaze was over my shoulder than in my eyes, I tried not to get discouraged.

“What are you doing here?”

I wasn’t going to lie, in my fantasies, I always imagined Derek appearing in high school offering me a hope of escape for a few hours. However, he seemed too absorbed to make it come true. I tried not to feel bad about the fact that he felt he wanted to get rid of me easily.

“I came to … visit a friend”

I struggled because my smile didn’t go away. He fixed his eyes above me again. I turned to the point of his gaze to meet Miss Blake, who also looked at my opponent.

“Derek” Her tone and joy sounded very adolescent. I began to feel nauseated. “Oh, do you know her?” She kept her smile. I had never felt aversion to Jennifer Blake until now.

“Yes” I tried not to sound so rude “I think I … I don’t feel well”

I looked at Derek, his eyes on mine, and for a moment concern crossed his face. Well, at least I lived with the comfort that he cared about me.

“You want me to take you with the nurse, Y/N?” Blake took me by the shoulders.

“Do you need anything?” I wasn’t delighted with Derek’s words.

“No, I’ll be fine … I just … I think I’ll look for Stiles”

I slipped away quickly, didn’t want to look back, the nausea would increase. My eyes began to itch. Derek Hale was dating someone, I wasn’t stupid, it was immediately noticeable, especially the teenage attitude of Jennifer Blake as she looked at him. For God’s sake, I think I’m really going to vomit.

“Feeling good, Y/N?”

I didn’t realize that I ended up against the lockers hugging my book against my chest. Lydia came up to me.

“You’re very pale.” She touched my forehead but I pulled away.

“I’m fine.” I trusted Lydia, maybe she was the only one who suspected my feelings, the others were busier in their mysteries to pay attention to me, not that I needed it. “You know … if Derek is dating … Miss Blake?” My friend’s gesture was strange.

“Ew.” She chuckled. No, she didn’t know.

“I’d better go home,” I announced as I sat up. The last thing I wanted was to meet again with that couple.

“I’ll take you, I just finished my classes”

I wasn’t surprised by Lydia’s intellect. I accepted, especially since I didn‘t feel good for walking back.

“You got to be kidding!”

I walked through my room while reading my brother’s text message, used to talk to myself when he did this kind of things to me. That is, to go to school? Right now? However, it was too tempting what I would receive in exchange for going there, would tell me the secret that is in hand, I would finally add some excitement to my life in Beacon Hills, even if it was something silly, if it is something Slightly different, I’m in! I slipped on my shoes and practically ran out, taking my jacket in step. No one was at home, so I would save the explanations. I was practically violating the rules, but in the first place Stiles incited me to do so, and secondly, I wasn’t a hostage, if they wanted to keep me, dad had to keep me behind bars.

Running was a challenge, but I didn’t give up my step, the sooner I arrived, the faster I would know that mystery. Too curious. I remembered that I had to talk very seriously to the sheriff about having a car of my own; that Stiles kept my mom’s Jeep was doing me something unfair. It was that or I could always bribe them with getting a motorcycle, I’d seen Aiden and Ethan’s, too beautiful to get my attention. I wondered what it would feel like to ride in one of them. Yes, it would be the perfect excuse to worry my father and have a car insured. Soon.

The school was deserted, I was surprised not to see the Jeep anywhere, but knowing my twin, He had possibly hidden it so as not to be discovered. I was committing another offense, in addition to having left home unannounced, being in school outside of reasonable hours was strictly prohibited, but not so much, considering that they left the doors uninsured. I went in through the main; the corridors were dark and cold.

“Stiles?” I called aloud. I swore that if this was a joke to scare me off, tonight would suffocate him against the pillow while he sleeps.

I took shelter and started walking, it wasn’t normal this type of cold, unless someone left the ventilation open. Nothing was heard, not a breath, not even the movement of an object.

“Stiles?” I tried again, but no answer. “Okay, if this is a cruel joke, I swear you’re going to wake up breathing under your pillow!”

My inside began to fear, but another part of me ignited the adrenaline and I kept walking, the school was terrifying but it managed to be more when there was not a soul wandering the halls, only mine, apparently. I looked out at one of the classrooms that had the door open; the low lighting allowed me to see that there was nobody. I decided that it was better to leave and torture my brother as soon as he appeared in the house, in my mind I imagined him tied to a chair, torture, i had to think about it. Then my phone rang, the screen lit the name of my twin.


“Where are you, Y/N?” I concentrated on hearing his voice echo, but nothing. I shuddered.

“What do you mean, where am I? At school, right where you asked me to come.” I looked around.

“I didn’t ask you for anything”

“Stop, you sent me a message that I came here and you would reveal your mystery to me”

In his line, i heard the Jeep door slam shut.

“I just got my phone back; I haven’t had it for two hours.” I felt a chill on my back. “Okay, okay, calm down.”  I heard him get on the jeep and start, “Stay there, I’ll pick you up … no … Better run … no, don’t move …”

"Stiles!” His anxiety began to spread.


And as a sign I obeyed, however, a force pulled me from behind and threw me into the classroom I had previously reviewed. My phone fell a few feet away, I heard Stiles call me but when I wanted to reach him, a shoe crushed it. I stepped back from inertia and when I looked up, I discovered Miss Blake staring at me from above.

“Miss Blake?” She didn’t keep the day-to-day look she gave us, and the smile was different, evil, mocking. I began to fear her.

“Curiosity killed the cat, isn’t it, Y/N?” She walked up to lock the door and turned slowly to me. I stood up.

“Why I‘m here?”

“Little innocent” She laughed “You were too predictable with your feelings for Derek. Even he realized”

I swallowed and blushed, he notice?

"Am I here for Derek?” I never imagined getting stuck in a fight for a boy. It was kind of nasty and vulgar. I didn’t plan to start this, or to follow her game.

Miss Blake shrugged.

“In part.” She pursed her lips before displaying her teeth. “You’re their sweet, vulnerable human, you’ll lure the whole pack, especially Scott McCall.”

“Pack?” What the hell was this woman talking about?

“Oh, you don’t have the role of the ignorant, beautiful.” In seconds she held me tightly and threw me against the desks. I let out a gasp as i hugged my ribs with my arm, she seemed to know exactly where to throw me, “Your brother is a simple human, like you, but he belongs to Scott’s pack”

“What … are you … talking?” I said between groans.

“Don’t you know?” It seemed that she really believed me “Your dear brother is surrounded by werewolves and a lunatic banshee”

I leaned against a desk to slowly stand up. What was she trying to play with? Did she do this out of jealousy?

“I don’t know…”

I stopped when I saw her approaching, my hands flew to a chair, as soon as I got close, I used all the strength I allowed myself to hit her. Jennifer stepped back, i  didn’t waste time and ran out of the room. I felt a bit dazed by the blow and the corridors were moving in circles, it was the worst time for me to start getting dizzy. The brute force of that woman threw me against the lockers, I stood again, I was only a human as she said but I wasn’t going to fall into fragility. I didn’t go very far when she pushed me again. I sat on the floor, I couldn’t continue to think that the dizziness was more pronounced and I began to see blur.

Then a roar, no, several echoed in the hallway, I put my hands to my ears and blinked several times, I needed to recover my vision to see what the hell was going on. At last I succeeded, a few meters from me, two men turned their backs on me and faced Jennifer, crouched, roared again, this time not so strong and they went on top of her. I tried to get to my feet but a piercing pain pierced my body, which I sank back to the floor with a groan.

“I’m here.” I recognized Stiles’s voice at my side.

Looking back at the area of ​​attack, I saw one of them fly away landing at my feet, Isaac? With a transformed face. I complained again, he ignored us and returned to where the fight was unfolding. Scott? Was he the other boy? Was it Scott? I didn’t want to ask. Stiles made sure I could get up, but another sharp pang hit me.

“It hurts a lot.” I closed my eyes tightly.

“Let me help her.” I heard his voice. I wanted to see it, and the first thing I caught was his transformed face, just like Isaac’s, and glittering blue eyes stuck in mine.


I recoiled against my pain, sticking my back against the lockers.

“It’s okay; Y/N” I was encouraged by my brother “Takehis hand”

I obeyed, concentrating on Derek’s arm, where black veins began to set, slowly the pain began to fade, the reminder was still in my body, but it was bearable. I sighed in relief.

“She escaped,” Scott announced. He and Isaac approached. Before my eyes, their faces returned to normal. And Derek’s too.

I held a cry. What was happening? Was this all real or was i already hallucinating?

“Scott, you and Isaac looking for her trail. Stiles and I took care of Y / N”

I was able to take the opportunity to speak, to demand explanations, but my head didn’t give more and my conscience much less.

How to talk to and share offerings with your deities in the astral

Disclaimer: this is how I do it. Ymmv. Feel free to alter this method until you find what works for you.

Part one: Create an altar space for the deity.

The method I learned for this step was called creating a “compressed temple.” Basically what I did was create a sigil specifically for that deity’s space, outlined the basic astral structure, linked the two, and then charged the sigil. As energy was caught by the sigil, it made the astral space more solid and filled in details.

You can do this in several ways; I’ll tell you how I did mine. ((note, I did these individually and had a week dedicated to each deity. I definitely don’t recommendtrying to create more than one compressed temple at a time.)) First, I created bindrunes for each deity. Then, once you have the symbol you like, draw it on your skin somewhere. Use an activity to charge it. For Thor, I drew the symbol on my hip and charged it by going to the gym. Freyja’s was charged with energy from the job fair I was required to attend and the symbol was drawn over my heart. Hel’s was charged during meditation on a cemetary visit with the symbol over my sternum.

Anyway, however you wanna do it, that’s cool. Once you feel like you’ve successfully filled that space with lotsa energy and all that good shit, go ahead and visit it. Make sure it’s all stable and has what you need.

Now leave and let it settle. Give it at least 24 hours before you disturb it again.

Part two: Figure out what you actually want to do.

Do you want to chat? Give them a cool thing? Share a meal? Just leave offerings? Decide now. It determines what I do next.

Part three A: Just leaving offerings

If all you want to do is leave offerings, find a place in this space you’ve created that you feel would be suitable for making offerings. Then all you need to do is leave your offerings! You can use this space for ritual, casting, whatever. Anything that you’d do to worship in the physical realm (and then some) can be done here and it’s really all up to you what that entails!

Part three B: Actually speaking with the deity

To speak with the deity (or other spirits), make sure you have a place to sit and chat. In this space, prepare something to eat or drink–my go to is fresh baked bread and tea or mead–and make sure the place isn’t a mess. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just….don’t let it look like my room after a particularly low spoons week, if possible.

Whenever you’re ready, just request the presence of the deity/spirit. It may take a few minutes for them to appear, but in my experience, it’s rare that they don’t show up at all. Once they’ve arrived, take a seat, offer your food/drink, and get to chatting. For the star’s sakes, please use your manners when addressing deities and other spirits. You don’t need to fawn over them (unless that’s how your dynamic is? idk ymmv) but make sure you aren’t rude.

Then all you have to do when you’re done is bid them goodbye, have them leave, and clean up.

Part four: Advice

  1. Don’t be rude
  2. Seriously don’t be fucking rude
  3. It is possible to get impostor spirits, especially if you’re not all that familiar with them. Take the appropriate precautions.
  4. I have one space dedicated specifically for speaking with my gods and meeting other spirits and it is separate from my main space (which now contains one big forest and a whoooooole lot of spirits. it’s a little too public for my liking when it comes to meeting beings). I definitely advise keeping yours separate from other spaces you may have.
  5. Keeping it separate also means that if you accidentally have something you don’t want sort of…infect the space, you can just cut that one off from yourself and get rid of it instead of having to deal with it in your other spaces and maybe never quite getting rid of it.
  6. As a final reminder

Hey guys! I had some of my friends ask me to make them a little guide on how I’ve been making bells in ACNL since I’m paying off so many of my characters houses. 

I make all of my bells from beetle hunting and fin fishing on the tropical island! I prefer to hunt alone, that way I can hog all the goods to myself, hehe.

  • First step? Clean up your island!

If you’re going to be using the island as a bell gathering spot like me you’ll need to take away all of the flowers, shrubs, and extra trees. Yes, even the ones on the grass - I know there a couple of high ticket beetles that rez there but I don’t think it’s worth it for quick bell hunting since so many other 2k ones show up. Better to keep the minimum of 6k with Goliath beetles.

I leave 6 palm trees in total along the sides of the island. This way I can actually start from the bottom and look ahead to see what beetles have rezed on the next trees without scaring them away! So handy, especially if you have trouble with the skittish Golden Stags.

  • Second step, scare away those pests!

Now that your island is cleaned up you’ll have a lot less random encounters of bugs to deal with. But that doesn’t get rid of all of them. You’ll still deal with Tiger Beetles, Wharf Roaches, and Hermit Crabs. If these are showing up it’s taking away changes for tree beetles to rez! So do your best to scare them away, I like to slap my net on the ground. Usually sends them running. Also remember to scare away extra fish shadows too so you have a chance to see a fin fish!

I always wait to start bell hunting until 7pm. This way no grasshoppers or locusts are spawning any more. If you want to wait even later with your night owl ordinance that’s great too! Tiger Beetles stop spawning at 11pm so more chances to get palm tree beetles. :D

  • Third step, go in circles until the goal is met.

I like to start going straight down the map. This way I can automatically scare away any roaches or tiger beetles chilling there. ALWAYS START FROM THE BOTTOM! This way you can see your beetles before you scare them! I like taking my island in a figure 8 motion so I can see the whole island and check the water for any finned fish.

And after all that just fill up your drop box inventory with as much as you can get and get those sweet, sweet bells!

***Please take note! This is just how I personally practice to get bells, there all are all sorts of methods to try out - so feel free to reference it and change whatever you like to make it a better bell gathering experience for you!

K, but, like, imagine there are two mage babies in a Dalish clan. An older brother and, like, five years younger sister. 

The plan is that the keeper will train both of them until the next Arlathvenn, when the younger kid will go to another clan.

But, like, three weeks before the Arlathvenn, the keeper dies. 

The older brother takes over as keeper, expecting his little sister to be his First.

But the little sister isn’t having any of it. She doesn’t want to be bossed around by her big brother, who’s now also her teacher too. 

So the two get into a massive fight and and the girl’s brother yells, “If you don’t like my leadership, go see what the world is like outside our camps, Da’len.” 

And the girl runs off angrily. 

And when the giant Qunari she meets up with in a bar a few months later, she says sadly, “My keeper told me I should see the world.”

The Qunari, Iron Bull, she’d later find out his name is, just assumes that means the myths he’s heard about the Dalish getting rid of extra mages are true, and the girl, who starts going by Dalish, doesn’t bother to correct him.

Body Positivity;Johnny

Request: girl.. you already know who i’m gonna request for the body posi series (my sweet giant) 😂😂💜

  • aye im back with another body positivity post!!
  • im glad some of you actually read the winwin one
  • i know how many of you are weak™ for johnny so im gonna write it in such a way that it can help boost your confidence
  • hope this helps!!
  • let’s go

  • okay knowing johnny, he’s 101% positive and always encouraging/supportive

  • he’d do ANYTHING just to ensure you that you’re perfectly normal and have no flaws at all
  • says “i love you” every other hour
  • followed by kisses and hugs
  • sometimes it’s all warm and sweet, his soft lips just brushing lightly against yours
  • other times he gets a little aggressive, pushing them harshly onto yours and as his hands would touch each and every one of your curves
  • not because he’s angry,
  • because he’s frustrated that you can’t see the same about of beauty he sees in you
  • and it makes him sad that you feel insecure at times
  • but don’t worry, he’ll get over it quickly
  • and probably shower you with lots and lots of compliments
  • “my queen”
  • “forget wearing makeup today, you look gorgeous”
  • “anyone seen an angel before?? because i see one everyday oh my god”
  • “and she’s beautiful”
  • when he’s in the mood too, he loves kissing and pecking each and every inch of you skin
  • as his fingers trace them lightly too
  • “god babe you’re so beautiful”
  • “it’s a blessing to be with you”
  • and when you get all shy and deny
  • he denies it even more and tries to convince you to love yourself
  • which always helps because he’s just too sweet to reject??
  • “see!! so many people were staring at you today, your beauty attracts too many people”
  • “what if they were staring for another reason?”
  • “please babe, there’s nothing else on you but pure beauty?? what do you mean?”
  • “johnny you’re being so cheesy right now”
  • “just saying the truth”
  • worships you like an actual queen
  • always complimenting you and making comments/sounds to boost your confidence
  • “oh damn”
  • “wooo”
  • “that’s my girl”
  • “ahh!!”
  • /claps hands excessively/
  • and this sight is too adorable to watch you end up just feeling all fuzzy and 10× better about yourself
  • is even more open about pda and always has his arms around your hips, waist and shoulders
  • and every piece of clothing he sees, he’s try to compare it with you
  • “this dress is nice… but you know what’s better? if you wear it”
  • “please babe i dont think i’d look good with it”
  • “try it on, trust me”
  • and you do because it’s johnny™ and his fashion evaluation skills
  • and as johnny mentioned you actually look stunning
  • so he ends up buying it for you
  • which is also why he spends lots of money on clothes that can help boost your confidence
  • but at the same time he also plays a major role in helping to push if up too
  • thanks to his sweetness and convincing words, you’re now much more confident about your body and how you look
  • whatever insecurities you have, johnny would help get rid of it for you
  • because he loves you
  • with all his heart
  • and all he wants is for you to be happy

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This is for everyone who is asking me how I do my uncluttering sessions.

1. Start with your journal. Write down everything first. Find a place where you can think and have some quality time with yourself.

2. Think of specific areas you want to include in your uncluttering. Some areas on my list are: food, music, gadgets, books, plans, journals and blogs, finance, exercise, etc.

Food - what to eat and what not to eat. go healthy! ( I do juice fasting/cleansing sometimes)

Music - songs I want to learn, pieces I need to play

Gadgets - I organize files on my gadgets every month and I also customize themes

Books - reading list and study goals

Plans - plans for the month, monthly goals, weekly goals

Journals and Blogs -  organizing my journaling stuffs, updating my blogs

Finance - budget, savings, organizing my wallet

Exercise - regular exercise schedule

3. Unclutter your thoughts too. Write down all your million-dollar ideas before you forget about them. Remove all non-sense and dwell on happy thoughts and positive things. Stop worrying!

4. Get rid of all stuffs you’re not using anymore. Send them out for donations or throw them in the trash.

5. Tidy up your room and your desk. I do this on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than a clean and fresh room atmosphere.

6. Unclutter by prioritizing. First things first. Leave the internet alone and do your school work.

7.Practice minimalism.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember that uncluttering is personal. You can always do it in your own way.  

Sick of Losing Soulmates x Dan Howell

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inspired by the song ‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’ by dodie.

[Y/N] had never been this nervous. Usually she wasn’t so nervous to go to a YouTuber convention, but now, things were different. Dan and Phil would be at the convention too, and she would even be on the same panel as them, along with Louise, to talk about the effect of internet on people’s mental health. [Y/N] happened to be quit the expert on the subject, since she isn’t always her very best. But since she had met Dan …
[Y/N] had been texting and talking to Dan online for over half a year now. They had come in contact through Twitter, when Dan had tweeted her about a video of her, and it turned out that they had a lot in common.
But they hadn’t had the chance to meet in person, until today.
Dan made [Y/N] feel wanted, understood and not alone anymore. Finally she had found someone that had the same sense of humor, was just as dark as her sometimes, and someone that would listen to her. They were on the exact same level, and it kinda scared [Y/N] at first. She never had experienced something like that. It just felt right.
And now, she was standing in front of the building, where Dan would be inside. How would it be to finally see him? Finally talk to him in real life? She was afraid to lose him, afraid that he would think she wasn’t how he had imagined her to be in real life.
She didn’t want to lose him. That was her biggest fear : to lose him. Because half a year doesn’t seem to be a long time, but it’s long enough for [Y/N] to feel so much for Dan. She wasn’t sure what she felt, but it sure was something. On the days they didn’t talk, [Y/N] felt empty, like she had been dropped into a dark hole. Yes, they did have silent arguments sometimes, where they just didn’t talk, but eventually they always started to talk again, opened up a bit more to each other, and then they pulled each other back out of the hole, into the light.
[Y/N] took one last deep breath, and then started to walk towards the backstage entrance. She showed the security her badge, and they let her inside. She immediately was greeted by a women with a clipboard, who smiled to bride and obviously was very tired. She led [Y/N] towards the panel she is co-hosting, towards Dan.
She took out her phone, and smiled when she saw that she had a message from Dan. That’s just the effect one stupid text had on her.

[b]Dan :[/b] i can’t believe i’m finally going to meet you !! i’m so nervous but also very happy and excited. hope i won’t have to puke

She couldn’t help but snicker at his text. She decided to not text anything back, since they’re just a few steps away from Dan. [Y/N] tugged away her phone in the pocket of her jeans. She really didn’t knew where she’d be without Dan. Probably still hiding away in a dark corner of her room, putting up a face to make a video. But since she talked to Dan, she wasn’t afraid anymore to hide how she really felt, and the support had been overwhelming.
Luckily, today was a good day, and it could only get better.
‘Here we are!’ The lady finally said, opening up the yellow door. ‘You still have about an hour to get ready and to talk to the other YouTubers that will be at the panel. There’s some drinks and some food for you if you want. If you need anything else, just ask! And here’s all the information about the convention. Have fun.’ The lady smiled and gave [Y/N] a whole bunch of papers and a map of the convention. She thanked her and then walked inside.
There were loads of YouTubers already, but she was searching for one in particular. And then she saw him. His back was turned towards her, but she still recognized him. Not only because Phil was standing right next to him, but also because he was one of the tallest people in the room, dressed in all black. Phil saw her before Dan. He was about to tap Dan on the shoulder, but [Y/N] quickly signed to not do that.
She slowly started to walk up to them, but Phil had the worst poker face ever and started to grin.
‘What the hell are you grinning at, Phil?’ Dan asked, in a kind of suspicious tone.
‘That’s probably because of me.’
Dan immediately turned around, a look of utter surprise on his face when he saw who was standing behind him.
‘[Y/N]?’ He whispered, and then the biggest smile appeared on his face. It seemed that without giving it a second thought, he went in for a hug, almost lifting her off the floor.
‘It’s me,’ she whispered back and hugged him back, burying her face into his black shirt. ‘I can’t believe this.’
‘Me neither.’
‘I guess I’ll leave you two alone for a bit.’ She heard Phil say, but [Y/N] didn’t really pay attention to him. It was all Dan for her. Dan, her anchor, her sunshine, the person that always could make her smile, the one she always could talk to about everything.
Finally they let go of each other, and they both just smiled.
‘This is so weird,’ [Y/N] mumbled. ‘But it’s also like, I don’t know, it feels familiar.’
‘I get what you mean.’ Dan smiled ‘It has been way too long. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’ll get rid of me now.
‘I don’t mind that at all.’ [Y/N] smiled back. She was sick of always losing people, and she defiantly didn’t want to lose Dan. He was her soulmate, if that was romantically or just as friends, only time would tell that.

Beneath the Surface - Request

Requested by anon:  hello can you do a sherlock x reader angst based on the song beneath the surface by dream theatre thank you ♡

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,440

Warnings: Angsty.

A/N: I tried to write something different with this one. I hope you like it. ;)
Also, this is set between season 3 and season 4 (you know when Mycroft wants to send Sherlock away…)
*Tags under the cut.


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“My dear lover (Y/N),

I must ask you a question, as it is the only way I can get rid of this sentiment invading my brilliant mind. A question, perhaps, too ridiculous to come from a man like me, yet important to kept my sanity. Please, forgive me if I cause trouble, but you know I must focus solely on what matters; my job, which is the only thing that fulfils me, or so I thought. I’m spoiling the point, forgive me. I will ask you the question now – it is a great time to stop reading – and please promise me you will never repeat it out loud, and you will never talk about it –or this letter, for that matter – with anyone. I don’t know what will be of me after such thing. The paragraph is too big, I fear, I will write the question on the next one, as a starter, like an elegant letter. I’m sorry for this introduction, I can’t put my mind on order and you will see why very soon. I really hope you understand that that is the reason why my usually clear calligraphy has turned into a mess, or why I can’t make myself write a drabble and then type a proper version that is perfectly understandable.

Is there ever a right time? You had led me to believe you’d be there for me. Perhaps when the star aligned, when you weren’t so consumed. I looked for clues, for it is all I know how to do, and yet I found none. John told me to be patient, and so I waited in the shadows, looking for the minimal cue that showed me the time was right – but it never happened.

It was then when I stopped caring, and God knows I am utterly regretful at that choice. I forgot the reason why I longed to be so close to you, and faded – disappeared – into the darkness, the same darkness in which I had hidden my feelings until the proper time arrived. Said darkness turned into pain, a pain that I had never felt before, and I’m afraid it never went away. It hurts, my love, and it will continue to hurt forevermore.

I wore my feelings, I never hid them until John suggested to. I craved for the moment when you realized that my love for you was new to me, and so I couldn’t quite confess with words what I felt with my soul. Words are never enough to such things, you’ll see, no matter how strong they are only actions can interpret the feelings of the heart.

Am I being too poetic? I’m afraid so, but then again, I don’t feel like myself. That is why I’m writing to you this letter. I must expel everything out, as it is the only way I can rest in peace each night, without you invading my mind.

Where was I? Oh yes, I wore my feelings but after I stopped caring, I hid them; I buried all of the remains deep beneath the surface. <- That is quite a catchy phrase, should I write it more often?

I’m deeply sorry for not knowing the truth; for believing I was the only one suffering in silence. If I had deduced it in time… But love blinds us all, and I couldn’t imagine a human like you in love with a monster like me. I now blame that as the reason why the right time never came; it was always there, but we were too blind and scared.

I appreciate your effort trying to protect my fragile frame. You couldn’t risk it, could you? If you had, maybe I would go mad – but dear, my dearest (Y/N), I am already mad.

How was your search? The search for words, the rehearsals of what you’d do when the moment came… I know mine was tedious, and more than once I thought of quitting and confessing my love at any time without any hesitation. But I couldn’t do it, because I believed you deserved more than a mad man bursting into millions of pieces out of a sudden, especially me, who you know to be a well-centred person. I would scream just to be heard, yelling at the stars above – but I fear the stars were the only ones to know apart from John.

John found out a bit later, after you and I both stopped caring. He noticed the break up between us, although there was nothing to break up since there was nothing between us. But I craved for it with all of my might. I was bleeding just to feel, and have you feel back – I craved your soft touch, and your never ending love; it was perhaps egoistical from me to dream of you falling in love, but I needed it. I must admit that a bit of me got very proud of knowing that you did love me back.

If you had only told me how you truly felt, things would be different. I would be writing another kind of letter – if any – and not a good-bye one. I would be by your side, with my mind on its place and my heart warm by your side. But I’m afraid it will never happen, and I will never see you again.

Is this making things easier for you? I knew you would try to run away, quitting perhaps, but I’m sure you would never consider that I would kill a man threatening your and all of my family’s life; did you think I could murder someone? Of course you didn’t, because you were in love and love blind us all. But I did, and now I will have to go away. This letter is to free us both from the invisible chain we unconsciously tied around our necks.

The shell of what things could have been will be destroyed once I finish writing this letter, and hopefully yours will once you finish reading it. The secrets we kept were too frail, and our tired bones must rest now. Carrying such weight isn’t healthy, you know it for sure.

I’m sad to think I never knew. Not only does it mean I’m not as good as I thought I was, but it also means I missed the chance of my life. Do you feel the same? After reading this letter, and after doing whatever it is that you chose to do with it, will you forgive me for being so blind? I kept you away from love, happiness and maybe a future. You will now walk the London streets alone, knowing that it could have been me by your side, rather than the cold wind and the yellow fog.

I hope that your future is as bright as mine can’t be. A person like you will be able to find someone else soon, and hopefully someone better. I must admit, I was very concerned that you would fall for me, because I know who I am and I know that you deserve better. I also know that this letter has different messages that may result confusing, but do know that love is confusing and, although I have stopped caring, my love for you will continue for the rest of my days as an old memory deep inside my soul.

Remember those nights, at the very top of the bridge that crosses the Thames, in which we would find the one boat sailing earlier than the rest? Remember the tiny red light it had on the top? Remember the pulsing, blurry vision we’d get of it once it sailed away? That is my love for you now. It is objective, because it is there, but it no longer shines in front row but rather in the back.

Am I being too harsh with you? Apologies, my lack of care is playing with us me. As said before, if I had known how you felt, things would be different. However, you kept me reaching in the dark for something to… conceal. Why did you do this? Did you stop caring before me? Please, do tell me how you achieved it.

I hope you don’t forget me, lover. I hope you find someone else that isn’t as blind or fragile as me. Please, don’t remember me as the killer that wrote you a sad letter just to shake you off his mind. Remember me as the world’s smartest man, the one that you were once able to love. Maybe then I will turn human again.

Dig my dear, dig deep beneath the surface.

Forever yours,

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This angsty scenario hit me like a truck:

imagine Shiro having such a hard panick attack, that he tries with his all strenght to get rid of his Galra prosthetic. First he just tries to achieve it with his bare hand, claws roughly at the place where his flesh connects with metal, he just wants it gone, wants to rip it off. Then he searches for something to cut it off, all of these while he is shaken up, trembling, sobbing mess, blabbering that he NEEDS to get rid of it.

And I suppose that he is too strong for the rest of the team even in his normal state, and now all that adrenaline and fright running in his veins boost him even more, so Paladins can’t hold him in place and try to calm him down. It’s just long, exhausting chaos.

Sasuke quotes about and for Naruto. ❤
  • Sasuke:
  • "I also want to fight with you. "
  • "It was not meaningless to me, you have become my closest friend."
  • "Naruto... I... "
  • "Do you know, Naruto... that if both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words. I know you aren't naive, Naruto, so you can read the true mind? Can you read my mind?"
  • "I have to get rid of you."
  • "Your thoughts and feelings... I know them all...
  • And you know mines too."
  • "THAT'S exactly why I have to kill you."
  • "I hated you...
  • I don't know, my body just moved on its own moron. "
  • "But there aren't a lot of people as you. "
  • "I was envy of you."
  • "I started to paid attention at you. "
  • "It was a weakness, I trained hard to escape from that weakness. " "You became my goal and my first bond. "
  • "It's his hopeful heart what ties me to Konoha."
  • "You're the only one, just you... My only... "
  • Just when I was starting to think that I was all alone after Itachi died... But I have to kill Naruto. No matter what it takes. "
  • "That guy is the closest thing to a best friend I've ever had."
  • "Thanks to you I was saved.
  • "I'll get rid of all the past mistakes and start anew and this'll start with your death. "
  • "With this I can finally be alone... "
  • "All alone, the feeling of a parent yelling at you is nowhere near what he feel."
  • "We were kids lonely and starving for love, but allowed only hatred.  We knew the same pain, but as friends, we changed paths.  Even more, I chose the path of isolation.  Bonds created heated feelings and in that time, shining like a flash, my own weakness was exposed in broad daylight. "
  • "I stood in the way of my sole friend. A shinobi who knew the same pain. An honest and straightforward ninja who did not bend the truth. On countless occasions, I tried to shake off that destiny. And yet, without giving up and without abandoning me, in the face of inevitable death, he held out his hand. I tried to sever our bond, the sole existence of which led me from my loneliness. I was defeated. We planned to settle our disputes, and chose the Valley of the End. We saw the radiant morning sun and shared the feeling of pain in our chests, and I recall hot tears running down our cheeks. I will never in my life forget this."
  • "Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence.
  • It was similar to the warmth formerly given to me by my family.  In this world, I was allowed to actually feel its existence, the connection of family; of love.  Revenge supported my heart, while simultaneously destroying it.  Hatred, like poison circulating the body, kills human feeling.  Like that, it lit the flames of my heart."

anonymous asked:

hi there!!!! i just finished fmab and fma and im seriously in love with the series!!! esp royai and im glad so many people agree with me. also your blog is one of the many i now follow and i love your work its very cute and very cool and youre amazing :3 can i request a riza trying her best to shave roy miustache and roy having to physically hold her off because he likes too much? thank you and i hope youre happy :>


Roy! Stay still!”

“No!! It stays! Bradley had a mustache and so did Grumman! Fuhrers need to have mustaches! The stache stays! Ow! Get off!”

“Do you think anyone would still want you to be Fuhrer after seeing the monstrosity on your face?! THE STACHE GOES EVEN IF I HAVE TO THROW A FREAKING LAWNMOWER ON YOUR FACE ROY MUSTANG!!”

The look and why Yona was hurting Soo Won intentionally

Soo Won was very distant and tried to get rid of Yona.

In fact Yona was also astonished by the fact that Soo Won didn t mind his father s deeds.

When Soo Won told her, he would even consider such actions himself…She is grim…but she thinks…

What to do next…

Yona is trying the only thing she thinks can maybe reach him…

His father…That will hurt…

And yes, it did.

Look at her face, at her words…There is no…Finally I could hurt him too…

She wanted to reach him…that he would actually listened to her….

And with Luck and Lily, she reached her goal…Besides determination and trust of course.

So, my best friends and I were talking. A conversation that started about my dreams (which, as I’m thinking of making a YouTube, I might make a video about) turned into a conversation about so much more. 

Lately I’ve been tossing around ideas of what I want to do later in life. And the video (Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko, amongst others) helped me realize that above all, that I want to create sapphic films and books for not only those who love women in the LGBT community, but for people of color within the community too. Because we need more representation. And people need to understand that we deserve love and happiness too. 

 I want to get rid of the idea that the typical lesbian is a fair skinned woman whose skinny with blonde or brunette hair (y’all beautiful too but that’s besides the point). Fuck, I want to destroy that stereotype entirely because there’s so much more to us women than that. Give me plus sized women, disabled women, Filipino women, Nigerian women, give me a fucking interracial relationship. 

But also, give me relationships with platonic love. Sex is not everything. There are people (and I say this for the sake of those who identify outside of the female binary, I see y'all and I love y'all) who love women, but don’t like sex.

We don’t want to be oversexualized. We want to be loved, and accepted. We want to thrive in our excellence. So this goes out to all of those who identify as LGBTQPIA. 

Those who are nonbinary. 

Those who are gender fluid. 

Those who are questioning. 

Those who have no label cause fuck it, they’re just them. 

And this ESPECIALLY goes out to all my sweethearts of color. Go fucking shine. Slay their lives and show them what they’re missing whenever they try to sleep on you. 

Love yourself, love others, and have a beautiful day.

【羽生結弦の一問一答】「SPに苦手意識」募る危機感(デイリースポーツ) - Yahoo!ニュース
「フィギュアスケート・世界国別対抗戦」(20日、代々木第一体育館) 男子SPで、 - Yahoo!ニュース(デイリースポーツ)

–All my bad habits appeared. I think I had too much feelings or put in too much thought. It’s a team competition and so there were also feelings of nervousness. And tomorrow is the death anniversary of Prince and I had also intended to put in those feelings and be focused but……  
I am really very sorry.

–I was not able to skate the SP well, even to the end like this. I want to get rid of this feeling of being bad at the SP and I will work on this over some time.

Q: After the performance, you looked up and moved your mouth.
– I said ‘sorry’ (gomen nasai). I apologised. I had too much strange pressure inside me. But even then, I thought I could do it. So in that sense, I have not grown at all, I was thinking that.

Q: About the mistakes:
– Regarding the failure of the (quad) loop, there is nothing that needs to be fixed for that. In terms of feeling, it is a jump that I have been landing steadily, so if I jump properly, it would be fine. I have also corrected the salchow and it has been stable. I think something like an awareness that (my SP) has not been good in competition came out too strongly.

Q: Your thoughts on the song?
– I feel I have no right to talk about it right now. If people saw the programme, heard it and enjoyed it, I am happy, and I am very grateful to the choreographer, Jeffrey Buttle.

Q: Thoughts towards the FP?
–It’s not a competition that’s based on the total score for SP and FP. It’s based on the placing by everyone, and tomorrow is tomorrow and I will give my best for that without being affected by today.

Q: After mistakes/failure, how do you switch, how do you protect the mental aspect?
–Feelings of frustration/regret will lead to growth. I think it’s ok not to switch. It’s precisely because of the feelings of regret that I can be excited/fired up about tomorrow.

hey guys! since it’s the new year, i decided to make a little post on how i personally like to relax and de-stress, especially since all my gcse courses have started.

  • sleep! // it’s important to get the right amount of sleep as it benefits your concentration, memory and ability to learn. as students, it’s hard to get good sleep, with all the assignments we get! take a nap after school or when you have any spare time, even if it’s only for 20 minutes! personally, sleep helps to get rid of any tension and unwanted thoughts i may have.
  • listen to music // listening to music has a relaxing affect on our minds and bodies. slow music has the best affect on us, with many benefits including decreasing the levels of stress hormones. it acts as a great distraction if you’re looking for one too. spotify has a variety of hand made playlists to suit the mood you want!
  • tea! // tea has the amazing ability to reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve your mood, while also having benefits on your health. if you’re not sure about which tea you would prefer best, do some research and experiment with different flavours! personally chamomile tea does the trick for me and the scent is very calming.
  • pamper yourself! // whether this means having a warm bath or doing your nails, small things like these can help you a lot. pampering yourself can help you feel like your escaping reality and taking an emotional and mental break with a refreshing and clean feeling.
  • driving // personally driving is extremely relaxing and calming for me. it gives you a chance to reconnect with your surroundings and nature, and helps me appreciate the little things. i’m able to take a break from technology and give myself time to think and have some alone time. it’s also a great way to catch up with friends and go on a day out and just have a good time. personally i prefer night rides, since the roads in london are usually more empty and free at this time, and i’m able to drive to my heart’s desire lol

i hope that these tips helped and you’re able to apply them to your routine! please add any of your own tips and tricks if you have any! i’d love to try some new ones

and remember that school and grades aren’t everything and that your happiness is so much more important. give yourself a break when you need to and don’t overwork yourself. mental health is extremely important, so please take care of yourselves!

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i get so much anxiety from voltron smh like i love lance so much but i,,, do not,, enjoy it?? like i just don’t trust the writers AT ALL and every scene with keith and allura in it at the same time just gives me literal attacks and I’m??? I’m doing it for lance and hunk and klance and thats like it??

honestly? me too. but also like.

season two…was not the best. everyone knows that. but now they’ve had more fandom feedback. the writers Know what the fandom likes/doesn’t like/what will disappoint us. 

like, some of the most popular voltron blogs (most of them, really) have talked about how they don’t like (hate) k/a/llura and how they want lance/hunk/allura development, and so many people agreed. so like…the writers know what to do and what not to do, tbh. 

and also…keith/allura scenes aren’t set up in romantic light. i know, heteronormativity exists and no one can really get rid of it from themselves, but if the writers wanted to set up k/a/llura, they would have put more effort into making the scenes romantic. 

not to mention that season three is set up to be about lance. he’s had no character development, and the only focus on his character in season two was…at the end of the season (near the beginning of season three, if you know what i’m saying). 

so. i know it’s easy to worry about these things, but…don’t get too anxious, okay?

HERE IT IS, THE THING I’VE BEEN DRAWING FOR A ABOUT A WEEK *faints from exhaustion* comics are so hard… but this was incredibly fun to make!

I now realized this cross-over is a little more popular than I realized, so this could have very well already have been done.  But do I care? NOPE!  I like to think the story behind this was that Cuphead was made from the very same ink machine as a rival to Bendy, a sorta of Elmer Fudd to Bendy’s “wascally” personality. XD Seeing as how Cuphead wants to save his and his brother’s souls from eternal damnation after losing in a game of gamble with the devil, who at this point I’m willing to believe is Bendy’s boss from down below.  Anything is possible at that point if you can make an ink machine that brings your characters to life!  I’d also be lying if this wasn’t loosely based off that cat breaking a mug comic. :P Bendy ain’t too happy with this new star… so the only way to get rid of your competition is to K I L L  T H E M. 

So no wonder Cuphead is taking so long to make as a game, huh? X’D 

oh and remember!