i also want to get rid of this too

It’s a new year, and with is the new resolution to be a healthier me! My birthday is also in a few days so thats exciting too~

I treated myself to some sparkling grape juice and then completely ignored the festivities in favor of sleeping so i mean GREAT START RIGHT??? I’m going to spend today with more juice and maybe some cleaning to get rid of all that old year stuff. (i still havent taken down my christmas tree lol)

But yeah do you all have any new years resolutions? i always forget mine but hopefully this year i wont haha~ What i really want to do is improve my art; looking back at my stuff from last year i already see a big improvement so this coming year will be good for that too i think. 

My stance on the “let women in the NHL” thing is I support women 100% and women’s hockey. If a women wants to make the NHL and win the Stanley cup she should have the chance to be able to do that. But the fact of the matter is most women’s hockey players want their own league, their own trophy and their own fame.

But if you think I won’t stan the fuck out of the first women’s nhler you’re delusional. “But they’re too small” like Hilary knight is the size of Claude giroux so try again. “But women will never play men’s hockey” *looks at Szabados* kay.

This is also the point where I remind you that getting rid of all female leagues is not the goal and that they shouldn’t need to play with men to get support. Playing with men is not the pinnacle of women’s hockey. Women can be the best on their own. No men necessary.

ALSO, while I’m writing about this: the government insists that it’s good to push disabled people into work because employment correlates with health.


I don’t believe this one’s incompetence, actually: anyone with even the slightest grain of sense knows that that correlation will occur simply because if you are too disabled to work, you are too disabled to work. Trying to get rid of that correlation means that you want most people who are, again, too disabled to work, to be working.

You can reduce it, to some extent, by encouraging employers to accommodate people, providing government grants for accommodation, pushing positive messaging towards disability not making you a subhuman horror. ‘Employ disabled people when they are the best candidate!’

But no. It’s on the disabled people to ‘go work, because it’ll make you healthier, because employment correlates with health.’

And again: this can’t be incompetence. It’s obvious that pushing yourself beyond what you can handle will make you less healthy. Hell, anyone who’s pulled a muscle at the gym would know that! But no. You’ll magically become healthier by being employed and pushing yourself past your limits.

There are other factors too, written more about here: social isolation, financial issues, and so on. These do contribute to health - but the solution, if one’s concerned about them, isn’t ‘push people into work they can’t do and take their money away’; it’s to develop support programs and a liveable benefits system. Appoint assessors who understand disability. Find provisions for people who need support. Give people what they need to live.

But no. Just go work. It’ll make you healthier. Somehow. (And if you die, or if you get sicker and can’t work, well, that won’t be in the statistics!)

also happy one year anniversary @bleachskin 😘 i gotta be loud and gross here bc ( the killers voice ) it all started with impulsively making blogs for characters and spending too much time on the phone with each other thus forming some bond of sorts that eventually became romantic coincidentally on this day and now we can’t get rid of each other but that’s okay bc we don’t want to :-)

I don’t know how people would take this, but guys, if you’re girl friend has an abortion, or gets rid of the baby, and you aren’t happy with that choice, don’t feel obliged to stay with her, you can leave her. yes, it’s the girls choice in the matter, but you also have a choice to not stay with her if you feel saddened or hurt by her decision.

I always feel that in these situations, the guys feelings are usually undermined or cast aside. And this isn’t in any way supposed to say a girl has to keep a baby if she doesn’t want to, but her bf wants her too—she has the right to abort, but there needs to be more focus on guys who would have tried to be there for the baby but have to deal with the fact of losing their child and being deprived of being a father. And even more so if you weren’t told about it or weren’t happy about the decision, whether it be at the time the decision was made, or even later.

And then being told to move past it in the end.

No, if you can’t move past it, that’s fine. And if that ruins the relationship with your gf to the point where you want nothing to do with her, don’t feel obliged to stay with her. don’t let her or her friends/family force you to stay with her after the decision, especially if it causes you pain. It’s your choice to move on so do it.

if I were to have a superpower it would be to have tattoo skin. now this power isn’t really useful when it comes to fighting but here me out. this power gives you the ability to have a tattoo or more anywhere on you but the thing is you can also change them, get rid them, animate them, for example lets say you need to make a note to yourself you just simply have the note appear as a tattoo on your wrist in nice and clean writing no ugly sharpie writing thats too big to fit everything. Want perfect eyeliner for the day along with some lipstick that never fades?? well this super power has you covered!! 

Six of Crows lock screens

Kaz: he wasn’t going to customize it much, because y’know, keep em guessing, but he wanted to get rid of the default screen, so he went to see if any of the pre-loaded options were a darker color. then he saw that one of them was a black bird’s wing and he was like “oh shit. that’s my #aesthetic” and it’s pretty much been that ever since

Inej: a group selfie of her, Nina, and Jesper doing Blue Steel-esque faces. in the corner of the photo is a fuzzy black blur that is Kaz, completely ignoring Jesper’s “Kaz!! selfie! look up!!” (it’s prior to Wylan and Matthias’s addition to the group but she loves that photo so much, it would be a bummer to change it.)

Nina: she changes it all the time. some favorites include: her and Inej wearing sunglasses and too-cool-for-you expressions; an unflattering photo of Matthias caught off guard; a cup of hot chocolate being held by hands engulfed in the cuffs of a bulky sweater; a flowery background with “i do what i want” in a digital speech bubble on top.

Matthias: it used to be that his lock screen and home screen were both a snowy mountain landscape view; Nina bugged him about being boring, and after a while he changed it so the lock screen was a sweet picture of her smiling (he did not show her for like a week)

Wylan: a picture of him making an exaggerated surprised/happy face when Jesper kisses his cheek. Inej sees it first and actually groans out loud because it’s so cute; the noise catches Jesper’s attention so he looks over at it and says “oh my god you’re so fucking gay.” 

Jesper: it used to be like a really good selfie of himself. like, the kind of selfie that is flattering and also shows of your personality, the kind you post to three different social media apps and reblog if it doesn’t get enough notes. (“oh my god, your lock screen is yourself?” inej scoffs.  “that’s so vain.”/“but look how good this selfie is.”/“damn. you’re right.”) but then one day he takes a photo of Wylan doing something that captures his full attention (flute? equation? something sciencey? idk), and he looks at it and is like “goddamnit, this is such a great photo.” he puts a bunch of heart eyes/heart/gay couple emojis on top and sets that as his lock screen instead.


Sometimes Dan gives us life quotes that really make us feel better and give us a new perspective of how we want to live. But then…I start to wonder about him. He went through a hard time at school as he explains in his Draw My Life video. He also sadly dropped out of college because it was too much and not what he wanted to do with his life. Which is sort of great, because he’s getting rid of that thing in his life that he doesn’t like. Dan also used to wear all his bracelets on one wrist. Now, this could easily be just the fashion sense that Dan likes, but it has always sparked this terror in me because I wear all mine on one wrist to cover up my attempt scar. I am not accusing Dan of anything, but it had and always will worry me. But then there are the Existential Crisis’. Dan says he has them often, and in his Tour of My Brain video he says he is working on getting rid of those because they have been getting worse lately. This worried me a lot. These thoughts aren’t things people really think about and usually have a deeper reason behind it. A lot of times I look at Dan and he almost seems sad. But then I remember Phil. Phil has such a beautiful soul and big heart. When Dan is around Phil, He is smiling, laughing, and enjoying himself and Phil’s presence. And sometimes Dan looks at Phil and you just see the admiration in his eyes, the simple love he has for Phil. I cant say that its romantic or platonic, but its definitely there. And sometimes he is just looking at Phil. And its these little moments between them that Dan has Phil and Phil has Dan and as long as that is true, they are both happy. And I hope that it stays this way forever.

Talked to josh today because he texted my mom today saying he wanted to see me and then he told me he was done talking to me (which we were already done talking but like he just told my mom that so?) And it hurt a lot. Oh, not to fucking mention, he gave me fucking chlamydia and I told him about it. He said it was gross and embarrassing for him. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to talk to me anymore? But idc, he’s abusive and toxic. Then also today, as soon as I got out of the hospital, I got on my phone and saw Clayton decided to pop back into my life. He told me I needed to get rid of all these people in my life because they don’t actually care and that I need someone like him because he’s always cared. Like bitch you treated me like shit too. And so I’ve been bawling my eyes out for like an hour because not only all that, but I obsess over my childhood trauma. I don’t know why. I can’t let it go and I can’t stop thinking about it. And I can’t stop thinking about all of what josh did to me. And just the fact that everyone that has ever said they loved me has treated me like shit and left. My father. My first ex (but I’m not even hurt over it anymore, but I still have anger towards him). Clayton. Vanessa. Josh.

My observations watching Blindspot 2x14 "Borrow or Rob”

- OMG!! That’s Rich Dotcom yes!!!!! he’s back. Just because of that, this episode gets 10 no matter what happens next

- Oh Reade, seriously? I told you to get rid of that chick!

- Patterson, you aren’t soothing my suspicious with that, just made them stronger and I don’t like it.

- hahahaahahahahahahahahaha!!! omg this guy. All religions at once.

- oh fuck! War *sighs*

- Aww I want Kurt and Jane out in mission, but also want Roman out.

- oh nononononono Kurt no Zapata, neither Jane my dear HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAAA!!! It’s gonna be you. Told you!!!

- OMG this too funny. Kurt being Rich’s date

- Hahahaha but not even he can help succumbing to his charm

- HAHAHAHAHA His husband! Gosh! Kurt’s face! ooh now a prostitute?

- Rich is sooooooooooooooo enjoying this. So do i!

- Oh Roman my baby!!!

- Oooh-ooh!! they caught them. Oops!

-Gordon Merideth? hehehe

- Oh phew!!

- Oh Rich! If I didn’t love you already, i’d in this instant. You’re giving the best advice ever to Kurt!! Yaaaasss!! Weller listen to Rich, please!

-  Oh shit! Kurt and Rich hurry up please

- oh fuck fuck fuck! Roman killed that woman. Weller won’t take it well

- throw it away, Reade! Throw it away! NOW! *groans* READE!!!

- Jane! you got to tell him!! Why did you tell him?!!

- And you wish it was you who was taking her out in a date, right Kurt?

- oooh he’s sandstorm, damn it!

Final thoughts: They should have Rich all the time. It makes al better. Seriously.

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Let`s face it: We`re all obsessed with notebooks. And I imagine I`m not the only one who has quite a few non-muji notebooks flying around that have only been used a very little… So here we go, this is how I recycle old, barely used notebooks into cute and ready to use ones! This is my first masterpost, please be kind :)

You will need: Mentioned old notebook, white paper/cartboard (not too thick), a pencil & an eraser, whatever decorations you want (stickers, patterned paper, pens, washi tape, …), scissors, glue (not pictured, sorry), a ruler, and very importantly large and see-through tape!

Step 1: Take your notebook and rip out all the used pages, if you wrote with a pencil you can also erase it.

Step 2: Now get rid of the cover, try to rip it off in a realtively neat way. (If you ripped out the first page it should be easier!) After that you work with the “inside”, the pages only.

Step 3: Now we`re going to make a new, white cover. (If you want another colour for the base, go for it.) Grab your paper/cartboard and draw the outline of your notebook. It`s very uselful to add a few centimetres on each side, it`ll make the glue-part much easier. Cut that out and just use your own eyes to determine the right length.

Step 4: It`s time for the gluuee! Glue the first and the last page of your “notebook” to the cut out cover. Fold the edges towards the insides so that the rims are smooth and it doesn`t look cut out on the outsides (as shown in the second picture). After that you should have a simple, white notebook.

Step 5: Decorating. Just let your creativity do whatever floats your boat. One suggestion though: If the white paper you used is quite thin then it`s better to use cartboard or thick paper to glue over it so you get more stability. (I used patterned cartboard and drew these little plant/glasses/coffee icons.)

Step 6: This is the last step, my friend, you made it! However this is the most difficult one. To really make a long-lasting cover, we want to tape it all. (If you have, there is special transparent cover foil, but I assume most people don`t have that.) Take the tape, and very carefully start right on the edge of your front cover. Leave enough tape over and beneath the actual cover to tape the inside: To make it look neater, you can take the next page and tape it all together. Repeat this progress so ever bit of your cover is covered and stuck together with the insides.

There we go! Above you can see the two notebooks I made in the last two days, one takes me 1-2 hours. The way I do it is pretty simple, you could spice it up by using the old cover as a base, by adding buttons, strings, whatever… I hope this helped a little, no more barely used old notebooks!

uberredcoat  asked:

What was in those boxes in 525 that made Peter Hastings get nervous especially when Ezra said “your secrets are in there too”? I think the most logical answer for this is that the secret was that Spencer is Mary's Daughter. That would explain why he also wanted to shut down Radley --> maybe if Spencer digged to deep in it she would find out about it.

Yeah I had that written there as the answer then I got rid of it. Someone brought it to my attention that I shouldn’t have theories as my answers to the questions, rather I should only be crossing them off once they’re 100% confirmed in the show. In 7B, I’m 100% certain we won’t have a scene that says “oh hey Peter, remember 5 years ago when I had boxes in my apartment, were you scared to open them because of Spencer?” - that’s just stupid. Personally, when they revealed Spencer as Mary’s child, I saw THAT as the confirmation. It’s the best we’ll ever get. They won’t make explicit links like that to that one scene 5 years ago (show’s timeline). I had the answer in there then took it out as explained above. I really should add it back because I can’t see the answer being anything else!

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Bitch you half white. How does that make you any different than us "white" people?

It’s the half of me that’s not white that makes me not the root of all evil. It makes me see the bullshit and it makes me also hyper aware of just how evil they are too! I have to live with them so I see their ugliness in a way not many people do. My own sister whose all white calls me slurs and my mum is a trump supporter who wants to get rid of all “Mexicans” and has a formally undocumented daughter whose dad was a Mexican. So don’t come at me with this bullshit. Also don’t start me on the history of how white people have literally been fucking up the world since they decided that PoC were below them and seen as chattel  back in the 1600′s. That’s not even mentioning how they fucked up the world by colonizing 94% of the world. 

-Mod Mariah 

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▲ + magic reveal?


okay, so when it comes to the magic reveal, i actually really do like this episode. obviously i hate it because of the immense pain, but i’m also evil. i like the way it was structured, the way arthur’s coping progressed. i didn’t like things like the whole servant thing which was just… honestly unfair, but it’s a whole other thing and i don’t wanna get to it too much right now.

what i hate though, it’s the fact that this shouldn’t have been just one episode. like i get it, what they wanted to achieve, but they had no time to properly go through each of the steps, properly react without the dooming feeling of arthur being about to die, you know. they deserved better than this. the magic reveal deserved at least a season of actually building a healthy relationship, and also obviously getting rid of the annoying fact that merlin spent this whole time STILL being a damn servant ya feel.

like, again, the reveal is beautiful in itself, i’m just really mad that it was one painful episode with them being backed into the corner instead of having the time to properly deal with it, you know. plus like that one moment that kind of irks me the wrong way, but what can you do.

plus, one more reason why it should have happened sooner is something to think about. because just imagine for a second, right, that this happened earlier. they work through all these lies and issues. become equals in a proper sense of it (i can’t stress enough how all of this annoys me that by the end they weren’t). and THEN all of this shit happens anyway. that they just brushed against what could have been, but everything still happens i mean.

kilgharrah insited he fulfilled his destiny, but he really didn’t. magic was still outlawed, everything was still shitty, and if they actually began the changes but it all went to hell anyway, and merlin has an eternity to think about it, i mean how painful is that.

so basically what irks me the most is that it was a bunch of injustices towards merlin, as per usual, and not even giving arthur the chance to become what he had a potential for and truly break out of his father’s rules. alas, none of that happened and i’m dead.

I cannot wait for Sheldon and Amy to permanently have their own place. 

And I mean. Like their own place. 

If they’re staying at Penny’s apartment, maybe get rid of the furniture and paint, and have their own stuff that speaks more to their personalities. 

Like Sheldon’s comic books and Amy’s neuroscience books side by side and Sheldon’s actions figures in displays right next to the monkey figurines Amy has. I want to see their bathrobes next to each other in the bathroom. And I hope they re-paint the apartment because I think the place is too bright and girly for both of them. 

Oh and also the sheets. Maybe they can have rotations. Amy’s floral sheets and the next time they can use SHeldon’s blue sheet thing he has. 

I cannot wait for cute domestic questions like “Amy, where is my (insert belonging here)?”. 

It’s just. 

I don’t know man. 

I’m sorry, this is so silly, BUT. I WANNA. SEE. THIS. 

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I just listened to the part where dan talks about getting a new camera and it sounds like he means THEYRE getting a new camera for both of them. And yeah, if he said around summer I think they're moving

yeah haha he was definitely talking about both of them, as he said “are you emotionally attached to our kind of good kind of weird camera” which implies not only that their camera belongs to both of them, but also that they would be getting rid of the old one and sharing the new one. all in all, the other ask was just a joke so dw!

as for the moving comment, yes i heard somewhere that their lease ends in may. however, they did move in during the summer so i honestly don’t know when it truly ends (if anyone knows pls share!).

as attached as i am to that house, i really hope they move. they’ve had too many gas leaks and they need to move asap if they want to keep burning all those candles. also, it might just be me but i associate a lot of bad memories with that house (as well as good memories ofc but.. idk) and so i feel they could use a fresh start and get away from those Negative Vibes™.

additionally, their landlord seems uptight, they need more storage, and i think that living in a flat is much different than living in a nice. single family. detached. home. (someone start single family home discourse i could write about all the reasons why they should upgrade to one forever.. if no one does i’ll post about it myself i swear..)

- alyssa