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For the road is full of the unreturned as through the night they roam. But the lost may greet lost souls they meet and each may find a home.

Class Appreciation Week - Favourite Theme: Charlie and Matteusz - Losing and Being Lost


okok so since I’m lazy busy, I’m going to post this separate for nOW.

what i’ve been TRYING to finish is dean and cas are standing next to charlie. Dean saying “so bi” and cas saying “so ace”…that shall come soon…hopefully.

For William P. 

Hum Hallelujah – Fall Out Boy
Ivy – Frank Ocean
LoveHate Thing – Wale feat. Sam Dew
Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes
After The Storm – Mumford & Sons
Resolution – Matt Corby
I Need A Forest Fire – James Blake feat. Bon Iver
I Dare You – The XX
Dearest – The Black Keys
Cherry Wine – Hozier
The Nutritionist – Andrea Gibson feat. Bryan Wagstaff
Pusher – alt-J

(I jokingly made a post about Nursey and Dex and mixtapes and bonding over music tastes and I ended up putting together the playlist Nursey would make Dex for @asexualdex. It’s Nursey being vulnerable in a way he can stand, wants to share with Dex, and it’s him revealing his feelings for Dex, but also trying to help Dex understand him.)

You can listen to this playlist here on Spotify

Just some thoughts on kinky boots

First of, it’s actually quite upsetting. Broadway actors, any actor works incredibly hard in any show they are a part of. EVERYONE that is a part of a show dedicates so much to their work so for hundreds to gather outside the theatre for one person is really sad.

Secondly, WHAT THE FUCK!! Like people are leaving throughout the performance so they can head to stage door. PEOPLE THAT HAVENT SEEN THE SHOW ARE WAITING AT STAGE DOOR TO MEET BRENDON. I get that some may find this being their “only option” to meet their idol. But that doesn’t mean you can just show up at stage door. STAGE DOOR ISNT A MEET AND GREAT ITS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR AN ACTOR TO GO OUT AFTER THE SHOW AND TALK TO THOSE WAITING. If people show up just for one guy that could be upsetting to the others in the show. ALSO this could be someone’s first show they go see. They may have waited months to go see it and they could want to go to stage door at the hopes of getting as much of the cast to sign their programme or whatever. HOW DEVASTATING MUST IT BE TO BE PUSHED AWAY ALL BECAUSE SOME SELFISH PEOPLE WANT TO ABUSE THE SYSTEM. Stage door is a lovely thing that actors choose to do, DONT RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Thirdly, DONT ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE WHILST WATCHING THE SHOW. Getting to see a broadway show is an incredible privilege that not everyone gets to do. So don’t use your phone, film, scream, talk or act disrespectfully when watching the show. Not only is it rude to the rest of the audience it can also be really distracting for the actors on stage. DONT DO IT AND JUST WATCH THE SHOW ITS A GREAT SHOW.

It’s just upsetting that people are acting this way all because a big star is in the show. Everyone that is a part of the show is amazing and should be appreciated too. I love both broadway and panic! But when people are acting in such a horrible way it’s disrespectful for many.

(Edit - There is already videos of the show up 2 days into Brendon’s time in the show. For fucks sake. REALLY?? I know people will want to record the show for memories or to show others but THIS ISNT A CONCERT ITS BROADWAY. You can’t treat this show like a concert you can’t just film the show. It’s incredibly distracting to the actors on stage it can also distract other audience members!! Please just act respectfully, you’re not the only one that is watching the show. Learn what is acceptable and what isn’t please!!!)

Remember when Abby caught her son drinkin whiskey and literally called him by his full name, like let this momma rest pls Andrew she’s got 9+ babies to look after,, she can’t always be watchin you

Yall this lady came up to our lunch table and started talking to us about jesus and she made eye contact and asked if i would pray with her and i panicked and said yes
And then after she told me she wad proud of me and her daughtet hugged me like 5 times and told me i was brave for accepting jesus christ into my life
I didn’t understand what i was getting into please help me how do i fake being christian if i see them again

Opinions on the queens so far

Aja - I already follow her on ig and her look is gorgeous, I adore her aesthetic

Farrah Moan - she is so beautiful I literally could just stare at her face for hours it is that gorgeous

Nina Bo'nina Brown - she seems like such an interesting person and I am so excited to see what lewks she brings to the stage

Valentina - again she is so beautiful?? like this is such a beautiful season??

Shea Coulee - again, already followed her on ig and she is absolutely gorgeous and so interesting

Eureka - she seems really cool and I’m interested to see what ‘non-big girl’ looks she pulls off

Peppermint - she seems so graceful and gorgeous and lovely and wonderful I just wanna hug her

Sasha Velour - her look was so interesting and I’m again excited to see what looks she brings, her style seems so different to most of them

Alexis Michelle - she seems like a really cool mix between campy and beautiful and I really love her

Charlie Hides - she seems totally mad and I love it

Kimora Blac - for some reason I really relate to her and love everything she said in her video which is very unexpected if you know me irl

Jaymes Mansfield - again, so beautiful, everyone is so beautiful

Trinity Taylor - her look is really cool as well


iasip meme : 1/5 : recurring characters
   >   The Waitress

How do you still not know what my name is!

Alice doing Nessie’s make-up for her Halloween costume as a mermaid.  Satisfied with her work she smiles and says in a sing-song voice: And you’re done~! You’re a mermaid princess. Look at your beautiful flowy hair and face. Ready to charm sailors into the sea and drown them.

Edward gives her a look

Alice: What? What’s the point of being a mermaid if you can’t drown a few men, am I right?

Rose walks by to give Alice a high five before heading to the garage. 

Alice then, of course, does a quick photo shoot with Emmett and Jasper posing as the dead sailors. Carlisle comes home to see Nessie ready to trick or treat, covered in blood. Charlie is over as well, he agreed to take her trick or treating.

Nessie (let’s say she’s 10) runs up to her Grandpas: I’m a murderous mermaid princess!

Charlie: Holy smokes is that real blood? (Looking for an explanation her turns to her parents) Bella, Edwin really?

Bella and Edward shrug: Blame Alice

Carlisle with his disappointed face: Nope, nope, let’s get you cleaned up. 

Alice: It’s Halloween for crying out loud

Nessie: Yeah, it’s Halloween

Carlisle: We will not have a repeat of last year

Charlie: What happened last year?


8.20 | Sam getting a squishy hug from Charlie
please sob with me about the way he tucks his chin over her shoulder
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jester and shadowman reminiscing on their band + maybe one of them found an old guitar? that they can play

I lost myself, but at least I’m wanted again

just some sad kids singing on the rooftops of London